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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new this morning a pedestrian is hit on a dangerous stretch of roadway we will have details on a woman rush to the hospital. and also this morning remembering a little girl caught in the cross fire, mourners gathered in camden to honor memory of eight year-old gabriel carter, we are live with the latest on a reward for information in the case. and a busy weekend for the presidential candidates we will have an update from the campaign trail, that is quickly closing in. today is sunday august 28th i'm joe holden in for rahel solomon. she will ab long here tonight. meteorologist justin drabick is here with eyewitness weather. justin, a little steamy right now. >> feeling more like mid-july, not late august we are in the stretch with upper 80's and lower 90's for rest of the
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month. question is there a difference at this point. >> we're just into it right now. the humidity has back off it is not quite as rough as earlier in the month. we are dry and we will have sunshine, outdoor plans are throughout the day offer next several days just like yesterday, mostly sunny skies. gets hot this afternoon. not much happening across enter city looking live, 25 minutes away from sunrise, it will be a good one with the clear skies. temperature at the airport 70 degrees. we have a light northeasterly wind at 3 miles an hour, that win direction is key out of the north east that will keep humidity levels the lower side, so you'll feel more humidity out there. those wind do shift out of the south east. compared to yet we are cool are, anywhere from two to 6 degrees cooler in most locations tea pending where you are, in the the bad in allentown 62. mid 50's mount pocono. mid 60's interior south jersey and millville. quakertown a very comfortable
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59 degrees just like yesterday's storm scan three is quiet, it will stay like that. we will get a few clouds popping up this afternoon. on our way to the upper 80's close to the 90-degree mark for inland spots. we should be around 84. nice day at the shore once again breeze off water 82 degrees, lower 80's in the poconos. we will more 90's this week we will check out that seven day forecast in a few minutes, back to you. a woman is in the hospital this morning after she was hit by a car, investigators say it happened as she was walking near roosevelt boulevard and rising sun avenue in north philadelphia. woman described as income her early 30's was taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition. this all happened around 12:30 this morning. there is no word what caused the crash. the driver did remain on the scene. new this morning two cars crashed head on in philadelphia, it happened near the intersection of the helton avenue and limekiln pike near stenton just before midnight,
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both drivers were taken to einstein medical center, and they were listed in stable condition. police are trying to figure out what may have caused the collision. another crash in philadelphia to tell you about, this one involving, an ambulance. it happened near views at south 40th streets and university city before 3:00 this morning. ambulance hit a median police say before it crash in the car. no patients were on board at the time, and paramedic was taken to met advertise to be check out. a camden mother is making an emotional plea to the community this morning for justice. her daughter, died friday after being hit by a stray bullet. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live in camden and she tells us a reward for information has increased again, cherry, good morning. >> good morning, joe. it is a tragic situation, that reward is now up to $24,000, that is up from $12,000 on friday, and the hope is that it will a track information on
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just who was involve in the shooting that claimed the life of eight year old gabriel hill-carter. take a look at the video, i mean hundreds of people gathered on saturday night on south eighth street in camden to mourn the loss of this eight year-old girl, they lit can also, they lit prayers and they shed tears as they told store business this little girl known as gabby. she was on the honor real. she loved to read. she loved being a big sister, riding her bike and playing with her friend and she was playing across from her home when a stray bullet from a gang related gunfight struck her in the head. she hung on to life for nearly two days and died on friday night. those attending the vigil called for actions, dehand ago this witnesses come forward, to id gabby's killer and as parents, they need to do more to keep their children out of gangs and away from the violence. the gabby's mother mauricea
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carter phillips and other family members spoke out publicly for the first time. >> i'm hurting so bad. she didn't deserve this. >> i love you, baby, i will always be here for you. >> we just justice. >> we want peace. >> reporter: camden police say this shooting was likely gang related and hopeful that they can track down gabby's killers. again, that reward is now $24,000, and for information, leading to the convictions of those gunman or gunmen involved in the the shooting that claimed gabby's life. again if you have any information contact the crime commission, anonymously and that phone number is 215546-tips. live from camden, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cherri, thank you for that live report. police are investigating a shooting that left one person
