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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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saturday morning. wind less than 101 miles an hour shifting more northeasterly this afternoon. heading to the shore, delaware beaches nice ocean water temperature at 72 degrees. temperatures from the low to mid 60's up to the 70's at this hour. cool spots to the north of the city. sixty-four in pottstown. sixty-six willow grove. storm scan three nice and quiet no threat of rain today or tomorrow. check out our highs still well above average 91 today but less humid, plenty of sunshine. 84 degrees. lower 80's in the poconos. we will talk about more 90's on the way in the forecast and let you know our next chance for shower or thunderstorm in a few more minutes. greg, back over to you. police are looking for three men after a man was attack in philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh live outside east detectives with the very latest on this investigation, good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, greg. two big questions this morning
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who is responsible and whether that man will survive his injuries. he is still in extremely critical condition the at einstein medical center. police tell thaws three men a approached the victim, and then one of them punched him in the face. it happened around 6:00 behind a beer distributor on the 700 block of adams avenue near tabor road. victim then hit his head on the ground and police found him unconscious and bleeding from the head help they arrived. at this point police still do not know who man is, he is john do but in his late 30's or early 50's. they say it appears there was no motive for the attack and they are checking at least nine business was surveillance video. >> one male for some reason punch the victim in the face. the victim staggered, fell to the ground, and hit his head hard. we know all this because everything ways clearly, recorded, by private surveillance camera in the
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area. >> hoping that surveillance video will help them catch the three men responsible for this crime. they described the one who punched the victim as a dark man in his early 20's wearing all white clothing. anyone with any information is asked to contact police and that information remain anonymous. live at east detectives anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an eight year-old girl caught in the cross fire of the shooting in camden, new jersey has died. gunman shot gabriel carter in the head around 8:30 wednesday night during a shoot-out in the 900 block of south eighth street she was standing in front of her house when she was hit. this morning shooter remains on the lose there is a $12,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest. police say a man is in custody after crashing a stolen car in the the police cruz inner north philadelphia it happened around 9:00 in the 2200 block of montgomery avenue, authorities say that the police officer was responding to a call when man driving south on 23rd street ran in the front of that
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police car. they say the police car was damaged and officer in it was hurt. woman robbed at gunpoint on the septa platform, septa police say it happened around 6:15 on the westbound platform of the mark frankford line of the girard station. they say this man seen in the video pointed a gun at with man and demanded that she give him her hearst. he then ran from the station. if you recognize this man, of course call police. much different story on the same line just two days earlier where heroes on the septa train helped a passenger who collapses and that incredible rescue is caught on camera. at height of the rush hour thursday afternoon, train 1134 on the market frankford line pulls up to the 30th street station platt form. seconds later a passenger collapses. >> we had a radio call for an unresponsive male. >> lights and sirens and we
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had head to 30th street station. >> when james mayo and justin matthews arrived at the station mayo runs downstairs to the platform. matthews waits for e ms. >> he needed help right away, that is why we split up. >> reporter: his heart barely beating and his arms turning blue lays the victim. mayo starts chest compressions. >> it felt like forever but i'm sure it was just a couple seconds a minor two. >> reporter: officers soon realizes he need to provide oxygen as well enter daniel cordero. >> i saw the crowd on the platform and thought great septa late again. >> reporter: what actually happens quickly sets in. as a former paramedic carder owe travels prepared. >> make me volunteer, why do chest compressions. >> we immediately started clearing area and begin cpr. >> reporter: philly fire takes over and rushes passenger to hahnemann university hospital. >> you hope for the best. >> you do what you are trained to tine hope that he is okay. >> reporter: how is that
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passenger now? septa officials say incredibly he is in stable condition, and should be released from the hospital soon. septa officials say they are testing some of the newly fit silver liner five cars this weekend and if all goes as planned the replaced cars will be rolled out in full service but that can still take a few weeks. to off set delays septa announced increased express bus services along the affected regional rail lines, this is all due to a faulty deiron in the railcars that led to hairline cracks on the equalizer beams in more than 120tive rent cars. in campaign 2016, hillary clinton and donald trump continue to accuse each other of racism in the race for the president. it is now just 72 days, before the november 8th general election, "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean reports on the bitter back and forth. >> reporter: donald trump met with hispanic business owners in las vegas friday as part of his week long outreach to minority voters. >> we have been doing very, very well with the latinos.
