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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight a "fast and furious" feud, the rock's on-camera which co-stars have his blood boiling. then justin timberlake and n sync reunite. which star was turned away from the party? >> plus, mariah carey myth-busting aboard her italian yacht. >> do you have your entrance music when enter the restaurant? >> what is true and wha made up? >> this is something that somebody actually said? what's it like to date taylor swift. her ex-boyfriend, taylor lautner tells >> what's that like? >> i'm sorry. who is conducting this interview? >> now for august 9th, 2016 this is "entertainment tonight."
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dwayne the rock johnson ripped his "fast" co-star, unprofessional. he's so mad he says that his own blood is quote legit boiling. >> look, nancy, apparently the rock is furious. here's the thing, which cast members does he put on bla we're breaking it down for you now. >> here we are on the set of "fast and furious". >> the rock posted this fight scene and wrote there's no other franchise that gets my blood boilinn more than this one. >> one man has to go through everything i >> and then -- he really got going. after praising his female co-stars johnson wrote quote, my male co-stars are a different story. some conduct themselves as stand-up men and true professionals and others don't. the ones that don't are too chicken-blank to do anything about it, anyway, candy-blanks. with that the rock sparked a hollywood guessing game wh he talking about? >> the guys in the cast include
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ludakris, russell. the focus of the speculation on newcomer scott eastwood and vin diesel. >> keep positive out there. >> hours after the rock's post vin was facebooking live with michelle rodriguez. >> the last week has been so crazy working and it's just we're finishing out here. >> the rock joked about vin in the promos for his hbo show "ballers." >> i'm bigger and better looking. >> they have a friendship that goes way back. >> dwayne and i have known each other for ten years, we've always wanted to work together. >> tyrese has been in the films, he was posting from set and he seemed pretty happy. >> a different kind of life we live up here. >> as for scott eastwood, he might have put off a few of his co-stars with his new "esquire" interview. he told the magazine i'm on "fast and furious" movie and everyone goes back to thei
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trailer, i stick around and say why are you setting up the shot like this? i want to learn. >> last week scott told us he had nothing but love for his co-stars. >> more like family. more enjoyable experience i've ever >> it could be a huge publicity stunt. dwayne is a master of social media he posts whatever he wants, when he wants. even if he is mad, if he's furious -- everybody today is talking about his movie. >> that's the good point. i don't think he would post it if he didn't mean it. here's something we know for sure, there's nothing but love between the boys of n sync more than a decade after saying bye-bye bye, they got back together for a big birthday celebration. ♪ happy birthday to you >> can they still sing nsync? >> this instagram from justin timberlake had fans freaking out as all five guys reuniting for a birthday.
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>> we want to know how old you a so we all know how old we all are. >> chris kirk patrick, the only other band member over 40 tweeted welcome to the old man club. the guys haven't publicly been together since 2013's vmas, but a source tells "e.t." that they partied last night until 2:00 a.m. >> you see people, you hope that you -- have been good to them. >> among jc's friends on hand, actor chase crawford. and justin brought jessica biel. and he shielded his wife when he walked her out. and not everybody there was invited to celebrate the boy bander's birthday. the spice girl was turned away. >> what's going >> that's mel b leaving with her husband after being denied entry it seems neither knew another star had booked the entire place.
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and there was more drama outside. as spirited joey fatone decided to turn paparazzi on one photographer. >> what do you know about nsync? there's another party going on. you know that thing called the olympics? hollywood is all over it. so which star is the most fevered fan of the red, and blue? summer is so gaga, you can't stop watching them be fan crazy. we're handing out our own gold medal. >> team usa seen in full. >> matthew mcconaughey wins our gold for biggest fan. checking it out, getting super animated, yelling at the scoreboard and jumping out of his seat as he watched usa compete in swimming. the silver goes to zac efronn he's gymnastics sweetheart simone biles biggest celebrity crush. and after her competition he tweeted her, so phenomenal, a
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skill is named after her. congratulations on sticking the biles and qualifying. >> the biles is twice in the air straight body and at the end i do a half-turn. >> tell us about this ob with zac efron. >> think he's really hot. i like his face and he has a good >> kim k takes the bronze medal for being an olympics wannabe. seeing these shots of olympians of michael phelps and the painful red cupping marks, snapped getting the ancient chinese therapy used to increase circulation. and alleviate pain. kim said she did it to help the pain in her neck. >> my choker, my neck hurts. >> and another gold goes to our favorite celeb turned olympic commentator -- leslie jones. she's leaving for rio in the next few days. but she snapped a preview of what's to >> don't y'all agree that the volleyball players should have on these outfits right here? i'm just saying, let's talk about it.
