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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, a "criminal minds" star fired. >> inside the thomas gibson controversy that had him thrown off the set for good. then, hugh grant's "bridget jones" blunder. >> i've never seen her before in my life. new backlash, was he really slamming rene zellweger on live then halle berry flawless and turning 50, we've been there since her start. >> this is my first television job. >> the one thing she's never done, that keeps her looking this good. >> that's really i think the secret. and -- bon jovi's slippery when wet. what the rock god is revealing in his steamy home movie. now for august 12th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, thanks for joining us, at the end of another busy week for star news. >> let's get to it. "criminal minds" star thomas
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gibson gets the axe. after his reported violent outbursts on set. >> my door was kicked in and a half hours ago. how long have you had this? >> the announcement was blunt -- quote thomas gibson has been dismissed from "criminal minds," details for how the character exits will be announced later. the dismissal follows news that the actor kicked a writer on set. which is interesting because gibson praised the show's writing staff a week before the incident. >> i got my script over the weekend, it's fantastic so they just, yeah, we're making the doughnuts and they're still deliciou >> earlier this week, gibson acknowledged there were creative differences on the set and a disagreement. but today he said farewell, thanking the entire show staff in a statement. it went on to say quote i love "criminal minds" and haveeput my heart and soul into it for the last 12 years. i had hoped to see it through to the end.
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but that won't be possible now. georgia williams, the writer who gibson reportedly kicked this photo with the actor two years ago and this mor before the firing news broke he tweeted a quotation from buddha quote three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the fruit. in 2013, gibson pled no contest to a count of alcohol related reckless driving following an arrest in downtown l.a. he was sentenced to three years probation.& >> fbi! >> the actor has appeared in 255 "criminal minds" episodes since it debuted in 2005. more big news fo tonight. >> which stars are taking sides in the "fast 8" feud? >> it's an honor to be able to make this film. with my brother tyrese. >> tyrese defended vin diesel on two fronts. op faccbook he shared vin's video shot earlier on the "fast 8" set. >> this brother right here, no one will ever know what i know
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about how hard vin works behind the >> and on instagram, he posted two photos with his co-star, praising him in the caption saying quote, if no one else will jump out there and stand up, i will. you're my brother for life. let's keep it positive and keep rocking the thing. of course all the vin versus the rock, side-taking speculation comes in the wake of an onset feud between dwayne johnson and which came to light after dwaane called out yet unnamed male co-stars for being unprofessional and candy blanks. another twist? what do the other co-stars stand? well fans are taking this photo with a kind of message. ludakris posted this throw-back from the set of "fast five." we see vin, but no dwayne. >> i will call you guys later and tell you everything. >> as for vin, well it seems as if he's keeping the drama alive. twice he has teased he will offer up some kind of tell-all.
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>> i will tell you everything. >> but his latest post? just this perhaps telling message. >> stay positive. i mean that. don't beat anyone up. >> you want even more about the story go, to our website, but first, did hugh grant diss is "bridget jones" co-star on live tv? nischell turner has the story. >> who is the most down to earth of those women? >> down to earth? that's pushing it. >> who's the one second from the right. i've never seen her before in my li >> the second from the right is rene. >> oh, rene! >> that's the moment making headlines. hugh fails to recognize recent image of rene zellweger. >> i've never seen her before in my life. oh, rene! >> to make things even worse. he seemed to slam her again seconds later. >> not exactly down to earth. out to lunch.
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>> what's strange is that while the "bridget jones" co-stars last worked together in 2004. they saw each other a w at an event. >> you spoke at the hfpa dinner, rene was there, did you guys get to have a reunion. >> i did, we had a catch-up. >> just last friday, rene posted a powerful blog titled "we can do better." in it, the 47-year-old calls out hater who have attacked her for her changing appearance over the last two decades. hitting back at how a woman's worth is measured by her appearance. rene writes, not that it's anyone's business, but i did not make a decision to alter my face and have surgery on my eyes. we reached out to hugh's people for a comment. but didn't hear back by our deadline. maybe this could explain his behavior last night. >> you laugh at every little jokelet, i love it. >> i'm high. >> the british love it. >> you can't tell with the british humor.
