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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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parts of louisianna under state of emergency right now, as flood waters keep rising. tens every thousands of people have been rescued. we are live in baton rouge with a look at the devestation. >> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. those floods are part of what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute. >> as soon as today, a jury of six men and six women could begin deciding the fate as
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state attorney general kathleen kane. >> it was actually great to go to the bathroom, to wash up. >> the water is finally back on for residents in west philadelphia. a water main break caused some to go 12 hours in this heat without any running water. >> milwaukee police have arrested more people after a second night of unrest over a police officer shooting and killing a black man. >> when i woke up, there was 5 feet of water in my house. >> president obama has now declared four parishes in louisianna major disaster areas, after historic flooding . >> can bolt catch him? here he is. stillions vince recall. hussein bolt. >> i run like that. >> will you had you. >> for my afternoon jog. >> i run like that away from you. just kidding. >> i just got pack from vacation. >> i know, but i want to make you feel at home. lots going on today.
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we will check in with katie on the dangerous heat. meisha with the latest on the roads just ahead, of course, first, president obama has declared four louisianna parishes major disaster areas, after historic flooding. >> at least five people have died. done champion live in baton rouge where more rain is on the way, don? >> reporter: good morning, jim, brooke. people across this region are waking to up scenes like. >> this take a look behind me. water still filling this roadway hine me on the other side over here, there is a car that stalled here, yesterday, in just a matter of hours, lives destroyed here over the weekends, and some waterways here are still rising. >> flood watt verse shown little mercy on south louisianna, torrential rains over the weekend left entire neighborhoods underwater. from the air to coast guards, flushed people from the top of their houses. on the ground, the national guard picked up people stranded in high water. in all, the governor says, emergency workers rescued more
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than 20,000 people in the state. >> i'll be taken care of, but over here -- >> this morning, 10,000 flood victims are waking up in shelters. films like the twilight saga were shot here at celtic studios, overnight, flood victims were busted to sound stages here, to spend the night. >> i'm just going to take one day at a time. >> elvin they had up pushing a cart every his belongings, rescued by boat from his home. >> turn your back for a second, and you got water. >> major highways like i12 were also shutdown, and some drivers were even stranded on the road for more than 24 hours. >> very crazy, never experienced anything like. >> this hopefully don't have to do it again. >> a federal emergency declaration was granted to help people in the hardest hit areas, as the water begins to recede in some places, the state's governor warned, the danger is far from over.
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and back out her life now, there are count list road closures, still in place, in this area, because of water like this, in fact, one of the major highways is still shut down because of water on the roadway. jim, brooke, one of the things, one of the things that caught many people hereby surprise, over the weekend, was that places that had never flooded before, flooded this go-around. >> wow, thanks for that report, don. >> meanwhile, here at home, we're in the grips every dangerous heat. >> we are. katie here with more. you know, hot weekend, people forget a lot of times it is dangerous. >> absolutely, and i think now that we are into august, it is okay, we've had couple of heatwaves, we made it through those, you can't let your guard down. easy to do that when you have gone through it couple of times, but different heatwaves produce different extremes. so you have to just keep in mind, you want to pay attention to your body. if you feel like you might need to take a break, please do that. meanwhile we get you out there. show you what's happening on
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storm scan. not heck of a lot. wet weather moves in tomorrow specially. we will talk more about that throughout the show. your current temperature readings upper 70s currently along the shore points, even in philadelphia, at the international airport, at 77 currently. so we will have no problems spiking right back up to the mid 90s. the philadelphia corporation for aging has heat line going today. for heat index values that spike to the low triple digits, again, if you feel the need, give them a call. (215)765-9040 is the number. and they'll walk you through what you need to do. and also, come out to your house and help you out if you need to do. that will hot, humid like we mentioned, high of 93, again, can't go by it, expect it will feel hotter, stray shower, thunderstorm comes along with this, but not everyone gets hit and our uv index all the way to up 59. so if you do have a pool, and lucky enough to take a dip, make sure you have that waterproof sun glass ready to go. >> good morning, everyone, hammy monday, looking out on the roadways, 309 north at the
