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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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1 degree from the record but it felt as hot as 110. ninety-seven was our high and so far today we have got tone 93. we have the temperature back off a couple degrees. but still, not enough for at least the heat, still in place and not, full relief expect until the end of the week. temperatures right now we have hit your high 93 degrees. that is where we are in the city. ninety-three in wilmington. ninety-four in millville. ninety in allentown. the as we have seen through past couple of days it is dew point that makes difference that can make it feel five, ten, 15 degrees hotter then term ter indicates. ninety-seven in the city. feels like triple digits in millville and dover. we remain under a excessive heat warning until 6:00 in the city. heat advisory until 8:00 tomorrow evening in surrounding suburbs, and we have also got storms to watch out for. you can see these are getting underway in maryland headed for d.c. and baltimore. i expect these to weaken when they get in our region but
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later this evening and overnight hearst we could pick up a locally heavy shower or storm. that is not our last chance of storms this week. i'll break that down and tell you when relief finally lives in full coming up. for now, back to you. >> kate, thank you. if you or someone you know needs help dealing with this heat call philadelphia corporation for aging heat line. that number is (215)765-9040. they will be opened, until midnight, and then opened backup, at 8:30 tomorrow morning. kaine is accused of leaking secret criminal files in hopes of the embarrassing a political rifle. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live outside the courthouse and he spoke with kane exclusively as jury began deliberations, joe. >> reporter: jessica, good afternoon. late breaking developments right now kathleen kane just walked by us here about five minutes here, the jury has return after only an hour of deliberating, they have a
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question, and no idea right now exactly what it is they are seeking some clarity to, but they have only been out an hour. today, fire works, for closing arguments, the prosecution painting kathleen kane as a woman on a war path seeking revenge, meanwhile her defense team firing back saying she may have title of attorney general but today she sit here as kathleen kaine from scranton. >> just moments after the jury got the case, kathleen kaine speaks exclusively with cbs-3. >> how do you feel. are you confident. >> i'm good, thank you. >> yes. >> attorneys for kathleen kaine would have you believe the wrong person is on trial here, her lawyers, seized on what he says were lying coming from two key witness hose testified begins josh marrow and adrian king were central rolls in how kane allegedly leaked secret grand jury material in 204 to a daily news reporter. neither man is charged. kane's lawyer telling the jury
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quote i'll submit you wouldn't even buy a used car from either one of them. that leak information, allegedly spread by kane and her operatives smeared reputation of the late jerry mondesire, once head of the local naacp. and it was the start of kane's troubles. prosecution say that she was scheming for revenge, after an article critical of her handling of an investigation was published. in his closing arguments district attorney kevin steel, at times his voice thundering told jury quote this is war. this is one that comes from the motivation of revenge. marching order were there. the bad blood was there. efforts were made to go on the offensive. it is alleged kane lied on the stand about the grand jury leak. outside courthouse political activist jean and what he called his prompt perpetrator walk of kathleen kaine. >> handcuffs, orange jump suit we will go from there. she belongs in a orange jump suit at department of
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corrections here. >> reporter: back live, that outcome of course remains to be seen, once again breaking right now. jury is back with the question. we will get back inside, see what it is that they are up to and what they are asking but prosecutors all alleged that this has been conspiracy, of course, live from norristown joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we are learning new details in the the family murder/suicide in berks county. authority revealed who was responsible for those killings. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live in sinking springs with the details on that, anita. >> reporter: nicole we learned that investigators have been called before and megan short previously told police she was afraid of her husband and now as scene by growing memorial outside family home an entire community is mourning this family's loss. >> megan and mark short were having some domestic marital problems, and they were in the
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process, of separation. >> reporter: berks county district attorney john adams believes that may have led to a grizzly scene on august 6th when he said mark short shot his wife megan their three children and family dog before turning the gun on himself. >> mark short, purchased a 38 caliber, five shot revolver handgun and a stock of ammunition. >> reporter: on the dining room table they found a handwritten note. >> admission that he purchased the gun and committed the homicides. >> reporter: investigators say weeks leading up to the slayings are telling, it starts on july 18th when sinking spring police responded to a dispute at the short home. >> the sinking spring police department did, at that time, advise megan short how to get a protection from abuse order, and then she chose not to. >> reporter: following day authorities say mark short legally bought a gun and round, from a shop in lancaster county. a few weeks later another
