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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> braking news, a six year old is fighting for his life, he was shot overnight. it was no ordinary gun used in the shooting. live with an update on the investigation. guess what? >> carson wentz makes his debut at the linc. hear from the eagles newest quarterback after the birds win their first pre-season game. >> you know it was hot at the linc last night, and in logan square, where people stopped by the fountain. guess what? going to be hot again today. excessive heat warning continues, and katie is tracking the chance for some scattered showers, and storms. today, ladies and jep, is friday, august 12th, good morning, many ' brooke thomas.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, jan carabeo in for jim donovan, getting our day started with a look at weather and traffic. >> tgif. >> good morning. jan, so great to see you. yes, tj are gif, roads are looking good, we know it will be warm out there. no accident, just construction. >> construction, really? i'm shocked. >> dairy say, kate. >> i it is always out there. we do have one little pocket of showers currently moving through. but thankfully north of the city, at least, here it is on storm scan3, i would say you could see shower or thunderstorm pretty much any time. it is fair game at least, but it will be most susceptible across the region headed into the afternoon and evening, regardless mother nature does what she want, actually thunder and lightning reported with the same, thankfully crossed over the new jersey state border has had a chance to fizzle away. let's talk about the heat.
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it continues to be our main story of course in the hot pink, you have got the excessive heat warning. and in that very burnt red, maroon color, you have got an excessive heat watch. now, actually extended these watches and warnings at the national weather service. now last us into the evening hours, of sunday, so, this will be with us all weekends long now, we think, with the worse of the humidity, it is just brutal outside. here is a look at where we currently stand. low 80s, about the coolest it will be all day, my friends, in the next hour or two. so if you do have outdoor plans you absolutely must get in, say you're going away for a week, and got to get to the lawn, knock it out early this morning before you hit the road. 95 degrees our eventual high in the city. can you not go by this is numbers, guys. meisha it, will feel easily 10 degrees hotter. >> and you walk outside thinking 90, i can handle that. you walk outside, boom, that wall. katie, thank you so muchment good morning, everybody, the vine is closed right now.
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overnight construction westbound and eastbound between the schuylkill and broad, looking very quiet there. let you know as soon as it opens, westbound side usually opens little before the eastbound side. then, we have some construction here, mcdade boulevard southbound between swarthmore and the blue route, one lane block here, see crews outside, flashing lights, you have got one lane to kind of swivel around, just make note. that will slow you down little bit. maybe more in the 5:00 hour if it hasn't been cleared out of the way. construction here route one southbound at route 13, only one lane open here. you can see them kind of slowly passing by, by overall, construction out there for little bit. also 42 northbound off ramp to 130, northbound off ramp, one lane blocked until 5:00 a.m. over to you. >> breaking news, six year old boy is in the hospital this morning, after he and three men were shot multiple times, in philadelphia's east germantown neighborhood. >> investigators say bullets littered the scene in the 5500 block of west clarkson street. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live outside st. christopher hospital where the
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young boy now fighting for his life this morning. justin, what's the latest? >> jan, brooke, good morning, that's right, the youngest victim in the shooting, six year old boy, shot in his chest and arm. was brought here to st. christopher's after undergoing emergency care, over at einstein hospital. he, as you mention, one of the four people gunned down last night. the shots rang out just before 11:30, thursday night, the resulting crime scene now spanning the 5500 block of west clarkson street, where two victims reportedly live on to the 500 block of east ashmead. nearby, on the 5500 block of wooster street, 14th district police found two shooting victims in the front seats of a gray pontiac, one, that six year old boy, shot in his chest and arm, and man age 29, shot in his chest, stomach, both arms, and one leg. he is now recovering at einstein. police say they were likely en route to a hospital, but police wounds up getting them there. two other men, ages 29 and 32,
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were shot as well, one in his arm, the other in his leg. five cars, and a home, also took heavy gunfire. at this point police tell us they are not sure if any of those men shot, were shooters themselves. they'll get a warrant later to search the gray pontiac. at the crime scene police report assault weapon style shell casings found almost everywhere traced to different weapons, have been found so far. >> it appears that this was definitely a gun battle. there were casings in the street, on both sides of the sidewalk, so it appears that there were multiple armed combat ants out here, actively engaged. >> back live here at st. christopher, that six year old boy is in critical condition, as is the 29 year old man over at einstein. the two other male victims are stable, we are told, over at the scene, police tell us that witnesses have been uncooperative. this investigation, of course, is far from over at this time.
