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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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an eye on things this morning, good morning. >> yes, good morning, you guys, jim, welcome back from your crews, just waking up, good to have you back here, i can tell you on the roadways, world of travel, guys, very busy morning, weaver fatal crash out there we will be covering. i know we've been talking, a lot going on. we'll talk about it in a minute. >> as far as the weather goes, more of the same, the heat continues, as you mentioned, excessive heat warning now reissued. actually lasts us until toll tomorrow morning. for now, i will say of some of the days that we've had to experience as of late with the humidity specially in the morning, this isn't terrible. it is an okay start to the day here. outside we go to middle township high school, beautiful view, 75 degrees here in cape may courthouse, not even cloud out there. so it is a pretty start. as you might imagine, storm scan very, very quiet. there may be spotty shower or thunderstorm today, but it will really be it. let's talk heat here, excels i have heat warning still in place for i95 and all of the counties that flank it here,
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that again lasts now until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. the current temperature reading, meanwhile, in the low and mid 70s, generally around the board, flirting with 80 in wildwood, and actually little cooler by comparison to mount pocono. again, pretty okay start to the day here. comfortably mild generally speaking, but certainly tad humid, as well. that continues to be the story with just stray afternoon or evening thunderstorm, for us later on today, we will still be baking away under that sunshine. the high hit 93 degrees, officially, but, again, you have got to factor in the heat. it will likely feel as hot as low trip ill digit for yet another afternoon. >> yikes. katie, thank you so much. well, good morning, everyone, and happy monday. in the world of travel, right now, i will show you three live cameras, you can get kind of overview what it looks like out there, then into some of the more serious stuff. what we are looking at right now vine st. at 24th both directions, actually looking okay, starting to see little brake light maybe go off in the eastbound side, overall, on the vine, you are looking okay, ben franklin bridge, same story, gorgeous shot here of the ben franklin bridge, so
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for those of you coming it into jersey looking fairly quiet actually still on the ben franklin bring. dis able vehicle route one southbound at fox street pulled all the way over, not causing too many slow downs, still see cars wizzing on by. do have accident atco new jersey clifford avenue between fourth and fifth street. make note of that. it is kind of smaller street, so not going to slow you down, make note it is there if you are in the area. where i want to pull your attention, talking fatal accident in philly this morning, two more people, involved in this accident, have been transported to the hospital. sixty-six between bouvier street and ogontz avenue, all rained are blocked. alternate 65th or 67th avenue. overall more coming up in ten minute including lane blockages that have all lanes blocked because of a downed pole. brooke, over to you. >> update on protest ins milwaukee after police officer shot and killed a man. officer say a car was set on fire, they say they've areas dollars people and an officer is in the hospital.
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>> i hereby declare this to be unlawful. hereby order you to disperse. >> reporter: protests in milwaukee intensifying into monday morning, shot fired in multiple locations. police say they used armored vehicle to rescue one shooting victim who was returned to the hospital. an officer was also hospitalized after rocks were hurled at a squad car, shattering the windshield. the violence coming after 17 arrested previous evening, torching several businesses including gas station, the theory that errupted saturday came hours after the police shooting death of 23 year old seville smith. police say smith and another person took off on foot after being pulled over at a traffic stop. one officer opened fire when police say smith ignored orders to put down his gun, a gun that police say was loaded. milwaukee mayor tom barrett said police camera footage showed incident and smith holding the gun. as when the public will see the image, that's not clear. >> i don't think anybody in the country released a camera
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of an officer shoved shooting in 24 or 36 hours. i think chicago set the modern record within a week. >> beyond the footage protesters say issues of violence, inequality, oppression needed a dressing, too, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> in other news, president obama declares four louisianna parishes as major disaster areas after historic flooding, at least five people have died, more than 20,000 were rescued from rising waters. another 10,000 are in shelters, main lip in the baton rouge area. unclear when they will be able to return to their home. this is all the result of heavy rain hitting the area and more rain is on the way. we're live in baton rouge with a look at the devestation in just about 30 minutes. >> the jury in the trial of pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, could get the case today. >> it is back to the court this morning, for closing arguments, on charges of perjury, and obstruction. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, good morning, justin. >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning, when kathleen kane
