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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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police on routine patrol hear gunshots and stumble upon a murder in progress. we will tell you why they say the place where it all happen will help them solve the case. dozens are hurt after an overnight explosion in the apartment complex, including fire fighters, eyewitnesses say have to do just before the flames broke out. get ready for the return of the summer heat, katie will show us how hot it will feel as an excessive heat warning goes into effect. wonderful. good morning. it is august 11th i'm joe holden in for jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas thanks for joining us, there is a lot to get to including a scam targeting peco customers. we will show you how you can protect yourself after we get a check of the hot forecast
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with katie and commute with meisha. >> it is gateway to the weekend, yeah but first we will talk about the roads. we have an accident out there in newtown square, we will talk about that coming up in a lot of closures out there at the vine in particular. >> yes. >> but at least that is opening up. >> yes, it will. >> within the half an hour. we have the heat. that will be a problem if you are not a fan of the heat and humidity it will be a issue the next couple days. real quickly, we will check on storm scan three with a few blips on the radar, nothing major quick hitting shower. we may need to flick your windshield wiper once and twice but overall we are off to an okay start. thing is, it is really steamy outside, and looking at excessive heat warning scheduled to take effect at high noon we will be on the the eras it takes effect on "eyewitness news" at noon. up and down i-95 and those counties, urban corridor that gets hit the hardest with the worst we have to offer with when it comes to the heat
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index. temperatures are a warm start, guys at 4:31 to be at 81 and not too much more movement on the thermometer before the sun comes up we will have no problems hitting the lower 90's. we have over achieved yesterday hitting 93 degrees. steamy day for everyone, hottest areas will definitely is along i-95 corridor, watching for still a couple of showers and then are storms but it looks like most numerous to the north and west. the northwest half of the delaware valley. regardless everyone gets on the heat and humidity today, meisha. >> that humidity, it is dangerous. it is really dangerous, yep. thank you so much. looking outside right now we were just talking about the vine. it is hopefully getting cleared now westbound side hopefully opening soon if not the already just now opening. the eastbound side we can see crews, still closed there. we will let you know when that does clear and make note this is part of the morning drive, and also 95 north ramp to cottman it was closed and now
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opened and it is looking really nice on i-95, in both directions southbound and northbound southbound where i'm keeping my eyes. we have an accident media line road at west chester pike not causing any slow downs. we are still seeing green on our sensor map, just know it is outs there hitting the roadway sometime early this morning. also construction route 42 northbound ramp to route 140 is closed until 5:00 p.m. forty-two southbound the left lane is block until 5:42 northbound on ramp from 2951 lane blocked there until 5:00. pa turnpike eastbound between willow grove and bensalem, we will let you know when this construction does lift, joe, over to you. at least two dozen people including two fire fighters are hurt in an apartment fire in maryland. eyewitnesses say they heard a loud explosion shortly before midnight this happened in a town silver syringe just north of washington d.c. now fire ripped through three buildings with one of them collapsing, two fire fighters hurt are believed to have
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non-life threatening injuries no word on the extent of the other injuries. philadelphia police quickly nabbed a suspect in the late night murder. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live, with how officers made the arrest. the justin. brooke, joe, good morning, police chased down and caught that suspect at the scene and brought him here for questioning with homicide detectives, the victim, however, did die despite efforts to save his life. we are looking at video from last night while on patrol we are told that 25th district officers heard gunfire about 10:00 p.m. and officers soon came upon a 46 year-old man lying along the 2900 block of germantown avenue. he was shot twice, once in the arm and once in the chest and then bleeding heavily. police did get him to temple hospital where he did die a short time later. officers on the scene also saw a 23 year-old man running with the gun, west from the scene. police persued him on foot toward the area of 11th and
