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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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with eyewitness weather, justin, better day to do our cook out that we usually do? >> right. right. >> it will be today? >> today. typical summertime day, late summer day, it will be hot, little humid, then tomorrow we run the risk every some showers and storms, even tomorrow, not wash out. but you do have outdoor plans, if you can choose the day, today is a good one. good start to our day already. with the sunshine, coming up in just a few minutes, 6:18 officially is the sunrise here in philadelphia, take a shot, at this nice color there, breaking out across the delaware valley. mostly clear skies, we will get some clouds in here this afternoon, just due to the daytime heating, warm start, up to 73 degrees officially at the airport, light breeze out of the northeast at three, and humidity levels continue to be on the rise little bit over the next 12, 24 hours, so in the 70s and philadelphia, but the suburbs still feeling pretty good, a.m. end town, 65 degrees south jersey, pretty muggy, 72, atlantic city, 68 millville, and 50's up in the poconos, then, there is suburbs, just north and
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west, 63 quakertown. soy dew point temperatures up around 70, philadelphia, kind of threshold where it feels very muggy. and then little bit drier up toward the lehigh valley berks county, but eventually humidity levels rise to the north. storm scan3, quiet, and for the most part should stay like that today. just some increasing clouds later this afternoon. i think really tomorrow afternoon best shot to see some wet weather. so enjoy your saturday, hot one up around 90 degrees for philadelphia, mid 80s at the shore, should get good sea breeze in the afternoon, a lot of sunshine, good beach day, up in the poconos high of 81 degrees. but coming up: i'll time out the storm chances for tomorrow, then big cool down on the way in the seven day check it out in a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating if alcohol led to the death of a pedestrian in fair hills. it happened near the intersection of west lehigh avenue and north mascher street around 1:30. and developers say, a woman, who uses a wheelchair, was trying to cross the street, when her vehicle, when a
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vehicle, hit her. she was pronounced dead at episcopal hospital. police say the vehicle left the scene, but it was located a few blocks away on east lehigh avenue and kensington avenue, and police now have someone in custody. a stabbing in philadelphia's old city has sent a man to the hospital. there is no word right now what sparked that stabbing, which happened at second and market, around 4:00 this morning. the 30 year old man who was stabbed is now in critical condition. >> philadelphia police also investigating two shootings, one of them in kensington. officers found a 21 year old man shot near g and east hilton streets. the victim is in critical condition. no word yet on a suspect or a motive. and, another shooting is under investigation. this one in north philadelphia. police found a 27 year old man, at north 11th and diamond streets shot in the back. around 1:00 this morning. he is in critical condition. >> meantime, in wilmington, police there are looking for suspect in a home invasion, that happened in broad
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daylight. a 81 year old man was attacked yesterday afternoon on the 700 block of hurtford road in the city neighborhood, victim's son was at home at the time of the attack. natasha brown has the story. >> reporter: this brazen home invasion robbery happened in the middle of the afternoon, it started with a knock at the door, and ended with a elderly man physically injured. >> it was mid-afternoon around 12:30, when a 81 year old man heard a knock at his door, police say, he opened the door to find an african-american man standing there. the victim went back inside the home, to get something, and that's when police say things turned violent. >> it goes back in the house, leaves the suspect at the front door, and the suspect ends up forcing his way into the residence. the victim confronts him, and a physical altercation ensues. >> the elderly man was home with his disable adult son at the time. his son was not injured. meantime, the suspect got away in a red two-door car, after
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robbing the homeowner. >> the suspect steels some items con significance of money, electronics, jewelry, from the residence. >> neighbors along the 700 block of hertford road are asked to be on alert, quiet, secluded area, riddled by brazen broad daylight invasion. >> if you have surround fallen video in the area, if you saw anything unusual in the past day, week, month, anything, please, feel free to call detectives. >> the 81 year old victim was treated at the scene forehead injuries, that he suffered, he also later returned to the hospital for further medical evaluation. but, we understand, he is expected to be okay. in new castle county, delaware, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". philadelphia police have charged a man in connection with a rash of day care burglaries. michael harris turned himself in to authorities on tuesday. police say they connected him to at least two day care center burglaries, one, was on the 100 block of east
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roosevelt boulevard, and another, on the 3900 block of germantown avenue. harris is suspected of committing 16 additional burglaries, in the northwest part of the city since august 1st. >> olympic swimmer ryan lochte has apologized for his behavior at a gas station in rio. he originally claimed he and three teammates were victims after armed robbery. brazilian authorities, how much, say lochte invented the story to cover up vandalism in a gas station bathroom. jimmy feigen donated $10,000 to rio charity in exchange forgetting back his passport so co-leave the country. three of lochte's sponsors are now reviewing their relationship with the athlete. >> hillary clinton will resume her presidential campaign tomorrow, with the funds raise nerve massachusetts, meanwhile, donald trump heads to virginia today for rally. yesterday the republican nominee visited flood ravaged louisianna, and as weijia jiang reports, he urged african-american voters to give him a chance.
