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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  August 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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we begin about with breaking news police on the scene of the fatal crash in sicklerville, new jersey. eyewitnesses say loud crash woke them up and cherri gregg is on the way to the scene and we will update live in about a half an hour. also this morning, remembering a little girl, caught in the cross fire, mourners gathering in camden for eight years old gabriel carter. reward now increasing for information, leading to her killer. good morning, it is sunday august 28th i'm joe holden rahel solomon is here with us tonight. meteorologist justin drabick is here to start off with the eyewitness weather forecast. good morning to you.
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>> another warm one today, it is hot, 93 degrees. the today slight thely cooler, upper 80's. but what is another day. >> it could be worse. record high 1999. >> it has been even tunes testing. >> exactly. >> but there is some good temperatures on the way in our forecast for labor day if you don't like the heat. you have to wait a few more days but it will be a hot finish through month of august. not bad. just like yesterday morning. temperatures pretty comfortable. sixty to 70. looking live from the roof camera, clear skies, 71 at the airport. light breeze out of the north east at 1 miles an hour. that northerly wind direction keeps humidity levels from getting too crazy, and still, it is not too bad for this time of the year as far as humidity goes. sixty-one for air temperature. sixty-seven in mount pocono. upper 50's in quakertown and suburbs feeling good. mount holly, new jersey checking in at 63 degrees. good travel day, today, just hanging outside this morning, get the your work out in now to beat the heat. very pleasant, we have clear
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skies, a and not much happening on radar and it will stay like that. wrapped warm up, 9:00 o'clock temperatures. already in the lower 80's in the afternoon. mid 80es at 1:00, even 7:00 o'clock temperatures hanging out in the lower 80's with decent sunshine. on your way up to 89 degrees today for philadelphia, lower 80's nice priest off water in the poconos and at the shore and poconos also in the lower 80's. keeping 90's in the forecast and then we will talk about that cool day for labor day weekend. check it out in a few minutes. back to you. right new woman is recovering after being hit by a car, this happened near roosevelt boulevard, and rising sun avenue in north philadelphia, just after 12:30 this morning. woman was taken to the hospital, in stable condition, and their driver did remain on the scene but it is not clear what may have caused the crash. new this morning, an overnight crash involved two cars in philadelphia, this one happened near interest section of the chelten avenue and limekiln pike near stenton.
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two cars hit each other head on, drivers were taken to einstein medical center in stable condition, police are trying to figure out what may have caused the crash. and another crash in philadelphia, to tell you about, this one involves an ambulance, it happened just before 3:00 this morning, near the intersection of the the spruce and south 40th street in university city. the ambulance police say hit a median before crashing in the car. in patients were on board at the time but a paramedic was taken to the hospital to be check out. also not clear what may have caused this crash. this morning a family and a neighborhood still in mourning after an eight year-old girl shot in camden died from her injuries. the last night hundreds gathered to remember gabriel carter. this "eyewitness news" reporter trang do reports the girls mother pleading for justice. >> i'm hurting. i just want to talk to her. i'm hurting so bad. she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: mother's anguish after losing her first born
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child, an innocent eight year-old girl to sense shows gun violence. >> we want justice. >> we want justice. >> we want peace. >> we want peace. >> reporter: hundreds of the people, cried. collectively they mourned gabby carter as their own daughter. >> there was nothing she wouldn't do for anybody if you asked her. she was my little woman. my baby i love you so much. report rorrer wednesday night, gabby got caught in gunfire intended for someone else. little girl was shot in the head outside of her home, she held on for two days before taking her last breath, friday night. gabby a's cousin tearfully described her final moments. >> unaudible. >> that was only thing i want. >> reporter: gabby's baby sister feeling pain of loss far sooner then anyone should. with the brave face she sent balloon to her big sister up
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in the sky. >> she's in a better place. i'm trying to stay strong. that was our trang do reporting. we are continuing to follow breaking news right now police are on the scene of the fatal crash in sicklerville, new jersey, video shot a a home owner a and shared with our assignment desk this happened near 12 sleepy hallow lane just after 5:00 this morning. we are working with our police sources to learn exactly what happened here but they have not released any details. but neighbors say a loud crash woke them up, our cherri gregg is on their way to the scene and will update us on air when she learns more so stay tuned for a live report from sicklerville. police this morning are searching for a gunman after a deadly double shooting in philadelphia's pleary town neighborhood. it happened around 9:30 last night in the 1700 block of new kirk street. police say that 25 year-old man was shot and killed, and a 45 year-old man was also hurt,
