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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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murdered and tonight a suspect is behind bars. what authorities believe led to the killing. a merky foam covering part of the schuylkill river and it looks back but why experts say it is actually a good thing. but first an elderly man attack and robbed in his own home, and tonight search is on for the man who did it. victim disabled son was also at home at the time of the attack. good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer. ukee washington has the night off. this home invasion happened in broad daylight on the 700 block of hertford road in the wilmington. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has that story. >> this brazen home invasion robbery happened in the middle of the afternoon, it started with a knock at the door and ended with a elderly man physically injured. it was mid afternoon around 12:30 when an 81 year-old man heard a income at his door. police say he opened up the door to find an african-american man standing there. victim went back into his home
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to get something and that is when police say things turned violent. back in the house, leaves the suspect at the front door and front door suspect end up forcing his way this is resident. victim confronts him and physical altercation ensues. >> reporter: elderly man was home with his disable adult son at the time. his son was not injured. meantime suspect got away in the red two-door car, after robbing the home owner. >> the suspect steals items consisting of money, electronics, jewelry from the residents. >> reporter: neighbors on the 700 block of hertford road in wilmington are asked to be on alert. normally quiet some what secluded area rattled by a brazen broad daylight home invasion. >> any information to offer, if you have surveillance footage in the area, if you saw anything unusual in the past, day, week, month, anything, please feel free to call detectives. >> reporter: eighty-one year-old victim was treated at the scene forehead injuries that he suffered, he also later return to the hospital for further medical evaluation but we understand that he is
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expected to be okay. in new castle county delaware natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". body of the penn state professor missing for a week has been found in a quarry. tonight police say he was murdered. ronald bettig caught at college of communications george ishler is charged with his death. ishler drove him to the state college quarter toy harvest marijuana plants but pushed him off an 80-foot cliff. suspect told police that bettig signed a will and he believed there was a possibility of financial gain for himself and woman had been living with bettig. teenage girl charged in the school fight that left a classmate dead will have her case heard in family court. the 16 year-old is accused of attacking amy joyner francis inside a high school bathroom april 21st. today a delaware judge denied prosecutors request to have have the girl's face criminally negligent homicide and conspiracy charges as an adult. two other girls are charged with conspiracy as minors.
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philadelphia police have identified and charge a man in connection with a rash of day care burglaries. fifty-one year-old michael harris turned himself into authorities on tuesday. police say they connect him to at least two recent take care center burglaries. one on the 100 block of east roosevelt boulevard and another on the 3900 block of germantown avenue. harris is suspect of committing 16 a digsal burglaries in the northwest part of the city since august 1st. olympian ryan lochte has apologized via instagram for his behavior at a gas station in rio. the american swimmer initially claimed he and three teammates were victims of the armed robbery bra. sill an authority say he invented the story to cover up vandalism in the gas station bathroom. jimmy feigen had to donate $10,000 to a charity in order to get his passport back and leave the country. three of lochte's sponsors say they are reviewing their relationship with him. in the race for president, the shake up continue in donald trump's campaign.
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this is as a republican nominee traveled to flood ravage louisiana and then to michigan where he urge african-american vote tours give him a chance. >> i know you did it, mr. trump. >> reporter: while in baton rouge donald trump surveyed storm damage and fled to support the flood victims. >> yes. >> reporter: later in michigan the republican nominee addressed african-american voters he says are suffering under democratic control. he hopes they will try something new. >> you are living in poverty, your schools are no good, and you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unem ployed, what the hell do you have to lose. >> while on the campaign trail he stopped short of discussing campaign staff shake up including chairman paul manafort's resignation. manafort is being investigated bayou crane authorities for allegedly accepting illegal cash payments and secretly directing millions of dollars to u.s. lobbyist.
