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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they do not believe the cases are connect they are looking for gunman they believe is responsible for shooting that six year-old girl and left her in the icu. >> i was just in shock, my youngest daughter would have to be pick up a bullet on the block she play on every single day. >> reporter: concerned neighbors are keeping their children inside for the time being after gunfire erupted around 7:00 tuesday night. >> she was just playing with on the set, and and. >> caught in the hail of bullets, six year-old girl struck in the left shoulder. she's recovering in the icu of st. christopher's hospital. >> this is fancy out here, we will see what happens that got hit. >> it cannot be explained. what we can all agree on, six year-old child is enjoying the last days of summer. not part of whatever the dispute was. >> reporter: watch video that shows one of the gunshots blasting through the back window of this minivan.
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police say that was one of the 20 shots fired from two separate high caliber weapons. >> she was shot anywhere. it would have been potentially fatal shooting. >> reporter: neighbors told "eyewitness news" that the young girl visits her aunt living on the block but family members who arrived wednesday declined to speak on camera. >> she's a pretty girl, bubbly, she has always, when i see her she's smiling. she always says hello. >> reporter: luckily that little girl has been since upgraded from critical to guarded condition, meantime, police are still looking for a gunman that they say is a black man in his early to mid 20's with a thick beard last running west on chelten avenue. he fired a are distinct black and silver hand gun and could face attempted murder charges. live from northwest detectives, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are investigating a possible drive by shooting in the same east germantown neighborhood as our top story. it happened around 1:30 near
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chelten avenue and 21st street. hand told police someone inside a dark colored vehicle pulled up and started shooting as he walk by. the 47 year-old man was taken to einstein medical center in sable condition with the gunshot wound to his hand and his leg. a parked car was also hit by gunfire. police continue their search for the driver of this black honda, investigators believe that it may have been racing another driver, who then crashed into a family's car a second and york street in kensington monday night. three-year old, esther palmer tied in the collision. her grandmother is now in critical condition. the driver who hit them is 17 years old and police say he is cooperating. the heat and humidity are back, combination that that could fire up some thunderstorms. meteorologist kate bilo joins with us what we can expect, and when those storms, to strike and fire up, kate? >> reporter: that is right, each day for the rest of the week we will deal with the increasing heat and humidity and this is a perfect set up for thunderstorms. storms love to form in this kind of an environment.
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good news it does look like storms will be generally scattered through next couple days mainly limited to the late afternoon and early evening hours thaw can see the storms back across central pennsylvania, looking pretty nasty this evening. right around state college heading up toward williamsport we have pretty heavy rain and frequent lightening. these are expected to fizzle by the time they get here. we cannot rule out pop ups off to the north this evening and it is all part of the larger pattern that pumps humidity from the south as this warm front lifts to the north. we will be in a very unstable atmosphere for the next several days what to expect in the weekend? extreme heat and humidity continuing. scattered thunderstorms around, the greatest risk each afternoon is north and west of philadelphia, and can't rule out a few strong storms each afternoon. temperatures right now, well, we have started our heat wave, we will get in the 90's each day where we're at 29 right now and we will stay in the lower 90's right through weekend. coming up i'll have more on how hot it will feel and when some relief could return. back over to you. >> see you then, back to you.
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three children are rushed to the hospital after being stung by wasps at a wilmington area park. twelve children were stung at rock wood park and museum this morning. they were on a picnic trip when they were stung. they were treated and released. other nine children were treated on the scene. park says they have now hired an exterminate or. well to day is day three of the criminal trial of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. former top aid took the stand and testified that kane asked him to block a special investigation in the grand jury leak. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in norristown with more from the courtroom, jan. >> reporter: nicole, good afternoon, that is right, attorney general kathleen kane top aid was on the stand yesterday. that is exactly where we pick upright around 9:00 o'clock this morning on the second floor of the montgomery county courthouse. now, that top aid says he was very concerned by the reaction and the statements kane made after learning about those
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grand jury leaks. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has had little to say as she arrived into montgomery county court for her perjury and on trucks trial. today bruce beamer testified about several conversations he had with kane after discovering secret grand jury documents released and landed in 2014 newspaper article. beamer remembers asking kane have you seen the article that came out this morning? i think this is a problem. they got this information directly out of our office. i'd like permission to look into this. beamer says kane responded by saying don't worry bit, it is not a big deal, we have more important things to do beamer said he was relieved to learn a special prosecutor was tapped to investigate a leak and told that judge that the ag's office would cooperate fully. then in a 44 minute phone call beamer remembers kane asking him to file a motion in court to stop the investigation. my heart sank, because i pledged my cooperation, i was operating like this was right course of action.