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and was taken to the hospital, so there is no word on his condition. and an autopsy reveals the couple found dead in their west deptford home friday, was beaten to death. the gloucester county medical examiner says that 58 year-old edward coles junior and his wife five five-year old rose marie coles died from blunt force trauma ryan coles is in custody and charged in their death. disturbing new video shows the moment a man, was punched in lawncrest. now the attack has left them in critical condition at a city hospital. now take a look at this video. that is striking blue right there. video shows three men approaching the victim near a beer distributor in the 700 block of adams avenue. that is when the man in right there, suddenly punches the victim. he took a hard fall and hit his head at last check victim was on life support. if you recognize that attacker you are asked to give police a
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call. now to campaign 2016 issues of home land security and gun violence are making headlines in the race for president. we are now 71 days, until the general election. and cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: police car led several vehicles into an fbi office in white plains, new york where hillary clinton received her first national security briefing. the democratic presidential nominee attended the more than two hour briefing by herself with no aids present. she got an overview of threats facing the country from representatives of the office of the director of national students. it was her only scheduled event of the day. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump spoke at a fundraiser in iowa a state where polling shows candidates are tied. it ace bright spot for him, national polls shows clinton lead trump by six points but trump is staying positive
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about his chances. >> we will have a great victory on november 8th i can tell you. >> reporter: trump drew ire on saturday about the murder of nba star's dwayne wade murder in chicago. he tweeted dwayne wade cousin was just shot and killed in chicago. just what i have been saying. african americans will vote trump. the tweet brought condemnation on social media from those who say trump was politicizing a tragedy. trump tweeted again offering his condolences and mentioned the murder at his rally. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" a toy recall to tell you about, and first funerals are being held for victims of the deadly earthquake in italy. we have the latest on least coverry efforts. plus, new device that could be installed on some vehicles to try and make the roads safer. it is going to be a nice sunny sunday but justin is tracking storms, your weekday
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. back now on "eyewitness news" saturday was a day of mourning for nearly 300 people killed by a devastating earthquake, of course, these pictures tell the grim story. wednesday's 6.2 quake flattened several villages, caskets of 35 people, brought, to this community gym, at a state funeral in the central
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italian community of this area. seth dome reports from the disaster area. >> ♪ >> reporter: families grieved in private gathered together for showing the entire nation in mourning. italy's prime minister and president were there. not far away workers continued to sift go through ruble, knowing the probability of finding anyone alive, faded with each passing hour. fire fighter francomontban is one of the rescuers. >> after 48 hours the probability goes down and we can find them only dead people. >> reporter: after shocks only added to the danger and debris rescuers had to contend with, while drone footage revealed the scale of what they're up a begins. pictures of the amatrice from
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204 show an idealic town that appears dream like compared with today. look at this cafe and square as it was and when we arrived just after the quake. >> this is an area where there had been a restaurant, you can see the tables, and chairs outside. >> reporter: some of those displaced from their hems thought shelter, in camps relying on donations to get by. there may be clothing and supplies but in one can supply answers to the big question, what comes next. roberto had just renovated his home two years ago. i don't know what to do he said, i'm 76, i don't know if i cannery build it. from above footage showed the random nature of the destruction, some hundred tane towns were flattened, others were spared. on the ground, for those whose lives were shattered, any future plans are, for now, overshadowed by grief and pain. seth dome for cbs news,
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amatrice, italy. justin drabick has a look at the forecast. things will heat up once again today. >> you have to remember it is late august we can still get hot days. we will this is break new record, the record high is 99. it could get worse. one spot staying on the cooler size is up in the mountains. nice shot here at big boulder lake here clear skies and a nice sunrise, temperatures, topping off in the lower 80's up in the poconos for next few days and also the shore is a good place to be, but inland spots close to that 90-degree hashing. we have hit 93 yesterday. 90 degrees adding up. coming up today we will tie 2015 with 37 days so far, we have more 90-degree days in the forecast. we will make a run at tying 2012 where we were at 39. moving into september there will be period of hot temperatures, so we could see more 90's coming up, and we will see what happens. not bad now though. sixty-one allentown. sixty-five reading.
