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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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is joseph kaine junior, his family members say he did suffer a broken collar bone he ace wake and leather at the hospital. you can see marks that investigators left to note impact of this hit and run which was all caught on surveillance video. >> very lucky. fortunate to be alive. >> reporter: just before 1:00 thursday morning a hit and run in hand i young landed a five five-year old philadelphia police sergeant in the hospital. >> he was hit with such force, that both of the shoes were torn from the feet as well as his hat. it was torn from the head of this sergeant. >> reporter: surveillance video from mike's pizza shows moment 2008 toyota rar4 hit philadelphia police sergeant speaking to another officer after making a traffic stop. it happened on main street near shurs lane. >> and the sergeant's body launched about 15 feet south, on main street. >> reporter: even after striking the fifth district sergeant, and a police cruiser
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with enough force to rip off a side-view mirror the driver just keeps going. >> it shows you how dangerous this job can be, he is just there, signing a police log and checking circumstances that for all intents and purposes, really uneventful. >> reporter: a driver who saw the accident followed the 21 year-old until police arrested him a mile away. he has been identified as colin murphy of the schwanksville. >> 's peers to be under the influence of alcohol. >> reporter: police charged murphy with aggravated assault while trying under the influence, criminal and dui. sergeant kaine remains in stable condition at einstein medical center. live from manayunk, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an eight year-old girl caught in the cross fire in camden is fighting for perfect life tonight. neighbors identified the girl as gabriel, authorities say she was shot once in the head while on her front porch along 800 block of spruce street around 8:30 wednesday night.
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police say several armed suspects were firing at another suspect and hit the eight year-old instead. she remains in critical condition. enough is enough. stand up. please stand up. enough is enough. too many young people is dying, too many. >> reporter: police confirmed that they are looking at several possible suspects, but as of have right now no one is in custody. we will have much more with a live report tonight a at 6:00. in campaign 2016 the presidential candidates are accusing each other of playing the race card to win over voters. democratic nominee hillary clinton delivered a speech on that issue in reno, nevada. clinton accused republican nominee donald trum of pandering to the right movement made up mostly of white supremacist. he focused on his ties during her speech. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups main stream and helping a radical
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fringe take over the republican party. >> clinton's original plan in reno was to discuss proposal toss help small businesses. meanwhile trump lashed out at clinton in new hampshire and accused her of trying to smear both he and his supporters as racist. trump said former secretary of state should ab shamed of herself. >> thank you so much. if you want to have strong borders, so that people come into our country, but they come in legally through a legal process, that doesn't make you a racist, its makes you smart. it makes you an american. >> trump is expect to give a speech on immigration reform sometime next week. republican vice-president nominee mike pence, also governor of indiana left campaign trail to survey tornado damage in his state. he toured the town of kokomo40 f indianapolis. officials say several tornado swept through the area in
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minutes yesterday. pence traveled to a star bucks leveled by the high wind and spoke to residents impacted by the storm. damage to that star bucks was recorded, no customers or employees were hurt, right now the clean up is underway, roofs were torn off homes, and businesses, trees were knocked down and thousands are without power tonight. tornado caused widespread damage but no one was seriously hurt. a dozen people suffered minor injuries. humidity is creeping up, once again, that means chance have of showers in the area, rises as well, meteorologist kate bilo tracking the forecast now from the cbs-3 sky deck, kate. >> that front we just mention that had brought severe weather to the midwest last night that is actually crossing our area as we speak but good news is no severe weather for us. it has brought an increase in clouds this afternoon and now the sunnies peeking out here in center city philadelphia you can see that batch of cloud, out to storm scan three showing that cloud increase, brief stand of cloud moving
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through the region and cloud increased this afternoon. we have not seen too much rain but i can tell you a found a few light droplets on the die deck a few minutes ago and as we look closer at our triple sweep there are a few little dots of green here and there. not a huge kiehl but out and about you feel a few light rain drops on your arm or face, that is what you are dealing with just a a light shower moving through. secondary cold front will cross through tomorrow, up across great lakes right now, that one also not looking like it has a lot witt, we will track those showers at least chance for those showers tomorrow, coming up. in the meantime today humidity did creep upward, cloud cover has limited the heating just a little bit to 85 in philadelphia. eighty-four in wilmington. eighty-two in millville. eighty-three in atlantic city. the with the dew points higher it feels like hottest day of the the week so far. coming up we have more to talk b we will talk about the returns of 90's to the forecast, staying muggy overnight and tropic, do we have to worry about anything?
