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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a horrible discovery in berks county a family of five is found dead inside their home investigators explained, how they think it all happened. one day after a railing collapse in a cons inert camden concert goers tell us what they saw and investigators try to find out what went wrong. and more sun, less humidity find out if the rest of the week will be as nice, as to take. today is sunday august 7th good morning i'm joe holden, rahel solomon is off. here's meteorologist justin drabick with the latest on this morning forecast. >> feeling better already. step outside you can breathe again. yesterday was tough with the humidity. today looks great. best day of the weekend for sure.
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outdoors plan definitely a go. getting ready for a good sunrise in a couple of minutes, clear skies, every where across the delaware val which comfortable temperatures. we are waking up in the city on the warm side current check we are at 71 degrees at the airport but that wind direction out of the northwest at have miles an hour, bringing in that cooler and dryer air mass. suburbs feeling good allentown, reading 64 degrees. fifty-four in mount pocono. quakertown chilling down at 59. palmyra close to 70 degrees. big difference is the humidity levels. it is like yesterday you will love today. dew point temperatures tells the story. yesterday they were in the mid 07's. now we're in the lower 60's. that means it doesn't feel too bad this will probably drop in the 50's later this afternoon. we will call it pleasant g stuff for early august. storm scan three nothing is happening. this is the trend for the next several days. if you have outdoor plans today, and tomorrow, even through middle of the week we are looking good, still warm this afternoon but still,
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humidity on the low side 88 degrees for philadelphia mid 80's at the shore m i had 80's at the poconos. it is august. that heat and humidity will return. we will let you know when it arrives in a few more minutes. back to you. investigators in berks county are trying to get to the bottom of what they believe is a murder/suicide. that leaves an entire family of five, dead. this all happened at a home in thinking spring outside of, reading. berks county district attorney, mark short behind his wife wife, meg and and his three children. they appear to be shot death. remains were discovered around 3:00 in the afternoon. "eyewitness news" crew is heading to the scene. we will have a live report as soon as we are there. we're also following breaking news, oscar pistorius has been treated for injuries, at a south african hospital. there is no word on his injuries but pistorius reportedly told there is, he suffered injuries after falling out of bed. one time olympic runner is now
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back in jail where he is serving a six year sentence for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man who was pumping gas at a south philadelphia gas station. this one happened in the 6600 block of essington avenue. police arrived to find a man who had been shot in the head while filling his motorcycle with gas. he was pronounced dead just a after 2:00 a.m. police have not made any arrest or provided a possible description of the shooter. another homicide investigation is underway in north philadelphia, a man was shot last night, in the 1700 block of jefferson street, and the three three-year old, make that man was shot multiple times in the head chest, torso and arms. he died at hahnemann hospital. police have have not made any arrests and a weapon has not yet been recovered. a man is in the hospital this morning after being shot during what appears to be a robbery attempt. it happened at front and callowhill north of the olde
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city. victim was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition, and no one has been arrested just yet. pennsylvania state police are investigating an incident friday night that left a man unresponsive. it happened at joe's crab shack on city avenue, just before midnight. thirty he lease say a driver who was stopped took off on foot there his railcar. the three three-year old man was chased. troopers have not the said why but tell us during the struggle the man loss consciousness. he was taken to lankanol hospital. authority are asking anyone who may have seen the incident to call the pennsylvania state police, the number on your screen (215)452-5216. this morning, concert goers who were hurt at a snoop dog show when a railing gave way are all out of the hospital. meanwhile investigators are trying to figure out, why it all happened. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do tells us friday's mishap did not keep people from enjoying another concert at the same place 24 hours
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later. >> friday night's snoop dog and wiz khalifa a concert in camden is one lily ford will never forget, and for an awful reason. >> the whole wave, everybody just fell down. everybody was crush. it was horrible. >> ♪ >> reporter: as shown in this cell phone video a 3-foot railing designed to keep people safe gave way sending dozens crashing to the ground. >> it was traumatic. i could not sleep all night thinking about the people that got hurt. there was blood on my arms. it was gross. >> reporter: in all 42 people were hurt, officials called the injuries minor but witnesses described the scene covered in blood and open wounds. >> i saw one guy who was pushing his face and this side of his head was open. >> my friend's foot got stuck under the gate and i was trying to get him out and trying to get this other girl out and when i was pulling her
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her out a bone of her knee was sticking out the of it. >> reporter: live nation says it is working with authorities and structural engineers to determine the cause of the collapse. after securing the affect railing section the venue opened it doors to long lines for i love the 90's concert saturday night. people attending expressed concern for the victims but say they are not worried about another accident. >> we're all sitting in our seats and we don't lean on the railings so we will be all right. >> i'm sure they took care of things. it will be a good time. >> reporter: everyone hurt is out of the hospital but wiz khalifa tweeted out that he hopes everyone is okay. in camden i'm trang cbs-3 "eyewitness news". popular montgomery county pub didn't slow down business. the fire at da vinchi's pub in collegeville started outside the restaurant. flames traveled up a pole. authorities put out that fire was buckets.