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i was concerned. the also taking the stand state agent michael mold to and william dave hoist both testified about being shock to find parts of their grand jury investigation in the press. both saying they had nothing to do with the leak. now, kane is charged with leaking grand jury documents to make a state prosecutor look back and lying under oath to cover it up. the defense says she did not do it. five witnesses have taken the stand, there are dozens of people on the witness list. the judge has said that this trial will take about a week give or take but it is slow going. we will keep you up to date. live from norristown, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". after a multi year investigation charges have been brought against more than two dozen people for their involvement in an auto theft ring. >> state inspections replaced vehicle identification numbers and in more than 100 fraudulent insurance cards, made it possible for this criminal organization to make profits from stolen cars, and
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insurance fraud. >> our greg argos will have have have much more coming up in the 6:00 o'clock hour. amtrak has started settling lawsuits brought by victims of the last years deadly derailment in port richmond. first settlements were reached last week and dozens more are in the works. lawyers say that a strict confidentiality clause prevents them and their clients from talking about how they are doing or how much money they're getting. the washington to new york train sped into a sharp curve and jumped the tracks on may 12th of last year. eight people were killed and more than 200 others were injured. this man, 19 year-old joshua trunk, is charged with the murder of his own mother and her boyfriend. authorities say trunk shot 54 year-old janice trunk and 44 year-old kevin smith, at the forest garden apartments in ambler july 31st. in addition to the murder charges, the suspect is facing drug possession charges. has been in police custody since the night of the alleged murders. u.s. backed libya militias
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have taken overhead quarters of the isis in the coastal town. militant's final place in libya. militia fighters launched their offensive a begins isis in june. u.s. war planes aided in the effort with air strikes. now the race for president, donald trump's off the cuff remarks about hillary clinton continue to dominate headlines. yesterday in north carolina trump suggested that advocates could stop democratic nominee from appointing supreme court justices who would abolish the right to bear arms. republican nominee did not mention the controversy during a rally in southern virginia today but instead trump criticized clinton's jobs record a a new york senator. >> look at the washington post from two days ago, look at story on hillary clinton, compared that with what she says tomorrow, we will never let her escape it. because everything that she says, is all talk, no action. >> reporter: trump was rallying voters not insighting violence. on twitter the daughter of
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a sandy hook shooting victim asked trump if he thought gun violence was a joke. erika went on to say would love to tell you about mom's life and gruesome murder. erika's mother was principal of the sandy hook elementary. since the shooting erika has been a vocal proponent of strict gun laws even speaking at the democratic national convention hear last month. >> i'm here alone without my mother. too many politicians cower behind the gun lobby instead of standing with american families. >> democratic lawmakers have also attacked trump for his comments. today a conservative watch dog group released 300 pages of e-mails. some of them suggest possible ties between the clinton foundation and the state department. clinton spokesmen denies any connection. the democratic nominee focused on job creation in des moines, iowa today. >> so in my first hundred days we are going to do some big investment in infrastructure
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and clean energy technology and advanced manufacturing and small business. >> the clinton campaign has also formed a new group of elite republicans, and independents who say that they will work to elect her. on the sidewalk you are looking live at trump tower in new york city, a man is scaling the glass face of that high rise, right now, police are just watching this man, police officers wearing helmets are just above him. no word on why he is climbing but this just in live picture for you of trump tower and a man scaling the high rise building. well, coming up on "eyewitness news" a big city police department under fire, justice department paints a disturbing picture of baltimore's police, shocking findings of the report and how officials say they will move forward. also it is a danger that could be lurking in your back yard, maybe in the campground where you vacation or maybe even places your kid play how to avoid tics that could
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be carrying lyme disease coming up, plus this. would i like to think they were just replacing sammy davis junior tap shoes when he was a child. they have a quite a few pieces. >> hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from african-american film, sent from our area to a soon to be opened national museum, what they represent to one woman and why she wants to share it all with the
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s.
