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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  August 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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a man is dead in sicklerville, new jersey our cherri gregg has a live report coming up. brief overflows in camden as community gathers to remember a little girl killed in the shoot-out the emotional vigil and latest on the search for her killer, it is coming up. and a live look outside, it is a sunny start to the day and temperatures are going on their way up again, and the end is our weekend.
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today is august 28th, sunday, good morning i'm joe holden. rahel solomon has the morning off. meteorologist justin drabick is here from the "eyewitness news" center, justin, good morning. >> this type of weather is still holding strong talking about temperatures close to 0 degrees today, these humidity levels not too bad. camera tries to switch on me early, jumping the gun. we're ready to rock and role here. we have sunshine outside right now. we will see a wrapped warm up, 74 degrees, we are looking live from the neighborhood network palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, and light breeze out of the north/northeast at two. good visibility. sky line there in the background there. seventy-five officially at the airport. now we are warming up in the northwestern suburbs. mid 60's in mount pocono and lehigh valley. lower 70's interior south jersey and shore points. still quakertown holding on to cooler spots at 64 degrees. you guys were in the 50's earlier this morning. the wind not an issue today. right now less than 10 miles
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prior but win direction is key in the forecast. it will be out of the east/south east and we will get cooling effect along the coastline but, still inlet spots are going to be able to warm up because we are dealing with clear skies over us right now. little cluster of thunderstorms off carolina coastline that may bring a few cloud far south later today, in delaware but that is it. that sunshine will warm temperatures up well above average. check it out, we are in the mid 70's at 9:00 in the mid 80's by early afternoon keeping it sunny to our upper 80's for inland spots, earlier this evening we are still hanging on to the lower 80's by 7:00. eighty-nine will do it for philadelphia, lower 80's along the shore, and in the poconos and we will keep it hot with temperatures once again in the 90's through the rest of august, but there are some changes ahead for the start of september and let you know what to expect for labor day weekend in a few minutes. joe, back to you. justin, thanks very much. breaking news out of of sicklerville where police are on the scene of the fatal crash.
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neighbors tell us the loud crash woke them up early this morning. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio spoke with the witness and cherri bring us up to speed on what you are hearing. >> reporter: good morning, joe. aim here at intersection of sicklerville and chews landing road and, of course, this has a lot of the neighbors in shock, take a look behind me a very active scene. we have winslow township police and now fire they have just removed body of the man that they say lost his life in this crash. a tow truck is here removing twisted remains of that vehicle. officers are still investigating but what we know now is that police got a call around 4:00 a.m. this morning about a car going at a high rate of speed near cross keys and chews landing road. the carries this dark colored honda accord, police say it smashed into a wooden pole and then flipped, several times, separating the front part or hood of the vehicle from the body. the man police say was eject from the car, and possibly
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split into pieces. now the lieutenant i spoke with called it a very gruesome scene, neighborhoods heard the crash and police sirens and from the sound that the impact involves multiple cars but this is a single car crash. here's mike, his mother who lives in the house directly behind where the crash took place and here's what he heard this morning. >> we just heard a loud screeching of the tires, they sounded a little will something like that and then boom, boom, boom, boom. and then we looked out the window and sure enough we saw sparks and fire. and then immediately after that we saw the powe lease. >> reporter: yes, winslow township police are continuing these investigations as to why that man was trying this car, at such a high rate of speed. we are told that the prosecutor's office will release a press statement later today, with more
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information, and possibly, the identity of the man lost his life. live from sicklerville, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you if are that live report. a woman is in the hospital this morning after she was hit by a car. investigators say it happened while walking near roosevelt boulevard and rising sun avenue in north philadelphia. woman described as being in her early 30's was taken to the hospital in stable condition. it all happened around 12:30 this morning. there is no word what may have caused the crash, the driver of that car did remain on the scene. new this morning one cars crashed head on in philadelphia, it happened near intersection of the chelten avenue and limekiln pike near stenton just before midnight. both drivers were taken to einstein medical center, they were listed in stable condition. police now saying they are trying to figure out what may have caused the collision. yet another crash in philadelphia to tell but this morning involving an ambulance. it happened near spruce and
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south 40th street, in university city, before 3:00 this morning. the ambulance, police say hit a median before crashing in the car, no patients were on board at the time. the paramedic was taken to methodist hospital, to be checked out. family and a community continues to grief while police search for killer who shot and killed an eight year-old girl in camden. last night hundreds gathered to remember gabriel carter. as "eyewitness news" reporter trang do reports the girls mother is pleading for justice. >> i'm hurting. i just want to talk. i'm hurting so bad. she didn't deserve that. >> reporter: mother's anguish after losing her first born child, innocent eight year-old girl to senseless gun violence. >> we want justice. >> we want justice. >> we want peace. >> we want peace. >> reporter: hundreds of the people heard marisa carter-phillips cry. collectively they mourned gabby carter as their own