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hurdle. >> mark short was devoted at his place of of employment on august 1st. >> just a day before pulling trigger mark short took his children to hershey park. following morning megan planned to move in the yardley apartment investigators say but instead. >> five empty, 38 caliber casings, were found in the basement family room, in close proximity to the stock of am initial. >> reporter: coroner confirms that all five family members died of a single gunshot wound, each and now question is, if investigators knew about domestic disputes at this home, did they do enough. we have the district attorney's response coming up at 6:00. for now live from sinking spring i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". republican presidential nominee donald trump is in youngstown, ohio where he laid out his vision for hearn foreign policy. center piece of his foreign policy, he said would be destroying isis and teaming with other nations that shared
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that goal. he also called for annex stream vetting of immigrant seeking admission to the you had, vowing to block those who don't embrace american values. >> the trump administration will establish a clear principal that will govern all decisions, pertaining to immigration and we will be tough, we will be even ex-stream. >> reporter: this speech comes on the heels of reports that trump's campaign chairman paul mana thefort has been named bayou crane authorities, looking at whether he and others received millions in illegal payments from ukraine's former pro russian ruling parties. meanwhile earlier in the the day democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton was in scranton pennsylvania as she campaigned with vice-president joe biden. biden attacked trump saying he has quote no clue about foreign policy or the lives of working class americans. trying to tell us he cares about the middle class.
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give me a break? to repeat myself it is just a bunch of m ularkey. >> none, none, none, none. >> biden says trump is unqualified to be president, arguing he lacks any kind of foreign policy experience or interests, to learn about international challenges. two men are hospitalized today after a double shooting in broad daylight, left without in critical condition. the shots rang out around 10:00 this morning in philadelphia's logan section. one male was shot five times, once in the chest and two times in the left leg and right arm. the other male was shot two to three times in the stomach. so far no arrests were made. for years city of chester has been mostly known for high crime rates and poverty but now, a change is coming. >> cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio caught up with the man who lit the transformational spark. >> you cannot say the community, without owning the lane. >> reporter: devon walls is
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putting his money, where his hearties. >> tell me where your stance is. >> well, our stance is up and down the block. >> reporter: walls is a celebrity individual grapher and artist but his new title is real estate investor. >> i feel as though i'm one of the people that would come back and make some change. >> reporter: he bought property after property along avenue of the states, here in downtown chester. he has used art, hosting performances, camps and paint days to change the culture and new businesses,. >> thinks under construction. >> reporter: he is juggling projects including a new coffee shop this will be the front counter. >> artist studios, theater, living spaces, dance studio, furniture store and more. >> we're building up for a court yard with dreams space. >> his dream is so huge, it is hard to think about it, all at once. >> sometimes i sit back and the guy that we laugh about it. >> reporter: vision of the new
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chester for people that live here, is one artists are beginning to see which is attracting, investors, and customers and walls is hoping others, do see the vision too. >> right now when you walk and look around what do you sigh. >> our artists have the best space. >> city that gives hope. >> we all stand and we build in the community. >> reporter: that a new chester is on the horizon. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pretty good stuff. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", lives changed forever for mother nature. i'm devastating. i'm crying all day. my whole life savings, everything is in that home. >> flooding has ruined homes and belongings down south, we will tell you dramatic rescue as crews tried to save lives. it is an age old argument, how to successfully put your baby to bed, up next how to get your child to sleep
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safely. and gift card are an easy gift, you buy, you spend but recently some spenders have found their gift card have zero balance, how criminal are ripping you off, even before the gift card is purchase and best was to assure the card is
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despite tech cade of warnings many parents are still putting their babe toys sleep in ways that increase the risk of death. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with details of this new research, stephanie. >> that is right research out today more than 3500 babies, die every year from sudden infant death syndrome. known acid. and while the american academy of pediatrics has spent more than two decade, telling parents how to reduce the risk. this new research says that most parents are not getting that message. jackie gabriel knows guidelines for putting her three month-old elie to bed. she should be on her back and sleep only in her crib. >> it is easier to do that but i felt it wasn't safe. >> reporter: new study in the journal of pediatrics shows many parents are using methods that could put their babies at the risk for sleep related deaths. researchers looked to video recordings of nearly 170 infants up to six months of age and found many babies were placed on their bellies an inside to sleep.
