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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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hall with late breaking information, david. >> reporter: this story is constantly developing. source inside city hall behind me confirms that while the fbi did not personally interview anybody from, mayor jim kenney's campaign, his mayoral campaign, fbi agents and other federal investigators have requested several documents. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: record relating to the campaign of former city councilman now hair jim kenney will soon be in the hand of the federal investigators. kenney took over mayor's office in january, but sources tell cbs-3 "eyewitness news" that federal investigators are interested in campaign documents. the latest information, and, comes not even three weeks after fbi agents raided headquarters of ibew local 98. union boss john dougherty's house and two of philadelphia city councilman bobby henon's offices. henon stayed silent but you dougherty spoke to cameras as agents raided his home. >> i don't understand y maybe
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because i win too much. >> reporter: authorities have been tight-lipped about what they are looking for but sources say investigation, continues, and that the kenney request, is related to the dougherty and henon raid. "eyewitness news" has also confirmed that authorities took document from the office of john dougherty's chiropractor, a man by the name of doctor jim moylen. dougherty's spokesmen frank tiehl released a statement and said to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" neither doctor moylen nor anyone associated with ibew local 98 knows why the government is interested in him. jim moylen is john dougherty's prick railroad and dear personal friend for more than 20 years. end quote. i did reach out to mayor jim kenney's mayoral campaign, a spokesperson inside that campaign told me that they are cooperating with federal investigators, 100 percent of the way they will guide them anyway that they can. coming up a at 6:00 o'clock i'll show you how another politician is potentially linked to this larger operation. reporting live tonight from it
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the i hall, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see new an hour. a murder mystery deepens in delaware, a woman is a rested and charged with shooting a college student who was in his car, driving near his home in bear. >> authorities say that it does not appear that the suspect victim knew one another, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in new castle count which new developments in this murder mystery, cleve. >> reporter: no explanation coming from police, why they believe that this women, shot, malcolm evans but they say help from the community played a pivotal toll role in catching her. >> had happened here is the epitome of a tragedy. >> reporter: for more than a month police in new castle county delaware have been trying to make the sense of the shooting death of mal conn evans from rutledge. 4:00 in the morning july 9th evans was found near entrance to his neighborhood with the gunshot wound in the upper body. police believe he was struck while driving to work causing him to crash and then later
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died at the hospital. >> for the last six weeks, my family and friends have been spending so many sleepless nights wondering who and why someone would commit such an unspeakable crime against such an amazing young man. >> reporter: evans was a student at delaware state university and families say he dream of becoming a doctor. recent weeks authorities increased reward for information animal come's death for $40,000 and it has paid off. thanks to the tips they have received they were able to identify shooter as 46 year-old cheryl jennings, she lives on the corner of the road where authorities believe malcolm was shot, police say jennings has no known connections to evans and they have not announce motive for her actions. we have tried to find out more. can we talk to you about miss jennings. >> no. >> reporter: anything you can tell us about her at all, that is your wife. >> reporter: residents say that the arrest is a relief. >> i had shivers help i heard the news, this morning, and i
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just hope that his family, you know, has some peace. >> reporter: they say they to take comfort not only in jennings arrest but also knowing that in a way malcolm lives on, he was an organ donor. new castle delaware, cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". three-year old a va byrne who was abduct is in police custody in new york city. pennsylvania state police issued an amber alert after it was believed she was taken by her father, robert byrne, in this silver hyundai. the shortly after two father and daughter were found in manhattan and amber alert was cancelled. vice-president joe biden is working on the railroad, he is visiting wilmington train station that bears his name to announce new funding benefiting amtrak passengers. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is in wilmington with more details. >> and, took amtrak home from washington d.c., for 30 years
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while serving in the u.s., senate,'s arrived here to announce that things will be changing. >> it is a a platform that vice-president joe biden is familiar were not a, political platform but one in wilmington that helps him earn the nickname amtrak joe. >> i have traveled over 2 million miles with amtrak. i have made over 8,000, roughly 400 round trips. >> reporter: travel business to change from the taste when biden was a daily commuter. 2.4 billion dollar loan, the largest in history at department of transportation, the entire northeast corridor will soon see a overhaul including a new fleet of energy efficient acela express train cars capable of traveling 186 miles an hour putting a d.c. rider in new york in 30 minutes. while positive train control finished installation in december 2015 deadly tea rail. of last years prompted an array of infrastructure and
