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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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crews are on the scene at a dangerous possible situation at a chemical manufacturing business. >> ryan lochte charged and they go after the swimmer for fileing a false robbery report during the olympics. and a sign of the times. see historical rival and departure board 30th street station may soon be a thing of the past. we begin tonight with breaking news. hazmat situation that forced evacuations in juneian a good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. responded to g street 6:30. the chemical process at this site has gone outside the normal limits and two industrial buildings were evacuated. there's a strong smell of black
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licorice in the air. >> and no evacuation. there's no sheltsner place. we really are just restricting access to the 3600 block of g street. you cannot drive that street. there are two buildings off that street we don't want people going inside. >> authorities tell us no one has been injured. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is formally charged in brazil for vandalizing a gas station in rio during the olympics and lying about. it tonight, eyewitness news reporter david spud asked a local expert whether lochte will have to return to brazil and face the charges. >> on thursday, brazilian officials formally charged ryan lochte with filing a false police report. they want him to come back to give testimony about an incident at a gas station involving lochte and three other swimmers. brazilian authorities say lochte, conger and gunnar bentz and jimmy faegen broke a bathroom and mirror and door.
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lochte said he was a victim robbed at gun point. >> he pulled out a gun and cocked it and put it to my head i put my hands up. >> a few days ago a subdued ryan lochte changed his tune. >> if i did not over exaggerate the story and if i told the entire story none this would have happened. and you know, i was coming from the friend's house i was highly tox indicated this surveillance video shows the four at the gas station. but it's not clear if there are missing parts of the tape. >> you know, he's kind of between a rock and hard place. if you are his lawyer, what do you do. >> fred casey say former lawyer in philadelphia and specializing in extradition and international law. >> i don't know how coye council my client to fly to rio to give testimony in front of these people. >> casey told eyewitness news it's highly unlikely the united states would agree to extradite lock team. it would need to be
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a decision he made on his own. >> everybody makes mistakes. what he did after defines what you do. he didn't want to go on television and say we got drunk and busted up a bathroom. which is a stupid college pran prank. we got caught and paid for it and we're sorry. >> there's no indication tonight that ryan lochte will go to rio, brazil. he lost major endorsements from speedo and ralph lauren and picked up one from pine brothers cough drops. he thanks the company in a statement today. reporter live, david spuds. eyewitness news. >> delaware state police say the woman who fell while zip lining died from multiple blunt force trauma axe the victim is 59-year-old tina warner of fell ton who fell to her death from a platform at a state park in bearch. the zip line company is called go ape. her neighbor said she will miss her friend. >> she had a bucket list.
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i didn't know that was on it but hot air balloon was. she will be missed. >> warner's daughter melissa posted to facebook she said my mom died completing her bucket list, zip lining in newark. >> participate witnesses said at the time of the accident warner had disconnected herself from the saferty system. it continues. all of the course and associated safety equipment was and remains in sound operational condition. an 8-year-old girl remains in screamly critical condition tonight after she was caught in the cross fire of a shootout in camden, new jersey. neighbors say little gabriella was returning from a community program when shot at 8 and spruce last night. detectives are looking for several shooters and believe gang activity led to violence. officials are offering a 6,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. well, you might find this next video disturbing. surveillance recording captures moment of suspected drunk
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driver hits a philadelphia police sergeant in manayunk. joseph king jr. was struck by a car while conducting a traffic stop on main street near sheers lane earlier this morning. colin murphy of swankswankville was behind the wheel and kept going and tow truck driver helped locate murphy and he was arrested and sergeant kaib is hospitalizeed with a broken collar bone. >> a bucks county man is charged for stealing 638,000 worth of parts from septa. this is the suspect, 2 28-year-old kyle allen of langhorne. he made off with vehicle and train parts from six different septa properties and he remains behind bars after failing to make bail. they're new developments in the investigation of prominent philadelphia labor leader john dougherty and ivew local 98 federal agents with a serve warrants searched attorney general field office in south philadelphia tuesday. sources say that search warrant released private security work
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conducted by narcotics agent at the attorney general's office an a spokesman would not comment on anything in the warrant characterizing it as a personnel matter. >> and the race for the whitehouse, the presidential candidates are trading racially charged accusations on the campaign trail that comes 74 days after the november 8 general election. and today, democratic nominee hillary clinton delivered a speech in reno, nevada. clinton accused donald trump panderring to the alt right movement. it's made of mostly white supreme signatures and she focused on his ties to the alt right during her speech. >> donald trump built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream. and he is helping a radical fringe takeover the republican party. meanwhile, donald trump lashed out at clinton in new
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hampshire accusing the nominee of trying to smear he and his reporters as racist. the former secretary of state he said should be ashamed of herself. >> she lies. and she smears. and she paint decent americans, you, as racisties. she bullies voters who only want a better future and tries to intimidate them out of voting for a change. i'm for change. >> trump is expected to geoff a speech on immigration reform sometime next week. hillary clinton's running mate virginia senator kim cane joins steven cobair on the late show it is his first late night appearance as a presidential candidate. you can see it on the late show with steven cobert 11:35 after eyewitness news at 11. >> thetic ago rifles and departures board may sooping departing.