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cambria and was soon captured thereabouts n his escape police report that he toss that had gun in nearby bushes. it was found and said to be a revolver which may explain why shell casings were not found on the scene. responding officers saw much of the crime in progress they weren't only won watching. >> fortunately not only were officers at the the right place at the right time and saw the suspect running from the scene there is a philadelphia housing authority office building at the intersection of the germantown and cambria that has numerous exterior cameras. >> reporter: again that suspect brought to police headquarters for questions last night no word on a motive. police report a set of car sees and settle phone was found a the scene and victim has not been identified. we are live outside police headquarters i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brooke and joe back inside to you. philadelphia police are
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searching for a burglar targeting day care center. they have photos of the suspect, they say he has burglarized nine day cares so far this year. police with the 35th district used a town hall meeting last night to make people aware of it all and officers know how burglaries gaining entry. >> gaining entry through the rear of the property, and going inside, rummage go through things and taking electronic, cash, sometimes taking nothing at all. >> reporter: police say they are happening when day cares are close between 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the officers are telling business owners to make sure all doors are locked and to have, surveillance and alarm systems as well. philadelphia police break up a major car theft ring and make a two dozen a rest. one ledge participant remains the loose. investigators are looking for kareem upshur who prayed on victims in philadelphia this is part of the grand jury investigation made public yesterday. investigators say it work this way vehicle
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identification numbers were lifted from wrecked cars and then swapped out on rental cars which were reported stolen. those vehicles were then sold for a big profit. >> the stolen vehicles were often sold to unsuspecting buyers from anywhere between 5,000, to $20,000. >> this was a detailed, intricate criminal organization with many moving parts. more than 40 cars were stolen, and sold, as for those 32 arrested some have entered guilty plea toss avoid jail time but master mind behind this could face 50 to 100 years in jail. have a look at your screen here do you look and recognize any of these four men. bensalem police say they have been opening fraudulent accounts in stores in our area they wanted for identity theft and credit card fraud. anyone with any information is calling bensalem police, the number (215)633-3719.
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peco is warning its delaware valley customers of scammers. those scammers are calling peco customers and telling them their service is in danger of being cut off. they tell customers to buy a prepaid debit card to buy their bill as this scam has cost customers thousands of dollars. if you are a victim of the scam call peco and police. when it comes to driving new study find some of the worst in the country are here in our area financial tech firm smart asset ranks new jersey drivers as the fourth worst in the country. drivers in delaware are ranked the fifth worse. rankings are based on deaths on the road and dui arrests, florida, topped the list, pennsylvania is not making the top 25. >> interesting. testimony continuing in the criminal trial of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. yesterday a former aid to kane said that she asked him to try to block a special investigation, into a grand jury leak.
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bruce beamer also testified yesterday that he is kane former boyfriend and her first department when she was a electricity attorney general. kane is charged with perjury and on trucks. investigators say she leaked secret information to the media to embarras a rival. nfl hall of famer dan marino was among many people who turned out for grand opening of the new pizza place, in our area anthony's coal fired pizza opened up in wynnewood last night. marino is a partner in the chain. it started in 2002 and it has now more than 50 restaurants in florida, and the north east. an unbelievable scene unfolding after a tractor trailer goes off the road and slams in the house. >> we will tell what you happened next for the two people from pennsylvania who were riding in the truck at the moment of the crash. hear those pops, that is gunfire erupting, as a family is targeted in what is described as a road rage
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back on "eyewitness news" with a stunt that created a spectacle in manhattan. charges are pend ago begins the man who tried to climb to the top of trump tower yesterday have afternoon. there he is, using suction cups rigged to a harness. police shut down fifth avenue knew as crowds gathered to watch. about three hours later and 21 stories high officers were pulling him inside through that window making quick work of it. nineteen year-old climber is in the hospital an pulled the stunt in hopes of the meeting the republican date for president, trump was not there at the time on the campaign trail in virginia. police are calling this a case of road rage, getting out of control. family says they were terrified while traveling in their suv on the california highway when another driver
