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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 12, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" >> right now at 11 a geyser of fire. gas crews in new jersey work for hours to get a gas leak under control. >> excessive heat grips the region. philadelphia public pools are about to start closing. we'll tell you why. >> and first, the birds are back. eagles kickoff the preseason at lincoln financial field and all eyes are on the new kid in town, carson wentz. number two overall pick played his first game against the tampa bay buccaneers.
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>> i'm nicole in for jessica dean tonight. eagles fans have been waiting all summer for this moment. sports director don bell joins us now. >> you saw him. >> i feel like it's been a minute. draft day we sat around and waited for him to play and finally got a chance to see him play against real, live competition. it's about time. preseason game number one in is the books. biggest story pro debut of second overall pick carson wentz and heroes welcome as they take on the tampa bay buccaneers in preseason game number one, standing ovation for the kid at the end of the first half. and, when it all really came down to it, they got a chance to watch him play and toss the ba around quite a bit. 12-24. 89 yards and one interception. now we heard about mobility. it's pretty good. he's elite athlete, 6' 5", 24 0 pounds with pick him up and put him down.
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the only blemish was the interception. when he missed he eded to throw the ball high. you know what happens when you do that. you run into trouble. eagles actually won the game, 17-9. here's carson. >> this wuchbility you know, it was fun to first opportunity hi i'm running two-minute drill. i enjoyed that. i had not had a ton of reps in practice but it was fun out. there i got to take hits. it's been a while since that happened. overall i had a lot of fun out there. definitely thing to improve on for myself and team. over tall was enjoyable. >> bright eyed and bushy taild yes. >> he's so likable. >> he is on the field and podium. later on in sports, lesley was at the link and we have reaction from other people as well. others played in the game as well. >> there are other players involved. >> yes. >> we look forward to that. >> now that birds are back, fans are excited. >> yes, dr. brown joins us from
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lincoln financial field with the latest from eagles nation and what they're saying. natasha. >> reporter: well, good evening, to you, ukee and we can tell you lots of folks streamed outch the game is over and they're happy about the win tonight. we can tell you certainly did not feel quite like football season as you can page on this sweltering night and it looked and felt like it as the fans and field came to live at the linc. eagles fans are finding their ridge sglum e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> they're tuning up their chance te as the linc comes alive for preseason opener against tampa bay. >> first eagles game ever. >> what? >> born and raced in philadelphia, but traveled 100 miles to get here to see my eagles play. >> reporter: even oppressive heat wouldn't quell the spirit of optimistic fans. >> i hope i see good offense
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tonight. i'm excited to see carson wentz and see what he can do. that's who we want to see. >> i wanted to seat bright young players come out and pla play. and getting back into football. >> take opening with you. >> tate punch. >> enjoy your day. >> reporter: marcus says his business is a little slow. >> it's too hot. they'll be back out in a little while for water and pretzels. >> roaring applause for fans getting think glimpse at the philadelphia eagles. new coach, new players, new predictions of winning season. >> i'm hoping for a great schbility you know, eagles fans are optimistic. i'm hoping this year it if not, maybe not year. >> what do you think about the season. what's your prediction. >> swents my prediction. hopefully he can come through for us. there's a lot of holes. lot of holes. >> still need improvement. >> yes. >> let's go, birds! >> all right, still early on and preseason action here. many of the fans were pleased with what they saw. especially seeing rookie
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quarterback carson went on action on the field and they're hoping for a promising season. live in south philly at lincoln financial field, natasha brown, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> bottom line football is bac back. the regular season begins here on cbs3. watch the eagles take on rg3. robert griffin iii and cleveland browns, sunday, september 11, 1 p.m. on cbs3. >> and as natasha mentioned it definitely was not ideal football weather. didn't feel like. it excessive heat and humidity, even after the sun went down. of course, making it challenges for the players and fans. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck breaking it down for us. >> now at 11:00 it feels pretty oppressive in philadelphia. it's better now that the sun has gone down. there's a breeze as well and temperatures well above average. take a look at how it feels writing now. 85 at the airport. 84 wilmington and 83 millville.