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tropical storm l, tropical storm gaston we will touch on that when i come back. now back to the top story investigation in the deadly incident at a zip line back. woman fell after disconnecting herself from the safety system. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at the scene in bear, delaware with more on this, greg. >> reporter: jessica, ukee, delaware state the police say they are still wrapping up their investigation but it appears the victim a 59 year-old woman from delaware, somehow was able to disconnect herself from the safety harness before falling american 30 feet to the ground it was supposed to be something that she crossed off her bucket list but 59 year-old tina werner from felt on, delaware ended up falling to death on her attraction in pair delaware wednesday afternoon. she then fell from the platform that she was on approximately 35 feet to the ground. >> reporter: tonight go ape, the company that owns and maintains the ride at lums
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pond state park releasing new details about what led up to the fatal fall n a statement spokesperson for go ape says participant witnesses stated at the time of the accident werner had unfortunately disconnect herself from the safety system. it continues quote all of the course and associated safety equipment was and remains in sound operational condition. >> our hearts really go out to the family and her friends and any witnesses or employees of go ape at the time is a tragic event. >> reporter: state police are investigating. >> thinks first incident we have investigated after this nature. >> reporter: of an event that was supposed to be a exciting one for werner, her daughter melissa slater posting to facebook about her family's lost saying my mom died completing her bucket list, zip lining in newark. no one was home at warner's felt on home but next door neighbor chris butler. >> i'm shock. >> reporter: said she will miss her friend and knew werner was an adventurer. >> i knew hot air balloon was.
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we have known the family for a long time. i feel sorry for them. she will be missed. >> reporter: officials say that this attraction will reopen, although not to day out of respect for the victim. we are live here in beer, dill what you are at lums pond state park i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. chopper three over a fire on hey road in wilmington that sent two fire fighters to the hospital. it started at the wilmington facility and quickly reached two alarms. that company makes roofing products and investigators determined some welding, sparked the fire. no employees were injured. there is no word on the conditions of those injured fire fighters. well tonight a three-year oldies safe ape sound have after being found wandering in collindale delaware county. woman found the toddler around 75:00 near trolley tracks atwood land avenue and macdade boulevard. he was taken to the police station while officers flooded social media sites with his picture.
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police say boy stays with various family members during the week and they have stern word over the incident. >> your child is not a toy, i hate to say that it way but you cannot take a kid and pass him around and there is things you need to do you cannot take, that is not right. that is in the right at all. >> children and youth services are meeting with family members to determine a plan of action. the child also received a medical checkup. coming up on "eyewitness news" after shocks hindering rescue efforts the day after the earthquake in italy. full story at 50:00. chilling details of the the last hours of el farrow, we are learning what the black box revealed about that doom ship that went down in a hurry. it is something many people put off thinking about but are you saving enough for retirement? three is on your side with easy ways to make sure you're ready for life after work. torey? ahh, loved by everyone
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here at sea isle, it is the last year of 25 years. we will share her favorite memories and we have something special planned that she does not know. >> yes, she does. >> don't miss this, big surprise coming
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have you started planning for retirement? good news is more americans are living longer. the bad news is that can affect your retirement savings in a big way. three on your side's jim donovan has information to help you determine if you are saving enough. >> reporter: more americans are living longer, and more people, are working longer. but are we saving enough to enjoy our golden years? well, apparently some of us need a nudge from our employers. new report from t rowe price find more and more companies are making it easier for employees to save for retirement. how? well, last year a little more than half of the employers surveyed automatically enrolled workers into a retirement savings plan like a 401k. 30 percent automatically contributed 6 percent or more of the workers salary to the savings plan which, according to the report, is a big deal. here's why. if automatically enrolled 88 percent of workers participate in the plan. when employees have have to sign themselves up, and aren't
