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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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scene in mid town manhattan, a man scales the trump tower with suction cups. how police finally ended this. >> day care targeted by a burglar. where the string is break ins is happening and what the thief is taking >> the eagles preseason kicks off tomorrow at lincoln financial field, and the extreme heat is prompting changing. we begin with a dangerous stunt high above the streets of new york city. good evening, i'm ukee washington >> i'm nicole brewer. in for jessica dean. tonight charges are pending against man who tried to climb to the top of the trump tower. cameras were rolling when police made their daring move to stop him. a man used suction cups to scale trump tower in new york city wednesday. of nearly three hour, the 20-year-old dodged police, officers smashed windows, removed glass and cut holes in the building's ventilation ducks but the climber kept going. >> he's running away when they come he goes around the other side >> on the 21 it's floor ttwo
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officers saw their window of opportunity. and ended the chase. >> i took hold of his hands >> down below the crowd watched in dis bleach >> my i'm glad everyone is ok and the second reason is why. >> the reason i climb is to get your attention >> the man posted this on youtube tuesday. it's title add message to mr. trump. he asked for a personal meeting with the republican presidential candidate. the 20-year-old will under go a psychological evacuation. the climber told police he wasn't going to stop until he got to the top of the tower where donald trump lives, but trump, at the time was campaigning in virginia. which happens to be the climber's home state. late tonight, trump tweeted great job today by the nypd in protecting the people and saving that climber. donald trump slammed president obama on the campaign trail at republican nominee
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rallied supporters in fort lauderdale, he called him the founder of isis, the islamic state terror group. trump said the national security policy in the middle east enoled the extremist grandparent's rise >> he's the founder. he founded isis and i would say the co founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> meanwhile, more e-mail products for hillary clinton. today, a conservative watch dog group released roughly 300 pages of e-mails. some of them suggest possible ties between the clinton foundation and the state department. a clinton spokesman denies any connection. the democrat nominee focused on job creation in iowa today. >> my first hundred days we're going to do big investments in infrastructure and clean energy technology and advance manufacturing and small business. >> the clinton campaign has formed a new grandparent of
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elite republicans and independents who say they will work to elect her. parents are outraged and police are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect wanted for burglarizing at least nine day care centers. our natasha brown is live in olney with a closer look at the man philadelphia police are searching for tonight. natasha? >> reporter: right now, we can tell you they're still searching for this man, who is targeting day care centers. as you mentioned he has burglarized at least nine at this point. right now, police are asking business ownerses to be very vigilant about protecting their property. >> david johnson knows all too well that safety comes first. especially with as many as 200 kids a day left in his care at the johnson child care center in west oak lane >> i think everyone needs an alarm system in this day and time and camera system. >> reporter: david has 48 cameras positioned through the his center. he's happy he does after learning about a rash of a day care center burglaries around
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the area. >> someone is targeting day care centers, nine so far this year, two in february, took a break. came back in august and done seven in the last week. >> i don't understand why. why would someone want to do something to children? you know, they're the most beautiful tools in the world >> 35th police district officer to say used this town hall meeting to make residents aware of the crime up tick. they have surveillance photos of their suspect and they know how he's gaining entry. of >> he's gaining entry primarily through the rear of the properties. knocks the air conditioners out, going inside, taking electronics, cash, sometimes he's taking nothing at all. >> i'm appalled and hurt by it. i don't know as a community, we have to get together and do something. >> reporter: until police find their suspect, david johnson will continue to remain vigilant about securing had us property. police say these burglaries are
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happening at the close of business around 8:00 p.m. until around 7:00 a.m. when the businesses open. right now, they're hoping that business owners remember to always lock all doors to their facilities, and also make sure you have surveillance and alarm systems as well. we're live in olney at the 35th police district. natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news." thank you, natasha. tonight a 6-year-old girl who was shot in east germantown is improving. police say a bullet intended for someone else hit the girl in the shoulder as she sat anne the 6300 block of north woodstock last night. she's now in guarded condition at saints christopher's hospital. some worried neighbors tell eyewitness news they're keeping their children inside the house. >> shocked. my younger daughter would have to be ducking bullets on a block that she place on every single day. >> authorities say more than 20 shots were fired from two weapons. one shooter is described as a black male in his early to mid 20's. last seen running west on shelton avenue.