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dover muggy down there as temperatures in the the lower 07's feeling good along the shore. nice breeze coming out of the north east. we have a cooling effect this afternoon. that ocean the water temperature at 74. mid to up are 60's and 07's and it could be worse as far as humidity goes. a couple weeks ago where we had impressive, insufferable humidity levels. today not that bad, slight increase tomorrow, backs off a little tuesday. increases gannon wednesday, by the even of the week it will feel real good. nice set up just in time for labor day weekend. storm scan three quiet is with the clear skies still dominated by high pressure like yesterday so pretty much full sunshine today. wrapped warm up for inland spots along the coast. eighty-two for the high at jersey shore and delaware beach. uv index still very high. make sure you have sun block but heads up moderate threat for stronger rip currents today and that is due to hurricane gaston with the swells reaching our coastline today and should stay at a moderate level pretty much
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upcoming week. northeast breeze at ten to 15. keeping an eye on the tropics. this is prime time we are moving in the heart of the season here. here's where we are frequency really ramps up. we have peaked september 10th for tropical season keeping an eye on two systems. we have gaston hurricane status right now stays out over open waters of the central atlantic. we will get stronger rip currents for next several days. we are still watching invest 99l still disorganize but does have a 60 percent chance of developing over the next few days. main threat will be right new florida and the gulf coast. we have heavy rain showers. back home not much happening today, sunshine, maybe a few included around there is a weak cold front that tries to come through tomorrow and will bring a few clouds that doesn't knock temperatures back at all, we are replaced by high pressure tuesday and wednesday and that keeps our skies sun a allowing nor those temperatures to sore above average. today not quite as high as yesterday. we have reached 93 but still very warm, 89 in the sunshine,
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tonight clear, warm 70 for cities and 60's in the cooler suburbs but still in the hot stretch through the rest of the month. look at that upper 80's to lower 90's sunshine and crowds each day, wednesday afternoon there is a chance for shower or storm. that is cold front that will bring the change for upcoming weekend, nice stretch thursday, and saturday, sunshine with highs, at or below average. so nice refreshing air mass moving in. >> very good, sir, justin thanks very much. it is now 7:17. time to see how traffic is moving, ann evans at cbs traffic center, ann, how are you. >> i'm doing fine, it is beautiful day and in the a bad take traffic wise. we have a racy want to tell but. we are looking at ben franklin parkway, ben franklin parkway and art museum circle are both in business today but around them we do have a race, it is philly 10k. several closures in the philadelphia area or in the center city area and south philadelphia area walnut street westbound shut down south fourth street to seventh
7:18 am
street. pine street eastbound shut down broad street to fifth street. fifth street shut down lombard to passyunk avenue. twelfth street shut down between market street and pine street. thirteenth street westbound shut down south street to oregon avenue and passyunk shut down between six is 11 and fifth street all for the race. we will move the traffic cam here to the schuylkill at south street. no delays or problems on our schuylkill this morning. it is fine through philadelphia and its suburbs. same to be said here at south street. not too much volume here. that will increase as morning goes on. on to the ben franklin bridge, mid span if you are shore bound, no delays shore bound, further up 42, 55, the atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway both look perfect so far. no delays or problems. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans and now joe, back to you. ann, thanks very much. federal officials are considering a plan to install a device on new trucks and other large vehicles, that would limit their speed to 68 miles an hour. speed is a key factor this is growing number of traffic
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deaths in the u.s. now according to a new report, those deaths have have listen 18 percent over the last two years. from toys to a popular kitchen appliance there is some of the most dangerous products, make that that could put your family at risk, and they are being recalled this week. jim donovan tells us what you need to know in this weeks three on your side recall round up. first up, whirlpool is recalling 15,000 microwave ovens due to a potential fire hazard, three fires have been reported so far. the recall involves whirlpool brand microwave hood combinations they were sold in stainless steel, black and white at retailers like best buy, hh greg, lowes and sears there january 2014 through april of this year. various who had else numbers are involved in this recall, unplug microwave and contact whirlpool for a free replacement product. next up, unsafe strollers.