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earlier this week trump hired a new ceo and campaign manager steven bannon and kelly ann conway who credit for an apparently softer trump. >> i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> reporter: this is a political science professor at rutgers university, specializing in presidential elections. she says that despite trump's promise to toe the line this move suggest he is continuing to go rogue. >> the people that they are bringing in and relying on for expert evidence now are not at all part of the typical republican establishment and it suggests a departure from trump's previous promise to tone it down. >> president obama is scheduled to travel to baton rouge on tuesday. meantime democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton took a day off from campaigning but she did post a message on facebook about the louisiana flooding. she said her heart breaks for louisiana and right now relief effort can't afford any
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distractions. supporters of the hillary clinton brought star power to kick off a voter registration drive. "eyewitness news" caught up with actor sean patrick thomas at philly cuts unisex salon in center city. he says it is important for black communities to get out the vote. >> whoever wins pennsylvania will win this election. i will do as many people to get as many people registered as i can to get a huge massive turnout. we have to win this election. >> reporter: they plan to launch grass routes route voter registration efforts at the small business as cross philadelphia a. clinton's e-mail saga is not over, a federal judge ruled former secretary of state will to have answer written questions under oath, from judicial watch about her private e-mail system. that conservative group wants to know if clinton set up system to avoid complying with the freedom of information act. the department of justice now says that holding people in jail because they cannot afford to make bail is unconstitutional. the d o.j. filed court documents on the issue on thursday, focusing on fixed
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cash bail amounts for relatively minor crimes. obama administration says fixed bail unfairly victimizees low income defendants, and thursday's filing came in the case of the georgia man who spent six nights behind bars, because he could not afford the fixed $160 bail for public drunkenness. well, local people with syrian ties are praying for peace, in their native war torn country. this video of a little boy who was pulled from a ruble of the air strike in syria sparked conversation about that conflict. this is a a syrian native who now lives in allentown and he hopes that people will take the emotions stirred by that image and turn them into action to end violence between rebels and syrian government. >> this boy delivered a message to the entire world to stop this ugly war. we need to take more active role because we are the world leading nation the united states of america. >> the little boy rescued in
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syria is five years old, same age as the conflict in his country. he has since been released from the hospital and reunited with his parent. well, two people were killed and 17 others were injured when a pair of commuter buses violently collided in downtown newark this morning. eyewitnesses said one bus was only the driver aboard, t boned another bus carrying about 20 people. the force crushed the middle of have that bus and knock it on to its side trapping those passengers. authorities say that the driver of the empty bus died at the scene and passenger died later at the hospital. philadelphia a health officials say that deaths related to the opioid of fentanyl are soaring and they are trying to get the word out that is there help available. at a press conference today health officials say deaths involving fentanyl are up more than 600 percent since 2013. there were more than 700 fatal drug overdoses in philadelphia last year. fentanyl is frequently used illegally to cut heroin which creates a stronger and more
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dangerous dose of that drug. philadelphia says that it will expand the availability of narcan which reverses effects of an overdose. federal health officials have expanded a travel warning for pregnant woman to include miami beach. for the first time, five locally transmitted zika cases have been connect to that area and that brings total number of non-travel related infections to south florida to 36. authorities say it will be challenge to go control zika in miami beach through aerial spraying because of high rise buildings there and also the strong wind. there are no locally transmitted zika cases in camden county and official there is want to keep that it way. today they rolled out a new way for residents to report mosquito problems, and instead of calling the counties mosquito commission residents can now report any issues on line. >> what we developed here is a strategy that will help us more intelligently work through this data, so that we
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can provide a more targeted and tailored and specific response for the community. >> residents also get status updates on any reports filed, for a link to the mosquito commission web site go to our web site at cbs you might have noticed the schuylkill river is looking different. >> water is anything but clear but it is looking greenish, but it is not allergy, coming up, what it is and why experts say it is happening. plus a national treasure discovered, and in a dusty attic and it is now in the hand of the local collector. founding fat shore pend this rare document and what that letter says, kate. and as we head in the weekend we will start to steam up as this next system approaches from the west but eventually that front will cross the area, we will tell you when storms could impact your weekend plans, and you'll like weather that follows that system. we will have your full forecast coming up. more than just summer camp, life long lessons these kid are taking with them, when
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"eyewitness news" continues.
