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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 28, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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>> i don't really talk to my ex-wife. so it's all helter-skelter. i have my life and she has her life. >> they shot this cover article for "people" magazine. inside, kate blasts her ex. and 15-year-old maddie says he doesn't even know us. and the last thing i have time for is a toxic relationship. >> the kids die get are hannah, leah, joel. >> find a husband so she doesn't die alone. >> kate and the kids are clearly moving on. but the big bombshell? collin has been sent away from the home. the 12 year old who has, quote special needs is getting help to deal with social challenges. john is upset about the article.
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kate who admits has all the kids in therapy has a different way of looking at things. >> i live with no regrets, and everything i do, i know that they're watching. >> and finally, beyonce and jay z crash usher's premiere. inside, if was all about bey and j and gray. a few fans caught a glimpse of the pinstripe blazer. usher snapchated his familiar and rather quiet entrance into the theater. >> weird. >> and usher plays iconic boxer sugar ray leonard. the champ was initially floored at the casting choice. >> at first i thought it was a joke, but when i saw usher work out, i knew he had the ability. i'm very proud of him. >> it is a major moment for me.
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i hope to do more. >> now while usher's making it, he's not really close to robert de niro. there they are together at robert's birthday party last weekend with christopher walken and harvey keitel. >> usher is quite the party animal. here he is last weekend at the theater. it was like a "voice" reunion with pharrell. >> you're at a party, hey, impromptu, let's do an a little thing together. >> that's how they roll. >> when "the voice" returns, there will be plenty of girl power, you can count on that. because for the first time ever, the show will feature two female coaches, miley cyrus and alicia keys. >> i don't know that we've ever had a shakeup like season 11.
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>> miley's the youthful spirit. >> she's this great performer, but she also has this ear for music. >> they better watch their back. miley's not only showing off outrageous fashion but wants to mix things up. >> i think with me, i don't think there's that genre wall. if you do country, you could want to be on my team. ♪ i'll be your honey mustard >> i don't think this will break through. >> this season's other fresh face is alicia keys. she is sticking to the no-makeup mantra. >> where did you learn to sing like that? >> from you. >> i feel like i have a lot to share. >> i straight-up love you. >> i don't know how honest it
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is. i'm trying to kind of hear it. >> alicia is the strongest team. mine is a not so distant second. >> "e.t." broke the news that team adam will get help from sammy hagar. >> i'm like, hey, man, you want to come to this thing? >> i wanted to ask you about the dynamics this season. how are the girls handling your and blake's bickering? >> they're a little disturbed sometimes, a little shocked. if you notice on the "voice." i'm here and blake's here. that will never change. we're like the weird book end. >> as much as the world likes the weird cat fight scenario, that's actually blake and adam.k >> hey, your driver's here. >> i love the trash talkin', it's so awesome, and it's already started. >> next, the transformation to
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play the miracle on the hudson pilot. >> you will not believe how much fun these three have on set. their behind the scenes moments caught on you may write me down in history, with your bitter, twisted lies. you may trod me in the very dirt, but still like dust, i rise. you can shoot me with your words...
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in rare cases digestive and neurological side effects have been reported. for more information, contact your vet. get your dog out of hiding. ask your vet about heartgard plus. the vet's number 1 choice. 1649, you want to try to land? >> that is a movie "sully", starring tom hanks. >> here are three reasons "sully" is a much watch. number one, tom hanks. >> i had to rely on my experience. i eyeballed it. >> everyone's favorite leading man is the captain once again, and he's almost a dead ringer for the real sully, which made
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him a big hit. >> because i had the white hair, i was walking around town, man, did i get a lot of that, sul ly! way to go! miracle on the hudson man! sully! i got that everywhere i went. >> number two, it's got big-time award winning potential. >> on the crash of 1549. >> hanks is joined by heavy weights, not to mention clint eastwood. >> it's heaven being on the set. >> and number three, it's captain sully approved. >> i was dwrat gratified. it's in good hands, and so many people are working so horard to get it right. >> i worked to make sure every detail was ah thin particulutau.