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automatically enrolled, less than half participate. but put ago way 6 percent still might not be enough. t rowe price recommend saving 15 percent or more of your salary toward retirement. now if you cannot do that all at once start saving gradually like adding 2 percent each year, little by little you can build a nest egg that may keep you comfortable in retirement. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> reporter: yeah, it is the suiting sound of tori down the shore. >> vittoria woodill live in sea isle city with a story of a summer job held by one special lady, tori. >> reporter: that is right, summer job filled with heart. this is marilyn bennet, we love you, marilyn. oh, yes we do. we love you marilyn, yes, we do. that is right, it has been 25
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years marilyn has been a beach tagger here in sea isle city. she has had memories, there has been a lot of hearts and a lot of people you have met along the way. i'm getting choke up myself. she kicked things off with this celebration marilyn wanted to share this memory with all have of us. >> i have actually checked tags for 25 years. >> reporter: with the diary filled. >> every day, every day people would say but so many interesting things happened. >> reporter: it was this one that took her heart. >> this is one of those best stories of beach tag office. i know all these people because we come here every year and i know so many people. they used to make a hot dog for me every day. i would offer them tin foil and sweet potato chips and hot dogs. well, i mentioned to them that i have seen a set of dishes,
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and at the swiss store right around the corner and i said i didn't buy them. i hope they still have them when i'm off next week. her and her husband went down and bought those dishes for me. the next day when i opened up the hot dog which was usually on a paper plate it was a note in there the rest of the set is in my condo. there were 15 plates. >> wow. >> absolutely incredible. >> marilyn, we all just heard the story of the dishes. what does it feel like to make such a connection with the people in sea isle that you have all these years. >> it is wonderful. they have all been so good to me. i never know what is coming next. >> that brings me to our next surprise. mayor, this is the mayor of the sea isle city, mayor, what do we have for marilyn. >> marilyn, because of your 25 years of dedicated service,
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and 25 years of doing some great things other than beach tagging here in sea isle city, i would like to present to you the key to our city. that is just for you. >> wow, thank you. >> how does that feel. >> that is for me. >> yes, for you. >> how does it feel, marilyn glit feels wonderful. >> can you give us one more year. >> one more year, one more year, one more year. >> the last one is sweetest one. >> this is it. >> she's saying thinks it but we all want her back. congratulations marilyn. sending it back to you. coming up i'm if thing a taste of sea isle at 6:00 o'clock. >> all righty, please congratulate marilyn for all of us. >> indeed, bravo. >> not one more year. >> not going to happen. >> like michael phelps, nope,
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i'm done. i'm done. >> he's done. >> i got me key, i'm out. >> yes, summer is starting to wind down. >> we think of labor day as unofficial end to summer. we have a week and a half left of that shore season before kid go back to school, already back to school and we have got some good summer weather for those last few days as we head toward labor day weekend. it is warm, muggy today as you can feel stepping outside and humidity will be up tomorrow as well, still above average but humidity not quite as bad. we will look outside where we're seeing cloud cover this afternoon. it is mostly cloud any bethlehem in northampton county. not a whole lot of rain with this front moving through, a small boundary moving through, and moving in but this does not produce much in the way of moisture which is good news. we have kept it cloudy and inhibited heating just a bit this afternoon but again you are not dealing with any rain for your commute. mostly rain tree right now and you can see clouds are kind of
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clear. looking at storm scan three we have clear skies back to the west. this first batch moved on through, and now we are seeing sunshine, we saw sun trying to peak outside on the sky deck. pleasant evening. not too hot. sunnies not as strong as it was, good afternoon and evening to take a walk, jog, anything like that just a stray sprinkle. one dot popping up here along atlantic city expressway that is all we have got going on outside and that is not much of anything at all. temperatures 58 in philadelphia. eighty-two allentown. eighty-three reading. eighty-four in wilmington. remember a couple days ago we had dew points in the 50's. now we're talking depoints back in the 70's. that puts us back in the oppressive range and that is where it will stay tonight and into tomorrow. the good news once we clear tomorrow, we will get humidity dropping for start of the weekend. tomorrow is just some clouds to start the day. most of the day dry, i took isolated thunderstorm chance out of the forecast. it doesn't look like we will