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the humidity is the key. and dew point in the mid 70s and it still feels like the 9 0s. feels like 92. i can attest to that. we have showers and thunderstorms out. there most are off to the north impacting poconos and lehigh valley. you can see a few storms in central pennsylvania. coming up i'll track those and let you know if they get in here overnight. more thunderstorm chance as we head to the weekend and one day could feel hotter than 110. i'll tell you which day that is coming up. back inside to you guys. >> a power outage caused trouble in the prospect park health and rehab center in prospect park delaware county. with now power there was no air conditioning. somewhere moved to nearby hospitals. we're told a generator was used to get the ac running again. the outage was due to cable on customer's end and everything appears to be back to normal now. >> we may be in the middle of a heat wave with philadelphia public pools close tomorrow before the worst of the heat arrives this weekend. eyewitness news reporter anita
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oh reports the closures are not good for those looking to beat the heat. >> every splash a sound of summer and as the temperatures spike. >> definitely been a heat wave. it's been crazy. >> perfect remedy seems to be jumping in and cooling down. >> the pool is a necessary adventure for us. it's so hot. >> what's the best thing you can do in the pool. >> flips. >> but for 12 public pools in philadelphia like this one in northern liberties, friday marks the end of season. >> is this really surprising. >> i would love it to stay on for the rest month. >> kinds of upset because like this is one of the last days. >> not all 70 of philadelphia public pools will shut doors firday the rest will close on staggered schedule. some like o'conner pool will stay on through the rest of the movement and while some are ready for a change in season. >> i'm heavy because want to go back to school. >> these guys will enjoy this
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while it lasts. >> cbs3, eyewitness news. >> well, this fire is egg harbor township is finally out tonight. hours after it started. chopper 3 was over owe the scene on ocean heights avenue earlierch the road still remains closed. south jersey gas says a downed electrical wire came in contact with i guardrail. the current then touched off fire in underground gas line. there were evacuations and power in that area is back on tonight. >> a young boy is hospitalized after falling from a roller coast errata amusement park near pittsburgh. this is file video of the coas coaster atwood ward park. a 3-year-old boy was ejected while riding with his brother. the child was conscious and alert while air-lifted to a local hospitalch the ride has since been shut down and it does not have seatbelts and policy dictates that children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult. now in the read for president. hillary clinton laid out her academic economic plan today
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and she toured a manufacturing plant michigan. clinton called for investing $7 275 in infrastructure project and urged more spending on green energy. she also said she will fight to make public college tuition free for middle class families. clinton also talked about her tax plan. >> we should also add a new tax on multi-millionaires. crackdown on tax gaming by corporations, and close the carried interest loophole is something i advocated for years. >> meanwhile, donald trump rallied supporters from the orlando florida area tonight. instead of raising taxes on billionaires trump wants across the board cut for everyone. the republican nominee says clinton's plan will stifle economic growth. >> the regulations we have in our country are a disaster. and but the taxes are too high. and what we're going to do is we're going to change things. we're not letting our companies leave without consequence.
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>> trump also says his plan calls for a 15% tax rate for businesses. a virginia teen acre that climbed trump tower in new york city was charged today. the suction cup climb ser 19-year-old steven rogata who reportedly ran away from home two years ago. he was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespass and remains under psychiatric evaluation at a hospital tonight. testimony resumes tomorrow in the criminal trial of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen gain cane. joshua marr will return to the stand in norristown. today he testified never grant of immunity. prosecution played fbi recording talking about kane's plan to leak secret documents to make rifle look bad. morrow also said they concocted the story to pin the leak on adrian king. former penn state assistant football coach jerry
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sandusky is prepared to fight tomorrow for a new trial. he is serving a sentence for sexually abusing ten boys. now sandusky will have a chance to make his case and get a new trial during a three day hearing in center country. sandusky's wife do they didn't want to be recorded but she says she will be at tomorrow's hearing and we will have complete coverage of the hearing tonight on eyewitness news. >> right now, though, a star of a popular cbs trauma was suspended and we'll tell you what happened. >> macy's is set to explosion. dozens of stores throughout the country. we have the latest on where the nation's largest department store chain says it will be focusing its attention. >> and two cultures blended toingtd for a dining experience you will not soon forget. where you can find indian and pennsylvania dutch cuisine combined. >> and a warning you may find this video way too cute. jersey shore tradition
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continues. highlight from the baby parade continues. highlight from the baby parade when we come back.
