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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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19th, but it is just still friday, so i'm happy. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> hey there, i'm brooke thomas. it is friday and we are happy. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things. >> hours to go, and it will feel like a long one in the world of travel. i can tell you that much right now. we have a bad accident on the schuylkill eastbound, right now, blocking all lanes, if there is one road that you never want to block, highway, it is the schuylkill, we don't want to block it, all lanes block, i'll come to that in just a bit. >> at least the weather not going to mess with you. say for sun glare, when the sun does come. we could see spotty shower today through interior southern new jersey, throw out as a mention, but at least quiet. we will take a look at storm scan in just a second here, but quickly talking daylight. sun officially rises 6:17. so in just he can actually 17 minutes from now, you will see that sunrise, and it promises to be beautiful one. so if you are listening to us watching us right now and about ready to hit the road, you know, later this morning, if you are headed eastbound, you may end one some sun glare
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issues, but because that sun continues, to come up at different times, we are losing about two and a half minute of daylight with every passing day. so, you know, that time of year, right? but regardless some beautiful light of day currently popping over the horizon here in the distance, kutztown area middle school, all visibility totally free and clear, barely noticeable winds at all, in fact, goose egg 0-mile per hour at kutztown, over the last few hours, we mention storm scan empty, showers, long since retreated out to sea, today generally looks like hot sunny day, not too humid. but it is a tad muggy, so good excuse to go hit the pool, right? other than that isolated sprinkle i mention, and again, just i mention, i don't think you will have to schedule any outdoor plans around this, we really do end up with nothing but sunshine, so looks like great day. heating up efficiently, too, by 9:00 in the morning should be in the 80s, key will keep the thing going, pushing to the upper 80s by 1:00, say 3:00 p.m. or so hit the daytime high. targeting it to be about 9 degrees, later on today, so,
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it is a little warmer than average, meisha, a but it is summertime, and the hits keep rolling. >> absolutely, i have no complaint from me whatsoever shall specially looking onto next week, but first we talk about this morning drive. on a friday always hoping we walk out the -- last minute, because it is friday, not develop people on the roadways, overturned vehicle, schuylkill eastbound near spring garden, all lanes were blocked, now, it looks like, one lane is opening. one lane getting by. >> this happened about five minute ago, then they stopped it again, block all lanes again, so kind of hit or miss, if you are the lucky handful of vehicles that get by before they close it off again, and get this remedy for you. now looking at the back upshot montgomery drive. yikes. a lot of the vehicles are getting off on mlk drive right now. backups are extending all the way back to the boulevard. just look at this, guys. i just feel so terrible for our morning commuters who get up on a friday van to sit in this. if you are past mlk drive exit you can't get off. so make note of that, heads up i'll let you know, tweeting it
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out, as well, then take a look at this, interstate 95 your partners on interstate 95 at cottman, looking good, looking beautiful, so, that accident in glasco, delaware, i'm going get to that really quickly, route 896 at route 40 for those every you, glasco delaware, i am section closed as well 40 westbound at 72. so if you can avoid the area altogether, take route 72, you will want to, jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha a2 american swimmers detained in brazil are headed back home, and another one could be returning to the u.s. today. >> that's right. james feigen's attorney said he reached a settlement to pay $10,000 to leave brazil today. jamie yuccas reports, police in rio say their reports after robbery are not true. >> american swimmer jimmy feigen testified before a brazilian judge in rio overnight. as teammates, gunnar bentz, and jack conger, made their way back to the u.s. under cloud of suspicion.