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amtrak says they have plans to swat the 35-year-old board with a digitized model. >> nicole brewer spoke to travelers and some are not ready to see it go. >> inside 30th street station a sign of the times. amtrak announces plans to update their decades old flip board to a digital display. >> i hate to see it go. it's been here so many years. >> it's tradition of philly. >> for me it doesn't matter as long as it works. >> they should leave it. >> history of the board is not lost on amtrak. >> amtrak spokesman mike tolbert often referred to as solari board after the italian manager has become obsolete requiring too much time and effort to keep it running. >> the idea is tone hans the customer experience with more flexible, easier to read displays. >> this is not difficult to read. >> tolbert says high tech
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display in the design phase will benefit those with visual and hearing impairment when you see on the screen will be what you hear throughout the station. >> anything that can be done to reach that basis of ride ridership that's fantastic. >> a loft times you have ramps for handicapped and you still have stairs. you don't eliminate the stairs. >> new boards are already in place in baltimore and d.c. with plans for new york pen station and philadelphia. >> that way when you get off of the station in washington, philadelphia, new york, what you see will thereby and what you see at the other stations. >> still many say they will miss the sound that ensures they don't miss their train. >> put it in the smithsonian where all the other hold stuff is. >> where will the board end u up? there's talk of it landing at the railroad museum of pennsylvania in strasburg, lancaster county and it's yet to be determined and at this point there's no replacement timeline. at least for now, we have the
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little flip sound. >> go while you can right? >> i have been listening to that sound since child, board tion, delays, on time. and there's angst #save the sign. >> okay. >> good stuff nicole, appreciate. it there is growing backlash surrounding soaring cost of life-saving allergy treatment. >> till ahead the hollywood star ending her partnership with the maker of epi pen. >> and nothing better than a cool treat in the summertime. heading to a ice cream shop where the menu features scooping of all kind of concoctions while teaching a important lifelesson at the same time. >> we enjoyed comfort but the he'll will return and we're tracking storms across central pennsylvania. i'll tell you ft. storms will get here and how long the return to the 90s will last coming up in weather. >> all right. chooch is catching on in la. carlos ruiz traded for the dodgers and what the phillies
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>> after shocks continue to rattle central italy as rescue workers come through the rubble for survivors ever the 6.2 earthquake. it left more than 200 dead and hundreds more injured. thousands of others were left homeless and tents have been placed near towns hit the har hardest. tonight, no, city world trade september are tower is lit in the colors of italy's flag. >> sarah jessica parker steps down as face of life saving epi pen in wake of price gouging controversy. in may she signed on with epi pen maker mylan to raise awareness of her son's peanut
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allergy. the costs of a standard tw two-pack climbed to $600. and back in 2009 it cost $100. mylan is expanding patient assistance program and giving savings cards to bring down the cost. >> it was a special celebration at the philadelphia department of prisons. inmates and dogs graduated from the new leash on life rehabilitation program. the program matches pair of inmates with a dog who has behavioral problems. and requires them to train the dog so that it can pass the canine good citizen test. by the end of the program the dogs were not the only one who learned something new. >> with this experience it's like it opens your mind to new things. and it gives you a better insight on what's better in life than just doing the wrong things. >> it helps me get back to society and helped me develop
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patience, something i didn't have. >> they were once considered at risk for euthanasia and now the animals are adopted out to loving families. >> the national historical park in philadelphia celebrates the 100 anniversary of the national parks. >> there was a picnic to mark the occasion and then they filled up a time capsule. it will spend the next 100 years inside the independence hall tower and reopened for the bicentennial august 25, 2116. >> in case did you not know it's national banana split day. and in time for heat and humidity it's a cool taste for torrey. >> she heads to an ice cream place where scoop rerz getting first break in the job market. >> there's a place in boothwyn rolling out sweet ice cream and serving with a smile through their walk upwind owe.