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dorothy. >> there was nothing you wouldn't do for anybody if you asked her. she was my little woman. my baby i love her so much. i wish she was still here. >> reporter: wednesday night gabby got caught in gunfire intended for someone else. little girl was shot outside of her home. she held on for two days before taking her last breath friday night. gabby's cousin, jail ill good man described her final moments. >> unaudible. >> i kissed gabby last night. to know my baby was safe that is all i wanted. >> reporter: gabby's baby sister feeling pain of loss far sooner then anyone should. with the great face she sent balloons to her big sister up in the sky. >> she's in a better place. stay strong. >> reporter: gabby's family is pleading with the community to come forward with information, police are offering a $24,000 reward for any information in this case, tip line is
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215-546-tips. in camden i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police right now are investigating a shooting that left one person dead and another in the hospital. it happened in the 1700 block of new kirk street at around 9:30 last night. police say that a 25 year-old man was fatally shot, a 45 year-old man was also wounded and then taken to the hospital, police are still looking for the shooter. we have learned that the couple found dead in their west deptford home on friday was beaten to death. there was an autopsy results from released yet from the gloucester county medical examiner. fifty-eight year-old edward coles junior his wife, five five-year old rose marie coles both died of blunt force trauma to the head. their son ryan coles is in custody and has been charged in their death. there is still no word on a possible motive. well, still to come this morning the numbers of drivers calling from the roadside for help is on the rise, and many of of them have newer cars.
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find out why tech -- technology toys blame. mourners gathered for first earthquake in hitly we will have update up next. also ahead where not just one but one large sinkholes takes drivers by surprise. justin? good sunday morning everyone. once again temperatures heating up and we will have a hot finish to the month of august but september will bring relief, we will talk
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across italy saturday it was a day of morning for nearly 300 people killed by a devastating earthquake in, one town, 35 caskets, were brought to a community gym.
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asseth dome reports the gym is one of the last large buildings still standing after wednesday's quake. >> reporter: families that have grieved in private gathered together to show for a funeral to show an entire nation in mourning. italy's rhyme minister and president were there. not far away workers continued to sift through ruble, knowing that the probability of finding anyone alive, faded with each passing hour. fire fighter francomontvan is one of the rescuers. >> after 38 hours, the probability goes down and we find only dead people. >> reporter: after shocks only added to the danger and degree rescuers had to contend with, while drone footage revealed the scale of what they are up a begins. pictures of amatrice from 204
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show an idealic town that appears dream like compared to today. look at this cafe and square as it was and when we arrived just after the quake. >> this is an air were where there had been a restaurant, you cab still see table, chairs out. >> reporter: some of those displaced from their homes thought shelter, in makeshift camps relying on donations to get by. there may be clothing and supplies but no one can supply answers to the big question, what comes next. roberto tell farrow just renovated his home, two years ago. i don't know what to do, he said, i'm 76 and i don't know if i cannery build it. from above footage showed random nature of destruction, some mountain towns were flattened, others were spared. on the ground for those whose lives were shattered, any future plans are for now, overshadowed by grief and
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pain. seth dome, cbs news, amatrice, italy. in a response to those earthquakes today public museums throughout italy will donate proceedings to the rebuilding effort. two sinkholes closed a major highway in south florida. water main break toys blame. sinkholes opening up on the southbound side of the florida's turnpike in miami dade. nobody was hurt. there is no word when the road will reopen. justin drabick joining us now. we were talking about five years ago with the earthquake. >> it was last tuesday was five-year anniversary. a few days later we had irene here we had 5 inches of rain. lee was a rough one that dumped rain, a lot of flooding. >> one, two, three. >> all at ones. >> but we are moving in the height of the tropical season september 10th. we have watching a few storms in real threat to us just stronger rip currents for the next few days. up in the lehigh valley nice day, live look at bethlehem from the hotel bethlehem
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looking south, clear skies, plenty/of sunshine. temperatures will warm up quickly to the upper 80's up even toward the lehigh valley. pretty nice start. earl are temperatures were in the 50's. now we are at 66 degrees. at lehigh valley international airport. seventy-five in philadelphia. seventy-three in wilmington. we are warming up with that sunshine. that nice breeze coming out of the north east and right now this morning at the shore. ocean water in the mid 70's. that will keep temperatures from getting too hot. we have sea breezing on. average high for philadelphia this time of the year is 84. we will be above that pass few days. we will be near 90 degrees through wednesday and end of the month. we will take a hit in the temperatures. the should go a few degrees below average on friday in the upcoming holiday weekend. good news is right new no threat of any major storms. the decent amount of sunshine for your labor day. i wouldn't get used to the cool down. still september. we will still see hot patterns developing once again later in the month.