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comes to court today she will come to court knowing jury had soon decide her fate. a jury that never got a chance to hear from her. kane refused judge's offer to take the stands friday saying, quote, i don't feel like i need to testify. that same day, the reporter whose article helps spawned the investigation testified, but siting state reporter shield laws never gave up the source for the secret grand jury findings, reference dollars in his article. the focus, now deceased ex-philadelphia naacp president jerry mondesire, the reporting centers on the grand jury probe into month sire's finances, though, he was never charged. mondesire's fiancee took the stand friday, calling the report damaging, and saying, it factored into mondesire's failing health before his october 2015 death. the prosecution and defense later rested with defense never calling a witness. kane's team insists that leak now tied to her was done for a transparency, and not to go
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after a prosecutor believed to have first leaked details to the press about her. kane's defense lawyer has remained tight-lipped. >> now the next stage, had wonderful comment on this, particularly sensitive point at the time, and we'll see what happens. >> back live, we'll all see what happens at 8:30 this morning whether court resumes here at the norristown court howls. of course, kane accused of leaking grand jury information to the press, and then lying about it under oath. she also faces misdemeanor corruption and obstruction charges, she's also has her law license revoked and all of this kane is the first woman and first democrat elected attorney general in pennsylvania. she is not seeking re-election. jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks, justin. >> happening today, we may learn more about the murder-suicide involving a family of five in berks county. authorities will hold a press conference at the berks county
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ago all center at 1:00 this afternoon, on august 6, mark short, his wife megan and their their children were found shot to death inside their home in singing spring. investigators say megan posted on facebook that she was planning on leaving her husband over abuse. >> new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for a man who shot and woman in a van in frankford. investigators say she told them the man came out after alley then walk up to the van parked at wakling and saul street and started shooting. the woman is in stable condition. officer found the van at wakling and penn. two blocks from the scene of the shooting. police say they're also looking for the man who was with her at the time in the van. they believe he may also be hurt. >> police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 16 year old boy, in kensington. this happened yesterday afternoon, on the 2,000 block of east orleans street. police say the teen was shot once in the back, while inside a car, and he died at the hospital. if you have any information, call police. >> well, vice president joe biden will hit the campaign
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trail for hillary clinton in pennsylvania today. the vice president will hold his first rally for clinton, in his hometown of scranton. biden is expected to declare donald trump the most un informed presidential nominee in history. tomorrow, hillary clinton will make a campaign stop at a west philadelphia high school. >> on the republican side, donald trump is set to discuss his strategy to defeat isis today. that's according to his runningmate, mike pence, trump will layout his plan at young town state university in ohio. campaign officials say that will include working with muslim allies in the middle east and scaling back effort for nation building and spreading democracy in the region. >> a west philadelphia neighborhood has water again. crucifix add broken water main at 61st street and haverford avenue. it broke around 7:00 yesterday morning, and for 12 hours, more than 50 homes and businesses had no running water. despite a heat index of 105, the neighbors took it in stride.
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>> we went to -- my husband went to shoprite, brunn's shoprite, bought gallon of water, and you just make do. when you get lemons, make lemonade. so when you don't have any water, you go buy some water. >> the water department says they gave free water to people who needed it. >> coming up monitoring a situation out west. >> wild fires burn out of control, force thousands of people to evacuate. find out why it is expected to get worse before it get better. >> also, ahead, incredible video of tornado whipping through a capitol city. we'll tell you where this was, caught on camera, and how much damage was left behind. >> and, robbed in rio. we'll show you what us olympic swimmer ryan lochte is saying about getting robbed at gunpoint coming up.
