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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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olympics last night, so i can't wait to hear what happened in swimming. all right, guys, right now roadways looking good, just a lot of construction. >> what we always hear from you? >> yes, not totally quiet everywhere, meisha. go on outside, see one fizzling pocket of showers, thankfully at this point isn't causing too much of a headache, did rumble through the lehigh valley, portions every montgo, in the last hour or two, might have woken you up, since there was lightning with that. but thankfully again fizzling with time. this is casino of the scenario that we will fine again here today. we may start off with another shower, thunderstorm, before the morning is said and done, then really just left with scorch sunshine until the next round of showers and storms bubbles up in scattered fashion. heat still the main story. still excessive heat warning, now extended until 9:00 p.m. sunday. so entire extra day and three hours added onto that, and in addition, the rest of the region is now included, with
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excessive heat watch. that actually goes into effect tomorrow. but today, all of these counties in red, in heat advisory, no matter how you slice it, we're all in the heat, we're all stuck with it, it will be most notable in the urban areas of course as it tends to be. eighty-one the current actual temperature in philly. tack eight, 9 degrees onto, that actually feels like, and the sun not even up. so very, very warm already. that means, we are right on pace to easily hit 95 later today. 105 what it will feel like. tomorrow, that's where we peak, guys, looks like at least flirting with some records with the air temperature, but we sky rocket to heat index of 110. you have to take it easy, in this kind of heat, play it safe, once again, we'll have showers and storms to dodge. meisha, over to you. >> i was walking around even yesterday, katie, and you have to have that bottle of water with you. tell you what, you can't stay out there for very long, it will be so hot, today and again tomorrow. katie, thank you. construction here guys. route one southbound at route 13, one lane still open here. you can see, out there in
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bucks county, still take it easy as you move on by them. the vine is looking all clear. looks like the schuylkill eastbound ramps at the vine was still closed. seeing an officer right about there. looks like he might be gone. maybe that's completely open. great news for those of how take the vine, construction project there overnight, look like all clear westbound and eastbound. mcdade between swarthmore and the blue route, one lane open here, delaware county see them just slowly going by, crews are out, there so just be careful, so always want to take it real easy. construction here route 70 eastbound, cherry hill, past 295, two right lane blocked, until around 6:00 a.m. also more construction 95 southbound, going to be in delaware, between christianna, route 73, two right lanes block there, southbound between route 141, delaware service area, three lanes block there, that will certainly slow you down, if you don't get it cleared up later on in the 5:00. jan, over to you. >> thanks, updating breaking news now, young boy among four people shot multiple times, in
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philadelphia's east germantown neighborhood. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside st. christopher hospital where the six year old is fighting for his life this morning. justin, you know, this is just an awful story. what can you tell us? >> reporter: brooke, jan, heart breaking indeed. police say that several surveillance cameras in the east germantown neighborhood may have caught that shooting as it happened. right now, that young victim, just six years old; here at st. christopher recovering. six year old boy shot in his chest and his arm. he is in critical condition at this time. one of four people caught in the line of fire late last night. about 11:23 p.m. thursday, a constant clap of bullet ridge out, leaving crime scene spanning the 5500 block of west clarkson street on to the 500 block of east ashmead. nearby, on the 5500 block of wooster street, 14th district police found two shooting victims in the front seat of a gray pontiac, one, that six year old boy, shot in his chest and arm, and a man age
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29 struck in his chest, stomach, both arms, and one leg. he is listed as critical over at einstein. police say they were likely in route to a hospital before police eventually got them there. they'll get a warrant to search that pontiac later. two other men, ages 29 and 32, were shot, as well, one in his arm, the other in his leg. five cars in a home also took heavy gunfire at the crime scene. at this point police tell us it is in the known if any of the injured shooters were or rather any of the injured were shooters themselves. early site where assault style weapons were used in the shooting the kind police say inflict harm and kill in the wrong hand. with few willing witnesses, police are looking to surround vape ends cameras for closer look at this crime. >> the 40 caliber handgun round, five cars shot up, along the block of 5500 clarkson, one house that sustained multiple gunshot holes through it in the 500 block of ashmead street, the