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safety improvements as part of the plan plus interior redesign that mirrors international first class flight cabins. biden ride rails as much as secret service allows and his relationship with amtrak has gone beyond policy, funding and one of family. >> even though i have not been on the road every day they were the guys that showed up at beau's funeral. they were the people hoff been with me my whole career. >> reporter: installation is expect to take shape by 2021. by the way, i thought this was cute joe biden said that he got the call from barack obama to be his vice-president while he was cruise go through baltimore, aboard an amtrak train. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good little tidbit there thanks very much. new developments in campaign 2016, issue of race is still dominating the headlines in the race for president. hillary clinton is talking for the first time about meetings
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she took with clinton foundation donors while secretary of state. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang has details. >> reporter: donald trump will meet with hispanic business owners in las vegas friday as part of his week long outreach to minority voters. group trump says hillary clinton and democrats have abandoned. >> the policies are bigoted because she knows they will not work. >> you think she's personally bigoted. >> of course she is. >> reporter: clinton hit back saying trump is pannering to activist known as the alt right, a group of right wingers that believes white identity is under attack and establishment conservative isn't strong enough. clinton is also defending her ties to the clinton foundation, and, served as secretary of state. >> neither my husband, daughter or have ever taken a penny of salary from the foundation. >> reporter: house oversight committee is looking into reports that more than half of the non-governmental people who met within secretary of state clinton donated to the clinton foundation. in a letter to the state
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department, congressman jason chaffits says these reports say rise to the perception that access to our state department's official resources were for sale. >> my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe and protect our interests abroad. >> chaffits want to necessity if they violated ethics rules working on the the state department. donald trump introduce aid new app, that reward users for doing things like checking in at events, calling undecided voters and donate to go his campaign. hazmat situation in maple shade send an employee at a chemical company to the hospital. incident occurred around noon at cbc specialty chemicals on route 73. right now it is unclear what type of hazardous material was involved. the employee was taken to cooper trauma center and right now there is no word on that employee's condition. a car crash into the side of this home in trooper, pennsylvania. strikes a gas meter and causes
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a gas leak. it all happened before noon time today at this house on devon drive. nearby residents were forced out of their home until officials could get the leak under control. there are no reports of any injury. well, weekend is here, and everybody is hoping for great weather, so what is in store and what can we expect in terms of any storms? meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with a first look at your forecast, kate. >> jessica, good news is we are out of the woods as far as storms are concerned. we have front moving through, it already has, humidity levels dropping but it is a a hot friday evening in philadelphia. although it is going to be more comfortable thomas humidity keeps on taking a dive. it is still going to be hot this weekend. the here's a look outside, sky line in the distance as we look live from the palmyra cove nature park 91 degrees there right now out of the northwest. 10 miles an hour. that northwest wind has brought changes. you can see on storm scan three no indication that a front is moving through, only
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indication the wind out of the northwest and this the dropping dew points through the take we started the day with dew points in the 70's. dew points have been dropping since midday, 1:00 o'clock dew point was 67. 4:00 p.m. dew point was six 46789 dew points dropping in the 50's later tonight. that means much more comfortable dryer air is on the way. in the meantime we're still in the 90's here in philadelphia and surrounding areas. we will tell you if you will hit 90's this weekend when i join you inside. >> thank you, kate. there is a lot more still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> is the race against time and rescuers search for survivors of wednesday's deadly earthquake in italy, i'm jonathan vigliotti in amatrice and i'll that have report coming up. royal remembrance almost 19 years after his hotter's death, prince williams opens up about the family. it is national dog day we are looking at the cost of owning a dog. before you get one, make sure you can afford it. we will list added costs that
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possibly, didn't even cross your mind, we will
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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today is national dog day, and earlier today, we were, lucky enough to have our best friend, visit us right here at cbs. >> always like to welcome dogs. ben and jerry are york shire terriers hoff the run of the great hall this morning, pspca told bus great opportunities for dog lovers, including some dollar dogs, who still need a loving home. >> really shy or something like that and will be overlooked. we are hoping that this promotion for a dollar will give people an opportunity to look at these dogs and see them for who they are, loving, wonderful animals who need a little extra love and care. >> reporter: you can get in touch with the pennsylvania spca, look at jim donovan. through our web site at cbs philly to the come. that is, wonderful. >> well, they may be cute and cuddly but you and i both know dogs are expensive.
