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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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delays. it is only 6:00 o'clock in the morning. >> yeah. >> at least, the storms that rumbled through, those are gone. we are starting off quiet weather-wise and we are looking at a six hour loop and take you back to the overnight hours to see that line that went through and depending where you live that may have woken you up in the middle of the night. i heard clap of thunder over my house but regardless it is all out of here. we are left thankfully with quiet weather but we will look back in time here and lightening count was impressive. between one to 1:30 there were 22 lightening strikes with that little line we showed with you that one line over that entire time, 450 different lightening strikes clapping through the delaware valley. we are in the clear at this point. sunnies just about ready to pop up over the horizon. we are at 79 at airport. eighty in millville and ac, dover as well. still muggy when we walk outside the door but thankfully we can say it is slightly less humid. worst of the dew points start
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to recede. we should drop in the mid 60's and level off there the rest of the day. it may still feel a tad humid but for comparison sake it is heck of a lot better then what it was yesterday. later tonight there could be a shower or thunderstorm. i'll show you pattern in place to bring that back to you but if you are hitting phillies and yankees here tonight, clouds are building, there will be a few thunderstorms approaching but at this point we will expect to get game in without any major problems. meisha, back over to you. looking outside right now the boulevard what we were talking with i'm keeping my eye on this two lanes are getting by. thinks boulevard southbound at ridge avenue and kelly drive. all lanes were blocked for quite sometime. two have now opened, penndot just zooming in, you can see crews out there, tow trucks showing up, getting some cars here. but as they are pulling these vehicles out of the way they will probably to have block all lanes, if not, maybe keep one opened, really relieving some tension. some tension you this being relieved as they are just trying to get this cleared up
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for you. but if you have to head out there in this area give yourself some extra time. you will need it. backups aren't looking much better. this is route one at fox street you can see they are significant and another backup shot that we are looking at on the side here, it looks very significant, as well. all around this area. so again you're all stock once you get up there more relieving tension a bit and everyone driving on those two opened lanes. it will take a little bit. more vehicles here will slow you i odn't more. we have an accident at spring garden street and mlk drive. another accident at matsonford road at county line road. very busy morning, jim, over to you. a two alarm fire in south philadelphia send a fire fighter to the hospital. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live on the scene with the very latest, jan? >> reporter: brooke and jim, good morning. that is right, one philadelphia fire fighter had to be taken to jefferson hospital this morning because of smoke inhalation and overheating, fortunately he is
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expect to be okay and he is in stable condition this morning. the meantime live here on the scene you can see that dozens of till a fire fighters are still out here, at broad and wharton, the fire is under control but crews have been working on hot spots and it does look like activity is starting to wind down a little bit, those two ladder trucks used to have their ladders out extended over building but they are new gone. activity the is slowing down. take a lot these photos. the here's what neighbors woke up to this morning in south philadelphia just after 1:00 a.m. woman living across the street snapped these photos for "eyewitness news". by the time she got outside the first trucks were already rolling up to the burning row home. so they did get a fast start but crews encountered heavy smoke, flames, shooting from the second and third floors of this three story row home. it took about 75 fire fighters, from nearly one dozen apparatus to get this two alarmer under control and it took them a couple of hours, too. working in hot, humid conditions. the fire commissioner tells us that this row home that caught
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fire this morning is an occupied home but no one was actually home at the time of the fire. meantime eyewitnesses recalled chaos when the fire started, some reported seeing lightening at the time, others recall all of the sights, sound, lights, sirens and they recall fire fighters people in the adjacent homes were out safely, lets listen. >> i was sleeping and thought there was a fight on brought street. usually people yelling and shouting at all times of the night. then i found it urgent. i jumped out, looked outside window and guy just screaming, wake up, wake up, and everybody, just knocking on all of the doors along the block. >> i grabbed my purse, i came out, i called 911. by the time i was back on the phone the first fire trucks were showing up. >> fire fighters and medics working in this heat for a week now and it is hard to stay high traded out here