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second floor. and we have four possible video locations that we will be retrieving video from that, as well. >> reporter: looking live at st. christopher's, that six year old boy again in critical condition. that 29 year old man in the car with his is also critical at einstein. the two other male victims are stable. also, here at saint chris', that six year old girl who was shot in her left armpit earlier this week, we are told, she continues recovery. she was shot about a mile or so away from the scene. that happened most recently, again, we are told that her case and this case just now there are no tips regarding anything about the shooters or the circumstances. we are live here outside saint chris', justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", brooke, jan, back into you. >> you just can't help but think about what their parent are going through right now. all right, the eagles pre-season is on, and everybody was paying attention to game one, and rookie quarterback carson wentz. >> pat gallen here to tell us how the birds did, and what we
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think of the weather a. >> i can't believe it is football team. >> doesn't feel like it. >> i'm still sweating because it is like a thousand degrees outside. so it begins, from now through at least january all eagles all the time. although the heat index above 100 at game time, it is now football season. carson went, the temperature mattered little as the second overall pick in the draft, slate today make eagles debut against the buccaneers and he would do it earlier than expected. to the game we go. eagles got the crowd into it, right away, the bucks, fumble the opening kick off. eagles jump on it, that's chris, who had nice game all around. they would convert back to a score, ryan matthews from 5 yards out, gets them started. the birds would win an ugly pre-season opener, 17 to nine, but it is the entrance of carson wentz right there. two minute to go in the first half, he got a huge over vagues, he was supposed to actually take over after the half. but when he did get on the field, showed a lot of talent. mobile in the pocket.
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showed can he take a hit, as well, although his numbers ended up pedestrian, 12 for 29 yards, but the rook i would charm the media after the game. >> it was fun. it was fun, first opportunity i had, i am running the two minute drill. so i enjoyed. that will hadn't had a ton of reps in practice, but fun out there. you know, finally got to take some hit. been a while since that's happened. so overall i had a lot of fun out there. definitely some things to improve on for myself and as a team, but overall it was enjoyable. >> while his numbers weren't eye-popping, carson wentz showed flashes of why the eagles are betting their future on him, right away the athleticism stood out, already capable of making many throws at sam bradford cannot. and he's obviously got to keep working on keeping the ball down at several throws were hi, but the initial reaction to the rookie should be a positive one. so, overall, guys, if i would have to give my man carson went here, i got to pull this big hat any time i can, i would give him a b minus. not bad at all.
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"eyewitness news" down at the linc before the start of the game, we caught up with some eagles fans ready to go for this guy right here. >> you really get used to that. whip that out. >> i know, right? >> thanks. >> carson come out to play -- >> i'm hoping for a great season, so eagles fans are always optimistic. but i'm hoping this year it is not, maybe next year. >> you know, i'm excited to see how carson wentz will play, definitely, i'm excited about doug pederson, what he can bring to the offense, bring to the whole team. >> don't forget guys the regular season begins right here on cbs-3 watch the eagles take on rgiii, robert griffin the thirds, and the cleveland browns, sunday september 11, 1:00 p.m., here on cbs-3. who is ready for some football? everybody? >> yeah. >> i want to cut out a head of pat gallen, actually. >> oh, we can make that happen. >> don't say that. >> oh, my gosh. >> thanks, pat.
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hey, what a great day for us women i am beyonce in rio. us team keeps doing well. michael phelps now another gold medal, simone may have another one, too, tide for gold in the freestyle and set a record. >> plus, simone biles continues to dominate in gymnastics, here's jamie yuccas in rio. >> another record setting night for michael phelps. winning the gold medal in the olympic 200-meter individual medically and becoming the first swimmer to win the same competition in four consecutive olympic games. >> ♪ >> emotional phelps listened to the star spangled banner after being award the his fourth gold of the rio olympics, and the 22nd gold of his career. the ravens and fans watched and celebrated phelps win during last night's game.
