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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  August 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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junior age 5 and willow, 2 years old. they all died of gun shot wounds and did a family dog and officers found them in the living room of a home. police recovered a handgun close to one of the adults. investigators say they found a handwritten note which they described as murder-suicide note and their youngest daughter willow is known with heart defect and one woman who met the family through a fundraiser tells me she's heartbroken. >> i was lost last night. i cannot sleep, either. i was think about it all night
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because a few months ago i had team megan and the kids at giant here. she remembered me and she's very upbeat and you know she's very smiley person warm being loving and that's the vibe you get from her when you speak to her. >> and little mended hearts, an organization that megan was active member of they released a statement posted on their facebook page and nraedz part today an entire community is mourning loss of amazing mother and children forever in our hearts. but for now, we're live from sinking spring, berks county, i'm trantrancbs news. >> the criminal justice center will reopen after a mishap injured two people. they decided to reopen based on information from elevator experts as well as safety certification by state inspectors. on thursday, a philadelphia sheriff sergeant was critically injured when an elevator shot
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up from the 11 floor right through the ceiling of shaft. collision rained down debris on to second elevator in the basement and a clerk inside that elevator suffered minor injuries. there's still no word what caused the mall function. >> and now returning to our weather today after beautiful finish to the weekend, we're looking forward to start of the workweek. hopefully it stays that way. let's check in with lauren casey over there in the weather center, what's going on, laure lauren. >> thanks natasha. what a beautiful august day checking in right now on our neighborhood network a live look at the cape may county courthouse. not a cloud in the sky. 81 degrees. and those nice northwesterly wind usherd in drier air. it feels more comfortable than yesterday. heat not too intense, 86 in philadelphia. 86 allentown and sitting at 86 wilmington. our dew points have dropped off by double digits over the last 24 hours. all our reporting sites. feels like temperature is actually check this out, cooler
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than our air temperature with that dry air in place feeling more like 84 degrees right now in philadelphia. current air temperature mount pocono 78. feels more like 76. and comfortable conditions will stick around for a couple of days. we'll talk about that. storms return to the forecast as we head to midweek. i'll time those out and big event as we come to upcoming week. the perseids meteor shower and how many stars you may see coming up in a few, natasha. >> lawrp, thank you. a family visiting philadelphia from columbia was almost stranted in the u.s. after mishap aboard a septa bus. eyewitness reporter anita ohe shows us how media played app important role. >> 88 almost led her down a road she did not expect. >> i felt hopeless at the time
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and stranded. >> after a two-month visit to the states the columbia native was set to return home with her children on tuesday. last week as she tend off the bus, bustleton and princeton, >> we were missing my backpack. >> inside it, everything the family needed to return home including passports. >> my mom was busy with so many things i totally forgot i had it next to me. >> surveillance shows this man picked up the bag and got off the bus. estrada never expected to get belongings back until police chief thomas nastel took to social media offering amnesty to someone who returned the ba bag. >> they got belongings backing cellphone, jewelry and passports. some things are still missing. >> the backpack itself. clothes, shoes, makeup, nail polish. >> she says she is grateful the
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man dropped off the most valuable items at second district police and as officials promised to no arres arrest. >> they're very organized and just i'm glad they were so efficient. >> now estrada wants to say thank you. >> i can go home now. yes. >> in northeast philadelphia, anita ohe, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> police in gloucester country are looking for a fugitive tonight. caityln shields of westville didn't show up for court and now a warrant has been issued for her arrest. the 20-year-old is charged with forgery of checks. anyone who has seen shields or knows where she is, is asked to contact police right away. >> take a close look at this surveillance. east lansdowne, delaware county looking for three people that broke into, off the hook restaurant on baltimore area avenue. they broke a window and took a bunch of strings. if you recognize anyone this video contact please as well. >> the trial of pennsylvania
