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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 22, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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light shower now in parts of delaware where you saw the most rainfall. newcastle county and kent coun county seeing last of showers moving through and that clears out. future weather confirming that for us as we head throughout the overnight period. and continued clearing as we wake up monday morning for the commute getting you off on the workweek. no problems. sunshine. break out the shades and 7-day spoiler looking forward to tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, also maybe even looking out for friday. that's a question mark there. that's not going to be too bad either. i'll have all of what to look forward to in the 7 day forecast coming up in a few. >> thanks, lauren. a 61-year-old man died in a house fire in philadelphia's east germantown neighborhood tonight. flames broke out on clapier street after 6:00 and firefighters pulled a 63-year-old woman from the house as well and she suffered smoke inhalation and is in critical condition. the cause of the fire is under investigation. two firefighters are injured battling a blaze in a bensalem
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home around 2:00 this often on tennis avenue. one firefighter suffered diabetic shock and the other was burned. both are expected to survive. no other injuries were reported and there's no word yet on what sparked that blaze. family members gather in south jersey, meantime, to mourn a life lost. a young man killed by gunfire. tonight they talk to cbs through as tlees continue to search for the gunman. trang has the story. >> steady rain fell and family members of byron turner passed out purple balloons and comforted one another in the yorkshire neighborhood a day after he was shot and killed outside of his home on the 100 block of east federal street in burlington city. >> we have to deal with the loss of my nephew and my siste sister's son and at the same time we're dealing with the loss of our community because i was born and raced in this community and this is not what i came from.
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>> police say 26-year-old samuel james of burlington township was the shooter and he's on the run and vettors need help finding him. >> be very careful around this individual and dial 911 and act of violence he did last night was reckless disregard for any human life. >> shots rang out before 7 p.m. saturday while children raid in grassy area nearby and a 5-year-old girl was hurt as she ran away from the gunfire. >> this is a very dangerous individual and the way this crime occurred was very dangerous and very heinous and just could have hurt a lot more people. >> family members say turner a 24-year-old father of two was not intended target. his aunts hopes tragedy can serve awake-up call to the community. >> we need to take our community back and it starts with parents of these children. if your children are lost to this community you need to take your children back. they're your children. >> samuel james is considered armed and dangerous he's known
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to freak wentz burlington city and camden. if you see him you're asked to contact police immediately. in burlington city, new jersey, trangdoe cbs witness news. >> and a hit-and-run that killed a person homicide by vehicle. police say acito was under the influence was driving his truck lehigh avenue when he struck the 37-year-old victim near mascher street yesterday. he then sped off and struck another pedestrian an 1 18-year-old woman and kept going. she suffered minor injuries. officers late area crested acito an least high and b. >> and a second person has been charged in the killing of a penn state professor whose body was found at the body of a quarry in center county this week. daniel geyor was arraigned on multiple charges including
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murder. she helped plot the death of communications professor ronald beddick he was pushed off a cliff by 39-year-old george ishler. they thought they could profit from his death because ever a will he recently signed. >> convicted child molester jerry sandusky will be back in court tomorrow. former penn state coach is trying to get his conviction overturned because he says his lawyer was ineffective. he is serving a 30 to 60 year innocence sore sexually abusing ten different boys between 1994 and 2008. >> and louisiana officials are setting up a temporary bus system to help people in and around baton rouge whose vehicles were damaged by flooding and fema is taking action as well they have two disaster recovery centers set up and running. more than $30 million in federal house ago signature answer has been approved for
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the more than $3,000 in shelters and republicans continue to question why president obama is remaining on vacation and waiting until tuesday to visit flood victims. lieu luv governor john bell edwards says it was his idea. >> i asked if he could wait until the response was over and we got into the recovery phase, which i predicted we would do over the weekend. and certainly next week would be a betser time for us to visit. and but the president is welcome to come to our state any time he wants to. >> the philadelphia area is playing a big role in helping the flood victims in louisiana. eyewitness reporter joe holden visited the red cross today. >> in immediate aftermath of catastrophic flooding in louisiana they are slow to trickle out. they're calling it a silent disaster one forced to complete with olympic games. >> your home was partially floodd practically all they're hereing about is flood in baton rouge.