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doing this every single night. >> you heard there, the fire commissioner talking about the brutal heat, crews have been dealing with for a week now. they have had water and ice here on the scene to help. meantime live out here you can see fire marshall is investigating a cause. you can see them walking in and out of the burned out building if you need to see a flashlight here looking for a cause. right new too early to tell if weather a and that light evening that witnesses saw this morning are factors. we will keep you up to date. we are live from south philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brooke back inside to you. in other news a woman is hurt trying to escape a fire in up land delaware county. it happened on the 300 block of west 21st street shortly before 9:00 last night when fire crews got to the scene they noticed a woman trying to get out of the up are floor window. she was taken to crozer-chester medical center for treatment. the fire was placed under control a short time later. today pennsylvania is
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transitioning from one attorney general to the another. >> bruce castor is taking over for kathleen kane. she resign after a jury quick her of perjury and obstruction. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live from the cbs-3 sat center. good morning, justin. >> reporter: good morning jim and brooke. when kathleen kane took office in 203 many saw a bright future. then came conspiracies, cover up and now conviction, forcing kane the first democrat and first woman's electric to that office to resign. today her second in command bruce castor is set to assume her post as state attorney general. speaking tuesday at a harrisburg press conference castor says he plans to take the oath today. kane named castor as first deputy attorney general in july after appointing him solicitor general in march. the castor came board as scandal to led to kane's felony conviction loomed large. on monday a montgomery county jury found her guilty of perjury and related charges. prosecutors argued she leaked secret details of the grand jury probe to the press in an
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effort to settle a score with the prosecutor thought to have revealed information about her. jurors found kane then lied about that leak under oath, but castor is acting as attorney general governor wolf can still name a successor with the backing of the state senate. >> right now i feel like i do have my hands around it and will be able to manage it for as long as the governor requires even up to and through the election and swearing in of a new attorney general. >> kane is due back in montgomery court for sentencing october 24th she could face prison time but prosecutors have in the yet given a recommendation for her punishment. brooke and jim back inside to you. so who is pennsylvania's new acting attorney general you ask? bruce castor has lived in montgomery county his entire life. he served as montgomery county's district attorney from 2,000 through 2080. one of the most notable
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decisions was not charging bill cosby with sexual assault more than a decade ago. after he left d.a.'s office castor spent eight years as a montgomery county commissioner before returning to private practice in january of this year. a few months later kane appointed castor as first solicitor junior of pennsylvania, making him the ag's top deputy. in other news dramatic changes to donald trump's presidential campaign this morning. he has brought in steven bannon from breitbart news as his campaign ceo and promoting kelly ann conway to can may manager. polls show trump trailing democratic rival hillary clinton nationally and in key battle ground states. trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing today in new york. the last night in wisconsin he declared himself the law and order candidate, trump accused democratic rival hillary clinton of being against police. hillary clinton returned to philadelphia for the first time after the democratic convention for appearances in
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west philadelphia high school that focused on voter registration. clinton campaign says it wants fbi documents on the investigation into clinton's use of a private e-mail server to be shared publicly and not just with members of the congress. camden county police hope you can help them catch whoever broke into a school. surveillance video shows two suspects in the forest hills school on may 29th. police say two took cash and electronics including computers from rooms inside the school. if you have any information, camden county police want to hear from you. their tip line is (856)757-7042. philadelphia police want to necessity if you recognize these two suspects they are wanted for a robbery last month in frankford. investigators say one punched a store clerk with brass knuckles as clerk scoops water ice for him and his alleged accomplice. suspects are between 15 and 20 and they got away with cash. a state of emergency is
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declared in california. >> coming up we will take a look at number one reason why fire fighters say this wild fire is so hard to get under control. also ahead a local family is forced out of their home after lightening strikes the house. we will take a look at the most safe place to be during a thunderstorm. and in the healthwatch, high tech medicine, we will show you how these little pills keep your doctor up to dayton your condition. might as well be. jim's not dancing yet this morning. >> too humid. >> i will work on that during the break. stay tune. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked.
