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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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thunderstormsment katie times it all out for us. new this morning, sadly, father and son are dead, after a fire down the jersey shore. right now, investigators are working to determine a cause. and, kathleen kane shows little emotion, as a jury convicted her on all nine counts yesterday. so what's next for pennsylvania's top prosecutor? we're live with a look at what we can expect over the next few days. >> today is tuesday, august the 16th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on thinks, we have a lot to get to. >> good morning, guys. we have few accident out there this morning, downed wires, that are blocking all lanes, still, causing some slow downs, so little bit after headache this morning already. >> yes. >> certainly sounds like it, at least the weather has cooperated for the morning, and it is still very, very steamy outside, as we take another look at the live neighborhood network. turning out to be an absolutely gorgeous start to the day. so, the problem is, looks are very deceiving. you can even see little haze off in the distance in the kutztown area middle school camera, courtesy of live
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neighborhood network camera. flirting with 70 there. dispute the beautiful sunrise, real steamy outside. look how warm it is by comparison. at least apart from some of the farm country here. you're into the mid and even upper 70s currently is that start things off in warm and steamy note here across a good portion of the region. localized zoom of storm scan3, had pretty heavy rain rumble on through here early this morning, but long since not only fizzled but moved well out to sea so left with just some sunshine, lingering clouds. it is later today, however, that fresh round of showers and thunderstorms will ignite out there. and looks like ominous graphicment frankly could be pretty strong if not severe thunderstorms, we sit in slight risk, details on that later. but aside from that, extreme heat and humidity continue for our area. and it is going to be another very hot day. soap, the pool is a good place to go. it is just as you head toward the late afternoon specially, some of these storms start to re-ignite. so please just keep your ears perk for thunder, planning on trying to take a dip here today. ninety-three the high.
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meisha, could feel as hot as 106 later today. >> yikes, not even that, the rain will probably cool us down too much. >> well it, will try to. but yes, we really need this front to cross before actually it will feel any better. >> absolutely, all right, katie, thank you. and good morning, everyone, happy actuals, in the world of travel, we do have couple of incident, this is one of them, schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction at the boulevard. you can see the police pulled off into into the median. as you squeeze by here, probably tapping your brakes lit bill of the left lane compromised, overall just building in the area anyway. if that didn't get cleared out of the way just expect maybe couple of minute delays minimum. 309 northbound past norristown road looking great here, just looking quiet. i always pull up this camera and think it looks like a race track, i don't know, just does, look how prep at this looks. accident overturned tractor-trailer, route one southbound at 295. two right lanes and the ramp to 95 southbound, is still block, i'll let you know as soon as that clears and the downed wires we've been talking about this morning, route 70 in jersey, as well, both directions at ridgway
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road. all lanes are block, so you will have to use alternate lakewood road or garden state parkway will be your best bet. over town, kathleen kane maintains her innocence. >> follows last night's guilty verdict following a grand jury leak, "eyewitness news" reporter justin fin itch live in the cbs-3 sat center, brooke, jim, good morning. kane now awaiting her sentencing within the next 09 days, perjury charges alone could leave her serving time behind bars. >> foreseeable end, political star seemed on the rise, with her election, four years ago. >> a fall from grace, for kathleen kane. pennsylvania's first woman and first democrat, elected state attorney general, back in 2012. now, at the end of her first term, she has made history again. found guilty of perjury, by a jury of six women, and six men, montgomery county d.a., kevin steel, reacted outside the courthouse in norristown monday night.