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surveillance cameras in the area we are told will help police hopefully fill in some gaps in tracking down what happened there last night. we are live outside st. christopher's, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jan, brooke, back into you. >> this is the second time someone was shot in this neighborhood, this week. a six year old girl is still recovering after she was shot in her arm tuesday night about a mile away on the 6300 block of north woodstock street. police say it was one of 21 shot fired. she is also at st. christopher ers, and investigators are still searching for a suspect there. >> happening today, former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is expected to testify today as he fight for a new trial. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60 year sentence for sexually abusing ten boys, sandusky will have chance to make his case to get a new trial during three day hearing in center
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county. greg argos spoke with sandusky's wife, dottie, didn't want to be recorded but said she will be at the recording -- hearing. complete coverage today on "eyewitness news". >> also today, testimony resumes in criminal trial of pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. joshua morrow, kane's one time political consultant, testified yesterday under an grant of immunity, prosecution played an fbi recording, capturing morrow, talking to a friends about kane's alleged plan to leak secret grand jury documents. that is, in order to make rival prosecutor frank cena looked back, and also concocted dollars a story to pen the story on aid re answer keen. >> growing tensions between republicans and their candidate donald trump. cbs news report more than 707% of republicans want the rnc to stop funding trump's campaign, instead put the monday my senate and house races. trump who stomps in pennsylvania today said he doesn't want the support from
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the republicans. hillary clinton spoke about the economy yesterday, calling for billions of dollars to help with jobs and infrastructure. eagles fans have seen the future, carson went made it into last night's pre-season game little earlier than expected. the fans gave wentz a standing ovation when he entered the game with about two minutes left in the first half against the tampa bay buccaneers. now, wentz work on his two minute drill overall, pretty good first outing for went. went 12 and 24 for 89 yards, and an interception. the birds won, 17 to nine, went also ran three times for 15 yards, and took quite a spill. >> i thought if i got around the edge maybe get taken to the house, the guy kind of surprised me, and i'm fine. that's a good thing. >> mid-air-upside down, what are you thinking? >> hope i don't land on my neck. i landed fine, i was good, a lot of guys are like hey you got to get your butt down, and i'll learn from that. >> fans are excited.
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"eyewitness news" was down at the linc before the game catching up with members of eagles nation. >> eagles game, born and raised in philadelphia, live in jersey, but i travel 100 miles to get here to see my eagles play. >> i hope i see some good offense tonight. and i'm excited to see carson went, see what he can do. that's who we want to see. >> don't forget the regular season begins right here on cbs-3. watch the eagles take on our are rgiii and the cleveland browns, sunday, september 11, at 1:00 p.m. >> michael phelps has more gold than a james bond villain, and his victories keep coming. last night he won the gold in the 200-meter individual medically. that mix him the first swimmer to win the same competition in four consecutive olympic games. it also makes for his 22nd gold medal. and victory for him over his friendsmy ryan lochtke.