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>> this is the captain, brace for impact. >> what a story. i remember being in manhattan the day the plane landed in the hudson. it was wild. sully's retired as a captain but is still serving as an aviation consultant. >> the movie comes out next month, and this weekend, the hollers, starring john krasinski, he and emily blunt hit the red carpet at his premier, the first appearance since the birth of their 2-mont 2-month-old daughter. >> new mom emily stunned. and john is just as in awe of her as we are. >> it's frustrating. even i have to work way to hard to look even like this. and she just does it by waking up. >> check out the adoring stare, they're giving us serious relationship gold. and their daughter, just as much
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love there. >> when a two and a half year old hugs a newborn baby, it's one of the cutest things. >> that's bound to affect any dad. >> all the clichés are true. you feel all sorts of new things. it was this extensional magnet that you feel to your family. >> we got to see a side of emily few ever get to see it. totally losing it. >> remember the huntsman? that was a drama, there was plenty of comedy there as well. here's an exclusive look at that. >> my dominion. >> oh, my god. what is that? what is that? >> this cast could not stop cracking up. the huntsman already had us with those costumes, charlise and the epic scale. who knew there was so much laughter behind the scenes.
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>> in heaven, actually, to be around charlise and the sisterly bond we've managed to achieve. >> i got to do most of my stuff with emily. i've basically become a single white female. i'm obsessed with her. >> emily's been friends with her for quite a few years. just a great sense of humor. incredibly talented. >> the clips are released on dvd. >> we have a good amount of banter back and forth. >> i was not born yesterday. >> charlise plays the queen but excels as a working mom. her son was on the set and you can hear him on one of the clips. >> jack, mama's working!
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you got to go out if you can't be quiet. >> jax is full of surprises when we visited and charlise shared another priceless mommy moment. >> he turned to my mom, and he's like, mama's spicy. [ laughter ] >> that is adorable. >> he's us saying the cutest things. >> straight ahead, get red eadyr a few more. these girls are all about one thing, winning. toddlers and dttiaras. >> i'm not going bug out am i? >> then what you never knew about the jonbenet murder
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and $1,000 dollars summer invitation bonus. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now, get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online, cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. monday on "e.t.." inside the vmas. brittany backstage, beyonce and
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jay z's fashion, and ashton k h kutcher at home. and inside rob lowe. and peyton's revenge? >> the meaner they are, the more i like it. >> that's monday. they're back. they are pint-sized beauty queens in toddlers ttiaras. >> we have your first look at how far they go to make it to the stage. and you are going to be shocked. >> i love pageants. >> can you tell me how you fashion walk? >> she stands out, because she is the quintessential beauty queen. she looks like everyone thinks a pageant girl should look like. >> she has won several grand supreme titles, and her mother is determined to add to her
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wall, not even a stomach bug will stop her. >> she's puking all over me. >> collin -- >> is sick somehow. our tickets are bought, our hotel is paid for. so there's not really an option not to do this pageant. >> you want to do some spray? >> you kind of just have to sit there as a mom and say, puke happens. >> will walk. puke on the stage. >> woo! >> after six seasons off the air, toddlers and tiaras is back. it's a show that made stars out of honey boo boo. ♪ >> but this time, the stakes are higher. >> the fake tans and the fake hair and the teeth, that's the baseline. now we have acting classes,
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facial classes. collagen sprays. >> and in these moms' minds, their little girl is the next big thing. >> things can get crazy in the jungle. >> sometimes maybe that mom wants that win more than the child. >> i need a minute. >> your kid's not going to win every single time. you paid for one thing, and that's someone else's opinion. >> man, this show has come back with a punch. it seems like they are really amping things up this time. and now to a story about one of the most infamous child queens, jonbenet ramsey's death is still a mystery. who killed the 6-year-old and why? we have a new look at a docuseries that reexamines crucial evidence in hopes of finally finding some answer. >> 911 emergency. >> kidnapping. >> it was a tragedy so horrific,
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so shocking, that it took the country's breath away. >> there's a ransom note here. >> a ransom note? >> the family goes to bed christmas night, and the worst of all nightmares becomes a reality. >> god knows who you are, and he will find you. >> the brutal death of john benet ramsey has haunted our psyche for two decades. she is found hours later, strangled in her basement. the story explodes. wall to wall might yeah coverage ensues, and her parents become the suspects. no arrests were ever made, and after a two-year grand jury investigation, no charges ever filed. and to this day, jonbenet's death remains unsolved. >> we hope to get the truth out about how she died.