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dead and another in the hospital. this happened in the 1700 block of new kirk street around 9:30 last night. police say a 25 year-old man was fatally shot, a 45 year-old man was also wounded and was taken to the hospital. police are still looking for the shooter. we've learned that the couple found dead in their west deptford home was beaten to death. those autopsy result were released yesterday by gloucester county medical examiner. fifty-eight year-old edward coless junior, his wife, rose marie coles died of blunt force trauma to the head. their 28 year-old son ryan coles is in custody and charged in his parent's death. there is still no word on a possible motive. two campaign -- to campaign 2016 issues of home land security and gun violence, making head lanes in the race for president. we are now just 71 days away from those november general election. cbs news correspondent wendy
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gilette has the the latest. >> reporter: a police car led several vehicles into an fbi office in white plains, new york where hillary clinton received her first national security briefing. the democratic presidential nominee attended the more than two hour briefing by herself with no aids present. she got an overview of threats tasting the country from representatives of the office of the director of national intelligence. it was her only scheduled event of the day republican presidential nominee donald trump spoke at a fundraiser in iowa a state where polling shows candidates are tied. it is a bright spot for him national polls show clinton lead trump by about six points but trump is staying positive about his chances. >> we will have a great victory on november 8th, i can tell you. >> reporter: trump drew ire on twitter for his comments about the murder of nba star dwayne wade first cousin in chicago.
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he tweeted dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying, african americans will vote trump. tweet brought condemnation from social media who said trump was politicizing a tragedy, trump tweeted again offering his conn dal answers and mentioned the murder at the his rail. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". third preseason game for the bird saturday night and they beat the colts in indianapolis, now sam bradford, had a great night, 17 of 20 for 167 yards, and two touchdowns, and just one interception. other stand out josh hough and dario green beckham with his first touchdown as an eagle. bird over running the score of 33-23. leslie van arsdal will have much more on the game coming up a little later in sports. still to come this morning the earth opens up in a big way and takes drivers by surprise, plus the first
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victim from wednesday's earthquake in italy, are laid to rest. we will have an update honorary coverry efforts coming up next. we will also have this. after public outrage over the sky rocketing price of epi-pens the headachier of the drug announced it will help lower out of pocket costs for patients, i'm don champion in dallas with the story coming up. this is just one of a more than few hundred thousand arbitraries in the city of philadelphia but they could be at risk of stinks. i'm anita oh what is causing these trees to do that and what the city is doing bit. if you like hot temperatures you'll like the forecast. hot, sunny month of august. we're talk about changes on the way for president is. check them out
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one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ back on "eyewitness news" across italy saturday it was a day of mourning for nearly 300 people killed by a devastating earthquake. in one town, 35 casket were brought to a community gym. asseth dome reports the gym is one of the last large buildings still standing after last week's quake. >> reporter: families that have grieved in private gathered together for a funeral that showed an entire nation in mourning. italy's prime minister and president were there. not far away workers continue sifting through ruble, knowing that the probability of
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finding anyone alive traded with each passing hour. fire fighter francomont ban is one of the rescuers. >> after 38 hours, the mortality goes down and we can find them only dead people. >> after shocks, only added to the danger and debris rescuers had to contend with while drone footage revealed the scale of what they're up a begins. picture of amatrice from 2014 show a town that appears almost dream-like compared with today. look at this cafe and square when it was and when we arrived just after the quake. >> this is an area where there had been a restaurant, you can still see table, chairs out. >> reporter: some of those displaced there their homes seek shelter in makeshift camps relying on donations to get by.
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there may be clothing and supplies but no one can supply answers to the big question of what comes next. alberto just renovated his home two years ago. i don't know what to do he said. i'm 76. i don't know if i cannery build it. from above footage show random nature of destruction, some mountain towns were flattened, others were spared. on the ground for those whose lives were shattered, any future plans are, for now overshadowed by grief and pain. seth dome, cbs news, amatrice, italy. today public museums throughout italy will donate their proceedings to the rebuilding effort. in great britain a truck hit and overpass causing it to fall on to one of the country's busiest highways. this happened on the m20 in the town of kent, now we're told one person was injured, and the crash caused a huge backup, that lasted for hours.