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department of justice released findings of the year long investigation in the baltimore police department. federal officials say baltimore officers routinely discriminate against african americans and repeatedly use excessive force, among other critical findings. reporter adam nay has more now from baltimore. >> reporter: justice department officials gathered at baltimore city hall to release their report, into the baltimore police department. the investigation find that the department discriminate is a begins african americans, uses unreasonable force, and fails to hold officers accountable for misconduct. >> these violations have have deeply eroded mutual trust between bpd and the community it serves. >> reporter: reports found officers make large numbers of the unlawful stops, mostly in
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poor, black neighborhoods. and they retaliate with force against citizens who talk back. baltimore police department is already started making changes before the report was released. in the last year the department revised its use of force policy, and added more cameras. >> those who choose to wear this uniform and choose to blatantly disregard someone's rights, absolutely should be uncomfortable. because we are not going to tolerate it. >> reporter: federal investigation follows the 2015 death of freddie gray who suffered a fatal spine injury while in custody. >> reports assessment and its follow-up to it will help us heel relationship between the police and our community. >> reporter: justice department will work with baltimore police on a plan to reform the department. adam nay for cbs news, baltimore. just a tragic accident in florida. a seven three-year old woman was shot and killed by a police officer in a class
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about police procedures. it hard in florida just north of fort myers at the public safety complex. mary was taking part in the cities eight week citizens police a cast my. two participants were randomly select to be put through a shoot/don't shoot scenario. >> during the first scenario in a horrible accident, participant marry nolton was mistakenly struck with a live round. >> the officer who shot her is on paid leave and florida department of law enforcement the is investigating. a massive clean up efforts is underway this cleveland, ohio after stormy weather wreak havoc on that area the strong storms moved through the area late tuesday night, bringing torrential downpours, and strong winds. the storm toppled trees and left live power lines in the roadways. more than 50,000 people in that area are still without power. we will be watching the skies in our area watching the
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heat, feeling the heat, watching the skies. >> i'll tell you areas off to the west like cleveland, places like that, that is where this front will be stalled for next several days. it will not push through and clear us out. we will sit in swelter and showers and storms form off to the north and west. we can see a few but our best threat for a strong thunderstorm may be sunday or monday when everything starts to move again in the atmosphere basically. what we're looking at for the next few days is increase in heat and humidity. we felt to it day w heat and humidity we will get a threat for pop up storms but we cannot get a front in here to end the pattern. throwing is really moving. that means days, upon days, of extreme heat and humidity. lets look down the shore right now, very hazy day, talk about hazy, hot, humid, triple a kind of weather in mid-august, down the shore, lot of folks still outside on the beach. not a bad beach day. good way to cool off in the heat and humidity but definitely looking hazy and a little bit foggy there in ocean city this afternoon. it looks better a couple miles inland as we head to cape may
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courthouse. you can see clouds have over taken things just a lit built in the city where we're seeing blue skies from the palmyra cove nature park but these big puffy cumulus clouds in place, temperature there is 89 degrees right now. really no storm activity locally, in our region, storms have have been relegated mainly off to the west but you can see pretty heavy thunderstorms moving through center county state college area, traversing along i80 and continuing down to the south. is there a chance a few could creep in the western part the of the region this evening but most of these should die out before they get here but here's the overall pattern, we have got this storm and take a look at how clearly you can see structure to the storm to the north. cold front associated witt extend back towards minneapolis, that is front that may be a change maker but a very slow progression with that one and that means heat and humidity just sits in place for the next several days. and it is right now 92 degrees in philadelphia. ninety in reading. dew point is 71. dew points jump back in the 70's today and puts us in the oppressive range right now and
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what that means is our 92, feels like nine. feels like 101 in millville right now. feels like a miserable 109 degrees, in dover, and it is only going to get worse, tomorrow in philadelphia may feel like 102, friday and saturday, could both feel like 105 and that is why we have got this excessive heat warning, it is now a warning that goes into effect at noon and continues through to saturday evening. most of the storm begin to fizzle off to the west tonight and we will see a chance for a few scatter storms here, here you go, tomorrow afternoon around 4:00 o'clock and that will be the case every day, into the weekend the chance for a few of those showers and storms, to move through in the afternoon. warm, muggy overnight, tomorrow very hot and humid with a stray afternoon thunderstorm and you're witness weather three day forecast, 92 tomorrow, 93 on friday and 94 degrees, on saturday, all three days feeling like triple digits and again, typo in my forecast, i said warm and muddy. it doesn't sound nice.