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>> now nearly 20 years later, the case of jonbenet ramsey reexamines the crime in pains taking detail. >> we're rebuilding. >> you have to come through here. >> there's absolutely no way. >> premiering next month, this new examination of the case will bring together some of the original investigators along with a host of new experts all committed to unraveling this morbid mystery. >> i want to show you with noise reduction. >> i can recognize that voice. >> you didn't testify in the grand jury? >> 20 years, nobody asked me. >> "e.t." reported from its own point, from a news media with the story. >> she has become america's daughter. >> bringing the story to the small screen. >> sad lly, it's become like entertainment. >> john walsh explains what the family was likely going through.
5:25 am
>> this is the worst thing that has ever happened to them. >> patsy ramsey died of ovarian cancer in 2006 and john ramsey later remarried. as late as 2008, the prosecutor said the new dna tests have cleared the family. as for this new cbs investigation, expectations are high that justice for jonbenet may be that much closer to becoming a reality. >> we want to get the truth out. >> and lifetime is also working on a tv movie called "who killed jonbenet." you want to watch for that to come. on the way, our top five stories of the week, plus, we're in the home of linda thompson. >> when is the first time you saw her as a woman. >> the truth she discovered30 years before the rest of the world. and their relationship today. >> how often do you see caitlyn? >> that's coming up. closed captioning provided by
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moms don't take sick days, moms take dayquil severe hey amanda, sorry to bother you but i gotta take a sick day. the non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy head, no sick days, medicine. . if you're just joining us, we have a recap of this week's biggest headlines. here are our top five stories. j. lo and bo casper split. they would not confirm reports they broke up. a close source said the rumor is so stupid. number four, just hours after news broke that shannen doherty settled her lawsuit against her former business managers, she
5:30 am
had a girls night out with ann marie courtright who was also by her side when she shaved her hid. shannon claimed managers were negligent and habitually blundered tasks, which included paying her health insurance premiums. the company has denied those claims. >> i waited until my insurance came back up and i was eligible, then i went to the doctor and got diagnosed with cancer. >> number three. >> i don't really talk to my ex-wife. >> days after john gosselin told us ex-wife kate shot this cover. inside, there are more than a few nasty swipes at john. she says i thought he'd have been here for the long haul. and 15-year-old maddie, irate her dad went on tv, he doesn't even know us. the last time i have time for is a toxic relationship.
5:31 am
john told us. he loves his children very much, i will always be there. beyonce and jay z crash usher's premiere. inside it was all about j and bey coordinating in gray. and matching mini. and the number one story this week? ♪ baby can't you see >> brittany's carpool karaoke. a major score with brit riding shotgun, singing her hits, and the late, late host went all in. ♪ hit me, baby, one more time
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>> go to et for more. and linda thompson has a new memoir. >> she spoke about being most likely the first person to learn the truth jenner would hide for three decades before telling the world "call me caitlyn." >> my world collapsed when bruce came to me one day and told me that he identified as female. 30 years ago, it was very difficult to comprehend. >> their two sons, brandon and brody were very young when caitlyn opened her heart to linda. she was naïve about transgender issues. "e.t" visited the then-married couple in 1982. >> she's my best friend, my lover, we do practically everything together. >> that's true. you look at that, and people say weren't there any signs.