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two sinkholes closed a a major highway in south florida, water main break is to blame, the sinkholes, opened up on the southbound side of florida's turnpike, in miami dade. in one was hurt and there is no word on when that road was reopening. more than 200,000 trees right here in philadelphia could face stinks and it is all because of a very tiny, invasive beetle that has moved in the region. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has the story. >> reporter: you might not think it by looking at them. >> it the is a a very small insect, emerald green, fits on the head of the penny. >> reporter: damage emerald ash games can create is huge. >> kills a tree by overwhelming them with so many insects. essentially these trees die from a thousand cuts. >> reporter: experts discover the insect near detroit, michigan in 2002 and since then. >> since then it has been slowly steadily moving across the country. >> reporter: research confirms that the pests have arrived in philadelphia.
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>> one single female will create 180 larvae that will game in the tree. >> reporter: of the three militaries in philadelphia, more than 200,000 of them are arbitraries but if those trees are left untreated experts warn the city won't have have any left in a few years to help protect and preserve the cities arbitraries. >> give it a twist, and then open up my valve. >> reporter: curtis of the parks and recreation department says his team started treat them with a chemical mixture. >> here we go. >> treatment is a little bit like chemotherapy for trees. >> reporter: so far the department has treated nearly 1500 arbitraries in philadelphia. >> now is time to act. >> reporter: they urge home owners to dot the same. >> once they die they get brittle quite quickly and shed large wood and large limbs and become dangerous. >> reporter: but saving them is about more than just saving their appearance. >> i think that they are lovely, grateful trees. >> arbitraries are an integral part of the eco system.
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>> reporter: in philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin drabick is here with a look at weather. i think we have all become accustomed to these high temperatures. >> weak need those trees to hang around to get on shade outside. >> this has been a enduring summer. >> we are racking up these 90-degree days. it will be a hot stretch. september will still have warm days too. we're not out of the woods yet. >> tropics are heating up. >> prime time. september 10th is height of the tropical season. >> we will break it the down. we are looking good though. good start to the morning. just a few minutes from sunrise, looking live at ocean city, camera with clear skies, and now the waves will start to increase a little bit this afternoon. they are not huge but they are swells that will be arriving along our coastline from our now hurricane gaston again reached hurricane status for the second time. rip currents we will see them stronger then what they have been the past several years and that is risk for stronger or stronger rip currents will continue, so make sure that the life guard are on duty
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when you head in the ocean. that is in the 07's. 90 degrees, are just racking up here so far for the monthlies than 13 for month of july we had 16, way above seasonal average. already up to 37 days so far. we have more on the way for the rest of this month, the average with the season is 23 days with 90-degree temperature or higher. sixty-five in cherry hill. dover, delaware checking in at 71. it is not that bad, kind of like yesterday morning outside at this time generally in the 60's. a few 70's at the airport at 07 degrees. sixty-five in malvern. suburbs cooler there nice 59 degrees in quake are town. sixty-two in pottstown. mid 50's in mount pocono. but like yesterday it will be a rapid warm up because we will go full sunshine. at least humidity levels are not oppressive like they have been earlier in the month. it is not that bad for humidity. cranks up tomorrow. we will call it steamy. backs off tuesday. then cranks up gannon
6:19 am
wednesday and then after that we have a is in refreshing air mass building in the upcoming labor day weekend. we will talk about that in the seven day. just lock in the dry pattern. this is what we see in the middle of the summer high pressure anchored off the coast, we have a lot of sunshine with the storms well to the north and west, so really in threat of any rain over the next 24 hours. so like i said great looking beach day but heads up for moderate risk for stronger rip currents. wind north east at the ten to 15 miles an hour. today air temperature 82. that is nice with the wind off the water. we are watching hurricane gaston, that is still 600 miles east of bermuda but pretty strong storm wind at 90. it is sending swells to our area beaches causing stronger rip currents but that storm is forecast to move back off to the north and east. and then closer to home, we will go to just north of cuba this is still that storm they are investigating invest 99l, it has a 66 percent chance of bee copping tropical, still impacting south florida and gulf coast over the next few
6:20 am
days. back home we're seeing high pressure. weak cold front tries to come through tomorrow. probably just bringing this cloud and stray shower, most area stay dry, we are replaced by high pressure on tuesday, blocking us into the warm, sunny pattern. temperatures to take close to 90. upper 80's around philadelphia, cooler in south jersey along the coastline, tonight still warm 60's to 70 degrees and tomorrow we are bringing back lower 90's for hot spots again and even toward the shore points it will be warm, in the middle 80's. today 89 degrees, doctor warm this afternoon mostly sunny skies, still quiet tonight 70's for the low. sixty's in the suburbs. the extended forecast upper 80's, lower 90's through wednesday. wednesday, shot for late day shower or storm because that is the cold front that brings the change just in time for september, and labor day weekend, joe, it is looking good, in the sunshine comfortable highs in the low 80's. break from the heat there. >> like you flipped a switch there. >> right on schedule for september.