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more than 90 percent had items in their crib or bassnet that are not recommended like loose betting, blankets or bumpers. >> crib is safe is place in the world and they will not hurt themselves. >> and experts say, parents can get bombarded at stores with unsafe baby products and because new parents are also desperate for sleep the study found, many infants were moved during the night to their parents bed. >> we are putting them in the bed with pillows and blankets and other people. it is not a safe environment at all. >> you have to make that decision to do what is most safe for the baby, and you know, if you have to stay up all night you have to stay up all night. >> now, unlike past studies, that relied on surveying parents this one was unique, because it used video cameras to record what the parents were actually doing, of course, with their acknowledgment of all this. >> one thing that this didn't answer is, why parents aren't following the recommendations. that we still do not the know.
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>> well, yes. they are so tired. >> in that case i'm not making excuses but that is what that comes up to. >> you can stay up all night. you have to keep the kid safe, that is bottom line. >> thanks, stephanie. check this out, this is pretty neat. texas family chronicled the first year of their baby daughters life by taking one second video clips of her each day. duration of this video is six minutes and, of course, as you can see here it is still adorable, snuggling, crying, sleeping, laughing, walking images. check out the entire adorable video on our web site at cbs really good idea. >> yes. >> yes, that is a lot. >> yes. >> all right. we know kate bilo joins us, this heat is just, it is like a wall. it is dangerous. >> yes, it is dangerous heat. now a deadly heat wave for us in philadelphia. good news if there is any good
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news today got more manageable. dew points are lower then this weekend. temperature is a little bit the lower then it was this weekend. problem is when you are going on day six and in today seven of the heat wave, eventually the heat just builds and builds and this duration of heat can exhaust bait health problems in many individuals, so please play it safe, all those precautions are still in effect as our warning continues right through 8:00 tomorrow night. lets look outside, this is place to be to beat heat, cool off in the ocean down the shore, beach patrol headquarters in margate still folks outside on the beach, of course, we are not lucky enough to spend our days on the beach, people have to go to work and folks to have work outside. all you can do is take precautions you need for your health, drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks and find shade out of the direct sunlight is best place to be. storm scan three does show storms off to the south and west. this one just south of hageers town, maryland as part of the larger pattern of a line of storms heading our way.