5:33 am
no, did you know? would you have listed that remarkable man and had any idea? no. >> when was the first time you saw her as a woman? >> i was invited by my then husband to come to new york to be with him on a week trip, and i thought, okay, maybe we can get past this, put everything aside and we can move on, and when i talked on the hotel door, she opened the door as caitlyn, as we now know her, full makeup and fully dressed as a woman. >> how did you react? >> i crumbled. i think i fell down in the hall of the hotel. i crumbled. and she was very apologetic. said i'm very sorry, but i think you need to see who i truly many. >> thompson says when she was pregnant she felt at times her husband wasn't nice to her. >> i felt maybe there might have been requisite animosity or jealousy that exhibited itself
5:34 am
as rudeness. >> in her book "a little thing called life" she recalls that their marriage came to an end about six months later. >> what went through your mind? >> i was thrilled. i was so delighted. and, again, in my naivete and ignorance, i didn't know that she was still repressing who she was. i was thinking, maybe he had found a way to repress this further and to move on with his life and to find a partner and a new life. i was thrilled. >> today she and caitlyn are grandparents to their son brandon's 1-year-old daughter. and she talks about how life has played out. >> i am so grateful she didn't tell me, because i wouldn't have married her and you wouldn't have the most beautiful children of my life, brandon and brody. >> she's an oscar-nominated songwriter and has co-written songs for stars like celine, and the whitney classic.
5:35 am
>> i feel like i have experienced so much. it's been fascinating to use that as a resource for some of my writing. >> now single after her divorce from second husband music producer david foster, linda's life revolves around her family. >> how often do you see caitlyn? >> i don't see caitlyn very often, but when i do, it's very cordial and delighted to see her. we get together on family occasions, like eva's first birthday. >> what do they call her now? >> dad. she is their dad. >> she had another famous romance with elvis presley, who was 15 years her senior, and in a strange coincidence, she recalls watching the 1976 olympics with him in bed. >> bruce crossing line with his arms razeised.
5:36 am
and elvis turned to me and said i'm not gay, but that's such a damn good lookin' man, and i said yeah, he is, i said one day i'm going to marry him. and elvis said over my dead body. >> she says he was the first man she ever slept with. >> he was very jealous. it made him feel wonderful that i was a virgin. >> whether did you start to realize it would be hard to live with the reality of who elvis had become. >> he began to abuse the sleeping medication and pain medication, uppers, downers, that kind of thing. >> you talk about a moment when you had to save his life with a shot. >> yes, with the shot of ritalin, yes, in las vegas, briefly, he had fallen asleep in a bowl of chicken noodle soup when i was out of the room for ten minutes. i was frozen with fear. so there was a shot of ritalin there that a doctor left in case
5:37 am
he left too many sleeping pills. >> she would eventually leave him because of his drug abuse. less than a year later she got the call that the king was gone. >> this particular day, august 16th, 1977, lisa marie called me and blurted out, my daddy's dead, my daddy's dead, and i couldn't believe it. i threw the phone across the room. i just, i couldn't even bear to hear the words. it was the worst thing that could have happened. the worst thing that i could have imagined. elvis died eight months after we broke up. >> wow. a lot of information there, right? what an interesting life. as we told you, linda was once married to megaproducer david foster. both are featured on the real housewives of beverly hills and coming up, we're with the real housewives of new york city. >> giving us views of their hamptons mansions. >> no one has been up here, by the way. >> plus, behind the scenes of
5:38 am
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5:40 am
is. you are engaged. >> woo, well, this week's season finale of the real housewives of new york city was epic. so get ready for the reunion special which starts airing next week. the real drama will be bethenny frankel. will this be her last show ever? >> will she be gone for good? we asked her point blank.
