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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 21, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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boat. >> don't paint it that way. there's a bar in the middle of the seating area. it is kind of cool. >> the master atlanta bath opulent bath. there is a private chef and ferry over to james' digs where the parties happen. it's a total bargain at $340,000 a week. oh, plus expenses, which include the $40,000 a week in fuel alone. >> your kids are on the boat. what have they enjoyed the most. >> swimming in the water. they are amazing swimmers. >> it has an epic slide. >> i went down the slide. >> did you? >> yeah, i went down the slide. yes, we are back in the studio working on a new project.
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>> mariah isn't totally on vacation. she is updating her caesar palace residence and taking a ferry to the studio an hour away in naples every night. but when it comes to her relationship with james she said it is smooth sailing. how do you make it work? >> like i said. he is cool, understanding. so i get it when he has to do the things and he understands my interest. if i'm writing a song at 4:00 in the morning i'm not going to go up and blast music. i did it and i'm talking too much. >> i want to talk about how hot you look. very sexy. >> new part of my ensemble collection. it is a bathing suit. >> gorgeous. >> sum r summertime. ♪ >> can you give us one tip as to how you maintain this discipline
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when you are abroad? >> i just have to eat the same boring food all the time. >> we're also excited about her long-awaited guest spot on "empire" reuniting her with her precious director and close friend lee daniels. she is working on music for her episode where she plays kitty, mega superstar. >> the question that will come is this, is the part going to be. >> not mariah. >> not my role. >> somewhere in the middle. >> i had a couple of conversations and i think she will be glamorous. i don't know. we'll see. >> if you want to talk about divas and by divas we mean fierce, look no further than celine deion. >> she was also in europe with carly steel and got a huge reception in paris. she and carly talked about everything, including how she
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was coping with the loss of her husband renee and we saw celine trying to find her smile again. >> are you ready to hit it? >> me? i was born ready. >> celine stopped to give love to as many fans as she could. every day they were swarming the hotel hoping for a one-on-one moment with their idol. who else can comfort a crying baby with her charm. >> what's that meant to you seeing all of these people here for you? >> first of all, i have to say coming after the passing of my husband after not even six months, it could have been easy for me to say, you know what, i'm not in the mood of dressing up and having -- singing, giving part of your soul, but knowing that he loved industry so much, he made me who i am today.
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since i'm 12 years old i have been criticized for being an open book for so long but they know me so well. >> her three sons were with her and they were loving all of the parisian fashion vibes. >> they love the dress. they really do. i have to buy stuff because they dress up and they play. they are not just boys that want to put their -- no, they want to hat, and backpack. any way. >> that's fun for you. >> the apple did not fall far from the tree. >> every day celine was stunning with her couture fashion. >> first of all, do we know any girls in the world who don't really like to be jewelled or dressed up? >> not sane ones. >> i never met one. >> her new chic look came from stylist that created the looks for ariana grande. >> we are having a good time.
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>> as much fun as a long gown singing an up tempo song. as much fun as a rock 'n' roll or ballad. ♪ >> celine, what do you make of this amazing fan reaction? >> they know the lyrics of my songs better than i do myself. they transport me to another level, and such supporters beyond music. have a relationship for many, many years. that's what comes out. >> in concert she sings songs that remind her of renee. ♪ i feel you >> he's good. he doesn't suffer anymore. i think he is enjoying looking down. >> absolutely. >> i really do. >> renee will be in her heart forever and she keeps a small memento of him in her dressing room. >> the latest pic chur taken together. >> where was that? >> at home. yeah, at home.
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we don't have sad moments. passing away is part of life. many things help you to go through this. but especially my kids. ♪ >> before a show, celine prefers a light atmosphere. she even rebooted our theme a lamichael jackson ♪ are you okay are you okay "e.t." ♪ >> that's her brother michelle who leads her to the stage. and we are right there as the curtain is lifted. ♪ never more glamorous, surprise, celine does her own stage makeup. >> i don't use false eyelashes. because, two things, if i use them for a couple of songs, i will use individuals because if
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i lose one it won't show. if i use a stripe and i lose it and it is on my forehead over here. >> the scandal, celine dion's mustache appears. >> she's a man. >> now in canada she's making a new album and dropped a big scoop. >> good for you. >> okay. wrote me a song. she's phenomenal. >> she is phenomenal. i love her for her talent, her strength, her focus, the person she is. at the vma's when i saw her, i said for you to take the time to really write a song to give me a tool, a piece of luggage to help me to move forward to walk, to keep going, is called recovering. >> oh, wow.
