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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 15, 2016 12:05am-1:06am EDT

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all aboard the s.s. mariah. >> ciao bella. >> "e.t." shows you how this diva and her billionaire fiance roll. >> you have his and hers yachts. that is the most fabulous thing have i seen in my life. >> plus, heather locklear shaped for being broke, depressed and drinking. what her best friend is telling us about the nasty headlines as we get a look at her tv return. then justin and insync reunite. what star was turned away from the party. >> paula abdul invites us back is taken for her concert come back reveal agon stage mistake. >> i don't know what i was thinking. > then the olympics biggest
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break out star leslie jones arrives in rio. >> i don't see zika nowhere. >> plus some ncia stories you have never heard. >> i'm going to be in the bath for an hour looking at mark harmon. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us as we bring you a mariah carey exclusive. our private look inside her world. let me say this, beyond. >> to say the least. they say that the key to a happy romance is separate bathrooms. but in mariah's case, it is his and hers yacht. carl i steel brings you the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous, darling. >> ciao bella. >> this is unbelievable. >> wow. >> really nice. this is like one of my favorite places ever. >> we're on this stunning yacht. the capri. it's gorgeous. you and james have his and hers
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yachts. that is the most fabulous thing i've seen in my life. how important is it to have his and her yachts? >> his and her everything is important. >> his and hers yachts. the his is the arctic p. it the seventh largest privately owned vessel in the world. it belongs to australian billionaire james packer. the hers a chartered 16-cell luxury liner she's calling home for the summer. they're anchored together off the coast of italy. i got an exclusive tour. >> i like your shoes. >> >> thank you. >> that was a crib moment. >> gorgeous bar. i love there's a bar on the boat. >> i wanted it that way. there's a bar here in the middle of the seating area which i like. i like the lightness of this room. it's kind of cool. >> the master suite with its opulent bath is one of six state rooms. a gym, a library and plenty of
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seating areas on the 192-foot capri. there's also a private chef and tender to ferry mariah and her twins over to yams' digs where all the parties happen. it's a total bargain at a reported $340,000 a week. oh, plus expenses which include the $40,000 a week in fuel alone. >> i know your kids are on the boat. what have they enjoyed the most? >> they love swimming in the water. amazing swimmers. >> arctic p has an epic slide. >> i went down the slide. >> did you? >> yeah, it was good. i don't know if i'm doing it again but it was good. >> i love the instagram post of you singing at leonardo dicaprio's party. >> that was so much fun. i love him. >> i would love to see you collaborate. >> i would love it, too. >> we'll see happens. >> hi, lambs. yes, we're back in the studio
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working on a new projecting. > she isn't totally on vacation. she's updating hersey czar's palace residency new las vegas and working on a new album with jermaine dupri. but when it comes to her relationship with james she says all is smooth sailing. >> he wants to make that work. most boys -- you need to roll with their schedule. >> he's very cool and understanding. i get it when he has to do the things has to do. he understands mine. if i'm ready at 4:00 in the morning, i'm not going to go up there blasting music. i did that. it was interesting. whatever. i was talking too much. >> how are you planning a wedding during all of this? first off, you've got arctic p and captain. get him to marry you guys. no big deal. >> that's an interesting thought. but i don't know about this. we -- i'll give you more hints
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as time goes on. >> she just keeps teasing us. but there's more from her coming up. >> we've got answers to the one question many women want to fellow. how did mariah keep her body looking so incredible. you'll hear her secret later in the show. >> right now, it's no secret this season's bachelor in paradise" is totally off the rails. >> insane. >> the most unbelievable moment we can all say was when hot head chad hurl add insult at sarah that was so cruel, cruel even by chad's standards. >> sarah stopped by our set with nick to open up about it for the first time. >> the onliern. >> who should it be offended was. >> first thing that came to your mind. it be really honest when you heard him say these things to you. >> it hurt. it was disrespectful. did he actually apologize somewhat. we did an interview with him. i'd like to show you his apology right now.