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>> it was about the defendant going before a grand jury, in montgomery county and lying to that grand jury. the evidence was overwhelming in that regard, and the defendant convicted. >> convicted of campaign to discredit state prosecutor, one she believed leaked info about her to the media. to hit back reportedly leak details to secret grand jury probe to the press and concocted a cover up. then lied about it under oath. the state called former kane staffers who back up that account, kane's team never called single witness. kane's attorney, gerald, explains. >> many of my cases, there is no witnesses appear, the acquittal resulted, and the opposite is also true. so, it is a strategy, obviously, we thought that it would work, but i'll be the first person to say we were wrong. >> argues kane's defense was never a full one, because the judge barred delving into the
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so-called porn gate scandal, campaign kane waged that exposed explicit emails shared by state employees. and when asked, kane's defense team said they do not know when she plans to step down, at the judge's order kane has surrender her passport, warned against lashing out at ex staffers who testified against her. kane's harrisburg offers is holding a 1:00 p.m. press conference today, to discuss the agency's future without it top prosecutor. jim, brooke? >> thanks, justin. >> meanwhile, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is repeating his call for kane's resignation. in a statement, he reads in part, as i have made clear, i do not believe kathleen kane should be attorney general of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. i believe this when she was charged, and today, after conviction, there should be no question that she should resign immediately. >> you can stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow the story to the sentencing of kathleen kane. our coverage continues on line at new this morning, father and son are dead, after a two
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alarm fire in monmouth county new jersey. it happened just after 9:30, last night, at home described as year around rental in bellmawr. several fire department, from other towns, helped get the fire under control. no word yet on what caused the fire. >> philadelphia police are investigating a dozen day care center burglaries, just last week, we told you police said suspect had broke mean nine day care centers over the weekend. now they say, another three were robbed. police believe the break-in's happened after hours, and the suspect gains entry in the back of the property. they also say the suspect usually gets away with electronics or money. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. >> well, philadelphia police have one suspect in custody, and are looking for one more in string of robberies that targeted asian business owners. police tell "eyewitness news", that norman bowen is expected to be charged today, police say, bowen and anthony campbell have been targeting asian-owned businesses, with homes that are above the shops. gahm bell still on the loose, police say both suspect have
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struck 12 times, since may. >> in other news, bill cosby loses another rounds in his criminal trial. yesterday, a federal appeals court rejected the comedian's effort to re-seal his deposition testimony about extra-marital affairs, and the use every drugs to seduce women. court ruled the appeal was irrelevant, because the deposition has been widely publicized. cosby is facing criminal charges in connection with alleged assault, at his cheltenham mansion. for the first time since excepting the democratic presidential nomination, hillary clinton is coming back to philadelphia. she is campaigning in west philadelphia high school then launching voter registration drive in the neighborhood. yesterday, vice president joe biden joined clinton on the campaign trail in his hometown of scranton. clinton also has family ties to the area for the support that she is siding for, wants blue collar workers called trump the most unprepared presidential nominee ever.
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>> this guy doesn't care about the middle class. and i don't even blame him in a sense because he doesn't under stands it. he doesn't have a clue. no, no, he really, i mean, he really doesn't. >> i always remember, i am the granddaughter after factory worker and the daughter of a small business owner, and i am so proud of it. >> while in scranton, the vice president gave clinton tour of his childhood home. meanwhile donald trump will campaign today in wisconsin. yesterday, in youngstown, ohio, he proposed a controversial immigration policy. it would feature extreme vetting and an ideological test for admission to the united states. >> we should only admit it to this country those who share our values and respect our people. in the "cold war" we had ideological screening test. >> trump speech overshadowed by campaign chairman paul
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manaford,. >> new developments in this massive wild fire, in northern california. police have arrest add man in connection with the fire and the damage is devastating. at least 4,000 acres have been charred nearly 200 homes and buildings destroyed forcing thousands to evacuate. as chris martinez reports, the fire is still burning out of control. >> reporter: at this hour, in lake county jail -- california police have arrested a 40 year old man, and charged him with 17 counts of arson. >> the suspect is in jail tonight. that's what's important. >> they say damon anthony passhak responsible for numerous fires, including the blaze that tore through lower lake california over the weekend t destroyed more than $175 billion eggs and homes. >> i haven't quite, you know, lost it yet over the whole thing, you know, pretty much
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mow whole life was inside that building there. >> the fire started saturday afternoon, by sunday burning house after house. >> no where to go. >> 100 degrees heat and fears winds made battling the blaze difficult from the air and on the ground. >> evacuate and got all our stuff out. >> the fire named clayton fire, the same areas scorched by three major wild fires last year. officials have described the clayton fire as aggressive, intense, but hoping to gain ground. >> the weather is anemosis for us. >> the biggest concern, the return of stronger winds that could sends burning embers flying. >> it only takes one of those to get out of our hands, and then we have a problem again. we are hoping that's not going to be the case. >> so far preliminary damage estimates total more than $10 million. chris martinez, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", a startling discovery in michigan lake. wait until you see what's being called a vegetarian