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wow. >> get ready. ♪ my heart will go on and on >> i think her music gets better with time. doesn't it? >> love her. celine is returning to her palace. >> i have seen the show and you will love it. why is christie brinkley defending her ex? >> and bitter divorce battle. >> baby in the middle of this. >> her husband is demanding a paternity test. what she told us hurts the many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. who told people her this beauty secret. it's called water. this is courney, who escapes to the spa. and michelle, who swears by good lighting. these are people's beauty tips from the world's most beautiful. people. the details make the story. special. our time with the big stars giving us the big stories of summer. former cosby kid keshia knight pulliam gave us. >> she revealed she was pregnant and her husband asked for proof demanding the baby wasn't his. >> let's go on the record, did
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you cheat on him during your marriage? >> i have never cheated on him during my marriage. that's not who i am. >> you said you will have a paternity test. >> that's not an issue. >> sure. >> no problem. i have never been unfaithful to my husband. this is his daughter. it's one thing when you choose to be in the spotlight. it's another thing when you have a baby. it's not about me. the biggest thing and my priority is she doesn't deserve it. >> she was 'emotional and raw when i visited her in they are atlanta home. the giant square cut diamond ring she once wore proudly is gone. and get ready for this, she told me she's not the one who cheated. he claims her husband was. >> so when, early in my marriage i was faced with this, i was ready to leave. i had divorce papers ready.
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i presented them to him. he begged and said, please, i want my fa lip. he said all of the right things and once i was pregnant i did decide to give him that one last chance. >> let's catch everyone up on the back story. >> would you like to hold him? >> no, he might go on me. >> after we fell in love with her as rudy huxable she has lived a quiet life doing charity and her own podcast. after four months of dating, she and ed hartwell got married. the cosby kid announced she was pregnant with a baby girl. then ed filed for divorce and demanded a paternity test. keshia was completely blind sided. >> he acted like it was any other day. i was still asleep in bed and he texted me saying can i talk to you for a moment. okay. he was like, you know, this
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isn't working. all i heard is i filed for divorce this morning and i'm coming to get my stuff. >> she is worth $12 million and said she wants all of the money she earned before the marriage, including the cosby show and in hartwell's doc he said there are no children and she points out there are no minor children but one is expected. >> i'm not going to let someone rewrite the truth. there's a baby in the middle of this. regardless if you don't want to be married that is fine. we agree on that. neither one of us want to be married. i have no desire. >> she plans to sell the house before her daughter is born and as for ed's side of the story, he denied the cheating claim. >> i'm not about dragging people through the mud in the media because even with the paternity test, one day he will have to answer to her and explain to her. >> i see your heart breaking.
