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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 27, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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to pay for it, you better believe it. i made him put out. do you know what i mean? i didn't get to get jig give wigy with him but i was thinking about my 150 dollars. and i brought him home and the moment we get home he started taking his clothes out. and i was like no fool. i paid. this is my time. that's right. and you can start with my dishes over there in the corner. do you know what i mean. >> we got too take a girl. we'll be right back with more comics unleashed. do go away.
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all right, welcome back to comics unleashed. so your mom want tos move in with you? >> yeah i told her she can't live with me. i put her in one of those homes she keeps catching a the cab to moi house. i'm gonna have to give a restraining order on her. you can't have your mother living with you. that's ridiculous. i told her if she gonna live with me. she gonna live by my rules. her rules make me want to run away from home. i want to have that same extend. soon she opened the refrigerator. close that refrigerator. as soon as he go outside. mama make up your mind. inside our outside. can't keep running out of my house. >> how do you stay in shape? >> i do travel a lot. i didn't don't have to join the gym. there are a lot of asian
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american women named grace lee. i just walk into any club and like grace lee. and they're like go on in ms. lee. and ooh that's not funny. they keep your picture on file. >> do you speak korean. >> yeah i speak korean. it is a little mixed like my mom speaks a little dplish with korean. it is like a weird communication. my mom wants i s ice cream. and she's like get the hug and die. and like what? what flavor do you want many toe get? and i she's like you know, the lucky load. >> all right. give them a round of applause. thank you for coming out with us. come back again, and you at home
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until next time, keep laughing.
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ithere's a race going on right approve tnow.message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. . right now on "eyewitness news," the federal investigation into i don't want you boss john dougherty takes a new turn, expanded to jim kenney's mayoral campaign and tonight mayor kenney responds. surveillance video shows septa police officers reviving a passenger who collapsed on a train. >> the fight against zika.
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all blood banks in the country to screen for the virus. we begin with the federal probe that's now expanding to jim kenney's mayoral campaign. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. the new developments come three weeks after fbi raised involving john dougherty and the ibew union david spunt was the first to break today's story. he has response from mayor kenney tonight. david? >> jessica, ukee, sources confirm that fbi agents have not personally met with any campaign staff but they did request a lot of records. mayor is taking about it publicly. >> three weeks after fbi agents raided the ibew 98 headquarters, and john dougherty firm. he confirmed that his documents will be reviewed by federal investigators >> my understanding is it's quite standard. to request these documents, as you remember to check them out.
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make sure they make sense. >>reporter: he has not personally spoken with anyone from the federal government about the document >> i think the federal government is doing their job. in an effort to get them to do their job, you need to be cooperative. 's whatever they ask for give them >> they raided two offices of henon. his chiropractor who happens to be the chair of the zoning board appointed by mayor kenney was also raided. federal investigators took documents from this south philadelphia home where ward committee man mike lives. mayor kenney says his campaign will continue to cooperate with federal authorities. >> the unknown is certainly unnerving when you know that you ran a good campaign and they're asking for whatever, you provide it to them and you move on. . >> reporter: a spokesman for local 98 said that he and other union leaders are puzzled.
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reporting live from the federal building in philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." . the family of's an 8-year-old girl shot in camden says the child has died. gabriella carter was shot in the head around 8:30 wednesday during a shoot-out on the 900 block of south 8th street, standing in front of her house, there's a $12,000 reward for an re information leading to arrest. the search is on for a suspect who sucker punched a man in the face causing him to fall and badly injure his head. it happened in a parking lot in lawncre lawncrest. the victim is in very critical condition at i understand medical center. appears the $40,000 reward in a murder in new castle county delaware has paid off with an arrest. tips led to the arrest of 46-year-old cheryl jennings in the shooting death of
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19-year-old malcomb evans, on july 9th, he was shot driving in his bmw. authorities say it appears jennings and evans did not know each other and law enforcement did not talk about a possible motive. we did hear from the victim's mother. >> the last six weeks, my family and friends have spent so many sleepless nights wondering who and why someone would commit such an unspeakable crime against such an amazing young man. >> jennings lives on the corner of the road where authorities believe he was shot. he was a student at delaware state university's re and hoped to become a doctor a west deptford man is in custody accused of murdering his parents. body of edward kohl's junior and
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his 55-year-old wife rosemary were found today. their son, 28-year-old ryan coles has been charged. a three-year-old girl alleged abducted from luzerne county by her father is safe and sound in new york city tonight. ava burns was the subject of an amber letter. she was taken by her father, robert byrne in this silver hyundai elantra. a new york city police officer spotted the car ending the ordeal. ava is in good condition. charge are pending. heros on a septa train. a passenger collapses aboard a market frankford el car. train 1134 pulled up to 30th street station thursday afternoon. septa police officer james mayo was first on the scene and started chest compressions on the passenger. he barely had heartbeat. a former paramedic happened to be on board. 22-year-old daniel cradero,
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>> we immediately started clearing the area and beginning cpr. >> the philadelphia fire department took over and rushed the passenger to hahnemann hospital. he is expected to be released soon. septa officials say they're testing some of the newly fixed silver liner five cars this weekend. if all goes as planned, the replaced cars will be rolled out into full service but that could still take a few weeks. to help offset the delays, septa is increasing express bus service along regional rail lines, is this due to a faulty design in the rail cars that led to cracks on the equal it is a major move in an effort to protect the nation's blood supply. nicole brewer is joining us and
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nicole you talked to a local daughter >> i did and priestly fda had limited the requirement to puerto rican and two florida counties. the new means all u.s. states and territories will need to begin this testing. >> at the american red cross faith blood is their business and soon that will conclude universal testing for zika. >> i was actually worried about them when we brought them out. >> we're think about having another child growing our family, so definitely it concerns >> friday said all u.s. blood certificates should start screening which is spread primarily by mosquito bites as well as sex. there has also been days of blood transfusion. dr. marcus specializes in infectious diseases at hahnemann.
