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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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keeping an eye on things this morning. really fun having you both. >> pretty cool. feels little weird sitting on the side of the desk. i try to keep that weather reference going when she tosses to me, i know people here love that, producers and stuff. when you do traffic, you always talk about the weather, every time, and i'll do it every time. i promise. >> weather team represent this morning. >> weather team. >> yes, it is a mild start to the day. steamy as well, so break out the short, headed up into the 90s as we head into the afternoon hours, but we will get nice break as we head into the upcoming weekend. we are in the 70s to start. 75 degrees in philadelphia, 74 in wilmington, 73 your current temperature right now in allentown, temperature change over the last 24 hours, is in the positive numbers. we're about five to 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday morning. 11 degrees warmer in millville, so, certainly don't need light jacket this morning. storm scan3, showing us, though, maybe the umbrella,
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maybe you can leave it at home, berks county though if you are headed out in the next 30 minutes to 45 minutes, probably will need that umbrella. reading down in flying hills, back into colonial hills, heavy shower moving through will continue to move off to the east, couple sprinkles generating across cape may county putting down very light rainfall in and around the dennis area, maybe raindrop or two, as that continues to move off to the east. future weather showing us the rain chances, really not looking so great, we head into the next couple of hours, isolated shower, couple of sprinkles as we head into midday, clearing out as cold front moves across the delaware vale, maybe very stray shower, light in intensity down the shore, cold front exits, otherwise decrease in clouds as we heed in our saturday morning. nothing but sunshine, and the weekends, at least to start, is looking nice and dry, and in your day planner for today, few clouds this morning, that chance of isolated shower, heating up by lunchtime, up to 09 degrees by the noon hour, and we will spend the afternoon, justin, in the low 90s with the humidity making it feel more like mid to upper
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90's. >> still feeling like the heart of summer, hey, still august, got to remember that temperatures still can stay in the 90s, well above average. sunrise coming in at 6:24. if you have some time, in the darkness here, but traffic picking up little bit. this is 95 headed south at girard. still, speeds are in good shape, running at the speed limit, or above that. and we take you to the boulevard, southbound, tail light-headed toward 76, looking good right now, but that will change probably in a couple every hours, usually jammed up headed to the schuylkill. still, we have this accident scene, westbound on the vine. this is closing down the off ramp at the ben franklin parkway. so just heads up there. now, we got construction zone on the northeast extension, southbound, between lansdale, and mid-county, the right lane is blocked. hopefully that get cleared up little bit soon, shortly, then the turnpike westbound between valley forge and downingtown, right lane blocked, there, and still down into delaware, we go to southbound 95, at route 58. and the delaware service plaza between that zone, three lanes, taken out until 5:30, mass transit report nothing
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delays. that's a look at your ride. back to you. >> officials are investigating a hazmat situation at the chemical manufacturing plant in juniata. the 3600 block of g street still closed this morning, we're told, chemical process at the business had gone outside of it normal limits. our crews could smell a strong odor similar to black licorice while there. no one was injured, and no houses were evacuated, safety officials stress there is no danger to anyone living in this area. >> in other news, a eight year old girl remains in extremely critical condition, after a shoot-out in camden. >> right now police are offering a reward and in hopes that witnesses will come forward. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, live at cooper university hospital, with a little girl is still fighting for her life this morning. jan? >> reporter: brooke, jim, that eight year old little girl is in extremely critical condition here at cooper university hospital. she was brought here wednesday night, shot once in the head, police say, caught in the crossfire of gang violence. now, they're offering a reward
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to anyone who can help bring her shooters to justice. >> shot at like that, and i seen the wounds in her head. i still see it. >> still in shock, neighbor and family friend, venia hall, recalled the horrifying gunfire rang out wednesday night near eighth and spruce street in camden. >> they need to turn themselves in. that was a eight year old girl. she didn't even have a chance. >> eight year old gab re ella looking forward to going back to school soon. instead rushed to cooper university hospital shot once in the head and in extremely critical condition. there is now a $6,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible. >> i'm quite confident that with the community's help, we're going to be able to bring these individuals to justice. >> police say it was around 8:30 wednesday, when multiple gunmen opened fire on the child's block. investigators believe the violence was related to gang activity. playing outside at the time, gab re ella was caught in the