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>> donald trump promised an entheusiastic crowd in diamond dale, michigan, he will bring jobs back to the state. >> no industry has been hurt more by hillary clinton's policies, than the automobile industry. >> he also appealed to african-american voters, polls show, they prefer hillary clinton by wide margin. >> you are living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs. what the hell do you have to lose? >> earlier trump visited flood stricken louisianna to survey the damage that has left more than a dozen people dead. he criticized president obama, who is currently on vacation, with plans to visit on tuesday. >> playing golf in martha's vineyard. >> somebody is that shouldn't. >> but leanna democratic governor advise today wait so the state can continue focusing on recovery effort. hillary clinton veered away from the campaign trail to celebrate her husband's 70 birthday, the same day trump's
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campaign chairman resigned. >> paul manafort left a mid revelations he may have dealt dirty money when he work for pro russian political party in ukraine. clinton camp said in a statement you can get rid of manafort, but it doesn't ends the odd bromance trump has with putin. time tore trump to come clean with financial interests he has with russia. weijia jiang, "eyewitness news". >> president obama scheduled to travel to baton rouge on tuesday. but hillary clinton posted a message on facebook about the flooding. she said, her heart breaks for louisianna. and right now, the relief effort can't afford any distractions. supporters of hillary clinton brought some star power to kick off voter registration drive. "eyewitness news" caught up with actor sean patrick thomas, at philly cuts unisex salon in center city, says it is important for black communities to get out the vote. >> who ever wins pennsylvania will win this election, do everything i can to get as
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many registered as i can, get the hughes massive turn out to win this election. >> now, organizers plan to launch grass roots voter registration effort, at small businesses, all across philadelphia. clinton's email saga isn't over. federal judge ruled the former secretary every state will have to answer written questions, under oath, from judicial watch about her private e-mail system. the conservative group wants to know if clinton set up the system to avoid complying with the freedom of information act. >> recently, reminded of the impact one image can have. one little boy, his body bloodied, and covered in dirt, has become the face of the conflict in syria. a syrian native, who now lives in allentown, is sharing his thoughts on the impact that image. hear's "eyewitness news" anger jessica dean. >> reporter: a mid the screams of war, his silence was deafening. five year old, dazed and bloodied in the back of a
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ambulance, no tears, no screams, just shock. rescuers pulled him from the rubble every his home after it was hit during a air strike in the besieged city. cnn reported activists blamed the syrian regime and russia for those bombs action, he has been at the center of the syrian civil war between rebels and the syrian government. >> this boy delivered a message to the entire world, to stop this ugly war. >> a syrian native, who now lives in allentown. he hopes people will take the emotions stirred by this, and turn them into action, hoping to end the now five-year war in syria. >> we need to take more active role. because we are the world leading nation. united state of america. >> 400,000 people have been killed in the syrian civil war. 41,000 of them, children. he hopes this image will deliver this message. >> just the look of that boy will tell you that, please, please, stop this war.
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that's clear, clearview of the speechless picture and stop using us as human shield. >> jessica dean, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, the boy is five years old, same age as the conflict in his country. he has never known peace, only war, has been released from the hospital and reunited with his parents. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news": a huge fire is still burning out of control in california. >> we're getting a better idea of how many homes and buildings were destroyed by a massive wild fire, burning east of los angeles. i'm chris martinez, in california. coming up: the latest on the efforts to contain this massive blaze. >> and who doesn't love a great deal? but be careful what you click on. some on-line deals come with hidden costs. the sneaky waste some retailers are getting your money, and what to look for, that's coming up next.
