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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now on "eyewitness news" remembering gabrielle carter. mourners gather in camden to honor the memory of an eight-year-old girl shot and killed just steps from her own home. good evening, i'm rahel solomon. natasha brown is off. gabrielle died last night two days after slaw caught in the crossfire of a gun fight.
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tonight her killer is still on the loose and a reward for information in this case continues to grow. trang do joins us live from camden with more. trang, good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, rahel. gaby's family held a vigil in front of her home and also where the shooting happened. take a look across the street. you see a sizable memorial that is right in front of gaby's home where she lived with her family. several family members including gaby's grieving mother spoke out for the very first time. >> and i'm hurting. i'm hurting so bad. 'cause she didn't deserve that. >> reporter: a mother's anguish after losing her first born child. an innocent eight-year-old girl to senseless gun violence. >> we wander justice. >> we want justice. >> we want peace. >> we want peace. >> reporter: hundreds of people heard marisa carter philip's cries. >> it wasn't nothing that she wouldn't do for anybody if you asked her. she was a little woman. she was my little woman.
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i loved my baby so much and i wish she was still herism wednesday night gaby got caught in gunfire shot in the head outside of her home. gaby's cousin tearfully described her final moments. >> i sang to gaby last night. i painted gaby nails laughter night. i kissed gaby last night. and to know that my baby was safe that was the only thing that mattered. >> reporter: gaby's baby sister feeling the pain of loss far sooner than anyone should. way brave face she sent balloons to her big sister up in the sky. (applause). >> she's in a better place. i'm trying to stay strong. >> reporter: tonight the family is pleading with the community to come forward with information. right now police are offering $24,000 in rewards for anyone with information in this case. that tip line number is
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215-546-tips. but for now we're live in camden, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> okay, trang, thank you. just into our news room breaking right now philadelphia police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in brewerytown. police say a gunman shot and killed a 25-year-old man on the 1700 block of newkirk street tonight. the 45-year-old man was also wounded. he was rushed to hahnemann university hospital. his condition is unknown. police are searching for the gunman. no word on what led to the shooting. teddy bears and words of comfort. family and friends remembered little. tricoche is being held on $1 million bail. the couple found dead in west deptford was beaten to death. autopsy results were released today by the gloucester county medical examiner. 58-year-old edward coles jr. and his wife 55-year-old
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rosemary coles died of blunt force trauma to the head. their son 28-year-old ryan coles is in custody and has been charged in their deaths. still no word on a possible motive. "eyewitness news" has obtained disturbing surveillance video of a punch in lawncrest that now has left a man fighting for his life. the video shows three young men approaching the victim near a beer distributor on the 700 block of adams avenue yesterday. now it's unclear if words were exchanged but the man in white suddenly punches the victim. he falls hard to the ground and hits his head. right now that victim is on life support. of course, if you recognize this suspect, police want to hear from you. and police in mississippi have arrested a plan in the murders of two roman catholic nuns. police say they were stabbed to death inside their home earlier this week. authorities in small town durant mississippi say just about everyone knew beloved sisters paula merrill and margaret hilt. the nuns worked as nurses at a
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clinic for low income resident in the poorest county of the states. sister susan gatz knew the women for decades. >> these were people and they treated everybody with dignity. they treated everybody with that care and compassion. >> reporter: their murders have left this community stunned. police say it does not appear that robbery was the motive but they did say they quickly zeroed in on 46-year-old rodney sanders. they're now investigating why he allegedly went to the women's home and stabbed them. late friday sanders was arrested and charged with two counts of capitol murder. he's been described as a drifter. police discovered the women's body thursday and later one of their stolen cars when they didn't show up for work. >> i'm sure our community is completely devastated and grieving. >> reporter: and now struggling to understand how something so horrific could happen to two women who dedicated their lives to helping others. and police have also said the nuns lived in an area where many people leave their doors unlocked. in this case there were no
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signs of forced entry or break in. turning to campaign 2016. tonight the issues of homeland security and gun violence have making headlines in the race for president. we are now just over 72 days away from the november 8th generally a election. wendy gillette has the latest. >> reporter: a police car led several vehicles to an fbi office in white plains new york hillary clinton received her first national security briefing. she attended by herself with no aides presenter. she got an overview of threats facing the country from representatives of the office of the director of national intelligence. it was her only scheduled event of the day. >> ♪ >> reporter: republican presidential nominee donald trump spoke at a fundraiser in iowa. a state where polling shows the candidates are tied. it's a bright spot for him, national polls show clinton leads trump by about six points. but trump is staying positive about his chances.