5:20 pm
see much just a gusty breeze in the afternoon. notice temperatures or dew points staying in the 70's overnight. by late tomorrow night we will see these numbers fall off. watch what happens on saturday, to points back in the 50's, much lower humidity for start of your weekend. tropics still active this is fastton, that is expected to be a hurricane but should stay out to sea. we have invest 99l, an area of showers and storms we are watching heading toward south florida and bohamas. coming up next half an hour we will take a closer look at latest expect track and model analysis of those two systems and let you know whether we have anything to be concerned about. otherwise we're talking about temperatures in the 90's here tomorrow 93 degrees, hot and humid, mostly sunny, breeze picks up in the afternoon and behind that humidity drops for weekend and beautiful summer weekend. temperatures above average but nobody is complaining about sunshine and 89 degrees in august. it is a really great weekend for pool, beach, poconos, whatever you planned to do, do something fun.
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>> beautiful. >> you know about this, still ahead, shelf clouds. >> they look amazing but what are they? meteorologist lauren casey explains from our science center coming up, don. cornerstone of the phillies is reportedly on the move. plus this man won a silver medal in rio and sold it, but the reason why, we will leave medal in rio and sold it, but the reason why, we will leave with you a arm at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get. longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. all with fresh salad and unlimited bread. the great american steak dinner, for $12.99. tonight, only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.99.
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don you have some breaking news. >> yes. pulled over from the 2008 world series winning team,
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more on this, coming up, at 6:00. and now the sixers, wrapping up their four day basketball camp at community college of philadelphia they called it introduction to the fundamentals of the game. camp welcomed boys and girls age five to seven. >> just from beginning to advance. you have kid who have have never touched the basketball before, to kids who are, you know, eventually looking to get scholarships and college one day down the line but we divide them up on appropriate age and skill level so they are playing appropriate competition. poland's peter, won a silver medal in rio in the diskus but what he did afterward deserves real applause. he put the medal up for auction to raise money for a three-year old child who needed treatment for a rare form of cancer. we are happy to report a pair of billion airs bought the medal at a price to cover the cost of the procedure, wow, the peoples champ. >> no doubt. >> you know how hard they
5:26 pm
train for the olympics, and you wait for years and win the silver and does something like this. >> that is giving back on another level. >> wonderful. >> wonderful. >> thanks, don, appreciate it. coming up next a new lesion life, a dog headed for certain death get a life saving job and today is graduation day. full story when we come back. late, late show host james corden one of the two celebrities coming out with stories of being bullied, how they have dealt with the hate coming up. a federal investigation, bearing down on the electrical workers union and its powerful boss is now widening, i'm joe holden and we will tell you where agents fanned out in what appears to b kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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after shocks, continue to
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rattle, central italy as rescue workers comb through the ruble for survivors of yesterday's powerful earthquake. magnitude 6.2 quake left more than 200 dead, 300 injured, and thousands homeless. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim he ukee washington. rescue efforts are focused on three devastated towns known to be popular vacation spots in italy. emergency workers in toronto are going through mountains of debris looking for signs of life. overnight rescue teams pulled a victim out of the ruble. video from the italian fire service shows crews working around the clock to find survivors of the massive's 6.2 earthquake. rescuers will not say when the operation will move from saving lives, to recovering bodies. hundreds of after shocks are hampering the rescue effort in the hardest hit town of amatrice, a strong tremor caused news camera to shake and send debris falling from already damaged buildings.