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>> an investigation is now underway, into the dead lid crash involving two new jersey transit buses, in newark eyewitnesses say one bus, t bones another bus, caring about 20 people. the force crushed the middle of that bus, and knocked it onto it side, trapping passengers, the driver of the empty bus died at the scene, a passenger on the other bus died at the hospital. seventeen others were injured. >> firefighters in southern
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california are slowly gaining grounds, on a wild fire that has been burning for four straight days. the blaze is 26% contained, and now, as chris martinez report, some resident who have had to leave their homes, are now going back to see the damage. >> around san bernardino, california, blue cut fire has consumed more than 59 square miles of this hilly woodland community, since tuesday, and destroyed at least 96 homes, in more than 200 other structures. another on the front lines, blame -- >> i've never seen fire conditions that were so explosive continued high temperatures, strong winds corks change this. >> at the height of the fire threat, 82,000 people were ordered to flee their homes, and now some are headed back to see what's left. jeff, and anita, have lived
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here for ten years, the house was spared, despite heroic efforts by firefighters. >> they all burned, unfortunately, bye thank god for those guys again, great. >> charles hill and his family are living in a trailer next to their home. their house is also intact, but doesn't have electricity or water. he's thinking about his less fortunate neighbors. >> all of these people that you care about, you live close to, everything that you work hard for, it is just could have been gone in a instant. and it was for so many people. >> just feeling very blessed. >> the cause of this fire, under investigation. chris martinez, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, dry conditions out west, but for us, sticky, stormy? >> exactly. storm chances tomorrow, yes. just looking at the forecast out there, really no signs of relief out there, just hot, dry, unfortunate. but for us, yes, talking about some storms. that will actually bring some
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relief. i think you'll like the forecast next week if you are not liking the humid it that we're dealing with right now. let's take you outside, looking live from the roof camera. sunrise, two minutes from now, so, again, plenty of sunshine, throughout the morning, into the afternoon, and again, most areas are going to stay dry today. maybe 10% chance of stray shower that does pop up just due to the daytime heating. really tomorrow afternoon, best shot to see some wet weather widespread across the delaware valley. so we are waking up this morning, 60s, some 70s from our weather watchers. check it out from our backyard, little cooler north of the city, as always, up in perkasie, john jenkins, checks in at 63 degrees, mostly clear skies, good start to the saturday morning, little father up to the north here in bath, sitting at 70 degrees at charles' house. and with clear skies, as well, close to the sit. near 70 degrees. we will check in right now for philadelphia, phil, 69 degrees, and maybe few clouds around, but he had a
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nice shot of the moon full moon right now, look at that beautiful shot from earlier this morning. cool stuff right there. let's head into new jersey right now, where mark wood, he checks in at 68 degrees, clear skies currently, says beautiful day to bring little girl into the world, our daughter gwen is in labor, congrats, exciting stuff. at least you got the nice weather going for us, when my son was born it was during tornado warnings, it only makes sense, i'm a meteorologist. up to berks county, nice sunrise happening in a few minute, six off degrees, 60, pretty good. notice the humidity on the increase, even up toward kutztown later this afternoon into tonight, wind currently calm. comfort index not so good right now around philadelphia. current dew point temperature, 07 degrees, gauges, moisture, humidity in the aero press i have feel, stays like that pretty much throughout the entire weekend. next week it will be pretty much pleasant, or even awesome. dew point get down to about
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50 degrees, so nice dry forecast coming up for the start of next week. storm scan3, quiet over eastern pennsylvania, couple of showers, few thunderstorms breaking out western pennsylvania shall for us, mainly dry day, bulk of the rain holds off to tomorrow. good beach day, jersey shore, 86 degrees, by late morning, early afternoon. and then, the sea breeze kicks in, so this number actually comes down probably to the lower 80s by mid afternoon, ocean water at 73, rip countries being stays low. january mentioned the barbeque that she was having at her house this afternoon. everybody's invited. it will be a big one, partly sunny skies, little on the humid side. tropics again, still got fiona out over the open waters, minimal tropical storm, forecast the weekend over the next 24 hours, and the renmant stay over the open water. bermuda may be middle to late part of next week, wet weather from it, that's about it, looks like surround every won't even increase, unfortunately over the jersey shore, delaware beaches if you
6:19 am