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piranha. >> plus, this man is charged with a sex crime. but it is his defense strategy that's getting a lot of attention. find out what he says made him do it, and whether it could holdup in court. >> and incredible video of a woman and her dog being rescued from the historic flooding in louisianna. you don't want to miss this. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> jim donovan is the biggest justin bieber fan. you'll meet some cold water today, lot of it, ex session i have heat warning remains in effect, and katie has the forecast next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> 614:67:89. >> the great flood of 2016 will not soon be forgot glenn not at all. take a look at this, the flooding has left at least seven people dead. louisianna governor john bell edwards toured hard hit areas yesterday, and urged people to be patient. he says the widespread flooding has presented tremendous challenges, more than 20,000 people have been rescued from their home. >> and, this is one of the more dramatic rescues caught on camera. rescuers work to free a woman from submerged car in baton rouge. you can see them attempt to go break the vehicle's window, just as the car goes under completely, the woman is pulled up to the surface, the
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woman's dog was still in the car. just as rescuers were ready to give up, the pup pulled to safety. we have full report on the flooding in baton rouge coming up at 6:30. >> i mean, i posted this on my fast book page and i saw it and were you just in tears, my dog. the rescuers they don't even know, that she comes up, gasping for air, it is awful, and i'm so thankful. >> i believe we have a sounds bite of her saying the same thing, grateful, thankful. nice to see people coming together to take care of each other down there. but yes, just unbelievable, the amount of rain that fell in just short amount of time. couple of days down near the buoy, still seeing moist moisture drawn north. we can get any kind of relief from this, it will take little built of time. but this is the colds front scheduled to cross through, technically, into tomorrow. so, we're sort of just beading our time in the meantime, will be thunderstorms in the
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meantime. quickly we check on the tropics. we do have system pretty decent chance right now, way out over the eastern atlantic, i mean there is thing is far away, but regardless, it is i think kind of easy to forget that we're in the midst of atlantic hurricane season, haven't had much to talk b now getting closer and closer to the peak of the season, september 10th, technically, when we will see it peak. start to see more activity out there. right now though no concerns, in terms of any kind of direct impact to our area, any time soon. but regardless, it is going to be a hot one. certainly the weather impacting us today, feeling like 106 at the height of the afternoon. by tomorrow, markedly different. still flirting with 90's here, but will still feel like the mid 90s, then gets little better by thursday, and even better toward the tail end of the week. see that in the seven day. phillies back at it here tonight. humid evening for sure. we take on the dodgers, 70:51 pitch, eight a degrees it, will feel steamier than that. potentially with thunderstorm rumbling through. so see how the time being work
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out here, regardless late day showers, heavy potentially strong or severe thunderstorms will roll on in, that's the cold front or the leading edge of it. and the temperatures get knock back a smidge, for the rest of the week, more importantly, meisha, a humidity goes away. >> yes, just goes to show how hot it is, if the cold front is in the high 80s, gosh, been very, very warm, you guys, blast the air condition nerve your cars, let's just hope they are all working. we have an accident schuylkill taillights eastbound direction at the boulevard. left lane is compromised and police were sitting in this median. looks like they've moved to the left side. make note of. that will seeing some brake lights certainly go off as you drive past that. plus take a look at this, 95 south past girard, this is at the vine. this is really going to slow you down, an accident, blogging now three lanes, on interstate 95, moving in the southbound direction, if there is one place that we do not want to see this, at around this time, on a tuesday morning, it is right here. and it is happening. so it is pushing everyone off to the far left. a lot of people exiting here
6:18 am
at the vine, trying to get into center city this way. if you have to stick on 95 south, give yourself extra time. you will be sitting in that. or avoid it, i'll let you know as soon as it clears. ben franklin bridge in new jersey coming around looking good there. another accident in new jersey coming up. i'll have the updates coming up in about ten minutes. first we take quick break, stay right where you are, stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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>> this is unusual defense strategy in molestation case in oklahoma matthew goss is using a sleep disorder called sex somnia as his defense. court documents from december claim his wife found him in a sexual position with a 14 year old relative. goss' wife said the disorder caused the incident. certified sleep study technician says sex somnia fits under category of sleep disorders. >> sleep walking, sleep talking, night terrors, and there have been some instances of people even eating in their sleep. >> according to version goss was not able to produce any medical records, or other proof of his alleged diagnosis. well, it is all hands on deck in florida, zika continues to spread in the miami area. officials have now enlisted the help of a commercial pest control company to help stop mosquitos from spreading the virus, at least 30 people have been infected through mosquito bites in the state. officials say the extra help will ensure that the miami
6:22 am
dade area has every possible tool to fight zika. fishermen in michigan have made some catches. >> this is the red polly raccoon, relative of the per anarchs but actually vegetarian. >> the fish is known for its teeth, which look human. >> oh, ya. look at that. >> terrifying. terrifying. wildlife officials say former owners released it in the state's lakes, but they're not likely to thrive since they need warm water to survive. so, former owners would mean? >> crazy people. they're in michigan, they're not here. they're not watching. coming up: impression on the vaguest strip. >> also, right here in philly, serving up some important life lessons for student. pat gallen will join us live to tell us about it, katie? >> guys, looking ahead to yet another, i know, stop me, another hot and steamy day. >> stop. >> i know.
