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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 17, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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have have credibility. >> former montgomery county district tern bruce castor will replace her. dramatic shake up, in donald trump's presidential campaign. he hired breitbart news ceo steven bannon to be his campaign ceo. there is a new, fast moving wild fire burning near los angeles. >> get out so we can focus on working on this fire. >> reporter: new is explosive blue cut fires, it burn at least 80,000 acres so far. >> match point. >> right now to the brazilans. and. >> and what an upset kerry walsh jennings had never lost an olympics beach volleyball match until last night. >> walsh jennings and april ross will play tonight for
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bronze medal. katie, what is going on outside. >> it is breezy outside. it is definitely breezy, we have humidity that is still out there, but that will be dropping, a little bit with time here. very quickly we will take you pack in time to talk about storms that rumbled in here there yesterday and they pack a punch. some of the storms that came in just short lived, in general, but even in philadelphia there was quarter inch sized hail report. 33-mile an hour win gusts in allentown, lehigh valley, reading airport 48 miles an her win gusts. a couple trees came down and led to power outage is here and there. storm scan locally pretty quiet. we have one little blob of showers we will call it here outside the viewing area, back west of berks county. we could get clipped, but no heavy thunderstorms like what we saw in the last couple of hours. temperatures currently still mild. it is a tad breezy right now, unstable air mass and that will mean that we are still going to stay hot. still humid.
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but not as bad, and as it was yesterday. we will still, crack 90 degrees here in philadelphia. mid to low 80's around the resort towns and with that breeze. would i say especially tonight watch for a shower or thunderstorm to pop up and that will happen later on tonight, south of the city, we will keep an eye on that possibility but regardless it is a transition in the works here, meisha and it is a bit better then yesterday was. >> i could feel it already this morning, thanks very much, good morning, everyone. if you are up having your first cup, so glad you you are here looking at vine westbound at 24th. you're looking good in both directions. overall vine is holding steady and it has. 4:00 o'clock hour it will be doing that during 5:00 o'clock as well. schuylkill headlights moving westbound at the boulevard, both moving in the westbound and eastbound directions we are certainly starting to heat up. we saw schuylkill heat up more toward tail end of the 4:00 o'clock hour and we are seeing it heat up more than that in the 5:00 o'clock hour.
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schuylkill give yourself a couple more minutes. boulevard, this is a foggy shot but you can see we have activity here moving in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill. just make net of that. we have fire department activity, police are on the scene here south broad street in both directions at wharton street. lanes are blocked there. and also bethlehem pike at west mill road all lanes blocked here you will to have use an alternate, because a pole is on fire. other one i just showed you is an apartment fire a lot of activity there also accident matsonford road at county line road does not seem to be any lane blockages there and could slow you down. and, down tree, because of the storm. and, and as well, and down tree here waiverly road in both directions between river vee road. all lanes block there. youngsford road is your best bet for an alternate. brooke, over to you. new this morning a fire fighter was at a two alarm
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fire in south philadelphia. fire crews say that the flames broke out the at broad and wharton at 1:00 a a.m. tia burroughs took these pictures. we are told dozens of fire fighters worked for hours to get the flams under control. heat and humidity created physical conditions, for fire fighters. one of them a man in his 60's, was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. well in, other news pennsylvania is getting a new attorney general by the end of the business day. solicitor general bruce castor will replace kathleen kane, five months have after she created a job for him. castor has ties to the montgomery county community, as a two term advertise trick attorney and county commissioner. he ran unsuccessfully for attorney general back in 2004. kane resigned one day after jury convicted her of leaking secret grand jury information, to smear a rival, and then lying under oath. governor tom wolf has authority to appoint kane's replacement. stay with "eyewitness news" as we stay up to dayton kathleen kane's resignation. when we're not on tv you can
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find it on line at cbs one suspect is in custody but a second remains at large wanted for nearly a dozen home invasions of asian owned businesses. investigators say due to multiple tips from the public 29 year-old norman bowens was taken in custody but has yet to be charged. three three-year old anthony campbell is still at large and they need your help to find him. they say home invasions happened between may and august of this year and campbell should be considered armed and dangerous. police also want to know if you recognize these two suspects who are wanted for a robbery last month in frankford. investigators say one of the young men punched a store clerk, with brass knuckles as the clerk scooped water ice for him and his a pledged accomplice. suspects are between 15 and 20 years old and say they got away with cash. residents in germantown are speaking out against gun violence. more than 100 residents gathered at the intersection of the ashmead and ago mold use, 26 year-olds are