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another record breaking event. this one by 20 year old simone manual. she tied with the canadian swimmer for the gold medal in 100-meter freestyle, first african-american woman to win a gold in swimming. manual broke down in tears, following her historic achievement. and united state gymnastics team kept rolling, two days after the women won, the team all around title, 19 year old simone biles took home the gold, in the individual all around competition. her teammate, 22 year old alley rice man, took silver. biles is the fourth consecutive american woman to win the all around title. in rio de janeiro, jamie yuccas, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i feel like i get so emotional watching that. i'm like michael phelps, he started it, and it went downhill. these people they work so hard for so many years to goat to this point. and you're just so proud of them. >> to see all of the hard work may -- must be really touch
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for them and their families. >> oh, i'm losing it here. >> how about this? a major mistake, you guys, by a cbc announce is her getting a lot of attention this morning. >> take a look. >> going to beat michael phelps in this event. >> i apologize, i got my lanes mixed up. >> oh, that's elliot freedman mistaking phelps for lochte. he said i'm sorry, i blew it, no excuses. >> you're allowed to make mistakes. >> he owned to up it. >> jerry sandusky headed back to court, coming up next tell you what you can expected to. >> also ahead, another child injured on amusement park ride. we'll tell you what happened on a roller coaster in pennsylvania, that sent a three year old to the hospital. >> plus it could spell trouble for donald trump's campaign. we'll show you why he could lose some very important
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> we have more exciting moment from the summer olympics in rio coming up this morning. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> jerry sandusky expected to take the stands as he fights a new trial, serving 30-60 year sentence for sexually abusing boys. he will have a chance to make his case during the trial during the three day hearing in center county. our greg argos spoke with sandusky's wife, dottie, said she will be at the hearing. complete coverage of the hearing later today on "eyewitness news". >> also, today, prosecutors continue to present their case against pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, joshua morrow kane's one time political consultant testified yesterday under grant of immunity, prosecution played fbi recording capturing morrow talking about kane's plan, that is frank fena look bad, morrow testified he and kane concoct the a story to pin the leak on former today april and
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kane's former boyfriend, adrien king. >> now to the campaign trail, dozens every republicans signed open letter urging rnc to cut trump's funding saying his chances of winning are evaporating day-by-day. on the democratic side, hillary clinton laid out her economic plan to help with jobs and infrastructure. brian web has the latest. >> donald trump didn't sound lime i have self talking to evangelical preachers in florida he admitted his campaign is having problems in places like utah. >> we're having a problem, i mean, because, you know, look it, could cost us the supreme court, we would have four, five justices put on. >> adding to trump's troubles, reports that 70 republicans urge the rnc to steer resources away from donald trump and toward congressional races. something the republican national committee and the gop nominee, denies. >> while there is no truth, but i am the one that's funding, i'm the one raising the money, other people are
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get to go use the money i raise. if it is true, that's okay, too, because all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. >> hillary clinton unveiled her economic plan in detroit thursday, and pledged to keep her economic promises. >> i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages including the transpacific partnership. >> something donald trump pounced on, reminding voters that clinton supported the partnership while secretary of state, but reversed her opinion on the trade deal during the primary. all of a sudden she went from it is the gold standard to she won't approve it. >> clinton is also facing scrutiny over 300 pages of her emails released this week. some suggest possible ties between the clinton foundation and the state department. a connection that clinton campaign denies. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we switch it up, talk about weather. i know you were hot yesterday?
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>> oh, so steamy, guys. you have to be careful in this type of weather, too. >> you really do, guys. that's the story headed into the weekend. so many of us have outdoor plans, going to the shore, to the mountains, even the highest terrain it will be very steamy, guys, especially in the city where the most excessive heat will take place. but as we take a live look here, overlooking philadelphia, from our palmyra cover nature park shot, this is live neighborhood network, 08 degrees, but the winds flow key. that's where we are really getting this heat and humidity from in the first place, southwest winds flow, high pressure now out to sea, but large dome, that continues to sit, and spin, in a clockwise rotation, it means any, on the western edge of it, any warmth and moisture will get drawn north, as a result you get more instability, where the showers and storms have come from, far off to the west, more heavy thunderstorms errupting across the mississippi river, what needs to cross for us to break this pattern. but, it is not going to happen any time soon. so, don't expect that to really, you know, bring any relief for few more days.