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time is 6:13. a monster wild fire is burning out of control in california at this hour. >> so-called blue cut fire was sparked yesterday morning in san bernardino county. ever since, fire fighters say it has been tearing through canyons and over ridges at an astonishing speed. they say they cannot get the upper hand because the wind keeps changing directions. california governor declared a state of emergency. more than 82,000 people are under evacuation orders. we will have much more on the
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fire fight coming up at 6:30. another devastating scene this time historic flooding in louisiana. at least 11 people are dead and 40,000 homes are damaged. several dozen red cross volunteers from our area are traveling south to help. estimated cost could exceed ten million-dollar, this is worst u.s. disaster since super storm sandy. meanwhile middletown delaware family is out of their home after lightening struck the house. >> take a look at the damage lightening scorched the home from top to button. fire fighters had to use an ax to tear siding off the house to put out a fire burning underneath. >> we will need a new roof, siding, all of the gutters were blown off. the whole house may need to be rewired. >> you know, we're told a house is one of the most safe places to be during a thunderstorm, as long as you avoid anything that conducts electricity. also, stay away from corded phones, metal doors and
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windows. we have more severe weather rolling through last night. >> katie, can we expect more storms today. >> it is possible later tonight but through daylight hours we're in the sunshine. over the course of the last couple hours there has been a little pocket of showers just outside of berks and lancaster counties. you may get clipped by the wipers, 81, pennsylvania turnpike heading further inland in the center of pennsylvania. but, you know, generally speaking it is a decent day. it is better, and, heat in terms have of the humidity. and, slow, as we come to a drop off of both values because frontal value didn't clear the coast. it is kind of stuck. because it is stalling out that means that we do stay the on the warm side, a little bit above average and a tad more humid. future dew points you will see this off to a muggy start. if you stepped outside you are wondering what the heck are you talking about. it is still muggy outside. it does get better. by the time we will hit the mid afternoon we're back down
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at least in philadelphia to dew point of 64. so that basically means here's the thing the lower that dew point number the more dry the air mass and more comfortable it becomes. it may still be muggy heading further south but you the is progressively getting better. with that said our eyewitness weather health report air quality is still good with a frontal passage. pollen levels moderate, and ragweed tossed and uv index and heat index at a high level with still decent solar angle and definitely heat still to work w79 is current temperature. off to a warm start outside cape may courthouse. sunnies popping up over the horizon. beautiful view every where. if you are heading east, sunglasses are a good accessory to pack with you today. in the meantime we will flirt with 90 in the next couple of days and pop up then are storms as well. meisha, over to you. great to know, thanks very much. good morning, everyone. we're tracking this accident the on the boulevard southbound at ridge avenue and kelly drive. two left lanes, we're block. now it looks like they have opened up the two right lanes
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but with that being said, it is still very, very slow moving around this. number one we've got all of the vehicles starting to hit the roadways now in the 6:00 o'clock hour. number two we will have gaper delay around here because there is a a lot of activity and flashing lights around that. so when we look at our back seven shot, thinks what we're looking the at. sea of vehicles approaching this accident as we move in the southbound direction at the boulevard, and, you you know, like i said, we will have a gaper delay and is there so much vehicles on the roadways now that can be substantial even though they have now opened up, two right lanes. just make note of. that we have an accident at spring garden street at mlk drive that can slow you down. when we look at our sensor map behind this you can see all of the green. it doesn't look like we will see it and we are still traveling at posted speed but you'll drop down a bit. another accident here. i will have details on this in a little bit. but first we will take a quick break. stay right where you are ♪
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back on "eyewitness news" with another setback for obama care, aetna is cutting the number of states it is serving from 15 to four, starting next year. it is keeping delaware in its system. the number three health insurer says it lost 430 million-dollar, last year, a lot more people got insurance but they are much sicker and their treatment is more expensive then expect. many republicans opposed obama care supporters suggest that is part of the problem.