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>> and anti-police brutality group wants the city of philadelphia to remove a statue of former mayor frank rizzo. that statue currently resides outside the municipal services building cross city hall. coalition for real justice contends rizzo was racist and alienated minorities as commissioner and mayor. rizzo's grandson calls the allegations nonsense and mayor kency says he's on to discussion on the location of the statue. >> actor tom give son is two
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weeks from suspension of criminal mind following fight on the set. he was punished after he ikd kicked one of the show's writers and did it over creative differences. he played agent hochner on criminal mind 11 years now. the incident occurred while directing an episode of the show. well, macy's says it's struggling to get people to buy clothes in stores. so the company plans to close about 100 locations next year. this is the macy's on market street in center city. department store chain has not set said yet which stores will shut down. macy's says increased competition from h & m and tv max are to blame for slumping sales. macy's is still online top clothing retailer and they have plans to boost online investment. >> good food and good friends. tonight aetion taste with
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torrey. >> what happens when india meets pennsylvania butch inside a colorful city cafe. >> awe lou clot and chi to elevate your senses up the stairs to ceiling and down to your cury bowl. >> this is kind ever a big deal. really, really great. >> it's perfect. just like home. >> meet margie and annie thoma thomas. these long time friends and chef owners are coloring indian streak food with exotic flavors and flashing with color to match decore from exotic land. although childhoods were seasoned differently. >> my familiar sli from south india. >> i'm pennsylvania dutch. >> love of food, and recipes became the success behind these right full eats. >> i knew i had the recipe down and annie said this taste like what my dad made. >> my dad never wanted know go into the restaurant business ever.
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after he passed away, i just wanted to do what i always wanted to do. and then i did it. it was like he inspired me to do it, to love food. >> lucky for us that inspiration is behind chops or fried inian snacks. >> it's so much fun top eat it. >> curry on rice with butter nut squash. >> there's cocoa nut and chilly pep erin mustard seed. >> this say warm hug. >> they're beautiful short ribs with pickled onions rapped in red parota sgl you can hear the crunch? >> oh, my. >> it's inspiration overload so strong i can not even explain the goodness of fruity flavored gumjulam sgl it's a fried donut but it's -- how do you explain that? wow. >> but then again.
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>> does it need explanation. >> no, >> you'll have to find out for yourself. >> cliff hanger. is. >> that looked great. and so does this eyewitness news was at the 107th annual ocean city baby parade today. down the boardwalk they came dressed in great costumes and riding colorful floats. lots of parents and grandparents were having just a wonderful time being out there and cheering on the youngsters. more than 20 awards are given out in various categories and congratulations to what the little big winners. >> that's so cute. >> we were there last year. i was there with my little boy last year. >> such a great event and i remember last year there were cuteyes little oranges and. >> i remember that. >> adorable. >> 7 years i was at the first one. >> covering. >> covering it live. >> cbs3. >> and we're going to smile about this heat that's for sur
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sure. >> heat, humidity, storms impact ingt area and there's soch moisture to draw from. there's going to be a threat every afternoon and evening throughout weekend in addition to the extreme heat and humidity feeling like 110 degrees. let's look what is going on now. down the shore it's a quiet night. not raining down the shore. you can see it does look hazy there in ocean city boardwalk cam. sticky night, of course that heavy, salty, sticky air clings to you and it will be like that through the weekend. i want to show you storm scan 3 showing storms that have really started to intensify over the pocono region mainly over carb on and monroe and portions of lehigh valley the worst is north. i want to zoom in on the region for you. again heavy rain and frequent lightning occurring and problem with the storm it's not really moving. it popped up an hour or two ago and it's sitting in area. storm earlier today over new jersey dumped 3" of rain in 90 minutes and now we're seeing
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heavy rain here. we actually just had this pop up. flash flood warning for portions of carbon and monroe counties until 3:15 a.m. flooding is occurring never drive through flooded roads. dangerous conditions. flood advisory mount pocono and areas over portions of lehigh county including allentown. that goes until 3 a.m. in the meantime, hot and humid still even overnight it's 85 right now in philly and 81 allentown and sitting at 83 in reading and only going to get worse. in fact, our forecast low overnight, 78. that will tie the record war warmest low for tomorrow's day, august 12 setback in 1988 and it's never been warmer overnight on august 12. i know it's a weird stat. it tells you how warm it s dewpoint, 74. that puts us in the insufferable range around 75 and unfortunately that's where we'll be through the next three days. right up in the insufferable range with kind of humidity we don't get often in philadelphi philadelphia, down rights