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>> i'm grateful. despite all of this and everything that happened, i'm grateful for my blessings and that's my little girl. >> of course. it's all about your children, right? >> no doubt about it. >> after our interview she continued to accuse her estranged husband. in court papers she said that hartwell plotted to arm and obstruct her pregnant through unusual conduct. in his newspapers he denies each else allegation and demands proof. we hope that both sides can resolve the conflict. >> absolutely. straight ahead, amy schumer talks to me all about her exes. then is christy brinkley back with john mellencamp? what she is telling us now. >> the emotional interview, the haunting 90210 scene mirroring her real life cancer battle. >> i can't imagine tha
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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monday on "e.t." a bridgett jones baby exclusive. only we are on the set with renee zellweger, 15 years after the original. >> it was a fun thing to get to do. >> bethenny frankel gives us a tour of her hamptons home. >> no one else has been up here. >> really? >> yep. >> that's monday. >> welcome back. our special of the big stars and stories of summer continues. an update on a story we brought you earlier this month. 90210 star shannen doherty and her brave cancer battle. after posting pictures of her shaved head she instagramed this shot. >> cradled in her mother's lap, the caption "sometimes there's nothing like a mother's love to help you get through." i hear ya on that one. shannon share as she discussed her prognosis and a terrifying set back. shannon's breast cancer has spread. >> i had a single mastectomy in
5:23 am
may. it wasn't one tumor. it was a couple of different tumors, which is why i had to have a mastectomy. i couldn't have a lumpectomy. >> she had one breast removed at her doctor's recommendation and does not carry the breast cancer gene but learned the cancer in the breast she removed had spread. >> they discovered that some of the cancer cells might have gone out of the lymph nodes. for that reason, we are doing chemo and then after chemo i will do radiation. do they put a stage number on this? >> they do a stage when they take the tumor out. once it is spread it is above stage two, three, four, whatever it is. but my treatments are my treatments. there's nothing i can do to change it. >> you are still going through chemo. >> i am going through whatever my doctor is telling me to go through because i trust them. >> 17 months ago she was first diagnosed and now she doesn't
5:24 am
want to know what stage she is in and how far the disease spread is not important to her. she wants to focus on the fight itself. >> has it spread to anywhere else in your body? as of now no. but we don't know. it didn't, we took out some of the lymph nodes, one of the cancer cells was protruding out of the lymph node. >> she noticed something was wrong when she was in the shower. >> doing a self exam was that the first time you knew something was wrong? >> i don't know if i knew something was wrong but i felt something. >> did you go to the doctor. >> i didn't go right away. i can't get in to this because i'm in the middle of a lawsuit at the moment. so i'm not allowed to talk about it. i didn't have insurance to cover me for going to the doctor. >> after completing chemo and radiation, shannon will have reconstructive surgery. sharon osborne, christina
5:25 am
applegate and angelina jolie opted for reconstruction after their mastectomies. the doctor who reconstructed angelina's breast is working with shannon and during an early surgery he left her with something. >> he put an extender in, so i have a tiny something there. it is cute and sometimes we fill it up and make it bigger and sometimes we reduce it. it seems so personal right now. >> one of the most devastating moments is when shannon decided to shave her head. >> millions of people were touched when they saw your first instagram, the moment before you shaved your head. >> this is just that moment where, you know, my mom was comforting me and i was crying. after my second treatment, my hair was really matted. like in dred locs. i went to try to brush it out and it just fell out. i just remember holding on to
5:26 am
just huge clumps of my hair in my hands and running to my mom and crying, being like my hair, my hair, my hair. just go grab the kitchen scissors. >> she is wait. she grabbed the kitchen scissors and put it in a pony tail and chopped it across. it with uz this cute little bob but it wasn't enough. it was just falling out. >> and then you shaved to a mohawk. >> we did stages. we did a pixy and then a hoe milwaukee which was my favorite look and then we had to get the shaver thing and just buzz it off. >> shannon is brave but became emotional talking about her mother rosa who's been there throughout her battle. >> thank god. thank god she's there. thank god we're so close and we have such a good relationship. i know it affects her. i know -- she's so strong. my mom is like, you know, like
5:27 am
she is steel magnolia. she is a southern girl. she will force feed me. >> shannon married photographer in 2011 and feared she would make him a widower when she learned you had cancer. >> i looked at him and said you better enjoy every second with me because i could be dead in five years and he burst out crying and said you can't say that. and that phase was short, thank god. >> it is no secret shannon had a falling out with some of her co-stars but she remains close with others including jennie garth and brian austin green. >> i gave her a call last week and let her know i was thinking about her. >> i love the way she's utilizing this to really try to shine a light and to help other people. >> i thank them from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me. >> in a bizarre turn, more than 25 years ago, the iconic series
5:28 am
foreshadowed shannon's real life. >> brenda walsh found a lump. >> actually in her breast. >> i remember that episode. it meant a lot to me. >> what did you find? >> a lump in my breast. >> you think at that moment, that could be a reality one day? >> back then i didn't. i was a kid. i thought i was invincible. i was going to live forever. >> i remember feeling that way, too. as a breast cancer survivor myself, i know how difficult this journey is but i know you can do it shannon. and she said she can't wait to get back to acting. >> nice. we look forward to that. coming up next, amy schumer an what she is telling me about her racy new tell all and her new pain. >> some of it was painful to look at. >> closed captioning provided by --
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it's built-in backup wbraid helps stop leaks by channeling them back into the core giving you the best protection at home and on-the-go tampax. power over periods. recap of this week's biggest headlines.