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take a look. >> i do feel kind of bad. >> is there an apology? >> i'm sorry to them for saying the things i shouldn't have said. >> that whole apology to me is, i don't appreciate it still. i think if he really wanted to apologize to me which he still should and can, it should be in person. not only that, but like you're making fun of something i have no control over. i was born this way. if you want to take stabs at people with disabilities, that's gnarly. >> you were portrayed a little bit as the villain. do you have any empathy for chad at all? >> chad was one of the few real villains that we've had in bachelor history where some of the things did he were just honestly kind of despicable. >> is he as bad as he seems to be? >> chad? >> yeah. >> yeah, he really is. >> we should move on to you doing making out with amanda. >> yeah. >> there's rumors now that josh and amanda are actually engaged. >> i know the truth.
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>> you know the truth i don't want to make eye contact. >> i know better. trying to avoid it. >> would you be happy for amanda if she's engaged to josh? >> i think we would be happy for whoever gets engaged. >> it's clear who won't get engaged anytime soon. " irritating chad. >> this is my life. this is my life. >> and last monday, they seemed to get rid of him for good but he's still not keeping mum. >> they keep being mad that the show becomes about me but they're making the show about me. >> that's chad trying to set the record straight about his extremely short stint on paradise that lasted just one day. >> i'm legitimately pissed. what am i going to do? >> i said a bunch of stuff i shouldn't say. everybody followed me around all day telling me what i could and couldn't say. that's one of the things they didn't show. >> as for what they did show, drinking, insults and well the insinuation that chad made a literal mess of himself.
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>> no, i didn't [ bleeped ] my pants. >> while the cast said adios to chad, don't think the drama was over yet. on tuesday on the live show after paradise, he was backing to face his former makeout buddy lace. >> was it hard watching it? >> yes. >> did you really -- i'm done talking to you. i'm done. >> has he apologized to you yet. >> flow. >> would you like an apology from him. >> i'll get one from him tonight on live tv. >> you think you'll get one? >> probably not. >> hopefully she didn't get her hopes up because he blamed her for their dustup. >> let's be honest, everything i did was egged on by her. >> he did show some class apologizing to sarah. >> i am sorry. i should never have said that. >> but we're guessing he won't be returning to paradise. >> at this point, i don't know. they're just going to sabotage me. >> chad is hanging around l.a. taking meetings.
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>> update us. there was talk but potentially getting a spinoff. what's going on in. >> i don't know. maybe something will happen. i'm most likely moving to los angelesing to sell real estate. i'm going to give that a go. >> good luck with that one. >> as crazy as it is, he's probably fielding offers right now. now, next month new tv season kicks off. we were with some of the biggest stars out in full force this week promoting their new and returning series set to heat up primetime. >> do all my interviews like this now. >> michael sat down backwards to talk his new show "bull." but couldn't help turning back to ncis and one of its biggest fans. >> mary hart told me secretly said you know, i watch n.c.i.s. i said oh. >> she said in my bathtub. >> you really like that mark harmon, don't you? boy. honey, i'm going to be in the bath for an hour.
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>> as for bull, dr. phil is an executive producer and the show is inspired by his early career as a jury consultant. >> because it's about human behavior and psychology, i like it a lot. >> the president gave me this watch. >> nixon? >> how has the transition been from l.a. to new york? have you moved your family out yet? >>. they are here. i'm using much facetime. and apple plug. should i say i use my telephonic device to visually communicate and facetime. >> look who else is back in primetime. katherine heigl was glowing and showing with husband singer josh kelly thursday night after sitting down with us talking cravings. >> i wake up every morning really wanting a doughnut or ten. >> ice cream with mommy. >> kind of, yeah. >> yeah. >> how are they feeling about having a baby brother. >> they'll be like hey, have you had that baby yet? no, you would know. >> katherine is due in january
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and working hard on her new legal drama "doubt." >> has your pregnancy thrown a bump into production at all? >> yes. by the time we started filming, i was almost four months. i had hoped my mother's like i didn't start showing till i was seven months pregnant. i started showing at six weeks. what's happening? >> coming up, we get a look at j. lo inside the recording studio. >> then heather locklear fights back. shamed for being broke, depressed and drinking? what her best friend is only telling "e.t." now. >> plus, pete's dragon star bryce alice howard, her oscar looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. but grandma, we useo charmin ultra softsoft.