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humidity could be worse. we are not dealing with insufferable conditions as we had a week or so ago. not bad. increases tomorrow, not bad on tuesday and then slight increase again. up and down humidity levels but nothing terrible for this time of the year. high pressure over new england, nice and dry, it is protecting us from those tropical systems. we are dealing with sunshine, we will get a few fair weather cloud developing this afternoon. here's that shore forecast, nice sea priest with northeast breeze ten to 15. twenty-eight for air temperature. uv inn docks running high for late august. make sure we wear sun block. moderate risk for stronger rip currents and that is because of hurricane gaston way out over opened waters of the atlantic. this is 600 miles east. we are feeling effects of the the swells from gaston. so pretty much next several days through much of this week jersey shore, delaware beaches, maryland, the threat for some stronger rip currents. wave heights will not be huge. we will not notice a big
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difference in the waves. right now off shore buoys running two or 3 feet but this week might increase to three to 4 feet. that is chest high if you surf. good surfing conditions probably for next week or so. high pressure anchored off new england today. a lot of sunshine. weak a cold front trying to pass us tomorrow bringing some cloud. maybe a stray shower. once it passes it doesn't drop a whole lot on tuesday, still well above average in the upper 80's. today very warm day at 89. not quite as high as yesterday's high of 93. tonight still warm, clear for city about 70 degrees. we will drop in the 60's in the suburbs and hot day on monday 91 degrees, partly sunny skies. eighty-nine on tuesday. back to 91 wednesday. chance for late day shower or storm with that stronger cold front and that changes up the pattern a little bit by week end we are talking lower 80's, good news for labor day. joe back to you. it is 8:18. time to check road. lets go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center.
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good morning, ann. >> good morning joe. beautiful day for sunday drive. you just heard justin's forecast. what we are looking at is i-95 at 420 in tinicum and this portion of i-95 looks fine. volume starting to build here. volume building every where on i-95 through philadelphia and its suburbs but no major delays or accidents to tell you about, thankfully. we're moving the traffic cam here to the vine street expressway a at the schuylkill, the vine street expressway in the middle of the screen and the schuylkill at tippy top of your screen inn again, these two highways are looking find this morning. the now keep in mind we have a race, it is causing closures, in the city, as the philly 10k, fifth street southbound is shut down between lombard street and passyunk avenue. independent mall southbound not too far from here is shut down between lombard street and snider avenue. north seventh street northbound is shut down between sansom street and pine street. and 12th street southbound shut down between market street and pine street, also passyunk avenue in south philadelphia is shut down between 611 and fifth street, and snider avenue in south philadelphia shut down between
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third and broad street, again, due to the philly 10k. moving the traffic cam one more time to the ben franklin bridge, no delays or problems here on the bridge, this morning and that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now joe, back to you. a new report from triple a shows a record number of drivers need help on the road. the company responded to millions of calls for roadside assistance last year. many of them drivers in newer cars. three on your side's jim donovan explains why some new automotive technology gis could be to blame. >> reporter: every day tow truck driver ed, comes to the the rescue of dozens. >> zero seven to 80 calls a day. >> reporter: his first call on this shift a dead battery in the hybrid toyota. triple a rescued a record 32 million drivers in 2015 commonly with battery or tire issues. it is newer vehicles that are having problems. triple a says 40 percent of new cars don't come with the spare tire. when michelle stevens gotti