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now, i want to turn our focus here, to car safety, of course, weather and traffic go hand-in-hand. but when your car is sitting thereon blacktop surface, if the outside temperature is only 75, only takes ten minutes to feel like it is 94 in the car, because you have the greenhouse effect. you have to take it safe out there. never, ever, ever leave your kids, leave your child, or your pets, in the car, for even couple of minutes to run an errands. because you will see increase of 40 degrees, in that car, in just a short hour. so it really is important. and i know it seems strange to have to remind us of that, but we are busy and forget. that's why we're here, we want to keep you safe. >> 7:00 in the morning, will feel like 91 degrees. by 11:00 a.m. already feeling like 100. take it safe out there. this is outside, of your car, so again, air conditioners, required, and make sure you let that car cool off before you put your kids back in it, and it will feel easily like it is into the hundred's across the board, already by
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5:00 in the morning tomorrow, 91, just bizarre, but there you have it, mid 90s continue then through the weekends, as our excessive heat warning does the same, we finally see some relief oh, next week, meisha. >> katie, i loved that graph inning, good reminder about the hot vehicles, awesome job with that, construction mcdade boulevard, southbound between swarthmore, the blue route. oh, one lane was closed in delaware county, but it looks like our crews are probably just getting out of the way now. so actually on mcdade boulevard right now looks like you are getting little better, probably clearing up for the morning, great news for those of you in the area. construction bucks county route one southbound at route 13, one lane open here, but when i am looking here, as well, it looks like crews might be just moving out of the way here, as well. so route one southbound at route 13, looking little built better. great news for those of you, as well, in that area. ninety-five south at cottman what you are looking here, as you push in the southbound direction. you can see what you are working, with and i would say a lot of early risers out there for a friday.
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typically, 95 southbound, interstate 95 basically anywhere we look on a friday, start to see it heat up in the 6:00 hour. already seeing it now in the 5:00 hour. mass transit, make note of this, guys, broad street line is ten minute delayed there. manayunk norristown shuttle bussing, saturday, sunday, saturday and sunday only for track work, just make note of. that will construction delaware, talking more about this when we come back in about 15 minutes or so. jan, over to you. >> now, for a look at some of the newspaper headlines across our area. >> the times payroll about 200 people showed up for meeting at west chester university. they're concerned about a proposed sunoco pipeline, cited to run through parts of chester, and delaware counties. >> and, in the bucks county courier times, new program at doylestown hospital aims to treat patient as quickly as possible for strokes. resulting in better recovery rates. >> in the pottstown mercury, pride in our parks. two townships came out on top for this year's regional
5:22 am
tri-county parks contest, and won $7,500 each, to go toward improvements. >> and that's a look at newspaper headlines from across the delaware valley. >> how about this? working out to the beat of your own drum. coming up the fitness routine where all you need are a pair of drum sticks anibal. >> changing the way you drive with your kids in pennsylvania. we'll have new law taking effect today coming up in our next half hour.
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>> welcome back, this morning, the roller coaster outside pit
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burying remains closed. >> that's after a three year old boy was thrown from the ride. take a look at this. the accident happened yesterday around noon. the boy was riding with his brother and was halfway through when it happened. he was conscious when he was air lifted to the hospital. it is unclear why the accident happened. state officials say the park's rides are inspected every day. >> and the young boy killed riding a water slide in kansas city will be laid to rest today. a viewing was held last night, for ten year old caleb schwab. he suffered fatal neck injuries on the slide sunday. we now know two other passengers riding with him are sisters. one suffered a broken jaw, the other a fractured orbital bone. we're told the women are now meeting with a attorney. >> there are no plans to remove a construction crane from the site of three world trade center even though it smashed a window last night. it happened on the 12th floor of this building, which is still under construction. authorities say workers were trying to secure the crane ahead of severe weather when it happened. no one was hurt, and of course
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the 80 story building is expected to open in 2018. >> take a look at this video, it shows the moment a commuter train slams into a truck and pushes it several hundred feet. now there is happened yesterday, in wakefield, north of boston. spokesman for the transportation authority says the truck driver went around the lowered gates. he was airlifted to an area hospital, with serious injuries. no one on the train was hurt. >> so scary. coming up next, in "eyewitness news", a child is among four people in philadelphia shot overnight. >> justin finch live on the story. >> reporter: brooke, jan, just spoken to the grandparents of the six year old boy who was shot in germantown last night. they have a message for the shooters. they also update their grandson's condition. we'll have that coming up. >> plus, nothing, and i mean nothing, is better than jumping into a pool on a hot summer day, am i right? we'll take a look at why the city is shutting down some of them in the midst of the brutal heatwave. >> we don't want to hear that,
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jan, come on, everybody wants to do their cannon balls until the ends of august, right? you'll certainly want to take a dip like you said here with the kind of excessive heat that our city and the entire delaware valley has to contends with, how those will get and when we can finally expect relief that' dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation.
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