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recovering. mahaj brownies still at st. christopher's hospital after he was caught in the gun battle on thursday night. earlier in the week, a six year-old girl was shot in the arm. each case is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. well, the time right now is 5:36, in business news this morning, the latest store to cash in, on the at leisure fad. >> and wait until you hear which car company wants self trying cars on the roads soon. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and jim. stocks are pulling back after reaching new record highs, to you jones fell 84 points tuesday, nasdaq fell 34. today investors are waiting for federal reserve to release minutes from the last meeting and they are looking for clues about another possible interest rate hike, increase in september, still on the table. ford says it will have self driving roads in the next five years. they won't have steering wheels or gas or break pedals, autonomous vehicles are
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specifically designed for ride hailing or sharing services. ford will roll out self driving cars for personal ownership later. victoria secret is switching gears from sexy lingerie to sports bras, part of the plan to boost sales and cash in on the leisure trend which is where you wear work out clothes all day long. show models hitting punching bags and jumping rope. brooke and jim? >> all right. >> okay. >> i'm interested. >> i work out in a suit. thanks, jill. after nearly 15 years shopping is back at new york's world trade center. world trade center mall reopened yesterday. hamilton star and philadelphia native leslie odom junior performed. they included a apple store, kate spade and shake shack, they hope to have 100 stores opened for the holiday shopping season. >> shake shack is your favorite store at the mall. >> that is one of them, if you need a snack, burger. >> okay, what can you do. happening today free tickets are available to the liberty medal ceremony this
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years, on september 19th, the national constitution center is honoring congressman john lewis, he is an icon of the civil rights movement. tickets first come, first serve starting at ten and you can reserve them on line at constitution also happening today, a folcroft police officer, hurt in the line of duty, will receive a very special honor. >> officer christopher dorman was shot seven times on june 24th, tonight he will be one of the first officers in folcroft history to receive the commendation of valor. officer depetero exchanged gunfire with the suspect to save dorman's life. he will receive a commendation of valor at the boro council meeting. happening today, summer is over. >> the at least it is for one of the philadelphia's charter schools. global leadership academy students will be back at school in about two hours. >> poor things. >> i know. >> officials want to headache sure their young scholars avoid the so-called summer brain drain, when students forget some of their lessons
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from the past year. >> why are you looking at me when you say that. >> you know. >> still ahead taylor swift is trying to help flood victims in lieu san. we will tell you how much money she's donating next in we got to tell you, hi, pat. hi jim and brooke, pardon the pun but i've got the need, the need for speed and good thing is today is the atlantic city air show. here are thunderbird going up later today. i'll have all of the details coming up next on "eyewitness
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got to tell you caitlin jenner's tv show i am kate has been cancelled. jenner says it is time for next adventure and she thanks the e network. i am kate got praise from activist who built it as a major moment for transgender visibility and main stream media jenner appeared on keeping up with the kardashians but it is up to rob and black china to keep the spin off train running. maybe caitlin will come to our casting call tomorrow at cbs casino, do you think so. >> i a am not sure. >> from noon to 3:00 men and women 18 and older are invited to audition for a chance to appear in an episode of either young and restless or the bold and the beautiful. the young and restless stars doug davidson and steve burton will be at sugar house to meet and greet fans. you can find more information
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on the cbs taylor swift is donating a million-dollar, to help people in louisiana deal with the recent big floods. she says louisiana graciously welcomed her when she started her 1989 world tour in the u.s. last year. she also says it is heart breaking how so many people have been forced from their homes. she's encouraging others to help with relief efforts too. i got to tell you madonna is showing no signs of slowing down. she celebrated her 58th birthday yesterday in cuba, by dancing, the night away, at an up scale, private restaurant in havana. people say that she even got up on the table to party it up. madonna is in a long list of before restoring diplomatic relations. >> that is awesome. >> go, her. so as far as weather is concern, things are getting better, ape it is not perfect.
