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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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underway with reports that some people still buried in buildings, that collapsed. that father is dead after a dispute inside of a west philadelphia house. >> police say his children were home at the time. >> still a very active crime scene in west philadelphia. detectives are now asking the boyfriend who pulled the trigger to please come forward. >> best feeling in the world. >> philadelphia man is free after spending, for a crime did he not commit. >> there was dna link to another man that exonerated wright in 2013. donald trump is accusing hillary clinton of being too ill, to frail to be commander in chief. >> rudy guiliani has a simple suggestion. go on line and put downhillry clinton's illness and take a look at video for yourself. >> on the internet you know it is true. i put in my symptoms in web m.d. and found out i have early menopause. stay away from web m.d.
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you put it in and come up with crazy stuff. >> i have done it. >> me too. >> it was a sinus infection but that is not what i thought i had had. >> you had days to live. >> justin. >> good morning, you guys. >> we have good weather, right. >> it is great, feeling nice on the sky deck. you'll love this morning, going out for morning work out, morning jog or bike ride, beautiful conditions. low humidity. temperatures 50's and 60's. it turns out to be a warm afternoon but humidity on the lower end. temperatures good spread 52 in the mount pocono region for yesterday but they were in the mid 40's. this morning upper 60's. interior south jersey enjoying the 50's. fifty-five cooler spot in quakertown at this hour. fifty-eight in mount holly, new jersey. dew point temperatures tells the story with the humidity levels hitting you hard all summer long. right now current temperature with the dew point is 60. that is not bad especially this time of the year. yesterday they were well down in the low 60's.
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the slightly higher but still comfortable. tomorrow they will even christ. it will be steamy and oppressive heading in to friday. storm san three looks great, nothing but clear skies right now, we may have a few afternoon cloud, but practically perfect, once again today. we have full sunshine. warm temperatures right near average. low humidity. light breeze. forecast high on our way up to 86 degrees in philadelphia with mostly sunny skies. the awesome beach day. shore temperatures right around 80 degrees. ocean water in the mid 70's in the poconos. upper 70's today. each day it does get warmer, we will hit 90's in the seven day and talk about that in a few more minutes but first lets head back to the meisha for check of the latest road conditions, good morning. >> good morning justin and good morning to all of you, looking good, good morning guys, welcome back, since you are waking up wussy got my first cup of coffee. we are looking good now. they started off busy in the 4:00 he clock hour. now in the 5:00 o'clock oddly enough we are looking darn good. vine street moving in the
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westbound direction here looking good, all opened. it was closed to construction both in the east and west pound direction between schuylkill and broad. the west and eastbound side starting to heat up now but it is all opened indeed. for those in the eastbound side. hop out there. then we have an accident that just popped up here route 422 eastbound at route 29 left lane is blocked because that accident is not first one of the morning. we have another one on 422, earlier eastbound that was closed between route 29 and oaks that has been since cleared by the way. then we have a water main break east johnson highway is closed at arch road. use an alternate. for nantz street or germantown pike will be your best alternate. i will let you know when this gets cleaned up but east johnson highway right now is closed because that water main break. another accident investigation whitpain involving penndot truck north wales road is closed at yost road, again down pole and wires use another alternate dekalb people over whitehall road is your best bet as well.
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i'll let you know when that clears out. it has been lingering out the there a bit. then construction pennsylvania turnpike westbound between valley forge and downingtown. that right lane is still brook because of the construction. i will let you know when that cheers. it could slow you down as we push toward that 6:00. same construction in delaware 95 south between route 58 at church man's road delaware service area and until right around right now, so i'll let you know when that clears, over to you, brooke. updating breaking news, powerful earthquake, in italy. we have an update and death toll is still rising. at least 23 people are dead bye officials fear that number will continue to go up. the u.s. geological survey says u quake measured at 6.2 and hit early this morning near the town of norica. mayor of amatrice a says the town isn't here anymore. it was felt as far as rome.