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here are this week's top five stories. number five, kevin hart's wedding ♪ >> his i dos last week to long time girlfriend in california looked elegant and picture perfect but by the end of the night this was kevin having fun sprawled out on the lawn. the caption he posted how my wedding night ended. justin timberlake wedding crasher. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back ♪ >> chelsea and ryan got the surprise of their life when mr. sexy dropped in on the hp hn wedding last weekend and this photo has gone viral. >> best day ever. and i was like also we're getting married but mainly because justin timberlake. >> justin bieber deletes his instagram. bleebers went in to meltdown over the words sorry, this page
5:33 am
isn't available. the message indicated he took it down after he and ex selena seemed to use the page to accuse each other of cheating. he snapchated an apology this week. what i said was selfish and pointless. number two, johnny depp and amber hurd settle their nasty divorce. >> johnny and amber issued a joint statement, our relationship was intensely passionate, sometimes volatile and always bound by love. neither party has made any access for financial gain. >> the amount received this the divorce was $7 million. she's donating that amount to charity. >> we're happy it's resolved and we wish both of them the best. >> the number one story this week, olympian ryan lochte's scandal. after video released this week indicated ryan made inconsistent
5:34 am
statements about his story being real. i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning. >> we obviously accept his apology. >> go to "e.t." for the latest. another star in the news this week, amy schumer. she just came out with her first book, the girl with the lower back tattoo. amy and i sat down at her book signing in new york and talked about her exes, j law and since she has the infamous tat, i thought i would get in on the game. >> you have a great lower back area. >> that's nice. >> are you really tan? >> i swim outside a lot. >> it is supposed to say every day i'm hustling. see if it is ready. >> looks great. it is perfect. it says v day i'm hustling. some of it didn't come off. >> amy loved it so much she
5:35 am
instagramed it to her 5 million followers. >> that's awesome. i'm posting it. she is going strong with her boyfriend. she and the custom furniture designer met on a dating app. >> how is he different than some of the guys in your past. >> he is different. i usually go for narcissist and he is not a narcissist. he is very supportive and loving and i think we are proud of each other. >> in this book you recount some of your past relationships. did you reach out to him and give him a heads up. >> i changed their name. the guys that are in the chapters that are most difficult, i was in an abusive relationship and lost my virginity, i'm no in constant contact with those guys if you can belief it or not. >> she kept journals and some of the stories from her book are from the early writings. >> it is a book of essays of stories from my life that are
5:36 am
humiliating, funny and painful and happy, what's happened to me in 35 years. amy, you look 30, thank you, but i am 35. >> amy schumer, of course. >> she said it so fast. i just screamed. it's funny, people are like is it happening. i am like no, she's alive. >> amy didn't mention turmoil during her interview on tuesday but 24 hours later came this tweet which reads in part we aren't making the show anymore. the shocker made plenty of headlines since the emmy winning series was renewed in january for a fifth season. so what happened? >> how do you feel about it? >> honestly, great. >> it started wednesday when fans demanded she fire inside amy schumer staff writer and
5:37 am
occasional co-star kurt meter after they pointed out he mocked rape victims on social immediate wra. >> whatever tangent he has gone off on, i have not agreed. >> why are you dragger her. >> i want them not to attach me to what he is writing. i was sexually assaulted. i encourage women to come out. >> the onslaught continued an she fired back, he's not a writer on my show and i didn't fire kurt isn't a writer for my show because we aren't making the show anymore. there are no writers for it. wow. on thursday, she clarified, it's not cancelled. i'm just touring and focusing on writer more for the next year, at least we are slated for a season five but not in the foreseeable future. she is keeping busy scripting a film with j. law. >> jennifer lawrence movie, update on that. >> looking for a director and trying to get it on our calendars. >> she wrapped a mother/daughter
5:38 am
comedy with goldie hawn and she is promoting her new book. reese witherspoon fascinated. >> for the women i hope they read it and laugh and feel better, a little less ashamed like we all walk around all day, i'm the grossest, worst person ever. and i'm like, no, i am. >> the tat is still there. >> you want me to show you. >> shirt on. >> take it from me. >> i love it and i'm a fan of amy's. so amy schumer. jennifer hudson an exclusive. look at the seed we have planted. >> remembering her murdered nephew. how she is turn