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>> in the news, journals ahead of delaware correctional officers union says the ranks
6:26 am
of prison guards in the state are so thin, that the national guard could be needed next summer to fill tapping gaps and maintain order. the comment come after a death sentence inmate punched a prison guard in the face last week, at a correctional center in smyrna. >> from the front page of the burlington county times, evesham township council will vote today on whether to approve a 6 million-dollar land purchase on sharp road. the 15-acre industrial site consists of six build, if approved, the property would be used by the public works department and existing tenants. >> bucks county courier times, grange fair kicks off tomorrow. they'll be an antique tractor parade, pig races, sheepshearing, according to dan, in our news room, dancing dogs. >> oh, my. >> the fair celebrate the best of bucks county farming community have to offer. >> oh, we've to go. >> we do. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines, from around the delaware val. >> i well, one of the most
6:27 am
important historical las vegas hotel casinos is now history. >> it came tumbling down within the hour. >> first hotel casino on the las vegas strip, 60 year old rivera imploded for make room for new city convention center. rivera had more than 2,000 rooms. it hosed all of the vaguest stars, and was seen in diamonds are forever, oceans 11 and casino. >> big boom. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", pennsylvania top prosecutor is now a convicted criminal. what is next for kathleen kane coming up. >> plus, meisha is helping you get out the door this morning, hey, meisha? >> looking outside, guys, we have an accident on 95, the schuylkill and on route one. blocking all lanes of traffic. i'll have all of the update coming up of the first we'll take quick break, so stay right where you are.
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>> katie will let us know when the temperature drops, and our best chance to see some storms, in just a moment. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. 6:31, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> no one is above the law. >> the guilty verdict for pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. still no word on when kane will step down, her perjury charges alone, could send her to prison. >> new this morning, father and son, are the victims of a deadly fire in monmouth county, new jersey. the secret is you have to plan. >> hillary clinton returns to philadelphia today, clinton's appearance at west philadelphia high school is her first trip to philadelphia
6:32 am
since excepting the democratic nomination last month. >> authorities in northern northern california arrest add man they say started the face moving clayton fire has destroyed nearly 200 homes, caused nearly $10 million in damage. >> stop right there. that's a half point. three skills in a row ... (cheers). >> and, unfortunately, that stumble cost simone biles a gold medal. she had to settle for the bronze. >> third place. >> i know. >> she is a champ. >> she is amazing,. >> her teammate lori hernandez won silver. >> katie, should we give you a bronze, sill remember or gold for the forecast? >> we always gave you a gold. no medal today. >> i love that.