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>> reporter: trump says hillary clinton and democrats have abandon hispanics and african americans. >> they are policies are bigoted because they knew she will in the be working. >> reporter: clinton hit back saying trump is pandering to racist activist known as alt right. a group of right wingers believe white identity is under attack and establishment conservative isn't strong enough. clinton is also defending her ties to the clinton foundation, while she served as secretary of state. >> neither my husband, my daughter or i have ever taken a penny of salary from the foundation. >> reporter: house oversight committee is looking into reports that more than half of the non-governmental people who met with then secretary of state clinton donated to the clinton foundation. in a letter to the state department congressman jason chafits give perception that access to the official resources were for sale. >> my work for secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces, i made policy decisions based on what
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i thought was right to keep americans safe and protect our interest abroad. >> reporter: he wants to know if clinton aid violated ethics rules while working at the state department. that was jessica dean reporting and this morning we have learned president obama is coming to philadelphia september 13th to campaign to hillary clinton. meanwhile donald trump has hired new jersey governor chris christie's former deputy chief of staff to join his presidential campaign. bill stepian will serve as trump campaign national field director, governor christie fired christie more than two years ago due to his allege connection with the bridge gate scandal. christie says he played in role in finding a new job for stepian. >> no, did not. i wish bill the best of luck and i wish the campaign the best of luck as we go forward, and i wish bill all of the best. difficult not consult with donald trump on this decision one way or the other. >> reporter: stepian was never charge in the bridge gate
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scandal but several other christie staffers are facing charges. they are accused of closing lanes on the george washington bridge to create traffic jams as a act of political retribution. it is $2.5 billion loan all going to help our nation's commuter rail system. who better to announce it then vice-president joe biden who has earn the nickname amtrak joe. the vice-president in wilmington delaware friday to reveal plans the new funding for amtrak train stations and rails along northeast corridor will be upgraded using money from that federal loan. the vice-president making the announcement of the train station that bears his name yesterday, $2.5 billion. this is the largest single loan in the u.s. department of transportation's history. >> why in this country are so bone headed to not under stan the essential value of a rail system that is modern, throughout the whole country. why do we argue about whether
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or not it makes sense. >> it will include a new fleet of energy efficient acela express train cars capable of traveling between new york city and washington d.c., in just 30 minutes. still ahead on "eyewitness news"... >> the f.d.a. released you this guidelines to try to keep the nation's blood supply safe from the zika virus, i'm don champion in dallas with the details coming up. plus saving lives, see how a local pilot is rescuing pets from kill shelters all over the east coast. and a special photographer is on a very special mission we will show you why she's giving away free photo shoots to certain for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion.
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back on eyewitness news f.d.a. wants all blood banks to screen for zika virus and one case of the virus has doctors stumped. cbs news correspondent done ton champion reports. >> reporter: doctors in miami are unraveling the medical mystery that has little eight week old mikayla ramirez, it took weeks to determine she had zika. three weeks into her hotter's pregnancy, mikayla was exposed to the virus in the womb, but she does not have microcephaly, it linked birth defects that causes baby to be born with an ab normally small head and brain. mikhail lah does have slight eye damage, stiffness on one
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side of her body and calcification in the brain that could eventually cause seizures. >> very difficult to say how licensing we need to follow her. the plan is to follow her five or six years. >> reporter: now with new locally transmitted cases of zika in florida, federal health officials are making move to protect the nation's blood supply. friday the food and drug administration issued guidelines, recommending blood donations nationwide be screened for zika. in places where zika cases have been reported, tests have been underway. f.d.a. wants new donations in these 11 states tested within the next month and remaining states to start within 12 weeks. the goal of the recommendation is to keep blood supply safe for all those who might need blood transfusions. >> reporter: all for the first time in the u.s. doctors confirmed a man who to not have zika symptoms passed it to a woman through sex. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a sea turtle is getting a