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all calls for assistance and help from flood tortured louisiana have been routed here to eastern pennsylvania red cross in philadelphia. >> when louisiana floods hit our national leadership knew we could handle these calls. and so calls were immediately directed to us. >> and with that volume of phone calls what kinds of stor stories are they hearing in this nerve center. there was one instance a person tried to call 911 and the phone line was busy and next call to the red cross they described sanding on kitchen table surround bid water. >> you can imagine ft. water rose to your second floor. could you imagine losing everything that you ever owned? that is the level of emotion and intensity that you hear in the calls. >> workers and volunteers have been inundated and more than 10,000 calls from louisiana, that's 10-fold the normal call volume and the controversy about which politicians have and have not visited the disaster area is not lost on
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these workers. most keep tabs through social media. >> she's in mississippi and wants to donate things. >> and a natural disaster not rivals since super storm sandy. >> think of all of west philly being underwater. it's scoord fairy. >> with workers and volunteers right here working the front lines of assistance to help those in need 1200 miles away. in center city, joe holden. cbs3 eyewitness news. well, it is national day of mourning in turkey and an investigation is underway after a suicide bomber killed 50 people at a wedding party. it happened near the turkish syrian border the suicide bomber was between 12 and 14 years old. the groom's sister and uncle are among the cash 'tis. they believe it was syrian kurdish advances for isis forces on syria. also tonight, 78 days away
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from presidential election and a battle tracker poll says hillary clinton is gaining ground in ohio while donald trump tries to present a new image to voters. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has more. >> on never you have to get out and vote right. >> top republican officials say donald trump is back on track of a series of controversies. >> i think he's shown maturity and he's growing in his role and he's a person that never has run for public office. >> telling the tale of a trump campaign that fault faulters and hillary clinton is leading trump nationally by five moypts and cbs news battle ground tracker poll shows clinton extended lead in ohio five points. and candidates are even at 40% a piece and only state with recent poling that does not show clinton leading, trump new campaign manager kelly "action news" conway says voters are seeing a more focused candidat
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candidate. >> this is best week in trump cam page because he's able to be himself authentic donald trump but pivot he made is on substance. >> clinton disagreed with the game. >> we're not seeing a pivot donald trump said it was not a pivot. >> this is the first ad campaign and in terms of raising money clinton is far ahead raeking in $326 million since 2015 and more than twice of what trump brought in. clip ton spent the weekend fundraising in massachusetts and will hold more finance events monday in california. wendy gilette for cbs news new york. philadelphia archdioceses is shutting down three more catholic churches that sevened adds worship locations. today worshipers learned st. john of the cross church in rosalyn, major delarose achurch and cecilia church in coatsville are closing september 16. there were few requests to use
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churches and they were very expensive to maintain. no one lost parish church as result of closings because the three churches congregations already merged to other parish churches. 2016 olympics are in the books and closing ceremonies wentz out with a bang in rio tonight [ fireworks ]. >> team usa dominated in the final medal count with total of 121 medals and 46 gold and china was second with 70 medals, 26 gold. great britain had 67 medals and 27 gold. americans topped previous high of 110 olympic medals which they set in beijing in 2008. very nice. >> and swimmer ryan lochte took hold a gold medal and his accomplishments are over shadowed by trauma outside of the pool. u.s. olympic committee says further action is coming against lochte and three teammates.
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their false story of being robbed at gun point in rio let down americans and investigators say the swimmers vandalized gas station bathroom after night of partying and armed guards confronted them and asked them to pay for the damage. >> stay with us everyone 20 come shocking new information about the death of prince. four months after his passing. what investigators are now saying about pills found inside the singer's minneapolis home, minnesota home. >> after a stormy and sfeemy surprised drier air is moving in as we speak. we talk about beautiful weather in store for the week and that's coming up in the full forecast. >> and straight ahead in storms eagles sign a linebacker and also cut four players. lesley has all the roster moves coming up in sports. lesley has all the roster moves coming up in sports. stay with us,
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>> welcome back everyone a para
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fwlider died in utah after crashing through i roof of a church. witnesses say he was spiraling out of control and luckily no one else was injured and church was evacuated and services were cancelled. >> also tonight it appears the zika virus is not going anywhere any time soon and national institute of helm says zika could remain in u.s. for a year or two and gulf states are most vulnerable to the spread of disease and months keets owe born virus was found in two neighborhoods in miami-dade florida and first naerz u.s. main land where zika has been trabz mited. also tonight an official close to prince death investigation say several pills from hisses straits were count countser fit drugs and they contained powerful opiate phentenal. man wrist pills were found inside aspirin and vitamin bottles and tucked in a