8:21 am
flat on her way to work last year she only had an inflation kit in her trunk. >> there is too big of a hole to use that. >> reporter: triple a says newer technologies in cars are contribute to go break down. key less ignition systems in some vehicles can put a strain on the battery. >> that, with all the additional electronic devices on vehicles today would drain the battery more quickly, the leave life expectancy rate of the battery is only three years and if you had that battery for more than three years you're living on borrowed time. >> reporter: on this call ed found his customer's battery was a goner. >> 100 percent back to the deal tore get a new battery. >> reporter: while triple a says checking your tire pressure and testing your battery once it reaches three years old can help ensure you face fewer problems on the road. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. still ahead an interview with legendary barbara streisand on tour and out with
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barbara streisand has a new album on the way. woman that gained fame thanks to a broadway show has recorded a collision of broadway standard. she sat down with talk about that and a lot more with anthony mason for sunday morning here's a preview of the interview you will see coming up late are on cbs sunday morning. >> it is funny, i used to come on from the other side of the stage, from the wings over there. >> when streisand won role of fannie bryce in 1964, does it feel the same. >> i have to have a moment. >> reporter: jewish girls with prominent noses were not seen as leading lady material. but the message of barbara streisand in funny girl, the critic pauline kail would write is that talent is,
8:25 am
beauty. >> i don't necessarily agree. >> you don't. >> you know you changed things. >> i have read about it. it is interesting because i didn't -- >> did you not feel like you were. >> i could not feel the power behind what you are saying. i could not feel, really, i did that. i could not feel it. i could not feel it for a long time. >> legendary barbara streisand, plus an interview with actress meg ryan that is sunday morning rate here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. there is much more still ahead here on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning. >> what do you want people to know about dreams. >> they can come true, if you put your mind to them. >> he is just nine and wise way beyond his years this little boy is marking a milestone and it has been one year since he received a double hand transplant so how is zion doing today. we will show you. live always triumphs over with hate back with one havertown woman kept in mind after
8:26 am
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..."
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if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. good sunday morning i'm joe holden at 8:28. meteorologist justin drabick is on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather. justin, good morning. >> good morning, joe. we have a great start of the weekend. it will get warm again just like yesterday. we reached a high of 93. but it is still running above average. full sunshine right now. but compared to yesterday at this time we're a few degrees
8:29 am
cooler from two to 6 degrees cooler in the region right now. call it pretty pleasant. humidity is up but not terrible. you can see temperatures spread mid 60's from the mountains, to mid 70 around the city and shore temperatures generally in the lower to mid 70's at this hour. some suburbs still feeling good, pottstown, quakertown mid to upper 60's. willow grove at 69 degrees at this hour. we are quiet on storm scan three, just like yesterday and it will stay like that for next few days as long as our area have of high pressure remains situated of region and it will. clear, comfortable this morning. temperatures climbing through 60's and 70's it does turnout to be a hot afternoon, mostly sunny skies in the 80's. eighty-four where we should be this time of the year. we will run 5 degrees above that with a high of 89 degrees. lower 80's at the shore as well as poconos. if you like, 90's, you'll like rest of the month of august but it is hot. there are changes for labor day weekend.