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>> it started as a mulch fire and climb up a pole, and then got into the roof line and followed up, in the void space there was one layers of roof. got in the middle of the void space and burned in that area for a little bit. >> restaurant only had minor damage. a fire fighter suffered minor injuries battling a fire on the roof of a commercial building in camden county. it happened yesterday afternoon on the 800 block of hilton road in pennsauken. fire officials say that the flames started in some roofing materials. pennsauken fire chief says most difficult thing about fighting this fire was the weather. >> just makes it more labor intensive then a normal fire but as long as we have people through and we have rehappen union here, we have good mutual partners that makes it easier. >> reporter: fire was under control in a half an hour. trial for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane begins tomorrow with jury selection. the pennsylvania supreme court last week reject a last ditch request from her defense team
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to dismiss the charges against him. kane is accused of leaking grand jury information in retaliation for leaks about her. she's charged with perjury and obstruction, jury selection begins tomorrow morning in norristown. still to come on "eyewitness news" this morning a new presidential poll is out as donald trump steps up his attacks on hillary clinton. shooting hoops, not guns, how one community is turning to basketball. to help end gun violence, justin. good sunday morning, everybody, waking up to comfortable conditions, we have plenty of sunshine. i'll let you know how long
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a new washington post poll shows hillary clinton has widened her lead against donald trump. poll has clinton with an eight-point lead over trump, that is a 50-42 percent. it also shows clinton received a larger post convention bounce than trump. news comes as trump wraps up one of his toughest weeks of campaigning. >> reporter: while donald trump's running mate mike pence shook hand at a ohio restaurant candidate himself rallied for support in the battle ground state of new hampshire. >> the last time i was here we won, right. we won. big win. >> we will win again, i'll tell you again. >> reporter: republican nominee officially endorsed new hampshire senator kelly ayon thee in an attempt to piece party leaders. he drew his support behind
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house speaker paul ryan an arizona senator john mccain after initially declining to make endorsements. several polls show trump trailing hillary clinton nationally by 7 percent. on friday journalist put clinton on the spot for suggesting in an interview that fbi director james comey characterized her comments about her private e-mail server as truthful. >> i may have short circuited, and for that, i will try to clarify. >> people of this country don't want somebody that is going to short circuit up here. >> reporter: looking to paint themselves as better alternative newly minted green party nominee jill stein and gary johnson are both eyeing a spot the in the first presidential debate next month. so far both fall short of the 15 percent required and five national polls to take the stage. wendy gilette for cbs-3 eyewitness news. as you heard, libertarian
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presidential candidate gary johnson has his first congressional endorsement this morning, republican representative, scott of virginia announced saturday he will vote for johnson. he is the second republican lawmakers to say he is not voting for g.o.p. nominee donald trump. new york representative richard hanna said last week he will vote for democratic nominee hillary clinton. stay with cws3 "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016, get the ratees on the the races anytime at cbs the chicago police superintendent, says that he is concerned about what he saw in the video of chicago police officers, firing at a stolen car and then shooting and killing an 18 year old. now the video is seen here was taken on july 28th. chicago police superintendent eddie johnson acknowledged that members of the community had the right to be upset about what they saw in this video. he emphasized that being a police officer is a difficult