7:20 am
20,000 safety first step and go travel systems are being recalled, due to a fall hazard. the products functions as a stroller, and car seat. model number tr314 is printed on the label on the back of the stroller seat. product was sold in babies are us stores and on line, by babies on us, wal-mart and amazon in may of 2015. stop using the strollers and contact safety first for a free repair kit. finally toy trouble. alex toys is recalling 91,000 infant building sets due to a choking hazard. there have been 22 reports of parts breaking off. the recalled involves alex junior baby builder, first pops, and first snaps building sets. the building sets were sold from 2009 through june of this year by barnes and noble, land of nod and return the sets to alex toys for a full refund.
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posted links with additional information on all of these recalls on cbs, just click on consumer or check out my facebook and twit are feed i will post there as well. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. still ahead on "eyewitness news" new hope and possibly better vision for sight impairing condition. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us a new device changing peoples sight. and two sinkholes swallow up part of the busy florida highway, find out what is to blame and what is being done to fix it this traffic
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we will introduce to zion harvey who came in the public eye when he became the first child to undergo a double hand transplant at children's hospital. zion lost both of his hand and legs because of an infection when he was two. he received his hand from another child that died. we have check in with zion on the anniversary of that ground breaking surgery and he is doing well. now, i can get myself dressed, without anybody helping me. >> well, cool little guy. well, family of the boy whose hand zion received says that they are happy to see a part of their son be a blessing to another little boy. also on the cbs-3 healthwatch an exciting new option for millions of americans, who have cataracts. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about the new lens that is restoring vision and reducing the need for glasses. >> bruce goldblat realize on
7:25 am
his eyes to work. he owns a towing company. he says his vision changed a year and a half ago. >> i started to notice some shadowing, especially driving at night. my long distance vision was impaired, and was having more and more trouble reading close ups. >> reporter: the six five-year old was diagnosed with cataracts, clouding of the lens of the eye. his doctor recommended surgery to remove his old lens and replaced it with a new f.d.a. one called the symphony. unlike previous options the lens can improve vision at near, intermediate and far distances and points in between. >> a brand new category of lens that gives patients continuing vision and reduces it, and many time eliminate the glasses. >> reporter: bruce is first patient in the country to get the new lens since it was f.d.a. approved. doctor eric donfield conduct the clinical trials. >> giving them a natural type vision where they are less dependent upon glasses makes them more comfortable,
7:26 am
improves their self-confidence and can you see your eye now. >> yes. >> bruce is excited for the future. >> i happen to be a very active six five-year old. i ride motorcycles, long distance and i also do jet skiing. >> reporter: it usually takes a week or two as eye heels for final results. cataracts are common and most often related to aging. it is estimated that nearly 4 million cataract surgeries are performed every year. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on this sunday morning a man facing capitol murder charges for allegedly killing two nuns inside their mississippi homes. we hear from friend who say they may have been too trusting. plus earlier arrival pregnant with man about to give birth realizes she can't make it to the hospital. see who came to her rescue in just the nick of time. good morning everyone hot finish to the in of august we're talking 90's in the forecast but there are big changes for labor day weekend.
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check it out coming up.