are a surfer, been rough this summer, pretty flat. eight 80s to about 90 degrees today. tomorrow, here comes the front afternoon showers and thunderstorms, then clears for monday, nice refreshing air mass builds in, low humidity, temperatures return below average, and early next week. so, today, early afternoon, dry, so okay start to the day. but it is the afternoon 3:00 start to see showers, firing up to our west, through the evening hours, some of these storms could be severe. then things start to clear out overnight sunday. marginal risk for tomorrow, late in the day, about 5% chance, the exception eastern new jersey, as little bit of air mass, little more stable. here's the overall pattern, little ridge over us, keeps us warm today, but nice little trough develops early next week, that bridges cooler shot of air, for couple of days, next week, but then, don't get used to it, see the return of warmer temperatures by the ends every next week. so today, humid, 9 degrees for the high temperature, tonight, still dry, 74, muggy, for the
6:20 am
low temperature, and then for tomorrow, 88 degrees, afternoon shower, storms, look at the highs monday and tuesday below average at 82 lows for the sit lower 60s it, means 50's in the suburbs, you can open up the windows, and by the end of next week, we start warming back up mid maybe even upper 80s, jan, back to you. >> i got the hotdogs and hamburgers red. >> i hotdogs? let's go, upscale it. >> upscale? >> kick it up a little bit. >> let me think of new menu and i'll get back to you, thank you, justin. on line site offer free shipping and discounts to attract customers. but as correspondent julie watts explains, sometimes those offers come with a hidden cost. >> it was diet pills. >> like what the heck is this? >> marilyn, free shipping. >> the dollar total, is about $260. >> both were surprised to find what though thought was one time purchase actually reoccurring subscription. >> average number has doubled over 18 months.
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>> yaya, founder of true bill, company that helps users find and cancel subscriptions they've forgotten about, no longer need, or never new they signed up to begin with. from software to razor blades, more and more companies are moving to the model. some cases you may not realize you have even subscribed. >> yaya . to companies that offer big business doubt, so-called vip, code for members with subscriptions. except the discount check out and you may be charged monthly whether you by something or not. >> so what you thought was 25-dollar purchase, actually becomes $50 a month, recurring. >> of course you can cancel any time, once you realize you've somebody subscribed, but says in some cases it is not east. >> i there are companies that are sneak bye signing you up for the subscription, then companies that make it exceedingly difficult to cancer? scours your accounts for reoccurring charges, cancels the ones you don't want. says newspapers and gyms tends to be the hardest to cancel, his advice, pa i attention before clicking purchase or you may pay again and again.
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julie watts, for cbs news, san francisco. >> very good advice there. still ahead on "eyewitness news", new in theatres this weekend, the remake after cinema classic. still ahead we take you behind the scenes and hear from the stars of ben-hur, that's when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> barbara streisand back on the stage tonight. reportedly planning to perform hit from six decades, show time 8:50 this evening, tickets still available on line. the cheap ers seats are going for $99. but, every ticket you buy on
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line also includes cd of industry and's new albumn, which will be out later this year. >> are you heading to the move thinks weekend? well, one every cinema's all time classics, gets updated for a new generation. kenneth craig has more on ben-hur. >> ben-hur, epic tail of revenge and redemption, racing back into these yours. jack houston steps into the sandals charleston heston made famous. he stars as a prince who seeks revenge after his brother forces him into slavery. >> should have stayed away. >> you should have killed me. >> i will. >> place ben-hur's brother turned rival. the cast trained for three month for the climatic chariot race. >> you realize you're doing something which is sort of on lunacy. because, you know, one thing goes wrong, you know, death can be the result. it is rather exhilarating.
6:26 am
like a nice car formula one thing. >> lends gravity to the role, shake to trains ben-hur to become a char john racer. >> not only do i want to make a lot of money. i want to make a dent in the superior attitude of the wrongs. >> while 32 horses were used to recreate the spectacular chariot race, the film makers did rely on special effect for a few of the more dangerous shots for the safety of the horses and everyone involved. kenneth craig, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", new jersey is work to go fight zika before it reaches our area. how the garden state is asking its own residents to help keep mosquitos in check. and the cost of a life saving medical device is sky-rocketing. putting it out of reach for many families, and children who need it. how the manufacturer explains
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>> one of the most tenured penn state professors pushed to his death off a cliff. the man who was with him that day, he says did he it. >> trapping and killing mosquitos getting easier. camden county goes high tech.