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after shock of 5.5 followed. significant casualties are expect because many build initial that part of the country are extremely old and vulnerable. meanwhile in other news, happening today attorneys for 15 people hurt when a railing collapse at a snoop dog wiz khalifa concert will provide an update on the up investigation. it was back on august 5th when a railing gave way at bb and t pavilion. forty-two people were hurt. attorneys wanted concerts to stop at the pavilion until an investigation was complete. live nation operates the pavilion and representatives say they have secured the railing section. future concerts went on as planned. >> a man was hot death by police in charlotte north carolina and now community wants answers. >> it happened last thursday during a traffic stop. police say 29 year-old daniel kevin was speeding and didn't stop when they turn on their sirens. instead he kept driving until he reached his home. the kevin then got out of the car and that is when trooper opened fire. sam harris, who is also
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hearing impaired spoke at a vigil for his brother. >> and now i feel that burden to tell the world. >> investigators have not revealed details about the shooting or the chase that happened before but they say troopers are trained in how to deal with people who are deaf. well, time is 5:36. in business news this morning the makers of epi-pens are feeling a pinch. >> and the wait is on for fed's next meeting, jill wagner joins us live, from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning brooke and jim. so far it has been a quiet week, economic news is light and investors on vacation or they are waiting for janet yellinto speak on friday and shed some light when the fed could be raising interest rates again. yesterday dow jones rose 17 points, nasdaq was up 15, shares fell for epi-pen drug maker myland after increasing
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anger over soaring prices of that life saving allergy medicine. some members of the congress are calling for an investigation. and best buy's stock had its best day in years. their jumped 20 percent on stronger than expect sales in the last quarter. best buy's latest earnings proved that americans still want to test out and see home entertainment centers and other electronics in person before they buy. tesla says its cars is now fastest on earth, at least that are available to the public. the tesla says its new version of the its model s car can do zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds in a test where portions of ferrari models that can go that fast but they are limited runs, million-dollar vehicles. where do you drive these things, 55 miles an hour speed limit, you can't do that on the schuylkill expressway. >> thanks, jill. a local woman's story of
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brotherly love, is spread ago cross the country. >> it is all because of her response after she said someone spray painted a hate symbol on her trash can. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins with us her story, good morning. >> reporter: this is an inspirational story this home owner really turn the table on someone who had hate in their hearts and now her story is went ago cross the country and even the world. esther cohen eskin lives in havertown. she, on friday woke up to find someone in the middle of the tonight had vandalized her trash can by spray painting a swastika on the side of it. she called police. she was the only person tagged. determined not to let hate try um, esther decided to turn that symbol into a piece of art. she said it was per put i can and she decided to share her story on social media. esther thought she might get a couple likes on facebook. she got 1500 likes.
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>> it went from mad, angry, a little scared to really proud to live in a community wherever one has each others back. >> but that is not all in that facebook post esther asked her neighbors to do something special. coming up at 6:00 we will find out her request and how well they answered that call. the that is great story at 6:00. just a hint, her message got all the way to canada and ireland. >> wow, taking bull from the horns and say we are moving forward, looking forward to 6:00. >> thanks, jan. here's another example of neighborly love people on wycough street in brooklyn love this bedazzled brown stone home of the susan gardener who said he started decorating it as therapy as part of the september 11th attacks. it has button, sea shells, figurines and cd's stock up there. she says she has in plans to settle down on this work in progress. still ahead we are getting
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a first look at james corden's car pool karaoke with brittany spears. finally free a philadelphia man is released from prison 25 years after he was wrongly convicted of rape and murder, we will hear from him just ahead. milestone for this young man we will talk to the little boy who was first double hand recipient when we come right back. he is the fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..."
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if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. the wait is finally over for car pool karaoke fans as brittany spears. >> ♪ >> is she going to sing? check them out, okay. the pop princess herself going with james corden. and an all new car pool car oak think week. we know toxic made the play list but you will see which other songs made the list. you can catch the all new car pool car oak which brittany spears this thursday august 25th on the late, late show right here on cbs-3. i want to know how involved brittany will get. i will watch.