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job. >> it is not easy to make a split second decision that might ultimately cost someone their lives, you know, it is just a difficult job and if you have never done it, i can assure you it is not an easy thing to do. >> all three officers involved have been relieved of their police powers, the superintendent emphasizes that an investigation will take all of the facts into consideration. of north philadelphia's best basketball players showed off their skills in the name of stopping gun violence. cecil b. moore recreation center in strawberry mansion hosted the shoot hoops not guns basketball tournament. this tournament features teams of all ages, trophies were handed out to the champs, organizers hope this event will bring stronger community ties, and reduce violence. with school on the horizon, for children a local foundation made its mission to fill 30,000 backpacks with school supplies. thanks tie large donation to that foundation kid will have new gear, to start the school
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year. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff with the story. >> everybody should feel excited about school and it starts with a really nice clean backpack. >> reporter: it takes about a $100 for average family to supply what a kid needs just in the backpack. >> it is an investment that can sneak up on a parent or guardian faster then summer break sneaks away from the student. >> we have a list of recommended items from the school district so kids are getting pens pencils, rulers, glue. >> reporter: et cetera, et cetera all symbols of the fresh start and that is why this assembly line formed in the cradles to crayons organization in conshohocken a back to school partnership in the sixth year. >> self esteem parties important and we want everybody to be on the equal footing. >> reporter: with a 50 you this dollars donation and additional hand all provided by citizens bank. >> we will stuff a few hundred here today, but, we're on the beginning of the journey to 30,000. >> reporter: this packing party will move have to
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lincoln financial field august s distribution. >> we start at 9:00. but by 1:00 all 30,000 backpacks will be in the hand of the agencies in the region ready to give out to kid. >> reporter: in montgomery county... alexandria hoff, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin the fact that we are seeing back to school story means that the days of heat and humidity are soon numbered. >> but still we are in the heart of it right thousand. today low humidity. you have to take advantage of it. get outside, enjoy it. we have a good couple days ahead. hit it up if you can't. outside you can see, we are ready for great sunrise happening right now. clear skies, nice breeze coming out of the north now, so if you hit jersey shore delaware beaches today awesome beach day. a few people outside on the beach already this morning. wear the sun block. that sunnies very strong this time of the year. head up for rip current threat. it is looking better to day. past couple days it was strong but things calming down outside on the water but make sure life guard are on duty
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before you enter the ocean. we are comfortable at the airport in atlantic city. 68 degrees. sixty-eight in the capitol city of delaware. we're seeing mid 60's around philadelphia, palmyra, voorhees, new jersey, mullica coming in at 69 degrees and cooler suburbs north and west feeling good up in quakertown at this hour. 59 degrees. the pottstown checks in at 63 this hour. part of the reason that is wind. a lot of areas out of the northwest to west, cooler dryer flow. we were dealing with the south wind pumping in the humidity. cooler air mass from canada and big drop in the dew points. the yesterday was feeling tropical in the mid 70's but now we are seeing 50's in the lehigh valley. great day for musikfest up in bethlehem, and with the low humidity and these numbers may come down more. it will feel pleasant today, and certainly tomorrow, so two really nice day ahead, tuesday is in the bad we will notice increase in the humidity and it looks like wednesday we will bring it full on summertime heat and humidity
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and that is the trend through the rest of the week. first half is looking great. storm scan three nothing happening across the mid-atlantic and northeast we will stay like that, great day to head outdoors, high pressure dominating our area and blocking any storm systems from developing. here is that shore forecast today, plenty of sunshine, warm 86 degrees. humidity is low. ocean water temperature holding in the mid 70's, lower threat for rip currents and wind, again, turning more out of the northwest eventually at ten to 15 miles an hour. cold front made it the through last night. beauty few scattered showers and storms but did push out humidity. here we go we are left with clear skies, today, tomorrow is the same thing, tuesday, just an increase in humidity, a few clouds, most of the rain stays to the south and west, really not until wednesday and thursday we will start to increase some shower and storm chances. we will get close to 90 degrees. it will not feel as hot, upper 80's close to 90 for philadelphia and wilmington.