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>> oh, oh, her first lick. >> this is nana splits where many are taking their first lick from a group of teens getting first taste of the workforce. >> who else hires. they're easiest to train and most on minded for sure and they just deserve an opportunity really to grow and learn. >> this is owner mike mckinney says work and fun go hand-in-hand for his team of teen-only employees. >> it's ice cream and fun and you should be here with young people and they should be having fun as well. >> this group as a really good time putting in the hard work. >> certain happy all the time. who doesn't love ice cream. >> ice cream, you extreme, we all extreme for ice cream. >> they all show up for your shift on time and show up happ happy. >> so allow them to give us a rhawn down on some of that tha that's split favorites. >> would you say making a banana split at nana split is an art form. >> it is it takes practice you cannot come in thinking you can
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take a -- make a split it takes a lot of practice, a lot of practice, a lot of practice. >> respect. >> respect. >> how about the homemade waffle and ice cream. >> how does that taste? >> it's warm and cold isn't it? [ laughter ]. >> all right. back to work, guys. >> you call it a swirlly whirl or. >> i call it a soft serve swirl you have to start off slow put it in the cone and wrap it around the sides. >> i can try it. >> go ahead. >> don't drop that. >> it's not for a rookie. >> i mean it veers a little to the right, pretty good. >> yes. >> all in all, teamwork and fun make the stream work. >> at nana split. >> and what can be wet better
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than all that ice cream they deliver from november to march to customers doors within the shop's neighborhood. >> you have to be close or know somebody who lives close. >> boothwyn. >> that's amazing. >> no, i need to know where are they located. >> they might deliver. >> that waffle. >> doesn't that look good? >> amazing. >> let's talk about the weather. we could talk about that all night. >> this is going to be the weekend you want to stand in line for ice cream. >> exactly. >> nice and warm and cool nights and saturday night we will drop quickly once the sun goes down and perfect night to take the family out for ice cream or banana split tonight not bad i'mer it's feeling a little muggy outside and closely watching an area of storms moving through central pennsylvania. let's start with a look outside down the shore speaking of ice cream you can seat boardwalk emptying out 11:18 they turn lights and ferris while off a few moments ago and people out walking and trying to make the night last and make sure vision
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last as well for folks winding down on the week at the shore and tomorrow may be the last full day if you rent a house this week. and tomorrow looks like another great beach day. but the really nice night to get that ocean breeze in ocean city. storm scan 3 locally not anything going on. but want to show what you is happening north and west. this looked a little more robust about an hour ago. we had nasty storms develop ago long i 80. what i want to you know is what is happening with the line of storms. energy is transferring southern most portion of line and that part is slipping due south. just slightly south. this northern flank that could have impacted us is fall ago part and these storms weakening and it's highly unlikely they make it here and likely dodge south and die out overnight. so really we're just looking at warm, muggy, summer night. temperatures across the neighborhood again in the mid 70s. 75 cleming ton and 75 lampeter and 72 for the washington and 76 pots town. you can see
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showers and storms fizzle off to the west and really die out over central pennsylvania. if we pick up anything it's a stray shower overnight possibly in the poconos. we start tomorrow with mix after clouds and sunshine and taken mention of isolated thunderstorm out of the forecast tomorrow and we have it in all week and there's a front in the area and as you can see i don't think anything really happens just picking up a gusty breeze as that front moves through and tomorrow we start with dew points in the 70s. steamy start to friday and by friday evening dew points drop and by saturday dew points in the 50s. we go from oppressive humidity tomorrow morning right back down to the pleasant range on saturday. and then just steaming is up a little for sunday and monday. and quick look at the trop ixz. tropical storm gaston expected to strengthen and curve east of bermuda. that will not be impact maker for us and could turn up rough sure inform atlantic as we head to the weekend. and this area of disturbed weather looks like it's taking time and looking rag di and in the barack obama looks like rain this weekend and could