5:31 pm
a former teacher in amatrice broke down in tears, when she went back to see what was left of the school. she said that she has been unable to locate some of her former students. eleven people were killed here in the town of ocamold, they were asleep and many of those homes were completely leveled. the sides were torn off other buildings exposing a glimpse of the lives have of that have been shattered and even homes still standing have been deemed too dangerous to return to. in 2009 a magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck central italy killing more than 300 people and causing an estimated $16 billion in damage. now lets take a look at these these pictures taken by students at american university of afghanistan showed aftermath of yesterday's deadly siege. cbs news reports that nine students and a professor are among the 16 killed, when militants stormed the campus. no group has claimed responsibility just yet but authorities say all suspicious point to the taliban, the nine
5:32 pm
hour standoff began with the car bombing at the university's entrance and ended after police killed two gunman. the university remained closed to day and unclear when it will reopen. orlando hospital executives, say they will not be billing the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting for treatment. the washington post first reported the news. orlando regional medical center says it will bill insurance plans and victim's fun set up by city leaders. florida hospital representatives say they hope gesture add to the goodwill that tea fines orlando. forty-nine people were killed when the gun man walk in the gay nightclub, pledged loyalty and isis and began shooting. police later kill the gun man. recordings from the doomed el faro ship's black box which was pulled from the ocean floor back in april are now shedding light on the crew's final hours. according to the audio crew discussed loss of propulsion and flooding around 6:00 a.m. by 7:30 the captain ordered the crew to abandon ship.
5:33 pm
ten minutes later the audio end. all 33 people on board the ship were killed when it sank late last year. well to day the national park service is celebrating its centennial anniversary but washington monument could be off limits to visitors for nine months. park service officials say elevator need major renovations. elevator has broken down frequently over past two years. officials say problem may trace back to the earthquake that damaged the monument five years ago. national park service director was honored at independent national historical park this olde city. park officials unveiled a bronze plaque of steven matter as part of the centennial celebration. they continue this will 8:00 o'clock tonight and include a picnic and concert on independent mall. well, very special celebration at the philadelphia department of prisons, on state road. >> today a class of inmates got a new lesion life, as they gear up to reenter society. reporter cherri gregg of our
5:34 pm
sister station kyw news radio news radio has details. >> reporter: today was graduation day for this cocoa ed class of inmates. >> it is pretty comical. >> reporter: new lesion life matches a pair of inmates with a four legged friend. >> she's a big dog. i'm a little guy. it was hard but she came around. >> reporter: they spent 12 weeks, 24 hours a day work bygara a pit bull from the high risk shelter. many of behavioral issues that make adoption difficult. >> she was a pain at first but we have a partner. >> reporter: they trained her to be obedient and follow commands. bygara taught them. >> patients, dedication, disciplined. >> they also get 12 weeks of basic animal care. they learn to groom, cut the their teeth, give their medication. >> reporter: he says that new lesion life gives inmates a chaps at a career starting
5:35 pm
with a paid internship at a local shelter. these guys get a new home. >> he went to live on with us and have fun. >> reporter: for angie and terrell davis, graduation day is bitter sweet. >> i will miss him, that is why. i got close to this dog. >> reporter: they will be released on friday. >> we will start our new beginning. >> reporter: thanks, with a new outlook on life. >> not only do dogs need us but our children need us reports. >> reporter: they will say good bye to the inside. do you think you will be back. >> not at all. >> reporter: they will never forget their friend. on state road, cherri gregg for kyw news radio cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> great program. >> yes. still to come on "eyewitness news" two comedians open up about being bullied. also makers of the potentially life saving medicine got backlash for inflating the cost and now a plan to help families who struggle to pay the price. we have all sat at the airport waiting, waiting, and waiting for our flight. so take a guess on what the
5:36 pm
culprit for flight delays is most of the time? we will tell you next, kate? temperatures head back to the 90's but how you long will they stay there and can we expect any impact from any tropical system as we head toward labor day weekend. we will look at the tropics in the seven day
5:37 pm
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a new bloomberg reports on flight delays, points finger at airlines. the report looked at flight delay data from the federal bureau of transportation statistics and found mechanical issues and crew scheduling are leading cause of flight delays within the u.s. there is a little bit of good news in that report though it also found delays have dropped to all time lows in recent months. local seniors learned some safety tips along avenue of the arts today. the philadelphia police
5:40 pm
department teamed up with new port senior services for their third annual senior safety event. focus was on general safety and solutions for seniors to help protect them against scams while sharing beneficial programs for seniors in the philadelphia area. well, potentially life saving trucks has its price jacked up stressing up many families who rely on it. >> how the maker is responding to backlash and making ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out?