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>> welcome back everyone, the time now 6:12 this morning, out west, more wild fires are forcing california resident to run for their lives. >> hena daniels shows us the fire has destroyed a lot of homes, and on a collision course with more. >> a fast-moving wild fire has destroyed several homes and businesses, in lower lake, california. and, forced thousands of residents to flee. >> it was right there. >> some people are just starting to see the devestation around them. >> this is where it will be all girls, you know? >> our whole life, now all of
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our neighbors, look what they have to come home to. horrible, absolutely horrible. >> we're seeing everything unfortunately burn right now, grass, vegetation, structures, cars, homes, cars. >> on sunday it jumped containment line spreading in several directions at once. the four block strip of main street quickly became ground zero, after dozens of cars, the post office, winery, and a habitat for humanity went up in flames. triple digit temperatures shifting wind and dry brush are making it hard for firefighters to battle the flames. a fire weather watch is in effect for parts of california, through wednesday. hena daniels, cbs news. >> and check out this tornado caught on camera in the philippines, even crazier, it is moving through the capitol city manila. resident captured this time lapse video from the 39th floor of her apartment building, the good news, there were no serious injuries. >> very good news there. wow. terrifying.
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we're dealing with dangerous weather here. and, you know, a lot of time, you know, people don't realize that just hot weather can be deadly. >> absolutely, yes. actually guys, believe it or not, one of the top weather-related killers. that's out there. heat, just because, again, i think you can get kind of just used to the fact that okay, we've seen multiple heatwaves so far this summer. every heatwave can be little different. this one certainly has been extreme. we turn our focus down to the buoy here in the deep south, had torrential downpours, last 48 hours, two days worth, the city of lafayette, morgan sit, have been absolutely clobbered with well over a foot of rain. in some of the spots. it is just been devastating down there, and all of that moisture has now since lifted north, to see the core of the brunt of those really heavy downpours coming now currently just north of the ohio river, that is going to bypass us to the north, but, regardless, still setting ourselves up with a lot of moisture, and by
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tomorrow, potential even for locally damaging storms, especially north of philadelphia here, that will sit in marginal ritz being every thunderstorms here in the city, as well, gusty wind, lightning, primary concerns out of that, again, that's tomorrow. today i think you can see spotty shower, thunderstorm, likely inland, at the shore looks like pretty nice day, high uv index, have the umbrellas ready to go on the beach today. 88 degrees the expected hi, not terribly breezy, also the rip currents risk low, swim near the lifeguards. low 90s continue right through wednesday, that's our transition day. today could still feel like triple digits, tomorrow the same, but by wednesday the humidity starts to drop. and the tail end of the week still warm, but it will be a breath of fresh air for sure. meisha, over to you. >> sure will. thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, looking outside right now, the drive is actually looking okay, but, we've had just a string of problems on the roadways, we will talk about some of those coming up in a little bit. first schuylkill westbound, look at the boulevard, kind of overview shot, moving in the eastbound direction, here. taillights are moving in the
6:16 am
westbound direction. looking okay, i would say, kind of holding steady there, fairly typical for a monday, certainly going to start to see it heat up little bit. we have sun glare out there, especially for those every you moving in the eastbound direction, looking at interstate 95, moving in the southbound direction at girard. looking like it is heating up like we can expect in the 6:00 hour. this is where we have downed pole, in royersford, all lanes block here, linnfield trap road, between lewes road and twp. line road, you will have to use this alternate. limerick center road probably going to be your best bet. and, far more seriously than that, we do have fatal accident here, in philly, two more people have been transferred to the hospital at 66 avenue between bouvier street and ogontz avenue. all lanes are block here, as well, your alternate will be 65th or 67 avenue. more coming up in a little bit. first we take quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness
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>> 4us switchers including lochte were robbed in rio. saying the robbers were posing as police officers, swimmer were inside attacks when it was pulled over. lochte says one of the robbers held a gun to his head and stole his wallet. now, lochte released a statement about the robbery reads in part i want to thank all of pie family, friend and fans, for the overwhelming support and concern i've received today. while it is true that my teammates and i were the victims of a robbery, early sunday morning, what is most important, is that we are safe, and unharmed.