6:21 am
>> when time came for obama care, they block and that is why insurance companies they were denied billions of dollars they were promised under the law. >> obama administration says aetna's decision does not change the fact that the health insurance marketplace will continue to bring quality coverage to millions of americans. topping the healthwatch this morning, a connection between women's weight and cancer. a new study suggests a longer a woman is overweight or obese more likely it is she will get cancer. the world health organization looked at 74,000 women, they found for every decade a woman is overweight orr bees her risk of obesity related cancer goes up for 7 percent. new technology is helping pediatricianness texas keep track of their patientness ways they never could before. these pills have tiny sensors that allow doctors to monitor, their patients, no matter where they are. the sensor activates inside the of the stomach, and transmits a signal to a patch.
6:22 am
the technology then send data to the doctor, and the parents, through a tablet, and letting them know, the patient has taken their medication. >> if patients are not taking their medications as prescribed or missing medication doses we know that they are at higher risk for potential complication is children's health in dallas is first hospital in the country to use the technology in kid. >> that is fascinating. well, still ahead how phillies fans reacted when chase utley returns to citizens bank park for being traded. plus this. thunder over the boardwalk, for the atlantic city air show pat gallen will be live with the preview and look at what you should or should not bring to the show today, hey katie. well, would i say sunglasses are a good accessory to pack no matter what your plans are to be outside today. we are seeing a drop off in the temperature and humidity, it may not be as much as you
6:23 am
are hoping for but we will explain with this pattern coming
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now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the cover of the mercury
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police are seeking public's help identifying a woman caught on surveillance robbing a bank yesterday in exitor this happened at 11:30 yesterday morning at m and t bank on perkiomen avenue. suspect fled in the dark sedan. from the burlington county times reporters say that new jersey transportation funding stalemate appears likely to continue into september. there are no signs that governor christie or state legislators are close to the compromise. fund ran out of borrowing authority july 1st, nearly all transportation projects across the state were shut down in order to ration remaining fund. on the front page of the delaware county daily times doctor rick dunlap junior is out as superintendent of the upper darby school district. the first time superintendent will be retiring effective september 7th, just one day after the completion of his first three-year contract with the district. that is a look at the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" kathleen kane's resignation as
6:27 am
pennsylvania's attorney general will be effective by the end of the day. >> we will take a look at who is replacing her, plus this. authorities in southern california, are working to contain a massive wild fire, chasing thousands of people from their homes, i'm erika, coming up with the latest coming up. we have got an accident, on the boulevard southbound and a accident at spring garden street, down tree in lower merion and more to cover. all that coming up. but first we will take a quick break. stay right where you
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon
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against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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well, did those thunderstorms wake you up last night? they written tense. we could see a pop up storm today. humidity is starting to tropical, katie will let us necessity when we can say good bye to 0-degree temperatures
6:31 am
coming up. good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm's brooke thomas. it is 6:30. here's what you need to necessity today in your morning minute. >> fire fighter is hurt battling 25 alarm fire in south philadelphia. >> it is much too early to determine if weather and lightening was a cause of the fire. >> kathleen kane's resignation as pennsylvania's attorney general will be effective by the end of the the day. >> new her second in command bruce castor is due to assume the attorney general's seat. dramatic shake up in donald trump's presidential campaign. he has hired breitbart news ceo steven bannon to be his campaign ceo. >> this fire ace aggressive. >> fire fighters in southern california are battling a wall of flames, destroying everything, in its path. >> that one is deep to right field, going back is borgs, it is gone, a grand slam for chase utley. his second home run of the