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oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. police say a waiter shot up a restaurant after a group of customers got upset about their lunch order. [gunfire] >> officers say the shooting happened at a popular steak house in san antonio. they say that one of the customers, first punched a waiter and then waiter and red flag shirt got away but then later return with a gun and fired several shots at the ceiling. witness who did not want her face schenn said people yelled, dove for cover but no one was hurt. >> old laid writes on the floor, one in the back
5:44 pm
actually crying and one was on the floor. there was people on the floor. it was scary. >> police say waiter, customers ran out of the restaurant after the shooting and they could face charges. texas is an opened carry state but em lease are not allowed to have guns inside the restaurant. maker of the life saving epi-pen said they are trying to lower its cost which has climbed to more than $600. >> mylan makes injectable allergic medication for allergic reactions for bee stings, peanuts and shellfish. company is expanding its patient assistance program and offering direct ordering and savings card to bring down the cost. its ceo was interviewed today explaining what is behind the price hike. >> there are four or five key that the product touches and companies that it goes through before it ever gets to that patient at the counter. >> more than 3.6 million prescriptions for epi-pen, two packs were filled in the u.s. just last year. kate bilo joins us now with that forecast. things were graying up out
5:45 pm
there. >> we started the take with lots of sun and as we talk about yesterday that bank of cloud moved in but good news didn't have shower activity with it. it has been dry. it is nice seeing a few cloud, makes it feel cooler. >> it does. >> if you want to take a walk after work, sun not quite as strong now that the clouds moved in. we are already starting to see breaks in that included cover and skies clear, behind it to the west. and, we will see some clouds out there tomorrow, feel heat and humidity, for the most part things are quiet weather-wise. not a whole lot have of showers and thunderstorm activity on the way for us. we will show you beautiful shot of our skies line from across the river in camden looking live at the philadelphia sky line. you can see it looking cloudy, hazy outside this evening. starting to brighten up. sun trying to peak through here and there we are not seeing much in the way of showers popping up but just a little glummy look to the afternoon, an afternoon where you want to take a nap, maybe in the hammock. sound good to me. lets check with our eyewitness
5:46 pm
weather watchers and they have been keeping tabs on the cloud moving in sending us photos and their temperature reports here. barbara lane at 83 degrees. dew point is 71. in new jersey we are at 85 at home of gary in, sewell. 85 degrees with mostly cloudy conditions. nearby to him it is 83 at home of the john carroll in mullica and then mostly cloud there i as well. eighty-seven for margot in buena vista township. eighty-seven, mostly cloudy. it is warm still. temperatures in the mid to up are 80's but mostly cloudy. john delis in glasgow with some sun peeking through the cloud. i want to show you photos of the cloud, this would than from gary, showing overcast sky near his place. look at this bug, this is a bug at margot simmons bug. this has been knocking on her door past several days. it looks like a branch but that is a bug. we will get everything not just weather from our weather watchers, but also pictures of nature outside their homes.