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strengthen into herminor he hermean depending how you want to pronounce. it and it looks like no impact for us in philadelphia or jersey shore. speaking of shore forecast through the weekend looks great. tomorrow, more humid. we're at 83 down the shore saturday and sunday and 89 both weekend days here in the city and again tomorrow is humid. saturday still warm. much less humid. it's a great summer saturday. we're pretty nice into next week as well. so we're kind of heading towards the end of august on a really, really nice note. >> i have a cousin hermaine. >> you don't see that much. >> i like it. >> old school name. >> what's coming up next in sports. >> so much to get to. would you describe sam bradford as great. his head coach would. what doug pederson is saying about the eagles quarterback that may shock you. chooch is on the move, carlos ruiz traded and reaction to
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>> carlos ruiz was a fan faivrpt he didn't hit like ryan howard or make diving catchs in center field like flyin' hawaiian and getting the pitching staff to rub waters was something to watch. carlos ruiz traded to dodgers this afternoon after spending 11 year career in philly. at 37 years old he waived his full no trade rights to join a contender. ruiz won a world series as you saw there with the phillies in 2008. here are details of the trade. dodgers get chooch and cash consideration. what kind of consideration is that. phillies get struggling 35-year-old catcher a.j. ellis a veteran that can help behind the plate this year but free
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agent come 2017. they get minor league pitcher tommy bergjans who pitched collegiately at haverford college. >> i can't believe chooch is gone. chooch was one of the greatest there for the world series and did all he did and he was great all the time, always dependent on him. he was very dependable. i cannot believe chooch is gone. >> he's a philly fan favorite. we're not going to be able to sit out in the stands anymore and scream chooch. >> and on the football now whether covering presidential politics or sports it happens all the time one person talks tracks and we the media go back to offended party for comment. that happened this week in the nfc east involving eagles. norman said bradford is not top quarterback in the leave.
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head coach doug pederson was asked about bradford and peterson gave a strong emdor emdorsment. >> sam bradford is a good quarterback and asked everything we asked him to do and i'll leave it at that. i see what's happening around with what he's been saying lately and again, he's a great player. listen, he's a great player and washington got a great player and we're lap pi to play them twice this year and see what happens. uh-huh. the sixers wrapping up their four-day basketball camp community college of philadelphia. they call it introduction to the fundamentals of the game and the camp welcomed boys and girls ages 5 to 7. so one more time, guys. >> yes. >> can we get one more chooch. >> chooch. >> that's for you, buddy. >> thank you. >> up next, car pool karaoke is
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subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. >> our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7, for kate, don and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> the late show with steven ukee washington. >> the late show with steven cober is next.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: senator kaine, thanks so much for being here. >> absolutely. >> stephen: it's so exciting to have a potential veep on. >> i'm a big fan. i never miss an episode of-- (whispering) >> the "late show." >> -- the "late show!" with -- (whispering) >> stephen colbert. >> -- stephen colbert. >> stephen: thanks! have you met my other guest, the great tony hale from hbo? >> yes, i love his show-- ( inaudible ) >> ah. game of thrones. what?


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