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this is weakening by the time it gets here but within the next three or four hours we could pick up a couple showers or storms here in fill. we can see as we zoom back to the west heaviest rain is lifting up over portions of michigan. some of this moisture related to late last week and weekend across deep south that produced devastating and deadly flooding, throughout the south. now that is lifting to the north. most of the heavy rain will lift us but we will be dealing with scattered showers and storms and a chance for it each day at least through thursday. i mentioned dew point. dew point is 68. that is better than it has been. we had dew points in the upper 70's at this weekend. we are still very close, to the oppressive range and it does not feel great but does feel better. we were .9 above average in june, 3.1 in july with 16, 90-degree days. august, so far 3.7 above average and so far six, 90-degree days for a total of 31 days above 90. average season has 23 for reference. so eight or 9:00 a couple showers and storms could roll
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through that dies out, another shower or storm overnight. we will start tomorrow with the mix of sun and cloud and then another chance for locally heavy thunderstorms in the afternoon an we are in the marginal risk for severe weather, slight risk for our far northern and western suburbs tomorrow afternoon and evening. overnight partly cloudy scattered thunderstorm, 76 is your low. tomorrow day seven of the heat wave, 93, hot and steamy with scattered downpours, and then you're witness weather three day forecast does start that improvement, but it is slow going here on the improving process but wednesday we're back to 88, mainly dry, could abe shower wednesday night. thursday stray sure or then are storm back to 87. coming up in the seven day we will have better news on the weather front but we're also moving in the peak of the hurricane season and there is growing evidence the this season could be the strongest, since 20 126789 meteorologist justin drabick live in atlantic city and he has the new hurricane forecast, justin. >> good evening, kate. that is right, one of the
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reasons why this could be an active season because we are coming off el nino moving into less wind sheer in the tropical atlantic the waters which is what you need to get development. we will see if this comes true over the next month or two. check this out frequency of hurricanes right now starts to really increase, where we are but peak september 10th. we have aways to go but for next month or two months expect more active tropical systems to develop over the atlantic and even in the caribbean. as we move to the heart of the tropical season we are starting to see this weather pattern take shape. high pressure anchored over the central atlantic. we will start getting those disturbances off the coast of africa, they steer them toward the east coast of the united states and caribbean. in fact, we do have one system that has now moved off coast of africa, the system as it is southwest of the the cape verde island and has 50 percent chance of development. over the next five days most of models take this off to the north and west, some take it
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due west, some take it further northerly. this is just something to watch over the next several days, at least a week away from impacting any land mass if at all. here's official forecast from the national hurricane center for hurricane sees than. it is up to 12 to 17 named storms above average and 11 is typically on average what we're dealing with. now just because we are expecting an above average season does event mean you get a land falling hurricane but if you get one it is all it takes to make a horrible season. last thursday we set a new record for ocean water temperature at 83 degrees. today some spots are in the 60's. that is one good way to cool off because it is still hot. report willing live, i'm meteorologist justin drabick. justin, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news", olympian ryan lochte robbed at gunpoint. >> we are hearing his story of having a gun to his head while out in rio we have that story coming up for you, don. speaking of rio, the year 1948, how one villanova wild cat is looking to extend one
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of the most impressive streaks in the history of
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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national champs in hoops, chris jenkins hit game win their was seen and heard around the world. but he is not the only athlete fromville know of enjoying the lime light. one wild cat is ready to shine in rio. leslie van arsdal has more. >> villanova junior and cat star pat tear nan bunched his ticket to rio this dramatic fashion and will be representing australia august 17th. it came down to one final race in england. he had to to well. he did. >> it is just mentally to be able to get yourself up for another, you know, another hard race. it is taxing. >> and then you blew everyone away. >> his coach graduate and four time olympian marcus o'sullivan could not be more proud. >> every corner we had to turn we were bringing something new into it, almost like where ever you move the goal post
5:26 pm
every single week and he is such a mature athlete that he never waned, never complained. >> reporter: villanova has a great track record help it comes to the olympics. school's track and field program has a participant in every summer olympics since 1948. but because the event is so late pat just arrived in rio on sunday, his event, on wednesday. >> in my four olympics i never made any. >> really. >> really. would you think were four olympics. >> yes, yeah. >> reporter: as his coach can explain it is not always about the timing or the ceremonies or even medals, it is about the journey, the training, and the fight it takes, to make it to the olympics. >> it is obviously, you know, what you dream about when you are younger. and, really to do it when you are young, it is unreal. >> reporter: leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". watch out for pat on wednesday competing in the
5:27 pm
5,000 meters, like that. >> yes, 5,000 meters. >> it is hard to wrap your mind about how that is. >> far, #, really far. >> yes. >> that really helps. >> thanks, don. all right. coming up in the next half an hour we are hearing from ryan lochte about being locked at gunpoint in rio. plus this. the water may be recede nothing parts of the louisiana but the daunting task of starting over is just getting underway for thousands of flood victims. i'm don champion in baton rouge with the latest coming up. going back to nature. i'm's cleve bryan coming up how camden county is trans forming land that used to be sewage treatment facility into a place where residents can at longhorn, steak is all you need.