6:20 am
>> what a great day for simone biles, one of the heroes of the rio olympics. it was this team powered biles to her third gold medal of the rio games. she is the first american woman gymnast, to win a gold, has a chance atmore gold later this week when she competes on the balance beam and floor exercises, meanwhile, fastest man in the world successfully defended his title. look at bolt, win gold in his third straight olympic gold medal in the race. team usa's justin gallen won silver. one of the olympics that went off script in rio catching little heat this morning. >> not everybody liked the marriage proposal on the medal stand. happened right after china she won the silver medal in boyfriend, popped the question, we're told, she accepted the proposal, but a
6:21 am
lot of fans say the proposal inch feared with her moment, and he could have waited until after the game. >> i'm with katie. we think this was also her moment. he built on it. >> okay. >> you don't think flow. >> i disagree, he should have wait dollars. soak it all in. >> shocker, we disagree. coming up: why people in our area are demanding flea blood tests. >> plus considered one of the meanest dudes in the ucc. did you know eddie alvarez is from kensington, and he's giving our own pat gallen tips on how to become a strong fighter. >> this can i not miss. >> gorgeous sunrise underway, folks, yet another excessive hot day. there is an end in site. i'll tell when you coming up.
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>> now for a look at newspaper headlines. >> in the press of atlantic city state police say five people were injured in two accident involving personal water craft yesterday in south jersey. four people were injured, in a head-on collision near the 34th street bridge in ocean city, in a separate incident, a woman injured when her personal water craft ran aground in galloway township. >> from the pages of the bucks county courier times, 200 helping hands got busy in
6:25 am
falls this weekend aim to go give a boost to disadvantaged families. volunteers gathered at calgary full gospel church to assemble grocery boxes given out yesterday at the festival in life in kensington. >> twenty-nine children representing the world's 600 million or fanned and at risk youth, thanked newark residents sunday night. children are members of the world orphan choir, hopes to race awareness. looking at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, south carolina, using campaign 2016 as an inspiration for a corn maze. >> looking at overhead view of the maze. it features hillary clinton on one side, donald trump on the other, and the white house in the middle. at the bottom, the word vote. the corn maze will open september 17th. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of eye within news, hundreds of rescues are underway after historic flooding in louisianna. we're live in baton rouge with
6:26 am
a look at the conditions there this morning. plus. this: police storm jfk airport in new york after reports of gunfire, we'll tell you what they found. meisha? >> looking outside, monday morning slow-down, fatal crash in philly, downed pole blocking all lanes in royersford, and another crash in jersey, doylestown, and on the schuylkill, all of that coming up. first we'll take a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-
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6:30 am
>> i hear by declare this assembly to be unlawful. >> milwaukee police arrested more people after a second night of unrest over a police officer shooting and killing a black man. >> the trial of pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, resumes this morning, with closing arguments. >> by day's end, the injury coy get their instructions and begin deliberations,. >> when i woke up, there was 5 feet of water, in my house. >> president obama now declared four parishes' in louisianna major disaster areas, after historic flooding. >> wild fire in northern california, has forced thousands of people to leave their home. >> we're seeing everything, unfortunately, burn right now, grass, vegetation, structures, homes, cars. >> out to left sender field. that's well hit. going back. it is gone! homerun jimmy brady who has
6:31 am
two rbi's two at bat, as the phillies retake the lead. >> a win for the phils, well, another day of dangerous weather is ahead. >> we'll check a weather and traffic in just a moment, first, historic flooding in louisianna. >> four parishes under state of emergency this morning. five people have died, tens of thousands had to be rescued from rising waters. don champion has the story from baton rouge. >> flood waters have shown little mercy on south louisianna, torrential rains over the weaken, left entire neighborhoods, underwater. from the air, the coast guard, left people from the top of their houses, on the ground, the national guard picked up people stranded in high water, in all, the governor says, emergency workers rescued more than 20,000 people in the state. >> overall ... >> this morning, 10,000 flood victims are waking up in shelters, film like the
6:32 am
twilight saga were shot here at celtic studios, overnight, flood victims were busted to sound stage here, to spend the night. >> i'm just going to take one day at a time. >> alvin showed up pushing a cart of his belongings, and he was rescued by boat from his flooded home. >> grab your bag and start running in, you got water. >> major highways like i12 also shutdown, and some drivers were even stranded on the road for more than 24 hours. >> very crazy, we never experienced anything like this. hopefully don't have to do it again. >> a federal emergency declaration was granted to help people in the hardest hit area, as the water begins to recede in some places, the state's governor warned, the danger is far from over. >> now, that was done champion reporting from baton rouge. now, we also saw some rain and storms mover through the area last night, but, we're not showing anything that severe. >> but the heat is severe in our area. katie, waist going snob. >> absolutely, and continues
6:33 am