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>> it is true. >> muggy, muddy. >> it is all the same. >> a little worse each day. >> yes. >> ninety-three, 94. >> keep looking like it might get better and not so much. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" the cost of a career. >> that morning cup of coffee, lunch with co-workers child care, are we paying to go to work? that doesn't seem right. how we can cut costs coming up. a rod is in town, no, not that a rod, philadelphia freedoms playing, torey goes that a rod, philadelphia freedoms playing, torey goes one on one with at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get. longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. all with fresh salad and unlimited bread. the great american steak dinner, for $12.99. tonight, only at longhorn steakhouse.
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all right. we're talking sports. what is going on, don. >> we're talking tennis. are you working on a little action. >> a little hand smash. >> torey is as well. >> torey has got game. >> i know, she's pretty good. tennis legend billy jean king in the area today with her philadelphia freedoms.
5:24 pm
king and members of the freedom hanging out at fdr parkas they teamed up with 50 volunteers to beautify ground, picked up trash and washed and painted the tennis courts. following the clean up they hosted a tennis clinic, effort, instruction, much appreciated. tonight freedoms have some other work to take care of they are hosting new york empire at the pennsylvaniaville beyond on the campus of villanova. that is where we will fine vittoria woodill, torey, what is up. >> reporter: let me tell you something. we will get to my practice session with andy roddick in a second but you can smell tennis in the air at villanova we have our philadelphia freedoms practicing for their big match tonight against the new york empire's big game, andy roddick will be playing in that game. it will be huge. since they are practicing right now, i want to show you a few tips, i got practicing with andy early on. it is a tennis take over at
5:25 pm
villanova, tonight philadelphia freedoms are taking on the new york empire where best of the best will go head to head in the world team tennis league. league retired pro and grand slam singles champ andy roddick is proud to be part of. >> it is great. my first season i was 17 years old. it has been a minute since i started but billy jean has put together such a fun league for so long and i'm happy to be part of it. >> reporter: while taking advantage of the getting a tip or two from the very best. >> biggest thing is they want to hit that glory shot. they want to hit that great thing. but they forget. i say start simple and build your way up. >> do you want to see if i can get it over the net. >> goal number one, yes. >> yes. >> it is first i will see what we are doing here, okay. >> okay. >> all right. he used to be a softball player, so. >> i used to be a tennis player. >> what were some of the tips of had you could see i could
5:26 pm
improve on. >> bring a racket to a tennis match because otherwise it turns into handball. >> you seem good at that. >> and if you start with that the rest will take care of itself. >> i was trying to take you by surprise. >> i was very surprised by all things. >> wow. >> may i. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good luck tonight. >> thank you. >> i took it easy on him. >> andy roddick, big game tonight. i took it easy on him. the game starts at 6:00 456789 we will see action, we will see fun, and i mean i know he is otto posing team i'm rooting for him but you always have to be rooting for philly freedom. >> got that right. >> i see big time potential there, torey. >> oh, yes. >> tell me bit. >> high and outside. >> i intimidated him. >> yes, did you. >> with this. >> don't show him your a game. >> he saw that, said um-hmm. >> i like it. >> bring a racket to the tennis match. >> yes, that was good.