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bentz and conger were detained wednesday as part of ongoing investigation, into claims they allegedly with feigen and ryan lochte were round at gunpoint in the city last sunday. >> they pulled out their guns, they told us to get down on the ground. >> reporter: brazilian officials say this surveillance video proves it is not true. they say it shows the swimmers being confronted by armed security after vandalizing a gas station. a statement by the us olympic committee thursday appeared to agree with the brazilian account. saying, security, quote, demanded the athletes provide a monetary payment. and once paid, they were allowed to leave. lochte former coach says the swimmers could now face serious sanctions that could hurt their carreers. >> united state swimming always takes a pretty strict stand if allegations like this are true. so i would suspect that there would be some kind of suspension involved. >> reporter: lochte, already back in the u.s., so far
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sticking to his story. us swimming officials are investigating the matter and will decide if there will be any consequences for the athlete. in rio de janeiro, jamie yuccas, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and it is still possible police in rio could charge the men for falsely reporting a crime. >> that's right, "eyewitness news" spoke with a philadelphia attorney, and former federal prosecutor, who specializes in international law and extra addition. >> when you deal with criminal authority, particularly criminal authorities in other countries, and you escalate it, you are not going to win, it will just not go well for you. >> we check out a swim club in cherry hill where some of the young swimmers say they are no longer fans of ryan lochte. they don't like that he lied. >> in other news, new this morning, two men were shot in south philadelphia. >> it happened right outside a chain east take-out restaurant. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live outside south detective with the latest on the investigation, good morning, jan, what can you tell us? >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, those two men are now in the hospital, recovering today, after they were shot in the stomach, here in south
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philadelphia overnight. fortunately, they are expected to be okay. in the meantime, mr. is are now searching for the shooter, and fortunately for investigators, they found surveillance video with a description of the suspects. more on that in just a minute. first take a look at this, this is where the shooting happened around 11:30 last night, on the corner every 23rd and mifflin street. police say they got whole bunch of calls after the shooter unloaded a sim automatic weapon. investigators found 16 spent shell casings at the scene. they also found one of the victims, a 44 year old man, who was taken to presbyterian hospital by police. other victim 39 year old man was discovered short distance away at broad and mckeon. he was taken to jefferson, both are in stable condition. now, no one else was injured, thankfully, in the hail of gunfire. two parked cars, and chinese take out restaurant, were hit by stray bullet, though, and in the meantime investigators have some leads in tracking down the shooter, there are number of private cameras in the area. there are also police real time cameras that actually captured the shooter. that footage is now giving
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police a description of the person they are looking for. >> he described the male, 6 feet tall, wearing a beard, wearing a light colored hooded sweatshirt, dark pants, possibly jeans, and he's last seen fleeing on foot eason segal street, from 23rd. >> now, police will continue to work the scene today, they're trying to gain access to those private cameras, to see if they provide some valuable footage. there is no motive for the shooting at this time, anyone with information should call police. for now, reporting live in south philadelphia, jan care baio, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> in other news hearing exclusively from elderly man who nearly died after being shot in his own home by new jersey state troopers. the shooting happened before midnight july 29th in upper deerfield township. authorities say two troopers were investigating a 911 hang up call, when they arrived at gerald psychs house by
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mistake. what happened next remains under investigation. but there was an exchange of gunfire. one trooper suffered a graze wounds, and the 76 year old homeowner was shot three times. >> i had a collapsed lung, two fractured ribs, ripped diaphragm, destroyed spleen, perforated bowel, and i'm alive and beginning to feel better. a lot of the pain is subsiding now. >> at this point authorities have not said who fired first. well, a former teacher and a school custodian are among 40 men arrested in a massive crack-down on the addition buying every child pornography in new jersey. officials dubbed the six month investigation operation state-wide. investigators tracked child porn images on under in a net file to ip addresses, led police to home addresses in each of the state's 21 count us. >> for the first time, the state department is admit
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interesting was a link between a $400 million cash payment to iran in january, and the same day release of four american hostages. us officials insist, though, the money i was not ransom. they say it was already opened to iran as part of failed arms deal, 35 years ago. but state department officials also say they waited to pay, and tell the americans had left iran january 17th. donald trump responded to the state department announcement. on the campaign trail in north carolina, trump accused president obama of lying about the hostage situation. today trump is scheduled to tour the flooding in louisianna. hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail and the latest polls show clinton maintaining a lead over trump in the battlegrounds state. >> well, coming up: at harming reason why twitter just suspended hundreds of thousands of accounts. >> plus it is the worse us disaster since hurricane sandy, and we are just starting to see the scope of the damage from flooding in louisianna. we'll show you what fema is doing to help. >> and a warning about over