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turnpike, want to give you couple of quick views before we get into something little more serious, schuylkill tail light moving in the eastbound direction, past university, looking okay, we are certainly starting to heat up in new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road approaching 295. what you are being look at there. now i want to pull your attention to fatal accident, you guys, in philly right now. two people have been transported to the hospital as well. sixty-six avenue between bouvier street and ogontz avenue, all lanes block, obviously, because of this. so, use your best discretion. i wouldn't go anywhere near this area if you have to go around this area, you will have to use this alternate six ' avenue or 67th avenue, again, very serious accident here. also, we've just kind of had a string of problems this morning, so given yourselves extra time. we also have a downed pole in royersford, linnfield trap road between lewes road and twp. line road. all lanes blocked, you'll have to use this alternate, as well, to get around limerick center avenue will be your best bet, jim, over to you. >> the time 5:36. in business news this morning,
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what florida needs to do to stay in the beer business. >> also, you're about to find out what's ahead for the week on wall street. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, welcome back to you, as well, from barcelona, right? >> reporter: yes, exactly, i was in spain for ten days, but the good news is at least the hours are somewhat similar. so i'm actually well adjusted right now. good morning, brooke, jim, so we'll see if stocks can continue their record run this week. on friday the dow pulled back slight i from its record high fell 37 points, nasdaq gained four-point, which means it closed at a new record. >> there is a lot on the agenda this week on wall street. target and wal-mart reported recent earnings. wednesday the fed will release from its july meeting, investors looking for clues about any future interest rate hikes. j.c. penney reporting smaller lost in the second quart earl, which is a sign the department store is making a come back after years of falling sales. j.c. penney said it is seek a
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lot of expanded when it sephora beauty business, and appliance sales. florida thinking beyond oranges and grapefruit and tapping into the exploding craft bare business, farmers in the state have started growing hops, as a bacterial disease, it is iconic citrus industry. florida traditionally considered too hot and how many toyed grow hops. researchers have started to develop some plans that work with this climate. brooke, jim? >> always good to have a plan b. thanks so much, jill. check in with you tomorrow. >> we have breaking news just into the news room, as meisha has been mentioning, update, one person is dead sadly and two others have been returned to the hospital after this crash. it happened near 66th avenue and north 18th street in west oaklane. police have not yet said what caused the crash but we do know it involves two cars and ended with one flipped on it side. we're told that two people taken to the hospital have non-life threatening injuries.
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>> in other news, charges are pending against two women after bensalem police say they left a baby girl in the back seat of a car. police got the tip after child left behind in the car in the target parking lot on rock hill drive. we're told the infant fortunately will be okay. police say the woman and aunt and grandmother told them they forgot the baby. >> "eyewitness news" has a full resource guide on how to stay cool during this dangerous heat. just visit >> and autopsy is expected today for a camden man who died over the weekend in carbon county pennsylvania. it appears he was struck by lightning. authority say 38 year old jose lopez hernandez died early sunday at lehigh valley cedar crest. lopez, and two other people, struck while swim nag lake at belt ville state park. he managed to get out of the water but quickly fell un respond i have. there is no word on the condition of the other two victims. >> authorities in maryland have found a fifth body in the wreckage of an apartment build that exploded last week.
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>> this happened last wednesday, in silver spring, eight people including two children, are unaccounted for. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. resident report smelling the odor of gas prior to the blast. debris from the blast has been found more than a mile away. well, still ahead: bad news for tourists, we'll tell you why one national monument is shutdown. >> plus, adele turned down pretty big gig. why she said no to performing half time at the superbowl. >> residents in bucks county hold roadside rally demanding blood tests a mid water safety concerns. we'll hear from them just ahead. stay with us.