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>> her snapchat is worth it follow. while leslie is booking gigs, three of her castmates are looking for work in a surprising "snl" shakeup. >> not returning this fall is taryn killiam and jay ferrell. >> and jay killed it as barack obama and check it out as eddie murphy. >> everybody just relax. >> clearly i don't hate immigrants. taryn had trump down and matt mcconaughey. she's married to kobie smolders and once guested on "how i met your mother" sai he was never given a reason why he was leaving. but he took it in stride tweeting loren was kind enough to understand that i needed more time to give to my undefeated rams. that would be executive producer loren michaels also let john razitski go after five seasons. >> "snl's" kyle mooney reminded
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us that loren is often changing up the cast. >> you never know what's going to happen. >> loren keeping you in the dark. >> exactly. >> by the way, i want to remind everybody "snl" holds the record for the most emmy nomin and wins. kate mckenzie is the onl member who ot a nomination. let's talk scream queens now, back this fall. john stamos and taylor l in the cast. do you remember when taylor lautner dated taylor s?o cf1 o >> you dated, didn't you? >> yeah, we did. >> what was that like? >> i'm sorry, who is conducting this interview? >> what was it like? >> it was a good time. a fun few months there. but yeah, i did. >> we love when the two taylors were a two-some. sharing shots from the set. not to be outdone taylor posted this, claiming that he had those abs when he was just a kid and co-star lea michele is brave
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posting her you mustache waxing. >> you ask and you shall re that's what happens in the day of lea michele. >> in hollywood at the "pete's dragon" premiere bryce dallas howard was feeling fierce in her givenchy's animal print. >> i'm dressed as a dragon on the green carpet. when i saw it i was like, oh, my gosh! >> also on the green carpet, star oaks and our carly steele had a tug of war over elliott, the dragon. >> take elliott. >> is he mine? >> no, he's mine, my dragon. i want elliott. >> i brought my family and tiffani thiessen. still looking like "saved by the bell"'s star, brought her 6-year-old daughter, harper. >> did you do her hair? >> i didn't but i do know how to do it i learned how to do the fishtail braid this is a dutch, french. amazing what you can learn on youtube. >> tiffani's former tv love,
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zac, plays a major league catch anywhere his new show "pitch." out to impress we asked, does he want his 12-year-old son michael to follow in his acting footsteps? >> i think i would be more supportive when he turns 18. i want him to -- to go through it as a child, but when he becomes 18 he can do whatever he wants. >> you should listen to him. because he's a man who knows. coming up, body image confessions and we find out ho julianne hough still eats pizza and looks like this. >> you should own it and love it. and mariah carey brings big news to "e.t." >> nobody said it was possible. but i did it. >> what she's telling us about a new tv role. and the madman wild card chad actor paradise. what you need to know about his live tv return tonight.
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with organic pasta. and organic sweet corn and poblano peppers in our cheese & bean enchilada. lean cuisine. feed your phenomenal. sad news about a couple we like to see together. it's over for christie brinkley and john mellencamp. they have split after a year of dating. their careers and the distance between their homes was too much to handle. meanwhile "dancing" star julianne hough is altar bound. how gorgeous is she going to look in her gown? >> i love my shape. because it's nobody else's, it's mine. i work hard for it. >> she's given us ab-e but julianna admits she had an unhealthy body image saying quote, when i was 19, my bod was banging but i was killing myself. i was working out two and a half hours a day and eating the bare minimum to survive. i was so miserable. the 28-year-old actress, singer and dancer is on the cover of september's "shape" magazine. even though she still does hard-core workouts five times a
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week, she doesn't deny herself pizza. saying i eat it a lot. >> i think your body is your body. and you should own it and love it. >> she'ssbusy planning her wedding but still does find the time to hit the gym. >> i don't think i look for any one person to inspire me to get up and work out. i think actually about my future self. what i would want to feel like when i'm you know, ten years down the line or if i'm starting to have kids. >> and speaking of kids, pet murgatroyd bared her growing baby bump yesterday. it looks as if she's getting her workouts in just carrying the bag. she and maks are expecting their first baby in january. and the newlyweds, kym johnson instaaramed her new as mrs. honeymooning in bora bora with robert herjavec. kym's swimsuit says it all. >> i wonder if robert's suit has
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a matching bottom. >> no it says i'm with her. "bachelor in paradise" is chad gone? is he ever really gone? and mariah carey talks about being a momma. hear how she spoils her twins. >> they call me mummy with an english accent. -- captions by vitac --
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the date is set for mariah carey's highly anticipated guest spot on "empire" october 5th. it will be epic. you know that mariah and cookie will be quite the spectacle. >> you caught up with mimi while she was in vacation mode? >> i d it was glamorous. cruising the mediterranean in a stunning yacht. mariah did admit she keeps gourmet in italy, stay fabulous in those blinged-out bikinis. >> i want to talk about how hot you look. >> a new part of my ensemble collec you know -- for a bathing suit it's -- >> gorgeous. >> everyone wants to kno they can look like you. can you at least give us one tip as to how you do maintain this discipline when you're abrrad? >> i just have to eat the same boring food all the time and i was trying to get in some water workouts. >> so i know you love tuna tartare. >> i got a little sick of that.