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deadly and devastating, the death toll is rising from the destructive flood in southern lou san a "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30, good evening, i'm nicole brewer. ukee is off. i'm jessica dean. official assay flood waters have now killed at least six people there, thousands have been forced from their homes and property damage is massive. cbs news correspondent don champion has latest from baton rouge. >> reporter: the water may be receding in baton rouge but the problems is just beginning for flood victims. kimberly albritain tried salvaging what little she could from her home. >> i'm devastated. i have cried all day. my whole life, savings, everything, it is in that home. >> reporter: it is a reality facing so many here, more than 20 inches of rain drenched south louisiana over the weekend, leaving entire communities under water. >> one of the weather cast said it is like a tropical event like a hurricane without the wind.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: deluge stranded thousands of residents, leading to dramatic rescues from the air, and on the ground. even though the water level is dropping in some parts of the baton rouge there is real concern for the downstream, that waterways there, could crest in the coming days, causing even more flooding. this morning, air boats were still being used to rescue stranded residents, since the water started rising volunteers have also pitched in. >> come on out. >> i want to know my wife might disagree with that statement. >> reporter: more than 40,000 homes and businesses here are without power. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and fire fighters in northern california, continue to battle raging wild fires, this fast moving fire in clayton, california has already destroyed at least 2,000 homes and continues, to burnout of control. temperatures in the area are hovering over one hundred degrees making it harder for
5:33 pm
fires personnel to fight the flames. according to authorities there 1500 homes are threatened by that fire. police are gearing up for what could be another night of violent protests following a deadly pro lease involved shooting in milwaukee. today police chief announced a is your few for teens to help curb the protests, many were upset after a police officer shot and killed 23 year-old sylvo smith. several were injured when rocks were thrown at police cruisers sunday night. fourteen people were arrested. >> those individuals, in my mind, are deliberately trying to damage a great neighborhood and a great city. >> reporter: governor has put 125 members of the wisconsin national guard on stand by. four u.s. olympic swimmers including 12 time medalist ryan lochte were robbed in rio di janeiro over the weekend. according to lochte he and three other athletes were ride
5:34 pm
in the cab when they pulled over and robbed by thieves posing as police. he is now speaking out, about that encounter over the weekend. >> we didn't do anything wrong. i'm not getting down on the ground. then this guy pulls out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and go down. i put my hand up and was like whatever. >> thieves got away with their money, wallets but none of the four swimmers were hurt. access to the delaware river, may soon become reality for a camden neighborhood that has been cut off for generations. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in camden with more on how land from a former sewage treatment plant will be a park , cleve? >> reporter: that is right, looking behind me we were just joking it is almost like a green screen that this could not be a beautiful place in such an urban sprawl in camden and now more people will soon have access to them.