5:27 pm
>> she had her game face. andy roddick former collogue of mine over at "fox sports". good guy, great sense of humor. still is a great player. >> yes. coming up next on "eyewitness news" avoiding a dangerous disease, in areas, campground, even your backyard. we have new information how to avoid lyme disease and how to know if you might have it. also preserving history a a local woman is sending hundreds of pieces of movie history to a new national museum dedicated to african-american history and culture, we will have her story up next. new at 6:00 most people dread those trips to the dentist but you for this man it is a dream come true, his emotional reaction to something he has waited for since child birth. be right
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ]
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they could be lurking in your backyard, tics that carry the dangerous bacteria that causes lyme disease. new research looks at ways to protect you and your family from practicing the disease. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. good evening i'm nicole brewer. guess case off tonight. >> i'm ukee washington. pennsylvania has reported most cases on have lyme disease in the nation for the past five years. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the new research. >> reporter: they are saying cdc says that people need to take action to protect themselves especially now at the height of the lyme season. chester county has had highest number of reported cases in the stays. tics are especially prevalent in wooded area. hopwood family has been battling lyme disease for years, and, first to be infected in 2010. >> notice would i get dizzy and fatigue, bedridden, and
5:32 pm
then they finally diagnosed me. >> reporter: his wife and two children were diagnosed years later. >> been a really long road. >> reporter: new cdc study reviews decade research how to control black legged tics that transmits disease and prevent by the. >> it is very difficult. tics are small. >> reporter: research shows people need to be vigilant about wearing long sleeves, shots, shoes and insect repellant. >> taking showers after being outdoors, and checking yourself, ourselves, children, pets for presence of tics. >> reporter: researchers recommend homeowners take steps to keep tics out of their yard getting rid of leaves, spraying insecticides can lower number of tics by 80 . hopwood live in a wooded area and well aware of what they need to do. >> be sure you are not in the woods and going home and go to bed. you have to take a shower, wash your clothes, you know, be cautious. >> reporter: watch out for symptoms including pain, fatigue, headaches, because earlier lyme is treated the
5:33 pm
better. now lymety sees effects more than 300,000 people each year and that is just a fraction on of how many people may have it. cdc estimates only one this ten cases of lime disease is reported. something we all need to take very seriously. >> indeed. >> stephanie, thank you so much. lets go back to our breaking news in new york city where a man is trying to scale the trump tower. we are looking live right now police broke a window and had been talking to the man until it looked like he might be talk into going into the tower but he went around and above them and as you can see is still scaling that tower. we understand police are lowering them self on a window washers platform to get to him. still no why he is climbing. we will bring you any new updates, nicole. in other news, scare for airline passengers from philadelphia, they had to evacuate their plane on the tarmac after pilot hit the brakes too hard. american eagle plane flew from
5:34 pm
philadelphia to indianapolis last night, as that plane was landing, smoke started to pour from the brakes. fire crews hosed them down prevent ago this fire. thirty-two passengers were on board, no one was injured. delta airlines is still struggling to get flights off the ground for third straight day, a power failure on monday knocked out, computer systems worldwide. thousands of passengers were forced to tiehl with delays and even cancelled flights. delta hoped to have operations return to normal by the even of the day to day. we're getting firsthand look at how teenagers are finding work this summer. work ready philadelphia celebrated the success of their summer jobs program today. asian americans united on callowhill street is just one of the job sites participating in the program. young workers shared what they learned and what they have accomplish throughout the course. buzz is growing around new smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. it opens next month in washington d.c.