to be for another day or two before we start to see things easing up, for now, as you had mentioned, excessive heat warning in effect, at this point it includes only i-95, and all of the counties that flank us, so we go to the graphics here and show you what we are talking about here specifically, into west central new jersey, southeast most pennsylvania, and then new castle county, that's where the core of this heat will continue to be. but the excessive heat warning continues now until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. so, it can, again, continue to get extended here, storm scan # nice and quiet. see the little blips show up on the tail end of the radar, looking at more sun than anything, sometimes the radar can pick up on things that may look like rain on the radar, but actually not. meanwhile, feels currently like very close to what the thermometer actually reads, even though dew points are hi, not terribly oppressive. it actually feels like the 70s in most spots, which isn't terrible for august. meanwhile, we look ahead at the rest of the day, and we do expect to hit the 90s again for yet another day, feeling more like the low triple digits, the height of the afternoon, so, that red bar,
6:34 am
that's where you are finding the heat inch deck values, not as bad, by wednesday, that's our transition day, that's when we start to see the worse of this going by the wayside. in the meantime, ex sievert heat still with us, kick start yet another week, heavy thunderstorms also returning, to our forecast, i'll tell when you coming up. again, some relief finally waits in the wings, and i'll tell when you you can expect to finally get the breath of fresh air that we've been so longing to have, that's coming up a bit later in the show. >> wednesday can't come quit enough. good morning, everyone, happy monday, looking outside gorgeous shot here of the schuylkill westbound past the vine. actually where we just had an accident, one of a string of accident that we've seen this morning, again, this is where an accident just cleared, the schuylkill westbound, past the vine. still looking very busy out in the distance, head headlight moving in the westbound direction. and, you can also see, the sun is up now. causing some sun up slow downs, some areas, especially for those of you moving in the eastbound direction. and 59 south at cottman, see what it is looking like here, you come around the s curve
6:35 am
see it is looking very slow, no learning traveling at posted speeds, we expect that at around 6:30, we typically start to see the slow downs start so show. accident here in doylestown, at route 611, edison furlong road, another one, atco new jersey clifford avenue between fourth and fifth streets. again, like i've said, been covering accidents all morning, the most serious one, being this one right here, in philly, this is a fatal crash, 66 avenue, between bouvier street and ogontz avenue, two more people have been transported to the hospital. all lanes are still currently blocked, you will have to use alternate, your best bet will be six ' or 67th avenue, to navigate around this, if you avoid this area altogether, you certainly want to do so, crews are still out there. and, also, just reminder of new regional rail schedules, be sure to check the schedules on line, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. aunt and grandmother face charges after allegedly leaving a child in a hot car in bensalem. authority say an offer duty philadelphia police officer spotted the infant alone in
6:36 am
the car, parked outside the target store, on rock hill drive. the child is expected to be okay, police say the two women told them they forgot the baby was in the car. the council on islamic american relations will announce a $10,000 reward today, that's for information leading to the arrest of a person who killed a new york city mom and his associate. the 55 year old had just left the moss being they were shot on saturday. nearby surveillance video captured the whole thing, a witness heard five shots. >> so my uncle, good guy, why somebody shoot him, i don't know. >> i saw the police, already there, surround the place, and took the person in the ambulance. >> you have a gunman on the loose who can shoot your family at any time. >> witnesses were able to provide police with enough after description of the gun noon create a sketch. police have not yet said what motivated the murder, but the
6:37 am
mosks community worries it was a hate crime. funeral and prayers will be held today in brooklyn. police in georgia continue their manhunt for the suspect in the killing after police officer, investigators have identified him as raheem deeds. they say eastman patrol officer tim smith, was responding to a suspicious person call on saturday, when he encountered the suspect, got out of his patrol car and was shot. >> police have given the all clear at new york jfk airport after reports of gunfire. the home video caught the moment passenger thought they heard shots inside a terminal. police ordered everyone down, then evacuate dollars two terminals. a search turned up no firearms, ammunition or shell cases, no one hurt but some flights were canceled or diverted to other airports. >> authorities in maryland have found a fifth body in the wreckage of apartment building that exploded last week. it happened last wednesday, in
6:38 am
silver spring, eight people including two children are unaccounted for. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. people report smelling the odor of gas, prior to the blast, and debris from the blast has been found more than a mile away. >> closing arguments are scheduled this morning in the trial of pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. last week, she chose not to testify, or put defense witnesses on the stand, at her perjury and obstruction trial. her lawyers say they don't think the government has proven it case. >> dozens of people want free blood tests in the wake of water contamination in month i go running and bucks county. line the road outside the navy recruiting office yesterday. asking the golf to foot the bill for the test. their concerns come after chemicals from the mere by naval base contaminated public and private wells. people suspect the contamination may be behind an unusual number of cancer cases. >> my daughter and i both have kidney abnormalities. >> my aunt in warminster, has rare bladder cancer.
