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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> construction. >> you nailed it. we have one accident. >> yes. and showers, right. we still have some scattered showers as you saw, on storm scan three, we have a big batch of rain last night. it is just left over showers at this point but lets talk about what happened yesterday. hot stretch continued. we had 91 degrees. it was a eight day heat wave. longest that we have had thus far this season. it felt like it was getting old real fast, it is understandable it has been a long stretch of 90 or above and humidity makes it so much worse. here's storm scan three a lot of this lighter, pale green shade is, actually more just ground clutter, so focus more on the darker shade of green. this is is verifying as showers. bucks county, chester and portions of the lehigh valley and poconos still getting hit with showers but generally this will be migrating out to sea and we will be left with
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partly sunny sky for the rest of the day. mid 70's where we stan at the airport. we have a haphazard win, light wind but you will not notice it that much. seventy-one in ac. in the lower 60's in the mountains. as day proes fromes we will call it partly sunny and nice and warm for sure, high reaches at least upper 80's. we will do harmless flirtation with extend ago this heat wave for yet another day but i don't think we will get there we will see how we do. we're looking good any war we see on the blue route. schuylkill, it is sterile i. this is early reiser but overall, that is basically where everything is looking like. but we have an accident here, you guys, pennsauken new jersey involving down traffic signal route 130 southbound before route 38. two right lanes are still block. that has not yet been cleared
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and two right lanes still blocked there. also we have got down wires new castle county, delaware marsh road at philadelphia pike, the intersection is still closed as well. i'll let you know when that clears. it is indeed still closed there. we have construction north broad street between callowhill and elm street between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. running through september 2nd. that might slow you down here, maybe just a little bit. we have more construction out there this one in delaware, dupont highway that right lane is block. back over to you. well this morning, team u.s.a. swimmers jack conger and conner bentz are pulled off a plane late last night in rio two. with swimmer jimmy feigen are now stuck in the country, and will be questioned about their teammate ryan lochte's account of being robbed at gunpoint. justin finch is live in the cbs-3 news center with the latest development. >> reporter: multi agency investigation is underway into this robbery report.
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ryan lochte is only one of the four u.s. swimmers involved who has not still in brazil. lochte's lawyer say he is back home as he fears for his safety and two others are pledge to go work with authorities. brazil 30 lease pulled jack conger and connor bentz from their flights. it comes after a judge in brazil called foresee sure of their passports and those fellow u.s. swimmers of jimmy feigen and ryan lochte. judge is demanding testimony about a robbery report made by lochte, he claims that they were robbed in their khaki by men posing as brazil police early sunday morning. lochte says he was rob of hundreds of dollars, and but in surveillance video obtained by the daily mail, the swimmers are seen appearing to return to the olympic village that might. with the judge reportedly knowing they don't seem shaken up, given the circumstances, lochte has since return to the u.s. and so farrow limb pick officials report so-called discrepancies in lochte's account. >> we just got a quick report,
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and it doesn't confirm the information that he was detained at gunpoint but we had a report that there was an issue with him and we are just waiting for more information and information that we can share with you in terms of the being more solid. we heard about the event but we don't have more information. so far. >> reporter: lots of questions this morning, swimmer jimmy feigen has said he does not feel safe in rio. meantime, other members of the u.s. swim team say they had extensive discussion about safety and are relieved their teammates are safe. we will have more on this unfolding store friday rio in our next hour, jim and brooke back over to you. thanks, justin. in this morning fire rips through a row home in the cities strawberry mansion neighborhood. it happened around 2:00 a a.m. in the 2700 block of new kirk street. fire fighters battled flames while dealing with our ongoing heat wave. thankfully no one was injured in the fire and the causes under investigation.