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attorney general kathleen kane begins tomorrow. kaine is accused of leaking grand jury information and lying about it under oath. she faces multiple charges including personalry and obstruction. the state stream court denied kathleen kane's petition to have the charges dropped. jury selection begins tomorrow morning in norristown. now with the presidential election closing in, recent polls show hillary clinton opening up a sizable lead against republican rival donald trump. wendy gilette takes a look how trump is looking to push a reset button after a rough week on the campaign trail. donald trump support is nriding after a rough week. a new "abc news" poll shows the republican nominee has support of 42% of likely voters and compared to 50% for hillary clinton. according to cbs news battle ground tracker poll, clinton is also ahead of trump in key swing states, up by 12 minutes
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virginia and two points in nevada. trump is hoping to make up ground non detroit where he'll give a speech on economy. his plan is to slash corporate tax from 35 to 15%. >> his numbers don't add up. > of course not. i think historically no candidate's numbers add up. >> clinton will off her own vision for the economy thursday. these hoping to move attention away from use of private email server when secretary of state. the issue resurfaced sunday with news iran executed iranian nuclear scientist also a u.s. spy. >> in the emails that were on hillary clinton's private server there were conversations among senior advisers about this j. that goes to show how reckless and careless her decisions were to put that highly classified information on the server. >> clinton running mate came to her defense. >> i have heard hillary clinton say over and over again when i've sat next to her and on tv
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with respect to emails i made a mistake and learned something and wouldn't do it again. >> clinton hold her next campaign event in florida monday, wendy gilette for cbs3, eyewitness news. >> well, stay with us everyone, still to come, new fallout from the russian doping scandal. how the country widespread cheating operation has now impacted its disabled athletes, lauren. >> after a beautiful august sunday how long will the comfortable conditions stick around. i'll have the answer in the full forecast coming up. >> and straight ahead in sports. alex rodriguez calls it a career. what's in his future. lesley well tell us later in the sports. lesley well tell us later in the sports. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, everyone eric community comes together in support of local olympic athlete. eyewitness news at hag arty's cafe in dell tell down they where friends and family cheered on shane ryan. he grew up in havertown and holes dual irish citizen shap and is swimming for ireland. they are so happy to see shane compete. >> i'm feeling very proud of him. as long as he does his best. that's all that matters to me. >> vine also a student athlete at penn state where he will tlurn fall to complete his senior year. >> now olympic games about more than just sports.
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it's also about highlighting culture of the host country. and in brazil that can be complicated especially when it comes to music. correspondent james jury yucas reports. >> when you think of rio it's hard not to think of a party. the opening ceremony put brazilian culture on display. that's called provella function music and many rio pavelhla residents are upset with her she only sang chorus of " i just want to be happy" and there's violence and drug traffickers they struggle with. >> you have the song and relationship with government state. we believe it was sensored. >> well known function hugh significance mono tech know uses his music to criticize the government says highlighting of function at the olympics is hippo trit call. >> they're probabilityed to listen to funk.
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>> fuxt nk points out problems in the government and unlike united states, brazil has criminalizeed music. >> for many times we see emcees shot by bullets own have equipment burned. >> they are fighting for funk to be on to everyone. they hope the again ray in the opening ceremony is progress. >> it's a great showcase for them to be part of big event like olympics and be able to show arts. >> funk continues to be act of resistant. he plans to write music until his message inspires change. jamie yucas cbs3, eyewitness news. >> the international para olympic committee banned the entire russian team for doping. russians could not ensure compliance with anti-doping rules. at least 35 russian para olympians were mentioned in a recent report on country widespread cheating operation.