5:35 pm
>> that is pretty much about the only thing here, dumping trash. >> reporter: when carmen rodriguez she what had finding paths down nearby delaware river. she discovered quiet spots like this and feel like she had a secret piece of paradise. >> i grew up in this area. i can tell thaw honestly most people in this area don't even realize that they have this beautiful waterfront, just feet away from where they live. >> reporter: since 1991 when county tore down a sewage treatment plant here land along river 36th street south has been undeveloped. >> wetlands area bald eagle area so it can be developed. it can be preserved. eagles nest is right there. >> reporter: that is what the county plans to do they have secured funding to open up the crammer hill nature preserve, all of the trash dumped over years will be cleaned up, contaminated soil removed and nature trails will be construct to help people access river from crammer hill. >> thought was, why not make
5:36 pm
turn lemons in lemonade and give the community access to the river front and also, protect 35-acre wet land tract in an area like camden which is really rare, unique. >> reporter: county park will tie in petty's island which will be a 300-acre state the preserve after citgo oil leaves by 2020. rodriguez, a county freeholder, says this is a win/win for environment and community. >> for beautiful waterfront that the residents of crammer hill have, that have never, ever, been able to enjoy it. >> reporter: freeholder rodriguez pointed out such a transformation going from stepping out of your house and smelling sewage treatment to being able to enjoy a sunset, on the delaware river and that could happen as soon as next spring. reporting live from camden i'm's cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just gorgeous, for sure, thanks, cleve. still to come on "eyewitness news" gift card are an easy gift you buy, you spend but recently spenders
5:37 pm
have found gift card have zero balance. how criminals are ripping you off even before the gift card is purchased, and the best way to ensure that the car you are buying is protect. find out why some experts say apple might soon take away that moment of panic, when you drop your iphone into water, kate? heat wave finally does have an end in sight, i'll tell you when that day finally a lives and we are tracking threat for showers and storms, this evening and tonight, i'll have latest on storm scan three when we come right back.
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if you are a fan of ruby tuesday's you may have to look harder, to find one in the fall. the popular restaurant is
5:41 pm
latest major chain to announce closings. ruby tuesday's representatives announced they will shut down 95 of their locations by september. although they are not saying which locations, are closing just yet, they say all of remaining locations will revamping the menus for a fresh start. all either experienced or heard horror stories of had happens when your iphone gets dropped into water but rumors say apple is developing, get this a waterproof iphone. yeah, the company was recently granted a patent which highlights he had iting tools used for under water photo have graph i that hints that apple may have plans for the waterproof or water resistant gadgets. patented technology would ensure will remain a blue water hugh. apple is expect to announce the iphone seven in september. if it is waterproof, i mean how many of us, have ruined them that way. >> i have ruined two. >> i did the rice, it didn't work. >> yeah.
5:42 pm
>> i will get mine. >> up next, how criminals are stealing money from you
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the third year in a row pepsi co and feed the children have partnered to provided 800 local families with one week
5:45 pm
supply of food and other essentials. two semi trucks loaded with 28,000-pound of goods were on hand to make sure that as local families prepare for back to school they will have to worry about where their next meal will come from. they are a popular, gift option, when you not sure what to buy but at present they can lead recipient into habits. three on your side jim donovan has important things to watch out for when you find gift card. >> and he didn't understand why. >> reporter: neat der alex stevenson when she tried to use this best buy gift card to buy a new tv. >> it was actually a birthday gift for my sister. >> reporter: $200 gift card she just received for her birthday had a zero balance, surprising since she hadn't taken it out of the wrapper before she got to the store. how could it happen? for years criminals have been copying numbers off of gift cards for public displays and they return them to the rack to wait until they are activated and then they dan balance, sometimes even before
5:46 pm
the recipient receives their gift. using what are known foresee bra stick tours cover up scratched off security panels so buyers don't realize their gift card has been tampered w security experts say criminals were getting the numbers through data a breaches and by hack nothing to a store's gift card database. neither safe way where alex card was purchased nor best buy could say how her card was breached, but best buy says that the card was drained, the day after it was purchased. >> it is a lot of money, $200 is a lot of honey. >> reporter: what are ways to protect yourself from being scammed? most safe place to buy gift card is directly from the retailer and ask for cards kept behind counter as opposed to those on public display. reporting for three on your side, i'm's jim donovan. >> sometimes it is so easy at grocery store to pick one of of those up. >> exactly, that is what i did for my husband's would it day, i bought them, added it on to the groceries and then saved up so he wouldn't see the