6:19 am
mid 80's in the lehigh valley. good night tonight. open up the windows. lehigh valley we are dropping in the 50's again. same deal in the mountains. warmer down south into delaware and new jersey for 60's to lower 70's. tomorrow a few degrees cooler. 86 degrees for the high temperature for philadelphia a which is right on average for this time of the year. noticeably less humid, mostly sunny. still warm. tonight nice refreshing air mass stays in place partly cloudy skies. 70 degrees for the low temperature. here's that extended forecast in the mid 80's tomorrow up to upper 80's on tuesday. then we will bring back those 90-degree temperatures on wednesday, it will be humid, some storm chances increase on thursday, friday, into next weekend and joe, we're cranking the heat by next saturday, lower 90's, so still we have got some hot weather patterns to go before we head to the fall season, back to you. >> no doubt, thanks very much, justin. on the cbs-3 healthwatch national safety council is concerned about the growing number of hot car deaths
6:20 am
involving children. so far this summer the figures show 26 kids in 15 states has died after being left in hot cars. that is already two more than 2015 all together in what is causing this deadly trend? "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl has one explanation. >> reporter: record number of children have died from heat this year after being left inside cars. the numbers are growing, the question is why. >> the keyword for the day, distraction. >> reporter: doctor james roberts is an expert on addiction to technology particularly cell phones which he blames for increase in children being forgotten. >> this can only be distract behavior because would i a zoom it is not being done on purpose. it is distract behavior. would i headache that distracted behavior link it is probably technology. >> reporter: roberts say research has grown a growing number of people are easily distract. >> dropping our attention spans there 122nd to eight and a quarter second in the last 15 years have been attributed to technology. put that in perspective the
6:21 am
attention span of the average gold fish is nine seconds. we have gotten to the point where human beings have a shorter attention span than garden variety gold fish. >> reporter: robert, the author on addiction says is there a way to force yourself to focus while driving. >> fire thing you should do open up your trunk, put your smart phone in there and get it out when you arrive. that will reduce recurrence of the events of people leaving their children and other loved ones and their pets behind. >> reporter: beyond getting a way from the phone experts say, that many people should work on being more focused especially when driving. when a child or petties in the car, in addition to putting a briefcase or purse in the back seat, another reminder could be a toy or a net in the front seat. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead this morning, this baseball game is more about scoring runs how one group is helping to make the sport accessible for everyone
6:22 am
who want to play. good bye scary lucy, hometown of lucille ball replace is it where it is not so flattering, we will show you next new one in our next with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy!
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows us it is an opportunity for a local man to move a step close tore building a describe miracle field. >> call it a summer game with a mission, not just to win on
6:25 am
the field but raise money for other baseball players. >> kind of makes you choke up to see that people are behind you and can support you. >> kevin baron is a horsham native and college student in north carolina but he spent his summer raising machine toy create this special miracle field made with rubber material for handicapped children who want to play ball. right now they are forced to play on this old, over grown field and can't play when it rains. >> they are running hard and one day the kid to be able to play and have it too a good opportunity to play. >> reporter: kevin started fund raising two years ago and has 85 you this dollars in the bank. it cost $250,000 for a new field but he is confident he will get there. >> it is just so happy that i'm helping out and helping, can help people like that, so i have the opportunity. >> reporter: parents are opening up their wallets left and right to help out with the project. >> it is probably best thing ever, they could in the beat it. somebody that comes and does this for all of these kids
6:26 am
everyone should play baseball and it is a good opportunity to fund raise for a great cause. >> reporter: they say field will take a few months to field and he will fund raise as he plays during the school year. >> my goal, to make it one of the best in the country. >> reporter: there is a way to help donate visit cbs n horsham, david spunt cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news", five people found dead in their berks county home, investigators reveal why they believe this is a case of murder/suicide. a rare snake is stolen from the pet shop, not so fast, surveillance video caught him in the act and perhaps you know who he is. and enjoy your sunday it will be nice out there, meteorologist, justin drabick tells us how long it will last help "eyewitness news" continues this s
