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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, it is still stifling, as the heatwave hangs on. "eyewitness news" at spruce street harbor park, feels little cooler on the water at least. we're in for yet another day of temperatures that will feel like the triple digits. and the heat warning, well, it has been extended. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. it is day six of this latest heatwave. dangerous stretch of weather that's contributed to at least three deaths so far in philadelphia. meteorologist, katie fehlinger, tracking the intense heat for us. any relief in site?
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>> there is, brooke, but it will take us cup ill elf days to get there. heat warning still in effect extended until 6:00 tomorrow. so it is for i95 and all of the counties from new castle up to mercer. basically your urban corridor, through the mouse outlying suburbs, like eastern chester county finds pretty excessive heat, the descriptive word of choice, feels like values right now right at 100 degrees in dover, they have been clobbered with just brutal heat as of late, further south you go the worse off it has been lately. ninety-two what it feels like at philadelphia international airport, as well as allentown, in trenton, wilmington, also feeling like the 90s. so if you look for any relief, you may want to try to go further inland at this point, into maybe some of the more rural terrain here. storm scan3 quiet for now, likely not stay that way, not talking about wash out necessarily but scattered shower, thunderstorms, likely at some point, before the day is all said and done, just heating of the day, typical pop up variety of thunderstorms you tend to see
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on days like this. temperatures should hit low to upper 80s shore to the mountains, in philly expect to officially top off at 93, already does feel at about that level, but technically still in the 80s, how much, it does feel hotter than that, it mariesly feel as hot as 102 before said and done today. so coming up a bit later in the show, i'll tell you when the worse of the heat will break, back over to you. >> thank you so much, katie. well the jury could begin deliberations today in the perjury and obstruction trial of pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. our joel holden is at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown, where closing arguments began this morning. >> reporter: good afternoon, defense attorneys for kathleen kane have spent the entire morning attempting to shred the allegations made against her. now this is a case against revenge, power, political maneuvering, lies, annex-lovers. the sexual questions that kane leaves secret and protected grand jury material then did she lie about it under oath? when questioned by a special
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prosecutor. kane's lawyers claim two central witnesses who testified against her, lied and distorted facts from the stand, to spare themselves from prosecution. kane's attorney said she wanted to get information out about a pattern, of dropped cases and non-prosecutions, under her predecessor. prosecutors have tainted kane as a public official scheming for revenge, out to take down a former rival prosecutor. so the defense just wrapped up their closing arguments, now, we move to the prosecution. this is expected to take a few more hours, and then the judge will release instructions to the jury about how they will proceed under the law, it is possible the jurally have this case by late this afternoon. reporting outside the montgomery county courthouse, joe holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> in other news, we expect to learn more in about an hour about the apparent murder suicide involving a family of five in berks county. authorities will hold a press conference at the berks county agricultural center at 1:00.
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police say mark short, his wife megan, and their three children, were found shot to death inside their home in singing spring on august 6th. investigators say, megan short posted on facebook that she was planning on leaving her husband, over abuse. police hope you can help them track down the armed man who forced an employee of dollar general inside the store, and then forced her to open the store safe. this is surveillance video from the 2100 block of south 23rd street in south philly on august 8th. if you recognize anything about that suspect, please contact police. a 22 year old man is under arrest this noon, after a deadly accident in west oaklane, early this morning. it happened at 66 avenue and north 18th street, about 4:25 this morning. police say the suspect ran a red light and hit a passenger van. the van overturned, in the collision. forty-seven year old woman was killed, two men were returned to einstein hospital. bensalem bucks county authorities say aunt and grandmother could face charges
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after police say they left a baby girl in a hot car. officers found the child in the target parking lot near the marketplace on rock hill drive. the aunt and grandmother tell investigators, they forgot about the baby. we're told the little girl will be all right. in other news, philadelphia police are searching for a gunman in a frankford shooting and they're also looking for one of that gunman's victims. a 22 year old woman, told police, the gunman started shooting while she and a friends were talking inside a van, at wakling and saw streets. that woman was hit twice in the leg and is now in stable condition. police say the van was hit 11 times in the side door, and they suspect the man inside was hit but they haven't been able to find him. >> one person was shot and officers had to use an armored vehicle to retrieve the injured victim during a second protest in milwaukee last night. four deputies were injured including one police officer who was hit by objects being thrown at police. the violence is in response to saturday's fatal police
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shooting of a black man. wisconsin governor scott walker says the state's national guard won't be deployed in milwaukee unless the city's police chief decides to do so. well, police in southern georgia say, a man accused of faithly shooting a police officer has been arrested. authorities say 24 year old raheem del sean deeds killed patrol officer tim smith saturday night. smith was responding to the report of a suspicious person, when he got out of his patrol car, and was shot. authorities in maryland have found fifth body in the wreckage of apartment build that exploded last week. the explosion and fire happened last wednesday in silver spring. eight people in total were missing, including two children. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. people reported smelling the odor of gas, prior to the blast. debris from the blast has been found more than a mile away. the sun is out and shining in louisianna, but flood waters remain high. southern louisianna and mississippi are still recovering from historic