6:21 am
>> thanks very much. maker of the life saving allergy treatment medication is helping lower the cost of its epi-pens after a fire storm of controversy and backlash, since 2009, mylan, has raised price to two pack by 500 percent. don champion has tea tails from dallas. >> reporter: joyce brewer was shocked when she learn the cost of her son aj's epi-pen that is shot up more than $500. >> i started immediately thinking where am i going to come up with this extra-i in my family's budget that we didn't neat last year. >> reporter: drug gives her six year-old suffers from food allergy and has an allergic reaction. cost of the life saving inject or has skyrocketed from about hundred dollars for a two pack in 2009, to more than $600 this year. >> myl.a. n the maker of epi-pen has announced while it is in the lowering the price of the drug it is expanding programs to help lower out of pocket costs for patients.
6:22 am
mylan is giving out a savings card that will cover up to $300 of the epi peb two pack and doubling eligibility for patient assistance program to help under insured patients. consumers can buy epi-pens directly from the company. after families and members of the congress from both parties called on mylan to roll role back prices the company's defended the rising cost on cnbc. >> there are four or five hand that the rod you can touches and companies that it goes through before it ever gets to that patient at the count are. >> reporter: parents like joyce brewer welcome the new savings. >> it shouldn't take parents to get outraged to save their child's life for this company to change the price. >> reporter: epi-pens accounted for 87 percent of all epi-pens pharmacies filled last year. olympic swimmer who learn the sport right here in our area return to show off her brand new medals, coming up
6:23 am
next her message to young swimmers and what is in store for her now that the summer games are history. ahead in the next half an hour a terrifying midair scare, major failure on a flight that led to an emergency landing, we're back in a moment.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. philadelphia native and new gold medalist is giving back to the community this weekend, kyle lowery of the nba toronto raptors hosted a free basketball clinic at mastery charter school in germantown.
6:26 am
children across the area came out to improve their skills on the court. lowery says basketball changed his life and he is hoping to use it to help change the lives of others as well. another local winner is diving back into her roots, now had she's back home from rio. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do at chester county ymca where this olympian first learned to swim as a little girl. when i was four years oldy was watching 2,000 sidney games and i was glued to the tv. >> reporter: it was a at that moment that sierra asked her parents for swim lessons at the ymca. >> i just kept going and hitting each rung of the levels of swimming and ultimately got to the olympics. this is my end goal. >> reporter: sixteen years later in rio she not only reached her goal but crush it winning gold medal as part of the woman's four by 200 free style relay team. >> actually see what she work for come true is just amazing, of course, we're crazy about
6:27 am
it. >> makes me want to be in the olympics. >> reporter: fresh from rio, she returned to the ymca are she got her start. >> how are you, do you want to hold it. >> reporter: place where 18 swim record will still stan. >> i want to be just like her. >> reporter: where she's inspiring the next generations of swimmers. >> sierra, yes, really that they won the olympics. >> best is backstroke. >> nice. >> to have kid come out here and look at me like that i heene it is absolutely amazing feeling. >> reporter: sierra is not taking anytime off she starts her sophomore year at university of wisconsin this weekend and then start training for tokyo 2020. in chester county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up next, as students head back to school how a u.s. senator is helping local colleges and universities handle campus safety. also it the is something we put off, because we think we have time, but then
6:28 am
retirement creeps up on us, are you saving enough right now. saved by the sand, two men stranded honorary mote island but wait until you see how they get rescuers attention right there in the sand. we are back in a
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good sun take morning to you, i'm joe holden, it is 6:30 on the dot. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the eye deck with eyewitness heather. justin, good morning. >> good morning, joe. not a bad start. just like yesterday temperatures fairly comfortable. temperatures in the 60's and 70 degrees. we will have clear skies and lots of sunshine and that will warm up. we will make a run at 90 degrees for the hot spots. now is still comfortable. some suburbs off to the north and west, even in the lehigh valley feeling good allentown checks in at 62 degrees. seventy at airport. seventy-one in dover, delaware. slightly cooler then what we were dealing with yesterday. we could see 50's in the quake are town region. 59 degrees. sixty-five in pottstown. win direction still northerly to north east so that keeps us from getting too hot this afternoon but still on the very warm side. wind shifting more out of the south east. we have wind flow. heading to the jersey shore you'll get a sea breeze in the morning and afternoon.