5:47 pm
beautiful shot of the sunrise from phil. look at these colors, just fantastic. look at these pictures from outside. live neighborhood network sites, this is up in bernville near the poconos, the junior/senior school, where it is 82 degrees. the it is overcast right now. again we're not expecting any real serious rain, anything like that, most of the cloud are starting to clear, you can see thick bank of cloud is starting to clear the companies and there are clearer skies back to the west. so a little will bit of an overcast evening as we zoom in on philadelphia. mainly just a couple spots possibly picking up a stray sprinkle, that is all you'll see this evening and tonight this next front moving through great lakes that will cross our area tomorrow. generally dry once again maybe a stray shower but mostly just rain free. spotty showers, then are storms we are dry tomorrow highs in the 90's though. humidity has increase today staying high tomorrow but then behind that front tomorrow afternoon high pressure builds back in and we will get in a nice flow for saturday.
5:48 pm
saturday looks like a beautiful summer weekend day. sunday not too shabby, sunny nice and warm and high in the 80's this front will approach monday into tuesday bringing humidity and better chance for showers and storms. checking in on our invest, area of disturb weather over antilles, looking pretty ragged this evening. it does not look like it has much shape whatsoever, in fact, it looks like if it does develop, models say it may, may not, it does it doesn't look like it will develop until it is over south florida or in the gulf. you can see consensus takes it in the eastern gulf of mexico for the most part and then could ramp it back off to sea as we head into next week but less and less likely this will impact us here in philadelphia in anyway, shape or form. if it does develop looking more likely to stay off to our south. we have tropical storm gaston, gaston, right now location out in the atlantic ocean far from land, wind at 65 miles an hour. here's potential track with gaston that will hook to the west but then make an abrupt
5:49 pm
turn by ber mood, it will strength tone a category two hurricane but should not impact lane, bermuda will pick up wind and churn up the ocean a little bit and increased of down the shore and that is all we will feel. mostly cloudy, muggy 73, overnight low, tomorrow mostly sunny, hot, humid at nine third. i took that thunderstorm out of the forecast. i don't think we will see much of anything tomorrow. down the shore 86 degrees. it is warm and it is a bit more humid. we are looking at temperatures in the 90's, only for one day at least through the weekend. weekend near 90's both saturday and sunday with noteably lower humidity it will feel better out there. humidity does ramp up as we head back to the 90's monday and tuesday, just a stray chance for thunderstorm tuesday, wednesday and thursday and great summer stretch as we head toward lane or day weekend next week even. summer storms we have seen led to some amazing cloud formations, we will take a closer look with meteorologist
5:50 pm
lauren casey. >> reporter: mother nature, she can at times being kind and cruel but most often what she offers is really cool. last week even cbs-3 viewers after this amazing video of a shell cloud over delaware bay at kimball's beach in cape may county. structure seemingly wordily. how dos this form what does it mean if you you observe one. no it doesn't mean aliens are coming but it does mean a strong then are storm is. shell cloud is boundary between up draft and down draft within a thunderstorm where rain cooled air flowing out of the storm meets a warm moist air flowing in. a shelf cloud forms on the leading edge of the thunderstorm and after its passage you can expect heavy rain and strong gusty win. shelf cloud is a arcus cloud with closely related tubular shaped roll cloud. roll cloud is a equally
5:51 pm
fascinating more rare sight to bee hole. developed by same process as shelf cloud but roll cloud is completely detached from the parent thunderstorm f you capture a cool cloud tweet me at lauren at cbs-3. in the science center i'm meteorologist lauren casey. still to come on "eyewitness news" two celebrities open up about being bullied. >> one was hacked with hateful messages and posting private photos. another admits to being bullied as a child. how they are dealing witt and getting support from famous friends when we come back.