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tropical outside. tomorrow afternoon, 4 p.m. could feel as hot as 107 degrees. and does not get better in fact it gets worst. saturday afternoon, feeling like 109 degrees. dover at 111. this is the kind of heat we take seriously. if you know anyone that may need help getting or staying cool, check on your neighbors, check on friends, we all have to take care of each other through weather like this again you can seat rain will continue through the next couple hours in the poconos that could lead to risk for more flooding and tomorrow, scattered afternoon showers. and thunderstorms. >> and overnight, again, 78 degrees. tieing that record for warmest low. for friday, hot, humid, hit or miss thunderstorm 94 and hit or miss doesn't mean to imply they cannot be strong though and especially capable of producing localized downpours and saturday the worst of it could feel like 110. sunday not much better and next week, the humidity drops a bit, so does temperatures. but the chance for storms stays with us through wednesday. >> wow. >> everybody is slowing your roll. >> this is not a good forecast. >> i would second that.
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>> yeah. >> okay. >> thank you so much. >> and hi, don. >> hi. >> what's going on. >> nothing. >> quiet night around here. >> hanging out. >> not much to talk about. okay, maybe not. you heard from carson wentz at the top of the show and now hear from the rest of teammates and eagles actually won the game, but they have a long way to go. and hear what
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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>> and welcome back. exactly a month from today eagles on season at home against cleveland browns. tonight, preparations continued and no carson wentz was not the only guy who played. true, true talk. eagles on the board first. after fumble opening kickoff ryan matthews plunging forward for the touchdown 7-0 eagles not a lot of action for bradford completed one pass three years and daniels not good through throwing but ran there 4 for 10, 15 yards, 14-0.
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eagles forcing five turnovers tonight. this is not one of them. a touchdown from jameis winston to russel sheppard and eagles go on to win this thing 17-9. your final score. >> all right let's go to smoldering hot lincoln financial field where we find lesley van arsdall, she is live with the report. >> it is toasty out here. a win is a win. i will tell you every single player in the locker room said they have a lot of work to do. >> we have a long way to go. it's first preseason game and we're in training camp mode. hopefully we can fix it this week and get ready. >> i'm not taking too much from. it we have a long ways to go before the season starts. it's a good start for us as a team. we got a long ways to go. >> i think we can improve. starting with me i can improve myself and be a lot better and i think you know just as a team we can be a whole lot better.
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we have to work towards that. it's first preseason game. >> now, new head coach doug pederson said coming into this game the biggest thing was to come out of it uninjured. well, new offensive linemen brandon brooks came out of the game with bicep injury and this point it doesn't seem to be too serious. that's the latest reporting live from lincoln financial field we'll send it back to you don. >> lesley, thank you. >> and couple things to tell you. one their next preseason game is thursday at pittsburgh. and two, the sixers 2016-17 schedule was released tonight and they have three nationally televised game national television for first time since 2012 opening night against okc. >> i'm ready. >> vince simmonds on espn. >> you seem a little excited little excited fired up. >> i was not the only one who thought -- we have not started yet. potential is there. it's going to be fun. >> about time. >> all our teams going to be great.
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>> thanks, dop. >> we'll be rights back
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>> our ciarrocchi pat are getting into the olympic sglirt check them out there's torrey and pat on the left. they left it all on the court for a fierce game of bad miton. they took one lesson at the university of pennsylvania and then game on now torrey got advice from tennis legend billy jean king. >> just play. just stay in the now it's really important. if you start think of future or past you're toast. keep the mind right. one shot at a time. >> you can see torrey and pat's lesson tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning and then the match and results on eyewitness news tomorrow night at 6. >> team torrey or galan. >> sorry pat, love you. >> team torrey.
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>> team torrey. >> we'll be right back.
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