8:30 am
check it out we will show new a few more minutes. joe, back to you. we are following breaking news out of sicklerville this morning police are on the scene of the fatal crash, now this happened around sleepy hallow lane. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio spoke to the witness, cherri, what is the latest on this. >> reporter: that witness got a firsthand view of the aftermath of what police are calling a very gruesome scene, and behind me, as you can see, winslow township police are still working, they have said that one man is dead, following this accident, the at the intersection of sicklerville road and chews landing, and now you police have been here for more than four hours, this morning and within the last hour, authorities removed the body of the man who died, in the crash, and now a tow truck is here least moving the twisted remains of the dark colored honda he was driving. the crash happened around 4:00 . that is when police got a call about a car going at a high
8:31 am
rate of speed near cross keys and chews landing road. police say vehicle smashed in the wooden pole and flipped, several times, you can see from eyewitness video that part of the hood separated from the body of the vehicle, and the roofies totally smashed in. neighbors heard the screeching of the tires and the boom, boom, boom, as the car flips and eject the driver or at least some parts of him from that vehicle. police called it a gruesome scene again, mike, whose brother lives near where the crash happened explains what he saw in the aftermath. >> it is one set of sheets, it looks like it was over the car seat. i could not really tell but it looks like it was over the car seat. then an hour or two later they put a second sheet which made me to believe that maybe the body was decapitated or separated some way, some how. >> reporter: police are still working as they continue their investigation, to find out why
8:32 am
this man was driving this car and what caused this crash. we have been told that prosecutors will issue a statement later today hopefully, identifying the man that lost his life. live from sicklerville, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank to you that are breaking live report. a camden neighborhood gathered to remember gabriel carter, the eight year-old girl shot last wednesday and died on friday. neighbors lit candles and joined hand in prayer, gabriel's family remembered her during the vigil. >> i'm hurting. i'm hurting so bad. she didn't deserve this. >> gabby, i love you baby, i will always be here for you. >> we want justice. >> we want justice. >> we want peace. >> we want peace. >> you can hear anguish out there in that community, the reward for information leading to an arrest is now up to $24,000, police say that
8:33 am
gabriel was hit when the gun man began shooting at each other nearby. family and friend remembered two-year old jameil baskerville junior during a vigil in pennsauken. a memorial took place last night outside the home where he lives on mansion boulevard. police say 24 year-old zachary trycouch, punched the toddly for crying. that was after an argument with the boy's mother a week ago. he is being held, on a million-dollar bail. "eyewitness news" has obtained disturbing new video this shows moment that the man was punched so hard he lost consciousness. this happened friday evening in the cities lawncrest section. three men are seen here walking up to the victim near a beer distributor in the 700 block of adams avenue. that is when the man in the the white shirt suddenly punches the victim. he fell hard to the ground and hit his head and at last check that man is now on life support. if you recognize that attacker there on your screen you are urged to call philadelphia police. terrifying moments for a
8:34 am
plane full of passengers when an engine explodes mid flight. southwest flight was heading to orlando from new orleans yesterday morning when it happened. passengers said they heard an explosion before the plane started to shake and oxygen masks then deployed. some say they feared the worst. >> i thought it was an attack or that the plane was going to go down. >> it felt like half of the plane almost like capsized on the other side, so i was kind of worried. >> despite that crusade they stayed calm. plane made an emergency landing in pensacola. everyone was okay. there is no word what may have caused the engine explosion. that is something that the faa and ntsb are now looking into. in campaign 2016 issues of home land security and gun violence are making headlines in the race for president. we are now just 71 days away and ticking from the november 8th general election. cws news correspondent wendy gilette with the latest.