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police are investigating a possible drive-by shooting in the same east germantown neighborhood. a man was shot in his hand and leg near 21 it's and chelton around 1:30. someone inside a dark-colored vehicle pulled upstarted shooting as he walked by. philadelphia police bust up a major car theft ring and make more than two dozen arrests. as our greg argos reports, the ring operated by selling stolen rental cars and car buyers ended up with stolen vehicles without knowing it. >> reporter: investigators say they, two the vehicle identification numbers from wrecked so-called donor cars. then swapped out those vines on rental cars which were reported stolen. financially sold those vehicles for a big profit >> the stolen vehicles were often sold to unsuspecting buyers anywhere between 5,000 to 20,000 dollars. >> this was a detailed intricate criminal organization with many
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moving parts. >> reporter: wednesday the philadelphia to district attorney's office announcing 32 arrests in this scheme. including the mastermind, jihad miller and preston thomas, the owners of the online company cheap auto >> it was not a brick and mortar business, it only existed on paper. >> reporter: although it was an online business, court paperwork those it was registered to this address here in southwest philadelphia. the neighbors we spoke to say this home has been abandoned for years. >> did you ever see anything weird happening next door >> not at all. surprising to me, because no one lived there in a couple years. >> reporter: the investigation all began by accident. when an owner of one of the cars brought the vehicle to a dealer for routine maintenance. and learned it was not the new car she thought it was. >> because it didn't belong to her, it belonged to the stolen owner, she had to give that car back. >> reporter: and that scam continued for some four years. involving many co conspirators, including mechanics who
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falsified inspection and registration information. in all, more than 40 cars were stolen and sold to many victims who unwillingly purchased vehicles which would later be confiscated. >> i feel bad for them. i believe it's nothing they can do about it to get their cars back or their money back. >> reporter: greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." officials say they're still looking for one suspect, kareem ushur they shay fraudulently register 17 vehicles with fake insurance policies. as for 32 arrested some pled to avoid jail time but the masterminds behind the ring could face 50 to 100 years behind bars. meantime been salem police need help finding these four men wanted for identify theft and credit card fraud. the men have been making the around at area stores opening fraudulent accounts. if you recognize any of them, please give been sell let me police a call a 19-year-old montgomery county man a charge wanted i the murder of re he shot 54-year-old
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janice trunk and kevin smith at the forrest garden apartments in ambler july 31st. in addition to the murder charges, the suspect is facing drug possession charges. he's been in police custody since the night of the alleged murders. today marked day three of the criminal trial of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. former top aid bruce beamer testified that kane asked him to try and block a special investigation into a grand jury leak. adrian king also testified he's kane former you boyfriend and first deputy when she was elected to attorney general. investigators say she leaked documents to a newspaper to embarrass a rival. new jersey governor chris christie is pushing back tonight on claims that he lied about the bridge gate scandal. christie today disputed any idea that he didn't tell the truth. it follows the release of court documents that show an aid to the governor texted another colleague when christie spoke to reporters on december 13th,
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2013. in those texts he accused the governor of lying when he said top staffs knew nothing. amtrak to started settling lawsuits brought by victims in prosecute port richmond. lawyers say a strict confidentiality clause prevents them and their clients from talking about how they're doing or how much money they're getting. the washington's new york train sped into a sharp curve and jumped the track may 12. eight people killed, 200 others injured. three people rushed to the hospital after 12 were stung by wasps in an wilmington park. they were on a picnic trip to a museum when they were stung, the three children were taken to the hospital were treated and released a short time later. they have hired an exterminator to deal with nest, from wasps to weevils, the bugs are being used