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bring out the bold™. especially when it comes to snacking.g new. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. today is sunday august 7th, good morning i'm joe holden in for rahel solomon. meteorologist just continue drabick is outside on the sky deck with eyewitness weather. justin, it looks like a great morning out. >> there awesome day, joe. hopefully everybody can take advantage of this. good way to finish off the weekend. full sunshine right now. big drop in the humidity levels compared to this time yesterday. you can breathe easier outside. still warm today but little bit more comfortable. right now 72 degrees at the
6:30 am
airport. a lot have of 60's in the suburbs, even some 50's in the cooler spot. sixty-eight in wilmington and dover, delaware. 71 degrees in wildwood. is there a cooler spot in quakertown at 59 degrees and 63 in pottstown. like i a said big change from the dew point temperatures compared to this time yesterday where we're 11 degrees cooler indicating the dryer less humid air mass that is settling in. it will stick around for at least the next 48 hours. nice and quiet on storm scan three. we have a few fair weather cloud from time to time but just a comfortable day. this morning temperatures in the 60's, climbing in the upper 80's in the warm spots but not humid this afternoon. so still comfortable. eighty-eight will do it for the high for philadelphia, mid 80's great looking beach day in the jersey shore and delaware beaches. near 80 in the poconos. we will bring back big time heat later during the week and shower and storms when they a live in a few more minutes, joe, back to you. thanks very much. we are learning new details about what appears to
6:31 am
be a murder/suicide in sinking spring. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with what we are learning about the victims, good morning. >> reporter: well, joe, good morning. very quiet, calm neighborhood here, on winding brooke drive, but inside this home behind me yesterday, around 3:00 o'clock investigators say they made a shocking discovery five people found inside, including three children in an apparent murder suicide all suffering from gunshot wound. officials discovered the body, yesterday afternoon, inside the family's home on winding brooke drive-in sinking spring in the brookfield man or development and berks county district attorney identified all five victims as part of the short family mark and megan short with their three kids, have been in the national and local media spotlight before. two years ago their youngest daughter, willow received a heart transplant at only six days old and she survived but
6:32 am
every day since then she has had to take medication to make sure her body didn't reject the new heart. the family has previously described its trouble in getting these drugs for willow but at this point d.a.'s office says it is in the clear who pulled the trigger and y we will bring you more details as they become the available. we are live, in berks count a neat a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police hope these surveillance photos will help them catch someone whom they say stole a rare safe from a montgomery county store. it happened around 4:30 saturday afternoon at natural pet in east norriton. police say that the man there was with the black shoulder bag and walk in the store, cut the locked and removed the snake from the even close another. he plays i had tonight his bag and left. if you have any information, call police. septa police are offering amnestied for a man left behind a bag on the bus. surveillance photos from the route 58 bus showed the man
6:33 am
police say pick up a bag before getting off at bustleton and bleigh avenues in the northeast. it turns out the bag belongs to a woman and contains her children's passports. family is supposed to travel out of the country on tuesday. man has been asked to call septa to return the bag. meanwhile as septa a tries to get operations back to normal were on going repairs to the silver liner five repairs cars, officials announce more scheduled changes. five lines will operate on adjusted schedule, affected on the lansdale, doylestown, trenton, manayunk, norristown and warminster, glenside combined lines. some of them are getting a digs allies trained cars, and cracks in the silver liner five equalizer beams forced a third of the entire regional rail service fleet, out of service a month ago. for a list of the changes head to our web site at cbs philly to the come. a machete attack on two belgium police officers is under investigation as a act of terrorism.
6:34 am
police say the attacker slashed the two police men outside their headquarters, about 30 miles south of brussels. a third officer opened fire, killing the armed person. both officers are expect to be okay, and belgium has been on a high state alert since the november 13th attacks in paris, that killed 130 people. the olympic games are underway and security is a major concern around rio di janeiro. thousands of police officers are on the street but as jamie youkiss discovered there are still flaws in the system. >> reporter: from the famous beaches to the sports venue that is olympic park more than 80,000 officers and military personnel, are on the ground, in rio di janeiro, protecting some 500,000 tourist visiting for the game. like emery what thers from wisconsin. >> there is a a cop koran every single corner, so... >> reporter: does that make you feel safe. >> plus army is walking around