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new lease on life thanks to the marine mammal stranding center in brigantine. they rescued 140-pound sea turtle thursday from a in take pipe near oyster creek nuclear plant there. he has rear flippers that are partially paralyzed. it appears he was hit by a boat. center says issue may remember they find her a home in zoo or an aquarium. main street in manayunk welcoming some beloved animals, breathtaking horses, paraded down the street to help kick off lane are day weekend's made in america concert. there was a raffle contest and opportunity for photos with the horses that added to the excitement. what a great day it was yesterday for that parade, but also the rest of the weekend, justin. >> that is right, we're lock in the dry pattern so throwing but sunshine, really no threat of any rain total unless middle to next week. it won't get hot even though humidity levels drop a little bit. we will talk about temperatures in the lower 90's. we should be right around
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84 degrees this time of the year. not a bad start to saturday morning, do it now, very pleasant, we have temperatures in the mid 60's. a few warm spots. heading further are north up to the lehigh val any north hampton county. charles in bath has 71 degrees with clear skies right now. we will head further south into delaware, newark delaware, delores lee has 64 degrees, clear skies, and everybody similar across most parts of the region. mid 60's at jenny janssen's house in cherry hill, new jersey with clear conditions. wrapped warm upcoming this afternoon with full sunshine. good day to hit the beach, delaware beach, rehoboth beach live look at boardwalk plaza, hotel camera and getting ready for nice sunrise, in about ten minutes or so. few people outside on the boardwalk earlier. ocean conditions pretty calm as we go into new jersey this is moderate risk for stronger rip currents and that is due to the increased swells we will be dealing with from gaston which is hundreds of
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miles out toe see. we will not see any big waves but they will have have more energy then what it normally would be. make sure life guard are on duty over next few days before you go in the water. looking at 90-degree days that we have been dealing with so far. thirty-six now, we will add to that list over next several days getting close to 2012 where we had 39. really not going to beat 2010. fifty-five days a hot season. dew points tell the story as far as humidity levels go. people don't like humidity. yes this were in the 70's. now low to mid 60's. so muggy, but if you are heading outside that feels good. look at dew point drop in the afternoon, comes down to the 50's especially in berks county lehigh valley. it will be pretty dry this afternoon, as far as humidity levels go even though it is hot and temperatures in the 90's. tomorrow same deal dew points running le to mid 60's, i don't see any 70-degree dew points coming at us anytime soon. high pressure just lock over mid-atlantic, classic hid summer pattern so it will be hot, sunny, showers and storms
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stay to our west so this pattern holds for the next several days. jersey shore forecast, noticeably less humid to day, nice breeze coming from the the north east and that will keep temperatures around 84 degrees later this morning and may drop in the afternoon as that ocean holds in the lower 70's. the here's what is happening this weekend. not a whole lot. hope you like sunshine. temperatures right around 90 degrees both days, saturday, sunday into machine we will go. we will keep it in the 90's. weak cold front tries to come through not doing much. maybe bringing couple cloud. we should stay dry. we are locked into that ridge of high pressure over mid-atlantic and that will help us out. there is a tropical low pressure system still watching, again just north of the cuba forecast models take it off to the west. it will likely impact parts of the south florida, gulf coast with tropical rains over next several days. it is all because of that high providing us sunshine and warm temperatures. is that keeps the storm to our south. that saves us a little bit.
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we could use rainfall, it is try over past few weeks. temperatures today upper 80's to the low 90's. stays warm tonight. sixty's and 70's for the overnight low temperatures. tomorrow slightly cooler but still above average we will talk about highs in the upper 80's, some spots hit 90's. today sunny hot, 91 degrees. the less humid. warm, clear night tonight. seventy for city. sixty's in the suburbs. finishing off august on the hot side. lower 90's next week. maybe a stray shower or then are storm coming in on wednesday, and pattern changes up as we head into labor day weekend. we will cool it back down to average low to mid 80's next thursday and friday with sunshine. greg, back over to you. friday was national dog day a day to celebrate your favorite k-9 but yesterday "eyewitness news" report's neat a oh caught up with one local man who makes it his mission to focus on dogs every day all year long.