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>> we have travel down that road no doubt about it. experts say that a new dog can cost more than $1,000 in the first year but we found some dog owners who spend even more on their best friends. >> reporter: he doesn't mind spoiling her dog caddy. >> chicken. >> reporter: box full of toys. >> nail clippers, eye wash, a brush. >> reporter: cabinet is filled with toys for her pet. >> i would be frayed to know what we spend on him each month. >> reporter: aspca ran numbers and said it can cost $875 a year to take care of the dog that includes food, toys, treats and health insurance. first year is even more costly with expenses like vaccinations and spaying or neutering. >> even mow. >> would i say 90 percent are for the dogs. >> reporter: a spca says best way to cut costs is with preventive care, regular checkups, doggie tooth brushing, good quality food and you can lower your vet
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bills by only getting vaccines, your specific dog need. veterinarian kristin frank says adopting a dog from the shelter also saves money. >> any cat or dog adopted from the shelter will be spade and newterd. they have most if not all vaccines already giving to them. >> reporter: for claudia, even if caring for her doggies expensive what she gets in return is priceless. >> that is worth it. >> we all can agree with claudia. >> it is worth it. >> especially trying to brush her teeth and she just like, you know. >> no thanks. >> for your own good. >> my dog sits in front of the mirror, does it by himself. >> no, i'm just playing. >> my son has been begging for another dog. he said he will pay for the whole thing out of his allowance. i don't think his allowance will cover those first year costs. >> we love them. >> kate has our forecast. we were out, we were inside
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where the air was a little warm, so outside, it is like 95. >> it is in the 90's. we are waiting to get our official high but we got to 92, probably 93, 94 is the official high. definitely has felt hotter because dew points were higher. dew points have been dropping, that is good news due points back in the 60's but we started with dew points in the 70's, warm, steamy outside and still hot out there this evening. although humidity dropping in the 90's it still feels rough outside unless you are one of these lucky folks sitting on the sand with the umbrellas, hop in that water to cool off in ocean city, what a beautiful beach day, beach week it has been, and next week, it looks great as well, for anyone who has a trip down the shore we will like the forecast as we head through weekend. into next week. storm san three, not showing much of anything at all we had a front cross that i took the threat for thunderstorms out because front didn't have much to work with. you can see a couple of those
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cloud that i like to point out down over baltimore indication that the air aloft is drying and cooler and moving from the north and west. we are clear across the northeastern, united states, high pressure in control and it will stay in control for weekend. weekend forecast is great but you can see dew points dropping there northwest to south east. it is still feeling hot outside this evening, right now feeling like 98 in millville. heat index is over 101, and in philadelphia it feels about a degree hotter then it is. feeling a little bit better, not that wide december spacer between the temperature and dew point but still feeling steamy. beautiful weekend where we're near 90 degrees but lower humidity tomorrow. to points in the 50's. that makes difference. your people talk about desert southwest, dry heat, tomorrow dry heat but still hot but nice summer day. sunday looks like a nice day, sunny and warm and then this front makes more progress towards the area monday. it does not have a lot with it. just chance for stray afternoon thunderstorms.
5:19 pm
just a seasonal, are in need of some rain though, rainfall deficits, just since june 13 and a quarter inches and i don't have much significant rain if any in the forecast. what i do have is an increase in humidity, drops tomorrow and as we head into next week it will sneak upward again. your seven day spoiler looks like tomorrow, look out for wednesday, show you that seven day coming up in the next half an hour. mainly clear warm tonight 73, and tomorrow's high 90, it is hot, it is less humid and receipt i nice saturday. find the pool or you can find. and i said next half an hour but it is in my forecast right now so here is the seven day. bonus seven day. send it to you quickly and more in depth. >> it really did. >> nice weekend. >> thanks, a rebater it. exciting times for parents and students it is move in day and number of colleges and university in our region. members of the class of 2020
5:20 pm
kick off our college career. >> "eyewitness news" at arcadia university at glenside where more than 600 freshman arrived on campus to start school year. a lot of activity, as student and staff helped new comers unload boxes, the furniture and all of the supplies. a similar scene in st. joseph's university in the cities wynfield section, more than 1200 freshman, moving in, parents and students busy unpacking their cars, loading up their carts with all of the necessities student will need for their new home away from home. >> study hard we are waiting for you out here. study hard. if you ever wondered what wedding bliss looks like look no further. >> meet david and his lovely bride betty, celebrating 75 years of marriage, their secret to love and success coming up. seventy-five years, wow. an 11 year marriage comes to an end in south philadelphia. carlos ruiz trade todd los angeles but you today chooch leaving a message for his former teammates, don't miss what that is coming up next in
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don bell joining us now. is what happening on thisfully. >> it is friday, the phillies, and chooch. >> he is gone. >> so long. >> so much to talk about, guys, lets get into it. it is day after ande oceans are running high. carlos ruiz traded after spending his entire 11 year career with the phillies. the team will play it first game without chooch tonight in new york against the mets. now, when players arrived in the clubhouse at city field they were greeted with a personal message from carlos on a dry erase board. i will miss all have of you guys, good luck the rest of the season. love you all, chooch. class act. >> we miss him already. let's talk football. travel day for eagles. they are this indianapolis where they will play colts tomorrow in the third preseason game. starters will play in the third quarter, their longest stretch of playing game, this exhibition season.