6:35 am
and driving trucks around all the time so i don't think there will be a problem. >> reporter: on sat the day a bomb squad blew up an unattended bag near the finish line of the mens race n1 was hurt. there are new concerns after brazil authorities arrested ten suspects plotting a terror attack. this. >> is a full fullback pack. >> reporter: journalist aaron gordon walk in. >> they trek us in the security tent but there was one person manning the tent and wasn't even facing the screen that showed you what was inside the about a ago this goes through conveyor. we walk through metal detector even though there is nobody on the detector and i had my cell phone in the pocket. i'm in the sure it was even on. >> reporter: on the flip side rio residents claim that police brutality is on the the rise, because of the olympic games. >> they really want to threat even and make more people stay away from these areas. >> reporter: just outside friday's opening ceremony
6:36 am
police used tear gas and rubber bull totes break up protesters to the games n rio di janeiro, jamie you kiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". deadly fire that swept through a bar in northern france ace parentally an accident. this one killed 13 people and injured six, others in the city here. the flames reportedly started in the basement after someone tripped on the stairs, and then dropped a birthday cake with lit candles. the ceiling caught fire and fire officials say there was no time to escape. republican presidential nominee donald trump is criticizing hillary clinton over remarks that she short circuited when discussing her private e-mail use in issues. trump lashed out at clinton in one tweet he says, quoting anybody whose mind short circuits is in the fit to be our president. look up the word brain washed end quote. clinton made the remarks during an interview on "fox news" sunday. she was asked about her previous a sections that she never received any information
6:37 am
that was classified at the time. clinton says james comey backed up those claims. she later told reporters that she short circuited when discussing the subject during the interview. a legal defeat for third party presidential candidates gary johnson and jill stein, judge dismissed lawsuit from the libertarian and green party nominees against the commission on presidential debate this he were trying to overturn a rule that required a candidate to pole peel at 15 e in the debates. johnson is polling at 0 percent, stein at about five. candidates argued that the rule violates the first amendment but the judge said that the commission is a private, non-profit and therefore, not bound by the constitution. still to come on "eyewitness news" this morning princess state put some of his properties on the market, which ones won't be up for sale. and bitter sweet day for western pennsylvania, woman as she walks down the aisle, she has a special reminder of her late father. and most of next week is
6:38 am
cooler and comfortable meteorologist justin drabick has the eyewitness weather forecast in just a
6:39 am
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every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile with strength. with colgate enamel health mineral repair. it has been one week since a balloon crash killed 16 people in texas. >> dozens of people gathered
6:41 am
outside the caldwell county courthouse to recognize first responders, and remember those who lost their lives. the names of the all 16 victims were read following the ringing of the bell, victim families also received yellow roses. princes minnesota home apparently will not go on the market after all. the ad minute straightors of the musician's estate said there are no plans to sell paisley park. two days ago administrators filed paperwork asking permission to sell nearly 20 of prince's properties worth an estimated, 28 million-dollar. a bride in western pennsylvania makes her way down the aisle with a very special piece of her late father, by her side. this is not jenny stepian's dad but he gave her up on her big day, with jenny's fat ther heartbeating inside of his chest. michael stepian was killed in 2006 and his art donated to arthur thomas but when it was time for jenny's big day she asked arthur for a big favor
6:42 am
and that started with a letter. >> i said, i'm the daughter of the man whose hearties inside you and i will get married on august 6th. one further thing if you are willing would you walk me down the aisle. >> just like having my dad here and even better because we get to share this with other people and other people see that organ donors do matter. >> thomas traveled from new jersey to pittsburgh to do the honors, this is first time the two, have ever met. >> incredible story there. justin drabick there with the look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, joe. off to a great start to finish off, hopefully you have outdoor plans so you can take advantage have of it. we're in the sunshine. the musikfest in bethlehem. it will be rocking today. perfect weather no threat of any storms. we are looking live at main street from the hotel bethlehem. new we're starting to rack up the 90-degree day. yesterday in philadelphia a we did hit 91. there is another one. month of july we had 16 days we were 90 or above. so far we're up to 25.