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>> unaudible. >> reporter: to paul this isn't various any flight, it is a within man rescue operation. >> it changes you. >> year and a half ago he took his passion as a pilot to new heights. >> it is a small impact but it is something. >> reporter: after adopting his labrador mix, he realized overwhelming need to save pet from high kill shelters. >> few days make a difference as to whether they lived or didn't. >> reporter: he started flying fur animal rescue, a none in profit that flies animals from overcrowded shelters to ones that can help place them in permanent homes. since may 2016 paul has made dozens of trips along the east coast and so far he saved 377 pets. while the cost of biweekly trips can quickly sore. >> i spend a thousand dollars a month out of my pocket to do this. >> reporter: he says it is worth every cent and every second in the cockpit. >> peter was a difficult one, peter was an animal found tied up abandoned in a building in
6:20 am
new york city. >> owe only lived for three days after that and just knowing he made a difference in his life, as a senior dog abandoned left to tie. he got to spend those few days with the family and other pets. it makes a difference. >> reporter: most of all he looks forward to the few you tour. best day to ever come is day you don't to have do this any more. >> reporter: in doylestown anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". are you heading to the move thinks weekend. one film recreates an infamous boxing match we will take you behind the scenes and hear from the stars when "eyewitness news"
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photographer mar licensed give away photo shoots to families with children with challenges. as we gentleman jiang reports she says changing public perception of what is so-called normal is her biggest challenge. >> one, two, three. >> when stephanie smith looks through her camera lens at six year-old a sanity i a allen she doesn't see a child with special needs, she sees, a special child. >> strength, resilience from these kids has been far more, inspiring, touching, moving then any other normal child that i have ever been able to choose. >> reporter: the 28 year-old says eight months ago she read a blog post about other photographer who turned down the job, because client's daughter has down syndrome. >> for me that was just my wake up call. >> reporter: it inspired her to offer photo shoots to families with children half diseases, and other conditions, for free. >> turn your body to me a bit.
6:24 am
>> reporter: he has dwarfism, his twin brother does not, allen's say people treat their kid differently, but not smith. >> if son see us the way we are rather than a spectacle or some people to gawk at, just to show asante, humanity and to show, you know, his funny side and that is the most important thing to show us as a tamly north a special needs family. >> reporter: smith is a mother herself and watched her sister battle cancer twice which also inspired the project. >> i always knew like when that happened i wanted to find a way to give back. >> smile. >> reporter: smith name her charity lenses for love because she says that love is unconditional. weijia jiang for cbs news, mans, maryland. philadelphia's own patty labelle is proving she can expand her dessert line. sweet potato pie was such a
6:25 am
smash hit she's whipping up more baked good including apple pecan cake and sweet potato loaf. new desserts hit wal-mart exclusively on august 29th. at the move thinks weekend robert deniero is back in the ring this time as a boxing coach in the bio pick hand of stone. the it tells story of the first boxer to beat legendary sugar ray leonard, brooks silva-braga has the sneak preview. >> it is 66 seconds robertoduran change my life. >> reporter: the new picture hand of stone taking on rivalry of robertoduran and sugar ray leonard widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time. leonard helped train usual tore play him in and out of the ring. >> it took a great deal of training, preparation, but greater then that i formed a bond and a connection with sugar ray to tell his story. >> reporter: duran product of an affair between a american marine and local man grew up fighting in the streets of
6:26 am
panama and became first boxer to beat sugar ray in 1980. duran helped ramirez to fill his shoes. >> taught me everything, his techniques, his skills, he opened up his house for me, his tamly, his heart. >> reporter: robert deniero plays duran's trainer. they were carefully choreographed to mirror the original fight but film is not all about force. >> from the moment he insulted you, he knew he could get in my head. >> reporter: ramirez said they both played mind games. >> that is something that the movie, really puts its focus on. >> reporter: hand of stone was shot in panama city in new york with 15,000 extra in digs to the cast and crew it is biggest film ever made in panama. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up in the next half an hour, it wases high drama as police caught a man who set off an amber alert in three states including right here in pennsylvania. many people watched their
6:27 am
wait at tip of the finger. calorie counting apps are all of the rage. stephanie stahl looks at the top five. we are back with those and much more when "eyewitness news" continues.