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12:19 am
steel to head up their big premiere. >> i'm dressed as a dragon on a green carpet. when i saw it, i was like my gosh. >> feeling fierce in other givenchy animal print. also carl i steel had a tug of war over elliott the dragon. >> going to take elliott? >> he's mine. >> he's mine. >> mine, no, no, he's my dragon. i want elliott. >> you can have him. >> playtime continued when we had a chat with the stars of the disney flick. >> if you were lost in the forest, what are three things you would want with you? >> my dog into oh, my gosh. >> there you go. >> speaking of which you guys are filming in the forest. talk about filming in new zealand running around barefoot. >> i was bearfoot half the time and the other half of the time had i rubber feet. >> really? >> uh-huh. and they would just go on my
12:20 am
shoes and they were really easy to make look like they were real. was there anything mystical that you believed in or were afraid of growing up. >> i must have been afraid of growing up because i loved childhood so much. i was having such a good time. how sad i have to grow up. >> bryce said the story helps her connect with her inner child. >> admit you spent time with bryce, you can see the child is very much alive in her, it's in full bloom, as a matter of fact. looking for something? >> robert redford plays your father. how was working with him and what similarities does he have with your actual dad aside from the red hair? >> they both have red hair. one of the most surreal moments was when my character has a locket where there's a picture of a woman and robert redford and myself as' baby. they actually transposed robert redford's face over my dad's body. i'm actually like a baby in
12:21 am
robert's arms. >> has your dad seen it. >> no, he's going to be actually that's bryce. wait, that's robert redford. yeah, bob is someone that who my dad has looked up to for his entire career. and i mean, he's a titan. >> michele turner sat down with the legendary actor and director ron howard. he's clearly a proud pa pooh. >> when i watch bryce on screen, it's such a complicated thing because i'm her loving dad. i'm proud of her. nervous for her, anxious and also i'm a director. so hell yes, i'm critical. and i'm so proud of her and what she's accomplished. she's got her individuality and she's developed her own presence. she doesn't ask very much advice. family is not to be corny an he'sing blessing. > how about this, bryce calls ron the best grandpa ever since
12:22 am
he stepped in to help care for her and her husband's kids. ron likes being a hands on grandpa, as well but it's also nice to give the kids back. >> still ahead, a rare look inside the studio. how she made her latest hit. relax. >> then behind the scenes of paula abdul's come back concert. >> it's been 26 years. >> she's going on tour with new kids on the block. >> that would be something. >> plus, justin timberlake and insync
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♪ >> that is jennifer lopez with lin-manuel marnd singing love makes the world go round. only we can showing you how that music video came together with the create of the broadway hit "hamilton." >> i had the song for a few months. i had recorded. and it had this great chorus, love makes the world go round.
12:25 am
>> makes the world go round. >> i need a partner who would be the perfect partner to do this with me. and i had seen lin's speech on the tonys. and it moved me. >> and love is love is love. >> and once hamilton creator lin-manuel was on board, the two waste nod time. >> i was okay, i wanted to get to his rap. he was like relax. >> it took me seven years to write "hadn't." i'm not used to working this fast. >> we get an inside look on the writing process, the recording and performances throughout new york city. >> love makes the world go around. >> one of the many things i love about that song is how much fun they had recording it. cool to see. 100% of the proceeds will benefit those affects by that mass shooting in the orlando nightclub. >> very cool thing they are doing. it's going to help so many people. now, sticking with music, it has
12:26 am
been nearly three decades since paula abdul racked up number one hit after number one hit but hasn't performed since way back then. last weekend she finally gave fans what they've been waiting for. and only we were backstage. >> cold-hearted snake. >> it's been 26 years. let me tell you something, it's different today than it was 25 or so years ago. it's evolution. it's like the way you have to come back out there and do what you're born to do. >> paula's set at the mixed tape festival in hershey, pennsylvania, was highly choreographed reminding us of her classic music videos. >> i'm happy to do what i love to do. i still can do it. why not. >> 9 degrees pinched as part of their tour. nick lachey made a return trip to live to co-host with kelly but wouldn't say if a job offer was made.