6:32 am
there could be areas of fog interior south jersey very patchy just keep that in mind when traveling most locations are reporting good visibility. storm scan three quiet around mid-atlantic whether you are traveling or just have outdoor plans hanging out breaking out bash due. it looks good all day long. today basically clear skies in the morning, temperatures climbing through 60's and 70's and it does turn hot with forecast highs well a above average up to 89 degrees for philadelphia in the sunshine, lower 80's at the shore and in the poconos if you we still have have 90's to deal with throughout the rest of the month of august before we will see a change in the labor day weekend. we will break it down in just a few minutes. joe, back over to you. we will see you then. camden community is still grieving after an eight year-old girl's death. she was a victim of gun violence. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live in camden with a tearful plea from the girl's mother,
6:33 am
cherri. >> reporter: report good morning, joe. gabriel hill carter was shot in the head on wednesday. he she died on friday. last night at a vigil her mother, mauricea carter-phillips spoke out publicly for the first time, she and the community are calling for action, take a look at the video. hundreds gathered on south eighth street, in camden, to mourn the loss of eight year-old gabby carter, they lit candles, they said prayers, and they shed tears and they told stories about this feisty little girl who was on the honor role, she loved to read, she loved being a big sister, riding her bike and playing with her friend as she was playing across from her home when a stray bull fret a gang-related gunfight struck her in the head. she clung to life for nearly one days and died on try night. those attending the vigil called for action demanding that witnesses come forward to id gabby's killer and asked parents to do more to keep their children out of gangs
6:34 am
and away from the violence. here's gabby's mother mauricea carter phillips and other members of her family. >> i'm hurting. i just want to say i'm hurting so bad because she didn't deserve that. >> gabby, i love you baby. i will always be here for you. >> we want justice. >> we want justice. >> we want peace. >> we want peace. >> reporter: reward for information leading to gabby's killer is now up to 24 how dollars, up from $12,000 on friday. authorities are asking anyone with any information to contact the citizens crime commission, and that number is 215-546-tips. live from camden police headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> cherri, thank you you for that live report. family and friend remember jameil baskerville, junior during a vigil in pennsauken. a memorial took place outside the home where he lives on
6:35 am
mansion boulevard. police say 24 year-old zachary trycouch punched the toddler for crying that following an argument with the boy's mother a week ago. he is being held on a million-dollar bail. "eyewitness news" has obtain, disturbing new video of this showing a moment, when a man was punched so hard he lost consciousness. now, this happened friday evening in the city's lawncrest section. three men are seen here walking up to the victim, near a beer distributor this is 700 block of adams avenue when police say the man in white suddenly punched the victim, he fell heart to the ground and hit his head. at last check the man was on life support. if you recognize the attackers in this video you are urged to call police. police made an arrest in the murder of two roman catholic nuns in mississippi. up investigators say that the two were stabbed in their home. kenneth greg tells us who is in custody a and how the community is still feeling
6:36 am
this loss. >> reporter: authorities in small town durant, mississippi just about everyone knew and loved sisters paula more he will and margaret held doing what they loved. they work as nurses at a chin being for low income residents in the most poor county in the state. sister susan getz knew the woman for tech cade. >> these were people. they treated everybody with dignity, they treated everybody with that care. and compassion. >> reporter: their murders have left this community stunned. police say it does not appear that robbery was the motive but they did say that they quickly zeroed in on 46 year-old rodney sanders and they are investigating why allegedly went to the women's home and stabbed them, late friday, sanders was arrested and charged with two charges of capitol murder. he has been described as a drifter and served prison time in iowa police discover woman's bodies on thursday and later one of their stolen cars
6:37 am