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>> donald trump will tour flood ravaged louisianna today. >> take a look at this, parts of the flooded state could be headed for the worse housing crisis since hurricane katrina. at least 13 people have died, more than 40,000 homes have been damaged by the rising water. water is still high in some areas, and people can only reach their homes by boat. clean up could be costly, because only about 21% of louisianna homeowners have flood insurance. we actually lost everything in katrina came here, and ten years later lost everything again. >> yes, i know it is material things, and you can always get them back. but it crushes you, you feel like you're violated. >> oh, absolutely, the louisianna national guard has been activated to help with continue search and rescue missions. >> meanwhile, officials still trying to determine if a tornado touched down, near the outer banks, in north carolina, a person captured what looks like a funnel cloud on video, thanks fully, no one was injured. a lot of folks down there from
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our area right now, still on vacation for the summer, katey? >> sure, absolutely, if you are planning to have any kind of outdoor plans here this weekend, even here, there are some thunderstorms that may mess with those plans. so, that's where i come in. we will get awe planner for the upcoming weekends, then of course the seven day forecast, here's what i think they may have been talking about, heavy thunderstorms, off the shores of north carolina, but we're in the influence of high pressure, so it will keep us generally speaking in pretty pleasant weather here today. temperatures, easily, topping off to about 90 degrees, many of you staying into the 80s, but in philly forecasting 906789 mostly sunny come tomorrow, for the most part, coy see spotty shower or thunderstorm as the atmosphere warms up. >> this cold front is what is going to produce next round of locally heavy downpours, some thunderstorms sunday. some of the most aggressive models bring this in as early as late morning, generally the p.m. hours. regardless, saturday is the better who of the days if you are trying to get in your outdoor plans, will regardless also be some heavy showers,
6:15 am
storms, that have to rumble on in here before we can get into this really nice pattern. which, folks, phenominal for the upcoming monday and beyond. see that in the seven day. but if you are plans plans take you to the shore, spec sunshine today, nice day on saturday, though, other than spotty thunderstorm, looking good. and sunday is the day that the humidity ramps up. but you will also specially closer to the coast be dealing with primarily p.m. thunderstorms, and again, mid 80s generally speaking around the region as a whole. today, we are actually about ready to see the sun come up. it is sunny, hot, at 90 degrees, dropping down to 73, later on tonight, under just couple of clouds, and here is what we've been waiting for, folks, got to wait until monday but regardless, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, not only are we going to see low to mid 80s, lower humidity, but sunshine all every those days, looks like nice stretch coming up, meisha. >> sure does, looks gorgeous, thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, happy friday. we made it to the end of our work week, just waking up with us, looking at the schuylkill eastbound, near spring garden, where we had over turn vehicle, that had all lanes
6:16 am
blocked, great news for those of you just maybe tuning in, or maybe just headed out the door. all since cleared. so take a look at the back upshot. all that tension has now of course lifted. but you can see, maybe little bit of residual plus, people jumping on the roadways, overall though at spring garden even around montgomery drive, looking really good right now. now i want to pull your attention to this accident in glasco, delaware, involving tractor-trailer and vehicle, few people transferred to the hospital here. route 896, you still want to use an alternate around this area, 896 southbound route 40. i would say that alternate would be route 72, intersection closed as well as 42, still, kind of a mess. we'll take quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back after this.
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>> scary scene at a wedding party in turkey. >> this happened yesterday, blast went off outside, as everyone was dancing, blood g bride and groom. all rushed out in a panic. turn i shall government blaming curds i shall separatist group, and two other blasts, as well. what about this? twitter is amp up its war on terror. the social media sites rep say they suspended 235,000 accounts in the past six months alone, for promoting terrorism. in total, the company has suspended 360,000 accounts, since 2015.
6:20 am
twitter didn't identify the terrorist groups, or specific accounts, but they are likely associated with isis, which has been specially active on twitter and other social networks, to spread propaganda and attract new recruits. >> well, zika concerns are growing in our air. there are now four confirmed cases of the zika cyrus in montgomery county. officials say they were all travel-related. meantime in south florida, the number of locally transmitted zika infections there has risen to 35. the florida department of health says two new cases were added yesterday in miami dade county, officials in miami beach were quick to dismiss reports that zika had spread to their resort city. >> on the hell watch, there is a new warning about the danger of over the counter lazer pointers. >> researchers in australia tested can be bought in stores or on line. they say, they found out green lazers were the most dangerous, the strongest, can cause catostrophic damage to the eyes. they say, green lazers pose greatest risk because green more easily perceived by the
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eye, and the beam is visible along the path. well it, may and annoying habit for some people, but now, a new study finds cracking your knuckles may actually be good for you. researchers look at ultrasound of 400 knuckles to determine exactly what was going on inside. they say, crack knuckles had greater flexibility. scientists say the cracking sound is just pressure leaving the joints. coming up in this week's dream drive: meisha gets out of the car, and onto a boat. floating taxi is taking her on dream drive to find a market from food from around the world and it is in our backyard. >> looking forward to that. plus weather watcher friday. katy? >> indeed it is, jim. yes, john jenkins drove in from perkasie to be with us, a lot of our weather watchers have this love of weather that's built in early on. and from their childhood, and he has interesting story, i think brooke will love. you want to stick around for that.