6:30 am
i'm cleve bryan. how you can help. and what is on the river? a merky film is covering parts of the schuylkill. it sure does look bad. but why expert say it is actually a good thing. >> good morning, i'm january car barrow. right out to meteorologist, justin drabick, with eyewitness weather. justin, how is it feeling? >> little muggy in the city. still some areas feeling pretty comfortable. but today will be the day where you want to get outside if you have outdoor plans this weekend. because tomorrow we do run the risk to see some widespread showers and storms, mainly during the afternoon, though. we make run of 90 degrees, today could be the last day for at least a week or so, talk about the cool down. right now 73 at the airport officially, some suburbs still pretty comfortable. allentown 65 degrees mid 60s in quakertown, and pottstown, 70 in palmyra, new jersey, so we talk about the dew point temperatures, we've been just
6:31 am
hitting you hard with this for the past couple of weeks, it was so hot and humid. sixty-five, kind of threshold for the humidity levels. still low 60s for the dew point, you guys will change later this afternoon, stowe will be humid everywhere. storm scan3, quiet, so pretty much sunshine, with some clouds developing this afternoon. so today, partly sunny, just noticeably more humid. tomorrow morning, still dry. we wake up to some sunshine, humid, but then tomorrow afternoon, we see the showers and storm. so if wyeth to up about 90 degrees today for philadelphia, upper 80s tomorrow, then next weekends, that's when we bring some cooler air back into the forecast. we are talking about below average temperatures some 50's at night. >> sound good, justin, thank you. a search for missing penn state professor ends with a discovery of his body in a quarry. now, police say, he was murdered. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in the
6:32 am
cbs-3 news center this morning with the latest, alex? >> ronald betting professor at penn state main campus since 1988. now, police believe, the man who had originally reported him missing is the same person responsible for his murder. >> on wednesday, state police located 56 year old rob ailed betting's car at the quarry, brief search led to his body at the bottom of ravine, push off 80-foot cliff, by 39 year old george i shall letter. state police say, that ishler who had been living with betting admitted to luring the professor to the area with the idea they would harvest marijuana plants. >> that spark nel his eye when woe talk, he had such passion when he spoke about things. that's the voice of the sister, said her sister, danielle, was betting's girlfriend. police say conflicting stories between both people at the scene led to a confession from
6:33 am
ishler, but the woman's sister said danielle had nothing to do with the murder. >> not at all. not even 1% do i believe my sister could have done that. >> penn state dean of communications called bet ago teach here connected powerfully with student, police say that both ishler and woman at the scene were known drug users, now faces first and third degree murder charges. stately says they had reason to believe that the victim had recently signed a will, and that they might benefit financially, from it. al, andrea hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you. a teenage girl will not go on trial as an adult in connection with the school fight that ended in the death after classmate. the 16 year old accused of attacking amy joyner francis, inside high school bathroom, on april 21st. a delaware judge, denied prosecutors request to have the girl face criminally neglect homicide and
6:34 am
conspiracy charges as an adult, instead on court if family charge, charged with conspiracy as minors. >> more worries about the zika virus in south florida. federal health officials have expanded travel warning for pregnant women to include miami beach. for the first time, five locally transmitted zika cases are connected to the area. that bridges the total number of non-travel related infections in south florida to 36. authorities say it will be challenge to go control the spread of zika in miami beach through aerial sprague because of the highrise buildings there, and strong winds. >> the fight against the zika virus could begin in your own backyard. camden county has unveiled new tool resident can use to help them track down mosquito breeding sites. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan planes how it works. >> none of these are -- >> identifying and killing mosquitos are the primary defenses against the spread of the zika virus. so far, there are no confirmed cases of people contracting
6:35 am
zika from mosquitos in new jersey, and to keep it that way, camden county rolling out new way for people to report mosquito problems. >> with a we develop here, strategy will help us more intent gently, work through this data so we can provide a more targeted, and tailored and specific response for the community. >> in less time than it takes to control mosquito control, have someone fill out report on your problem, you can now do it yourself on line, get updates on how the county is addressing the issue. >> to save time we now have a report that's very inclusive. hems us jump on things more quickly. >> will determine ahead of time whether chemicals or mosquitos eating fish will be used and county to dose for diseases like zika and west nile. >> somebody complains there is mosquitos here, we take sample from there, now we know what species in that location where