12:27 am
>> it's always a blast. she's great. >> you killed. >> thank you. >> new kids on the block were also part of the bill. joey mcintyre is launching a new scripted comedy called in the joey math project," which will be produced by donny wahlberg. >> its an a great team. we're going to start shooting at the end of the month. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> paula told the crowd she's going to tour with the new kids next summer, maybe this performance was a trial run. while we're still waiting for the official announcement, paula was happy to meet with fans who's had waited a very long time to see her live. >> i wanted to leave my fans with a good feeling and remember that i really am always forever their girl. ♪ forever your girl >> while we wait to hear all about her tour with the new kids, this boy band just reunited in sync. >> i'm telling you right now, she's beaming with this news. more than a decade after saying bye bye bye, they all got back
12:28 am
together for a big birthday celebration. ♪ happy birthday to you >> can they still sing in ink? justin timberlake had fans freaking out as they all reunited for jay-z's 40th birthday. >> we all fellow how old we all are. >> chris kirkpatrick, the only other band member over 40 tweeted welcome to the old man club. they haven't been together since is the 2013 vnas. but they partied at the nice guy till 2:00 a.m. >> you see people and you just, you hope that you have been good to them. >> drank a lot. had dinner and had a cake and reminisced and hung out. >> i love you guys are still so close. that's why you're better than one direction. >> we do like each other.
12:29 am
we were never really put together per se. it was never like you look like a good-looking guy and that's the young one and the dumb one. we didn't leave on a bad note. >> would you do a reunion. >> never say never. everybody's doing their own thing. >> among j.c.'s friends, chace crawford, justin brought jessica biel. >> timber lake rocking a fedora and flannel shielded his wife on her way out. not everybody of was invited. this spice girl was turned away seems another star booked the entire place and there was more drama outside. >> search. a pirted joey fatone decided to turn paparazzo on one noisy photographer. >> is that the phone? get the camera. >> what do you know about in sync? >> i love how joey flips the
12:30 am
script. that's how you deal with paparaz paparazzi. >> straight ahead, meryl streep talks to us about her recent viral video moment. >> whoo. >> terrifying. >> as we take you to premieres around the world with your favorite stars. >> i love seth rogue. .douby any chance have an impression of him? >> no. >> then how leslie jones hilarious new tweets landed her a new gig as an "snl" shake-up leaves three costars without a job. closed captioning provided by -- allegra is the fastest nondrowsy relief you can buy. gel caps, not just fast. con air's curl secret. hair goes in, curl comes out. easy, fast, fabulous. curl secret only from con air. >> borderline, i can worry about it or do thing about it.