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because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. obama's first date at new york south side review. >> it is set in the summer of
5:55 pm
1989 and fictionalizes the presidential couple very first day together. parker sawyer and, kia summer hit the red carpet and gave us insights about the challenges that came with getting into character. >> michelle robinson is one who i had to play and origin of this story and it is a love letter, it is a love story, great date movie. at first it is overwhelming but once we're on set, it was smooth. >> i had to be persuasive, charming, intelligent, playful, so it was a goodwill challenge. >> south side review, officially opens up in theaters tomorrow. dwayne the rock johnson has been named hollywood's highest paid actor. action film star, reportedly raked in more than 64 million-dollar in 2016. the rock, of course, well known for his professional wrestling career but his foray in film has seen him in action movies like furious seven and san andreas. >> hollywood shows, leslie jones continues to make
5:56 pm
headlines after her web site was hacked and leslie is not the only comedian opening up about being bullied. >> insider's michael yo joins us from los angeles, michael? >> reporter: ukee and jessica as leslie is dealing with the latest hack attack another comedian the late, late show james corden gets serious about body shaping and bullying. >> you are living your dream. >> can't believe it is happening. >> reporter: now leslie is living an unfathomable twist in what should be a celebration of her career success, not to mention being a break out star of the real olympic games. ambush, violated by a cyber terrorist, reportedly went through her apple account that hackers were able to take her personal images and documents, and then post them to her own web site, which has since been deactivated. >> among the hack items alleged nude photos, her driver's license, passports and disturbingly a photo of hard ram bye the cincinnati zoo gorilla shot and killed
5:57 pm
this year. >> is what up with your body. >> i did work out the other day and i looked like i was swimming in my clothes. >> reporter: we need to get in shape. >> yes. >> reporter: james with chelsea handler candidly discussing his weight as he dos in rolling stone's cover story which describes late, late show host favorably as a chunky guy on television, that could use some help. >> in the article he addresses being jolly fat boy during the cruel teen years saying if you big at school you will be a target. inside you are terrified. if you a bit funny, quick are then them they won't circle back on you again. much more tonight on the insider. ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. get your hollywood news tonight and every week night at 7:30. watch insider here on cbs-3. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a child is show the in the south jersey. gunman is still on the loose. we will have the latest on the little girl's condition and
5:58 pm
how efforts are stepped up to find how the pulled the trigger. another raid connect to the investigation surrounding a union in philadelphia, who the feds now believe may have ties to ibew, and where they served the search warrant this week. kate? and, clearing up outside, after cloud moved in this afternoon, the sunnies back in center city but humidity is ramping up, i can feel difference out here. feeling muggy. i will tell you how long it will last and what to expect for upcoming weekend, that is coming up, forri. >> it is hot, tori is down the shore and one place bringing the heat. where are we? we will find out next. what am i ordering, girls here's is what happening an eight year-old girl is recovering at a hospital less than 24 hours after she was caught in the cross fire, of a shoot-out in the city. >> good evening, i'm ukee
5:59 pm
washington. i'm jessica dean. that shooting happened last night on the corner or south eighth and spruce streets. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in camden with new information, alex. >> reporter: well, ukee and jessica there is a $6,000 reward for any information that would lead to an arrest, police have been passing these out to anybody passing by on the street. we do know that the victim remains in extremely critical condition no one was out to shoot an eight year-old girl in the head but less than 24 hours ago that is what happened. >> she was a happy little girl, you know. she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: neighbor and family friend asina hall lives on spruce near eighth street in camden. county police spent the day combing the brush. she said victims named gabriel has been excited about school starting and deeply loved. >> we have multiple shooters in this. she was not intended target, clearly and we have some caught on video.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: police believe around 8:30 gang activity led to shots fire. they are now in the trail of suspects fled, north on ninth street. >> laser light focus on these individual and we will do everything that we make sure they never walk streets as free individual again. >> reporter: chief scott thompson says it is not uncommon for neighbors in this community to fear coming forward with information but that in cases involving a child and a reward morality has a chance of prevailing. >> they need to turn themselves in. that was a eight year-old baby. they didn't even have a chance they shot at her. i'm so sad. >> reporter: again there is a $6,000 reward for any information that would lead to an arrest all tips can be made anonymously. reporting live,al sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a fire on hey road in wilmington send two fire fighters to the hospital. chopper three over eico


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