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holden, and rahel solomon will be here tonight. we are continuing to follow breaking news, police are on the scene of a fatal crash, in sicklerville, new jersey, we will have an update on that story in just a minute. meteorologist justin drabick is on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather, justin, good morning. >> not a bad start to the sunday morning across the city. look at that, few people walking out the side, it is comfortable. humidity not too hot just yet but yesterday's weather you'll like today. difference is just a couple degrees cooler. we are making a run close to 90. here we are, pretty good spread of temperatures. we will go up to the poconos still in the upper 50's. seventy-one at the airport. seventy-two in dover delaware. parts of the south jersey cooler coming in the mid 60's still at this hour in millville. suburbs, quakertown hanging on to that 59-degree temperature. sixty-six in doylestown. not too bad. we have had issues with fog, and some patchy spots here, especially spots of the central new jersey, parts of
7:31 am
the burlington county, mercer county, tenth of a mile, visibility, and just due to some patchy dense fog but that should quickly dissipate as we get a wrapped warm up this afternoon. clear skies on storm scan three, in clouds right now. no threat of rain, this morning, and 60's and 07's, it does get hot this afternoon with the sunshine as temperatures, are well in the upper 80's, a good 5 degrees above average. nice breeze off the ocean, again, at the shore keeping temperatures in the lower 80's. poconos in good shape in the sunshine with highs in the low 80's. more 90's coming at us as we progress through the workweek. we will talk about that labor day forecast, you'll like it, check it the out in a few more minutes, joe, back to you. >> thanks very much. we are following breaking news this morning, police are on the scene of the fatal crash in sicklerville, new jersey, cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio has just arrived on the scene there. cherri, give us the very latest. >> reporter: good morning,
7:32 am
joe. i am here at the intersection of sicklerville row and chews happening where winslow township police, and now fire are on the scene, of this deadly crash. police have confirmed that one man is dead, and they got a call around 4:00 a.m. this morning about a car, going at a high rate of speed, near cross keys and chews landing road. the car, a dark colored, honda accord hit a wooden pole, we are told and flipped several times, separating the front part or the hood of the vehicle from the body of the vehicle. the police say that the man was ejected from that honda, and they called it a very gruesome scene. as the fire officials now work to remove the man, and to rehave move pieces of the the car that remain. neighbors say they heard the crash and that police sirens and thought from the sound and impact of the crash, that multiple cars were involved, but this is a single will car
7:33 am
incident and again, one man is dead, and now we spoke with winslow township police who said that camden county prosecutors will be releasing a press statement later today and they are still investigating this scene. fire officials just arrived, and they are now working to remove the part of the man that still remains in the car and remove the car from this scene. again, the police officer we spoke to the lieutenant from the winslow township police say it is very gruesome and this is a very horrific scene and they are still investigating what caused this accident. live in sicklerville, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, thank you. we will check back soon. man facing two counts of the capitol murder in the death of two roman catholic nubs in mississippi. police say they were stabbed to death inside their home last week. we now have the story as many
7:34 am
who knew those nuns described them as outing, and compassionate. >> it is sad that people come to this whatever motivates them. >> reporter: forty-six year-old rodney earl sanders is facing two counts of the capitol murder in the stabbing deaths of two mississippi nuns. authorities say margaret held and paula marrow were found dead inside their home. held and more ill were nurse practitioners who work for a clinic in one of the state's most poor counties. >> they take time with the patients, explain things to them where they can understand it, they, you know, they go way beyond. >> reporter: clinic employees notified police when nuns failed to show up for work. authorities say that when they arrived at the home they found evidence of the break in and later found their bodies. a car hissing from the home was also found late their night about a mile away. >> it is hard to imagine that one who served the poor untiringly, day and nighttime, that her life would be taken
7:35 am
in this violent way. >> reporter: those who knew nuns said they had real empathy and compassion for people they served. >> everybody was the same. all you had to do was go to them ask for help. >> reporter: authorities have have not revealed motive or possible link between sanders and nuns. i'm read binion reporting. two sinkholes close a major highway in south florida. officials say a water main break is to blame. sin holes opened up on the southbound side of the florida's turnpike in miami dade. nobody was hurt. this is no word when it will reopen. a texas sergeant placed paramedics during his shift. it started when rachel and budd loper of liverpool were heading to the hospital early in the morning. rachel was pregnant and baby decided it was time but the couple realize had they wouldn't make it to the hospital. they called 911. nearest ambulance was miles away and then sergeant elder
7:36 am
gomez, got there first. >> breathe, push, i just kept giving her directions, and like a champ she came through. >> it just took over the situation, he got the baby, delivered, and safely and made sure that everything was open kay. >> i have got two daughters and i was in the delivery room and i watched, what needed to happen. >> the right guy at the right time. the family did make it to the hospital as you can see they are all doing well. philadelphia native and new gold medalist is giving back to the community this weekend. kyle lowery of the nba's toronto raptors hosted a free basket the ball clinic yesterday at mastery charter school this germantown. children from across the region came out to improve their skills on the court, lowery says that basketball change his life, and he is hoping to use it to help change the lives of others as well. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news". >> this is just one of more
7:37 am
than 200,000 arbitraries in the city of philadelphia, but they could be at risk of stinks, i'm anita oh with what is harming these trees and what the city is doing about it. plus nfl quarterback says he will not stand during the national anthem before games, find out how the league responded to his protests. and we will end this month in the 90's. but justin takes a look at the start of the september, good morning we aring right back.