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i have to tell you instead every hello, adele says good-bye to the superbowl. the grammy award winning singer told fans at her concert in los angeles over the weaken she was offered a half time perform and the slot but she turned it down. adele says the superbowl half time show is not about music, it is about the performance, and she is not beyonce, and she can't dance. but she did say it was kinds superbowl organizers to make the offer. i have to tell you, one of my favorite twitter people, he said he pointed out that self awareness is a really good
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trait to have. i appreciate that, adele. congratulations to phillies own funny man, kevin heart. the comedian tied the knot to his long time girlfriend, shared these photos of the wedding, the couple said their i do in front of family and friend at a lavish ceremony california. his two children, from previous marriage were right by his side. his son was even his best man. >> really great picture. and got to tell you, this could be your chance to be on tv. listen up. join cbs-3 at sugarhouse casino thursday for daytime drama casting call, going on from noon until 3:00, men and women all 18 years olan older are invited for chance to audition for upcoming episode for either the young and the restless or the bold and the beautiful. two stars from the young and the restless, will be at sugarhouse to meet and greet
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fans. for more information go to random -- probably told you already on this show, i was name after brooke on the bold and the beautiful. do you remember brooke? >> oh, my. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> i'm doing my soap opera stair right now. >> when i tried to smile and -- i just look like i snapped something bad. >> you're right. that look. >> that look going into a commercial. >> let me see it? >> you see? you can do the single eyebrow. >> i think two zoo lander and the rock. >> all right. >> that may be what he's actually going for? >> as we switch gears here, back into the heat again here today. in more sun than anything, but maybe scattered shower or thunderstorm, not everyone gets hit by that. beautiful sunrise underway. we will take you on out there. live neighborhood network,
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outside kutztown area middle school, currently 69 degrees, not too much of a winds out there either. it is not horribly humid. we definitely have seen worse days than this. in terms of the humidity. but it is still going to be another day where we are cooking away here in the sunshine. so it will be another hot day regardless. so let's go ahead, take you out to the eyewitness weather watcher network. pretty decent warmth out there this morning, keep it to i-95, and as we go just south of the city, dave bradley report nice clear sky in essington, at 75 degrees this morning, back into town, wondering about this humidity, though, i know, been with us, apparently he's been on vacation, now headed back it vaguest for some dry weather, i know, never the heat, it is the humidity, right? meanwhile further up in the pike here, actually just across the river where sandra is reporting nice clear sky, as well, in burlington. we go to one more, a little bit further in, all 75's across the board this morning, ed connor report the same with nine # 3% humidity in chesterfield. moving along next after our
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beautiful cut town shot, we take a look here at storm scan3, which is still basically keeping us in the midst of high pressure, but off to the west see this heavy blob of rain and thunderstorms. that is the area of low pressure that will bypass us to the north tomorrow. but, that's my terrible arrow drawing, let me just remind you, by it the north, see cold front get drawn through the area. finally breaks the worse of the heat. so today with highs in the low to mid 90s, elevated humidity, makes it feel as hot as 102. take it easy out there, drink plenty of fluid. water the beverage of choice. keep it to the nine 90s until wednesday, excessive heat warning until tomorrow. wednesday transition time. humidity starts to drop off. thursday and friday still warm, meisha, a but back to the sunshine, and humidity wiped clean. >> thank goodness for. that will we could all use some relief. thanks, katie, good morning, everyone, all right, so very busy morning in the worlds of travel. right to t disable vehicle here, route one southbound at
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fox street, not going to cause too many slow downsment make note it is there. it will get busy every monday do you. near broomall, starting to heat up moving in the southbound direction, northbound direction, actually looking pretty good. delaware county 95 north at 452, take it all the way up to the airport what you are working with, not too dollars with a. everyone still traveling at posted speeds there. now, i want to pull your attention to something very severe. we do have fatal crash here, in philly, two more people have been transported to the hospital. talking about this up at the desk, as well, this is the road, 66 avenue between bouvier street and ogontz avenue, all lanes are block, you will have to use an alternate to navigate around this. if you can stay away interest this area you absolutely want to. obviously crews are out there, people out there on foot. use alternate, 65th avenue or 67th avenue if you have to go around this area. just know it is going to be very slow moving. i can tell you right now, these types of crashes, never get easier to report on, very tough stuff. we also have a downed peel in royersford, all lanes are block here, you will have to use alternate.