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while he may have shamed rene, hugh isn't above pointing fingers at himself for this shirtless picture on the beach. >> i was fat-shamed. the headline was four turkeys. >> that's embarrassing. do you love to eat? >> i love to drink beer. that gives you the moobs. >> man boobs. >> why don't you try some manx, man-spanx. two to former co-stars that are locked in a nasty divorce battle, johnny depp and a heard. amber was a no-show at a deposition regarding the domestic violence restraining order against johnny this morning. in court papers requesting a postponement to tomorrow which was granted, heard's lawyers say her flight from london couldn't get here in time today. this comes on the heels of last saturday's scheduled deposition. which also didn't happen. depp's lawyer claims then tha
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heard was irrational. screaming and hysterically crying. characterizations that am attorney denies family law specialist christopher melcher said heard's delays could hurt. >> i think the case is leaning in johnny's favor because of her failure to cooper >> in the story where the exes are getting along. christie brinkley is de her ex, john mellencamp. christie responded to a tabloid report that she broke up with john because she was tired of his so-called redneck ways and political opinions, that supposedly made him sound like a donald trump ♪ ♪ >> while hold o in an instagram post christie said she and john are voting for hillary and n fact, john gave his song "our country" to clinton for her campaign. ♪
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>> christie went on to say break-up was because of distance and work. quote it's just mileage. pure and simple. not that exciting or salacious. sorry. look, you're okay, we're okay. now christie also addressed report that john wasn't into her fancy scene in the hamptons. she said, he gets invited to more fancy parties than she does. still ahead, she is flawless and turning 50. >> my real name is halle berry. >> halle's big birthdaa, we're the only show that's been with her since her start. the never before seen interviews proving she's always kept it real. >> i've got a zit. then bryce dallas howard on her oscar winning dad and the movie legend she says is just like him. >> they both have red hair. and -- ♪ >> jon bon jovi naked announcement. but first, mysterious spaceships touch down all ovee earth.
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there are days that define story all beyond life. >> in "arrival" it's up to amy adams to make contact with the aliens. >> what happens now? >> we've arrived. >> only "e.t." can take you behind the scenes. jeremy renner is part of amy's team that has to find out if the extra-terrestrials are friends or foes. >> i love amy and strong women in film is an important thing for me. >> can amy save the world?
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you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ lean cuisine is, with 7 options made with organic ingredients. like vermont mac & cheese with organic pasta. and organic sweet corn and poblano peppers in our cheese & bean enchilada. lean cuisine. feed your phenomenal. ♪ ♪ >> any woman who wanted jon bon jovi naked in the
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shower, they got halfway there. when he posted this teaser video and i should emphasize the tease. jon was building the excitement for his new music video which just debuted today. ♪ ♪ >> jon is on his game in the "house is not for sale" the 54-year-old might have some salt and pep anywhere his hair, but he's still a rock superstar. ♪ ♪ >> the new single is the band's first without original lead guitarist richie sambora. ♪ >> "e.t." has a long history with the band since they began in 1983. ♪ ♪ >> we've always just been an american rock and roll band from
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the day we came out, with a name like bon jovi. is this van halen. >> they performed more than 2800 concerts, and have filled more than 130 million albums. ♪ ♪ >> the band is your wife and your life and your mistress. ii's afforded me all the luxuries in the world, you know. plane whenever and wherever i want to play. so you don't just turn your back on what that loyalty and the band was founded on that l >> this jersey boy has been married to his high school sweetheart for 27 years, they've got four kids. >> it's date night in the bon jovi house. >> jon says the song is about his own integrity. it's great to see he's still got his blue collar roots.
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>> "this house is not for sale" will the title track of his new album which will drop this fall. the first album in three years. up n >> i'm a believer in less is more. >> halle's fab at 50 secrets and the "e.t." flashbacks you haven't seen. are these stars glam or more like us? from taylor's garden party to barefoot beyonce and who is the primetime star pregnant in stillettos? plus daddy/daughter dish with ron and bryce dallas howard >> when you watch her films, do you watch them just as dad or is there -- >> no. >> no! [ laughter ] -- captions by vitac --
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now are these celebs totally glam or are they just like here's tonight's glam or us. first up, taylor's green thumb. >> this is what we used to do. back on the farm. not -- not with kale. >> tay was very us yesterday, posting this quick instagram story of a garden party at a rhode isla we got to see her mom do some digging as her too cute dad had the camera. the second half of hiddleswift was all the way across the country. with friends in l.a. also in l.a., maks and peta. grocery run, the "dancing with the stars" sweethearts were so us yesterday, grabbing some food and barbeque supplies, she showed off her baby bump with a stretchy dress, but pairing her dress with some christian louboutin heels, which is glam. and beyonce goes barefoot. usually the queen of glam, bey
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was very us while shopping in italy. sometimes you have to take off those uncomfortable heels. even barefoot she slays. halle berry was made the sexiest woman alive a decade ago. all these years later, she still is. halle is turning 50 on sunday, we're flashing back to when halle was just a young beauty starting out in hollywood. >> okay, my real name is halle berry. this is y first television job. >> the year was 1989 and the cleveland native was only 23. just breaking into acting. she had already spent a good part of the '80s as pageant queen and a model which is what she played on the sitcom "living dolls." >> i was always the one that gave advice, everyone came to me with their problems, i was the mediator between all the gir pt's a bit like the real halle. >> she told us when starting out there were always roadblocks over not fitting in to hollywood's cookie cutter mold. >> too young, too short, too
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skinny. too bl it's always something. >> but then, bond. james bond came her way. and "die another day." >> she is sort of the female bond if there were a female bond. i think this is pretty good equivale >> who can forget ms. berry emerging from the ocean in the belted orange bikini. it was actually an homage to '60s sex symbol ursula andress >> looking for shells? >> no, i'm just looking. >> that's probably one of t most remembered and loved images of any bond woman in any movie. like why me? why do i have to recreate that, right? so that kind of scared me. >> we don't think much really scares hall in 2002 she made history as the first african-american woman to win oscar in the lead actress category for "monster's ball." >> i had the hopes and dreams of so many people with me and i felt it.