5:25 pm
so far bird have won their first two preseason games, overall team has won five of their last six. head coach doug pederson though he knows that success this time of the year doesn't mean much. >> you get to the regular season and things turn up a notch. the intensity level goes up. as coach's too game planning a lot more specifically for your development and really putting your guys in positions to be successful. kind of work hand and hand, but it means a lot for preseason. it is all that matters. >> and now the sixers making a minor trade, today, they send kendelimar shall to the utah jazz for a two, second round draft picks and center timber place. marshall's two million-dollar contract is guarantied tomorrow, it is unlikely that he stays on the roster. i hope i'm saying that right. >> i have never heard of this guy before in my life. >> we like honesty. >> you know what elsie like.
5:26 pm
>> that chooch signed it chooch, exclamation point. >> he did he is still chooch. >> yes. >> we thank him as well. >> good guy. >> thanks, don. coming up, a toy recall we can tell you about. >> jim donovan has details in the recall round up. plus this. i would have never guessed in a million year what was about to happen. >> what happened was a gunman opened fire on live television, that was one year ago today, more, from the only survivor when we come right back. and bravery in a terrifying situation caught on camera, how police officer was able to save a man from a burning car. and then new at 6:00 tonight a rescue aboard a september train caught on camera, the teamwork, it took to save this man's life, on the other side.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag:
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"i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. one year later a virginia television station is remembering the lives, of a reporter and photographer,
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killed, during a live broadcast. their deaths, shook the nation. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight we are hearing from the only survivor of that shooting. wdbj tv in roanoke observed a moment of silence on the air to remember reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward. a former co-worker shot them to death during a live outdoor interview with vicky gardener, executive director of the smith mountain lake chamber of commerce. gardener recounted that shooting in an interview with cnn. >> and, i dropped to the ground and i laid very still and he did come back and he did shoot me. >> it is my mental thought that he did run out of bullets. >> i think he would have continued to shoot, just a matter of minutes before law enforcement came and they were truly the heroes? they put their life on the line to protect mine, and got
5:31 pm
me up, and out of harms way not knowing where the shooter was. >> gunman lee flannigan later shot and killed himself. reward for information leading to the killer of two mississippi nuns, increases to more than $22,000. sister paula morel and margaret held were found dead inside their home near jackson yesterday. authorities have not released motive or cause of death but a reverend, said police told them the sisters were stab. family members say the woman were very generous. a georgia police officer risk his life trying to save a hand trapped in the koran fire. >> i need a fire extinguisher or garden hose. >> this video was from a body camera of senior police officer dan whether it any in atens georgia. he grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed to the burning car. he can see a man there sticking outside of the window, screaming for help, whitney eventually pulled a man free just in time. the driver of the burning car
5:32 pm
died from the accident. frantic search for survivors of the wednesday's earthquake in italy, continues at this hour, but strong after shocks, are threatening the rescue efforts. at least 278 people are dead and many are still missing. and jonathan vigliotti has very latest from amatrice, italy. >> reporter: rescuers are desperately searching for more survivor of wednesday's earthquake but they are dealing with strong after shocks that are complicating efforts. amatrice is one of the hardest hit areas, crews are surveying the damage to historic buildings and they are trying to clear the roads. >> when earthquake hit, homes literally fell like a house of card, and in this neighborhood alone 22 people were killed. >> reporter: volunteers are setting up temporary housing and handing out food, clothing to people hoff lost everything. police told peter tarly from the ruble of his home shortly after the quake struck. it was almost like the almighty said to me you must go on living, the 71 year-old
5:33 pm
said from his hospital bed. the first, funerals are and way. grieving relatives are crowding this makeshift funeral home where coffins are laid out in rows. chance of finding more people alive diminishes with each passing hour. still, rescuers are hoping, for a miracle. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the top court has overturn a berkini ban following worldwide shock, anger after muslim women were ordered to remove the body concealing garments on french riveria beaches. berkinit is a full body swimsuit worn by woman. opponents say it is a violation of religious freedom while supporters say garment could scare beach goers worried about terrorism. the food and drug administration says that all u.s. blood banks must now test donations for zika. previously the rule was limited just to active transmission zones like miami and fort lauderdale. last month f.d.a. told blood