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12:34 am
set. >> into the announcement was blunt. gibson has been dismissed from "criminal minds." the creative details of the character's exit from the show been announced in a later date. tom said i've put my heart and soul into it for the past 12 years. i hoped to see it through to the end. that won't be possible now. number three, johnny depp versus amber heard. in new documents, dep's attorney accused amber of refusing to testify claiming she was manic and screaming after her late arrival to a deposition last sated. >> why so late. >> why so late? >> a source close to amber tells us she did not scream or cry but there were intense settlement negotiations. she filed a temporary restraining order against johnny and another hearing on extending the order is scheduled next week. >> we were there for jay key's
12:35 am
birthday flow you this instagram had fans freaking out as they reunited for the birthday. the number one story the rock versus his fast 8 co-stars. >> i'm right here. >> dwayne the rock johnson went on and i sta graham rant earlier this week ripping into male co-stars for being unprofessional and candy blanks. turns out the post was directed at producer vin december. he seemed to address the controversy posting this video captioned like with any team, that's a family. there's going to be conflict. a source on set tells us diesel often showed up late and it really started angering dwayne and the other cast and crew. vin wouldn't comment but did post this. i will tell you everything. >> also in the news this week, olympic fever has swept the country. i can definitely say that i'm right in that group. let me just say this no celeb has been afflicted more than
12:36 am
star leslie jones. >> her excitement got her a new gig. we have more on that as three of her cast mates are now out of work after a shocking "snl" shake-up. not returning this fall after six seasons each on the show are taran killam and jay pharaoh. jay killed it as barack obama. check out his eddie murphy. >> everybody just relax, okaying? >> clearly i don't hate immigrants. >> terran had trump down and matthew mcconaughey. >> ola. >> kir rin who once guests on how i met your mother said he was never given a reason why he was leaving. but he took it in stride tweeting, loren was kind enough i needed more time to dedicate to my undefeated rams. some good news for another "snl" star. >> guess who's going to rio. >> leslie jones got the olympics
12:37 am
gig after her videos and live tweets went viral. >> we've got to win those medals. that's right. usa. go rio, oh, my god. look at this fool. dude, you are not in the race. >> olympic executive producer jim bell took notice and tweeted the comedienne, you're officially invited to rio. want to come? she responded don't play but he wasn't playing. and this week, it was official. before she left for rio, she snapped a preview what to expect. >> don't you all agree the volleyball players should have on these outfits right here? i'm just saying. let's talk about it. >> oh, my god. you guys, we're here. u.s. all day. . >> "snl" alum kristin wiiging is among the comediennes lendsing her voice. >> the premier of the new
12:38 am
animated movie is r rated for a very good reason. >>. >> and there eating children. >> a warm feel good kind of family friendly foo family friendly. bringing the kids. >> this is one you kef want to bring the kids, too. >> no, you definitely don't. but in june, a raunchy and disturbing for kids trailer for the film accidentally ran before a finding doorry screening packed with kids. >> i would love to talk to those kids. if you're watching this and you're the parents of any of these children, contact me. >> has your daughter been asking to see this movie? >> nonstop. she's so wanting to come to the premiere. there is no way. very, very r rated. >> since this is seth rogen's movie this had to come up. >> i love seth rogue gan's laugh. do you have an impression of
12:39 am
him? >> no it's not surprising he has a derogatory impression of me in his arsenal. >> now to another world premiere this week. nischelle turner was there as ben hur hit mexico city. >> i tried to be very period and roman. >> and your legs. >> and everything. >> and everything else. >> i heard that you love the period cos tewells the most. what was your favorite thing you loved most? >> oh, yeah, the hair. >> you love the locks. >> yeah. >> okay. >> what is your name? >> ben hur. >> this is such a far cry from that movie. it's a beautiful reimagining of the beautiful stories that lew wallace wrote. i feel that the character itself is taking such a different journey if i told you it was in any way stepping on the and
12:40 am
dales of john, i wouldn't have done role. i thought it was a moment in the world for this movie. >> you're taking on a movie that won 11 academy awards. >> it's a bold move. after taking on the bible, i'm prepared for anything. ben hur got charlton heston his oscar. no pressure. >> you're not adding any pressure right now. >> that film is out next weekend. this weekend, get ready for oscar winner meryl streep in the movie "florence foster jenkins," based on this crazy true story of a new york heiress who was so -- no one had the heart to tell her she had a lousy voice. >> we sat down with meryl who said being bad really is more fun than being good. >> i have one thing to say. whoo. ♪ >> i think you have a future. >> you're a great sing much fun did you have singing badly? it looked like it was a blast.