6:43 am
the average is 23. so we're above that. last year, it got hit, we had 37 days, with 90-degree days, or higher. so lets see how many we can get. we have more in the seven day. we will talk about that in a bit. comfortable now. mid 60's in allentown and reading. sixty-eight in wilmington. low 07's near the shore in wildwood at this hour. cape may upper 60's. stone harbor, ocean city in the le seven on's. nice northerly breeze knocking town humidity. real comfortable to be on the shore today, nice little breeze that north westerly flow, ocean water feels good. dew point temperature, that is nice for early august. 61 degrees. don't see that a whole lot. feeling not bad and in these dew points may drop a few more degrees this afternoon. it could be pleasant, when we see dew points in the 50's. here's that forecast. that dryer air is continuing to push from the north, and, then those dew points down in the 50's especially north of the city to day. kind of the same deal tomorrow. pretty much repeat of what
6:44 am
we're dealing with today. enjoy it. tuesday we will bring back humidity. we will start to feel the difference but still overall it is not that bad. good two or three days ahead. the nice stretch for early august. storm scan three nothing happening. high pressure dominating our weather from new england down to the northern mid-atlantic. we have the cold front that moved through, last of the showers and storms, out of the outer bank of the north carolina and they will move to the south and east. shore forecast for today, noticeably less humid. 86 degrees. full sunshine. make sure you have sun block with you. tomorrow pleasant 84. we're more humid on tuesday. once again mid 80's for afternoon highs, full sunshine. ocean water feels good. moving into august. so we're close to typically when we peak for the ocean water temperatures. mid 70's off atlantic city, ocean city maryland feeling good as well in the 07's. with the the storm future weather moth he will, full sunshine today. a few passing fair weather cloud, that is bit. mostly sunny skies, continue on monday, into tuesday, we're going to have a few more cloud moving from the south and rain
6:45 am
showers try to break out south and west of the city toward baltimore. maybe parts of the central and southern delaware but most of that rain stays to the south, and then it is not until the second half of the week until it starts introducing better chances of showers and storms for the delaware valley. the mid 80's north and west. upper 80's close to 90 around philadelphia low humidity. tonight 50's in the suburbs. north and west of the city. maybe even parts of the interior south jersey we can get down in the upper 50's. and then tomorrow maybe a degree or two cooler. we are right near average mid 80's for high on monday afternoon. here's the reason, a little drop in the jet stream over new england. nice little push of colder air. doesn't last though. it starts to move out of here by tuesday and wednesday. so heat is building over central united states. it starts to span to the east coast. ape then notice the hot conditions, just kind of overtake our region starting on thursday, friday, even into next weekend. so get ready for another round of temperatures in the 90's with high high humidity and with that comes risk for
6:46 am
showers and thunderstorms no threat of rain today. lots of sunshine. 88 degrees for a high temperature. very pleasant. suburbs down to the 50's. open up some windows, save a couple bucks on the electric bill. few clouds around. zero seven for the city. nice light breeze out on the west at five to 10 miles an hour. good stretch here. warm. mid up toker 80's on tuesday. humidity levels on the low side. overnight low's 60 to 70 degrees. wednesday we're back up to 90. partly sunny skies, and then we will have a chance for a scattered shower on thursday. better chance for showers and storm coming in the afternoon, but both on friday and saturday, and then it will be hot and humid with highs in the lower 90's. joe, back over to you. justin, thanks very much. it is 6:46. time to check the roads. lets go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, ann, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we are looking at 202 in both directions between the two and chesterbrook boulevard, we have three, temporary stoppage is here scheduled for 6:00 o'clock hour, this hour, due to construction. so, a couple more stoppages
6:47 am
scheduled here so keep that in mind if you are taking 202 in the east whiteland area we will switch traffic cam here to the tacony palmyra bridgette is back opened again and it was closed for a while but back opened for business. that bridge opening is done and we're good to go on the tacony palmyra bridge. moving the traffic cam to the mid county tolls right here to the pennsylvania turnpike n delays or problems on the mid county tolls pennsylvania turp pike looks good. earlier construction removed off to the northeast extension in case you are heading to the poconos today. taking a quick look at mass transit, september, regional rails are they are still using an updated interim weekday schedule because of the equipment shortage. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans any joe back to you. anglers from new jersey got to see professionals do it during a bass fishing pro am on the camden waterfront. sixteen professional fisherman and four celebrities took part in the tournament, it was sponsored by the foundation and mid-atlantic, youth
6:48 am
anglers and outdoor programs. it introduced youth to fishing and the outdoors. >> the ike foundation is around to get kids fishing and more kids fishing. we focus on areas, urban areas where kid don't normally fish. thinks our first annual event here at the camden waterfront. >> the tournament is part of the week of activities in camden county parks, including a walk and antique show, concerts and a movie night. some barbecue and backpacks in north philadelphia, "eyewitness news" on 21st and cecil b more for second annual next community care back to school barbecue and health care. free event raises awareness about health and financial education including free health screenings, food and entertainment. free backpacks and backpack vouchers were also handed out. still to come this morning ryan howard, send one out of the park for the phillies. find out if that would be enough for a win next in "eyewitness sports". everyone loves lucy, at least the statue that replaces
6:49 am
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6:52 am
gotten of it. >> you never want guys to go low but at the even of the day you cannot blame the guy he is a lot smaller then me. i probably shouldn't have said what i said but it is the what it is. >> you have to protect ourselves even when we go live, we have to be smart, but you learn from it, and you hope to cross your fingers when you have those few hits, and you cross your fingers that nothing crazy happens. >> ryan matthews was full participant he returned after missing a first week of camp. he will be featured back the in the offense but ryan has a history of breaking down. he has played all 16 games only one time in his six year career. so is it his style of running that causes him to miss games. >> you know i'm in the one to shy away from contact but i think that is just, my play, i like, as you said, i like to play physical. and i think that is one thing they like about me is my physical play.