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>> now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the deli county daily times, man wanted for allegedly robbing two party goers have surrendered to police. nineteen year old christopher of lansdowne charged with robbery, theft, harrassment, receiving stolen property, as well as simple assault. he is being held on $250,000 bail. >> in the news journal, city
6:25 am
leaders say the head of the wilmington department of finance owes $28,000 in federal income tax, and had issues paying her taxes for decades. told irs notice sheila win fred brown has a lean for unpaid income taxes from 2003 to 2009. mayor dennis williams said he knew about the lean before he hired him. in the cover of the avon grove sun, this week, paying tribute to local olypians, two at lets from southern chester county returned home from rio, with medals, bringing home gold in swimming, and he is questions tree all fill dutton came back with a bronze. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> and speaking of the olympics, the fastest man in the world has won another gold in rio. >> bolt said he could have gone even fasterment bolt bolt the away from the rest of the fields in yesterday's 200-meter race. but he came up just short of new world record, which he said was within his class. the second mode al completes
6:26 am
unprecedented sweep of the 10200-meter sprint. >> bolt may have look like he was alone but the women's relay team actually was, replayed the meter alone because brazilian runner bumped team usa allison felix in the original race, so team usa won spot in the finals in the do-over. those finals are tomorrow night. >> i cannot wait. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", new developments in the u.s. swimmers scandal. the settlement just reached with one of the olypians, and the punishment they could face from usa swimming. >> justin, what's going on? >> blue cut fire scorched tens of thousands of acres, we are live with challenges. firefighters now facing out west. meisha? >> thanks, justin. we have live chopper three over an accident in glasco, delaware, disable vehicle, downed pole, very busy morning, all of the updates coming up. first we take quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" wi
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>> tgif, and thank goodness, the humidity is finally breaking a little bit. >> but, it is still hot. katie still tracking storms, she has a friday forecast in just a minute. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. s swimming officials are blaming the ryan lochte robbery spectacle on a laps in judgement and conduct. >> brazilian officials say this surveillance video proves it is not true. >> police are investigating a double shooting in south philadelphia. >> those two men are recovering in the hospital. meanwhile, police are now tracking down the shooter, and they do have some help.
6:31 am
>> there is some relief out west, firefighters say they're gaining an upper hand. blue cut fire reported to be 22% contained, that up from 4%. >> believe it or not, i regret it. >> the rare display of regret by donald trump. the republican presidential candidate publicly admitted that he says the wrong thing in the past. >> out to centerfield. that's well hit. going back to the wall it is gone. into the bushes. and the phillies take the lead. >> the phillies avoid the sweep beating the dodgers five to four. they'll host the st. louis cardinals tonight. >> and now to the weather. katie has some company in the weather center today. >> indeed i do, guys, good morning, yes, joining thus morning, one of the weather watchers, one of the most loyal i would say john, john jenkins drove in from perkasie, loyal in itself, that's quite a hike. but, you grew up just loving the weather. but it all sort of started with this one family road trip, right?