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the federal investigation into the june job boss john dougherty takes a new turn, to
6:30 am
expand to the jim kene mayoral campaign now mayor kenney is responding. plus a map beaten in the parking lot we are live with the latest on what investigators say is a random attack that has left a victim fighting for his life this morning. plus police in our area are looking for two suspects prayed on a mother while outside with her children at a popular fast food restaurant. good morning i'm greg argos at 6:30, justin drabick is live outside on our cbs-3 skies deck with the weather this morning, good morning, justin. >> good morning, greg. we have a good start to the weekend. sunshine is up, right now, and can't find a cloud in the sky. pretty comfortable for this time of the year, compared to yesterday, especially this time. if you get ready for that outdoor work out using or bike ride it looks good at next couple hours. temperatures slightly cooler, 9 degrees cooler. nice push of northerly wind drying out our air has. humidity levels dropping a little bit. still not as pleasant as it
6:31 am
was earlier in the week as far as humidity levels go but if it has to be hot we will take this with the letter levels with humidity. 74 degrees current temperature in philadelphia. sixty-eight in wilmington. sixty-nine capitol city of delaware. then we will go to the northwest suburbs and not always cooler there. sixty-three in quakertown the coolest spot. storm scan three is quiet, get ready to see plenty of sunshine for next several days, temperatures do stay well above average a comfortable start this morning, clear, temperatures in the 60's and 07's but wrapped warm up once that sun gets up, heat things up to 80's and 90's. eighty-four is where we should be this time of the year if you well above that on our way up to 91 today, tomorrow still sunny, very warm, in the as humid, temperatures still way above average in the upper 80's. there are more 90's for next several days as we finish off month of august. we will let you know help things cool down in a few more minutes, greg, back to you. >> thanks, justin. federal investigation into
6:32 am
union boss john dougherty expands to the philadelphia's mayor's office. investigators have not said what they are looking for. mayor jim kenney is cooperating. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt first broke the story and he has the mayor's response. >> reporter: three weeks after fbi agents raided ibew local 98 headquarters and about john dougherty's home mayor jim kenney confirmed that his campaign documents will be reviewed by federal up investigators. he spoke to kyw news radio by phone. >> high understanding is it is quite standard to request these documents. i assume to check them out make sure they all headache sense and that is all i know. >> reporter: kenney says he has not spoken with anyone from the federal government about the documents. >> i think the federal government is doing their job and in an effort to get them to do their job to come to a conclusion you need to be cooperative and whatever they ask for you give them. >> reporter: kenney's piece comes weeks after authorities raided two offices of the councilman bobby henon a dougherty alley, sources say that dougherty's chiropractor, who happens to be the chair of
6:33 am
the zoning board, a pointed by mayor kenney was also raided. just earlier this week, federal investigators took documents from this south philadelphia home where ward committeeman mike masooka lives, in one was home when we stopped by for comment. mayor kenney says his campaign will continue to cooperate with federal authorities. >> the unknown is certainly unnerving but when you know you ran a good campaign and they are asking for whatever they are asking for you provide it to them and then you move on. >> reporter: mayor kenney and campaign source both told "eyewitness news" that be in from the campaign has met in person with any federal investigators, about this specific case. reporting at federal building in philadelphia, david spunt, cbs-3 and "eyewitness news". police are looking for three men after a man was badly beaten in philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood. investigators say one of the men sucker punched the man and knock them to the ground. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with the very latest on this investigation.
6:34 am
good morning, anita. >> reporter: greg, police say there seems to be absolutely no motive for this brutal beating that landed one man in extremely critical condition at einstein medical center. he is currently fighting for his life and in the clear at this point whether he is expect to survive his injuries. it happened last night on the 700 block of adams avenue near tabor road, that is when police say three men a roach the victim behind a beer distributor and one of them punched him in the face. victim hit his head on the ground and police found him unconscious and bleeding from the head when they arrived. but at this point police still do in the necessity who that man is. they believe he is in his late 30's or early 40's. they are putting pieces together now thanks to at least nine businesses in the area with surveillance video and they are check helping that now for different angles of the suspect whom they believe are from the area. >> one male for some reason punched the victim in the face. the victim staggered, fell to the ground and hit his head
6:35 am