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flooding, brought on by large amounts of rain last week. there are six reported death from flood waters. state officials say, 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes and more than 10,000 are in shelters. slow moving storm system dropped 2 feet of rain in some areas. more than 4,000 people have fled a winds whipped wild fire destroyed more than 100 homes in southern california. it jumped a road and moved into populated areas burning a post office, winery, several other businesses. the area affected still recovering from a wild fire last year. the fire has burned nearly five square miles thankfully, no injuries have been reported . >> well, turning now to campaign 2016, public knowledge that donald trump's campaign manager, paul month force, spend several years working for the ukraine. says the former president's political party may secret
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cash payments to him and other. craig boswell has the latest turn on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign chairman, paul mant for the, is denying he received any seek rent money from an ukrainian political party. the new york times reports, the pro russian party of former ukraine cran president victor designated $12.7 million, foremanafort. say so-called black ledger documents a system of illegal off the books payments. manafort released a statement saying the suggestion i received paint is silly, non-sense call. >> the newspaper is going to hell. >> trump unleashed wave of criticism against the new york times and the media in general this weekend. he said he would be defeating clinton if he received fair coverage. trump will focus on foreign policy with counter terrorism speech in ohio today, while clinton is talking about the economy in pennsylvania, with an old friends. vice president joe biden is campaigning with clinton in
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his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. clinton is claiming that trump's tax policies will hurt working class voters while benefitting the very wealthy. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", babies at risk when they sleep. what many parents are still doing at night that could put infants in danger of sids. >> plus, four american swimmers were robbed in rio. we'll take closer look at the safety rest many olypians and fans may be facing. you're watching "eyewitness news" at
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>> parent still taking list being putting babe toys sleep. the academy, the american ac -- academy of pediatrics recommend the babies be put on their back, whether it comes to bedding, boring is best, a loose loose black et cetera, pillows, bumped padding. those items could crib to sudden infant death syndrome. first macy's now ruby tuesday. the popular restaurant is one of the latest major chains to announce closings. ruby tuesday reps announced shutting down 95 locations since september, although not saying yet which locations are closing, they are saying all remaining chains will be revamping the menus for a fresh start. and hei hotels and resorts say four hotel chains in state are targeted by hackers for months. they say hi at, sheridan, marriott, and westin hotels
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have been the hackers' focus. according to ati, mall wear was put into place in at least 20 locations collecting names, card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes. they say it may have start in the march of 2015, now contained. >> well, 4us olympic swimmers including lochte, were robbed in rio de janeiro over the weekends. he tweeted the most important thing he and his teammates are safe and unharmed. it was exactly the kind of incident that olympic officials have been worrying about. cbs news reporter ben trace which more from rio de janeiro >> they pulled out their guns, they told us to get down on the grounds. >> ryan lochte said the mugging happened after he and his fellow swimmers left a party at french hospitality house early sunday morning, this is snap chat video of them partying in rio, the four swimmers got in a cab, and say they were pulled over by robbers posing at police.
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when they ordered lochte to get on the ground, he says he refused. >> i was like we didn't do anything wrong. so i'm not getting down on the ground. and the guy pulls out his gun, he tapped it, put it to my forehead, he said get down. i put my hands up, i'm like whatever. >> they lost their money and wallets, but nobody was hurt. last week lochte won gold on the us men's relay team, but then failed a medal in his final race last thursday. he's been hanging out in rio since then. >> i can tell you from ryan lochte's mouth the story is absolutely not true. >> still not clear why olympic officials first denied the mugging happened, but then back tabbed, michael phelps said he felt well protected in rio. >> i have a team, personally, who is always looking out for everything, and the us swimming is always making sure we're as protected as we can be. >> but during the olympics,
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stray bullets have flown through the equestrian venue, bus caring media was pelted with rocks. united state olympic committee says it has reiterated its security protocols to athletes. when i asked them what those protocols are or whether going out at night without security would violate them, they tell me they don't discuss their security. ben tracey, cbs news, rio de janeiro. >> in less than two weeks us phillies team will play for the championship of their sport. congrats to the arena not ball league philadelphia soul. they earned their spot in the title game with a clutch drive in the final seconds last night against the jacksonville sharks in allentown. that's the touchdown that wins it. and a great catch by receiver darius reynolds. the soul win 55 to 50, and advances to the arena bowl a week from this friday in arizona against the ratlers. >> self awareness is fantastic thing to have, it is exactly why singer adele is not saying hello to the next superbowl. she told fans she was offered