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80 percent of those are infected a asymptomatic. >> anyone is pregnant and concerned about the health and well-being about their child has a right to be worried, but if you take appropriate steps to limit your risk, your chance of inquiring zika are quite low >> in the u.s., there have been nearly 2500 infections linked to travel. 42 were locally transited in florida. you can take steps to protect yourself. >> wearing long clothes in the summertime >> i made sure my son has long sleeve pants and shirt >> bug spray >> when it gets to where it's really bad, i would be walking around now if i had one. >> the implementation process will require lots of funding. the new testing procedure will be phased in over time. there really is no timeline set at this point. >> limiting your risk. >> thanks, nicole.
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>> campaign 16, hillary clinton and donald trump continue to accuse each other of regional in the race for president. the bitter back and fourth comes 73 days before the november 8th general election. today, trump met with horrific business owners in las vegas as part of his week-long outreach to monitor votes. he says they have abandoned hispanics and african-americans. clinton hit back saying trump is pandering to racist activists. >> neither my husband, my daughter or i have ever taken a penny of salary from the foundation. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep
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americans safe and protect our interest abroad. >> we also learned today president obama is headed to philadelphia september 13th to campaign for clinton. trump hired chris christie former document chief of staff to join his presidential campaign. bill stepian will serve as the field director. chris christie fired him two years ago. chris christie says he played no role in finding a new role for stepian >> no, did not and i wish bill the best of luck and i wish the campaign the best of luck as it goes forward. i wish bill the best. i did not consult with donald trump on this decision one way or another. stepian was never charged in the scandal but several other former chris christie stafferses are facing charges accused of closing lanes. joe biden returns to wilmington to announce new
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funding for amtrak. trains stations and rails along the northeast corridor will be upgraded using a two and a half bill dollar federal loan. the vice president made the announcement at the train station that bears his name, the largest single loan in the u.s. transportation history >> why in this country are we so bone-headed to not understand the essential value of a rail system that's modern throughout the whole country? why do we argue about whether or not it makes sense? >> upgrades will include a new fleet of energy efficient acela express train cars capable traveling between new york city and washington, dc in just 30 minutes. the death toll rises in italy after this week's devastating earthquake. >> the frantic search for survivors continues. tonight, there are new worries.
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still ahead, what's threatening the rescue efforts? kate >> it was a sunny but hot day today with temperatures in the 90's. you can see a time lamps of the blue sky and more blue skies for the weekend. will we be dodging the chance for thunderstorms? i'll help you plan your weekend were activities and tell you when a cool-down could creep back into the forecast. patty labelle's sweet deal the singer whips up a new project and it is headed to a store near you. an ever lasting love, a local couple celebrates 75 years of marriage. what they say is the concrete to their successful relationship when "eyewitness news" comes right back. flu
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strong after shocks continue to hamper rescue in italy. after the earthquake rattled the region. a powerful after shock damaged two access roads threatening to cut off emergency assistance, reports say most of the 281 people killed lived in that town. italian government declared a state of emergency. the cousin of mba star dwayne wade was shot and killed in chicago. he was gunned down while pushing a baby in a stroller on a city south side. police say she was walking with a man when two other men came up and started firing. police do not believe she was the intended target.