when they didn't show up for work. durant assistant police chief james lee. >> i'm sure our entire community is completely devastated and grieving. >> reporter: and now struggling to understand how something so horrific could happen to two would hen who dedicated their lives to helping others. police also told me this is kind of area where many people leave their doors unlock, and in this case there were no signs of forced entry or break ins. kenneth craig for cbs news, new york. some terrifying moments for a plane full of passengers when the engine explodes, mid flight. the southwest flight was heading to orlando from new orleans yesterday morning when it happen. passengers said they heard an explosion before the plane started shaking, and then the oxygen masks deployed. some say they feared the worst. >> i thought it was an attack or that the plane was going down. >> it felt like half of the plane almost like capsized on the other side, so i was kind
6:38 am
of worried about that. >> passengers said crew managed to stay calm through it all, plane made an emergency landing in pensacola a, everyone was okay. there is in word what may have cause that had engine explosion, that is something that the faa and ntsb are looking into. a couple stranded on a desserted island in the pacific is rescued after a u.s. navy crew spotted their s.o.s. sign written in the stan. couple was on a boat that ran a ground on hawaii. they had been missing for several days. coastguard ship picked them up on friday. as many college students are heading back to class a pennsylvania law maker is serious if the new federal law is working. senator bob casey met with local college security leaders this past week for discussion on campus safety. with college campuses coming back to life and a unusual meeting tuesday morning in center city with public safety officials from philadelphia area universities and
6:39 am
colleges, sitting down with tell i can senator bob casey. >> it is an expectation that they will be safe while they are there and while they are learning. >> reporter: senator called meet to go get a handle on how colleges are dealing with the relatively new federal law that greatly expands how campus crime is reported. casey says that the expectation is simple. >> what would you want to have happened on a college campus to prepare your son or daughter for a safe experience. >> reporter: universities and colleges are often faulted for their handling of an incident. many accused of protecting their own reputations over the safety of students. the penn officials see this meeting as an opportunity. >> we are here to help. >> reporter: maureen rush, university of pennsylvania vice-president for campus safety, says today that parents are expect to be involved. a critical link in the chain of how their child understands the danger, of being away from home. >> one of the things that we need most from parents is you just don't drop your kid off and that is the end of it.
6:40 am
you need to be our partners. you need to be your child's partner. >> in the colleges and universities tell cbs-3 they are working as best they can time moment the campus save act and be transparent. still to come this morning a italy moshes victim of last week earthquake many say american buildings are not quake ready. also ahead it is something that many people put off thinking about but are you saving enough for retirement? three is on your side with easy ways to make sure that you will be ready for life after work. it is a hot end to august justin is back with a look at the start of the september, and peak at weather forecast for the labor day holiday weekend. we are back in a
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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6:43 am
time is 6:43. you might think buildings in the united states can withstand a earthquake better than the one that struck italy last week but as carter evans reports, many build initial california are not earthquake ready. >> reporter: century's old towns destroyed in the italy quake are far from the los angeles sky line, both in distance and in construction style but cal tech seismologist lucy jones warns that the destruction from a shallow earthquake center here would look very similar. >> we have buildings all over the state that are a hundred years old, so, unless they have been retro fitted they
6:44 am
are just as vulnerable as buildings in italy. >> reporter: brick buildings crumbled in nap when 6.0 quake struck in 2014. but damage is limited because many had already been strengthened. if that building isn't reenforced what happens to it in the large earthquake. >> well, in buildings like that without any seismic strengthening is what i called a dead box. >> reporter: kitties a california safety commissioner and structural engineer. his company strengthens buildings like this one this downtown l.a. >> before this was reenforced, it would be what happened here this would have a major damage even collapse. >> even though it is all concrete. >> of course, because anything you build prior to 1980's it the is very dangerous. >> reporter: city of los angeles alone has identified 13,500 small residential apartment buildings that needs strengthening which can cost tens of thousands of dollars each but he says that owners can start small.