6:33 am
i love that logic. that's perfect, brooke, thank you. >> that never happens. >> stop t well, we looking ahead here to some very excessive heat again, more humidity, very steamy outside, here on the skydeck, so, notice if you are waiting for a train, waiting for a bus, that it is one of those effect where you walk out from the air-conditioning, your hands get kind of moist, like clammy, and that's what it feels like out here. and that's how it will feel all day. again, so we do have excessive heat warnings, as well as heat advisories now posted essentially region wide. the only spot that are the oddball out here, welshing maybe not so odd. probably loving this. you're not stuck in any of these heat advisories, up in the poconos. but regardless, another pretty oppressive day. please take care. so often joke about these things, but again it is dangerous heat. if you are not smart about it, and not careful, about how you spend your time outside today. 77 degrees, the current temperature at the airport. it is a little cooler up in the mountains, as we just reported, but storm scan also
6:34 am
showing few signs of life. you know, generally expecting just some sunshine initially. i wouldn't worry too much about what you're seeing on the tail end of the radar there. it is really later today, and that any showers and thunderstorms are expected to ignite. they could, however, be locally strong. if not severe. so coming up a built later in the broadcast talk more about those impact, time things out, and also about finally the change of pace that we have been so longing for, the lower humidity that's going to finally make it feel more comfortable. tell when you it gets here coming up. meisha, a we send it into you for now. >> katie, thank you so much. you guys, take a look at this. we do have an accident, on 95, right now, i can tell you, it is going to slow you down this morning. i also have a string of strengths out there, i can tell you right now, stat dollars in the 5:00 hour t really hasn't eased up. take a lock at this, live chopper three over lawrence township new jersey. accident overturned tractor-trailer, actually, possible garbage truck, route one southbound at 295, all lanes block, and the ramp to southbound 95, use your
6:35 am
alternate, 206 back to route one to get around it. and, back to, looking outside, look at this, live shot here, 95 south past girard, at the vine. it was blocking three lanes of traffic. it has now been condensed to looks like just one. but the slow downs, because of this, will be fairly significant, so make note of this, interstate 95 southbound, 6:00 hour, this is not what we want to see. so, a lot of flashing lights, hopefully gets moved out of the way. you can see already just slowly creeping by, but listen how slow it is already. even though they are starting to get that cleared out of the way. another accident, schuylkill taillights eastbound at the boulevard, the left lane was compromised, looks like it is now clearing out of your way, brooke, over to you. >> pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, is appealing her conviction. after four hours of deliberation, montgomery county jury found kane guilty of all nine counts of perjury and obstruction. kane was accused of leaking secret grand jury information and lying under oath to cover it up. kane's attorney maintains his
6:36 am
client's innocence. >> we will continue, despite, because we believe that our client has been wrongfully, wrongfully accused of misconduct. >> this was about the defendant going before a grand jury, in montgomery county. >> judge plans to sentence cane within the next 09 days. >> in other news, there is new information on berks county murder suicide that left an entire family of five dead. investigators say 40 year old mark short shot his wife and their three children, then killed himself, inside their sinking spring home on august 6th. police say the couple was having marital problems, and mark short was having trouble at work. on july 18th, police responded to a domestic dispute at the home, and during a 911 call megan short said she was afraid of her husband. sinking spring police department did at that time advise megan short how to get a protection from abuse order.
6:37 am
but she chose not to. >> investigators say, mark short took his three children to hershey park just one day before the shooting. police say surveillance video of a hit-and-run led them to the van they say killed and his assistant. oscar morrell faces second degree murder charges, police say they found revolver and clothing matching the description from saturday's crime. investigators say, morrell clipped a bicyclist shortly after the shooting which led them to surveillance aim, of his cars. funerals for the victims also held yesterday. well, much of louisianna remain under water this morning, several people have died, more than 11,000 people are in shelters in the into ralph -- flood ravaged state. don champion with from baton rouge, officials say the river are still rise. >> reporter: flood waters, south of baton rouge, continue to rise overnight. and the river began creeping over roadways. mayor mike lambert joined
6:38 am
sandbagging effort trying to save homes from taking on water. >> we're not going to give up. we'll stay to the bloody ends. and if it noxious down, we will get back up, and we'll rebuild. >> the river is just one of many left dangerously hi, following historic flooding in louisianna. this displaced resident broke down in tears, the destruction to her home for the first time. >> i work my entire life for, just washed away. >> others like haley are breathing a sigh of relief. she and her dog sassy were rescued by a good samaritan from their submerged car over the weekend. >> couldn't do it from the boat so i jump jumped in. i had to do what i had to do. >> oh, i was just thankful. i'm just thankful, and blessed. >> many residents in this region who lived through hurricane katrina are now having to start over a second time. >> i lost my mom, too. so everything is just recurring over again to me,
6:39 am
you know, in my minds. >> more than 20,000 people have been rescued in the state since the flooding began friday and the danger isn't over. scattered storms and showers are still in the forecast here through the end of the week. don champion, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what a mess. well, still ahead, see the controversial dive that cost american runner allison felix the golds in rio. >> before kids go back to school, many are going back to sports. doctor rob is here with an important reminder on how to keep your kids safe while playing sports, especially, during this heat. hey, pat? >> good morning, here at the legacy tennis youth and education center, i can't talk, and swing at the same time. but look at the swing, looking pretty good. that's christian hill. he'll help me out next. we'll meet some cool kids from the legacy program. don't go anywhere.