5:47 pm
transaction. >> yes. >> yes. >> that is right. >> there we go. >> talk about this weather. >> it is mid-august. we are used to it being hot and humid. no one is ever used to 98 degrees feeling like 110 and that is what we had this weekend. the good news it is starting to wind down at least a little bit. today, very, very hot we are under a excessive heat warning but certainly not quite as sweltering as we can end was and we are seeing a gradual improvement through rest of the week. lets look outside right now and we will show you live look outside our window here in center city, cbs-3 studios, beautiful sky line, blue sky, few puffy clouds, that could be changing as we have some storms heading our way, within the next, hour, two hours, three hours, and down around d.c. right new but they are trying to push into the region. we will take a closer look when these showers and storms could get here and another chance through overnight hours. our eyewitness weather watchers have been keeping an eye on the heat wave with us
5:48 pm
and they are still tracking temperatures in the 90's. we have 94 degrees right here with carolyn, and keith, williams in philadelphia 94. full sunshine. caroline says hot sun, less humidity. bright flowers, glow and others are in full song. she's liking this full weather, despite the heat. she send us a photo of flowers in bloom. flowers are loving the weather. thank you for. that we will head into portions of south jersey in the mid 90's in margot in buena vista township at 94. foundry leave at the beach. back to dew point at 72 and hot, real feel 101. margot send thus photo of her relief, love those wildwood days with blue skies, life guard, keeping a close eye on a crowded ocean. over to delaware, first state we will check with jason in middletown, delaware. ninety-two with sunshine. better from yesterday. not as humid. that is kind of the theme here, today is still very hot. not quite as humid. not quite as hot, low 90's
5:49 pm
verse upper 90's. almost feels like six and one and half dozen of another but today easier to get through. lets look at our live neighborhood network site. this is not working this one is pleasant valley in the poconos, looks good we have blue skies, not feeling quite as hot in the pocono region either. just a few patchy clouds. you can see storms heading our way, are down around d.c., generally the northern suburbs of the washington d.c. right now and look at how much lightening we are seeing with those storms. they are lifting in. they are moving, almost due west or due east, west to east right now, about to hit baltimore and we will keep a close eye on this area of showers and thunderstorms as it could get here this evening. here's what it looks like, we will take you through this very slowly, this is moving one hour at a time here but by eight or 9:00 a few showers maybe a thunderstorm into philadelphia, then south jersey around 11:00 before clearing out overnight but we will have a chance for another shower or storm during the overnight hours. biggest risk with any storm tonight heavy downpours and frequent lightening. heading through next couple of days we're near 90, again
5:50 pm
tomorrow, feeling as hot as 108 for your wednesday, less humid with a high close to 90 but humidity drops. your excessive heat warning goes right through 8:00 o'clock tomorrow evening, area shaded in pink here and tomorrow, midday it will feel again like the triple digits. overnight, still very warm, very steamy with scattered thunderstorms at 76. for your tuesday hot, steamy, scattered downpours at 93. we will go to the eyewitness weather seven day forecast which keeps it warm but not quite as warm. heat wave breaks tuesday, upper 80's wednesday, chance for thunderstorm thursday and then finally some nice days, friday, saturday, much of sunday rain could arrive sunday tonight. jessica and nicole back to you. on days like these an air conditioning even a fan are a essential item. >> for sixth year in a row wal-mart donated fans to low income residents across philadelphia. cbs-3 photo journalist andrea cork shows us for one man and one woman i had mate all of the difference.
5:51 pm
>> eyewitness weather forecast an excessive heat warning in effect this afternoon sunny, straight thunderstorm and high of 93. >> drinking plenty of water is key if you must work out doors, perhaps you're a landscaper. the police check on the elderly. >> i'm state representative danielle cook for 200 legislative district and represent east west mt. airy and chestnut hill. we are giving our fans to our seniors and low income families. >> day four of the heat wave. >> it is very important that our seniors, and our low income families are using air conditioning very well and because of very excessive heat warning we have been experiencing and will be experiencing, i think through the end of the week. >> very nice. >> very nice. very nice. just what i need. >> thanks, carroll. >> everyone knows me as meme, but getting this fan will be quite a help for me.