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to solve a problem >> how scientists are using the insects to cut down on an invasive weed in the garden states is. a tragic accident in south florida, what was happening before the police mistakenly shot and killed a 73-year-old retired librarian. >> and that us week we'll be dealing with excessive heat and humidity, and also the threat for storms. a few of which are trying to creep into portions of our western suburbs, we'll still you about the excessive heat warning, which days will be most oppressive. a football legend comes to the mainline, dan marino was checking out a new pizza joints when "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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jeff jeff garden state did he have garden state a harshly critical department of justice report finds the baltimore police
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department routinely discriminates against blacks. justice officials gathered at baltimore city hall to release the findings. the report found officers make large numbers of unlawful stops, mostly in poor black neighborhoods, and that they retaliate with force against citizens who talk back. the justice department and the police department have agreed to negotiate court enforceable reforms as a result of the report. in a tragic accident in flared florida, a 73-year-old woman is shot to death. mary nelson was taking part in an eight-week police academy. she and another participant in the class were selected to put through a shoot, don't shoot scenario. the gun was not supposed to be loaded. the officer who shot nolton is on paid leave. the florida department of law enforcement is investigating. pennsylvania has reported most cases of lyme disease in
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the nation the past five years, research looks at the best way to prevent the december, the cdc study reviewed decades of research how to control the pests. experts say people need to be vigilant about wearing long sleeves, socks, shoes and insect repellent. they recommend homeowners take steps to keep ticks out of their yard, getting rid of leaves and spraying instinct sides can lower by about 80 percent the state of new jersey is at war with a mile minute vine. they're being before he did and released by the new jersey department of agriculture in order to control the growth of the vine. since 2004, the department released about a quart million of the weevils. >> you get a two to prong attack. the adults feed on the leaves and larvae feed on the stems,
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the mile a minute 59 had about a 70 year start on the tiny bug, experts believe the weevils will have the bugs under control in the next ten 15 year >> tonight the public will see inside the more mormon temple in philadelphia. it stand about 19 stories high. lit serve about 40,000 mormons who live in the region, protesters also a gathered outside. of the public tours will run through september 5. kate bilo joins us with our forecast. and our forecast is going to start getting steamy, hot, everything >> yes. sight-seeing, i hope you brought the water bottles, sun screen and whole nine yards, you need to drink lots of water over the next coming days, kids starting to talk about back to school. the stores are filled with school supplies, it doesn't feel like it needs to get this hot. we know august can get steamy, it's going to be a steam bath into the weekend especially in
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the city 10 nearby suburbs, as you head to the shore, it's not going to be quite as bad, still extreme humid and the increase in humidity is the worst part of the particular heat wave. let's take a look what's going on right now. we'llic take you outside to our arrow of cam where it's warm and sticky. the kind of air that makes you feel like you can't breathe styles when you go out there. that's why this is especially dangerous to anyone that may suffer from any respiratory issues. you just want to try to stay in the air conditioning as much as possibly find air conditioned spots if you don't have a place at home to cool off to get relief. stormscan 3 shows there are showers and storms trying to move into the region right now. these have been impacting central pennsylvania pretty much all afternoon. but they haven't made any eastward progress, they are doing so right now. you could see a shower or thunderstorm especially in our western suburbs overnight. berks county, lancaster maybe even chester county wouldn't be surprised to hear a rumble of thunder or rain drops, otherwise we're sitting under a very warm steamy air mass and it's going
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to keep heating within itself over the next several days, right now, it's 11:17. now. that's the kind of night where you can't sleep comfortably unless you had the fan trained on you or certainly the air conditioner blasting feels like 90 right now in dover, feels like 87 in wilmington, we don't get any relief overnight. and the heat just continues to build. we've got the big heat pump high centered off the coast over the atlantic's that's driving in this humidity air from the south and west. we've also got a very slow moving fronts going to be draped across the great lakes the next few days, known as the warm sector of the system and with the heat and humidity storms like to pop up. they will mainly be scattered over next few days, pop-up for for the most part but sunday look like the day the fronts could make a little more progress. western is that your is that yours can pick up a shower or storm. we start timers with sun, we'll