6:40 am
for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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welcome back everyone, another close look at another of philadelphia's best places.
6:43 am
>> our pat gallen is in east falls, with a place where some people learn more than just how to play a game. hey, pat? >> goods morning, jim, brooke. yes, philadelphia not really known as a tennis hot bed per say. but, here at legacy youth tennis and education center, they're trying to change that. and i got a chance do hang out with a few kids, definitely, have something to prove, and something to offer. >> ♪ >> philadelphia is not known as a tennis hot bed. but, at legacy youth ten tennis and he hadding in east falls, youngsters getting ready for the big time, in and out of the sport. there are so many stories of impressive kids who are using legacy as a spring board. including, gabby garrett. >> awards and scholarships. >> what's that mean? >> i mean i won a thousand dollars. >> is that right. >> yes, and it helped like my parents toward mia ten dance. >> gabby is being modest.
6:44 am
the gibson award honors the memory of the late tennis pioneer, and rewards players who excel in helping on and off the court year around. she also has bigger goals to reach. >> to go to hampton or howard university. i want a full ride off of tennis. and i want to be an account and the when i grow up. that's like my biggest goal. >> sean, another legacy kid, coming off impressive tennis year. sean is the fourth ranked in the delaware valley coming off a state title. he, too, wants to take on the financial world. but is able to focus on both school and tennis. >> six days a week, probably three, four hours a day. >> josh victor headed to temple that year to continue his game and educationment and because every his academic achievement, was awarded huge scholarship worth $10,000. >> for athletes to demonstrate good academic skills. so i just applied. and i honestly didn't really think i would have a huge chance of getting it, but i got a nice e-mail couple of weeks ago saying i received
6:45 am
it. >> with all of the talented smart athlete available, no way i wasn't working on my game. >> so, some people like that better, you know? >> nice motion there. yes, i like it, i like it. >> keep your feet moving. keep your feet moving. stay active on the balls of your feet. that's good. nice shot. smooth over a little bit. there you go. that's it. close, close. >> nice. look away there. >> what a shot! >> so, guys, like most sports i try, i probably need a little bit more work. but that's why we're here at legacy. because i can get that sort of tutelage, i can get it from chris hill, good morning. >> morning, pleasure to see this morning. >> so chris is director of tennis here at legacy. tell us why this place is so important, and so cool,
6:46 am
really. >> well, i think legacy is important, because it bridges kids from all over the city of philadelphia and the surrounding areas together, using tennis as a vehicle and tool to build character so it can go out in the future to make an impact. >> so i talked to couple every kids that were high school age, 15, 16, 17 years old, really all age. >> absolutely, we start at five years old, with the munchkin program, go up to 18, sometimes a lot of our college kids come back, work in the summer, some of them are playing in college at high level. some of them go onto aspire to be professional tennis players. >> no joke. because it has been 90s all week, high humidity, these kids are out here. you just told me they're playing multiple matches per day. so they're getting ready for that in this heat? >> absolutely. the heat is no excuse for hard work here. so, they've got to go out and perform in these conditions. and sometimes, it is very tough, but that's what they're here to do every day, to get ready for those events. >> all right, so i talk to couple of kids that had done some really cool things including joshua, gotten $10,000 scholarship, another
6:47 am
kiddied interviewed maybe year or two ago, browning, he's another of those aspiring tennis players that's number one rang in the pennsylvania; that's correct? >> yes, tahid is one of the top players, another guy jeremy, just got to the finals in nationals, won two superbowls, josh obviously going to temple next year. so we have quite a few kids doing a lot of different good things. >> some special stuff happening here. chris, appreciate the time. chris hill, the director of tennis, jim and brooke, a loft cool things happening here, if you want to brush up on your game i suggest you come down here. >> thanks, pat. katie bit hot today for tennis in. >> definitely scorcher after day. so please take it easy out there, if you must be outside. we understanded if you're a landscaper, work construction, things like, that they take you outside. be smart about it, be sure to take frequent breaks. already off to warm start. highlight couple every these quickly, 57 degrees comes in this morning from david dutch. he's got partly sunny sky, and 88% humidity. another 75 degrees temperature reading comes in from jason this morning, generally full sunshine. but yet great comment: never
6:48 am