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of all the women who went be me and have passed on, i felt their energy. >> always making her way on to the best dressed list, halle told us her rule for red carpet domination is to keep it minimal. >> as long as it's something simple, i've never one that likes to overdo it not too much jewelry. not too much bling. not too much color. not too much of anything. i'm more a believer in less is more. >> and now that she's ab turn the big 5-0, this mother of two reveals her biggest beauty secret -- just good, clean living. >> i've never abused alcohol, i've never done drugs. i do not smoke. and i exercise and i think the way you treat your body and what you put in it, i think is what shows on your face. and that's really i think the secret. >> she is certainly proof we don't have to wait long for another timeless beauty to hit the big 5-0. salma hayek turns 50 on september 2nd. nischell turner joins the
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party is there a more popular father/daughter duo in hollywood than ron howard and bryce dallas howard. she's a s.a.g. award winner and golden globe nominee and he's an oscar-winning director. >> she hits theaters today with "pete's dragon. ron told me watching his little girl on screen can be a little bit confusing. when you watch her films, can you watch them just as dad? or is there -- >> no. >> no? [ laught >> i was going to say. >> with bryce, onscreen, it's such a complicattd thing. because i'm her loving dad. i'm so proud of her, i'm nervous for her, i'm anxiou also -- you know this has been my whole life. i'm a dire so hell yes, i'm critical. >> critical, but he's still one of our favorite hollywood dads. and in "pete's dragon," daughter bryce works with another oscar-winning icon. >> robert redford plays your father. how is it working with h
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what similarities does he have with your actual dad? >> they both have red hair. he's such a gentle, kind, present, warm person and it really reminds me of my dad. bob's a little bit more bad ass. one of the most surreal moments on set was when my character has a locket and there's a picture of my woman and robert redford and myself as a baby. they transposed robert redford's face over my dad's body. that's really weird. >> how is your dad like a grandpa. does he play games with them? >> my husband is out of town right now. my son is at sleep-away camp and yesterday i was starting to the junket. so my dad drove home from work early in order to help put the kids to bed. so my dad is a very hands-on grandfather. >> ron was there for bryce's biggest moments, recalling when
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he first saw her on stage fresh out of college. >> my wife sheryl and i are sitting there on a broadway theater opening night. i see she's crying eal tears, so at intermission, i said aren't you so proud of bryce? and i said to sheryl -- i said sheryl, weren't you jest blown away, when she was crying real tears on stage at the broadway op and she said yeah. well, you know, she did that every day of her life when she was 17. don't you remember? she can turn that on like th >> now that's a good story. >> and the moral to that story is -- little girls have their daddies wrapped around their fingers. >> that's why i have boys. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which star theirs an identical tattoo with his brother? casey affleck, mark wahlberg or luke wilson? the answer is coming up next.
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it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. >> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays which celebrities shares an identical tattoo with his famous brother? that is casey affleck, who turns 41. he and ben both have a native
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american fraternity symbol. i knew you knew that. >> i didn't. we're out f time. have a great weekend, everybody. >> bye monday on "e.t." -- >> i was not a big dancer. >> just surfaced. the eva longoria wedding photos you haven't seen. we have them first. plus, jada's "hairspray" that's monday.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. [ cheers and applause ] >> olympic gold! >> number one -- a tale of two simones. >> i'm up there, and the national anthem is playing, i will be bawling.
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>> how their golden night could earn them millions. then -- did mel gibson's ex lose her divorce settlement cash because of howard stern? >> i just could not believe that that was mel gibson. >> just how much is she out? and number three's will ferrell sounds off on the "snl" firi >> that's kind of the na the beast. plus, our "insider" bonus -- can "suicide squad" stay at the top of the box office? not if "pete's dragon" has anything to say about it. but is it too scary for your kids? our expert panel weighs in for our parents guide. >> i'm not fan of how they handled it. i thought it was a beautiful, riveting, well-told story. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. hello and welcome to "the insider." debby is off and keltie knight is filling in. >> we're tracking the biggest storie >> the number one story everne


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