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fire fighters, in southern california, are slowly gaining ground on a wild fire that has been burning for four days straight. the 1600 fire fighters work ago this blaze have 26 percent contained but not before it scorched more than 59 square miles and destroyed 96 homes and more than 200 structures. 82,000 residents were under evacuation order at the peak of the fire and today those order have been lifted. the cost of the fire is still under investigation. if you have driven by the schuylkill river lately, you may have noticed the water has taken on a green hew, it is not allergy bloom and not toxic, it is a plant called
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duck weed, and it looks like one big patch of green flying, and it is made up of tiny individual but intertwined plants. last time it took over the schuylkill river was 1999 under similar circumstances. >> it is like pond, but the reason philadelphians are seeing it in the schuylkill is, because we have had not had a lot of rain, the flows is low and stagnant. so it is building up. duck weed can be good for the environment, acting as a vital mosquito eating insects. next week a newly discovered piece of american history will go on sale to the public. it was found in somebody's attic. as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us tonight if you want it, expect to pay big money. >> that is it. >> reporter: inside this ardmore office sits an american treasure, not from an museum but attic 1,000 miles away, where it sat for years in the stack of paper. >> we got a call from
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mississippi. the man says i have some letters. i do not the know what you have. >> reporter: nate on rob runs the rob collection a well known rare document dealer. >> we get quirky calls all the time and most end up being nothing. >> reporter: but rob sensed something different this time around so he investigated and it turns out a four page thomas jefferson letter was the prize. >> you see the watermark, the scope, the value, the power of these letters. i don't think it dawned on him until we start digging in. >> reporter: letter was written by thomas jefferson himself in 1815 and focuses on the war of 1812. that is what makes it incredibly rare. before mailing it, jefferson received news about the end of the war and then added this ps under his name. >> on the day of the date of this letter, the news of peace reached washington. >> reporter: jefferson's letter is in remarkable condition not surprising as he had finest materials of the day. >> this letter is in better condition then a newspaper from 1980.
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>> reporter: rob is currently selling the letter and it can be yours for $325,000. if you cannot afford it, rob says to start looking around your house, you never know what you might find. >> it is such a powerful, emotional letter of jefferson you can really sit and picture him sitting down apartment his desk penning this american treasure. >> reporter: in ardmore david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". amazing. >> his handwriting is beautiful. >> we're marveling at the condition of this document, and penmanship. >> very good. >> like something from last week. >> yes, exactly. >> wondering about the forecast this weekend, kate. >> well, forecast for the weekend is not bad. >> well... it is better than last week even. last weekend was 98 on saturday. this weekend 89. and we will take that. we will have a chance for storms this weekend. generally sunday is the day to watch out for and it is sunday afternoon, but it is not his, coolest weekend but coming up heat wave will not feel bad.
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it is next week that the weather takes a turn for the lovely. lets take a look outside. you can see decent friday night. we've got clear skies across the area, just a few patchy cloud there were a few sprinkles that cropped up earlier but those have since moved on out. so still a nice warm summer night and soon enough it will be cold at night. enjoy these warm nights while we have them. can't give your air conditioning a break. temperatures still in the 70's, upper 70's to around 80 here in the broadcast center and we will stay there all night long. storm scan three is clear, we will see syringe also that tried to pop up here and there a little earlier this evening. these have since moved out and we are clear across the eastern united states. so with that weak high pressure in control for tommy think mess of the day is dry, just a chance for pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon. this next front you can see this line of showers and storms moving through the upper plains, upper midwest, moving our way, by sunday and that is our next chance for significant thunderstorm activity and come late sunday afternoon or evening. temperatures in the upper
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70's, still warm and steamy out there for your friday night, 77 here in philadelphia. seventy-five in wilmington. seventy-four in at atlantic city. seventy-two in allentown. planning out your weekend tomorrow is better of the two days across the board to get outside. it is mostly sunny. warm, steamy but par for the course in mid-august. stray thunderstorm is possible but most of the day should be rain free. just keep an eye on the sky if you see dark cloud rolling in, it is time to move inside at least briefly. sunday morning is warm, more humid, we will see a little bit of sunshine early but by midday sunday clouds will roll in and then heavy storms develop late sunday afternoon into sunday evening. here's what it looks like. tomorrow we will start off with sunshine in the afternoon again just some spotty showers and storms, and then not a big deal but if you outside for a picnic or a walk out at the pool or even one of these little showers and storms can put a damper in the afternoon. keep an eye out for those. tomorrow night it is dry. sunday morning is dry. then sunday afternoon that is when these storms start approaching from the west and they will start firing upright around dinner hour.