hard. we know all this because everything was clearly recorded by private surveillance cameras in the area. >> police described one of those suspects as a younger man in his early 20's with the dark complex wearing all white clothing but they are still looking for all three suspects. anyone with any information is asked to contact police and that information can remain anonymous. live at east detectives, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police making an arrest in the murder of a delaware college student. police say tip calls led to the arrest of the 46 year-old cheryl jennings in the shooting death of 19 year-old malcolm evans. july 9th evans was shot while driving in his black bmw near his bear delaware neighborhood. after getting shot evans lost control and crash. authorities say it appears jennings and evans did not the know each other and law enforcement did not talk about a possible motive. we did hear from the victim's
6:36 am
mother. >> over the last few weeks family and friend spent so many sleepless nights wondering who, and why someone would commit such a unspeakable crime against such an amazing young man. >> jennings lives on the corner of the road where authorities believe evans was shot, at rest comes a month after investigators offered a $40,000 reward for any information in this case. evans was a student at delaware state university in dover delaware and hoped to one day become a doctor. a west deptford hand is in custody this morning accused of murdering his own parents in his home on pennsville drive. bodies of the 58 year-old edward coals junior and his five five-year old wife rose marie was found yesterday, their son 28 year-old son ryan coals has been charged in his death. his bail was set at 1 million. caught on camera, a woman has her wallet snatched while
6:37 am
eating inside a popular fast food restaurant with her children. this is chick fill he will on horizon boulevard in bensalem. female acted as a look out while a man stuck up and stole her wallet right out of her purse. thieves went straight to a nearby target where they bought $1,600 worth of visa gift card, this morning, they are still on the loose. a three-year old girl allegedly abduct from luzerne county pennsylvania by her father, fortunately is safe and sound tonight in new york city. dave carlen from our sister station wcbs tells us how new york city police officer helped end this whole ordeal. >> reporter: police say when this silver car with pennsylvania license plates was stopped on tenth avenue near 34th street it brought to an end of slice to this missing little girl avamount byrne. amber alert describe her as a three-year old in eminent danger after an alleged kidnapping by robert byrne. police say he took the child in pennsylvania and wound up in manhattan. the amber alert did exactly what police hoped it a always
6:38 am
will, attracted the attention of the man who was just walking by, noticed the car in slow moving traffic and ran up to this traffic officer named m.d. ali, officer ali looked at the car, looked at the late and check his phone. >> i saw the number and i will talk to you. >> reporter: officer ali said he saw man and girl and knew this was serious. he called for police backup and as he did he said driver attempted to getaway on foot with child in his arms. >> the guy came out, from the car and he was running. >> reporter: nypd officer showed up and made the arrest. man was taken to the tenth precinct station house for questioning. girl went to bellevue hospital. >> everything looked okay but she looked scared. >> reporter: that was dave car len reporting. she was check out of the hospital before she went home. officers say she appears to be unharmed and in good health. authorities have charged
6:39 am
46 year-old rodney earl sanders in connection with a death of two nuns killed in mississippi. sister paula merrill and margaret held were found dead earlier this week inside their home at jackson. they say nuns both 68 years old were stabbed to death. the cousin of nba star dwayne wade was shot and killed last night in chicago. three two-year old nikea eldridge was gun down pushing a baby in the stroller on the it is south side. police say she was walking with a man when two other men came up and started firing. police do not believe she was the intended target. he will bridges mother of four children, wade previously played with the my aim heat and new plays for chicago bulls. strong after shocks continued to hamper rescue efforts in central italy, two days after wednesday's strong earthquake rattled the region. on friday a powerful after shock damaged two access roads in the hardest hit town of amatrice threatening to cut off emergency assistance. reports say that most of the
6:40 am
281 people killed, lived in that town, and the italian government has declared a state of emergency and more than 50 million-dollar has been designated for earthquake relief. france's top administrative court overturned a ban on the berkini which is a full body swimsuit worn by muslim woman. this follows outrage after some women were ordered to remove their body concealing garments on french riveria beaches. opponents say it is a violation of religious freedom but reporters say garment could scare beach goers worried about terrorism. still ahead on "eyewitness news" watch before you down load, health reporter stephanie stahl shows us the top 5-calorie counting apps and we will have this. >> great, nothing to worry about happens by itself. >> they have been together for 75 years, three-quarters of a century, and they say it has been easy. more secrets for a licensing marriage from david and betty, right when we come back.