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>> it's mariah's world. we're just in awe of it. lounging aboard her private yacht off the coast of capri. while her fiancé james packer hangs out on his. it's not easy being a diva. people think you're making crazy demands. it's time for some of mimi's myth-busting. >> do you have an entrance musio when you enter the restaurant. please say yes. >> well, actually, a great restaurant here, one of my favorites in the world. and they have their own pl because i've been there so many times. somebody there made a playlist of my songs that i like better than the playlist that i have. and i was there and i was like, can we get this one? >> another one, do you have your own wine flown in from france for your special restaurants? >> sure. yeah. we do that every day. that's how it is. better than the wine coolers. i have to have my wine. please don't believe it.
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>> one thing we do know, mariah's twins, monroe and moroccan, they're as posh as she is. >> they call me mummy. with an english accent. mummy. mummy and or they call me momma. >> momma mariah is hard at work back in the studio recording a new album with long-time producer jermaine dupree, including new music for caesar's palace residency. >> i brought the isle of capri to it's just fantastic. nobody said it was possible, but i did it. >> we're excited about her long-awaited guest spot on "empire" reuniting her with her "precious" director and close friend, lee daniels. she's working on new music for her episode in which she plays kitty, a megasuperstar. >> a major question, is the part going to be -- you? >> it's not mariah carey. not my role in "precious." >> somewhere in the middle?
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>> i had a couple of conversations and i think she's going to be pretty glamorous. but i don't know. we'll see. we'll see. >> you know, we have all spent our fair share of time with mariah, but never on the mediterranean. what is she like on vacation? >> of course she's fabulous diva but we love her for that she does it in such a playful way. she's super smart, very funny. a really great i can't think of anyone i would rather hang out with in italy. >> she's such a nice gal. >> not so much fun to hang out with, on the other hand, bad boy chad on "bachelor in paradise" we're rejoicing because they seemed to get rid of him for good. but he's still not shutting up. >> if they keep being mad, the show becomes about me, they're the ones making the show about me. >> oh chad trying to set the record straight about his short stint on "paradise" which lasted -pjust one day. >> i'm pissed. what are we going to do?
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>> i said a bunch of stuff i shouldn't say. everybody followed me around all night. knowing what i could and couldn't say. >> for what they did show. the drinking, the insults, then well the insinuation that chad made a literal mess of himself. >> no [ bleep ] my pants what are you going to do? i own two pairs of the same swim shorts. >> if you say so, chad. while the cast said good-bye to him. don't think the drama is over yet. tonight abc is airing another hour of "bachelor in paradis followed by the live show "after paradise" and chad will be back. >> it will be hard watching the chadster. >> i'm not that type. >> you really, i'm done talking to you. i'm done. >> would you like an apology from him? >> you think you'll get on >> might not want to get your
7:23 pm
hopes up, chad tweeted for the other contestants' sake, my security guard will probably be with me tonight. we're guessing he won't be returning to paradise. >> at this point i don't know. it feels like every time i go in, i go in and no matter what happens, everyone is going to follow me around, watch me and sabotage me. >> a source tells "e.t." chad is hanging around l.a. taking meetings. >> well update us, because there was talk about you potentially getting a spin-off. what's going on there? >> i don't know. maybe something will happen. maybe something won't. the one thing i'll tell you is i'm most likely moving to los angeles to sell real estate. i'm going to give that a go and if the show happens, the show happens. >> he's very entertaining. >> that's what you call it? >> chad is also considering doing a cookbook. and we're positive that it would be full of recipes for cold cuts.
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that's all he eats in the show. >> it's fair to call him a meathead? >> he's going to come after you. >> just saying.
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we have so loving how chrissy teigen kkeps posting those adorable photos of her baby girl. keep them coming. >> tomorrow we're going to l luna's daddy do the gushing. bye, everybody. >> we're excited, we're so excited. >> does john legend think daddy's little girl will be a musician or model like mommy? >> revealing how chrissy teaguen is baby-proofing their new beverly hills mansion. and we're with your favorite
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. i'm so private and i'm like, i don't want to have to shut people down about >> number one, anne hathaway cuts off her mommy shamers. right at the knees. >> everybody is a different size. everybody does not need to be the same size.
7:30 pm
>> how the hollywood star is empowering mothers everywhere. >> media scrutiny -- sucks. >> then, michael phelps' death stare goes viral. and why does his gold medal-winning teammate have an issue with "glee's" creator. >> i get tagged with his crap all the time. and seth rogen and katherine heigl's knocked-up feud rages >> i assume she didn't want to work with us any more. inside their hollywood he said she said. plus our "insider" bonus -- >> you won best butt on "live with kelly." >> why is "fifty shades" star jamie dornen not impressed? >> i hate my arse, it looks like two eggs in a handkerchief. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. "jane the virgin" star gina rodriguez says it's always been a battle for me with weight. inside her secret battle with hashimoto's disease, coming up. let's start wiew


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