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opened fire. authorities say family of four was in the cadillac escalade when driver in the gray honda civic pulled up, yelling about their windshield watchers, spraying his car. they a say honda driver fired two shots, hitting the front passenger tire of the suv and then sped away. police say they were lucky another driver captured it on their dash cam. if this is a a crash in ohio. two people from pennsylvania, were hurt, when the semi they were in crashed through a house. teresa gill from hanover york county was trapped in the wreckage for two hours. the she's now at the hospital in stable condition. thomas traverse of schuylkill county was driving the truck he was treated at the scene. no one was inside the home at the time of the crash. women swimming takes gold at rio olympics, katie le decky led the team in the 200-meter free style relay late last night. here are medals standings. u.s. has 32 overall with 11
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gold. china second, 23 overall, and ten gold and japan is third with 18 total and six gold. the time is now 4:44. >> we will turn weather, people are spending time at the pool or out identify in general better take some water, is that right. >> that is beverage of choice when trying to deal with the heat, most hydrating but what we can expect is excessive heat and humidity to make it feel hotter, then the thermometer may read at the height of the afternoon. you cannot go by that necessarily. you have to do some math in your head. let me show what you is happening on storm scan three. we have had more activity yesterday, heavy thunderstorms rolling into upstate new york some of which ended up moving in the lehigh valley and northern portions of bucks county too. we have moisture that is very obvious we have a couple speckles of green out there but at the moment nothing more than a little showers here and there. we are off to a quote unquote dry start. we have in rain and it is muggy outside.
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looking off to the west here's a slow moving frontal boundary that will break us up, the worst of the heat. then it will take a while, this is a very slow moving system and high pressure is blocking it from moving through. we have scattered but locally very heavy scattered showers and storms. i would say many of you have a hot shot to stay totally dry out there not one drop of the rain but where we have pop up thunderstorms especially north and west, they could produce locally heavy rainfall which will do its part to cool you down. we will catch a break in the morning in the next couple of days but scattered showers and storms firing up tomorrow and that continues to be a theme for us down the road here. now as far as heat index values go, this is what you want to use as a gauge. worst and most brutal heat happening today, tomorrow, and saturday where it could feel as hot as 105, or 106 degrees but if we are technical these are values we expect to hit through sunday. very hot by the time we hit
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monday, not as bad, still flirting with 90 and we should break worst of the humidity mid week. >> yikes, katie, thank you so much forewarnings, great advice, good morning, happy thursday, gateway to our weekend. as katie was just saying it was hot outside already. i felt it right away at 3:00 in the morning. schuylkill in the eastbound direction at girard this is what we are looking at this morning. fairly typical. a little bit what we typically see on a thursday in the 4:00 o'clock hour. vine is slow overnight, obviously westbound and eastbound side still closed between schuylkill and broad. make note of that for those who take that in the community. we have three accidents out there this morning, are first one main street at stanbridge street. second one will be hatboro york road at moreland avenue and your third accident of the morning is broomall media line road at west chester pike a lot of activity out there already and we have construction this particular 142 northbound ramp to route 130 that is just now reopen.
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joe and brooke over to you. eagles fans were treated to prizes tickets for free. >> when a special vending machine showed up in center city. unlike most convenienting machines this is activated by twitter. we will she you how it works and let you know where
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normally a new vending machine doesn't make the news. >> that is true. >> but there is one in center city that gives away free eagles prizes including ticket, how cool is that. >> that will make the news. >> it was at santander bank in center city yesterday afternoon. fans tweet aid #and code provided by the machine to get those prizes. the machine will be at lincoln financial field tonight. it is now 4:49, time for a check on business news. >> hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, hena, it looks like pizza is stepping in the 21st century.