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crossfire. yesterday they combed the scene for clues, now have solid leads, surveillance video. >> we'll put lazer like focus on these individuals. we'll do information our power to make sure they never walk the streets as free individuals again. >> in this community justice can't be swift enough. meantime camden county police express their heartfelt sympathy to the little girl's family and made a promise. >> i reassured the mother we are putting all of our resources to get the people that did this, to held them responsible, provide her some sense of justice and this act is absolutely incomprehensible. >> again, there is now the $6,000 reward for information, anyone that has information or knows who these shooters are, should call police. tips can be kept confidential. reporting live outside cooper university hospital this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks for the update. we have follow up on our top story from yesterday morning. investigators say philadelphia police sergeant joseph kane,
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jr. is recovering from this hit-and-run in manayunk. they say surveillance cameras captured the impact and a tow truck driver helped officers locate their suspect, colin murphy. he is facing charges he was driving under the influence. sergeant cain suffered multiple injuries including a broken collarbone. >> powerful after shocks are complicating rescue efforts in italy following wednesday's devastating earthquake. >> meantime, another quake struck near hard hit city this morning, where jonathan is standing by with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jim, brooke. that was one of the most violent after shocks so far in the past two and a half days here in central italy. an it measured in at 4.8. we're here standing outside the outskirt of the town of amatrice, one of the hardest hit towns, in this area. right now, police as you can see behind us, telling us we can't get any closer to town because more buildings are starting to collapse.
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rescue teams in central italy pressed on for a third day. still, trying to find people trapped underneath the rubble. drone footage, taken above the hard hit town of amatrice shows the extent of the destruction, homes without roofs, others barely left standing. this woman was moved to tears as she waited for news of her missing parent, after hours of searching, rescue teams finally pulled their bodies from the rubble of their homes. fran chest co-was left in complete shock after seeing the damage to his house yesterday. having already lost many friends, he now has no home to return to. >> this was my house, yes. >> hundreds every people left towns, even more left un stab, created chaos for rescuers trying to get to the scene. yesterday a strong 4.3 tremor in amatrice stirred up dust and fear. speaking in rome, italy's
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prime minister brushed off criticism the country could have done more to make buildings in the region quake-proof. instead, he announced a multi-million dollar effort to rebuild. nation action around the world are now standing in solidarity with the people of italy, lighting upland marks, like the statue of christ the redeem nerve rio, and the spire of one world trade in the color of italy's flag. and as the search continues on for survivors, there is good reason for hope. in 2009, a massive quake here in this area killed 300 people, jim, brooke, one woman was rescued after more than 72 hours. >> jonathan, thanks a lot this morning. >> meanwhile, we are getting a up close view of the damage left behind by a deadly earthquake in me march, the magnitude 6.8 quake struck wednesday, drones show historic temples dating back to the tenth century, toppled. 185 brick bag goat a's were
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also damaged. >> authorities say the woman who fell off a zip line platform in delaware died from multiple blunt force trauma. investigators say, 59 year old tina warner every felton was standing on the platform wednesday afternoon when she fell nearly 40 feet. it happened at go april sin line tree top adventures at the state park in bear. her family said zip lining was on her bucket list. >> go april released a statement reading in part: participant witnesses have stated that at the time of the accident, warner had unfortunately disconnected herself from the safety system. it continues: all of the course and associated safety equipment was, and remains, in sound operational condition. >> bucks county man is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of parts from septa. police say 28 year old kyle anders allen of langhorne made off with $638,000 worth of train and vehicle parts. they came from six different front, allen is behind bars this morning.