6:32 am
night. >> fans probably wondering why would we trade former phillies great chase utley he hit a grand slam in his first game back in philadelphia wearing dodgers blue, we will have more highlights from the game coming up later in the broadcast, katie, how is it feeling at this point outside. >> hi, guys, yes, we are expecting it to end up here were on is pretty warm air in places, as it day goes on. it will turn less humid. little breezy as well but we have sun shining and it will feel like that all day so. as we continue to will tail up 90 plus degree days. lets look at where we stan. 90 degrees days this month has tallied up to eight, in july we had 16. the average season has 23. so we are far exceeding that already, and it looks like we will have a good shot here to continue that trenton as we look ahead towards the tail end of the summer. but for now storm scan three is quiet. we had certainly a round of heavier thunderstorms
6:33 am
overnight and still a pocket out there right now outside lancaster and berks county currently but that looks like it the is trying to fizzle away. we are looking at more sun. is there nothing more than a patchy cloud here and there over cbs-3 sky deck. humidity isn't perfect. in other word it is not a crisp start to the day, but just muggy but better then it has been. you don't feel like a wall anymore walking out the door. those levels will tropical off. it is mug i, further south you travel, currently it feels like upper 80's. dover and wildwood but with that said we still think we have a good shot to crack that 90-degree mark. great excuse to hit the pool. ra latter up on the sun block you know the rule, spf30 or greater please. we expect to see that sunshine. still hot but not terribly humid. meisha, back inside to you. >> thanks, very much katie. good morning. just waking up with us, good morning happy hump day, looking outside it is a very busy morning in the world of travel. hard to see with all of the
6:34 am
sun glare right now but we had an accident, pretty bad one boulevard southbound at ridge avenue and kelly avenue. that has now been since cleared. you will to have squint to see this i'm doing same thing and go with my by focals to see this it is clear but we can see headlights out there so you still have a little bit of that residual backup but now you'll contend with that sunshine. make sure you pack your sunglasses. you will need to it day. another area, take a look, i-95 south moving in the southbound direction a at cottman right around the s curve. you look okay but right here where we are starting to slow down no longer traveling at posted speeds there. then take a look at that sunshine, that is what we talk about when we say sun up, slow down. that can slow you down. in delaware county because we don't have have enough vehicles to sustained slow downs this is looking good there. we have an accident at mlk drive, you are still traveling at posted speed, maybe tapping your brakes ever so slightly there, brooke, over to you.
6:35 am
this massive wild fire in callus chasing more than 82,000 people, away from their homes. fire fighters say it is a mop store spreading fast and no where near contained. to make matters worse this is just one of the eight activity wild fires burning in california. cbs news correspondent erika has the very latest. >> reporter: raging flames tore through parts of the san bernardino county scorching acres of the happened and reducing structure to ruble. fire crews work in the night to keep the blaze from reaching more homes ordering residents to evacuate immediately. >> no audio. >> did we lose audio. >> so-called blue cut fire ignited tuesday morning near interstate 15 in the path, and despite efforts to contain the blaze from the air and ground, the fire expanded in size and intensity, in a matter of hours. as night fell historic summit inn a popular diner was among
6:36 am
structures that burn to the ground. here in the high desert town, along highway 138, you can see home after home charred to their foundation. laura anderson was driven from her home in the a area yesterday and is still unsure fit is still standing. >> we a pol guys we are having technical problems with erika's report. new this morning a two alarm fire in south philadelphia takes hours to get under control and send one fire fighter to the hospital. it started around 1:00 a.m. on the 1300 block of south broad street. tia burroughs lived across the street and took these pictures. one of the fire fighters a man in his 60's was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. this video just into our news room fire crews have just contained a fire burning through an auto shop in burlington county. chopper three over welling rv and auto depot in edge water park, new jersey. it took crews an hurry to put out that fire. no injuries were reported and no word on a cause.