6:39 am
makes you think. >> people say they've been dealing with contaminated water issues for years, and hope the government covers the cost of these blood tests. >> well, up next in the health watch: an unexpected benefit of eating low-fat. >> and if you have ever dreamed of walking onto a soap opera set, you have chance at making that dream a reality. we will tell you about an audition happening right here in philly this week, and show you how you can meet two stars from the hit show, the young and the restless. plus this: >> i'm pat gallen. and i am learning usb fighting was one and only chance eddie alvarez, and he is killing me right now, more when we come back. adele turns down an offer that most performers jump at. why she is saying good-bye, instead of hello.
6:40 am
coming up. stay with us.
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singer adele says no thank you, to the next superbowl. >> the grammy award winning singer told fans at her concert in los angeles over the weekend she was offered half time performing slot, but she turned it down. adele said the superbowl half time show is not about music, it is about the performance, and she's not beyonce, and she can't dance. but she still said it was kind of superbowl organizers, to make the offer. >> and hey, phillies own funny man kevin heart is off the market. the comedian tied the knot to his long time girlfriend, kevin shared these photos of the wedding, the couple said their i do's in front of family and friend in lavish ceremony in california.
6:44 am
kevin's two children were right by his side, his son was even his best man. >> that's a great family photo. >> now, have you ever felled like were you meant to be on tv? this could be your shot. >> join cbs-3 at sugarhouse casino thursday for a daytime drama casting call. from noon to 3:00. men and women, 18 and older, are invited to audition for a chance to appear in a upcoming episode of either the young and the restless or the bold and the beautiful. two stars from the young and the restless, doug davidson, and steve burton, will be at sugarhouse to meet and greet fans. for more information go to >> i always said the three of us are like a soap opera on this. >> family secrets here, all right. and guys, if you haven't seen it yet, you need to go to jim donovan's twitter page, and look at the picture that he just posted. >> the soap opera stair. >> we recreated what would be our soap opera stairs. it is certainly worth a look
6:45 am
for sure. let me just say that. >> i look like i need to be in a straight jacket. >> oh, no! >> okay, guys, let's talk about the heat. because that continues to be the main weather theme for us obviously, once more, still stuck in temperatures back into the low and mid 90s, some feel hotter than. that eyewitness weather watchers up and adam, taking beautiful pictures, couple of sunrise pictures i want to show you, because it was beautiful one this morning, sent this one in, she is near the mt. laurel area, i believe, and just beautiful colors popping up on the horizon, john jenkins also sending in similar view out near the perkasie area. all beautiful, just, you know, with yellow, blues, just looks so pretty. and just stunning, start to the day here, again there is one sent in to us from phil this morning. i do also want to show you early morning lows we hit, it has been pretty mild start to the day. but we definitely dealt with worse in recent mornings here. william, sent early morning low of 74, barbara hit 71, in willow grove.