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>> we're going have a great victory on november 8th, i can tell you. >> reporter: trump drew some ire on twitter saturday for his comment about the murder of nba star dwyane wade's first cousin in chicago. he tweeted "dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump ." the tweet brought condemnation on social media for from those who said trump was politicizing a tragedy. trump later tweeted again offering his condolences and also mentioned the murder at his rally. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and turning now weather, we started the weekend in the 90's but feeling pretty mild tonight. meteorologist lauren casey is in the cbs3 weather center with what we can expect for our sunday. hi, lauren. >> hey, we had a less steamy day than yesterday. the heat was definitely up there where we got a little bit of a break in the humidity department. 93 degrees the high temperature, though in philadelphia our average high
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temperature should have us in the middle 80's so well beyond that. we sored to 90 in the lehigh valley, even warm down the shore with high temperatures topping in the mid to upper 80's. getting a check on our live neighborhood network some of our areas across the area, our warm spot reading, 77 degrees, 77 in millville. school spot in burlington county, lumberton 70 degrees. still up at 75 in wayne pennsylvania. overnight tonight clear sky conditions and temperatures gradually falling back to the 70-degree range. by the 6 o'clock hour into the upper 60's but no problems overnight tonight. problems tomorrow though potentially with rip currents due to what is now hurricane gaston in the central atlantic, will not be a direct threat to the united states but will perhaps create these dangerous rip current conditions through the day tomorrow. if you're heading down the shore or are down the shore keep this in mind. if you swim in the water be sure to swim in front of a lifeguard. we'll talk more about the tropics, the rip current threat, what we can expect for sunday and cooler air in the long range coming up in just a couple minutes.
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>> thank you. the new regulation could limit how fast trucks and buses can travel on the holloway. regulators want a device installed on new large vehicles that would limit their speed to 68 miles per hour. speed is a key factor in a going number of traffic deaths in this country. according to reports those deaths have surged 18 percent over the last two years. >> our place sense when it comes to highway fatalits is killing us. speed again we've seen speed limits going up across the nation. we know that's adding to their death toll. >> some truckers however say the change could lead to dangerous scenarios if they're traveling at much lower speeds than anyone else. two sinkholes close major highway in south florida and officials say a water main break is to blame. the sinkholes opened in up some mime he mee dade. no word when that road will reopen.
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great britain a truck hit an overpass causing it to fall on one of the country's busiest highways. it happened on the m20 in there town of kench. one person was injured and the accident caused a huge backup as you can see. that lasted for hours. let's talk eagles now. eagles taking on the indianapolis colts in the third of four preseason games. the birds have new weapon. >> always had potential. coriell green-beckham was a play maker in college a second round draft pick and to and night he was showing off those skills as the bird's newest wide receiver. he's exactly the kind of weapon sam bradford needs. check out this play. great grab over the top goes 4 yards for his first touchdown as an eagle. he has to prove that he can continue make those kind of plays. the offensive line gave bradford a clean pocket. he had a great game. we'll show you more signs in the eagles offense.
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it's just the preseason but isn't it nice to see the offense so strong. >> always nice to start strong. thanks lesley. another football four making headlines today. why one nfl quarterback says he will not stand for the national anthem before games and how the league respond. rescued on a deserted island. two stranded sailors write this giant sos in the stand and it worked. find out how exactly they were saved when we come back.
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>> a couple stranded on a deserted island in the passes civic is rescued after a u.s. navy crew spotted an sos sign they had written in the sand. the couple was on a boat that ran aground near hawaii and had been missing for several days. coast guard ship picked them up yesterday. good to know that worked. more than 200,000 trees in
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philadelphia could soon face extinction all because of a tiny but invasive beetle that's moved into the region. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has the story. >> reporter: you might not think it by looking at them. >> it's a very small insect. emerald green fit on the head of a penny. >> reporter: the damage emerald ash bourse can create a huge. >> it kills a tree by overwhelming them with so many insects and essentially these trees die from a thousand cuts. >> reporter: experts first discovered the insect near detroit michigan in 2002 and since then. >> it's been sort of slowly and steadily moving across the country. >> reporter: research confirms now the pests have arrived in philadelphia. >> one female will create 180 larva. >> reporter: of the 3 million trees in philadelphia more than 200,000 of them are ash trees. but if those trees are left untreated experts warn the city won't have any left in a few years. to help protect and preserve some of the city's ash trees.