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she's the mother of four children. wade previously played with the miami heat and now place with the chicago bulls. france's top administrative court overturned a ban on the burkini. a full body swim suit worn by muslim women. this followed an outrage after some were ordered to remove the body concealing gar minutes. is supporters say the garments could scare beach goers worried about terrorism. a year and a half ago ones that can place them in loves homes, once a month. steklenski uses about $1,000 of his own money to do this. >> it makes a big difference. i know what it's like to have put a pet. to be able to reply indicate
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that is a good feeling. since may, 2015, steklenski made dozens of trips along the east coast. so far he has saved 377 pets. take a look at these photos from the marine center in brigantine, they rescued a 140 pound sea turtle from near an intake pipe at the nuclear plant. he has rear flippers that are partially paralyzed. appears she was hit by a boat. the issue with her flippers may require they find her a home in a zoo aquarium. the breath taking clydesdales horses paraded down the street to help kickoff labor day weekend made in america concert an opportunity four feet o,s. patty labelle can sing, she can also bake, now her dessert line is expanding.
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her put sweet potato my was such a smash hit, she's whipping up more goods. the new desserts hit wal-mart august 29th. . a philadelphia couple celebrated 75 years of wedded ballistics. betty and david were married in 1941. they talk wanted i vittoria woodill about how they managed to make it work for so long. >> what is the secret of 75 years of marriage? >> if you're in the right group, right couple, there's nothing to worry about. it happens by itself. nothing you can do. >> an automatic thing. re >> five generations were on hand to celebrate the milestone. >> really sweet.
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. kate, we're officially at the weekend. things are looking up for everybody. >> things are looking up. today was a little hot. temperatures have been slowly rising. the humidity started to drop off and tomorrow it's going to be hot it's not going to be as human of a day, it's actually pretty great summer saturday. temperatures a little bit above average but with low humidity it will be great day for the pool, beach, any summer activity if you want to take a run here's a look outside. we'll start with our roof cam mounted on the top here of the cbs3 broadcast center in center city looking live at the skyline. beautiful to be out and about. you don't need a jacket but there's a nice breeze. temps in the 70's. breeze keeping it pretty comfortable. quick gander at stormscan 3, there's really not much to see,
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high pressure is in control. showers and storms over portions of ohio and indiana. we don't really have the chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast all weekend. sunny, dry, warm, slightly increasing humidity both saturday and sunday, but you know it's not going to be as bad as today and no as bad as what we've been through. temps right now, urban heat island effect. it's 82 in philadelphia, our surrendering areas have dropped in the 70's, 73 in allentown. 79 in millville and 79 in atlantic city. a beautiful weekend. temperature near 90 tomorrow but with lower humidity. it will be a comfortable 90. nice day for your saturday. sunday looks great near 90 again, sunny, nice and warm, monday we may feel that increase in humidity, it will be the trailing end of a cold front that hangs out overhead. many of us keep it rain-free
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monday, we'll have the chance of a stray storm monday, tuesday and wednesday behind that system wednesday, we may feel quite the cool-down late next week. i'll show you that with the seven-day. briefly this morning we had due points in the low 70's. 73 were you the due point puts us in the opposed range, tomorrow for a time due points will be in the 50's. that means we'll be pretty pleasant. just a slow rise in humidity as we head through sunday, monday and tuesday. we do need rain. our philadelphia rainfall since june 1st we're in a deficit of almost three and a quarter inches. we've had a few storms come through, generally fast moving systems, dropped a little bit of rain, we could use rain. unfortunately we don't want the rain for the weekend. our tropical satellite shows this area disturbed weather. this has been an invest
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something we've been watching a long time. not been able to get its act together. the latest model don't show much of a development. there is still a chance as this mutuals over south florida into the warm waters of the gulf, it could briefly spin off but it does not like look like it's going to be an issue. it will maybe just die over the sweet. it will produce heavy rain and thunderstorms for portions of florida and the bahamas. we also got gas stone but it will curb before it gets to bermuda. the only thing i may do is increase the threat for rip current. overnight mainly clear, nice and warm, 73 low, tomorrow looks good, sunny less humid at 90. what a beautiful shore weekend if you've been thinking maybe we'll take a day trip saturday sunday i would urge you to do so. we'll be in the low 80's, beautiful beach days and the city looks good. watch for a thunderstorm monday, tuesday, especially wednesday,
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watch what happens late next week, the highs possibly in the 70's. >> it's taking a turn. >> a turn for the good. >> done what's coming up next in sports >> down with that. we're talking about football the guys. eagles offense needs to step it up and they know it. we'll hear from one of the team's best. plus the phillies in


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