5:34 pm
centers in the two cities to stop collecting toe nations until they could begin screening them. meanwhile today's florida governor rick scott hosted a round table to discuss actions to contain that virus. >> if everybody in the state can focus on getting rid of the standing water, then we will do well. we have set aside 26.2 million-dollar at the state budget, we have supported legislature if we have, the authorities to do that with allocated 23 million-dollar of that, already. we just need another five million-dollar to miami dade county. >> so far there have been 40 non-travel related cases in zika in florida. influential female leaders gathered at city hall to celebrate women's equality. >> there was a performance by philadelphia poet laureate wand a wisher. it kicked off a voter registration drive-in honor of the anniversary of passing of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote.
5:35 pm
it was learning disguised as fun, dozens of children from the police athletic league's stem camp got to show off what they have been working on this week. week long camp at the incorporated science, technology engineering and math. all of the creations built by campers were made using recycled and donated materials along with electronics, nicely done, gang. still to come an alert for parents in the recall round up, jim donovan is on your side with the at them could put children at risk. prince william opening up about coaching with his mother's death, nearly two decade later. kate? a hot way to finish out workweek but humidity will drop this weekend i'll tell you about the best time to get outdoor plans this weekend and when thunderstorms could return to the forecast next week, all coming up with the seven day forecast when we come back.
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from toys to a kitchen plains there are some of the most dangerous products to put your family at risk recalled this week. >> jim donovan has all of the information in the recall round up. >> reporter: first up, world pool is recalling 15,000 microwave ovens due to a potential fire hazard. at least three fires have been reported, so far. the recall involves whirlpool brand microwave good combinations, and they were sold in stainless steel, black, and white, at retailers like best buy, hhgreg, lowes and sears from january 2014 through april of this year. various model numbers are involved in this recall, unplugged microwave and
5:40 pm
contact whirlpool for free replacement product. next up, unsafe strollers. 20,000, safety first, step and go travel systems are being recalled, due to a fall has air. the product functions as a stroller, and car seat. model number, tr3413 is painted on the label on the back of the stroller seat. product was sold in babies are us stores and on line by babies are us, wal-mart and amazon beginning in may of 2015. stop using the strollers and contact the safety first, for a free repair kit. finally toy trouble, alex toys is recalling 91,000 infant building sets due to a choking has air. there have been 22 reports of the parts breaking off. the recall involves alex junior baby builder, first pops, and first naps building set. the building sets were sold from 2009 through june of this year by barnes and noble, land of nod and you can return the sets to
5:41 pm
alex toys for a full refund. >> i have posted links with additional information for all recalls, on cbs, click on consumer and check out my taste book and twitter feed. i will post information there as well. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. much more ahead on "eyewitness news". >> as we approach the 19th observance of the death of princess diana we are hearing from prince william about how he feels about two decade later, we will be
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! blank the space x dragon completed its mission today after delivering supplies to the international space station. >> that is right, the ship pulled away from the space station carrying several thousand pound of experiment samples, trash and extra hardware. it made a fiery plunge, and killed in the bicycle
5:45 pm
action this week and posted this photo of its blue, and, entrepreneur was riding down a hill in the virgin island when hit a speed bump. and it flashed before his eyes as it flew in the air and bike went off the cliff. >> yikes. prince williams and kate middleton revealed their own parenting fears as william gets emotional remembering his mom, diana. >> the insider's debbie has the story. a comforting prince william opening up his heart to a grief stricken teen, dealing with the loss of a parent. duke and duchess of cambridge continue their uk campaign putting focus on mental health issues. and, why we do these things, our children, you know, and escalate, having that feeling that there is somebody that is
5:46 pm