5:35 pm
museum will feature tens of thousands of artifacts. reporter cherri gregg of our sister station kyw news radio spoke to a mt. airy art collector who made a significant contributions. >> i feel like the keeper of our history. >> reporter: beverly richard is curator for a set apart a collection of early black film memorabilia that for now resides in her mt. airy home. >> this room actually holds every race film that is still available. >> reporter: collection of race films from the early 1900's to the 1950's, feature all black casts at a time when hollywood refused to do so. >> african-american went to the movies to see a hollywood film, the black person in the film was usually cooking, cleaning, singing. >> reporter: race films fascinated beverly's husband larry a historian and librarian he collect 2100 artifacts, soundies, cartoons, posters, even fashion, some connected to superstars like
5:36 pm
paul robeson, lena horn and dorothy dandridge. >> when larry died, beverly contacted the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. it has acquired more than 35,000 objects, 1,000 are from this collection. >> i am just so excited. >> reporter: so excited she visited the new home for the collection, the taking of the stage exhibition. >> it is really bitter sweet and my only regret is he isn't here. >> reporter: new museum means larry's dream of sharing his ge nre of film lives on kept safe at newest smithsonian which opens september 24th. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". got to get down to see that. >> that is great. >> very cool. >> still to come, sometimes we feel like we pay the price working every single day, we're tired, stressed, but
5:37 pm
apparently many of us are truly paying a price to work. how much we're spending and how to save a little. speaking of saving, will we save or pay more for gas this fall? we have new information about gas prices, that is up next, kate? well, today has kick off what will be a five day heat wave across the area, coming up i'll tell you which days will be most oppressive and when storms could return to the region. also the seven day we will show you when relief could return coming up when we come right back.
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5:40 pm
how low can they go. >> gas prices could drop below two dollars a gallon nationwide this fall and stay
5:41 pm
there through the winter. the u.s. energy department says that a prolonged slum in oil prices and the switch to the winter blend of gasoline is the reason for the drop. triple a says the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.12. here in the greater philadelphia area we are paying 2.21 on average, prices are already below two dollars in new jersey and in delaware. summer is not even over and we're already gearing up for halloween candy. >> m and m is introducing the new favor booterscotch. it is described as white chocolate with an intense butter scotch flavor, you will see it on sale over the next few weeks. >> i will try it. >> are you a fan. >> yesy love butter scotch pudding but i'm the only person. >> you might be. >> but we will try that bookerscotch. >> yes. >> work to get paid but how much do you actually pay to work? find out on the
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5:44 pm
now where that man is trying to scale the 58 story, trump tower. you are looking live, at this right now still unclear how far he is up there, but
5:45 pm
presidential nominee lives ape works there but right now on the campaign trail. we understand that police are lowering themselves on a window washer's platform to get to that individual, but still no word on why he is climbing we're working on that and keep you updated, nicole. how much does it cost you to go to work. recent survey found the average worker spend thousands of dollars have year just to have a job. here are tips on how to save a few bucks while earning them. >> almost there, almost there. >> reporter: trainer phil knows it cost money to earn a living. >> we have to spend money to make money. >> i'm driving, i obviously have to eat well, keep well, do my training, pay for my gym stuff for myself, clothes. >> reporter: add all that to the price of commuting and career builder survey found average worker spent $276 a month to go to work, that is $3,300 a year. >> most people think about their job and what they get in the paycheck but they need to
5:46 pm
think more broadly to earn that paycheck. the cost of getting to work. cost of business appropriate clothes. the cost of day care, pet care. it all adds up. >> reporter: nearly half of those surveyed spent $250 a year on clothes for work and half of the employees that buy lunch spend $25 a more a week. more than 30 percent of people who need day care spend $500 a month. even coffee adds up, about one out of four work hours buy coffee spend up to $25 a week but there are ways to cut costs. >> if you put your mind to it, you can trim those costs down, consider bringing your own lunch, can you car pool. >> reporter: for those who can't car pool many offer benefits for cheap are rates on public transportation, and even parking, helping bring down those commuting costs. now career builder surveyed more than 3,000 workers, age 18 and over. well, wall of dustt is caught on tape sweeping across phoenix, arizona huge dust
