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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a home invasion turns deadly in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. two adults were shot inside of their own bedroom. one of the victims didn't make it. >> six young children inside of that house were not hurt. good afternoon, i'm jan carabeo in for brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. police say two armed suspects
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broke into the home in the middle of the night. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden joins us live from the scene with the story. joe? >> reporter: jim, jan, good afternoon, startling investigation, a horrifying story playing out in a bedroom here on the 3700 block of north seventh street. right now left behind is the crime scene tape on the front stems, alleyway here where police tell channel three, cbs-3 "eyewitness news", that they found a mask, a shotgun, and shotgun shells, of course, we have been on the scene monitoring the story for the last few hours, my colleague, justin finch was out here shortly after the calls to 911 were placed and he filed this report. >> she was saying no, no, no, no. >> hours before this homicide investigation rolled out on this hunting park block, undeniably signs of danger. >> i thought she was getting beat up. so i called 911. then i heard, like, three shots, three banks. >> that is from a neighbor who does not want her name or face on air, but says, she called
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philadelphia police after hearing a woman screaming about 1:00 a.m. monday morning. police believe a home invasion happened inside this two story house on the 3700 block of north seventh street. the search is on for at least two men, who snuck in a downstairs kitchen window before barging upstairs to a back bedroom demanding money. one police say caring a shotgun fired once at a 35 year old father, striking him in his stomach. he was pronounced dead on scene. his 40 year old wife shot twice, in the arm and face. she was rushed to temple hospital and sources say managed to communicate with authorities en route to the er. also home, but unharmed, the man's six children, ages five through 13. police say some may have been inside that bedroom during the ambush. >> it is devastating because -- >> detective also sense this attack may not have been hatched by strangers. >> we believe that the shooter
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is known to the 35 year old homeowner who was shot and killed. we do have a nickname at this time. >> reporter: and that was cbs-3's justin finch reporting. now, at this moment, the wife, who was wounded in this, is at the hospital. she said to be in critical condition. in the meantime, police continue to search for the two men armed who stormed into this row home here in the hunting park section of philadelphia. of course, keep it with cbs-3 for the latest on this developing story. live in the hunting park section of the city, joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, joe. meantime the second day of a three-day hearing is underway right now near state college, where convicted child sex offender jerry sandusky hoping for new trial. sandusky current defense team says the 72 year old former assistant penn state coach did not receive a fair trial back in 2012. he was convicted of sexually abusing children for years, but his attorneys say his
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defense was ineffective. defense claims grand jury leaks tainted that trial, if the judge approved, sandusky could stand trial again, or the charges could be dismissed entirely. switching gears now. what a nice way to start the work week. today, sunshine, and low humidity, is a big relief after that heatwave. let's get first look at the forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger, live on the skydeck. i don't think we'll be able to bring you back in, katie? >> i think i will ' set up lawn chair, get nice cool drink, hang out for the rest of the afternoon. if you have yet to step outside, folks, you have to take advantage and enjoy it while you have got it. nice bryce sunny, bright blue sky, the lower humidity is key, and also, a refreshing breeze out here, as well. it is not a terrible wind, but noticeable. let's look, very quick check on storm scan3, which at this point is totally devoid of any storms. it is completely clear. we've good high pressure on your side, will settle in, pay nice long visit, i say we
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welcome that. 79 degrees, current temperature, here, at philadelphia international airport, you're at 80 degrees, down in wilmington, and, we've probably got new more degrees up our sleeves here, probably another 4 degrees in philadelphia anyway. so shooting for high officially of 83, in the sunshine, lower humidity continues to be the theme. we'll crack the low 70s at best up in the mountains, but regardless, just nice day underway. so, this is the stretch that we have been looking ahead tonight it is currently underway, just how long does it last, that's the question, we'll have the answer for you coming up in the seven day later in the show. meantime, guys, enjoy this comfortable warmth, because eventually some hued i at this does return. again, i'll tell you when later in the show. well, turning now to campaign 2016, donald trump appears to be back being off of his stance on immigration. he initially called for the deportation of millions of illegal imigrants, but now is working on a different plan, on the democratic side, hillary clinton is on
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fundraising swing on the west coast. correspondent weijia jiang with more now from washington. >> donald trump tried to clarify his position on immigration monday morning. >> we have to be very, very strong, when people come in illegally. >> the comment on fox and friends followed weekend meeting with hispanic advisors, that seemed to indicate he may be changing his mind about deporting the 11 million people living in this country illegally. >> i'm not flip flopping. we want to come up with a really fair but firm answer. >> reporter: sunday his newly appointed campaign manager kelly ann conway added to the speculation of a possible shift in his deportation stance. >> will that plan include a deportation for us, to be determined. >> reporter: latest cbs news battlegrounds tracker finds hillary clinton with six-point lead in ohio. clinton and trump are tied in iowa. controversy over clinton's use of private e-mail server continues to follow her on the campaign trail. this time, a result of comment
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made by former secretary of state, colin powel. people magazine quotes powell as saying her people have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is she was using the private e-mail server for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. the fbi says it has uncovered tens of thousands of previously undisclosed documents from clinton's private server. the justice department will start releasing them in october. clinton is fundraising on the west coast this week, after weekend of raising money in new england. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. >> in other news today's swimwear retailer speedo announced it is parting ways with ryan lochte. the first major company to drop its sponsorship with the us olympic swimmer. last week lochte had claimed he and three teammates were victims of an armed robbery in rio. police in brazil say lochte made up the story to cover up alleged vandalism. he has since apologized for over exaggerating the details of the incident.