been so eager for autumn to arrive. doesn't that sound nice? crisp air. some cider, some football, some tailgating? sign me up. i can't believe i am actually saying. that will because i love the summertime. but to turn to serious note guys, keep in mind heat really can be dangerous. if you're not smart about it. this is a ten year average. and heat believe it or not is the number one weather-related killer, in the united states. we've already seen this particular heatwave turn deadly. i want you to be smart and take care of yourself. as we look at storm scan at nice wide zoom, do still technically have pressure trying to hang on for one final day. cold front scheduled to cross, and as this approaches, what will trigger some additional showers and thunderstorms which could be locally strong, and locally heavy, too, since we have so many american ties. slight risk for severe weather today going to the northern two thirds of the delaware valley, but everyone sits in that risk at least for some heavier storms, especially, later this afternoon, and toward the typical evening rush. one final 90 plus degrees day before we start to see the thermometer dropping, at least little bit, but more
6:49 am
importantly, that humidity start to get wiped clean, as we head toward the tail end of the week, meisha, a we send it over to you. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, you guys. what we are seeing right now is live chopper three, over and overturned tractor-trailer, possible garbage truck, crews are out here, lawrence township, new jersey, route one southbound at 295. all lanes clearly are blocked. plus, the ramp to southbound 95, you will have to use an alternate. your best bet going to be route 206, swing that around, back to route one, but yikes, look at this, guys, all lanes like i said still blocked there, clearly, that looks like a job in and of itself even just to begin to get that cleared up. so just make note that far this morning, your morning commute if you are anywhere near there. accident here, looks like just cleared, 59 south past girard at the vine. great news for those of you interstate 95 southbound. you get all green. go ahead, jump out there interstate 95. blue route another accident here approaching route one.
6:50 am
uncle see it pulled all the way off to the left. getting some brake lights, gaper delay, as you maneuver around that area. and, also, another accident, 309, northbound at susquehanna. so kind after string of accidents this morning. i would say just overall getting busy out there. give yourself a couple of extra minutes, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a now 6:50, a lot coming up on cbs this morning,. >> gale king joins us with a preview, good morning, gale, how is it going in new york? >> brooke, it is going really hot and steamy here. jim, good to see you again. >> ditto. >> long time since philadelphia, jim. we're going to talk with rob woodward about donald trump's plan to bring back "cold war" tactic fight terror, plus why some families are paying nearly 500% more than they used to, for life saving allergy treatment. yep, 500% more. louisianna volunteers are calling them the cage of navy out there, how they are helping the community during floodingment and we meet up with the s women volley bar
6:51 am
stars, april ross, head of the olympic final showdown, why they don't mind playing those late night games, which by the way, is tonight, midnight, east coast time. so we will be up late. news back in the morning. see in you about nine minutes and counting. >> and we will be watching. thanks, gale. before heading back to school, it is back to sports for many young athletes from the football field to the running track practices once again. >> so what do parent need to do to prepare? family physician doctor rob dan off joins us with some advice on how to keep the kids safe this season. good morning, doctor rob. >> morning. >> so let's talk about sports physicals, doctor rob, because many kids get them as soon as they get back to school. >> really important. we try to do at least six weeks before each sport. the reason is we are going to focus on their health. are they in good shape? are they out of shape? are they weight appropriate? are they not? make sure they're ready for their sporting sees. >> that also will bring up certain medical conditions, maybe parents not aware of, should they discuss injuries, as the child may have had in the past? >> that's real important point. so, do they have vision
6:52 am
problems, hearing problems, have they had history of concussions? say they want to go and play football. >> we need to know that. also, do they have asthma? you know, we need to adjust medications so they can run that sport, play soccer, play track. so, these exams are very, very important. we can't just assume, because they're young, they're in good shape. a lot of times we catch problems, so we want to re event any injuries, from occurring, or any health conditions during the sport. >> okay, doctor rob, obviously the weather still very warm out. could you breakdown what athletes, parents, maybe coaches should keep in mind while kids are practicing out in this heat? >> you know, it is dangerous, heat load very high. some of the football players are out there with equipment. shouldn't be. when katie says the heat index is 100 above, no one should be outdoors doing this type of activity. but you need about ten to 14 days to acclimate, when you start before a sport. get in shape. with this heat, they should pre-hydrate. the biggest thing for coaches and players, no the warning signs of heat illness. if they get dizzy, if they get a headache. if they get nauseous.