6:45 am
>> you don't have to fix everything, you don't have to be perfect about it. >> reporter: but every little thing you do makes a difference. >> that is exactly correct. >> reporter: experts say even many of the newer build initial california are only earthquake resistant meaning they are designed to a how people to get out alive but they may not be inhabitable afterward. carter evans for cbs news, los angeles. justin drabick has a look at the forecast. justin, i noticed in that seven day there is a nice little switch from the 90's back down to the lower 80's. >> just in time for meteorological fall, something for everybody. we have hot temperatures around, finishing off the month have of august. if you like 90's we have a few you more to go and we may tie in the year 2012 with the most 90-degree days for the season there. and we will see what happens over the next few you days but 70 in philadelphia. sixty-two in allentown. not bad this morning. even 50's mount pocono. the suburbs build in the 50's in quakertown. the nice breeze off the ocean right now, stone harbor, ocean city in the lower to mid 70's.
6:46 am
ocean water temperatures in the low to mid 70's. that is where we will see our ocean water temperature the warmest late august into september. all right. dew points. the this tells the story for humidity. allentown low dew point at 59. higher around philadelphia and wilmington. mug any dover at 71. this isn't terrible for this time of the year. even though it is hot, things could be worse as far as humidity levels go. as joe was mentioning changes on the way, we have a late week cool down. we are at 84 for this time of the year but next several days, well above that, today through wednesday upper 80's through low 90's but we will see a drop below average. temperatures will struggle to reach 80 degrees probably on friday and that cooler trend will continue in the upcoming labor day holiday. storm scan three it is showing very quiet conditions this pattern will hold for the next few days, cloud, to our west, there is a little weak cold front out in chicago, that will try to move through tomorrow, and really won't do anything but bring a few clouds and it the will not
6:47 am
bring any cool air behind the front either. shore forecast looks great today, sunny at 82. tomorrow warmer at 84 degrees. the tuesday, a little bit cooler at 81. we will get that breeze off the water. the great looking beach forecast coming at us. the problem is rip currents. it will be stronger, over the next several days, the reason is hurricane gaston way out over central atlantic water, wave heights near the storm close to 20 feet. these swells reach our coastline. it takes a few days to happen but we will not be dealing with 20-foot waves but they will make to it three or 4 feet chest high, and then there will be stronger rip currents. make sure you swim at a guarded beach, just for the stronger currents there. gaston wind are the at 90 miles an hour. the category one storm. could be a category two over the next 24 hours but does track away from the coast back to the north and east. but still, these swells will make to it our area beaches. so rip currents probably strong, pretty much through much of the upcoming week. back home there is a weak cold
6:48 am
front that tries to pass us tomorrow. bringing a band of clouds over us. maybe a stray shower. probably won't notice front passing through. very warm today 89 degrees in the sunshine. the stays quiet tonight. mostly clear. seventy for the city. probably some 60's out in the suburbs. check out this forecast. again, these are to temperatures that are typical for mid to late july, upper 80's, lower 90's through wednesday. wednesday does after i shot of a late day shower or storm. a stronger front comes through. that is what knocks the temperatures back down. just in time for early september. we're talking about highs in the low 80's on friday and saturday. joe, back over to you. >> justin, we will give friday the gold medal. >> awesome stuff. >> very good, thank you, sir. it is now 6:48. this sunday morning. time to check the roads. lets go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning. >> good morning, joe. we are looking at i-95 at 420. we had an accident cleared in the northbound lanes to the right of the screen but we are good to go now at i-95 and 420 and on i-95 through philadelphia and its suburbs. we are going to move the
6:49 am
traffic cam, this is to the mid county tolls, mid county tolls are actually at the top of the screen as that is blue route at mid county tolls no delays or problems, here, but on the northeast extension southbound if you had are taking that between lansdale and mid county tolls we have a disabled car. right lane is blocked and causing a big delay. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now joe, back to you. >> quiet morning ann, thanks very much. we will check back. well, have you started planning for retirement? the good news is more americans are living longer. the bad news, well, that can affect your retirement savings in a big way. three on your side's jim donovan has information to help you determine if you are saving enough cash. >> reporter: more americans are living longer and more people are working longer. but are we saving enough to enjoy our golden years? well, apparently some have of us need a nudge from our employers. a new report from t rowe price find more and more companies are making it the easier for employees to save for
6:50 am
retirement. how? well, last year, a little more than half of the employers, surveyed, and enrolled workers into that retirement saving plan like 401k. 30 percent contributed 6 percent or more of the workers salary to the savings plan which, according to the report is a big deal. and here's why, if automatically enrolled 88 percent of workers participate in the plan. when employees have to sign themselves up, and are not automatically enrolled less than half participate. but putting away 6 percent still might not be enough. t rowe price recommends recommend saving 15 percent or more of your salary toward retirement. if you cannot do that all at ones start saving gradually like adding 2 percent each year. little by little you can build a nest egg that can keep you comfortable for retirement.