5:41 am
and bethenny and her fellow housewives opened up their amazing estates. >> we are here at the house that skinny girl built. it even has a reed dood door. >> red is the color of success. five bedrooms and three and a half baths over 4,000 square feet, where bethenny escapes. >> i think new york is where i work and here's where i really live. >> she paid around $2 million for the home. upstairs it's cozy and very pink. thanks to her daughter. who knew this original housewife is crafty. >> this is one of her first pairs of pajamas, her first baby blanket, one of her first tee shirts. instead of getting clothes, i sewed them into a quilt. >> yeah, being frugal is definitely her style. >> everything in this house is a
5:42 am
bargain item. i think this was probably $50. the chandelier was $100. nothing's not a bargain item in this house. >> next up, the pool. >> will is the s-bar. >> stocked with plenty of skinny girl. >> christina aguilera has partied to 5:00 in the morning. jamie foxx's posse came here and were dancing to bell viv devoe. >> the reunion was not fun, and i've never been caught in a lie. i live my life honestly, and something happened at the reunion that questioned my integrity. and i take it really seriously. >> so we might not see you back. >> i might not be coming back. >> who will be coming back? the countess. lives less than five miles away from bethenny. >> welcome. ♪ money can't buy you
5:43 am
>> she dropped a little over $3 million on this home three years ago when she was single. the property has now become a home for two. >> every time phenomentom and i in the morning, there's this beautiful view, and this is the whole reason i renovated the house. >> have you seen the ring? >> no! >> but it seems tom august see know may not be her mr. right. >> you have no recollection? what does that mean? >> their happily ever after was put in jeopardy in this week's finale after bethenny dropped the bomb that tom cheated. >> what was that like having that play out on camera? >> oh, it was awful. you talk about going through these things in private. >> she was giving you a kiss? you were making out for an hour. >> lou ann is in love with being in love more than actually being in love. >> it was a tough moment for me. we love each other, we're getting married. and i'm not going to let a silly
5:44 am
kiss ruin the rest of our lives. >> and she got 1.4 acre estate after the split, six bedrooms, six baths, a swimming pool and a tennis court. >> you could get a pretty penny for this house. >> it's going to my daughter. she wants the house. >> there's no drama under this roof, but with her new york squad in a tough situation, she's taking sides. >> i think it's right that she told lou ann, and lou ann can deal with that information as she wants. >> sometimes you can't play the messenger. however, i think maybe bethenny got a little bit of happiness through that. still to come, bridget jones' baby, "e.t's" exclusive as we flashback 15 years. >> a couple good excuses to throw in some extra kit kat bars. >> plus. >>. ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ >> how cheers is coming back
5:45 am
nearly 35 years since it began, with some brand new faces. that is ahead, but first this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which kung fu panda star is the son of rocket scientists? i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck. and i'm just a guy who wants to sell him that truck. so i used truecar. it told me what other people in the area paid for the truck i want. and because we're a truecar certified dealership, i already know the truck he wants. so we're on the same page before he even gets here. -it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2
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5:48 am
next month, renee zellweger and patrick dempsey. >> but only we can show you what happened when they were making it. yes, bridget is having man troubles, but now there's this. >> i'm pregnant. >> are so you haso you have no us is the father. >> bridget has no clue who the daddy is after flings with both. >> an entrepreneur who started his own company. i think it's a dating website. >> good god, bridget. how can you do this? >> he's in england, promoting his book. he accidentally trips upon her, if you will. >> this is his dad, i presume. >> so this is dad i presume. >> glad to meet you, so glad you could be here. this is a unique and wonderful moment. >> emma thompson is her
5:49 am
obstetrici obstetrician. >> would you like to know the sex. it's a boy. >> i'm bridget, and this is jack. and this is mark. >> oh. lovely. you're our second same-sex couple today. >> we first met bridget in 2001. renee earned an oscar nomination for the role in which she gained a reported 30 pounds. >> i just wanted for her to specifically reflect her lifestyle more than anything. but believe me, i had a couple good excuses to throw in some extra kit kat bars. >> this time, bridget is slender, and renee offered to gain weight again, but she said bridget had likely reached her goal weight in her 40s. ♪ happy birthday dear bridgit