6:32 am
>> we took trip out to california, or oklahoma, for thanksgiving. >> oklahoma, brooke. >> and flying through st. louis, airport closed due to snow. >> yes? >> kansas city barely got out of. down to tulsa, spent the weekends there, ended up with tornados within a mile of the place we were staying at. >> peaks your interest where you can be two state away crazy weather complete extremes going on. so yes, totally understandable, we are thrilled to have you here, again one of our most loyal. we are thrilled that he came in to hang out with us this morning, but guys, always looking for eyewitness weather watchers. if you are interesting in signing up, you can always do that, is the place to head. and you can join our team and maybe ends up on future show of "eyewitness news" this morning. now, that said, we do want to talk little shop here. get you on out to one of the live neighborhood network cameras, reading, technically west lawn, next-door to reading, pa. you have nothing more than few whispy clouds, traffic flowing nicely looks like there, i know can't say the same across the region as a whole, so
6:33 am
meisha will have more on a second. storm scan, quiet. looking at gorgeous sunrise currently across much of the board. mid low 70s, pretty much from i-95 on southeast, slightly cooler going bit further to the north and west, but comfortable start to the day overall. we are expecting these temperatures to rebound, with ease, right back up to about 90. but, there is a nice pattern change, that i have to report for you, coming up here, the problem is, we'll have to deal with some thunderstorms before that can take place. and it will impact your weekend. so, a little later in the show, we will walk you through the timing of that, give you sense how the weekend shakes out. of course people still have outdoor plans, right, meisha? >> sure do. i do too. going on roller coaster katie. >> oh, bo. >> i no, i hope i can still go. happy friday. so what you see behind me, live chopper three, overseer just accident in glasco, delaware, actually happened earlier this morning around 2:00 a.m. involving a tractor-trailer, and a truck, few people were transported to the hospital, now, intersection at 896
6:34 am
northbound and southbound at route 40, is still closed, and 40 westbound, at 72, also, 40, both directions, at 896. so, what you want to do is use alternate, i would say, if you can, avoid the area altogether. it does look like an if you more things, maybe starting to open up a little bit. but take a look at that, you guys, that does not look good at all. you will want to use an alternate. i would still use an alternate anyway, route 72, probably, going to be your best bet to avoid it, altogether. and whenever we have a car fire, truck fire, like that, you know it will be significant, it will be a while to clean that up. just make note of that again, i'll keep you updated as soon as that get cleared, but i would use that alternate if you k also, 95 southbound around girard, right before girard, see what you are working with there, certainly starting to heat up, far cry from what we saw i would say about 30 minute ago even. so now when we are starting to get underway this friday morning, so good morning everyone, tgif.
6:35 am
to you. disable vehicle here, pa turnpike westbound past ft. washington, center lane is blocked, jim, over to you. or brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. >> there are new developments this morning in the ryan lochte story scandal in rio. lochte teammate and the only swimmer in brazil reached settlement with brazilian authorities. jail feigen's attorney said his client will pay $10,000 to leave the country today. meantime, two other teammates gunnar bentz and jack conger on their way back to the u.s. brazilian authorities say their robbery story is not true. they say this surveillance video shows the swimmers being confronted by security, after vandalizing a gas station bathroom. >> well, fire officials are calling it one of the worse wild fires they've ever seen, a huge wild fire is burning east of los angeles, and has already destroyed number of homes. but there is some good news to report this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in the cbs-3 sat center to tell us how fire crews are making progress. good morning, justin. jim, brooke, good morning,
6:36 am
evacuation orders slowly lifting in parts of california burned out by the blue cut fire. the blaze is reported to be 22% contained, that's up from 4%, and with more than 30,000 acres now scorched by this fire, crews are working around the clock to stem the fire's reach. >> some 60 miles east of los angeles, a relentless air assault on tenacious fire leaving tens every thousands of homes and residents under evacuation warnings. drop after drop of fire retardant, but still, those flames flicker back. on the ground, the persistent fire fight is underway. soaking hot spots, where embers could spark another break out blaze. this fire, so swift, and so severe, that even firefighters are sheltering in place, alongside neighbors. >> some of whom had been loathed to leave. >> the pace, something that i've never seen, and i know many in this country, anybody that i have talked to in this
6:37 am