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i won't lie to you. >> it doesn't to have be perfect. >> there is always going to be something. >> i just don't like humidity. >> it is better. it is not as bad. >> i'll give you that. it is not your fault. >> we're off to a muggy start. even still despite the front it has not totally cleared. it is still time outside. lets tea you out to live neighborhood network cameras up near mountains here blue mountain in the distance. we have pleasant valley middle and high schools there in broad headville all is calm and these skies are clearing out nicely. we're going to call this a partly sunny day for you. and overall, just a nice summer day, and then at least by comparison, it is going to feel so much better as the day progresses then it did yesterday. i mean we have been stuck in dew point temperatures well in the 70's for days on end now and it the is still warm and it the is still a little bit humid but it has been wars. lets check with the eyewitness weather watchers very quickly here. we have 70's. heck even a few 80's.
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lets look the a one in middletown. jason, always good for a nice warm observation at this time of the morning. he has a is in clear sky though in middletown at 81 degrees to kick start the day. further north in new jersey to ed at 76 degrees. he is coming in the last 15 minutes or so in chesterfield. he has 94 percent humidity and his comment another steamy day, thankfully, in the as steamy, and he is got some plans to do power washing, all right. honey do list working there out there. we will go to the north and take you to one more in new jersey to the garden state here peter checks in with just a couple of included and in lawrenceville at 75 degrees. okay. let's switch gears. we will jump past live neighborhood network and storm scab three. it is basically empty. it is a pocket of showers outside berks, lancaster count that i might clip us in the far northwestern suburbs but more than anything do you see this line of cloud cover, that is your front. now it hasn't totally cleared obviously. because it is kind of stuck, we are going to remain a little on the unsettled side,
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as a result. so today looks like a nice summer day but not as crisp as you might hope it to be in the wake of the cold front. of course we have the atlantic city air show, pat gallen's report coming up in a minor two. wait for that. i'm sure his reports are always awesome. we will keep it in the mid 80's her throughout the course of the show. a great beach day, a little breezy but it is the shore. so we will expect that. moving forward in the seven day forecast bringing it back to the philadelphia temperatures flirting with or hitting 90 degrees in the next couple of days, and then because it is still a tad unsettled and certainly a tad, muggy outside, there could be a sure or thunderstorm especially tonight and then one or two that fire up in the afternoon, looking forward. meisha, back over to you. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. if you art home and you have a shot of espresso, take it, take one for me, we will need it, after this traffic report, you guys. take a look we have a major accident boulevard southbound at ridge avenue and kelly drive, two left lanes are blocked in, fact, i scratch that, all lanes are now block. you are in longer moving on
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the boulevard moving in the southbound direction. i can tell you that this is just a string of what we have been talking about all morning long. the here's a backup shot of the boulevard moving in the southbound direction. again all lanes block. some drivers exiting here now. it will get polluted right there as everyone will try to exit but once you get in there and come up too far you can in longer exit. you are stuck there on the roosevelt boulevard moving in the southbound direction. not at all what we want to see on the schuylkill anywhere for that matter around the boulevard, especially, this is once you get on to the schuylkill westbound and it is looking okay. so it is just boulevard southbound right now avoid it if you can. then we have fire department activity with a pole on fire. bethlehem pike at west mill road all lanes are block. you will he'll to have use that alternate cricket road. more fear activity with the apartment fire. you have to a rid it at all cost, that is word we're getting. so broad street at wharton streets, again we have lanes block here. they are telling to us avoid the area at all cost. also because of the storms last night we have a down tree
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but first we have an accident here matsonford road at county line road, and then down tree, pine road at philmont avenue lanes blocked here, use an alternate, buck road is your best bet, another down tree here at waiverly road, all lanes block, both directions, so you will to have use an alternate here as well, youngsford road, busy morning, jim, over to you. well, there is about to be thunder over the boardwalk in atlantic city and it has nothing to do with our storms. >> 2016 atlantic city air show kicks off later today and, of course, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is in egg harbor township with a preview of some of the planes you'll see flying by the beach, pat, normally, when you are out there with some or the of reek will or something you would end up driving it. do not try to fly a plane. >> reporter: why the not, what is wrong with trying to fly a plane. you don't think i can handle it? have of course, i can handle will it. good morning jim and brooke. appreciate that very much. big day for atlantic city and