12:41 am
>> it was so much fun. >> well, we all know meryl really can sing. she's hit the high notes in at least ten of her movies. but as florence phosphor jenkins, her biggest fan is her husband played by hugh grant. simon helburg is her me analyst. >> i cannot believe the story was real. >> it was a complicated story and it's a complicated love story. >> we're excited to hear you're in talks to join emily blunt on marry pop pins. >> yes. >> are you looking forward to working together? >> i adore emily. i think she's going to be amazing in this. >> known for her championing of fierce females she spoke on behalf of hillary clinton at the democratic national convention. it's her epic battle cry that got her all the attention. >> wow. >> i love that. that scream you let out. that was a little bit of a florence foster jenkins moment. >> that was more like cheer h d
12:42 am
cheerleading at high school. >> have you seen that moment? >> terrifying. >> you picked the perfect dress. >> i had a really nice gucci outfit to wear. i took it in front of the committee which my dogs were attending. and they decided they said, the gucci looks better but they all said, yes, wear the dress. >> yes to the dress. >> on the way, heather locklear shamed for being broke, depressed and drinking. what her friends tell us as we get an exclusive look at her tv return. >> another womanard here fatter than me. >> another womanard here fatter than me. >> we talked to the star of a ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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take a look at these pictures of heather locklear with an unexplained injury on her nose. they were taken two weeks ago. the 54-year-old's in a leather baseball hat and black minidress with a sweatshirt wrapped around the waist. this new headline has words like down where would spiral, drinking and out of work. comparing the look to one of her public appearances claim she's been drowning her sorrows with alcohol since she and her boyfriend split in may and that she drinks heavily to cope. here's what her best friends told us. we're told heather rarely drinks. no problem there. heather is in great shape. plays tennis and walks two miles
12:45 am
several times a week. as for money, she made millions off her loreal commercials. >> because you're worth it. >> and she has a recurring role in the so "too close to home." >> the writing is amazing. like one of the best things that i've ever gotten to do. >> are you an having an pa affair with the president. >> expect heather to get mixed up in sexy dirty doings. >> once the audience gets hooked these characters and start to see them, tlaeb they're going to love them and be invested in them. they're going to root for them. >> great to see her back on tv. she's already got one rab review. from her daughter eva. she says mom totally nailed it. eva wouldn't mind making a cameo 1993 she has an in. >> anything helps. >> will former mike and molly star katie is back in a new series called "american
12:46 am
housewife," all about keeping a positive body image. something that is so important. that is also something that comes naturally to katie. lee and aguilera found out she loves the skin she's any. >> and i'm going to be the second baddest housewife in west port. >> you guys use the term fat on the show a lot. but are you hoping to like maybe change the connotation of that word through the show? >> i tell you, it's not concentrated on. that's the premise she's self-deprecating and feeling terrible about herself. that's what the struggle is i think is trying to be fearless and handle it. >> there's nothing wrong with you. you're beautiful and amazing. > another woman around here fatter than me. >> oh, my god. >> the show is about a curvy mom who moves her family to an upscale town filled with super skinny women. >> it was originally titled the second fattest woman?
12:47 am
>> everybody can relate. men, women, kids, everybody deals with insecurities. >> for six seasons on mike on molly she played melissa mccarthy's sister. >> i don't know what i would have done without you. >> don't cry. >> i ended mike and molly we wrapped. it was on january 29th. i walked in february 4th. into that room of american housewife. it's just the biggest gift in the world. i could not be more grateful. this one how. >> brand-new bag of flour. >> it's my spanx. >> the 35-year-old has been in a variety of dress sizes but whatever her weight, she's okay with it. >> did you ever feel pressure in hollywood because you're a woman that you needed to be skinny? >> no matter what size i am, i've been bigger and smaller,
12:48 am
but it's just there. i've never had a problem, that beak. i've never let the media dictate my identity ever. >> i can't stop smiling. i love her positive energy. katie stads in the film "hell or high water," with chris pine and yef bridges out this weekend. still to come, mariah carey breaks big news to "e.t." >> nobody said it was possible but i did it. >> what she's only telling us about a new tr role plus our john legend exclusive giving up new details on his baby, his super model wife and his almost perfect be home life. >> that is ahead. first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which oscar winner got her start on a who's the boss spinoff? halle incredible bladder protection in a pad this thin, i didn't... ...think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet for bladder leaks, the super...