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>> push in, give it a twist and then i open my valve. >> reporter: curtis helm of philadelphia parks and recreation department says they've started treating them with a chemical mixture. >> it's a treatment a little bit like chemotherapy for trees. >> reporter: so far the department has treated nearly 1500 ash trees in philadelphia. >> now is the time to act. >> reporter: and they urge homeowners to do the same. >> once they die they get brittle quite quickly and begin to shed large wood and large limbs and become dangerous. >> reporter: but saving them is about more than just saving their appearance. >> i think they're lovely graceful trees. ash trees are an integral part of our eco system. >> reporter: in philadelphia anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> plenty of dancing in south philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood today. many families came out to have a good time at community appreciation day. "eyewitness news" was also there. twenty-second and point breeze where lots of food arts and crafts plus a back to school give away for the kids.
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something to get them excited about getting back to school. when i was a kid i always loved shopping for stationary. the smell of pencils. >> five star notebooks, to they still use those. >> i don't know. >> i don't know either. >> the weather is feeling pretty great. >> sweater feeling pretty great. steamy yesterday. still hot. we definitely got the heat. a little bit of a break in the humidity department. that will be the trend over the next couple days as we get more humid as we head into next tuesday but we do need some moisture, some rainfall, our rainfall deficit now in philadelphia with a sting of sunny days we're down nearly three and a half inches just since june 1st the lawns are getting a little crunchy so we need some rainfall. unfortunately rain chances are pretty minimal over the next couple days but that's good for outdoor plans. still mild, 75 degrees in philadelphia, still in the upper 70's in the lehigh valley. we've cooled to 71 trees right now in ac many. dewpoints that give us a picture of how sticky it feels when you step outside when
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they're down into the upper 50's nice and comfortable. 60's is not too bad by augustan cards. yesterday dewpoints in the 70's it felt brutally humid but again tomorrow still pretty comfortable. storm scan3 showing us not much going on high pressure in control across the midatlantic region up into the northeast keeping any precipitation well at bay and again tomorrow we'll have a lot of sunshine in store. overnight tonight dry conditions, mostly clear falling back to 69 degrees with a light northerly wind and for our day tomorrow, more sunshine in store, break out that sunscreen, 89 degrees, a high temperature running about 5 degrees above our average and we will cap off the month of august on a hot note. we have this high pressure are ridge in control across the eastern half of the united states that's going to keep that heat in place but that ridge breaks down as we head into the second half of the week allowing cooler canadian air to spill into parts of the northeast especially as we head into friday when high temperatures will be down into the 70's. that's going to be a refreshing change. checking in on the tropics gaston restrengthened a
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hurricane. you can see in our satellite imagery a little bit of an eye denoted right there but again gaston is not going to be a direct threat to the united states. it's going to keep heading out to sea bullet invest 99 we've had our eye on this still disorganized system over the last several days, wind shear strong winds in there upper level of the atmosphere not allowing for further development but as we head into the next couple of days development is looking likely so again for gaston stays out to sea but watch out for rip currents down the shore and invest 99l lots of development as we head into early next week and it will be a threat to florida and the gulf coast and looks like potentially rainfall is going to be the most significant threat. some of our model projections showing this could make a direct impact on the florida peninsula as we head into next week. so if you have vacation plans, friends and family in this area stay tuned to that evolving forecast. but our forecast tomorrow just another beautiful day in store for sunday. down the shore poconos sunshine 78 degrees.