5:50 am
♪ >> the only bump that counted is that fake baby bump. >> i think people love bridget, because she's identifiable. she's a deeply flawed, loveable, strong woman. >> so is the american hottie the dad or the rather uptight british lawyer? >> renee is possibly, more than any other actor i've ever known is a trooper. the rhest of us can tear our hed off with fatigue, and the one still laughing is renee. i remember seeing this 15 years ago but that's still how it is. >> but is she headed to the altar with collin? >> surrounded withady for my ha after. after. >> so this sequence could be a
5:51 am
fantasy or a flashback. it's fun to have a quirky ms. jones. >> may i? >> it was a fun thing to get to do. >> now renee told reporters that they filmed three different endings to the movie so that even the cast wouldn't know who fathered bridget's baby. no spoilers here. >> and "cheers" 35 years since its debut, it is returning, not to prime time, the cast may be new to most viewers. since it's playing iconic players, when the curtain goes up, everybody knows your name ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ >> your favorite bar flies will be drinking up and serving up the laughs in this reboot. >> you are a magnificent pig and beast. >> thanks, what's the message? >> you're a magnificent pagan
5:52 am
beast. >> thanks, what's the message. >> i haven't seen the show in an entirety. >> she may not have been a fan, but the rest of the stars are hoping they'll bring back memories of your favorite characters. >> ai'd say the biggest thing i working with people who want to have a great time and continue the legacy. >> i've been with george when he's been out, and people go norm, norm, i am now carrying the curse on. >> where is the bathroom? >> next to my bedroom. >> where is the bathroom? >> right next to my bedroom. >> i want it to be my own, and at the same time, most fans will react in two different ways, oh, no, that's not the way, or oh, yeah, that's exactly the way i remember it. >> it's based on the original first season, so sorry, you won't see woody allen or kelsey
5:53 am
grammer's character. >> for all you do, this one's for you. >> the fully-authorized production is on a replica set, but expect the bar you know and love before heading out on tour. >> it's a classic comedy and it speaks to people, just like then. >> and while we're told there will be non-alcoholic beer in those mugs -- >> in my contract, it said the alcoholic beer would be there, otherwise i'm quitting. >> how about this, too. there will be plenty of audience participation. a group of 12 people will be brought up on stage to
5:54 am
whenoff the wheel to getands out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower
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travel considerations provided by ♪ they are they are. lots of stars with birthdays. leann rimes is celebrating turning 34. jason priestley, 47, shania twain, 51. which is the son of rocket
5:57 am
scientists? jack black, who is celebrating turning 47 this weekend. monday on "e.t," inside the vmas. britney backstage. beyonce and jay z and rihanna's fashion. then our exclusive back home in iowa. mila's pregnancy. his daughter's potty mouth. inside rob lowe's roast. david spade, karate kid and peyton's revenge? >> the lemeaner they are the mo i like it. >> we're almost out of time, but for all the late-breaking hollywood news go to our website. >> but before we go, check out the video from katy perry for her olympic anthem "rise." >> the olympics may be over, but this will live on. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everyone. ♪ i rise ♪ it's no mistake
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new this morning a pedestrian is hit on a dangerous stretch of roadway we will have details on a woman rush to the hospital. and also this morning remembering a little girl caught in the cross fire, mourners gathered in camden to honor memory of eight year-old gabriel carter, we are live with the latest on a reward for information in the case. and a busy weekend for the presidential candidates we will have an update from the campaign trail, that is quickly closing in. today is sunday august 28th i'm joe holden in for rahel solomon. she will ab long here tonight. meteorologist justin drabick is here with eyewitness weather. justin, a little steamy right now. >> feeling more like mid-july, not late august we are in the stretch with upper


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