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it began in rio after the olympics end. let's check in with lauren casey. so pretty. >> gold medal winning sgleen see what di there. >> nice, nice. >> i like it. >> beautiful day yesterday. it was so steamy today. so much more comfortable. dew points dropping dramatically we keep comfortable conditions around a couple days. just a couple before august settles back in. beautiful conditions right now. these people spending end of their weekend at the right spo spot. look at a live look at ocean city, new jersey, beautiful conditions. not a cloud in the sky. looks so nice out there. even in center city, philadelphia, if you are stuck in the city this weekend, beautiful conditions. just a few passing high clouds. one or two low clouds and bright sunshine and temperatures not terrible. 86 right now in philadelphia. but actually feels cooler than the air temperature would reflect thanks to the northerly
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component to the wind flow ushered in the drier air and enjoying it throughout the day. kem turz consistent in the middle 80s. 78 cooler mount pocono. land breeze down the shore and warm, 84 in cape may and 88 currently in rehoboth beach. dew points that's big difference today they dropped off significantly right now down into the 50s closing in on 40s mounts pocono and almost crisp summertime air. rare dew point levels by august standards will be middle 50s to near 60s feeling comfortable as we kickoff the workweek. overnight tonight, back into the 60s. 68. for tomorrow high temperatures topping 87. mostly sunny conditions. nice and comfortable. no problems, winds light out of northeast shifting to southwest for second half of day. storm scan three showing us trend of the day today and that's a bunch of nothing high pressure in control promotes
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sinking air and stable air so really not even a cloud in the sky and many places but that will change, of course, as we head to midweek. rain khans near nill. wednesday, thursday, once we bring back that humidity we'll up rain chance as i bit. we see spotty storms developing during the afternoon hours wednesday and thursday and no storms in forecast for tomorrow. maybe you're lucky enough to have the day off. sunny and comfortable. 81 high temperature looking beautiful once again in poconos getting out there for hike. mostly sunny, pleasant, high temperature at 78. and also something interesting coming up for this upcoming week perseids meteor shower and some are predetectiveing we could see an outburst of up to 200 needias per hour. that's not guaranteed. even if we don't have the outburst perseid is is longest 60 an hour and they're known
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fore persistent trails. we should have good viewing across the delaware valley. forecast high temperatures tomorrow not bad. top down the shore. 81 wildwood topping at 83 in atlantic city heading up to 86. your forecast high for monday in wilmington and keeping much of the same as we head to tuesday. fairly comfortable. 87 before the steam factor returns as we head into wednesday. humid conditions and we jump up into the 90s with chance of afternoon storms. low the 0s into thursday and that heat index could get very near to the 100 degree mark especially thursday and then again on saturday with dew points expected in the middle 70s. that's when humidity feels just so gross. awful and florida like. >> soupy feel. oh, boy i'm excited. >> welcome. >> thanks for that good news. lesley has sports highlights. >> eagles got a break yesterday. the grind of training camp
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continued for eagles. yesterday, shells and shorts and pads back today. no injuries to report. the birds are hoping jim schwartz defense can keep them in games. last year the eagle's d the worst in the league. thursday they'll get a chance see the wide nine. short is not worried about the game. >> if we start talking about preseason games we are talking about the wrong thing. we have training camp today and walk through today and meeting today. we have another padded practice tomorrow. we start looking too far ahead, and you know, you're going to lose sight of what our real objective is here to improve every day. >> final game of series between phillies and padres they love beckle park and 31-11 record there and darren ikoff looking for his first win in a month. phillies wasting no time to get on the score board. and like that the phillies up 1-30. game tied in fourth. carlos ruiz at the plate.
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lon drive to right field. ryan howard will score on this. and three game lead. and later we have freddie galvis line to left and padres booted ball. not known for speed but check it out scored from first. ikoff helping his own cause. and right now, we still have padres all tied at 5 in the 7t 7th. >> last night, padres pitcher paul clemons had pine tar on uniform he had to change. it we went to club house new 91 and name player. eventually they got it right. yankees alex rodriguez retired today. he will become advise adviser/instructor for the team and yankees will pay $27 million left on contract and he has struck this season batting .204 and four homers shy of 700. barry bonds, babe ruth, aaron
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only to hit 00. >> 700, all those milestones i would have had fun time going after them and found share with fans and with our young player players, watching history is something i think is synonymous with yankees i would have had fun trying to not only hit home runs and help the team win and contribute and finish the year on strong note. those are not the cards i was dealt. and again i'm at peace with the organization's decision. >> well the record set pga by jim furyk at the travelers championship he shot 12 under, 58, step birdies and eagle. he had a chance top shoot 57. just missed birdie 18. he finished three shots behind the -- >> good for him. >> thank you so much, lesley, still to come on eyewitness news a look at the good food and good tunes at today's
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second street festival in northern liberties. we're back with you in a momen
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>> back now on eyewitnesss in today is certainly the day to be outside. it was beautiful today. many turned out for the 8th annual second street fist val in northern liberties. it spans six problems and is packed with over 100 food and beer vendors. umm that looks good. no fair is complete without sounds and ten hours of live and local mu sivrjt why didn't we go, guys? >> i don't know. >> next time. >> back in a moment
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>> that's eyewitness news for now. for lesley, lauren, all of us here thank you for joining us we're always on cbs and we're back at 10:00 cbs philly and back here at 11. have a good night everyone, philly and back here at 11. have a good night everyone, take care
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