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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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well, good morning bethlehem and all across the area we are waking up to temperatures hotter then most of us would like. katie tells us when an excessive heat watch goes into effect. good morning, i'm joe holden in for jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. katie and meisha will be here in a moment but first here's what you need to know today to start your day in the morning minute. >> this is very, very disturbing. >> six year-old philadelphia girl is in critical condition after she was caught in the cross fire while playing in front of her east germantown
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home. grief counselors will be on hand in burlington township middle school, after a murder suicide leaves three family members dead. prosecutors believe ruben johnson junior killed his wife mishanda and their ten year-old son before turning the gun on himself. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks, although, second amendment people maybe there is. >> reporter: donald trump is defending himself after comments he made about the second amendment, many interpreted it as a threat of violence against his rival hillary clinton. >> unaudible. well, it was a night for michael phelps, what was that,
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that was a celebration a at the finish line. swim are collect his unprecedented 20th gold medal with that win. >> it is not just that he is really great at this, it is just that he is really great. he is just great. >> i love him. >> he is like bring it on, baby, number one. >> that is awesome. >> congratulations to him. good morning. everybody. we are starting off with relatively quiet weather off to the north and west of the delaware valley, a few showers and thunderstorms across new york state border firing up. we will see blip have green north of storm scan three there. we are finding temperatures that are very, very mild, upper 70's at the airport as well as in atlantic city. zero seven in mount pocono. even there a very warm start to the day. here's the thing, overall it is a good pool day, take a dip at 90 and humid but watch for scattered thunderstorms. but where they do pop up they could be heavy. if you you ever hear thunder, story is you head inside. make sure you are wearing that
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sun screen today too. >> in doubt about it, great advice, as usual, thank you so much. looking outside right now vine in the westbound direction you're looking good, nice and quiet. anywhere in the world of the travel via vehicle you are looking nice this morning. schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction this is past belmont avenue you can see a sea of headlights as well. blue route at baltimore pike taillights moving in the southbound direction looking quiet there and also in the world of septa a, take a look at the this paoli thorndale wire problems. so every train one train every 40 minutes until around 7:00 a.m. between thorndale and malvern. make note. i will tweet that out as well. accident 295 north bound at auburn pulled off to the shoulder. joe and brooke, back over to you. donald trump is under fire for his comments about the second amendment. >> trump blames media bias and faulty interpretation but as brian web reports clinton's campaign said trump was trying to insight violence. >> donald trump is trying to
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suppress latest controversy that erupted moments after he said this about the right to bear arms. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> hillary wants to take your guns away, she wants to leave you unprotect in your home. this is a tremendous political movement. there can be in other interpretation. >> reporter: nra agreed with the explanation, many democrats, sided with the clinton campaign who called the remarks dangerous. former arizona congress woman gabby gifford whose was shot in the head during a mass shooting tweeted we must draw a line between political speech and suggestions of violence. connecticut senator chris murphy tweeted don't treat this as a political misstep, it is an assassination threat. house speaker paul ryan who easily won his state's primary on tuesday, also spoke out. >> it sound like just like a
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joke gone bad you should never joke about that. >> reporter: trump has been under fire for members of his own party to stick to message. yesterday he took aim at the media for allegedly ignoring the presence of orlando shooter omar mateen's father at one of clinton's rallies this week if that were me this would be a head line all over the world. >> reporter: clinton campaign has since since disa vowed mateen's support and says he was not an invited guest. brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". donald trump's running mate mike pence made a stop in lancaster county. he spoke to a packed room. the indiana governor promised he and trump will lower taxes for working families and small businesses, and help farm families and he got loud cheers when he said hillary clinton must not be elected president. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine shook hand with voters at a mexican restaurant in austin, texas. he greeted voters in spanish
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and english. he discussed the flood of latino immigrants in the you had. he said latinos are all about faith, family and source of strength for the country. time is 5:37. in business news pokemon is breaking record. >> is there a new choice for star bucks customers. money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning joe and brooke. facebook will show you ads even if you have an ad blocker installed. ad blockers keep out ads by refusing to display image that is originate from an unknown servicer. facebook has found a way around that system. change applies to the desk top version. popular app pokemon go has broken a record, mobile game raked in 200 million-dollar in revenue as for its first month. pokemon go bumped previous record holder, clash royale which generated only about 125 million its first 30 days. almond milk is coming to star bucks, customers
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petitioned for more non-dairy options and tar bucks listen. it was created specifically for the coffee chain, the almond milk will get foam up when steamed. star bucks will begin offering thal monday milk next month. joe and brooke. >> thanks, hena. atlantic city casino workers looking for a new job may find tonight maryland. mgm national harbor under development in prince georges county is holding a career fair a at the borgata in atlantic city friday noon to 6:00. auditions for table games, dealers start at 9:00 and go until 6:00. workers in a hospital in maryland are disinfecting its pipes after three infants tested positive for a potentially deadly bacteria. routine tests at prince georges hospital detect the presence of the sued monas bacteria, doctors say nine other babies are not showing any symptoms but medical staff moved them into another hospital for safety sake. hospital officials believe that the bacteria originated in water pipes.