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linnfield trap road between lewes road and twp. line road. alternate, limerick center road. >> funeral prayer services will be held today for a new york city mom and his assistant. the pair were gunned down at point blank range saturday in queens. surveillance video captures the crime. we have chosen not to show the shooting it selfment you can clearly see the gunman walking up behind the men, pointing a weapon, then kindly walking away after firing. the 55 year old iman and associate sarah had just left their afternoon prayers. operations at new york's jfk airport back to normal after reports of shots fired last night, forced evacuations of two terminals at the airport. a search by port authority police turned up no firearms, and no ammunition, police are still present in the terminals to continue a security sweep. >> park officials say they're hopeful the washington monument can reopen today, and that's after they closed it over the weekends because the
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elevator got stuck. it happened when the elevator cast was about 490 feet in the air saturday. seventy-three people had to get out, using the stairs. a circuit breaker is to blame for the issue. >> dozens of people want free blood tests in the wake of water con testimony nation in montgomery and bucks county. as "eyewitness news" reporter joel holden reports, these people think the contamination may be behind an unusual number of cancer cases. >> on this steamy hot roadside, there are stories every mystery illnesses and unusual cancers. >> my daughter err and i both have kidney abnormalities. >> told stage five kidney cancer and good chance she wasn't going to make it. >> rene's daughter felicia, fought kidney cancer for years. she admits felicia only narrowly defeat philadelphia after numerous chemo and radiation treatments. today police say she is health which three quarters of single kidney intact. >> now my 11 year old is afraid that from drinking
5:51 am
water shoe can he die. >> concerned staff from the revelation this spring that operations at the nearby closed naval base and other government facilities contaminated public and private wells. the navy has taken responsibility. but people hearsay it is not enough. they want blood screenings for those who live here and they want the navy to foot the bill. >> my aunt in warminster has rare bladder cancer. makes you think. >> so the question becomes why not offer that blood screening? republican congressman, michael fitzpatrick out here, he says he is confident it will get done. >> very sincere, but very wrong. >> division of the cdc has indicated blood tests wouldn't yield data that is useful, and the congressman disagrees, and calls a blood test a basic right. >> the thing is, joe, all of the representatives, democrat, republican, congressional, state house delegation, all united, in the demands that it be cleaned up, public wells be cleaned up. >> meanwhile many skeptical. why not over widespread blood
5:52 am
tests? >> my concern at this point is to get our water safe to drink. >> parent say they expect the government to do what's right, and want help uncovering the damage many say is already done. in huntingdon valley, joe holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> still ahead. we will show you a record setting attempt. >> we'll i can you -- take to you this when we come back.
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wait until you see this, a crowd made up of men, women and children, all came together to beat a record, having the most rosey the riveter look alikes. >> one place. >> all happened in california, 2,270 took part, and did manage to break the records, also, real life rosey's there, they also spoke about how their industrial jobs helped the allies win world war ii. >> those working with the war, because the guys were out getting shot at. >> i think should get the record, anything that did a great job. i'm glad i'm still living today to see it, because 70
5:56 am
years -- >> thank you to those ladies for their service, the records was previously set in michigan at world war ii bomber plant. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", new video just into our news room, police storming jfk airport after reports of gunfire. >> and did you know us fighter eddie alvarez is in kensington? our own pat gallen was brave enough to step into the ring with him, and tips on how to become a strong fighterment all next.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> the excessive heat warning for our area has been re-issued. which means, we're stuck with the dangerous heat and humidity for awhile longer. katie will let us know when we'll finally see some relief. >> and, we have new video this morning of protests on the street of milwaukee. it is all after a police officer shot and killed a man. officers say was armed. we'll show you where things stands this morning. >> and happening today, closing arguments are scheduled in the kathleen kane perjury trial watch pennsylvania's attorney general is facing, if she's convicted. >> well, today is monday, august the 15th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are keeping
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an eye on things this morning, good morning. >> yes, good morning, you guys, jim, welcome back from your crews, just waking up, good to have you back here, i can tell you on the roadways, world of travel, guys, very busy morning, weaver fatal crash out there we will be covering. i know we've been talking, a lot going on. we'll talk about it in a minute. >> as far as the weather goes, more of the same, the heat continues, as you mentioned, excessive heat warning now reissued. actually lasts us until toll tomorrow morning. for now, i will say of some of the days that we've had to experience as of late with the humidity specially in the morning, this isn't terrible. it is an okay start to the day here. outside we go to middle township high school, beautiful view, 75 degrees here in cape may courthouse, not even cloud out there. so it is a pretty start. as you might imagine, storm scan very, very quiet. there may be spotty shower or thunderstorm today, but it will really be it. let's talk heat here, excels i have heat warning still in place for i95 and all of the counti


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