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cooler down the shore tomorrow with the sea breeze kicking in a little bit earlier in the day, 82 the high temperature in ac. near 90 in philadelphia. hit the 90-degree mark in the lehigh valley and then back to the 90's in the city on monday. 91 degrees, a stray afternoon thunderstorm, otherwise mostly sunny skies. keeping the sunshine around into tuesday but that humidity starts to get to that oppressive level once again. same case into wednesday with a high temperature at 91. that's our best chance of storms and they'll only be spotty in their coverage but as we head into thursday, that is september 1, can you believe it, 84 degrees and there's that beautiful day on friday, 79, low humidity and sunshine. >> nice change from those days that we were seeing just 90, 90, 90. >> yeah. >> lesley van arsdale what's calming up in sports. >> the third and most important preseason game for the eagles. starters playing into the third quarter. putting up points. that's the problem for the birds offense. how d
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>> san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick says he's ready for the backlash after refusing to stand during the national anthem. he says he's protesting what he sees as wrongdoing against african-americans and minorities. the nfl released this statement in response. "players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem." lesley van arsdale with sports. birds looking pretty good in tonight's preseason game against the colts. >> we can't get too excited. it is only preseason football but everyone should feel better about the first team offense after tonight's eagles-colts game. defense continuing to impress. to the game the score tied at three in the second and that's where josh hoff rushes for the first touchdown of the game. eagles take the lead 10 to three. still in the second quarter this time coriell green-beckham for his first
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touchdown as an eagle. bradford finds tray burton for a 3-yard touchdown. that makes it 24 to three. eagles win 33 i've 23. sam bradford had a great night 17 of 20 for 167 yards two touchdowns and one interception. after the became coach doug pederson says he's satisfied with how his team played. >> i'm very confidence in what they did tonight and obviously the execution was -- wasn't perfect but it was again headed in the right direction. i thought sam was very efficient throwing the football. it just goes to show you i think when you can allow your starters to practice longer, you get some timing and rhythm with those guys and it showed tonight. >> cowboys quarterback tony romo could be out six to 10 weeks after breaking a bone in his back during the team's preseason game thursday night with seattle. 36-year-old quarterback has had back surgery twice before. this won't require surgery but it is his fourth back injury
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in less than four years. well, barring a miracle the phillies are not heading to the post season. they had the chance to play spoiler. top of the third no score freddie galvez at bat. he homers one to right. phillies able to get on the board first taking a lead one to nothing. bottom of the third things start to take a turn. odubel herrera returns the favor with a homer to left center. josé reyes comes home. mets take a two to one lead. bottom of the fourth we go. mets looking to open up a lead and they do. reyes scores. that makes it five to one. town hill from there, phillies lose 12 to one. the union looking for back to back wins hosting sporting kansas city tonight. something they've only done once so far this season. sixty-seventh minute rowan
11:27 pm
auberg makes a right footed shot. they win two to nothing. >> go. >> go on union. >> still hanging in the. >> cautious but they can still celebrate. >> cautiously optimistic were. >> take our wins when we come. >> fresh offer his gold medal winning performance kyle lowry help
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>> ♪ >> philly native and new olympic gold medalist giving back to the community. kyle lowry of the toronto raptors host add free basketball clinic at mastery charter school in germantown today. youngsters from across the region came out to improve their skills on the court. lowry says basketball changed his life and he's hoping -- he's helping it to help change the lives of others as well.
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>> first team u.s.a. dominated
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the olympics and now an american has just won the world guitar championship in finland. real thing apparently. matt aristotle burns overcame three years of second place finishes to finally claim the title yesterday and take a look at those moves. he clearly earned it. burns says he's "stoked to bring the trophy home to the u.s." >> he's moving his hands really fast. >> don't hate lesley. >> i'm telling you. >> got to respect that. >> he's my hero. >> i think i could do it. >> for sure. >> you'll see me practicing. >> good for tomorrow, 89 degrees still on the hot side not too humid a lot of sunshine. 91 monday with the chance of an isolated storm. dry tuesday. best rain chance comes wednesday. that will be humid before the humidity decrease. tonight's comfortable levels highs in the 70's by friday isn't perfect weather to practice your air guitar. >> i'm on it. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now. i'm rahel solomon for lesley
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lauren natasha who is off and i'm rahel solomon for lesley lauren natasha who is off and everyone here. (bells tolling) econ 3200-- where juniors go to die. here's what i learned. the laffer curve? not so funny. you sure you don't want to come with us? and put down this page-turner? i'll catch you guys later.


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