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>> good morning. >> reporter: good morning brooke and joe. three did printing of pizza will be available at sports stadiums and theme parks. you would order the food from your smart phone and pick up inside the venues. 3-d printed pizza will take four minutes to make and printer is self cleaning. the technology was originally created for nasa missions. >> if it is self cleaning it has to be good, right there. hena, how about summer not being over yet and there is new halloween canned toy talk about. >> reporter: i'm not ready, it is called booterscotch the latest flavor from m and m. it is white chocolate mixed with an intense butter scotch flavor. the seasonal candy is set to go on sale over the next few weeks. back to you. >> i'm not ready either, but i'll eat the candy. >> thanks, hena. pennsylvania is getting praise from the american cancer society. >> we will show you why they
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do well when it comes to fighting cancer. hi there, katie. >> this is a start of the very excessive stretch of heat and humidity as well as on unsettled weather. we will tell you when this pattern is scheduled to
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if you have to take the door out very quickly you know how humid it is, that toss not always translate on video and it will be what it feels like out the door. you know that sensation when you come out from air conditions and it is so humid your hand get clammy all of a sudden. that is what you get here, it is just so, so muggy outside. this is a theme for the next few days. storm scan three hey, it is quiet. we have moisture out there to work with. there will be potentially need to flip your windshield wipers, once or twice, more of
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that later on today but it already feels, look at this, in philadelphia at international airport like 87 degrees. it is not even 5:00 in the morning. you can only imagine where we're heading once we see that sun coming up. that really playness to how it makes you feel. air quality is at a moderate level here today, it is less than ideal. so is pot even level. i would not be outside doing hard labor in the yard. take excuse to enjoy a glass of iced tea in the air conditioning, right. uv index is high. even though we are expecting scattered showers and storms. so just that, scattered. it is hot. low to mid 90's right through sunday, scattered showers and thunderstorms right through sunday as it will take until at least early or mid week next week to finally break the worst of this, meisha. >> so hot. >> you can just shake your head. >> for five minutes, i know it. >> it is brutal. >> it is brutal, katie, thank you. roadways are not looking that great.
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we have three accidents to talk about but first blue route southbound at mid county this is what you are looking at in the southbound direction. vine was closed overnight so that construction project between schuylkill and broad looks like it is starting to open west and eastbound side. looks like eastbound side is opening as well. that opens up quicker. lets talk about these accidents. main street in norristown at stanbridge street. unless hatboro york road at moreland avenue. and for those in broomall media line road at west chester pike. if you are in anyone of those areas we have accidents on the roadways, just slow you down too much but it certainly will depending how long they stay out there. don't get cleared out of the path. forty-two southbound at 295 left lane block until 5:00 a.m. and 42 northbound on ramp from 2951 lane block until 5:00 a.m. as well. a lot of this will be lifting right around 5:00 a.m. pa turnpike eastbound between willow grove and been sale them right lane is still block, brooke, over to you. heading out the door stay
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updated on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also, pennsylvania ranks well when it comes to policies that impact cancer rates according to the american cancer society action network. plus, gifted young piano students are collaborating with master teachers at curtis institute on rittenhouse square. and kyw movie review on the nation, check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a man who held new york it the i captive yesterday is in police custody. we are hearing from the officer who rescued that climber scaling the trump tower. hear what he told the teen. we now know what caused one of the california's most destructive wild fires, we will tell you what spark the flames when we come right back.
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gunfire breaks out overnight leaving a victim dead. we will tell you how police officers say they were quickly able to catch the killer. a teenager, scales trump and, and see the video he posted on line and pulled him to safety. parts of the area under a excessive heat warning, katie is here with the details plus let you know help it could feel like a 105 degrees. looking at storm scan three find out when threat of severe weather returns. today is thursday, friday eve, august 11th, good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm's joe hold men for jim donovan. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. we used to say, when we stand
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outside it feels very close. >> it is true. >> very close outside. >> yes. >> space getting invaded, right. >> we like hearing new stuff, joe, glad you brought that with you today. >> thank you. >> well, good morning, you guys. we are looking okay but we have three accidents out there. good news is that the roadways are nice and dry. bad news is. >> it just doesn't feel good. >> i never use air conditioning in the morning. >> never. >> i never do. it is just too cold when i get in the carry always have it on full blast when we leave work but this morning, i had to turn it on. it was weird. >> it already feels like upper 80's. i mean it is crazy. it is 5:00 a.m. >> turn the air conditioning on. come on. yeah, this is what we are facing here the next couple of days, guys because we're stuck in the pattern right now. it is a squeeze play where high pressure out to sea and cold front is way off to the west having a really hard time


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