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big day for jersey shore area, it is year 14 of the atlantic city air show. we are getting prepared for that today, yesterday, though, was a big day with the practice day, which is almost as good as the real thing but as you can see, there was some awesome stuff happening there yesterday. she is planes clearly do amazing things that will all be on display again today for real thing, so here's a run down of some of what is going on. first of all and most importantly it is free. so bring your kid, bring a friend, bring a date it is all free. at 10:30 air space closes but 11:00 a.m. golden nights will jump with the american flag for national anthem and that will get things underway. also a huge part of the show, u.s. air force thunderbirds which you just saw i'm standing in front of the beautiful planes they will make their return the two show. they will put on a aerial display in their f-16 fighting falcon, air show also features
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one of only four osprey demonstrations, that will take place, this year in addition to that, my friends, all five branches of the military will be representing as well so really cool stuff happening there, so jim and brooke they call it the thunder over the boardwalk, and an amazing number of people are slated to be out here on the beaches in the boardwalk 500,000 people are in town for the atlantic city air show. it is an amazing day, event, and i know you event want me to jump in the plane. i'm willing to do it. i have done all there is to do on television so why not. >> i suggest it. >> no, no, no. >> why? >> because i like him. >> i have no doubt he would be able to put a plane in the air. >> you saw him play basketball once you think he can fly a plane. >> maybe in the. >> we will check back next hour. >> what do you mean by that.
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welshing still ahead bringing romance to rush hour. >> see the app with the license for love when we come right b
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
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love a flow there a volcano has reached pacific ocean. >> officials want to make sure that tourists are safe. last time lava reached the ocean was back in 2013, red hot laugh hitting surface creates dense steam which is very popular with the 5,000 spectators of hiked to the area since last month. >> awesome, amazing, lava fields are really neat and being able to experience the lava flow down in the water. >> now officials say hikers in the area cannot touch the lava, it will give you serious, serious burns and they say lava will hard men some places over the water but it is not safe to stand, or
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walk on. >> yes. >> it is something you have to remind people of that. think back to the last time you cut someone off in traffic did you wish you could send them a nice message. >> well, that is a new app, let's start with just that, it is car automatic. users can look a driver up by using a license plate. >> oh, boy. >> write them a message, send them a voice mail or rate them and you don't have to have use it to express rage. some use it to simply meet new people. >> maybe someone double parked next to you or too close, if you consider. >> it is creepy. >> some people don't to have leave a note at all. >> just get in your car and go. >> and they say all account are private and it will ask users if they are driving to prevent distract driving. >> i'm sure they will answer honestly. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we will tell but a connection between woman's weight and cancer in healthwatch this
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morning. plus this. >> ♪ >> the group raising more than their voiceness this weeks story of brotherly love we will tell you who they are helping an how it works and how a ticket can save your life when you come back.
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you this this morning a fire fighter is injury bat telling overnight fire at an apartment building, in south philadelphia. we're live on the scene as investigators search for a cause. and today is kathleen kane's last day, as pennsylvania's attorney general. her resignation comes on the heels of her conviction on perjury charges and we're live with who will take her lays. breaking campaign news, major staff shake up on the trump campaign, with just 82 taste left before the election the republican presidential nominee revamps his campaign again. it is wednesday, august 17th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, it has been a messy morning, kind of all week, but today particularly we have a bad accident on the boulevard blocking all lanes. i think one might be getting by, causing significant,
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delays. it is only 6:00 o'clock in the morning. >> yeah. >> at least, the storms that rumbled through, those are gone. we are starting off quiet weather-wise and we are looking at a six hour loop and take you back to the overnight hours to see that line that went through and depending where you live that may have woken you up in the middle of the night. i heard clap of thunder over my house but regardless it is all out of here. we are left thankfully with quiet weather but we will look back in time here and lightening count was impressive. between one to 1:30 there were 22 lightening strikes with that little line we showed with you that one line over that entire time, 450 different lightening strikes clapping through the delaware valley. we are in the clear at this point. sunnies just about ready to pop up over the horizon. we are at 79 at airport. eighty in millville and ac, dover as well. still muggy when we walk outside the door but thankfully we can say it is slightly less humid. wo


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