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12:52 am
looking fabulous in her bikini. >> you look so sexy. >> this is a new part of my ensemble collection. you know, a bathing suit. >> it's gorgeous. >> can you at least give us one tip how you maintain this discipline when you're abroad. >> i just have to eat the saborg food all the time. i was trying to get in water workouts this year. >> i know you love tuna tartar. >> i got sick of that. i had to move on. >> it's mariah's world. we're just in awe of it, lounging aboard her private yacht while fiance james packer hangs out on his. it's not easy. people always think you make crazy demands. >> do you have theme music when you enter a restaurant. >> there's a great restaurant here called aurora.
12:53 am
one of my favorite places in the world. they have their own play list. i've i've been there so many times. somebody there made a play list of my songs that i like better than the play list that i have. i was there and i was like can we get this one. >> do you have your own wine flown from france for your special restaurant. >> sure, we do that every day. that's how it is. i have to have my wine. please, don't believe it. >> one thing we do know, her twins monroe and moroccan are just as posh as she is. >> last time we talked i said mom and you corrected me and said mummy. >> they call me mummy with an english accent. and then or they call me mama. >> mama mariah is hard at work back in the studio recording a new album with jermaine dupri including new music she will be performing at hersey czar palace
12:54 am
residency. >> i've brought the i'll of capri to vegas. it's fak. nobody thought it was possible but i did it. >> we're excited about her long awaited guest spot on empire" reuniting her with her close friend lee daniels. she is working on new music for her episode in which she plays kitty, a megasuperstar. >> a major question that will come is the part going to be. >> it's not mariah carey. >> my role in pressure it's not, no. >> we're somewhere this middle. >> i had a couple conversations. i think he's going to be pretty glamorous. i don't know. we'll see. we'll e. >> mimi, we would not expect anything less. and yes, she is a diva but she does it in such a playful way we love her for it. carly found her to be smart, funny and a great mom. clearly, carly, she hits the motherload going to visit italy with mimi. >> no kidding.
12:55 am
hanging out off the coast of capri. now we're hanging out with another musician, john legend singer turned producer and activist is a new dad to luna with super model cristy teigen. he's dishing all to kevin about fatherhood. ♪ all of me >> did you actually understand how much you would love luna once she arrived? >> you never know what it's going to feel like till it happens. i was excited. this wasn't an accident. this is something we had been trying to have a baby for a while. so i was pretty excited from the beginning. once she came out and she was a real thing we could hug and love and see her develop, it's a pretty powerful emotion to see the product of your love right there in front of you. >> that really could be a lyric from one of his songs. wouldn't you know it, he's already written almost an entire new album just for luna. >> i couldn't help but write about it. i was writing songs about her before it was born.
12:56 am
it inspired one of the most beautiful songs on the album. the song is kind of questioning what are you going to be like when you grow up? will you look like me or your mom? will you take on these traits or those and thinking about the world she's coming into and how she'll move in the world. >> right now her world is going through big changes. john and krissy are in the middle of remodeling the $14 million mansion they bought from rihanna. >> our house is still like frustrating. >> you want to mover in and it's not ready. everybody knows when it goes over budget and it goes over time and no matter how expensive it is, it's more expensive than they said it was going to be. we're dealing with the same thing on a different scale. ♪ glory, glory >> now here's a look at how fatherhood influenced john. speaking on a panel at the and you lock your potential event. songwriter superproducer of the
12:57 am
inspiring drama "underground," he shared how he's trying to inspire change one project at a time. john wants to make the world better not just for his child but for children everywhere. >> why is #free america so important? >> in america, we are the most incarcerated country on the planet. if we want to live in a truly free country, we can't be the leader in locking people up. >> explains to me how you manage everything in your life right now. >> we're moving into a new house. just had a baby. i'm just finishing my new album. i'll start touring eventually. there's a lot of work to be done. you realize wlaur work is for. for me family is still most important. ♪ all of me >> i hear that, and i totally agree. one of john's latest projects is a movie about president and mrs. obama's first date. >> that's so cute. it's called "southside with you," and the new trailer for it debut this had week.