6:37 am
pennsylvania is getting a new you attorney general by the end of the business day to day. first deputy attorney general bruce castor will replace kathleen kane five months after she created the job for him. castor has ties to montgomery county as a two term district attorney and county commissioner. he ran unsuccessfully for attorney general in 2004. kane just resigned one day after a jury quick her of leaking grand jury information to smear a rival and lying under oath. stay with "eyewitness news" as we stay up to dayton kathleen kane's resignation. our coverage continues on line at cbs one man is in custody but you police are searching for another after a dozen home invasions of asian owned businesses. due to multiple tips, 29 year-old norman bowens had been taken in cuss todd and the man they are still looking for is three three-year old anthony campbell. as we first told you last week the home invasions started to occur in may and continued into this month.
6:38 am
>> we're still looking for anthony campbell. so, if anybody has any information that could help us find him, or if anybody knows anthony, get him to turn himself in, please do that. >> police say campbell should be considered armed and dangerous. members of philadelphia community are understandably mad about the gun violence that sent two, six years old to the hospital last week. more than 100 people gathered at the intersection of the ashmead and magnolia in germantown as a call to ago. six year-old mahaj brown, is still recovering after being caught in the gun battle thursday night. earlier in the week a six year-old girl was shot while sitting on the front porch. >> i'm upset that could have been my daughter or your daughter. we have these guns around and we have no feelings tore our women and our children. i'm tired of it. >> police are offering up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest in both
6:39 am
of the cases. well, coming up theater troop raising more than just their voices. >> ♪ >> we will tell you how buying a ticket to this show can change a life in this weeks story of brotherly love. chase utley returns to citizens bank park hear what he had to say about philly fans, pat. good morning brooke. it is 14th annual atlantic city air show, beaches will be filled today with so much happening, these little girl right there these are the new jerseyer bolts. coming up next. >> ♪ jimmies dancing, away. look at how pretty that is. >> we will be right back. >> me or the sunset.
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one of the phillies greatest players ever is back in south philadelphia last night. >> chase utley proved once again he is the man. second base man chase utley. >> utley received a long standing ovation last night introduced to sit accepts bank park. utley was traded to the dodgers last season and this was his first trip back. and boy, did chase, ever make it count. he hit a solo home run in the phillies bull pen to give dodgers a fifth inning lead. he takes a curtain call in front of the fans but he wasn't finish. chase hit a grand slam in the seventh his dodgers beat up phillies 15-five. chase reflected on a once in a lifetime night.
6:44 am
>> completely overwhelming. like you said, the fan standing ovation my first at bat was something that, i will never forget to be honest with you. it was truly special. it really shows how passionate and how great the philadelphia fans basis. >> phillies play dodgers again tonight. >> what is weather going to be like for the game. >> it looks like things will be cooperative in the weather department for the game here tonight. there is however, a very likely potential we will see shower or thunderstorm from philadelphia on on south later tonight. last innings are wrapping up we may have activity to track west of citizens wang park. we will keep an eye on. that of course, timing could be tweak as we get closer but for now, expect some sunshine. we can quickly check with the eyewitness weather watchers, pictures to show you of the beautiful sunrise, more clouds then anything, and this is in gilbertsville, there is a pocket of showers, moving through, i don't think we have to worry about it but that is where those clouds have have come from.