6:36 am
they said they were having. >> officials say even with the return of travelers from the rio olympics, the risk of getting zika from mosquitos is extremely low. >> but that's what this is all about. because we want to keep it that way. >> as of friday, new jersey report that there are 97 confirmed cases of zika from travel, again, none from mosquitos, but as bee come back from rio, warned to wear insect repellent for three weeks, and anyone outside in the evening hours should also wear bug spray. in gloucester township, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if if you have driven, you supply noticed the water taken on new green hue, it is not toxic. it is a plant called duck weed, looks like one big patch of green slime, but actually made up of tiny individual but intertwined plants, and the last time it took over the schuylkill river was in 1999 under similar circumstances. >> see it in ponds like ours, but the reason philadelphians are seeing it, in the
6:37 am
schuylkill, is that we've haven't had a lot of rain, flow kind of stagnant, so starting to build up. >> duck weed can be good for the environment, acting as shelter for vital mosquito eating insect. on to the cbs-3 health watch now, 15 million people in the united states have food allergies, many of them children. families with severe allergies often rely on epi pens. but the cost of those life saving pens has gone up dramatic. health reporter stephanie stahl has moran how families are reacting. >> epi pen is never far away in the house hole where dinnertime -- >> our mexican pizza. >> is a cautious time, of the families six children, two have severe food allergies, three year old cora, and seven year old ellie, why both girls never leave home without their fanny packs. >> as a baby, allergic
6:38 am
reactions are so high, hives covered her boyde. twice used epi pen to save her lives. >> lips turn blue, started swelling, couldn't breathe. >> have to place the injections every year when they expire, they remember paying as little as $80 for them five or since years ago before they switched to a higher deductible health plan. >> when we went to go have it filled, it was 600. >> in 2009, pharmacies paid slightly more than $100 for two-pack epi pens. the price has since sky rocketed to more than $600. bloomberg senior medical reporter robert says, the manufacturer of the device has virtual monopoly after its ma plane economy tore launched recall last fall. >> like kleenex, to allergists, you know, name that no one trust. >> in a statement, said the epi pen's prices changed over time to better reflect important product features, and the value, the product provides. saying, we've made a
6:39 am
significant investment, to support the device over the past years. >> the company does have coupons, which have allowed many families to pay nothing out-of-pocket, but those coupons are worth up to $100. so, families with high deductible on their insurance are still on the hook, for the majority of the cost. stephanie stahl. >> and still ahead on "eyewitness news", a man makes rare discovery in his very own attic. now being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. see the piece of history uncovered, we'll also have this. >> right now i can't decide. dow hit the rides or pig snout. >> i'm going to pig out. >> and steamy and stormy part of the weekend. but justin is back to tell us when we can expect more comfortable weather that's ahead in the seven day forecast, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", it was graduation day for members of the pennsylvania state police camp cadet program. children ages 11 through 14, were congratulated for completing the week-long boot
6:43 am
camp. "eyewitness news" in swenksville, montgomery county. the curriculum was based on municipal state police training, the children from philadelphia, montgomery, delaware counties, learned what it is like to be a police officer, and true to life experience. congrats to them. well, next week, a nowly discovered piece of american history will go on sale to the public. it was found in someone's attic. and as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us, if you want it, you'll have to pay some big bucks. >> inside this ardmore offers, sits an american treasure. not from a museum, but from attic 1,000 miles away. where it sat for years, in a stack of paper. >> we got a call from mississippi. the man said i have some letters, i don't really know exactly what i have. >> nathan rob runs the rob collection. he's a well known rare document dealer. >> see, we get quirky calls all the time. and most of them end up being inning. >> but rob sensed something different this time around, so he investigated. and it turns out, a four-page thomas jefferson letter was
6:44 am
the prize. >> you know, you see the water mark, the scope, the value, the power of these letters. i don't think it dawned on him until we started digging in. >> the letter written by thomas jefferson himself in 1815. and focuses on the war of 1812. that's what makes it incredibly rare. before mailing it, jefferson received news about the ends of the war. and then, added this ps under his name. >> on the day of the date of this letter, the news of peace reached washington. >> jefferson's letter in remarkable condition, not surprising, as he had the finest materials of the day. >> in letter is in better condition than the newspaper from 1908. >> rob currently selling the letter, and it can be yours for $325,000. if you can't afford it, rob says, to start looking around your house. you never know what you might find. >> it is such a powerful evocative meisha until letter of jefferson. you can really sit, picture him, sitting down at his desk, pending this american