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>> manual surges ahead to tie for the gold with canada's kenny. with that victory, manual becomes the first african-american woman to win gold medal in swimming, afterward, the 20 year old said she hopes she can be an inspiration. and how about this? women's gym that is innings team keeping within. other simone, sim old biles, with the women's all around, 19 year old really showed off her skills to the worlds, becomes the fourth straight american, you guys, and fifth overall to capture the women's gymnastics all around title. team usa aly raisman took home the silver medal. they are incredible and so dominant in their sport. >> simone manual, such a powerful moment when -- that's like absolutely, the coolest thing last night when she realized, oh, my goodness. >> and an inspiration to a lot of little girls. >> absolutely. still ahead: a crane crashed into one of the worlds trade center building in new york. we'll tell you what workers were doing whether it
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happened. >> also ahead, the driver of this pick-up truck is recovering after surviving a collision with a train. the impact was caught on camera, we'll show it to you next. >> and today is the last day for you to beat the heat in some philly pools. we'll tell you why they're start closing when we come
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take a look at this video from massachusetts, it shows the moment a commuter train slams into a truck and pushes it several hundred feet. now, this happened yesterday in wakefield, north of boston. spokesman for the transportation authority says the truck driver went around the lowered gate. he was air lifted to an area hospital, with serious injuries. no one on the train was hurt. >> and, there are no plans to remove a construction crane from the site of three world trade center even though it smashed a window last night. it happened on the 12th floor of the building which is still under construction. authority say, workers were trying to secure the crane ahead of the severe weather
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when it happened. no one was hurt. the 80 story building is expected to open in 2018. >> the young boy killed riding a water slide in kansas city will be laid to rest today. a viewing was held last night, for ten year old caleb schwab, suffered a fatal neck injury on the slide sunday. we know two other riding with them are sisters, one suffered fractured jaw, and the other an orbital bone. >> a three year old fell from a roller coaster near pittsburgh, thrown he was thrown from the wooden coaster while riding it with his brother. the boy was conscious and alert while he was air lifted to a local hospital. the ride has since been shutdown. it does not have seatbelts, and policy dictates that children under four must be accompanied by an adult. >> it will be another hot day outside. this weekend looks like it will be the same. while jumping in the pool may sound like a good way to cool off, it won't and option in
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some of philadelphia public pools. today marks the end of the season, and 12 of the city 70 pools will be closing. we talk to several people who say they're disappointed about this. >> this is really surprising. i would love it to stay open for the rest of the month. >> kind of upset because like this is one of the last days. >> oh, the rest of the pools will be closing on staggered schedule with only few remaining open for the rest of the month. and for the full list of pools, and the date they're closing head to or check the cbs local app. >> so brutal out there yesterday. i was out there in the height of the heat, i mean, it was hard to breathe, it was sticky, you just needed to make sure you had a water bottle on hand. >> absolutely. katie here with another check of the forecast, more of the same? >> more of the same, exactly, almost like you start to melt the second you walk out the door, just so, so steamy, and sultry, that's the word we will probably hear popping up a lot here in the next couple of days. storm scan3, not totally
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quiet. we had couple of pretty heavy thunderstorms rumbling through portions of the northwest suburbs, up to the lehigh valley, have since crossed over the new jersey state borden, starting to fizzle, see another pocket, how much. this morning, you may still finds the need to flick the windshield wipers depending on location, but generally, any additional wet weather we see fires up this afternoon, and evening. so, generally speaking, the key word is generally there, but meanwhile, we are watching a frontal boundery continue it very slow trek. if you recall from yesterday, this was still pent up with the moisture, associated with it, back over minnesota, and the dakotas, so it hasn't moved that much. it is taking it sweet old time. more than anything, it is really not fog, it is because high pressure blocking it from going anywhere to the east. that's where this comes in. current feels like values, brutal outside, already 5:00 in the morning, so really, really hot outside, as i get the wrap here, i jump to the seven # day.
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ninety's continue into monday at this point, again excessive heat warnings and watches have been extended annex pants dollars, right through sunday. meisha, over to you. >> look at that. katie, thank if you. well, good morning, everybody, looking outside now to the roadways, construction out there still prevalent. route one at 131 lane open in bucks county. you can see, not slowing too many people down. i'll let you know when it clears. a lot has not yet cleared. construction mcdade southbound between swarthmore and the blue route, one lane open here. this is in delaware county, you can see what that looks like. friday's tends to be one of the lighter travel days. see what happens here. vine still closed both moving in the westbound and eastbound side. except for those every you taking the vine, know to still close, hold off, do so. fire department activity vineland, new jersey has now since been cleared. so looking good here. construction, in cherry hill, 70 eastbound, past 295, two right lanes blocked, that will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. more construction coming up, yeah, in about ten minute,
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brooke, over to you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, new law is changing the way parents drive with their kids in pennsylvania. we'll have the details. >> also ahead, disorder in the court. a suspect goes too far during his hearings. see what he did that left the judge so unhappy when we come i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how work for everyone?nomy hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations
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and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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>> knew carseat law has officially gone into effect. >> that means all children must stay in rear facing carseats until at least two years old. officers will hands out warnings to parent caught breaking the law, and after that a $125 fine. rear casing carseats significantly reduce the risk of children dying or facing injury in a crash. take a look at videos on line, the difference between impact on a child in car crash when rear facing as opposed to front facing, it is terrifying. >> significant, so important to know that.