county, hasn't seen. >> after five years of drought, california has weathered a streak of fires, all destructive, some deadly. the blue cut fire ripped through dessert towns, leaving neighbors only minutes to escape. hundreds of large animals were rescued and brought to ' vac shelters, this man, searching for his horse. >> a home could be replaced. but not human life or an animal that you love. >> in the fire zone of kohon, this family found taking advantage of the vulnerable, caught red handed by police trying to loot belongings from homes. >> i am so thankful they got caught. i really appreciate that the officers were able to do that. >> there are glimpse of routine returning, troubles trucks back, the main highway linking l a and las vegas, the area cost the area projected million dollars a day, in economic losses. and we now know the blue cut fire is charred roughly 36,000 acres, left numerous structures damaged, many more
6:38 am
in danger, one of four wild fires now burning, in california, with one breaking out just yesterday afternoon, in santa barbara. brooke, jim, back into you. >> thank you very much, justin. in other news, republican presidential can date donald trump plans to tour the flood ravaged louisianna area today. right now, people are beginning the long and difficult process of cleaning up. water is still high in some places, and some people can only reach their homes by boat. some 40,000 homes have been damaged by the water. in campaign 2016, the presidential nominees are pivoting again. hillary clinton's charitable family foundation about to undergo some major charges, and donald trump says he has some regret. craig boswell with the details. >> reporter: donald trump made an admission to a crowd in charlotte, north carolina thursday night. >> sometimes in the heat of debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words, or you
6:39 am
say the wrong thing. i have done that. and, believe it or not, i regret it. >> trump's campaign chairman now under added scrutiny, one day after a staff shake-up diminished his responsibilities. the associated press says it obtained emails that reveal paul mentafort, worked a covert operation to sway opinion in favor of the pro ukrainian russia and government between 2012-2014. some major changes are coming for hillary clinton's family foundation, persistent questions about the level of influence, foundation donors had while clinton was secretary every state, have followed her on the campaign trail. >> former president bill clinton announced thursday he is resigning from the board, and the foundation will no longer except corporate and foreign donations, if his wife is elected president. >> the democratic nominee talked law and order during a meeting with law enforcement leaders in new york. >> we have to be clear eyed
6:40 am
about the challenges we face, we need to work together to bridge our divide, not stoke even more divisiveness. >> she acknowledged that it will be a difficult task to repair the bonds of trust and respect between police officers and communities. craig boswell, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> coming up: more information leaked about the iphone seven for next month. >> how about an uber ride with no one actually driving? where self-driving cars are giving free rides to uber customer. >> speaking of rides, take ride on a water taxi to play mini golf with a water view. and there is more, meisha is taking us on another dream drive. that's next. >> ♪ >> and we'll take a look at the rare finds that make two michael jackson fans feel like they just won the lottery. that's coming up. >> ♪
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>> if you're in pittsburgh, and you want an uber ride, you may get the ride for free. >> the catch though no one will be driving. uber rolling out self driving cars soon. they haven't actually been used to drive people around yet. not everyone is comfortable with the idea of riding in one. >> i have never driven in a sever-riding car, i don't know that i would trust it. >> it is modern, technology is advancing. our compute remembers smarter than we are anyway, so why not trust the computer with you? >> here's how you get the free ride. you have to be willing to ride in one of these self-driving cars. that's going to be an option on your app. there will be a person in the driver seat, ready to take over if needed. so, what's the point? i don't understand that. if it is going to drove itself? >> because this is a test. >> yes. >> and eventually --
6:45 am
>> why can't they use mannequins, like the crash test dummies, put them in the seat? >> probably have been doing that. now they need people. >> katie, would you do this? >> i want to see, i'm like a lot of those people, i want to see other people test it out first before i actually get in the car. i don't know. technology is getting little too far ahead of my personal taste. >> would you? >> no. >> come on, brooke. >> no. of course not. >> okay, folks, good morning, everyone, you know today is a fine day to maybe actually take a walk yourself rather than get nag self-driving car. beautiful day on tap here. it will get warm outside. a lot of really pretty pictures from yesterday, also this morning, but i really want to show this one that came in from margo, within the last 15 minute, in fact, actually the sunset sky from yesterday. but beautiful colors out there. as high pressure begins to build in for us, and it is currently in place right now. so, certainly, nice start to the morning, it is mild, it is not terribly humid. further south you go, little bit muggier into delaware, southern most new jersey, but, let's check in with couple every these, 68 degrees from jerry, in full sunshine right
6:46 am