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it is a raise can i move. trump had had first classified security briefing yesterday. hillary clinton is also, on the trail. and yesterday, she said despite changes trump is still the same man, who insults gold star families and others. >> the green party candidates are making their case to voters. doctor jill stein, and her running mate, took part in a town hall last night. stein blasted both trump and clinton. >> i will have trouble sleeping at night if donald trump is elect. i will also have trouble sleeping at night if hillary clinton is elect. >> meanwhile libertarian candidate gary johnson says his campaign has raised three million-dollar over the last few days. a recent poll shows johnson at
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9 percent, and stein is polling around 5 percent. there are now just 81 days left until we ohio. stay with "eyewitness news" for updates on the way. you can find latest campaign 2016 news at cbs in other news governor chris christie signs an executive order to fund emergency road and rail projects. this comes as the fight over raising the gas tax, to replenish the nearly depleted transportation trust fund, continues. the construction workers pleaded yesterday with governor christie and legislature to make a deal and even the shut down. workers hoff been off the job for almost seven weeks say they are on the brink of desperation. christie and lawmakers agree on raising the gas tax by 23 cents, but they have competing plans, on how to cushion that blow for drivers. they include reducing the sales tax, and eliminating, the estate tax. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced for former philadelphia a police commissioner john timmeney. he passed away yesterday after battling lung cancer. timmeney was the top deputy in
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new york, when then mayor ed rendell, recruited him to philadelphia in 1998. he served here for four years before becoming the chief of the miami police department. john timmeney was 68 years old. well, a delaware county police department celebrated the achievements of some have of their own. >> folcroft police chief presented commendation toss several officers for their exceptional service. among the officers recognized lah night was officer chris dorman, of course, he survived being shot, seven times, on the job in june. dorman ace fellow officer david depietro took home the first commendation of valor award. >> i was just to go my job that day. it could have been anybody else in law enforcement. i was just unlucky one who got there first and thank god i was working with who i was and they saved my life. >> dorman is still recovering from the june shooting with you says he hopes to be back at work, before, the summer is all over. well, the lawncrest section of philadelphia was
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one of the many communities nationwide celebrating first responders day last night. "eyewitness news" at a barbecue there, it was a chance to thank fire department, emt and police department, first responders for their services in the community. and happening today, diner en blanc is taking place somewhere in philadelphia. >> okay. as usual the location will be a mystery until just a few minutes before scheduled time. thousands of people show up for the annual pop up picnic, all dressed in white. and large gathering is pack with food, cocktails, entertainment, everything and as you can see here party goes on rain or shine. still ahead, it is starting to sound like a broken record, washington monument is closed, again, we will show you what is wrong with them. also the mexican drug lord known as el chapo could be returning to a familiar spot, wait until you hear where authorities may send him. and california's so-called wild fire is no closer to being under control at this hour, we will check with
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authorities at the scene later in the show. >> ♪ it only feels like a jungle out there but katie says it will be not as humid to day. good news for our, ace photographer scott haslap, are we we saying his name right. he's providing the shot for us. us. we will be right
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welcome back. mexico's most infamous drug lord could go back to the same maximum security prison he once escaped from outside of mexico city. lawyers for el chapo guzman says a mexican judge has issued an injunction but it could take three months to resolve. guzman was on the run for six months before he was recaptured in january. he is awaiting extradition to the united states. and there has been another shake up in bill cosby's legal defense team, people magazine reports that mow sneak pressly is no longer representing the 79 year-old entertainer, she's second high powered attorney to part ways with cosby recently. he severed ties with former lead attorney christopher tayback in july.
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cosby faces numerous defamation suits by woman accusing him of sexual assault. his criminal case is set to go to trial this year. at least 13 people died in louisiana's historic flooding. head of the home land security will tour damage today, in the meantime mississippi national guard helicopters are dropping massive sandbags, from the air, to control the flow to downstream communities. at least 70,000 people are asking for federal disaster assistance, some may be eligible for grants, to help with the rebuilding process. and a ferry ride to puerto rico turns into a rescue mission. a fire broke out in the engine room and quickly started to spread through the ship. while the crew of the caribbean fantasy battled flames u.s. coastguard safely helped more than 500 people and seven pets off of the ship. authorities say, that two dozen people were treated at local hospitals for smoke inhalation and four suffered broken bones in the rush to escape the fire. well, if you are planning to visit washington monument's
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anytime soon you may want to hold off, it is closed until further notice. elevators stopped working on sunday, was fixed on monday, then shut down gannon wednesday. about 80 visitors had to walk down 900 steps in the heat to get out. service technicians are working to repair a broken elevator cable. 900 steps. >> my goodness. >> wow. >> that is good for your fit bit i guess. that is best thing you contact than look at with that one, yeah. thankfully, worst of the heat is going by the way side. we have ago thissing for us. it is still warm. this isn't a huge change in our pattern but progressively getting better and better. we will start off by showing you a view on sky scan three which is still damp at the moment. we are looking at damp roadways in bethlehem high atop hotel bethlehem looking the moravian college campus. we have showers rolling through this area and others as we go to another live neighborhood network shots at this time.