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>> 4:50. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's hena daniels joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchanges, macy's made a big announcement yesterday about store closings, good morning, hena,ly back down how their stock performs. >> of course ill. macy ' stock soared up 14% after announced they're closing 100 stores next year, that reps cents about 14% every macy stores. now, macy's has seen slowing sales this past year and a half, as competition heats up, and more people shop on line. the store closures will leave macy's with 666 stores nationwide. brooke, jan? >> and threat apparently may be looming forecaster that use keyless entry. what's that about? >> reporter: more problems for volkswagon. tens of millions of vehicles may be vulnerable to theft. hackers could gain entry of those key less systems in a new report security expert say hackers can copy the signal
4:52 am
that opens some vokes weighing ons remotely, and duplicate that key less signal to unlock cars and start ignition cents, vehicles vulnerable are some audi, golf, jetta, from 2015 to 2016. volkswagon says some vokes wagons using updated platform may not be at risk. >> woke, that's terrifying. >> suspected carseat did something a little unusual in miami court. >> yes, he started dancing for the judge. thirty year old calvin griffith bus add move at his bond hearing. you can see the judge was not amused. she set griffith's bond at $18,500. police say after he stole a volkswagon from a high school parking lot. >> she is not amused. >> no, no, no. nor should she be. >> seriously. my goodness. all right, coming up: after
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the break, we'll
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>> good morning, everyone, happy friday to you, first and for most. we've got a lot to get to when it comes to the weather. we take you right to storm scan, continuing to track, at this point, fizzling batch of thunderstorms, which may have woken some of you up across the lehigh valley in the last hour or so. but over the course of the next couple of days, especially in the afternoon and evening, but miami time fair game, heavy downpours, winds, lightning, low risk for hail. not expecting any toronado activity in the days ahead, rather just the scattered pop ups with heavy downpours, because there is so much moisture. the expected highs, but i would say tack about ten or more degrees onto this at any given time. that's thousand will feel. it is some pretty brutal stuff in the neck couple of days. meisha, over to you. >> so steamy. katie, thank you, good morning, everyone, just a lot of construction out there, no accident to report, great news, little bit of difference from what we were talking about yesterday from this same time. what we are looking at
4:56 am
construction, route one southbound at route 13. one lane open here, only one lane in bucks county. i got more coming up in just a little bit. ladies, over to you. >> meisha, thanks, butter comes from milk which comes from coast. >> of course. >> at the illinois state fair, it is the other way around. take a look, cream puff. the made of 700 pounds every butter took the artist six a hours to sculp. turns out there is a demand, sculp some for three other state fares. katie is super tickled by this. >> i love this. >> i report add update in new york forever, people look forward to seeing these butter sculptures, so this is the thing, totally. coming up in the next half hour: >> drumming your way to fitness, we'll have the new trends that will make you feel like you're part of the band. coming up at the top of the hour.
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>> breaking news tops the hour. assault weapons made for war used to turn a philadelphia street into a major crime scene. unfortunately, for the second time this week, one of the victims is a six year old child. >> also, ahead, the birds are back, with a win in their pre-season opener at the linc. we'll hear from the new kid in town, carson went, about his first game as an eagle. >> and this history making moment at the olympics didn't involve michael phelps. we've got a swimming new star. today is friday, august 12th, good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jan carabeo in for jim donovan. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, i missed the
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olympics last night, so i can't wait to hear what happened in swimming. all right, guys, right now roadways looking good, just a lot of construction. >> what we always hear from you? >> yes, not totally quiet everywhere, meisha. go on outside, see one fizzling pocket of showers, thankfully at this point isn't causing too much of a headache, did rumble through the lehigh valley, portions every montgo, in the last hour or two, might have woken you up, since there was lightning with that. but thankfully again fizzling with time. this is casino of the scenario that we will fine again here today. we may start off with another shower, thunderstorm, before the morning is said and done, then really just left with scorch sunshine until the next round of showers and storms bubbles up in scattered fashion. heat still the main story. still excessive heat warning, now extended until 9:00 p.m. sunday. so entire extra day and three hours added onto that, and in addition, the rest of the region is now included,


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