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so-called final five, u.s. women's gymnastics team are on top of the world, literally. and teenage all visited it on top of the empire state building yesterday, simon biles, gabby douglas madison, and laurie hernandez attended tone a ward winning musical hamilton, afterward they got the to meet and greet the cast. >> moodies tense, i have been on some serious, serious reports but nothing quite like this. >> who put that in there. >> path the path on the the back to whoever put that in there. they are on the panda watch at atlanta zoo because lulu is pregnant with twins. i love a good panda story. >> let's just take a second and enjoy this greatness. giant panda, look at that, my goodness, it is a panda ultrasound. giant panda is expect to give birth any day now.
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she already had five other babies, okay. three are now back in china and once she gives birth the zoo will wait hundred days to name cub which will be with siblings overseas, pandas when they are born, i'm listening to you with your panda's. >> they are tiny, when they are born. >> brooke to have cable channel devoted to pandaes. >> sitting next to some and touch them. >> i feel you. >> person who ace frayed of ants would like to sit next to a giant bear, yes. >> and gold fish. >> and gold fish. >> yes. that is koala, wrong animal. >> pan a's eat bamboo. >> well, justin doesn't know. >> thanks for that tip on pandaes. >> you are welcome. >> another nice day today, cool start to the morning, afternoon, we will warm it up,
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very comfortable. about 40 minutes from a nice sunrise. check it out, starting to see color showing up at the shore. looking live at ocean city. it will be a great beach day for the next several days. temperatures very comfortable along the coast, upper 70's to 80 degrees. ocean water temperature feeling good. also in the mid 70's this morning and our weather watchers are reporting nice temperatures in the backyard, once again, down to the 50's, in a lot of spots even lower 50's farther north and west you go from philadelphia we will head up to eileen's house in gilbertsville and cooler spot at 52 degrees. clear skies. we have milder temperatures around philadelphia we will go closer to the city. lou in eagleville clear. 62 degrees. you may get stuck in the cooler spots. we have light win, across the region, interior south jersey, again, in the pine land, mark, chats worth 53 degrees and milder, we will hit delaware right now. sixty-four at jason's house in
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middletown and he has also got clear skies. that is trend. we're dealing with high pressure over mid-atlantic and northeast. storm scan three is quiet. cold front near chicago they have showers witt. that will pass through on friday. it does than the have moisture but what it does is knock out humidity more for weekend but as i said shore forecast looks great to day 80 degrees. tomorrow more humid at 83. then we will bump up to the mid 80's for afternoon highs on friday. it will be humid. but shower chances very low at the shore. prime time tropics, again, peak of the season is not until september 10th but 2 storms, tropical storm gaston about to be a hurricane, tracking over atlantic waters. not impacting anyone not even bermuda, maybe wet weather there we will feel swells from gaston second half of the weekend into next week. then we are watching this area here overlyward island that has the shock to impact u.s. potentially as track to the west northwest, eventually bohamas by week end and south
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florida, or does it the go to the gulf or make a turn to the the north. most models consensus takes it toward south florida. we will see what happens with that storm. that will be hermine if it is name. back home high pressure today, comfortable in the 80's, is there the front, approaching friday, and maybe a shower in some spots but it will be hot. lower 90's. still hot for weekend but high midty drops. enjoy today, sunshine, comfortable high temperature up around 86 degrees. lets hit the road with meisha with the latest. >> thanks very much. perfect day to get your gt o out. >> yes. >> good morning, you guys. why am i showing you this road that looks empty. why would i do that? this is where we had an accident 422 eastbound is closed between route 29 and oaks. give you an update that has been cleared. we are looking really good in this area, disable vehicle schuylkill westbound near 202 pulled off to that shoulder,
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not going to cause too many slow downs yet but i will say there is a a lot of vehicles out there right new for those jumping out on the schuylkill westbound around 02 just know that disabled vehicle flashing lights will give you gaper delay and will start to slow you down within the next 20 minutes or so. just make note for those heading out there right now it is out there pulled off to the side. interstate i-95 southbound at cottman this is what you look at. look at how dark. hard to see now. better shot when we didn't have headlights, taillights on the roadways but we have lights out here in interstate i-95. it is very dark. just make sure they are working. i don't know if you remember when one headlight was out, one wasn't. justin, i knew you would were playing that game but this one right here this is very, very dark for those driving around with your lights. accident investigation in whitpain involving a penndot truck that went in the pole. north wales road is closed at