6:45 am
treasure. >> in ardmore, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning, saturday, anthony mason and elaine key hand owe join us live from new york with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: hey, jan, good morning. coming up the day's headlines, plus not dirt or mold. so what is the organism causing monumental headache in our nation's capitol? >> plus it is now the world's longest aircraft, and it can stay in the air for days. we'll gave you a tour inside what's being nicknamed the flying. >> the 100 anniversary of our national parks. we look at the history and the future for our nation's common grounds. >> all of that, plus your eye-opener, the dish, music in our saturday session. just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. #. >> look good, guys, we will be watching, thank you. >> bolt has capped his olympic career with his ninth gold medal. he turned close four by 100-meter relay race against japan and the united states
6:46 am
into a run away. jamaica crossed the line at 37.27 seconds to ensure three gold medals for bolt at three consecutive olympics. japan took the silver. >> and the ss team was thought to have won the bronze there, but it was actually disqualified for exchanging illegally outside the zone at the first change. canada was elevated to the bronze metal position, it was the ninth time since 1995 that the us men have been disqualified, or failed to get the baton around, at an olympics or world championship. >> over to the women, in the women's four by 100-meter relay. allison felix led team usa to the gold. they won in 41st, giving felix her record fifth gold medal in women's track and field. the jamaican team took the silver, britain won the bronze, the americans dropped the baton, you may remember, in the preliminaries, but proved that they were bumped on the hand-off. >> now, take a look at this, fitness jumper is hoping to
6:47 am
jump his way it world record. , trying to jump at least 24 hours on a trampoline. he said he teaches three-five fitness jumping classes a day, and he hint he may go past 24 hours just to see if he can do it. >> yes, crazy, ya. >> now, he started yesterday morning, he's got few more hours to go. and it looks like it may be an unofficial world record, because guiness world record people are not there. all right, i will call that dedication, justin. >> that's great. why do you call guiness about this? a friend, family member? geez, want to go down in the books officially. looks like we won't break any records today as far as the heat goes, that's a good thing, humidity increasing but nothing like it has been compared to last weekends, no heat warnings to talk about at all. but we will bring you some showers, some storm chances back into the second half of the weekends. today looks pretty good. not bad start to the morning,
6:48 am
waking up temperatures 60s, through low 70s, depending where you are. we'll break it down for you from our weather watchers. phil in philadelphia at 68 degrees at this hour, similar number up in lawrenceville, new jersey, peter heads to the upper 60s, mid 60s in eagleville, lou's house, chesterfield, ed connor 68 degrees, upper 60s medford, cherry hill, tabernacle, 66 degrees, out in delran, allen checks in at 67. so rapid warm up today with the sunshine get to up around 90 degrees, could be the last 90 degrees for week or so. so we will talk about that, take you down the shore, plans to hit the jersey shore, delaware beaches, it will be looking good across the region. so, again, margate live look, we're in the sunshine right now, had nice sunrise, nice glassy conditions out on the atlantic this morning. waves pretty small today. so, fairly safe to do some swimming. but always make sure the lifeguards are on duty. there is the sand clearing, grooming the beaches, keeping it nice and clean for you on
6:49 am
this saturday. even tomorrow, for the most part, the entire day should stay dry, really not until tomorrow night for the jersey shore to see those rain showers. and here's what's happeningment storm scan3, quiet, northeast, northern mid-atlantic, couple of spotty showers across northwestern pennsylvania. we'll be dry here today. stays dry out toward the ohio vale, but there is a cold front just west of chicago, that will work its way into our region tomorrow. bridging shower and storm channels cents. will feel humid today, will feel oppressive today, and even tomorrow, slightly even worse tomorrow wait until knowledge day, drop the humidity, air mass from canada. tuesday down right awesome, very low humidity levels, for late august. moving into the heart of hurricane season, tropical season does peak, but we have two systems we're watching. this is fiona, tropical storm status, 40 miles per hour, will weaken probably by the end of the weekend, remnants
6:50 am