6:53 am
if they start to sweat a lot. or sometimes people believe it or not get chills or muscle cramps, those are early signs of heat exhaustion, get them inside, then there is the 40-ten rule. forty minute of activity, ten minute of a break. make sure we watch it, and we should not be doing two a day workouts in this type of weather. so the best thing to do right now in this high heat work out inside in air-conditioning. and, if they're outside, you know, any pad that they put on, uniforms, that makes it more difficult to sweat. specially in the humidity. so main thing, education, know the signs, if nip of those symptoms occur get them inside, cool them off. >> what about other precaution that is parents needs to be aware of before getting in the game? >> you know, getting in the game, what about equipment? you know, we need to know certain sports need certain equipment. do they need goggles? do they need helmets? what about shoes? you know, cleets are different for football as they are for baseball or soccer or tennis, the proper shoes, make sure the equipment is clean and in good condition. i mean, just couple of weeks ago someone was wearing pads that had a cut in the plastic. well they came in with nice
6:54 am
little cut on their skin. so that's very very important. proper equipment, and the training, how to use it and how to prepare for the sport. >> thanks a lot, doctor rob, joining us. love having in you here, thank you. >> great information. >> now to the olympics in rio. look at this. miller of the bahamas, laying out for gold medal. miller and american allison felix were in a dead heat down the stretch of the women's 400-meter. miller did what she had to do to win that gold. felix was going for her fifth career goal, to bring home the silver. dive stirring up a lot of debate. >> hey, you got to do what you got to do. >> oh, no, jim. >> hey, it is the olympics. we'll be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> three to go next.
6:55 am
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
6:58 am
>> before you hit the road it is three to go. sadly, a father and son are dead at the jersey shore in bellmawr. two alarm fire swept through what's described as year around rental. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane plans to appeal her conviction, jury found her guilty of leaking seek are the criminal files then lying about it. >> hillary clinton campaigns at west philadelphia high school, while donald trump makes two stops, in
6:59 am
southeastern wisconsin, and that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> very hazy, very humid outside right now, but generally just dry at least. you don't have any wet weather just yet. but you can see the haze out there looking closely out in burn ville, 71 degrees there, offer to pretty mild start in most spots, shore is a good place to go if you are trying to beat the worse of the heat anywayment even there you will likely see shower or thunderstorm rumble through specially later this afternoon and evening. transition is upon us. so specially by thursday, it feels so much more comfortable, meisha? >> katie, thank you. do have accident outside guys, blue route northbound approaching route one, left lane still compromised. looks like it moved off to the left shoulder. still will cause gaper delay. also, overturned tractor trailer in lawrence township new jersey route one southbound at 295, all lanes still block, you will have to use an alternate. >> next on cbs this morning, latest on campaign trail and the ten best new restaurants in america. >> and of course remember to join us early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is tuesday, august 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." police apprehend a suspect accused of setting the fire that devastated an entire california community. and he may be responsible for more. donald trump tries to get back on message, laying out a plan to fight isis. he promises to bring back cold war tactics to fight terror. and fighting deadly food allergies suddenly becoming a lot more expensive for families. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> in the cold war, we have an idgi


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