6:46 am
phil in chestnut hill area hit 73, and looks like the coolest spot of the pack though was to john in perkasie, little more outlying in the suburbs there, but generally yes nice mild start to the day. but not terribly terribly muggy this morning, so, it has been good start. let's go ahead, take a look at storm scan next, there are changes to track. we are still in the midst of high pressure now, this blob of moisture, actually, what brought or helped to bring some of the serious flooding issues that we saw down in the buoy, across baton rouge, louisianna, lafayette area, but his is all part of larger system. so here is basically your core of low pressure, that is going to bypass us to the north. the trailing front what will be crossing through in the next two days, to actually bring us some relief. so, in the meantime, awesome start to the day. one loan man, if you can even see him here, outside beach patrol headquarters in margate, nice quiet start to the day, beautiful. still little muggy at the shore if that's where your travels take you, looks like great beach day.
6:47 am
latter on the sun block all the way up to ten for uv index. the water temperature on l cool side though. up welling going on, bringing up cool air to the surface, so it may not be quite the type of back water that we've experienced since last week, but regardless, lot of sunshine to heat things up and make you want to take a dip. so the high hits 93 today, tomorrow, feeling like the triple digits again for both days, stronger thunderstorm could rumble in tomorrow by the way, then on wednesday, we transition away from the worse of the humidity, thursday, friday, looking lovely right now, meisha, still warm, but no where near as steamy. >> i was going to say that. all right, katie, thank you. yes, 80s certainly will be welcome treat come about wednesday, thursday. thanks so much, katie. looking outside right now, 95 southbound at girard, what you are looking at there, certainly starting to slow down now, take a look at the sunshine, going to slow you down little bit too. make sure to pack the sunglasses, the vine, moving in the westbound direction, just moments ago, when we were looking at that, look very very slow actually right now it is looking okay, just as you can see brake lights, both
6:48 am
moving in the westbound and eastbound side, kind of holding stead there looking okay. then we have downed pole, royersford, all lanes are block here, linnfield trap road between lewes road and twp. line road, again, you will have to use the alternate, limerick center road probably your best bet. then we have fatal accident here, philly, two people have been transported to the hospital, 66 avenue, between bouvier street and ogontz avenue. all lanes still block there. you will have to use an alternate. sixty-fifth or 67th avenue is probably going to be your best bet. but avoid the area altogether if you can. then, we have another accident in doylestown, edison furlong road at route 611 and also just an update on this for those every how may have missed this, trolley tunnel closed eight p.m. to 5:00 p.m. each night through august 29th. so route ten, 11, 34, 46th trolleys, diverted to 40th and market. >> thanks, meisha a on the health watch this morning, unexpected benefit of eating low-fat. >> diet rich in fruits and
6:49 am
vegtables designed to reduce high blood pressure appears to prevent gout too. doctors at johns hopkins say it can be as effective as medication in lowering uric acid and preventing gout flare ups. the time now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning, charlie roads joins us live. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning, brooke, jim, another night of violence in milwaukee, newest developments after a person was shot overnight. plus a closer look at the reported ties between donald trump's campaign chair, and ukraine. also, this, from homeless to gold medalist, why veteran olympic swimming star urban might not be done in the pool. actor daniel radcliff joins just studio 57, more of that, news back in the morning, see in you about ten minutes. thanks a lot. >> well, it has been a long john. >> i yes, it has, but local star on top of the fighting world. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen steps into the octagon with native alvar z- and wants
6:50 am
a piece of the scene? >> true, do you have stay tuned for this kind of interesting. you guys will like this, it is true, in july alvarez became a champ. recently he spent some time in the ring with me showing me the moves that made him famous. speaking of famous, there is one guy he wants a piece of. >> one of the meanest dudes in the u.s. c was born in kensington and lives in northeast philadelphia. eddie alvarez recently became the usc light weight champion after defeating ralph yell in july. >> a promise fulfilled to all of the philly fans, all of my friends, my family, who i told that this moment would happen. and i told you glow 32 year old concrete finisher said he's become a great fighter because of some of the finest fighters. >> guys like bernard hopkins, guys like joe frazier, some of the best that come from philadelphia, so had a lot of good mentors, a lot of people to look up to. philly is a fighting town. we have fighting roots. and i think it is the best
6:51 am
place to live in if this is what you are trying to do. >> alvarez is on top. and now he wants a piece of another superstar in the ring. no, not connor motorcycle gregor. justin bieber! he's always pushed videos of raps on, be cool to see actually what he can do versus what he posts in the pictures. >> here that, biebs? alvarez wants a piece of you. before he takes on the biebs, the north catholic grad has to help me with my transition from tv reporter, to ultimate fighter. the odds are against him. and me. >> if this tv thing doesn't work out, i was thinking of becoming a ufc fighter. why are you laughing already? it is not funny. if i wanted to, though? three tips and tricks that you can give me. >> all right, there are three parts. kick, punch, take down. so when i punch, i turn, and boom, i get the knock out.