6:45 am
we will have a shot of the sunrise this morning, just lovely, pink colors, yellow, orange and of course blue skies, this one coming in from phil. essentially those photos are beautiful. the temperatures are off to a mild start. thankfully it is not terribly humid. as you go south andy has 78. that is where we have zoo dew points in the 70's. but, generally speaking we are seeing these levels drop off. the these are air temperatures. will still feel a tad muggy when you walk outdoor. we are still track ago this 80-n medford at 74 degrees. now we are going to eventually heat up we think to about 90-degree. so it is still warm. here's the thing. we have had a cold front. so what happened? at least it knocked back worst of the heat but this front is still hung up, it is stalling out basically. so that keeps us in a holding pattern for some pretty warm air. it is still muggy. but thankfully better then it
6:46 am
has been. shore is great place to be. current temperature is in the 70's in spots. in atlantic city with the air show coming up here beautiful beach weather. not only enjoy the air show but take a dip, why not, you have got sunshine. warmth and breeze today. 87 degrees. uv index is high. latter on the sun block with a low of upper 80's, lower 90's, and still for the weekend and by that point we will see that humidity ramping up more. >> katie, thank you. lot a this sunshine, i want to show you this shot number one because it is gorgeous. number two, reminder to pack these sunglasses. number three show you delaware county 95 north at 45 to take that to the airport. it the is looking g speaking of the airport make sure to check your schedules on line. new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road really starting to heat up now approaching 295. would i say give yourself a couple extra minutes. no longer traveling at posted speed. tapping those brakes ever so slight thely. this is where we have a pedestrian which was struck
6:47 am
here, twin county road in morgan town. one in center city accident spring garden street at mlk drive. another one that is just starting to slow down. turned from all green to yellow. meaning you are tapping these brakes around that area. we have got a down tree here waiverly road in both directions between river view road and lafayette road. all lanes are block. you will to have use an alternate. youngsford is your best food. another one central avenue between butler pim and militia hill road all lanes block here township line road will be your best bet there, jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. a new theater company is offering more than a night of musical entertainment. >> "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean explains how every ticket sold has a different purpose. >> we got a chance to get a sneak peak at actors got ready. >> ♪ >> in just a few weeks, anthony vitalo anal sandra rush will hit the stage in
6:48 am
evita, and they are cleaning up every note. >> i have been waiting to play this role my whole life. >> this is a dream role so i'm very excited. >> this new theater company, cloak and daggers will donate 100 percent of net proceed from their shows to charity. physician and part-time actor, director vincent thompson helped start it. >> we say if we will do it, lets do it for something good. >> reporter: cloak and daggers pick seven charities to support this season. they cut their production cost, much of it is donated, the actors volunteers. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> reporter: choreographer too and theater penns landing playhouse gave them a break on the rent if we sellout half the house, which is 250 seats we will give a very nice contributions f we sellout the entire house every night which is the real deal we will give close to a hundred thousand dollars to each of the separate charities. >> reporter: first show start this week with show tune, the
6:49 am
the show of jerry herman. the executive director. >> it will go directly towards our services, and that supports victims of domestic violence and their children as they are fleeing abuse. >> evita's net proceed will go to st. christopher's foundation. >> the charities that we are doing these shows for, it matters, it definitely matters. >> the first show is just thursday night. musical review show tune at penns landing playhouse. tickets start at $25. to order we have a link for you at cbs jessica dean for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sound like a great evening out. well, happening today, 2016 atlantic city air show flies into town. annual event kicks off in ac in a few hours this year the thunder bird will return to head line the show. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live in egg harbor township with a preview, path
6:50 am
path. >> good morning, jim and brooke. huge day here in atlantic city for ac air show, big day, and it is right over the beach and the ocean. so if you are on the boardwalk or beach you will able to feel it and be right in it which is so cool and you'll be with a lot of friend. 500,000 people are expect to attend this years festivity. i think that is so cool. what is also cool is this thing right here the thunderbird, united states air force thunderbird and to tell us when that is captain sarah harper a public affairs officers, good morning. >> good morning. >> so tell us about what it is that you guys do. >> absolutely, thunderbird, we have been a team of 120 people and we travel week in and week out to different air shows to represent the air force. we are excited to be here in atlantic city, and get to show a lot of people the capability of these airplanes you are traveling, all the time. >> absolutely about 200 days a year so very busy schedule. >> trying to spread the word
6:51 am
about the you had air force. >> we are trying to represent the air force, trying to support recruiting efforts, and get good word out with the air force. >> so take us inside this thing right here. this is very fast, very cool plane. >> absolutely, f-16's are incredible airplanes for what we do. control from negative 3g a's to 9g and it can go twice the speed of sound, and 1600 miles an hour, which we will not do today and 29,500-pound of thrust. >> that is pretty impressive thrust. >> if we are coming down to the atlantic city air show what should we expect to see with these planes right here. >> you can expect to see, formation flying at its finest. it will be a high energy show. it will be loud, it will be fun. you will see high speed passes, ape rolls and you will see some great flying. >> i don't know if kyle can show us this but there is a number on the side of the plane right here. it is an upside down five.