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch a growing number of americans are using cell phones to help them lose weight but because there are dozens to choose from it can be overwhelming figuring out which one is right for you. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us what experts say, the top five. >> reporter: before you take that bite, take a picture, scan it, log it, apps object
6:44 am
smart phones are new high tech diet coaches. >> some people don't even realize that they are eating so much. >> reporter: registered dietition angela lemonde helped choose top 25-calorie counting apps. number one my fitness pal one of the most popular. it tracks your weight, calculates how many calories you should be eating and record calories you burn from exercising. and then tracks your progress, one problem, the food date ace up loaded by other users and may not always be accurate. number two, lose it. enter how much you want to lose, it calculates your calorie in take to achieve your goal and then input your food ape record your exercise. number car on the, this will chastise you for eating too much. >> this will put you over your daily limit. >> reporter: number four, foodikada signs a letter grade to each food, scanning ruffles potato chips receives a c and
6:45 am
alternate tab gives you healthier options. it won first place in the u.s. surgeon general's healthy app challenge. number five green foods mean they are very filling but low in calories while red means high in calories. this one costs about ten dollars a month. while simply down loading an app won't shed a pound using the right one can help guide you to healthier eating. experts say that successful weight looks depend on people being motivated and committee and using apps can be time consuming and tedious which causes many people to eventually, lose interest. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hopefully this next story doesn't make you cheat on your diet, scrapple pie is now the best selling flavor, at a local bakery. the owner of ward's pastry shop in ocean city new jersey says customers can't get enough scrapple. owner takes meat and bakes it in the danish, the result of breakfast treat which may sound strange but it is very popular, and quite delicious.
6:46 am
the owner says he has been selling twice as many scrapple pies as he has been selling those of the apple variety. and there is a lot coming up on cbs-3 this morning, anthony mason an vanita nair join us from new york the with the preview. guys, i'm sure you are ordering the scrapple pies. >> we like the sound of scrapple pie. >> it is delicious. >> all right. good morning, greg. coming up the day's headlines and call it a shark tank for crafty people. we will go behind the scene of the on line retailer etsy as it tries to get sellers in retail stores. it isn't just in the real estate but in the history it houses. anthony will introduce to us three sisters staying strong in the face of change. from films based on true stories to those born from fantasy we will preview the fall's most promising new movies. >> all that plus eye opener, the dish and music in our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday, it
6:47 am
is a great line up for scrapple pie. >> i'm from delaware and scrapple is delicious. >> thanks, so much, guys eagles are set tonight. they visit indianapolis colts. starters are expect to play in the third quarter. rookie smallwood will see his first action of the small preseason. carson wentz will in the play. kick off set at 7:00. what i great afternoon and evening, justin for a game, right. >> all day long. everybody is getting hungry for scrapple. you are pushing it hard. >> yes. >> we will go out and get some scrapple. that is greg's delaware blood coming out of him. i don't know i may have to try it. waking up, temperatures are comfortable. temperatures in the mid to upper 60's but there will be a wrapped warm up. notice drop in humidity a little bit compared to yesterday morning but still hot. we are talking about 90's. over a lot of location this is afternoon. we will see what is happening. we will go through the south here in delaware, john dowell
6:48 am
in glasgow, delaware. 66 degrees. full sunshine right now. let's head up into pennsylvania and west chester. steve johnson has sunny conditions. current temperatures at 67 degrees, into south jersey, upper 60's at this hour. john carroll's house in mullica, new jersey. everybody is pretty much the same for the most part. slightly cooler at jenny's house 65 degrees and a few clouds in cherry hill. great looking beach day no matter where you are heading toward delaware beaches or jersey shore, next several days will be a great shape. live look at ocean city beautiful sunrise there with the clear skies, full sunshine today make sure you wear sun block, uv index still on the high side this team of the year. the nice breeze developing. cooling effect going on. temperatures should top off in the low to hid 80's along the coast. month have of august it has been hot, average up to temperatures, were 4 degrees above average and we will finish this month off well above average. this number will go up. we are down on the
6:49 am
precipitation, an inch, 1.3 inches there. we could use rain. ninety-eight was highest temperature, our low was 62. not seeing any upper 90's but we will be in the lower 90's finishing off the month and there is a brief shot of cooler air that may move in for labor day weekend. we will talk about that. until then we have a classic mid summer weather pattern high pressure anchored off the east coast, flow around it is out of the west and southwest and that keeps us warm but right the new we have a northerly breeze over us which pushing out humidity, showers and storm over ohio valley they stay out to the west over the weekend. here that is shore forecast, beauty, a lot of sunshine today, tomorrow mid one on's today, lower 80's on monday. monday a good day. mostly sunny skies just more humid at 84 degrees. so we will watch the tropics, getting in the heart of the season right now you can see things starting to ram pink up, this is a frequency of storms, the peak is september 10th so next who or so you will be hearing a lot about tropical systems out