judgmental, i think it is impressive. >> reporter: rarely do you see royals, so open about their parenting worries. will and kate expressing the importance have of families seeking help, when dealing with kid, mental and emotional concerns. >> it is perfect to talk and to seek out friend, speak out because they are not all super heros and there is a lot of pressure on parents and most of it, self-made from parents themselves but you have to feel like you have to show strength and resilience to everything but there are sometimes when it gets too much and you need to reach out and get some help. >> we will have have have so much more on the insider, ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> you can get your hollywood news tonight and every week night at 7:35. watch the insider right here on cbs three people are planning for the weekend. kate has your forecast. >> weekend looks pretty great for summer plans heading down the shore, poconos, heading to the pool, maybe try to sneak over to your neighbor's pool
5:47 pm
like hey. >> yes. >> can i sneak over. >> yes. >> weather will be beautiful. it will be warm, but it is seasonably warm. a little bit above average. we should be in the mid 80's. we will be near 90 through the weekend. with that being said, no day through the weekend and next week will feel quite as hot and humid as today. it is all getting better, hot, steamy, tool day of sunshine and we will have a few more where that came from. we will go up to bethlehem, in northampton county at hotel bethlehem where, it is a pretty nice night. there are some great restaurants up and down main street if you haven't made a trip to bethlehem it is not very far and such a great town. i call it my hometown in law my husband from there, in-laws live there, great place to walk up and down main street, little restaurants, shops, great night to do so. little on the hot side but dew points are dropping and temperatures well as well when the sun on down. eyewitness weather watchers are keeping tabs all around the region in their hometown. not really seeing anything pop
5:48 pm
up here. i will show you photos from them. we had great pictures, ed connor showing cloud moving in, clouds blocking the sun in the west he says, we have wayne hunter, who is showing off catch of the day from yesterday, good fishing yesterday, largest of my three chain fishes. i'm not familiar with fishing terms but assume that is a type of fish and he got a big one. way to go, wayne. phil send us this photo of the sun and sky just a great day all across the region. nice and warm but it was a full day of sun, storms stayed away and that is always good news. lets look at is what happening right now outside on storm scan three where everything is clear, high pressure building in as we head toward weekend and that high is going to keep us protected from any shower or thunderstorm activity that tries to move in, so really not much to see here moving right along, we will take you to the comfort index. right now dew point is 63 degrees. that has dropped about ten full degrees since this morning. we have had dew point around 73 at 9:00 this morning.
5:49 pm
10-degree drop in dew point makes a big difference talking about how it feels outside. right now we're in between steamy and not bad. i think it feels more steamy then not bad. we're still on your way down but dew point of 73 is near insufferable so definitely feeling bet they are afternoon then into this morning. future dew points continue to drop through the overnight hours saturday 1:00 a.m. back in the lower 60's and tomorrow afternoon we will talk about dew points in the 50's. that takes us right down in the pleasant range and it will feel much better out there tomorrow. it is still hot. we will see a big reduction in temperature with the passage of this front. we will feel that reduction in humidity. now sunday steams up a little bit dew points back in the 60's basically how it feels right now is how it will feel at the height of the afternoon on sunday what to expect for your weekend. we are looking at sunny less humid conditions tomorrow. high around 90. we will be near 90 on sunday as well, lots of sunshine and a high of 89, for your sunday. there is a chance we will hit 90 but we will keep it very close to that 90-degree mark. still watching, services in
5:50 pm
the tropics we have a invest, the probability of this forming into hermine has actually decreased but regardless it will bring heavy rain, thunderstorms through south florida, bohamas, tropical storm gaston is strengthening as it moves to the north and eventually back to the east. that will recurve and head out to sea, not impacting us. but this area of weather is expected to head in the gulf by wednesday of next week and then it should miss us to the south, as high pressure to the north will keep us protect but if you have any travel plans in the south east, and even other 4 inches, and into next week. tonight mainly clear, warm, 73. tomorrow sunny, less humid, 90 in the city, 84 down the shore. sunny breezy less humid, water temperature there at 7o here's that eyewitness weather seven day forecast near 90 with sunshine saturday through tuesday. best chance for thunderstorms next week is wednesday and then it looks like we will
5:51 pm