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a baby girl, born in texas with microcephaly has died, this is a condition where a baby's head is much smaller then expect and often times brain development is incomplete. baby's mother is from el salvador and doctors think she got sick there before traveling back to texas where she gave birth. texas has reported 97 travel-related zika cases but this death is the first zika related death in the state. for the first time in history a under cover agent for tennessee bureau of investigations has been shot abe killed in the line of duty. authorities say 35 year-old degrand frazier was killed investigating, supposedly illegal drug activity in the city of jackson. the shooter tried to rob frazier in a known drug area. police say suspect was arrested a short time later. frazier was a 35 year-old husband and father. the results of a new harvard study say millions of americans may be exposed to unsafe drinking water, if something people in bucks and montgomery counties are
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dealing with right now. scientists found unsafe levels of industrial chemicals, in water samples nationwide. some of them are linked to cholesterol, obesity and even cancer. highest levels were found in areas near industrial sites, military bases and waste water treatment plants. problems on the set of the huge hollywood film and at least one actor is airing the dirty laundry. that is next. we have seen engagement photos to babe a announcement pictures but this may be the first. we will hear from the woman who commissioned pictures to announce a new job. and the rules for this man's barber shop are pretty clear, pull your pants up and watch your mouth, wait until you hear what he's raising money to buy when we come
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as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. apparently the rockies cooking beef. dwayne johnson and vin diesel are apparently butting head on the set of the fast eight. it started with the rock posting an instagram message lashing out at his male co stars. tmz reports the former pro wrestler and diesel are so mad at each other it is impossible to shoot scenes. the two were apparently forced
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in the meeting yesterday but we have yet to hear how it went. nba great michael jordan is still making big statements with his money. he is donating five million-dollar to the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. he is also going to give them a game worn bulls jersey from the 1996 finals to put on display. last month jordan gave two million-dollar to help dress shootings involving police. how about that, from the 96 series. awesome stuff. >> awesome stuff, yes. >> so what is going on outside. >> well, it will be a pattern change starting to day and it is starting to get more humid yesterday but now it becomes more palpable. very steamy air mass setting up. this sets the stage for to it get hotter, more humid and very uncomfortable. unstable too. we have it all. it is that classic summer weather.
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when we take you outside, we will go out to one of live neighborhood network shots where we are seeing quiet skies. it is clouded but at least it the is quiet at the moment. light waves on the shorelines and it doesn't look like anybody out there right now. if you want toe take a quiet walk outside on the shore that is a good place to head but it is going to be certainly unsettled, here, and every where else. we will explain why as we go forward in the forecast. the lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers as well. they are reporting some pretty warm air, and generally speaking every where you go, you've got at least lower 70's. we will have a couple of low locations where we are finding temperatures. andrew has 71. he is seeing humidity ramp up at 93 percent at this hour with a milk bag of clear skies, and just a couple of cloud. we will go to another one further inland, we will go far north here 73 from charles this morning, also finding more cloud then anything. we have storms off to the north which we will show you
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here but 73 degrees. we will take you back down near the city just north of philadelphia where phil is checking in at 76 degrees. the in the chestnut hill section you did have a comment that humidity and to point is rising. 72 degrees with the heat wave on the way. this may end up being day number one of that heat wave. so, lets go ahead and move back at this point to the discuss of heat waves and what we have seen so far this year this 2016 we have actually seen four, official heat waves to get underway here in the delaware valley. we saw one at the end of the may, we had one early, mid-july and another one at the end of the july that was longest one of the stretch this looks like the one we're getting into the next couple of days and will last us at least five days probably cutting off at five but we will show you seven day in a second. storm scan looking here next. we have heavy thunderstorms off to the north and west but high pressure holding on here
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but it will unfortunate thely, give way here to what looks to be just a very unstable pattern. there is no organized system necessarily that is rolling through, these heavier thunderstorms should bypass us unless you are north of i80 you should own kay but we will see our own round, bubbling up. far off to the west, and cluster of heavy storms across and over dakotas in the minute so the a this is part of the larger frontal boundary that will take its time to cross through and because we have got that hot and humid push coming north, that front trying to ease east you will just get stuck in the hot, humid air mass and that will create instability required for us to end up with this scenario. right here in the weekend no less. hot, humid with heat index values that spike as high as 100 to 105, and you have to take it easy on hottest day thursday, friday, saturday. scattered thunderstorms in the the forecast as well. keyword is scattered but they could be locally strong, especially if we get sunshine.