5:47 pm
storm surrounded the city dropping visibility to less than a quarter mile. dust storms are also called haboobs and thinks actually related to a tropical storm i'm told in mexico. >> all right. >> look at that video. >> isn't that amazing. >> kind of crazy. >> here at home it feels like we are in the middle of something thick, hot, just not a good feel. >> it is about what the opposite of that is, tropical outside, it feels like as i like to say waiting through a vat have of hot fudge but not as delicious as that would be. the air feels thick, heavy, dew points in the 70's and will only gem worse. dew points may reach upper 07's by end of the week and that is a place we do not get very often in philadelphia take a look outside we can see blue skies and patchy clouds over center city. good news for now is that storms are firing off to the west and they are generally missing us this afternoon. we do have the threat for a shower or thunderstorm pretty much any day this week especially in the afternoon and especially to the north and west, the higher
5:48 pm
elevations add another tea mention to the destabilization of the atmosphere. in the late afternoon early afternoon hour right about now is when we reach our hottest, most unstable portion of the day and that is when we will have to be on alert for thunderstorms pretty much every day over the next few. take a look at our live neighborhood network sites in kutztown. they have got blue skies. kid are outside playing. all of the storms still staying to the west of this area. they could creep in. it does look like they will try to fizzle but i want to show you overall pattern here. we have a storm up here, that did not work. the let me pull it backup. we will go to the weather watchers since my radar is not cooperating and show thaw in a moment. lets check with our weather watchers looking at temperatures in the upper 80's to near 90 degrees. ninety-six. one reading is thermometer at jenny janssen's house 96 in cherry hill. heat index 108, and her dew point right now is 74 degrees, but finally seeing some blue skies, she says a treat to see color out there. more photos from our eyewitness heather watchers,
5:49 pm
we love these, margot says dew point of 77. sound good to me. the those ladies are enjoying sitting pool side. phil send us this from ventnor city, new jersey, another place to go to beat the heat, shore is place to be, still very steamy, sand will be score muching over next few days but not the as uncomfortable as it would be here in philadelphia. there is my radar picture. finally cooperating. storm scan three showing overall pattern we have in place and it will get interesting over next few days because what we have to wait for is a front associated with this storm. see this well defined swirl of cloud over eastern canada. this front is eventually what could be our change maker but this front cannot, come through the heat and humidity and thick air in place and it will stall off to our north for the next three to four days before finally progressing further south and east by sunday. in the meantime we have got another throw of clouds here and upper low over the gulf coast and pumping in heat and humidity and nothing is really moving. so we're in the warm sector of
5:50 pm
this system. the here's what it looks like, when we have an approaching storm that warm front to the north and cold front to the west. in that sector that quad rant of the storm is when we deal with the heat and humidity. when we are stuck for days upon days heat and humidity just continues to build, a little bit each day. we are looking at 90's tomorrow, gannon friday, friday and saturday, worst of it, heat index values approaching 105 in the afternoon and we will see threat for thunderstorms, each afternoon as well. here's the heat index, tomorrow afternoon, around 4:00 he clock, it will feel like 102 in philadelphia a could feel like 103 in millville. friday morning when we wake up 5:00 a.m. it is not feeling any cooler then 80 degrees. we do not get much relief overnight. that is another part of the problem. highs in the low to mid 90's thursday through the weekend. elevated humidity, feeling like 100 to 105. lets run down heat tips, ways to beat heat, plenty of water, void strenuous activity, stay out of the direct sunlight,
5:51 pm
light colored clothes, keep kid, pets cool and never leave them in the car. it does not take long to be a death trap. mainly cloudy warm, muggy, 77 degrees, very the hot and humid, stray afternoon thunderstorm, and look at this stretch, low to mid 90's, thursday through sunday, all four days, feeling like triple digits and it is a little cooler next week but still unsettled with a chance for a few showers and storms, ukee and nicole, back to you. >> well, international group of piano student are here in philadelphia to learn from the very best. they are taking part in the philadelphia young piano academy. >> "eyewitness news" photo journalist will kenworthy takes us to the curtis institute of music for that master class. >> ♪ >> we have more fun with it. we bring together a group of musicians and they have different rent background,