cool it down for the start of the september next thursday and friday. ukee and jessica back to you. well, as we mentioned earlier, it is national dog day so our photo journalist andrea core visited a dog park to find out some of the reasons that dogs have earned the title of and we both love this, man's best friend. >> it is a big teddy bear, we always tell people he looks really intimidating to some people but all he does all day is lay in his bed and cuddle and things like that. but when he is out he is friendly, great dog. i'm glad it is national dog day because people do have that bond with their dogs. >> good boy. >> we have get unconditional love, we will get companion ship, be able to play with them, throughout the day. >> ♪
5:52 pm
>> good boy. >> national doggie day normal. good day off for you. >> this is norman my four and a half year-old great dane. i think national doggie day is awesome, because they are always there for us and they tend to, you know, always be happy to see us and we come home and he is just an awesome guy. >> i love that. >> it is so good. >> i love that. >> they have been together for 75 years. >> and they say it is been easy. >> great couple, there is nothing to worry about it happened by itself. >> more secrets to a long marriage from david and betty when we come
5:53 pm
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a philadelphia couple is marking a wonderful milestone, 75 years of marriage. >> as vittoria woodill tells us five generations were on hand to help them celebrate. >> ♪ >> reporter: it has been 75 years of wedded bliss for betty a and dave wiseman. the wiseman's have been residents of paul's run since 2011, little different from their first home in 19411 a third floor apartment above an antique store owned by betty's father. >> the rent was so high, we have could hardly afford it,
5:57 pm
$25 a month. twenty-five dollars is a lot of money in those days. >> before the house they met through mutual friends, shortly thereafter they were married in a stud any south philadelphia. today, those same word that blessed them then, blessed them now. >> two souls come together, they create a new world. >> reporter: all were here including five generations of family to celebrate all of the years of value and had was learned from this kind of love, at last. >> my parents were like this, all of our lives, yes. >> we actually never saw them, they have always been there for each other. first and foremost. pretty special. >> my grandparents have been an amazing set of role models for me in my life and i often look to them and think if i could that be lucky, i would be just the luckiest person ever. >> reporter: how did this anniversary compare to others. >> unbelievable. to know that somebody people
5:58 pm
care enough to stand here like jerks. excuse me, i mean i didn't mean that. >> thank you so much for a lovely reception. >> i didn't do much, i think it was the jerks. >> vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". laughter and smile. >> big congratulations. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a rescue aboard a septa train. >> a passenger collapses on a train and his rescue caught on cameras i'm greg argos here, and how three different people came together to help in this emergency. also, how the investigation in the high profile philadelphia a union chief has now expand todd jim kenney's mayoral campaign, kate? and, it is actually feeling better out here as dew points continue to drop, humidity lessening, but it is still hot, i'll tell you, the
5:59 pm
weekend and when we can expect the next chance for thunderstorms in the forecast coming up at 6:00. plus see how a local pilot is turning his love for animals in a one man rescue operation. the news at 6:00 starts right now. here's is what happening, investigation into one of the philadelphia's most prominent unions and leadership has expanded. why the feds raided a chiropractic office and are looking at jim kenney's mayoral campaign. good evening, i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. today's developments come three weeks after raids across the region as part of the robe in the john dougherty and ibew union. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt broke the story on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and live with more information, david? >> reporter: jessica, this has been continuing to develop. we have learned at 5:00 those
6:00 pm
fbi agents requested documents from mayor jim kenney's mayoral campaign to come here to city hall, now we are learning that federal agents have their eye on another local politicians. not even three weeks ago, fbi agents raided headquarters of the ibew local 98 union boss john dougherty's house and two of philadelphia's city councilman bobby henon's offices. tonight "eyewitness news" has confirmed that the fbi requested documents from mayor jim kenney's campaign. source inside the campaign said the campaign is cooperating with fully with investigators. we are learning according to sources close to the investigation, that word committee men mike masooka had a visit from the fbi a few days ago. "eyewitness news" has confirmed that john dougherty's chiropractor a man by the name of doctor jim moylen was also raided. dougherty spokesmen frank kiehl released a statement and said in part neither doctor moylen nor anyone associated with ibew local 98 knows why thrn


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