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a half time performance slot but turned it down because she can't dance. adele said the superbowl half time show is about the performance, not just the music, simply put, she is not beyonce. even so, she said, it was kind. a superbowl organizers to make the offer. >> call it a mother's tuition. intuition. >> a mother bear knows what to do when her cubs slip over a waterfall. coming up she'll tell you what she did to protect her babies. >> the heat of course continues for us here in the delaware valley. it will last us a little bit longer, but there is a light at the end of the this proverbial tunnel. it does not only cool down, but the humidity goes away. i'll tel
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camden hosting their water safety camp today. first responders also on hand teaching batch of 205, hands-on activities. local law enforcement civic leaders and police enjoying the cool water, too, with temperatures outside like ours, katy? >> yes, that's where you want to be. >> what great way to spends the day today, it is so hot outside, still very obviously hot on the thermometer, but factor in the humidity, not the heat but the humidity. >> it is true, we want to get you through it here together. as long as you practice common sense tips, which we'll outline for you, what the atmosphere is up to. looking at storm scan3 to kick things off here, we do have system headed our way bringing currently pretty heavy downpours across portions of indianna, illinois, that's essentially the core of the system, that's going to be bypassing us to the north, but it will drag a cold front through. now, we are going to cool
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down, technically, behind the front, not necessarily getting cold outside, but it will be a front that lives up to it name at least. we walk you through what happens here. today, there could still be very spotty shower or thunderstorm specially through the late afternoon, early evening, and then tomorrow, stuck in the warm sector of this system so with the temperatures back to the 90s, see not just some potential for heavy downpours out, there maybe few thunderstorms, but it could feel as hot as 108 degrees still dangerous brutal heat out there, take care of yourselves, does finally start to turn less humid with time, probably start off steamy, gets progressively less and less humid, that's where we break this, wednesday is our transition day by the time we hit thursday, still few days away, but the light at the end of the tunnel we're talking, about, not at hot or humid, next through days, still pretty brutal stuff specially tomorrow. today no picnic either, please take it easy if you plan to go on picnic, i would wait until the sun goes down, frankly, just little too much.
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so here to come, couple of the common tips, drinking plenty of water is key if you must work outdoors, perhaps landscaper something like, that just take frequent breaks avoid the most trend us activity at the height of the afternoon now that we are into that, try to stay out of the most direct sunlight if you can. also, please, check on the elderly, take care of your kids, take care of your pets, all in it together, want to look out for each other. that said we do have the heat line now extended for the rest, as well as tomorrow, if you need their help, this is the pennsylvania corporation for aging. or philadelphia corporation for age willing, sorry, (215)765-9040 is the number to call, so just get some extra help if you should need it. some people just don't have the air conditioner, you need the extra help. outside beach patrol headquarters great place to go if you are lucky enough to have the afternoon off. not too many people out than particular beach, but we have umbrellas lining up on the shore line today, understandably so. other than that stray thunderstorm again though really is going to be just a hot sunny afternoon. still in the 90s for the next
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few days, then we finally see some easing up. granted it is still warm on thursday, friday, but the sun will shine and thankfully the humidity goes down, so just nice summer weather. finally to look ahead to. >> mid 80s, practically snow? >> i know! >> so refreshing. >> thanks, katie. >> don't say that word. >> well there is video comes to us from alaska. watch very slowly, as the two cubs go over a waterfall, as their mama bear watches. the match a's bear name is grazer. then she springs into action, chasing the cubs down the river, and grabbing them before they're swept away see jump in just a second, there she goes. but wait for it. there is a third cub. goes over the falls, too. mom grabs him, as well. just goes to show you a mother's work is never done. >> good example why you stay away from wild animals.
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because they're cute and their mother is around the corner. and she will get her baby. >> absolutely. >> coming up: your chance to become a soap opera star. please stay
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coming up, easy gift you buy, spend, but recently spenders have found their gift cards have zero balances, how criminals are ripping you off even before the gift card is
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even purchased, and the best way to ensure the card you're buying is protected. well, if you ever felt like were you meant to be on tv, this could be your chance. >> cbs-3, sugarhouse casino thursday for daytime drama casting call. it is from noon until 3:00. men and women 18 or older are invited to audition for a chance to appear in a episode of either the young and the restless or the bold and the beautiful. >> the young and the restless stars dug davidson steve burton will be at sugarhouse to meet and greet fans. you can get more information on >> and that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm brooke thomas. thank you so much for watching. and i'm katie fehlinger. "eyewitness news" does continue at 5:00. always on line for you at the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> chloe: i am literally holding adam's get-out-of-jail-free card. >> victor: all you have to do is hand over those journal pages to me. you'll be free... free from looking over your shoulder, fearing that some cop will come and take your child away from you. >> chloe: [ sighs ] don't play me, victor. >> victor: you know that dylan mcavoy is annoyingly persistent. if he pursues this case, finds out about you and my role in setting up adam, you know what will happen, don't you? but i can make all this go away. >> chloe: and i'm just supposed to believet


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