6:52 am
why exactly that number upside down but none of the other numbers are. >> the number five is our lead, captain nick and he flies inverted for majority of the show. he is going about 200 feet above the ground and the five is upside down his jet but it will look right to the crowd. >> makes sense. >> to be upside down and going at that speed it takes some pretty intense training does it not. >> it takes a lot of training. pilot, before they come to the team they have to have a minimum of 750 hours, to apply, but all of our pilots have well over a thousand hours, they have combat time. they have incredibly talented and they are all athletes. to be able to pull 9g's and get in the jet and do what they do is incredibly talented. >> i would have an upset stomach i would say. >> yes. >> captain harper, enjoy today. >> thank you so much. >> it is a big day, 500,000 people, are expect to attend, and now officials here in atlantic city are saying layoff alcohol.
6:53 am
it will be a really hot day. make sure you drink plenty of water outside on the beach or boardwalk taking in the festivities. it starts at 11:00 with the parachuter, they will come in with american flag that will kick things off and thunder bird will be around 3:00 p.m. it is a full day, big event, everyone get down here and have some fun. jim and brooke back inside to you. >> thanks, path the path. well, an unusual occurrence for the american women's beach volleyball team in, rio. >> they play for the bronze medal later today. they lost for the first time in recent memory yesterday to the defending world champion brazil team. it was a first loss, in the olympic career of team u.s.a. kerry walsh-jennings. she won 26 straight matches. in women's olympic basketball delaware's elaine delladon scored 11 and diana scored 19 in 110-64 win over japan. team u.s.a. advances to the semi finals. it was women's forty-seventh straight win against international competition. mens basketball team faces
6:54 am
argentina today in the quarter final round of their tournament. congratulations to american gymnast simone biles. she won her fourth gold in the rio games in the floor exercises last night. team u.s.a.'s ali, won the silver medal women's gymnastic team has won nine medals which is a record for the team at a single olympics. >> american laid is. >> we will be right back with three things you need to necessity before you go. >> it three is to go
6:55 am
pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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before you you hit the road it three is to go. >> former montgomery county d.a. bruce castor becomes pennsylvania's acting attorney general today. kathleen kane says she's resigned effective the at the even of the day after jury convicted her of perjury and on trucks. free tickets will be available to next month liberty medal ceremony honoring congressman john lewis. they can be resigned on line at constitution beginning at 10:00. back to school for student at a philadelphia charter school since it is first day of class for kid at global leadership academy. that three is to go. >> lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> looking like a nice day to hit the beach and of course we have atlantic city air show, next door to margate. beautiful start to the day there still muggy but not as humid, nor as hot as it has
6:59 am
been in recent days. it is a little better today. >> shower and thunderstorm later tonight. >> all right, and ben franklin bridge looking like a post card. an accident in center city spring garden street at mlk drive. use kelly drive. very busy. have you perfected your soap opera stair? if so, tomorrow could be the day you get discovered. >> cbs-3 will be at sugar house tomorrow for a daytime drama casting call. it is from noon until 3:00 the men and with men 18 and older are invited to audition for a chance to appear in episode of either young and the restless or bold and the beautiful. young and restless stars doug davidson and steve burton will be here to meet and greet fans. find out more on cb. next up, comedian amy schumer shows funny, dark side of her first book the girl with the low back tattoo. >> and joining us each weekday morning at 4:30 a.m. have a great the day.
7:00 am
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