stay out in the atlantic waters. next tropical wave, possibly form, got 50% chance over the next five days. as it tracks off due west. other next several days, something to keep an eye on. back home today, 10% chance for shower or thunderstorm, very isolated if that happens. tomorrow, we boost it up to 70% chance, during the afternoon and evening hours. as that front moves in. and then drying it out monday and tuesday, so we could use little bit more rain across the region. not happening today. again, partly sunny skies for this afternoon, tonight stays dry, tomorrow morning, we'll wake up with some sunshine, really mid-afternoon, start to see the showers fire up to the west. start moving through the city, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 into the evening hours, then head out to sea overnight. now, some of the storms could be severe. slight chance, marginal risk for severe storms across the region tomorrow afternoon. >> today's high up around 90 degrees for philadelphia. muggy tonight. 60s and 70s. humidity sticks around for your sunday. still going to be warm day
6:51 am
tomorrow. even with the clouds, and some afternoon showers, upper 80s for the hot spots. and then we take the temperatures below average, heading into next week, so humid today, partly sunny, 90 degrees for the high. tonight, 74 for the low, little cooler in the suburbs, it stays muggy, headed to the ballpark tonight, on the muggy side, 84 degrees at first pitch, 7:05 with the cardinals in town. here we go. the extended forecast, just sick and tired of the heat, wait few more days, we go from 90 to upper 80s tomorrow, then low 80s for monday, tuesday, feels pretty good, overnight low temperatures for the city, you'll be in lower 60s, that means 50's, in a lot of the suburbs. we will keep it dry through the end of next week, temperatures returning near average mid 80s by thursday and friday, jan, back over to you. >> sounds really good, justin, thank youment for more than six decades, bucks county community has celebrated farm life. "eyewitness news" reporter, vittoria woodill, takes us to the middletown grange fair in wrightstown. >> welcome to the middletown grange fair.
6:52 am
>> the place that welcomes you to family fun, farm raised friends, and fares that is just heff end oner. >> the winds of her end. catching your tickets, hitting the ride (not buy a ticket for winner winner chicken dinner. >> today we got here around 8:00 to clean out all of the charcoal from the day before. and then we stealth set up all of the charcoal around the pit to get it ready. then the chicken comes in around 10:00. then around quarter after 12:00 we start lighting the first fires, start putting chicken on every half hour. one of those things you don't miss, even my brother moved down to florida, to make it. >> don't miss your seat, and jimmy to welcome you to the mess hall. >> tonight? >> yep. >> at the chicken dinner night. >> fantastic. >> and they're here all night with your dream, and of course chicken? you have a long shift? >> yes.
6:53 am
>> oh, man. >> we'll take a break until night. >> make sure to ask for tips. tell them tori told you to tip. >> okay. >> okay. >> we always tip our waiters and waitresses well. the middletown grange fair runs through tomorrow, admission free, but you will have to pay for parking, still it sounds like very good day to head out to the fair. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
we owhat made their mystskin more radiant?nt. what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. dmade with the perfect balance of raspberry ice cream, luscious raspberry sauce, and belgian chocolate. discover magnum chocolate pleasure. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no.
6:55 am
[bill o'reilly sighs] well company back, whether walking your dog, does it ever feel like your dog is walking you? well, having control of your dog during walks makes for stress spree experience, coming up tomorrow on the cbs-3 pet project, carol erickson, advocate with the spca will be here with a example of the right way and the right equipment to use,
6:56 am
when you go on a walk with your pet. that's tomorrow morning, on "eyewitness news" this morning. in our 7:00 hour. time now to get one last check on the weather. how is it looking today? >> little muggy, but hey, it is summertime. it is not excessive heat we're dealing with, up around 90 degrees. today the best day of the weekends to get outside. do run the risk of some showers and storms. outside though at the shore, check it out, live look at the boardwalk, good shape here in ocean city, the sun is up, people enjoying the nice start to our saturday. and nice beach day overall, talk about temperatures in the mid 80s, little breeze develops off the water, later this afternoon. so this weekend, today, we will see partly sunny skies, little bit more humid, humidity levels increase through the day. but we are dry, though, even tomorrow morning, it will be dry. so if you have plans tomorrow, to get outside, morning is the best chance, afternoon widespread showers, even few thunderstorms baking -- breaking out. eighty-six at the shore, low 80s in the poconos, and the extended forecast, there is some relief, after the showers
6:57 am
and storms come through tomorrow, it is cold front that bridges in some cooler air, some highs in the lower 80s, for monday, tuesday, very low humidity, that's going to feel good for late august, and nice dry stretch returns, really comfortable all next week. something to look forward to. >> might be sticky today but that's what the beach is for. get on out there. all right, that's it for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv, but always on line at cbs philly -- cbs this saturday is next. have a great weekend.
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