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the best way to pinpoint where you find the worst of those thunderstorms would be where it the is brightest, that is your best shot to see the strongest storms firing up because we will have that solar heat to go get instability going. we will go to five straight days of 90 or above and even into monday we will keep potential for thunderstorms in the the forecast but finally it will only take until tuesday but we will see humidity finally drop off. >> at least we will get it back. >> yes. >> all right, katie, thank you very much. happy wednesday to you. happy hump day delaware county i-95 north at 452 taking that to the airport this is what you are looking at. not too bad but i have an update coming up in just a second. ninety-five taillights moving in the southbound direction at betsy ross bridge, you can see how busy, it is looking, i-95 pushing in the southbound direction. if it is looking like this plenty of taillights out there around the betsy ross bridge. we know cracking in the 6:00 o'clock moving toward 7:00 o'clock it is very busy. for my friend in new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek
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road approaching 295, right there it is heating up. i would say about 20 or 25 minutes ago it didn't look like this. we are starting to get bus there i in the world, paoli thorndale we have wire problems. because of that you are suspended between thorndale and malvern. one train running every 40 minutes, all between now and we still have this accident 295 north bound at auburn pulled off to the shoulder. this is where i want to get you to in the world of air will travel. here's a delta update for all traveling, my mom was just yesterday, she was stuck there for seven hours. know this 775 flights cancelled, tuesday, 90 cancellations, have already happened this morning. normal operations by midday today, hopefully fingers crossed but they are just jammed pack with phone calls coming in, make sure to continue to check your schedule and hopefully this normal operations by mid take today, hopefully that is the case but just make note, again i will tweet that information out. any updates i get from dealt a
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will let you know asap. construction on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between norristown and valley forge two right lanes are block there and just another septa reminder for you guys, new regional rails for glenside, lansdale doylestown, trenton, manayunk norristown and warminster. i will tweet this out again. always check your schedules on line. joe, over to you. owner of the california barber shop in oakland is trying to change attitudes about young people, one sag i pair of pant at a time. tyrone burns has earned the respect of the neighborhood with one simple message, pull up your pants and he isn't kidding. he will ban you from the barber shop if your pant are sagging or if you use foul language. >> pull your pants up. i gave him like a funny look like pull your pants up. but now when i come in before i hit the curb i just automatically pull them up and come inside. >> your character is how you difficulties lay yourself and with your pants downey might
5:51 am
look at you quite differently good burns even started a donation driving to give belts to kids. how about it. remind me of the guy i go too but there would be no sign you would just get the eye. >> we saw pull your pants up, gentlemen holden. >> there wouldn't even be a question he will give you an eye, foul language, god forbid there is no pulling up of the pants and just a bad situation here. we love this one. >> police saved the day for a woman with autism. officers in oklahoma made a surprise appearance at brayden's third birthday party. it was almost cancelled and guests backed out one by one. then someone, anonymously called the police department. >> for them to take their time out of the day just for them to come say hi to brayden just to tell him happy birthday, that means a lot. >> it took him a while to warm
5:52 am
up to the police but before long he was up front in the front seat of a police cruiser. >> very cool. still ahead, a tail of two honeymoons. >> so this guy is definitely in the dog house when he gets back, hear why his new bride is not by his side. >> i cannot believe this.
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ghost problems. indian photographer is up joying his honeymoon in italy. >> you know who is not? his wife. it the is because she's not even there. >> not there. >> take a look. caesar pennsylvania tell tweeted this picture with just a picture of his wife on the plane. two days before they were supposed to leave she realized she lost her passport, so, he went anyway. officials saw the tweet and tried to get her a duplicate but she needs a visa which cannot be ready fast enough. are you still married, happily. >> no. >> you might still be waiting. >> he might be for that dinner for two, for one. >> all right. >> katie is disgusted over here. >> terrible. >> terrible. a woman recently said yes and went on a photo shoot to
5:56 am
celebrate. >> who is her perfect match. a new job. she said she culled barely contain her excitement her friends said and shoe celebrate in a big way. she announced the news with series of pictures that have gone viral. >> i think career growth, i think, you know, if your whole idea is to retire at 35 and do nothing but travel you should absolutely celebrate that. >> abraham has been searching for a new job for seven months and she said she's overwhelmed after the support she had has seen on line. new resident of the detroit zoo has taken her first steps. >> we have to check out this video of the cutest giraffe ever, baby has not been named yet but by any name this 5-foot tall baby is as cute as they come. mom and baby are doing well and baby has a big brother too. here's the coolest thing, baby tipped the scales at 166-pound, at birth, and they will pick her name by internet
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contest. >> very interesting. >> giraffes has 166-pound baby, a macing. we will be right
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get ready for unsettled weather pattern, heat and humidity are set to make a
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come back but looking at storm scan three, you can see a chance of showers, storms, katie will let us know what to expect and when. also this morning someone shot a six year-old girl and now police are looking for two gunman. we just got shot at. >> chaos in ferguson after a protester is run over by a car and shots are fired, we have the latest on this developing scene. today is wednesday august 10th good morning i'm joe holden in for jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, in the world of the travel, a lot going on with delta updates and septa we have accidents, a lot of construction mostly coming out of the way now. it is just a busy morning. >> indeed. >> it is so quiet with the weather but we did mention that potential for showers and storms is not here yet. it should not be an issue. late day maybe is a threat but we are only talking about scattered showers and storms. we will get to that.


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