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suitcase and duvrle bag and in a dressing room. >> hundreds of folks gathered in south jersey today for the largest animal rescue of the entire year. animal aid usa brought more than 380 shelter animals from georgia to marlton. local families and adoption agencies are saving these animals from being euthanizeed and veterinarians gave all of the animals a clean bill of health. more than 14,000 animals saved hins aid usa were founded in 2 2012. >> and children all ready for the new school year in chester, delaware county, hundreds of boys and girls picked up new backpacks today. they're excited about that. and the betterer living setser hosted 11th annual chester community fair and book bag give away and fair included basic health screenings as swelling. >> it was art class meets gym class philadelphia mills mall. more than 2,000 people took part in color vibe 5k race and
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families dressed up exercised and got colorizeed. they started with clean, white shirts and ran through various color stations. when al said and done runners were covered in an array of colors. >> great time. lot of family. friends, good time running getting colored up. getting a workout in too at the same time. >> aft race there was an old fashioned dance party proceeds from the event will help at risk. the weather then went downhill. >> absolutely. sunshine this morning. it was there and then it was gone. replaced by rainfall and thunderstorms activity. and sometimes those storms do give us beautiful sights and check out this awesome video of the shelf cloud captured by zeek orzik in cape may, new jersey, beautiful clouds there. typically strong or severe
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thunderstorms and gives that cool structure to the shelf cloud. if you see one coming towards you know it's time to move indoors. that's rain is coming cool scene there thanks zeke for the amazing video and i lot of us saw the storms coming in today and widespread rainfall and imbedded thunderstorms and all is quiet in center city philadelphia as we get a live look. 76. rain-cooled air and winds starting to shift and that is good news for us. storm scan 3 showing us widespread rain moved well offshore and dealing with a few residual very light showers impacting parts of delaware and far interior southern new jersey and upwind nothing going on showers up towards great likes that will not bother us and high pressure settling in now and much, much, drier air settling in as well. and water vapor satellite showing moisture content of the atmosphere where you see the blue you don't want to deal with humidity and moisture is moving out and this indicates
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much drier air spilling in across the northeast and mid-atlantic and that's what we enjoy for several days. cold front has moved through the delaware valley and generated all the rainfall and winds are shifting on the backside accordingly out of the northwest and that northerly component to the wind flow will usher in the drier air and dew points. they're already dropping which means it's starting to feel more comfortable toward the poconos and dew points low 60s. muggy in philadelphia. south jersey, down the shore with dew points up there in the 70s. but, by tomorrow morning, it's going to feel so much peter and all throughout our monday how it will feel is pleasant tuesday feeling awesome with fall-like humidity levels and feeling great on wednesday and even into thursday, not too bad. certainly nice by august standard and overnight tonight continued clearing and humidity drops to 6 degrees and high temperature tomorrow cooler, 3. bright sunshine. breezy conditions and feeling that much lower humidity and temperatures right now already
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down into the 60 s in mount pocono and cooler drier air in 7 allentown and 73 millville and future temperatures as we wake up tomorrow morning a cooler start especially north and west of city high temperatures tomorrow struggle to make it even to 70 in some higher elevations and topping upper 70s in lehigh valley and berks county and low 80s down the shore and beautiful beach day as we head to tuesday morning temperatures down into the low 60s in philly will be some of the coolest air we felt since june 18 and a beautiful day across the region tomorrow less humid and breezy down the shore. 81. gorgeous day for hike tomorrow high temperature 71 poconos and check out the 7 day forecast probably nicest we had in a long time. sunshine stretching tuesday, wednesday, and into thursday before the humidity creeps up as we head into friday. and maybe a chance of few spo spotty storms as we head to friday afternoon. other an that, that is the only rain chance in the next 7 days and humidity drops off once
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again as we head into next weekend what it looks like. not too shabby. >> looks pretty nice thank you very much. eagles making moves. >> they continue tweaking a little bit and yes they made a move to help depleted line bagger position and who they signed and down at the bank nothing but a long afternoon
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>> all right. let discuss sports highlight. >> fellly where trying to win a series against the cardinals. they sent vince valesquez to the mound and he has not won since the all star break. he gave up two homers and pitched into the 7 signing and cardinals helped phillies offense to nine singles shut them out 9-0. >> eagle released four players. they must release nine players before next tuesday. birds signed linebacker stephen tuvrment llock one year, $3
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million deal. they need help after joe walker tore acl against the steelers. >> coming up next sports zone we'll talk more about the eagles signing of stephen tullock. lots of eagles stuff to go through.
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>> welcome back, everyone, fun and games and music in northern liberties today. this is what is going on schmidt commons that hosted ultimate summer party. it included zip line and hang on it was big hit and what's a party without music a d.j. was on hand to entertain the crowd and everybody had a great time out there. lots of fun with the zip line. >> and bounce house, too.
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>> lots going on lesley. >> lauren is back with last check on workweek
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>> all right. ready for a little cuteness overload here. look what happens when this
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