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lk back to "e.t.'s" special on big stars and big stories of the summer. we just sat down with jennifer hudson for an emotional exclusive. >> definitely was. she joined her sister at an annual event in honor of julia's son murdered in 2008. but they turned an unspeakable family tragedy in to hope for others. >> i want my sister to be able to look forward to her son's birthdays or christmas. she would plan months in advance for his birthdays or christmas gifts and then all of a sudden it's gone. what can you do about that? >> it was the loss of unfathomable proportions. on one day, jennifer lost her
5:42 am
mother, her brother and her 7-year-old nephew julian. shot dead in her hometown of chicago by her estranged brother in law now in prison. for years, jennifer couldn't bring herself to talk about the loss. >> my mother told me, jenny, what i love about you, no matter how negative things are you always see the positive. >> but finding the positive wasn't easy. >> i was like, wow, what if we gave too the children of chicago and then therefore -- >> six years came up with an idea to turn the family tragedy in to a triumph of the spirit. every year on julian's birthday or what he liked to call hatch day they celebrate his life by donating school supplies to thousands of children of need in the community. >> we come from a giving background. as my mother used to tell us, without family, you have nothing. in honor of them, we wanted to
5:43 am
give back to our chicagoans. hopefully the world. so, i guess my mama was right. >> good. >> julian was a scholar of a child as a student. he was a giver, as well. so hatch day represents everything about him. he loved life. yeah. yeah. -- he was a very sweet kid, harmless, loving and extremely smart. he'd even say, i want the world to know my name. >> now he world knows his name. >> the program started in a church basement has grown to helping 5,000 children get ready for school. >> what grade are you going in? >> second grade. >> second grade. what about you? >> third grade. >> kindergarten. >> what grade are you going in?
5:44 am
>> fifth. >> almost time for high school. >> i had no idea what we were starting. so to think back then to now, it's like, look at the seed we have planted. it means a lot to help, to give back. >> while jennifer is making a difference in the lives of thousands of chicago school children, she's also looking forward to her next big project, hair spray live. >> we did a table read recently and i was completely blown away by the cast. it's an amazing cast. i'm excited to be a part of it. it's going to be a great experience. it's going to be good. >> yes, jennifer looking like she is ready for that. guess what we are too. jennifer is also working on new music with collide davis and l.a. read. as a reminder they did the bodyguard track. it will be awesome. still to come, is christie brinkley back with john mellencamp? what she revealed to "e.t."
5:45 am
>> stick up for your friends. >> and how heather locklear is shutting up the tabloids and we what we found out about her bad girl return to tv. but first in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which singer's mother is a former dallas cowboys which singer's mother is a former dallas cowboys cheerleader, demi this is this is jennifere photobombing taylor swift, and sarah jessica parker, and liam hemsworth. this is jared leto in people. photobombing anne hathaway. and reese sneaking one in on sofia and joe. this is dustin hoffman photobombing the dame herself, judi dench. proving that while we love the fashion of the red carpet... it's people who steal the show. people. the details make the story. don't miss this week's people. it was love at first touch met and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and
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you may write me down in history, with your bitter, twisted lies. you may trod me in the very dirt, but still like dust, i rise. you can shoot me with your words... you can cut me with your lies... you can kill me with your hatefulness. but still, like air... we rise. flawless heather locklear promoting her tv return.
5:48 am
going casual in white jeans and an off the shoulder green blouse, heather looked nothing like those unflattering images last week. they claimed the 54-year-old actress was drinking, depressed and in a downward spiral. we debunked it and tyler perry agrees. he just cast the center star in a new series. >> you have television's best bad girls. she made me fall in love with tv bad girls. she really did. >> she was great. >> she stars as the first lady on scandal like tlc soap close to home. heather returns to her bad girl roots but we will never stop loving the deliciously wicked amanda on melrose place. >> i want you to stay away from my husband. >> amanda, that's enough. >> heather locklear is going to be one of the most cold-blooded people you have ever seen on a
5:49 am
show. >> welcome back to our special on the big stars and the big stories of summer. this lady, well, she's been making a lot of news this season. christy brinkley and john mellencamp have split. >> any chance they could get back together? that's one thing we asked christy in the first interview since the break up. >> i just think that in today's world, with everything we see going on and all of that, it is really important to stress kindness. >> keeping it classy, the 62-year-old supermodel spoke out why she defended her ex after a tabloid said their split was due to his red neck ways and opinions that made him sound like a donald trump fan. >> i think we start, in our own homes and our own circles. if you see a friend and, you know, that's not being treated fairly, stick up for your friends. >> she said it was distance and work that kept them apart.