now, blue bell, still high humidity, that said, 68 degrees, and in the sunshine, it is going start to, quote unquote, dry out little bit here in terms of that moisture. and let's take you to another one, little further, zoom in here, 72 degrees, there you go, there go, 72 degrees coming in this morning from san did a, seeing couple of clouds overhead, still tad mug any burlington, new jersey as well. next to storm scan, still in the influence, again, high pressure right now, that's going to hook us up with the sunshine all day today, obviously activity to the west and south, high pressure will yield to allow some that far to come in. and it comes in the form of pretty potent frontal boundery by the time we hit the weekend, so you have got outdoor plans, listen up. this is how we sort of plan things out. may be stray shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. but i absolutely say tomorrow is the better of the two weekend days for your outdoor plans. because any wet weather will be very scattered in nature. then we get into sunday. so if you have outdoor plans, try to get them in early, heavy downpours start to developing here, as early as
6:47 am
late morning, if you believe some of the more aggressive computer models, but jen lip into the afternoon and toward night fall that a line of heavier thunderstorms will be rumbling on in. that, my friends, is the cold front that's going to break us of the worse of this humidity. we're in for four day stretch of just perfect weather basically, meisha, coming up here. just in time to go back to work. >> thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, happy friday to you. so, what you are looking at right now just tuning in with us possibly, live chopper three is over an accident that happened earlier this morning, around 2:00 a.m. glasco delaware involving tractor-trailer and truck, again, around 2:00 a.m., four people were transported to the hospital. we are getting conflicting reports on what exactly now that the clean up is underway what's he can look closed? i can tell you diverting traffic right now to around route seven # two, the intersection at 896 northbound route 40 is for sure. still closed. again, take a lock at this. i would just say by looking at this live shot right now,
6:48 am
avoid the area at all costs, major clean up right now going on. you can see the crews out there, again, they are diverting traffic to around route 72. when we go to the ben franklin bridge, however, look at that, gorgeous shot as you move into center city we are going to see sunshine today, overall looking good on the ben franklin bridge. then in delaware county, northbound 95 northbound at 452, a lot of sun glare here, any time you're moving, i would say, primarily in the eastbound direction, you want to pack those sunglasses, just beautiful shot of delaware county. overall, not too bad this morning. couple every accidents we started off with right now things looking a lot better, brooke being over to you. >> apple fans listen up. french site says it is to has look at plans for the iphone seven. it claims the plans do not show a head phone jack at the bottom of the phone. instead, there may be a second speaker grill there. another site claims the phone may go on sale september 23rd. >> for one north carolina couple one man's trash is another man's thriller. >> the couple spent a quarter, and it rocked their world. >> you see that there? mike and amber bought a
6:49 am
cassette copy of michael jackson's bad at a thrift shop, inside it sure looks like the king of pop's autograph. experts say a genuine autograph could get up to $3,000. but mike and a.m. berg are telling potential buyers to beat it. >> literally could not breathe, couldn't speak, i just sat there, blinking my eyes, because i just could not believe that this was sitting directly in front of me. i just could not believe it. >> as soon as she said it is signed, and i saw her reaction, then i could feel in my heartbeat in my neck. >> the couple says michael jackson is a favorite for them, and their son, he said, even tries to emulate jackson's dance moves. >> really cool. >> all right, it is friday, you know, that means it is time for another dream drive. >> meisha showing us riverfront transformation that's worth -- >> oh, sure, sometimes the very best spots to visit are right in our very own backyards, well, almost. on this adventure being hopping on a boat and letting a pro take the wheel. take a look at must visit
6:50 am
destination. >> head down i95, make a stop at the wilmington riverfront. >> we could take a boat over to a market, i'm excited to do that. i have a feeling that there is a lot of people that maybe have never been here. >> this is the wilmington riverfront, along the christina river. we have restaurants, shopping, miniature golf, museums. >> not just the beautiful scenery. >> no, not at all. the scenery is beautiful, but there are a lot of things to do for people of all ages, younger children, adults. >> the words on the street is that there is this river taxi, and i hear we get a ride? >> yes, i would love to take you out for a ride. >> can we go? >> i say let's do this, let's go. started river taxi in the late 90's. he not only owns the boat, he'll tell you all about the river past.
6:51 am
>> if you go back in history, you will find that all along here, was all shipbuilders. >> river taxi not only gives awe great view of the redeveloped riverfront, it gives you a nice break, from the traffic, as well. hello, ladies, how are you all? >> the day could not be better for a boat ride like there. >> now we will go into the market. >> all right. >> riverfront market is right on the river. in a old industrial warehouse. you can sit and eat inside or take it to go. >> what makes you special? >> we got different vendors, different kind of food, like mexican food, tai food. >> your customers saw me and said, hey, they have the best mango here out of anywhere. so i'm sold. >> i think i agree with that. >> it is very quaint in here. everyone seems to know everybody. everything is good here.