12:58 am
12:59 am
travel consideration provided by -- >> this is jennifer who told people her beauty secret. cold water. this is courtney who escapes to the spa and michele who swears by good lighting. these are people's beauty tips from the world's most beautiful. people, the details make the story. look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. danny bonaduce is 57, mila kunis 33, steve martin. which oscar winner got her start on a who's the boss spinoff? she played emily franklin in the short lived series "living dolls." halle berry is celebrating turning 50 this weekend and looking fantastic. happy birthday to everybody. >> monday on "e.t." >> i was not a big dancer. >> the eva longoria wedding photos you haven't seen. plus, j-hud's hairspray secret.
1:00 am
that's mondays. >> we're almost out of time. for all the hollywood news, go to our website, >> before we go, check out the new video featuring zayn malik. >> it's from the british electronic video the former one direction has been collaborating a lot lately. >> enjoy this video and everyone, the rest of your weekend. bye. ♪ your body hurts me ♪ you say it so sweet such a fool giving all my love for you ♪ ♪ girl such a fool for giving up on ♪ ♪
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here. dear fellow citizen,
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i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. the weekend "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i had a really hard time holding it together. >> michael phelps olympic glory while ryan lochte finds love. >> i want a best friend and i love her. >> part of our good week, bad week, including leslie jones
1:03 am
cheers for team usa's fab five. >> then anne hathaway cuts off mommy shamers right at the knees. >> i'm so private. i'm like, i don't want to have to shut people down about this. >> how the hollywood stars are empowering mothers everywhere. >> media scrutiny. >> why jamie dornen can't stand his award-winning bottom. >> i hate my ars. >> plus. >> hugh honored were you to appear on mrs. obama's snapchat. >> i did. >> meryl streep's snapchat tutorial. she may be in over her head. >> is that the thing they do with sexting? >> yes. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. >> welcome to the "insider." >> we are tracking the biggest stories in hollywood starting withure good week, bad week. >> it was a good week for greatest olympian of all time, michael phelps. >> had a really hard time holding it together.
1:04 am
>> thursday he collect this had 22nd gold medal beating ryan lochte in the 200-meet ter individual medley. the next day on "today," it was a lot for his son boomer. >> it was amazing, to be able to share it with boomer, it's really neat. >> while the end of the week was bad for ryan, life is good on a personal level with girlfriend plain boy playmate caila ray reed. during their time together in rio, he snap this had shot of them with his parents. >> what's it like in rio right now? tell the truth. >> you know, i can't -- >> that stutter says it all. the two had been linked for months leading up to our interview with him in july. as for how they met, the playmate told the, "he was on tinder. i might be on tinder. that's all i'm going to say about it." >> in terms of what he's looking for in a partner is ripped straight from the pages of a romance novel. >> i want a best friend and a lover. i want a best friend.
1:05 am
just being able to sit at like a nice restaurant and just being able to talk. take a walk, go for ice cream or something so simple. >> and ryan also revealed what he feels is his strongest feature. >> i think it's my eyes. they say like my eyes are very -- they're just like >> it was also a good week for the golde gmd winning u.s. women's gymnastics team. they know what matter most in case of an emergency as simone biles documented a false alarm fire drill. >> we're all right. we got the medals. also having a good week, rio's most enthusiastic commentator leslie jones. >> i just watched usa win a gold and silver medal.


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