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more than 200 trees could face stinks and it is all because of this tiny invasive beetle, that is found its way in to our region. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has the story. >> reporter: you might not think it by looking at them. >> very small insect, it is emerald green and emerald ash, create is huge. >> it killed the tree, by overwhelming them with so many insects. essentially they die from thousand cuts. >> reporter: experts first discovered the insect near detroit, michigan in 2002 and since this. >> it has been slowly and steadily moving across the country. >> reporter: research confirms now that the pests have arrived in philadelphia. >> one single female will create 180 larvae that will game into a tree. >> reporter: of the three militaries in philadelphia, more than 200,000 of them are arbitraries but if those trees are left untreated experts
7:41 am
warn the city won't have any left in the few years. >> reporter: to protect and preserve the cities arbitraries. >> push in, give a twist, and then i open my valve. >> reporter: curtis helm of the philadelphia's parks and recreation department says his team started treating them with the chemical mixture. >> treatment is a little bit like chemotherapy for trees. >> reporter: so far the department has treated nearly 1500 arbitraries in philadelphia. >> now is the time to act. >> reporter: they urge homeowners to do the same. >> once they die, they get brittle and begin to shed large wood and limbs and they become dangerous. >> reporter: but saving them is about more than just saving our appearance. >> i think they are lovely grates graceful trees. >> arbitraries are an integral part of the eco system. >> reporter: in philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin drabick is keeping an eye on things. we have got tropics heating up, we're dealing with high 80's and 90's but there is a
7:42 am
break. >> there is a break, just in time for upcoming holiday weekend. that forecast will be good, until then though we have to deal with some heat and humidity out there, but this pattern we are in it is protecting us from some of these tropical systems. we are watching two right now and we will talk about this in a bit. this morning it is not that bad as we step outside, slightly cooler then yesterday morning. humidity not too bad. waking up with temperatures in the 50's in the northwestern suburbs. check it out up at john joke instant house in perkasie. they had a comfortable 57 degrees at this hour. closer to the city we will start to see some 60's showing up, barbara lane in willow grove, full sunshine at 65 degrees. this hour into new jersey, we have to watch out for a few areas have of fog especially interior central new jersey and chesterfield, we are seeing that fog. 66 degrees. currently reduced visibility less than a half mile. that should quickly dissipate just because that sun will heat things up. down in newark, delaware feeling good in the sunshine,
7:43 am
at 62 degrees at delores lee's house. let get to the jersey shore live look at ocean city, beautiful sunrise this morning. waves picking up just a little bit compared to the past few days, we're actually going to start feeling effects of hurricane gaston in the form of the higher swells. they are in the huge waves. they are running three or 4 feet this week but heads up there will be an increased risk for stronger rip currents. moderate risk for rip currents today and really over next several days, probably through the rest of this week for jersey shore delaware beaches down to ocean it the i maryland because we have stronger, surf energy from gaston, reaching our beaches. it has been way out over the atlantic but we are feeling those effects. make sure life guard are on duty. shore forecast last like a great day to be hanging out the on the beach. sunshine 82 degrees. warmer tomorrow at 84 in the sun. we will knock temperatures back a little bit on tuesday 81 degrees. nice breeze off the ocean for next few days we will get that
7:44 am
sea breezy affecting on. storm scan three is nice and quiet, protect by high pressure right now but that is a allowing temperatures to heat up with the sunshine. a few clouds off to the ohio valley, we may see a few clouds popping up. humidity could be worse and it has been past few weeks, dew point temperatures in the looking that bad. sixty-five is that threshold when above that it feels uncomfortable but 58 dew point. allentown indicating lower humidity. still muggy south jersey and delaware. dew point at 72 degrees in dover. here is gaston. it is suspended over atlantic waters 600 miles east of bermuda wind at 90 miles an hour forecast to move back to the north and east so away from the u.s. mainland and still we are watching this area of disturbed weather invest 99l has that 60 percent chance of forming again over the next five days as it track is a off to the west. this will impact south florida with some rain and gulf coast, we will keep an eye on that storm. back home though not much happening today, sunny clouds,
7:45 am
a few clouds into the afternoon and then tomorrow morning a dry start to the workweek, morning ride looks good. afternoon a front tries to come through. maybe a stray shower but it doesn't do anything with our temperatures. it is not until end of the week in time for september, flip a switch, jet stream takes a drop to the south, allowing cooler pocket have of air to filter back in the northeast and mid-atlantic. now we will talk about high temperatures running below average, starting on friday, throughout the upcoming holiday weekend as of right now we are dealing with sunshine. that is good news there. today though it is very warm 89 degrees. record high is 99. tonight warm night, clear 70 for cities. sixty's in the suburbs. we have a hot stretch going through even of the month upper 80's to lower 90's. thursday a transition day as we kick off september '84 degrees and back to the lower 80's on friday and saturday. joe, back over to you. >> bring it on, okay, justin. thanks very much. it is 7:45.