6:50 am
over open waters in the atlantic and caribbean. we are watching a couple right now. we call this invest 99l, and tropical characteristics. we have a 40 percent chance of forming in the tropical system over next five days. hurricane hunters are flying around and then of course, we have tropical storm gaston talk about this for days out over open waters of the atlantic, wind of 65, it will stay over ocean tracking back to the north and east. gaston stays out to sea but we will see stronger rip currents starting especially tomorrow into next week, from that storm, even though it is way out to sea. waves are not that big but they will have more energy and invest storm still looking disorganized, may strengthen this weekend. main threat looks to be florida and gulf coast of the u.s. back home, nothing happening, get outside, and if you you like sunshine and warm temperatures, high pressure still really locked in for the next several days, so no threat of rain. probably through at least wednesday, it will just be hot but not quite as humid as it
6:51 am
was a few weeks ago. there is that core of the heat over mid-atlantic, today, tomorrow, even into monday. it starts to break down a little bit by middle to next part of the week and thursday and friday we will have a shot of cool are air moving in for slight pattern change heading in to the labor day weekend but i don't think that will last. the it looks like it will try to build again through middle of september, and 91 for the high today, 70 tonight. here's the extended forecast not much happening, upper 80's, lower 90's next several days and tropical it back to average, by next thursday and friday. gray, over to you. philadelphia couple is marking a big milestone, 75 years, three-quarters of a century as husband and wife, vittoria woodill tells us five generations were on hand to help them celebrate. >> ♪ happy anniversary to you ♪ >> reporter: it has been 75 years of wedding bliss for betty and dave wiseman. the wisemans have been
6:52 am
residents of paul's run since 2011, a little different from their first home in 1941, a third floor apartment, above the sixth floor own by betty's father. >> the rent was so high that i could hardly afford it, $25 a month: that is right. twenty-five dollars was a lot of machine any those days. >> reporter: they met for few mutual friend they were married in a rabbi stud any south philadelphia. today those same word that blessed them then, bless them now. >> two souls coming together they create a new world. >> reporter: all were here including five generations of family to celebrate all of the years of value and what was learn from this kind of love, that lasts. >> my parents were like this all of our lives, yes. we actually never saw them fight. they have always been there for each other first and foremost. pretty special. >> my grandparents have been an amazing set of role models
6:53 am
for me in my life and i often look to them and think if i could that be lucky i would be just the luckiest person ever. >> reporter: how does this anniversary compare to others. >> unbelievable to know that so many people care enough to stan here like jerks. excuse me, i didn't mean that. thank you so much for the lovely reception. >> i think it was the group of jerks. >> vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
6:54 am
award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
6:55 am
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. well, everyone knows dogs
6:56 am
are man's best friend but there are certain ways that having a pet can improve our health. coming up tomorrow on the cbs-3 pet project, carroll erickson, and pennsylvania spca had little known, example of the health benefits to humans with special bets to adopt tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news" this morning right here at cbs-3 in our 7:00 o'clock hour. looking forward to that have of course. looking forward to a nice weekend. >> it is a good weekend if you have out door plans a lot of sunshine but it will get hot. we're in the 90's. we are used to it. late august. >> old hat. >> yes. >> humidity drops, so it is not that bad. it has to be hot. we will take these conditions. poconos will be a good place to be, this weekend, temperatures, into the lower 80's. we are looking live there, from big boulder at the lake,ing this but sunshine, for the next several days. check out the seven day forecast though up to 91 today in the sun, slightly cooler tomorrow, upper 80's ape then back to the lower 90's for several days next week. really wednesday is our best
6:57 am
chance for a shower or storm but really it will be a small chance very scattered and then finally by end of the next week we are back to average mid 80's maybe lower 80's and right now things are nice for labor day weekend. that goodies news. >> can't beat that. thanks justin. that is eye witt the necessary news for now thanks so much for having news tour home, don't forget we will have so much more on line, cbs cbs this morning saturday is next. i'm greg argos for justin drabick thanks for having us here. have a great
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
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