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yost road. you will to have use an alternate. dekalb pike and white hall road is your best bet. jim, over to you. a philadelphia man is set free after spending decade behind bars for a crime he did not commit. anthony wright sat in prison for 25 years after being convicted of raping and killing an elderly woman in 1991 but thanks to dna in evidence 2013 another man was link to the crime, therefore exonerating wright. but, prosecutors tried the case again, this time jury rendered a not guilty verdict. "eyewitness news" was there as he walk free as he said he can't put the feeling into word. >> i cannot put it into word right now, man i'm numb. this is best day of my life. to share it with these guys my attorneys who advocated for me for over a decade, my family right here to support me, every day for 25 years, it is unbelievable. you cannot put it into word. >> wright walked through prison gates and went to
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dinner with his family. spokesperson for d.a.'s office released a statement thanking jury and assistant district attorneys for their service. on the healthwatch this morning spectacular progress by the recipient of the face transplant. mississippi fire fighter pat harbison was seriously burned a year ago. he survived a 26 hour face transplant at a insuring hospital and now doctors say, they are thrilled he is doing so well. the doctors say that they rebuilt his face and no one notices. >> a dozen people, can tell something happened but they would never look at me and think i have a face transplant. >> still almost unbelievable that we can do this. we added chin bone, cheekbone and nasal bone. remaining portion of his facial skeleton. >> doctors say they were able to make his face resemble faces of his children. face donor died in a met or
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cycle accident. just one year ago we all met zion harvey, boy was the first child to receive a double hand transplant at children's hospital of philadelphia. >> we have check with zion on the anniversary of that ground breaking surgery yesterday and he is doing well. zion lost his hands and legs because of an infection at two. he received his hand from another child who had died. he told our stephanie stahl he can do a lot of things now without any help. >> i can bend them, i can eat. i think it is a hazing. >> we think he is amazing. after the surgery a year ago he said he didn't feel different. family of the boy whose hand zion received says he is happy to see a part of their son be a blessing to another little will boy. still ahead we will tell you about the organization that takes visually impaired people out on the opened water. >> stay with us, we will be right
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enjoying sensations of a special day on the high seas. >> as part of the annual event held by chicago yacht club, weather was perfect yesterday for the cruise, 80 people boarded ten yachts for an afternoon on the water. even though many of the passengers could not see, they say that they felt fresh air, and the freedom.
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you can see just by thinking, and feeling the water. >> feel the power, the boat, you can feel the waves, hitting you in the face. >> well, passengers say even without your sight there is so many things to hear, feel, and experience. well, coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" sign of the times, every everyone always looking down, hunched over their phones and now it is leading to a real medical concern, we will tell you how to prevent what is called text neck. of course we will update our breaking news after shocks continue to rattle italy where a strong earthquake destroyed a town. we will have the latest on the rescue efforts next.
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we're updating breaking news overnight death toll continuing to rise after a strong earthquake, hit central italy. right now it town is in ruins and the tran particular search for survivors is underway. new this morning a father was killed right in front of his children. it is an active crime scene as police work to determine exactly what happened. some changes the way in the forecast, justin let us know when humidity returns and when we can see a then are storm. it is wednesday, august 24th good morning i'm's jim
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donovan. i'm brooke thomas. justin in for katie and he and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> very busy, a lot of accidents, some of which have cleared but a water main break we will talk about in a couple minutes. >> good morning, put down windows on the morning drive-in, still nice and retrekker, good breeze, afternoon gets warm but humidity still on the low end, setting up a nice sunrise, about 22 minutes here in philadelphia, mostly clear looking live, in problems outside, temperature holding at 68 degrees at the airport. southwest breeze on the light side at 5 miles an hour and low humidity. that is what it feels like upper 60's. fifty-seven in the lehigh valley. fifty-three mount pocono. we were dealing with 40's in the mountains. milder today but, still in the bad but with the low humidity 62 palmyra, new jersey feeling good in quake are town 55 degrees. storm scan three nice and quiet good travel morning, maybe have the day off,


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