6:51 am
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. okay. it is only preseason football, and everyone should feel better about the eagles first team offense after last night's eagles/colts game. defense continuing to impress, to the game the score tied at three in the second before josh hough, rushes 9 yards for the first touchdown of the game, and the eagles take a ten-three lead. in the second, dario green-beckham right here for i 4-yard touchdown. eagles up 17-three. then in the fired bradford able to find tray burton for a 3-yard touchdown to make it 24-one. eagles win 33-23.
6:54 am
sam bradford, great night. seventeen of 20 for 167-yard. two touchdowns. one interception but really wasn't his fault. after the game head coach doug pederson says he is satisfied with how his team played. >> i'm very confident in what they did tonight, and, you know, obviously the execution wasn't perfect but it was, again, heading in the right direction. i thought sam what's physician throwing the football. we did nice thing running the ball this week. it just goes to show when, you know, a lot of your starters practice longer you get some timing and rhythm with those guys and it showed tonight. cowboys quarterback tony romo could be out six to ten weeks after breaking a bone in his back during the preseason game thursday night with seattle. thirty-six year-old quarterback has had back surgery twice before. while this won't require surgery it is his fourth back injury in less than four years. barring a miracle phillies are not heading to the post season but last night they had
6:55 am
a chance to play role of spoil inner new york as mets make a run at a wild card spot. top of the third no third freddie galvis at bat. this will be your bright spot. galvis home runs to the right. phillies on the board first taking lead one to nothing. bottom of the third, things take a turn, as odubel herrera returns the favor with the home run to left center. jose reyes will come on with this one, mets with the two-one lead. bottom of the fourth mets looking to open up a win. he homered to left. jose reyes score. five-one. all downhill from there. phillies lose this 112-one. the union looking for back to back wins hosting sporting kansas city last night. something they have only done once so far this season. to the 67th minute of the game roland alberg makes a shot from outside the shot, he scores to make it one to nothing union. they will go on to win two to
6:56 am
nothing. san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick is ready for backlash after refusing to stan during the national anthem. he is protesting what he deems as wrongdoing against african americans and minorities in the united states. kaepernick says this is something bigger than football and it would be selfish to look the other way. the nfl released this statement in response. players are encouraged were you not required to stand during the playing of the national an them. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. first it was team u.s.a. dominating the olympics and now an american has just won the world air guitar championship in finland. >> ♪ >> yep, that matt byrne, over came three years of second place finishes to finally claim the title, byrne says he
6:57 am
is stoke as you can see here to bring the trophy home to the united states. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00, this is what we have coming up on "eyewitness news" at 7:00. new hope and possibly better position for people with the sight impairing condition. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us the new device changing peoples sight. plus early arrival of pregnant woman about to give birth realizes she cannot make it to the hospital. see who came to her rescue in the nick of town. it is warm, just about sunny out right now, that will change by the end of the week, meteorologist justin drabick will have your
6:58 am
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we begin about with breaking news police on the scene of the fatal crash in sicklerville, new jersey. eyewitnesses say loud crash woke them up and cherri gregg is on the way to the scene and we will update live in about a half an hour. also this morning, remembering a little girl, caught in the cross fire, mourners gathering in camden for eight years old gabriel carter. reward now increasing for information, leading to her killer. good morning, it is sunday august 28th i'm joe holden rahel solomon is here with us tonight. meteorologist justin drabick is here to start off with the eyewitness weatherec


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