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>> well the rio olympics are in the history books, and all eyes are looking toward japan four years from now. but the stadium in rio was bursting with excitement as the olympic torch was extinguished, and the athlete celebrated last night. the 2020 summer games are in japan, and the japanese prime minister made a surprise appearance in rio. now the closing celebrations then turned to a party focused on tokyo. and the next summer olympics. and here are the final totals, team usa topped the medal standings with 121, 46 of them gold, china was second with 70 medals, 26 gold, and great britain had 67 medals with 27 gold. now the previous high for team usa was 110 at the 2008 summer olympics in beijing. >> the summer olympics could be coming to the united states again if one mayor has his way. ben tracey shows us the last time los angeles held the
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games turned a huge profit. now they want to do it all over again. >> with the olympic flame extinct wished in rio, the competition to get the 2024 games is really heating up. los angeles mayor eric was in rio to convince olympic officials his city should play host. >> why would host the olympics be good for los angeles, given how much this costs in. >> i think a lot of people are asking who would ever want to bid for the games? it would be profitable, just like in 1984 when we helped save the olympic movement. >> los angeles was the only sit that i wanted the games in 1984 and it made money. la predicts its 2024 games would cost about $6 billion generate a $161 million surplus, from tv rights, sponsorships, and ticket sales. the la coliseum would be updated, and a temporary swimming venue would be built. but nearly every other olympic venue already exists, the planned $2.6 billion state-of-the-art los angeles
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rams football stadium would become a centerpiece of the games. los angeles is up against paris, rome and buda pest. paris is a favorite as 2024 would be 100 years since it last hosed the games. >> the entire olympic ideal is to have bigger, higher, faster, stronger profits. >> professor christopher has studied the impact of olympics on host cities. he says most games make millions for the international olympic committee, but leave their hoses billions of dollars in debt. with empty and rotting olympic venues. in the past decade the impose picks cost $8.9 billion, with average cost overrun of 156%. but la's mayor says bringing the games back to the heart of hollywood is not only a win for la, but the entire country. it will be sometime before we know who will host the 2024 olympics. the international olympic committee will make that big announcement next september in lima, peru. ben tracey, cbs news, rio de
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janeiro. >> it is a big under staking, we'll have to wait and see. >> keep our fingers crossed. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", peaking up the pieces after catostrophic flooding, we'll show you what thousands of people are facing in water logged louisianna as the region prepares for a visit from the president. >> and back here at home, school children starting back to school. finds the unexpected. we'll show you who was thereto welcom
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>> police hope you recognize something about these armed suspects who barged into a seven #-11 earlier this month. the three men forced an employee and a customer to the floor at gunpoint, about 2:00 in the morning at the store on the 2900 block every welsh road. the men got away with money from the store, and that customer's wallet. if you have any information, please, call police. well, president obama will visit flood ravaged louisianna tomorrow. the disastrous killed 13 people, and damaged around 60,000 homes. >> correspondent manuel reports from the antique district outside baton rouge, where homes and history have been lost. >> across southern louisianna, roads are lined with debris. as the scope from the catostrophic flooding becomes more clear, each day. >> master bedroom here. >> water has destroyed most of kathy's home of nearly 30 years. >> cathy, what have you lost here? >> virtually everything. virtually everything. >> the number of damaged homes
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jumped to more than 60,000 this weekend. and businesses are also feeling the brunt of this disaster. >> this has got to be so hard to see. >> this is pretty much our building right here, what you are looking at. >> elvin lost his businesslike many other in the historic antique district, is in shambles. he said he's managed the clean up with little help. >> we're doing it ourselves. we don't have any fema, no government, no nothing. >> the historic flooding has forced more than 106,000 people to register for fema assistance. a one-week total of the agency hasn't seen since super storm sandy. fema representatives tell us some places are still unreachable, but they say they are active in all 20 hard hit parishes. >> we did have teams on the grounds as the waters were rising. and we have teams here all the way through. >> more than $36 million in federal assistance has already been approved for area. but there are still more than 3,000 people living in
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shelters. manuel, cbs news, demain springs, louisianna. >> tough to see what they're going through down there. still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> california wild fires move close to a national landmark. we'll show you why officials are hoping this one will be spared. katie? >> and jim, once more we're looking ahead here to a nice refreshing change of pace. it is already underway as we've got a bit of a breeze out there, the humidity has dropped, and it is a pattern that's going to last us a
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon
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against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] certainly active while fire season in california. >> right now seven different wild fires are burning in the golden state.