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so between five and 7:00 p.m. the storms move in, we have got heavy rain, strong gusty wind with them and then they will clear the shore at 9:00 o'clock. lingering shower or two into sunday night and then it is out of here and watch the difference of the humidity starts to spike again this weekend. it is especially sunday. dew points back in the 07's. then the front comes through. we will cut it way, way down, a huge difference, in the dryness of the the air, out there, early next week. and in the meantime, the tropics are heating up as we head toward the peak of the hurricane season late august, early september, this is tropical storm fiona, thinks an area of watch. 50 percent chance of development. nothing imminent but definitely a lot brewing here in the tropics and we will continue to keep an eye on. that no threat to the eastern united states. it looks like fiona will be a tropical low and recurve near bermuda heading in the middle of next week. first week of september is when we may want to keep an eye on a few things, gaston brewing in the tropical region. of course i'll keep you posted. i have my eye on it.
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71 degrees. partly cloudy. warm night. tomorrow, mostly sun which that stray, afternoon thunderstorm. spotty thunderstorm down the shore as well as humidity 85. water temperature seven 46789 you're witness weather seven day forecast weekend is pretty seasonally hot, upper 80's. watch for those storms late sunday but then next week, next week, i cannot say you have this good things, monday through friday, low humidity, sunny, highs in the 80's, perfect summer weather. >> your eyes just light up. >> yes. >> great weekend. >> don has sports up next. >> we're talking football, fans are worried about eagles offense but one guy who is not concerned at all we will find out and hear from quarterback sam bradford. phillies take 25 run lead in the ninth inning a fence the cardinals but what happened next will make you shake your head, we will be right
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♪ >> guitar player were one of the headliners at smooth jazz summer nights concert series tonight. "eyewitness news" at the great plaza on penns landing. look who it is, very casual don bell. he mced that event. the final smooth jazz summer night concert is next friday night. >> i love it. >> you got casual. >> he looked really comfortable. >> you looked relaxed. >> it is funny, we're having a good time out there.
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>> were they cheering for you, or for jazz. >> definitely in the for me. >> are you sure. >> okay. >> all right. >> it is friday night. nothing like it. lets talk about some baseball. new faux for phillies chase utley and dodgers are gone, in come cardinals and their streak of five straight playoff appearances. to the bank a couple kid tansing having a good time in the sand. dab on them. dab on them. game tied at six, odubel her a off adam waynewright. freddie galvis, anything you can do i can do better. they go back to back. and the phillies are on top three-one. now, they are cruising until the ninth inning, jeanmar gomez looking for the save but, yorkum, yes, that is a buzz kill. thanks for nothing, bro. two run shot. top of the 11th, randall,
11:26 pm
facing frank herman and back to the wall it goes. one run is in. and the cardinals come back to beat the phillies four-three. >> you know, offense just didn't capitalize on scoring opportunities. we needed to score more runs. we had our chances. man on third base less than two outs, twice could not get him in. couldn't make contact. bases loaded, you know, we had men in scoring position chances but we didn't capitalize good tough way to lose the ballgame. let's talk about the nfl. caution, men at work. eagles offence under construction. right the now they are still trying to smooth out bumps in the road. last night preseason game with the steelers sam bradford and crew failed to score while playing an entire first half. bradford threw the ball effective will you but there were no big plays. he has not thrown a touchdown. but don't sweat it. it is preseason. >> i'm in the really concern at all. you know, you want to score touchdowns but, you know, it
11:27 pm
didn't happen. we did really good things out there tonight. that is why it is the preseason. but, you know, i don't think there is a lot of concern for me right now. >> translation: practice. not the game, practice. the play of the eagles defense was good last night. they swarmed to the ball, made four interceptions. defensive coordinator jim schwartz dialed up blitzes which doesn't happen around this time of the year. safety malcolm jenkins likes what he sees. >> take away, obviously it is one of those important things and can really impact games and the season. so we will get those right now it is a good start defensively. >> guys are making great plays, balls are legitimate catchable balls an hour guys are in position to make plays and they are doing it. i have been real exited to watch our guys, these last couple weeks. nine turnovers in two games is pretty good. >> all right, don, thanks very much. we will be right
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graduation day for members of the pennsylvania state police camp cadet program. >> tonight children ages 11 to this were congratulated for completing week long boot camp. "eyewitness news" in montgomery county, curriculum was based on municipal and state the police training, and kids are from philadelphia, montgomery and delaware counties and they learned what it is like to be a police officer, and true to life
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experiences. we will be right
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so, coming up next, late show with stephen colbert, filled by late, late show with james corden. our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00. for kate, don, ukee hoist off and everyone here i'm jessica dean. aim nicole brewer. we're always on cbs >> from our entire team thanks for watching have a good night and a great weekend.
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