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we are looking at rehoboth beach, outside boardwalk plaza, it is tough to tell, it is damp here, but having some showers moving through but just before we came to air there was a vehicle out here shooting out the sand for the next round of beach goers here this morning and afternoon. but we are looking at storm scan you can see why it is wet around rehoboth. we have showers rolling on in here. it is at least very steamy, to start the morning because of the showers moving through but they are out there and the scattered fashion rest of the morning and then they will start to retreat, and the thing is we could still see a left over at some point later today. but brunt of this is happening right now for the next few hours then. meanwhile looking ahead in future weather even by nine or 10:00 there could be a blip on the radar but as the day progresses those clouds thin. we will see sunshine. but notice there may still be models picking up on this left over showers. i don't want to totally rule it out. it is possible we see that but we will see these cloud break for some sunshine. here's where we stand with the dew points, they are not
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perfect, there is still in the 70's early at this hour at philly international. we are in the upper 60's in allentown, reading and it does feel hume mid these spots but again, it the haze been worse and today we will call it steamy as opposed to oppressive or insufferable. but look what happens, we have to deal with worst humidity before it gets better again but i promise it will in the seven day. first pitch forecast phillies about a being in action again this evening. 82 degrees. it looks like just a couple cloud and breaks of sunshine through those clouds at 7:05. we should be fine through the rest of the night and all of those innings. moving forward we will have another one on degree day but only one as opposed to seven or eight and we will see more heat and humidity, a couple of showers and thunderstorms this weekend before the nice change that comes our way, seasonal for a change as skies clear, more sunshine, less humidity. i can take that. >> yes, i can too. >> not bad. >> look at tuesday and wednesday. >> gorgeous. >> it is perfect weather. >> thank you so much, katie, nice weather on tap.
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we will get through, maybe today, this morning, wet roadways out there but overall, things are looking g great news, vine, for those who take it, it is all opened and it was closed but new we are looking good. moving in the westbound side toward the schuylkill, what you are looking at, it is looking calm. eastbound side which was a little bit slower, but now it is open. you can see it heating up quicker on the westbound side but both side of the vine are actually looking nice this morning. holding steady there, we do have have an accident here, you can see lights out there but this is where a vehicle went off the road. this is blue route north bound ramp to the schuylkill. make note. you cannot see vehicle in who shot but it is there. we cannot see anything or crews we just see flashing lights. just make note of that again for those heading out in that direction so it doesn't sneak upcoming around that ben. we have an accident here at pennsauken, new jersey route 130 southbound before route 38, two right lanes are still block we will let you know when that clears, brooke, over
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to you. now for a look at newspaper headlines in the region. >> on the cover of the trentonian police are investigating the death of the 50 year-old ewing township woman after a body was found yesterday morning during a welfare check there was no forced entry into castro's home leading prosecutors to believe that the crime is related to a domestic dispute. now authorities have a unnamed suspect in custody. on the front page of the burlington county times, the burlington county energy aggregation program will officially start with rate changes in september. now ten towns have been pulled together under the program. you are opted in unless you are part of the third party supplier agreement, in those towns. from the kutztown area patriot, roughly 125 riders braved heat and humidity this weekend and toured the berks country side to support em ways psyched of poverty ride. organization supports a food pantry and acts as a referral
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agency to other social services agencies. >> that is a look at some newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, to still ahead, it is considered to be world's largest aircraft but that is not why people are looking at it. >> we will show you blimp raising eyebrows in the uk, pat. good morning. tonight it is take two for eagles in the preseason as they battle the pittsburgh steelers. we will tell you why one eagle who would normally not make the trip is going with the
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welcome back. thanks for waking up with us. >> patrick is here with sports, including some big moments at the olympics. >> but lack of big moment for philadelphia phillies last night, sadly. dodgers didn't get two home runs from chase utley last night in south philadelphia but they didn't need them. they kept hitting home runs anyway. joel embiid, trusting the phillies process last night. sixers, will open training camp next month but to the