6:53 am
i will just keep doing what i do. i will not change no matter what. i will just try to give back to the team and do whatever i can to help them win. last night in canton, ohio pro football hall of fame class of 2016 was induct. philly's own marvin harrison was among them. holds nfl season record for reception was 143, joining marvin in the hall tony dungy, brett favre, orlando pace, kevin green, ed debartolo, kenney stabler and dick stanfield. union on the road at d.c. united, game tied in the 57th minute, chris pontius, chris find the back of the net and union will take a two-one lead. two stoppage time d.c. united on the attack, steven birnbaum and his header will beat andre brake. so they play to a two all tie. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a a great day. padres hosting phillies at petco park, game two of the three game weekend series. bottom of the first bases
6:54 am
loaded two outs padres, christian drives the pitch from phillies pitcher jake thompson deep in the left center feel. padres up four to nothing. top of the second ryan howard, lifting a a high drive straight away center field. carrying over the wall for a solo home run. that is his 16th of the season. but, sadly enough padres go on to win the game nine-seven. no more scary lucy, a new statue of lucy ball replaces one that they consider unflattering to the tv icon. unveiling shaving in ball's hometown of new york. virginia neoteinias -- vanita nair has the details. >> reporter: after all these yeast everybody still loves lucy but not this version of the comedy legend. statue of lucy ball in her home tone of cellaron new york caused many to gasp when it was unveiled in 2009. >> you would go to the wax
6:55 am
museum and see something so much better than that. >> reporter: locals dubbed it scary lucy. even the sculptor admitted his work was unsettling. >> ugh. >> reporter: after an outcry their mayor launched a nationwide search to build a new likeness of lucy. artists carolyn palmer was selected and spent nine months studying the actress by watching reruns of i love lucy. >> it is always a tremendous thrill to be in the launching of a great artistic career, and let me buy this. >> the result was revealed as a town unveiled new statue from what would have been lucy ball's 105th birthday, it weighs eight hup pound, it is 6-foot tall with two and a half inch heels and made out of bronze. palmer wart odd portray lucy's energy, glamour and confident. vanita nair, cbs news, new
6:56 am
york. scary lucy is not going too far, mayor says it will go to another section of that same park. that is "eyewitness news" at 6:00. coming up latest on a murder suicide in berks count that i has left an entire neighborhood stunned. meals that can save lives, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about manna. if you are looking to adopt a pet carroll erickson is here with tips on rescuing one from the shelter in this weeks pet project. justin has your sunday forecast, that and much more when we come right back.
6:57 am
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tragedy in berks county we are following a developing story, an entire family is dead in an apparent murder/suicide. we will have a live report from the scene. we are following breaking news oscar pistorius is rush to the hospital, when he is telling officials happened inside his jail cell. new this morning murdered at the pump police are investigate ago i shooting in southwest philadelphia that leaves a man dead. today is sunday august 7th good morning aim's joe holden. rahel solomon is off today. here's meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather. good morning to you, justin. >> good morning. >> nice morning. >> you can breathe again, nice little pay back from
7:00 am
yesterday. writ will rough but it is summertime in the delaware valley. we can handle this. take advantage of this nice little will treat. enjoy it. we have a nice couple days with sunshine and somewhat low humidity for this time of the year. good shot outside right now we are looking south from center city at roof camera, clear skies, 72 degrees and light breeze out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour. temperature change, compared to this time yesterday, 10 degrees cooler inial than town, four in philadelphia, seven in wilmington. 64 degrees in the lehigh valley. good day to get ready for musikfest in bethlehem. sixty-seven in trenton. lower 07's near the shore at this hour. quake are town up to 61 degrees. fifty-nine earlier. we are at 65 mount holly, new jersey. humidity on the lower end, dew point temperatures 60 degrees. yesterday they were in the lower to mid 70's. sixty's is that threshold. when you below that it feels nice. starts to get humid. right on the line there. we will drop in thes


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