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start to see the showers and storms pop up mainly north and west. can't rule it out, i was. you could see here 9:00 tomorrow night. friday again we see sun early. then afternoon and evening storms mainly to the northwest. watch what happens saturday, that's when the fronts finally makes closer progress. the it doesn't get in here saturday but starts to invade and by sunday, this will be rye above us with a greater chance for heavy thunderstorms. in the meantime we're going to be talking about heat index values reaching around 102 tomorrow, 105 friday. by saturday, it could feel like 106 to 110 depending on where you are. warm, humid and this is dangerous heat especially with the duration and the lack of relief overnight. for your thursday tomorrow, again, 92, stray afternoon storm that 92 feeling more like 102. it will be around 86, can't rule out the shower or storm and it's
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going to feel probably more like 95 or so at kickoff. definitely not feeling like football weather just yet. this is an extended heat wave here guys, we're looking at low to mid 90's through the weekend. we're seeing due points we haven't seen that often. due points will be in the upper 70's, which is tropical and it is going to feel sweltering through sunday. then gets a little cooler temperature-wise but we keep the threat for showers and storms around monday and tuesday as well. back to school pumpkin picking. >> that will have to wait. >> that will have to wait >> eagles have a preseason game tomorrow and because of the extreme heat, lincoln financial field is allowing each fan to bring one factory sealed water bottle into the stadium. they have to be 16 ounces or smaller. you might want to freeze that baby. put it in the freezer. >> don was wondering if he could bring his cooler. >> couple bottles byo >> you'll be outside, come on, man.
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. freddy galvis is a switch hitter but his power at the plate comes from the right side. in fact the last time he hit a home run was back in 2014 until today. phillies dodger game three of their series, jeremy hellickson gets chase utley at a pop-out in the fifth, he leaves the game with tightness in his backing
11:25 pm
allowed just one run. to the seven and inning, phillies trailing freddy galvis batting right. said he's been working on that swing in it's cage and showing off, a three-run shot. two to the 9th, bases loaded ryan howard, adjusting to his role as the pinch heater. the phillies win 6-2 your final score. quick, how would you describe carson wentz on football field? the answer is honestly, how would you know? tomorrow eagles fans will begin to make a real opinion. of the second overall pick will play most of the second half against the buck nears at a preseason game. here's what his head coach is looking for. >> decision making, the timing of throws, the accuracy of throws, how well he in turn managing the offense, how well they move. and basically, allowing him to, to just have fun and cut it loose. kind of excited to watch him do
11:26 pm
those types of things in a live setting. >> sticking with the birds, brents celek is closing in on a decade in the city. last nine years played in 143 out of 144 games. he's an iron man, we should know his face's maybe not. check out what happened when celek traded his jersey for a wawa uniform. >> any big plans for the weekend? >> i got training camp to go to, man. >> there you go >> i go the to go to training camp >> you like the french vanilla? top it off. you been here before. come in here every day? >> yeah, all about consistency, baby >> you look like you're on a mission. pretty much. coffee. oh, jeez, you like the sugary. you put more you sugar in there than anyone all day. this is now, number one sugar guy right there. it's good. that's perfect. >> it's good. undercover eagles. i love it. >> that's so good
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>> i love it. celek nine seasons in the city going on ten, >> if carson wentz place well in the second half, sports radio, everywhere will be on fire friday. >> if he goes out there and he looks like joe montana or something like that, we're going to be talking a he'll lot in this city, we'll see. >> i can't wait. >> i can't wait. >> there's always something to talk about. >> don? the twitter activated vending machine, while dan marino speaking of quarterbacks was hanging out
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. eagles fab to say walked and fans walked away with free prizes >> including tickets for the upcoming season, to get their hands on a prize all fans had to do was show off their eagles pride using a required #along with a unique code provided by the machine >> dan the nana reno was on hand to celebrate the grand opening of anthony in wynnewood. of pizza chain. it has since expanded oh to her 50 restaurants through the florida and t
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coming up next it's the late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordone. for kate, don, jessica who's you off, everyone, i'm ukee washington >> i'm nicole brewer. >> have a good night, family and sleep well.
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