5:52 pm
i'm diabetic and i do have to cook three meals a day and having this fan in my kitchen will help me a lot. >> hi, nice to see you. >> can you bring the fan out please? thank you so much. >> my name is isaiah young, i'm 14 years old and i'm a volunteer here giving away fans. it makes me feel good because i'm helping people who need something that they cannot provide for themselves. >> we really needed this and it is really a blessing. so nice. >> amazing. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" are you looking to shape up? who isn't. how would you like to get jennifer lopez legs or curves like beyonce in inside scoop on the moves you need to do to look like a
5:53 pm
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well, if you have ever felt like were you meant to be on tv this could be your chance. >> join cbs-3 a at sugar house casino on thursday for daytime drama casting call from noon until 3:00 and men and women 18 and over are invited to audition for chance to appear in the episode of either young and restless or the bold and the beautiful. >> the young and restless stars doug davidson and steve burton will be at sugar house to meet ape greet fans and get more information, from cbs well, shemar moore, one of the former stars of the criminal mind took to instagram this weekend and some say his comments may dress firing of the former co-star thomas gibson. >> gibson was fired last week from the show. he and more more co starred
5:57 pm
for 11 seasons n a video moore made references to the move saying things like lots of birdies chirping out there, and, that he believes that karma is real. that post has been since deleted. they launch search for new fitness star and they have moves thaw can try to get a hollywood body. >> the insider debbie joins us from los angeles with more on that, debbie? >> reporter: yes, jessica and nicole, i was honored to be one of the judges this year. five finalist are on our show tonight and we are going to announce the winner but first, we have the trainers break down the moves to help get you hollywood's most south after body parts. >> if i were to have kate hudson's back, jennifer lopez legs, julianne hough abs and beyonce's booty that would make the hottest woman on the planet. >> yes. >> i want beyonce's butt. >> yes. >> get down on your forearms, legs together.
5:58 pm
>> yes. >> lift your toes up. now, open. you kick up, and then bend it in. nice and lower your knee. >> now up, kick, nice. >> do you feel like beyonce. >> wow. so that to get jennifer lopez legs. >> absolutely. come down, legs spread, and like this, you will pull up. six, seven, eight. do you feel it. >> i'm still sore. we will have have so much more on this story tonight on the insider, jessica and nicole, back to you in the studio. >> you can get all your hollywood tonight and every week night at 7:30 on the insider right here on cbs-3. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. investigators are releasing new details about a murder/suicide in berks county, i'm anita oh why authorities say they have been
5:59 pm
called to this home before. >> a tragic scene in center city, an elderly woman is killed as she's crossing the street. we are sweating through day six of our heat wave, we all hear that advice to drink water but how much do you really need to stay safe? we have answer coming up plus when the steamy air could turn stormy, kate? and it is another hot, sunny, summer day in philadelphia, a little less humid then we can end but heat wave continues, day seven on the way tomorrow, so when does the relief arrive? could we see thunderstorms, even in the next couple of hours? i'll have latest look on storm scan three and your full forecast, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. a mother and her three children, shot dead in their berks county home, investigators believe husband and father pulled the trigger. tonight we're learning about the tragic sequence of
6:00 pm
events that led to this devastating crime. police say that family visited hershey park the day before they died. good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim's nicole brewer. ukee washington is off tonight. residents of that quiet berks county community are still trying to come to terms, with that family murder/suicide tonight. we have learn new details about the investigation in sinking spring today but there are many unanswered questions. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with the very latest, anita? >> reporter: many in the community may remember that the youngest daughter willow who is just two years old and survived a heart transplant as a infant. investigators say marital problems and recent demotion at work may have led mark short to kill his wife, three children and then turned the gun on himself. >> their lives were innocently taken. >> reporter: august 6th was supposed to mark a fresh start in yardley for megan short and her three young children. >> megan short was planning on moving her t


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