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game night of batting practice for l.a. adrian gonzales was dodger with two home runs last night. l.a. rolls all over phillies seven-two. phillies and dodgers will go at it again tonight. phillies are in trouble with their pitching these days, it is not getting better. yesterday they moved righta aaron nola from the 15 day to the 60 day dl. the 23 year-old has a sprain in his pitching arm. they say in surgery is required but he is being shut down for next four weeks and won't pitch again this year. nola is relieved it is nothing more serious and he is optimistic about next season. >> i wanted to come back at the end of the year but i was than the expecting too much, to be my full self pitching at this level but i'm just really glad there is nothing surgical, you know, just a sprain so i should be back to normal, this off season going in to spring season. >> sam bradford and first team eagles offense played for one
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series but tonight against steelers they will see more action. head coach doug pederson would like to see that unit for at least first quarter. we will not see carson wentz, he will travel with the team to pittsburgh but remains out with a fractured rib. injured players don't usually make the trip but coach explains why this time it is different. >> reason why he is a quarterback and i want him involved in every single meeting so we don't stunt his growth and i want to continue that whole process with him. his jurist a rib injury. in guys with hamstrings and squad is it is different as well but at the same time i have always believed that a quarterback position. >> even with the loss in rio tuesday kerry walsh-jennings continues to be the most decorated beach volleyball player in olympic history. the lets get sandy. walsh-jennings and april ross came from a set down yesterday to beat brazil's team, for bronze medal. walsh jennings was going for her fourth consecutive gold
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medal when americans lost to brazil's other parings on tuesday. u.s. mens basketball team heading to the medal round they pulled away from argentina with the 27-21st half run, they win 105-78. kevin durant had 27 for the americans and they will play spain tomorrow in the rematch of the last two gold medal games. now what is so fun i check this out, usain bolt and andre degrass laughing their way across the finish line of the mens 200-meter semi finals. bolt, could laugh his way right to a new world record in the 200-meter and possibly break once thought untouchable 192nd barrier, finals later today. >> and team u.s.a. set a record in track and field yesterday, women's 100-meter hurdles team up, brianna rollins and christie kaplan finished one, two, three, first time one country has swept gold, silver, bronze, in this event, the u.s. leads the
5:26 am
overall medal count with 90 medals, 30 of them gold, including one from me, in bad myth on, didn't i win gold. >> guy laughing with usain bolt did you see the meme after the laugh race. he was laughing because he didn't want that to happen again. >> i agree. >> nobody wants to be meme. >> i memed pat gallen. >> she does, very rude. >> thanks, guys. coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news", we now know which pennsylvania grocery stores will be selling wine. it is a list everyone wants a look at. plus this. fire fighters in southern california are working to contain a massive blaze, i'm tom wade in wrightwood with the story coming up. we are looking ahead to another pretty, well, unsettled start but decent day as day progresses as we continue to see change through the course of the morning and afternoon we will have your full forecast and tell you
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about the fact that this heat wave is finally drawing to a close. it is all coming up. meisha is watching the roads for you this morning. there are some puddles out there from rain overnight but she will update your morning commute when we come right
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in southern california, this morning the massive wild fire is inn sin rating everything in its path. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. that wild fire is part of what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. team u.s.a. swimmer jack conger and gunner bentz are in a undisclosed location after being pulled off a plane in rio this. were among the four including ryan lochte who said they were robbed in rio during the olympics. fire rips through a row home in the, strawberry mansion neighborhood. >> we have no place to go. >> several major wild fires are burning out of control this morning in california and putting tens of thousands of homes at risk. donald trump is back on the campaign trail with new leadership in charge. >> there is no new donald trump, this is it. >> reporter: despite changes rival hillary clinton says trump is still the same man who insults gold star families


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