5:52 pm
geography, different language languages. >> the goal here, it is first to reach the classical theme in the city of philadelphia. >> this is for west and from the east, to meet and make friend and learn from each other. >> the hard parties great. >> i'm really excited and i'm enjoying music. >> the motive is label means in german you can do a lot in 45 minutes. >> it is still one phrase. >> these are great pieces that have been around hundreds of years and lots of people have said lots of things about them. so, it is a lifetime pursuit. >> it is a great thing about music is it trans send boundaries and brings the
5:53 pm
world together in great ways. >> there now you are listening. >> bravo. bravo. >> wow. >> she's so in tune and connect to the music. >> beautiful indeed. still a head on "eyewitness news" delivering 4,000-pound of blotterly love. >> we started this six years ago and every year it just grows and grows and grows. >> i'll tell you why they pick the month of august to make this delivery and who it will help when we
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
presidential nominee donald trump lives and works there but right now is on the campaign trail. we understand police are lowering themselves on a window washer platform. why is he doing it? we still don't know. we are still trying to work that out. hopefully we will get more information. >> well in, other news august can be a tough time for children in poverty because summer program that includes meals are ending. >> kid to have wait until school starts to get reduced price or free breakfast and lunch. in this weeks story of brotherly love a local business delivered some help. >> reporter: on a hot day volunteers are lug going two vans worth of bins filled with food and children's books. >> it is a lot of canned goods, staples, cereals, oatmeal, stuff like that for kid who really run out of food and books when a lot of the programs end the end of july. >> reporter: volunteers are from first trust bank and their mascot trusty visited to cheer them on. >> today, it is so hot out, it
5:58 pm
is about 20 degrees hotter in the suit. >> they delivered 4,000-pound of food to the west philadelphia a organization called we never say never community center. >> never say never is an amazing organization that helps distribute the food and books to the families that most needed to get through this month of august. >> reporter: some donations come from employees and a lot from customers. >> we started this six years ago and every year it just gross, gross, gross, more and more customers just bringing in the items, when they are out and contribute willingly. >> reporter: samantha rider on have we never say never say this special delivery will help about 100 families. >> people come in here and they are overwhelmed with emotions because people really are in need have of food. >> we will give back. we got our piece of the pie and we want other people to have the piece of the pie. >> reporter: six years, going strong, we thank you. meanwhile children's books will get to a crisis center. if you have a story of brotherly love let us know at cbs
5:59 pm
that is will do it for "eyewitness news" at the 5:00. right now at 6:00 a complex fraud scheme that prayed on unsuspecting victims in philadelphia cars sold to buyers and the reason they didn't really belong to those new owners and the way they found out about it. and gunshots, ring out on a philadelphia street, a bullet striking a six year-old girl, what police are hoping will lead them to the shooter, kate. heat and humidity really ramped up today it will only get worse before it gets better as we are stuck in this pattern of very high heat, very high dew points and threat for thunderstorms. i'll break down which day is worse and when you can expect storms in your area coming up at 6:00. vines, invasive species have been plaquing the region for decade y experts say a little buggies bringing things back into balance.
6:00 pm
>> she had to give that car back and then walk around, with her new born, on buses. >> reporter: investigators say that is just one story of an unsuspecting victim, swindled in an alleged auto theft and fraud scheme. and it is not just car buyers feeling the hurt. tonight officials say that the ring leaders have been busted thanks to a major investigation. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica has night off. greg argos is in the cbs-3 satellite center to break down how this scheme worked, greg. >> investigators junk cars work with dishonest rent hours reported their vehicles star. and, big of the. entire operation bagging more than a half million-dollar. these are so-called donor cars, fix up, replanted with stolen vin numbers and then sold for a huge profit. >> this was a detailed, intricate, criminal


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