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>> well, emails from hillary clinton's private e-mail server could be released by september 13th. >> another federal judge ordered the state department to start delivering some of the emails, uncovered by the f.b.i. meanwhile, both presidential candidate are trading jabs over racism. at an event in nevada yesterday, hillary clinton accused donald trump of ushering hate into the main stream. the republican nominee has been courting minority voters in recent days and calling hillary clinton a biggot. >> heads up, a big road widening project begins today in delaware county. chopper three is here over route 30 in radnor, where villanova university is planning a single lane closure on eastbound lancaster avenue. the area affected will stretch between route 320 anbarly cone road and will be in effect periodically monday through friday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. the work will continue through december. >> coming up: manhunt for a killer is underway at this hour, after two nuns are found stabbed to death inside their
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miss -- missouri home. also, this: >> and then the lifeguards said over the loud speaker, everybody off the beach now. >> lifeguards clear the beach as a boat comes speeding ashore. hear what the boat's captain said. >> a case getting lot of attention, hear from the california bake here came up with this ken doll cake. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you belong to this city. more on the big trade sending chooch to los angeles when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> co-pilot arrested and out of a job after allegedly showing to up work drunk. co-pilot was supposed to fly charter plane out of small airport in michigan, but the pilot noticed his partner was acting strangely, and notified police. breath test determined the co-pilot had blood alcohol level of seven times the legal
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limit. >> those in san diego still shaken up after this. boat rana grounds, almost ran over people on the beach. cell phone video shows people dragging the man from the boat on to the sand. witnesses say he was speeding, when he ran the boat a grounds, he tried to back his boat up to get away. >> what happened? what happened? >> i'm not familiar with this area, i came into this channel, so i hit here. >> before he hit the jet i he was already flying in. >> people, police, determine the man's blood alcohol level was under the legal limit, and he was let go with a warning. >> it will be a good weekend for boating, that's all i'm wondering? i see the boat, like okay, time to hit the water. >> it will be a great weekend for boating, yes. a lot of sunshine, lower humidity, relatively light winds speeds, off to warm start to our friday, temperatures in the 70s, across much of the region, middle 70s where we're sitting right now in philadelphia, 75 degrees, mild start, mount
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pocono, close to 70 degrees, 73 right now, in ac. elevated are our dew points, probably notice that, as soon as you step outside, after a nice comfortable start to our work week, you felt that humidity starting to creep up yesterday, and dew point are up, on the order of close to 10 degrees, at many of our reporting sites, meaning, it feels pretty steamy throughout this morning. storm scan3, showing us, we do have some showers around, very isolated in nature, we do have weak cold front that's working through the delaware valley right now, so our most for middle shower right now in and around the reading area, we have little heavy downpour, as we look toward birdsboro, just south of the reading area, but future weather showing us as we head into the next couple of hours, maybe isolated shower or sprinkle, close to the i-95 corridor, potentially making its way down the shore, but as the cold front moves across the area, we will see decrease in clouds as we head into the afternoon, very nice evening in store, to end our work week. so, for today, that chance of isolated shower early, otherwise, decrease in clouds, hot, humid, high temperature at 93 degrees. for tonight, no problems,
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mostly clear, warm falling back to 71 degrees, sunset at 7:41. >> checking in on the tropics, it is getting active. do have tropical storm gaston, it is likely to strengthen, but will stay out to sea. could see rip current headed into the next several days, then eyes on looking organized but may strengthen over the next couple every days, this is 99l right now, located just east of cuba, some of the model projections taking this system potentially impacting the florida peninsula, going onto potentially impact the gulf costes we head into next week. something to keep an eye on in these regions. but keeping an eye on a lot of sunshine as we head into the upcoming weekend. high temperature at 89 degrees, for both saturday and sunday. sunshine, and lower humidity, justin, but by monday we are back up into the 90's again. >> still pretty warm pattern locked in that big ridge of high pressure over the east coast, will keep things nice and warmment like lauren said, at least humidity drops little bit for the upcoming weekends. ben franklin bridge inbound,
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out bound, inbound the city looking pretty good. volume picking up just little bit. speeds are in okay shape. better news westbound on the vine street expressway, earlier, we had accident, right about here, closing out the off ramp to the ben franklin parkway. that has now been cleared. we're open for business both directions, look great. and we take you to the schuylkill here headed into the city, see the tail light, right before spring garden street. out bound we have the reverse commute going, volume picking up little bit. speeds still running at the speed limit. heads up betsy ross bridge westbound one lane blocked, speed restrictions going on, 35 miles per hour. we take you up tort northeast extension, still southbound between lansdale and mid-county, right lane block, so there will be some slow going there. heads up there. then into delaware we go, still route 58, churchman's road, there between the delaware service plaza southbound, three lanes still taken out. that goes until 5:30 this morning, water main break going on at route 63 welsh rd. at squirrel lane. that's a look at your ride this morning, we send it back over to you, brooke.