5:50 am
trying to keep it cool in the east at the library's authors night the newly single beauty author gave us a motto for life. >> i firmly believe it's easier to save the world on a good hair day. >> that could be a meme. ♪ hurt so good >> the couple started dating last september but when we asked her about the new romance, christy played coy. >> what does it take to have to date christie brinkley? >> i don't know. >> just a fun, successful kind of guy. >> yeah. >> two months later, she was no longer trying to hide the fact that she and the rocker were a twosome. >> john and i are dating. we're having a good time. you know, it's fun. >> so since they split on friendly terms, we had to know, can there be a mellencamp
5:51 am
romance reboot in the future? >> you never know. good friendship is the basis for everything, right? >> while christie moves on her daughter sailor is fighting back, leave me alone are some of the angry words the teen model is lobbing at attackers who won't stop comparing her to her famous mom. being compared to 50 years of success at only 18 years old and being told i could never amount to what she was and looks like doesn't feel great. she visited them in 2014, the then 15-year-old had a taste of negative on-line trollers. >> never look at the comments. oh, my gosh. >> like my first thing, look down and say all of this nasty stuff. whatever. you just need to say whatever? her own venting she said i am my own person with my own beliefs and my own thoughts and own
5:52 am
face, eyes, smile, teeth, forehead, all mine, the whole shabang. we have watched emma grow up in front of our cameras, she is about to go off to college to study photography and film an has taken heat for her choice of school, parsons in new york. >> one of the best ways in new york to inoculate yourself against the late haters is to understand is that every single person in showbiz has the same thing going on. it's not just you. there's going to be somebody trying to knock you down. somebody is going to feel, you know, bad about it. >> she wants to stop the comparison over alexa rachel and says when she started in the business she wanted to be known for just being herself. >> oh, christie brinkley's daughter doesn't want to look
5:53 am
like christy brinkley. of course i want to look pliek my mom but i want to branch out and be sailor, not just christy brinkley's daughter. >> more "e.t." ahead. we're coming right back. ♪ but first we think jordan fisher is an artist you should know. ♪ you may have caught him in his breakout role and now he is taking the music world by storm. >> it's the best. it's how you dream it going. just blessed it's me, and that it is happening this way. >> we love seeing this sweet moment from the set of his all about us music video. >> i couldn't be more grateful to share this moment with each and every on
5:54 am
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travel consideration provided by -- look at all of the stars and bit days this weekend. amy is 42. now a final look at your choices with singers is a former dallas
5:57 am
cowboys cheerleader? that is demi lovato who is 24 this weekend. a bridgett jones baby. only we are on the set with renee zellweger 15 years after the original. >> a fun thing to do. >> bethenny frankel gives us a tour of her hamptons home. >> that's monday. >> we are almost out of time this weekend but of course for all of the late-breaking hollywood news go to our website "e.t." >> before we go, check out the video from country newcomer chris lane. >> it is off her new album "girl problems." she crossed in to the top 100 chart after the top ten country chart. >> he is on tour with rascal flatts through the fall. enjoy this video and the rest of your weekend, everyone. >> bye-bye. ♪ snooets ♪
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a man is dead, a little girl hurt, police try to piece together details of a shooting in south jersey this weekend. >> and our weekends is about to go from steamy to stormy. live look at storm scan3. all quiet right now, watching the potential for severe weather later today. >> good morning, today is sunday, august 21, justin, tracking some storm latest today? >> will bring big time relief. we'll drop humidity for several days. but today, still little rough as far as humidity levels go. we'll see some sunshine, still on the warm side. but it is this afternoon we do run the risk for severe wetter. >> keep umbrella? >> and get your errands done, if you have a choice, because


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