6:52 am
>> river walk mini golf transformed this bear strip of land with fountains, landscaping, and 18 holes. open, rain or shine, showed me around. >> everyone lovers golf. you don't have to be a pro, just take this. >> and i'm sure this is kind of family paradise? >> yes, very. >> what did you get this time? >> oh, my goodness, i'm losing! >> there is something happening over there, that looks very good. what's that? >> yes, water ice, yes. >> and what i personally recognize right away, what i love so much, right on the river. >> it is, i love the river taxi. >> all of the development that's going in, peaceful, calm, and beautiful. >> and free parking? >> and free parking. >> you sold me. when you say free parking? we're good. >> right? it is the parking, i swear, sometimes that can absolutely make it or break it, so if you haven't been to the wilmington riverfront yet, guys, it is a must go, especially while the summer weather is still here, so peaceful, beautiful, and you also get little history
6:53 am
lesson, thank you so much to joe for hosting our man lionel for the boat, the market, and the good stuff. so much fun, you guys. >> i love these great gems that you show us, not everyone gets out there annex mores the area. >> i know, and like katie just said, she said sometimes you maybe heard of it, and forget it is right here, we're so close in the delaware valley area. >> we have to pay lionel a visit. >> yes, he's awesome. >> we'll be right back, three to go.
6:54 am
this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ♪ ♪
6:55 am
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother,
6:56 am
i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. creeping up on you.s fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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>> we have breaking news just into the "eyewitness news" room, two new jersey transit buses have crashed in newark, he is innings county. this is the scene, we just received this video into our news room. it has happened at rain boulevard and broad street. new jersey transit service in downtown newark is delayed, at least five people hurt. we are learning more about their injuries, but again, two new jersey transit buses have crashed in newark, and that's in north jersey. >> well, before you start your day, it is three to go. >> tractor-trailer crashed with pick-up truck in glasco, delaware. four people reported hurt in this crash at route 896 and us40 around 2:00 this morning. >> one of the american swimmers accused of lying about a robbery in rio will have to pay up so he can lever the country. james feigen's attorney said
6:58 am
his client reached settlement of $10,000 to return home today. >> donald trump expected to tour areas in louisianna today. latest pole show hillary clinton maintaining a lead over trump, in the battleground states, and that's three to go. last check on weather and traffic. >> now the weather looking pretty quiet. we start our three day weaken here, full sunshine, beautiful shot, a lot of people i have to say out here before 7:00. take advantage of the great weather while we have it. maybe your travels will take you to the poconos here over the course of the weaken, while we will see nothing more than spotty shower or storm tomorrow, sunday, does go downhill, with some heavier thunderstorms, waiting in the wings here, and that is definitely true region wide on sunday, so, thankfully, it bodes well for monday, tuesday and wednesday shall meisha, a but we have to deal with it. >> small price to pay to get to the next week. >> kim of live looks, schuylkill at the boulevard, actually looking real nice now after an accident on the schuylkill around spring garden, yes, ma'am, had all lanes blocked. now 95 south at the betsy ross bridge. both moving in the northbound and southbound direction
6:59 am
looking nice you guys this morning, overall to the wide, things looking up and up. >> thank you, meisha a sneak peak at the next big thing coming to philadelphia. >> and the place is looking pretty sharp. >> check out urban axis in kensington. see? loved it. >> sharp. >> first and only axe store and byob. >> oh, my. >> yes, that means you can bring alcohol with you, believe it or not. >> yes. >> some people, you know, not surprisingly, are little intimidated by the idea, when they hear it, once they come in here, try it, see how safe it is, how super advised it is, they think it is really fun. i mean, people love it. >> axe throwing is played in pairs. three rounds of five throws each determines winner. urban axe officially opens to the public next month. >> okay, well, let's cbs this morning fighting zika virus, see how schools in florida are trying to combat the outbreak. >> have a great day and wonderful weekends.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, august 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." two of ryan lochte's teammates involved in the rio robbery scandal return home. surveillance video from a gas station shows the confrontation with security. donald trump expresses regret over his comments during the campaign. the republican nominee blamed the heat of debate for any pain he may have caused. health officials tell cbs news there is a cluster of zika cases in the miami beach area that could represent a second zone of active transmission. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the celebratory night on the


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