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>> reporter: thank, justin. now a look at newspaper headlines from across our reg job from the press of atlantic city six people at the us national national guard's 177 fighter wing, were taken to the hospital yesterday, after being ex position today chemical release from the a fighter plane's emergency power system. the accident happened around 2:30, when personnel were working on the f16's emergency power unit, which provides electrical and hydraulic power. >> from the front page of the intelligence center, more artificial turf field might be on the way to the central bucks school district if the school board follows through on it ten year plan, for capitol project. now the plan's must be approved by the school board, and they call for three artificial turf practice fields, one for each of the district's three high schools. >> from the times herald, the 9/11 travis manion hero return is returning to norristown after a year on hiatus, 140 runners have pre registered for the 5k, will kick off on the courthouse steps main
5:20 am
street september 11. that that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> still ahead, see the high tech way to keep you from spending money. and saying so long to chooch. we'll tell you about the trade that's sending carlos ruiz to los angeles, next report.
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a swing and a miss, struck him out. the philadelphia phillies are 2008 world champion's of baseball. >> that's the legendary harry kalas, as you recall, calling the final out of the 2008 world series, we will remember it well. that was carlos ruiz, charging the mounds to hug brad lidge. >> one of the last members of the world champion team, now only ryan howard remains. sports director don bell has more on the deal that sent carlos ruiz to los angeles. >> reporter: carlos ruiz was a
5:24 am
fan favorite. no, he didn't hit homeruns to the moon like ryan howard, no, didn't make catches like the flying hawaiian, but he had a steady hands behind the plate, guided the team through pretty rough waters. now he's gone. ruiz trade the to the dodgers after spending his entire 11 year career in philadelphia, he waived his full no trade rights so he could join a contender. ruiz won world series with the phils in 2008. now, here are the details of the trade. dodgers get chooch and cash consideration, the phillies get struggling 35 year old catcher aj ellis. he is a veteran, who can help behind the plate, this year, but's free agent in 2017. they also get minor league pitcher tommy bergians who pitched collegiately at haverford college. >> some fans we spoke to were obsessed or upset by the news of the trade. >> we caught up at chickie's
5:25 am
and pete's' in south fill. >> i i can't believe chooch is gone. he was one of the greatest. he was therefore the world series. did he all he d and he was great all the time, always depended on him. he was very defends recall. i can't believe chooch is gone. >> he is a philly fan favorite, i mean, we're not going to be in the stands any moran scream chooch. >> the manager released statement last night saying quote i met chooch in 2009 for the very first time, and immediately sensed that he was a special player. but, more importantly, over the years, i grew to know that he is a special person. i will miss him. >> well, no doubt, a sentiment that many fans and players in philadelphia share with pete. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", beach attire causing tensions overseas. >> we'll tell but a controversial ban france's supreme court rules on today. justin? >> brooke, jim, time is ticking rather flipping for this iconic element here at
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30th street station, i'm justin finch, and we are live to tell you why amtrak is phasing out that sign, and what's coming in it place. brooke? >> ♪ >> britney spears and james corden shared a song and a ride on carpool karaoke, more of the fun from last night's late late show. lauren? >> and we have a hot and humid day in store with high temperatures returning back into the 90's. but what's in store for your friday night plans and the upcoming weekend? the answer in your forecast coming up. >> and justin is here keeping an eye on the roads for you, stay with us, "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. call it a sign of the times. the old-fashioned flipper board at 30th street station could be getting a modern make over. but not everyone is happy. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> officials are still monitoring a chemical manufacturing plant in juniata after a hazmat situation, we're told there was strong smell of black licorice in the air. >> a young girl caught in the crossfire in camden is fighting for her life, caught in the crossfire of gang
5:30 am
violence. now, they're offering a reward. >> this morning another strong after shock slams central italy. thousands are homeless. rescue crews continue to look for survivors, but hopes are fading. >> these are racist ideas, race bathing ideas. >> presidential candidate, racially charged campaign ideas on the campaign trail. >> she lies. and she paint decent americans, you, as racist. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i appreciate those matching outfits, right? >> james corden has lost his minds. >> there is a lot to show you, weha


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