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that includes the ray fire in santa barbara county, it has expanded to more than 21,000 acres and gent giant cloud of smoke high into the atmosphere. at this time it is about 20% contained. there is no word on its cause. another wild fire burning in california is getting close to the famous hurst castle, so-called chimney fire is about 4 miles away, but officials say it is burning in the opposite direction. the tourist attraction closed so the visitors center remains open at least for now. >> meantime, some good news, off initials sandberg dino lifted evacuation orders for residents there. yesterday people orders erred to leave their property last week when the fire broke out 60 miles east of los angeles, most of the people there will find their homes intact. >> speaking of good news, katie is here. >> well hello. >> i love when i can bring you forecasts like this, really is just quiet, calm, comfortable, 3c's, as i like to call them. that's pretty much it, yes.
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you know it, doesn't get much better than this, little breeze out there that you will notice, but by comparison? >> love it. >> we will take it, yes. and the breeze actually refreshing breeze coming right out of the northwest bringing in the nice dry air mass, going to be our theme for the majority of the forecast here. there will eventually be couple of hiccups down the road here, also start gradual warming trend. but let's drink this in and enjoy it, go ahead, take a look outside. show you first and for most here, storm scan3, nice wide zoom. where, yes, if you heard and saw the rain and the thunderstorms rumbling through yesterday, it is now long gone. actually, now, moving off of the united states boards near east most atlantic canada. that's no longer a problem. but because you have the areas of pressure changing hands here, you get sort of the winds tunnel effect as the dry air takes over, wind can pick up, now dealing with a bit of a breeze. it is not a really bad breeze like i mentioned earlier, more ten to 15-mile per hour northwest winds. i can see how the dry air has swept in, blue shaded areas
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representing the moisture, and that sort of sandy color, that's the dry air moving on in. it certainly will continue to be a theme for us in the days ahead. because high pressure is hooking us up. it is setting up shop basically, just paying nice long extended visit. so with that said, since it is pretty quiet pattern here locally, we turn our focus to the drop innings. because in you we are getting ever closer to the peak of hurricane season. still have depression now fiona out over the open waters of the atlantic. another to watch, decent likelihood at least going to start to develop, but the better chance for an area to actually develop and maybe become our next named system, it is this one, this has, at this point, pretty much a ten out of ten potential to become at least tropical depression, and eventually, we think it will become gaston. so with something that bears monitoring, although a lot of time to decide what it will do as it migrates wells. although at this point, odds are, it will continue on a westward path, nearing the lesser antilles with the next
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couple of days. meanwhile, bring you back stateside. headed to the beach you pick great day. next few days look pretty good, too. water temperatures generally into the 70s, flirting with it in atlantic city off shore buoy. meanwhile again that dew point temperature in other words how it feels outside the humidity levels, that is hooking us up, with picture perfect weather the next couple of days. so, nice bright sunny warm day is made that much better with this with awesome levels on the dew point specially tomorrow, my personal favorite. meanwhile we look at cape may courthouse, beautiful afternoon currently underway, 76 degrees. look it forward to the eyewitness weather seven day, again, slow up tick on the temperature. and even on the humidity by week's end, but really doesn't get steamy again until friday. that's when we hit 90. it is hotter obviously, that's actually guys one of our only shot to see a shower or thunderstorm. even then, still kinds after chance right now. >> i'll take it. >> enjoy it. >> thank you, katie. >> you got it. >> we'll be right
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coming up "eyewitness news" at 5:00 triple a says millions of drivers have called for assistance this year, and many have new cars. i'll explain why technology may be to blame, and how you can take some precautions to make sure your car stays road ready that's today at a . summer vacation is over for some philadelphia student. >> they headed back to class at mass tori fred rug douglas school in philadelphia this
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morning. >> officers from the 22nd district were also on hand to greet student as they started a newark deem i can year, it is all part of an effort to help foster positive relationships between the police department and the community. and i just can't believe it is time for school to start again. >> yikes. good luck to those young boys and girls. >> yes, so cute. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> for all every us here, thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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