7:46 am
time to check road and highways. lets head over to ann evans in the cbs traffic center. good morning. we have a lot going on today as far as, activities are concerned. what you're looking at now is schuylkill expressway at spring gar even street. there is in delays here. looking to the right that is martin luther king drive that is shut down between parkway and also in the area we have philly 10k which is a big race, a lot have closures including independent mall southbound, between lombard and snider avenue. north seventh street between chestnut street and south street. pine street eastbound between broad street and fourth street. passyunk avenue in south philadelphia between 611 and fifth street. snider avenue between third street and 611, all for the philly 10k today. we will move the traffic cam here, there you go, and this is i-95 right at walt whitman. i-95 looks good through philadelphia and suburbs. we are in the middle of the screen walt whitman taking that to the jersey shore today
7:47 am
no delays or problems further up on the freeway, 55, atlantic city expressway or garden state parkway. everything looks good. moving traffic cam one more time to a beautiful setting here 422 at 202, this is out in actually the king of prussia area. in delays or problems on 422 this morning. it is in good shape. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic enter, i'm ann evans new here's "eyewitness sports" with leslie van arsdal. >> reporter: okay. it is only preseason football. everyone should feel better about the eagles first team offence after last night's eagles/colts game. defense continuing to improve. to the game, score tied at three in the second before josh hough rushes 9-yard for the first touchdown of the game and the eagles take a ten-three lead. in the second, pass to dario green-beckham right here for 4-n eagle. eagles up 17-three. then in the third bradford able to find tray burton for i 3-yard touchdown to make it
7:48 am
24-three. eagles win 34-23. sam bradford great night 17 of 20 for 167-yard, two touchdowns, one interception, which wasn't his fault. have after the game head coach doug pederson says he is satisfied with how his team played. >> i'm very confident in what they did tonight and, you know, obviously the execution wasn't perfect but it was again heading in the right direction. i thought sam was very efficient throwing the football, albeit nights things running the ball this week and when i think you can allow your starters to practice longer, you can get some timing and rhythm with those guys and it showed tonight. >> cowboys quarterback tony romo could be out six to ten weeks after breaking his bone in his back during the teams preseason game thursday night against seattle. thirty-six year-old quarterback has had back surgery twice before. this won't require surgery it is his fourth back injury in less than four years. barring a miracle the phillies are not heading to
7:49 am
the post season but last night they had had chance to play the role of spoiler in new york as the mets try to make a run at a wild card spot. top of the third no score freddie galvis at bat, this will be a bright spot of the game, galvis homers to right, phillies get on the board first, taking a lead one to nothing. bottom of the third, things take a turn, as cabrera returns the favor with the home run to left center. help say reyes will come on home with this one. mets with the two-one lead. bottom of the fourth, mets looking to open up a lead, he homers to left, cinderguard and help say reyes score. five-one. it was all downhill from there. phillies lose this 112-one. the union looking for back to back wins, hosting sporting kansas city last night. something they have only done once so far this season. to the 67th minute of the game, roland alberg makes a right footed shot outside the box, to score to make it one
7:50 am
to nothing union will go onto win two to nothing. san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick says he is ready for backlash after refusing to stand during the national anthem. he says he is protesting what it deems as wrongdoing against have african americans and men north in the you had. kaepernick says this is something bigger than football and it will be selfish to look the other way. nfl released this statement in response? players are encouraged but not required to stand, during the playing of the national an them. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. still to come this sunday morning on "eyewitness news". carroll erickson our animal advocate is up next with helpful tips for your pet and look at chloe the details on how she may be able to go home with
7:51 am
7:52 am