6:52 am
boom, perfect. nice. when i go to kick, if the guy is in front of me i will step a little bit outside his foot, and then i'm going to twist my hip. i call that a putting out a cigarette butt. put that cigarette butt out, boom, don't be afraid. i'm big boy. >> you sure? >> there you go. so i fake like i'm going to punch, i take me lead foot, stub, cut him in half, lower my level and double that. so here i run, and i soup his legs up, i get the take down. nice. >> feel it, dude. >> thanks, brother, i appreciate it. >> i think i will ' stick to tv, ya. eddie, he didn't take it easy on me either. take a look hereby the end of our session. i was bruised and battered. ya, eddie, great guy, though, great guy. >> kick, punch, take down. those are the take aways for
6:53 am
today. >> kick punch take down. >> thanks, pat. >> well, while the olympics are going on in rio, the senior olympics are getting underway across the country. >> one of the big stars of the senior games is 101 year old fred went here lives in michigan. he's taking part in several events including the roo meter and 100-meter dashes. fred said despite his age he's if fine shape. >> i'm up to 100 pushups right now. and speaking of pushups, bing, bing, bing, bing. you know? fast. if you stall you won't make it. >> fred is awesome. senior olympics being run in several areas across the country until later this month, national games in birmingham, alabama next year. >> we'll channel fred during my workouts. >> well, we will be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> it is three to go next.
6:54 am
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>> before you hit the road it is three to go. >> kathleen kane could go to the jury today. closing arguments in her perjury and obstruction trial are scheduled for this morning. >> berks county authorities are expecting to release more
6:58 am
information on the murder suicide after family of five. news conference is scheduled for this afternoon. >> and crews have fix add broken water main in west philadelphia, restoring service to more than 50 homes and businesses around 61st and haverford. and that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> good morning. >> we are once again looking ahead here to pretty hot day. couple of common sense ways to beat the heat, let's go on out to the list if we can. we'll give you sense of how you can take care of yourself. obviously, you want to drink plenty of fluids, water the drink of choice. now would be fantastic time if you are bent on get untiling your jog, do it now, why not? to the terribly hot just yet. also, stay out of the most direct sunlight 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the time that you will that. if you don't have the benefit of air-conditioning, have a fan on, have your windows open. that's critical. wear light and loose fitting clothing. of course, take care of each other. next couple of days how it will feel, guys, clouds,
6:59 am
threat of storm tomorrow, still just so soupy outside. that's why it will feel that hot by wednesday, up to 96. for a feels like, meisha. >> great tips, thanks so much. looking outside, oh, my gosh, look at this, guys. the schuylkill westbound at boulevard, looking very, very slow, just all a bunch of taillights there. so give yourselves extra time, not even moving, looking little bit more like a parking lot. new jersey 42 freeway at north road, approaching 295, what you are looking at there, still traveling at posted speeds you will not be for long, the schuylkill 11 miles per hour, moving in the westbound direction, not going 11 miles per hour. >> thank you, meisha a we can cue the musicment next on cbs this morning, next in campaign 2016 and massive flooding in louisianna. >> of course remember to join us early each weekday morning cbs-3 starting at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, august 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." more than 20,000 people are rescued from rising floodwaters in louisiana. entire neighborhoods are destroyed. president obama declares a major disaster. moments of panic at jfk airport. passengers hearing gunshots. two terminals were evacuated and all flights in and out were diverted or suspended. plus a new report links donald trump's campaign chairman with millions of dollars in off the book payments by a pro party political party in ukraine. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. turn your back one


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