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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welcome back. 7:53. time for the cbs-3 pet project. car will ol erickson animal advocate and friend of the pennsylvania spca joins us every sunday at this time to give you helpful pet information, and tell you about a pet that you can adopt. carroll, so good to see you. >> joe, you loved this dog the second you saw him. this is little jerry, do you love that name. >> i do. >> his brother ben was adopted yesterday. >> just made the connection. >> ben and jerry. >> that is right. we will tell you more about this phenomenal dog in a second. but one of the things that a
7:54 am
lot of pet owners experience is better health. and i necessity you have a dog. once you tell everybody your dog's name, dog. >> moxy is a ham. >> i love that macho joe can have a dog name that. >> yes. >> your health looks great. >> thank you. >> we talked to doctor rob danoff a family physician and he talks about a lot of people whose health is improved because they have somebody like mopsy or jerry. males who have had heart attacks if they have a dog over the next year they tend to be healthier, and the man, because they have that pet, decreases their blood pressure, heart rate, having that friend, taking walks with them. we can walk 30 minutes a day, maybe ten minutes here, there, ten minutes another time and it helps us with physical activity. having a pet say a cat or talk people may want to visit you or you are outside with the dog people tend to gravitate and, instead of and, and it
7:55 am
helps with socialization. as dogs are for your health it is a two-way street. it is a relationship. i can't get a dog or cat, i want to feel better. you need to make their lives better as well. keep that under scored as we look at some animals, joe that people may be interested in adopting through the pennsylvania spca. >> this is squid. five-year old male, gray, white domestic short hair very friendly. he likes handling, pets, a pur machine, and he was recently returned to the shelter because his owners moved out the of the country.
7:56 am
take a look at the mia a favorite, a beautiful eight year-old pit bull. she was returned to the shelter, after spending, six years in a home. she is so socialized, beautiful, friendly, house trained, knows basic command and looking to share her golden years with a loving family. that is mia. chloe is a four year-old york shire ter your mix who surrendered to spca when owner moved away. little bit shy at first but after that she's absolutely perfect. i i know one of the things were you wondering and everybody toss when they see jerry, what kind of dog is he? what do you think. >> it is a mix, of course, right. >> yes. >> but then i'm stumped because he has some of his hair, it is almost like a yorkie quality. >> what good call, because i
7:57 am
think he may have some yorkie in him. his legs are very short. if you are not all that tall maybe a perfect dog for you to walk. i think because he has some corgie or i think this is a dog that needs a dna test that would help him a lot. but we were talking about the human and animal been and how great it is for peoples health. the evolution of people living with animals goes back forever. i just saw something that 12,000 years ago they discovered, a tomb and it has, someone with their hand on a dog's shoulder, in that tomb. so this is a long, bond that people have had 62 percent of americans have this, a lot have of people say my kid are allergic but studies have shown that children and i know you have three of them who grow up with dogs are less likely to be allergic. so, it is kind of an interesting thing, it is better health for everybody and retirement communities are also researchers say should get involved and make areas more pet friendly for them.
7:58 am
better your bond with your pet the better your health is going to be. >> carroll, thanks very much. to adopt this pet visit p spca erie avenue headquarters from noon to 6:00 on the weekend and one to 8:00 during the week. >> jerry is hear there for you with other animals that we have showed. we will be back with more on your pets. we are following breaking news coming up at 8:00 violent deadly crash in south jersey live report from the scene is straight ahead. also ahead, triple a says drivers have called for assistance this year and many of newer cars, why technology may to be blame and how you can take some precaution toss make some cars stay road ready. plus show of support, for one community, a havertown woman never expect it, coming up what her neighbors and people across the country are doing, after her trash can, was tagged with a symbol of hate. last weekend of august justin is back to tell us if we will make it to 90 today.
7:59 am
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