8:35 am
>> reporter: police car led several vehicles into an fbi office in white mines, new york where hillary clinton received her first national security briefing. the democratic presidential nominee attended the more than two hour briefing by herself, with no aid present. she got an overview of threats facing the country from representatives of the office of the director of national intelligence. it was her only scheduled event of the day. >> ♪ proud to be an american ♪ >> reporter: republican presidential nominee donald trump spoke at a fundraiser in iowa a state where polling shows the candidates are tied, it is a bright spot for him national polls show clinton lead trump by about six points. but trump is staying positive about his chances. >> we will have a great victory on november 8th, i can tell you. >> reporter: trump drew ire on twitter for his comments about the murder of nba star dwayne wade's first cousin in chicago. he tweeted dwayne wade's
8:36 am
cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago, just what i have been saying. african americans will vote trump. the tweet brought condemnation on social media from those who said trum was politicizing a tragedy. trump later tweeted again offering his condolences and also mentioned the murder at his rally. wendy gilette for cbs-3 eyewitness news. third preseason game for the birds on the saturday night and they beat colts in indianapolis. sam bradford had a great night 17 of 20 for 167 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. other stand outs or josh hough and dario green-beckham with his first touchdown as an eagle. bird over running colts 33-two. there is much more to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, coming up next we will check with face the nation's john dickerson for a look ahead at today's broadcast, we will be
8:37 am
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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this past week marked one year since then eight year-old zion harvey became first child to undergo a double hand transplant right here in philadelphia. now he is back and doing great. health reporter stephanie stahl talked with zion and has his story from children's hospital of pennsylvania. >> reporter: nine year-old zion harvey is greeted like a star at children's hospital where a year ago he became first child to receive a double hand transplant. >> i don't feel different. >> we are very fortunate, very blessed to be here today. >> reporter: zion lost his hand and legs because of an infection when he was two. video from chop shows he was able to do a lot the with his limitations including dealing with bullies. >> sometimes i just think some of my classmates, they don't mean the -- mean to say mean things to me but it comes out. >> reporter: chop documented historic surgery and therapy where he learn to use his new
8:40 am
hand. >> now, i can get myself, dressed, without anybody helping me. >> reporter: yes. >> zion is a pioneer whose success provides hope for other children. >> reporter: welcome back to philadelphia? i had a chance to ask zion a few questions. what kind of stuff can you do with your hands. >> i can bend them, i can eat. i think it is amazing. i don't know, but i think it ace macing. >> reporter: zion's hand came there another little boy who died and his family issued a statement. >> we are very happy to see zion doing well and necessity that a part of our son was such a blessing to another little boy. >> very nice for doing that. >> reporter: like many little boys zion loves sports, all kind of of sports, and only has one complaint. >> she won't let me try out for football. >> no. >> reporter: zion is still having physical therapy and doctors say that they expect his hand function to continue
8:41 am
to improve. but he still hasn't decided what he wants to do when he grows up. at chop, i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cool little guy, well, cbs face the nation is coming your way later on this morning at 10:30 here on cbs-3. join us now live with the preview in washington is moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson. john, good morning, good to see you. >> reporter: good morning joe. we will talk to trump campaign manager kelly ann conway. some people see big changes in the trump campaign. some people see confusion on the question of what donald trump believes about immigration and is 11 million undocumented workers in america. we will talk to conway about where things are on that issue. also rhetoric got heated on the topic of race this week in both clinton and trump campaign. we will talk about that, also with doctor ben carson who was a rival of donald trump's in the primary and now is supporting him, we will continue that conversation
8:42 am
with donna brazil, the chair of the democratic national committee. we will also talk to her about new revelation about hillary clinton's e-mail server, yes, even more revelation about the server, a new batch of big batch of e-mails that hillary clinton did not turn over, those have been discover and also other e-mails have been discover that show a cozy relationship between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department, how cozy what is that relationship? congressman jason chefits, the chair of the house government oversight and reform committee will be with us to talk about his concerns about those e-mails and what he thinks should be done by fbi. joe, as always, we will have our political panel to talk about the weeks news and what we should pay attention to next week. >> very good. john dickerson breaking it down with all these interviews on face the nation on cbs-3 at 10:30. john, if to see you, thank you. still to come hot end to august, justin is back with a look at the start of the september and peak at the weather forecast for labor day
8:43 am
holiday weekend. plus show of community support one havertown woman ever expect, still ahead what her neighbors and people across the country are to go after her trash can was tagged with the hate for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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pack now with plenty of dance nothing south philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood many families came out to have a good time at community appreciation day. "eyewitness news" at this party at 22nd and point breeze. lots of food, arts and craft plus a back to school give away there for the kids. philly native and olympic gold medalist is giving back this weekend. kyle lowery of the nba toronto raptors hosted free basketball clinic at mastery charter school this germantown. children came out to improve their skills on the court. leery says basketball change
8:46 am
his life and he is hoping to use it to help change the lives of others as well. how about that for a hero's welcome in old bridge township in new jersey for olympian laurie hernandez the 16 year-old was one of the final five in the u.s. women's gymnastics team that won gold in rio. she also won a silver medal on the balance beam. hernandez was escorted through town on a met or cade and she was then honored with an event at old bridge high school. justin drabick. weather has been fantastic for these events. >> it has, get outside, enjoy it. little bit on the warm side. we're talk about temperatures close to 90. we should be in the mid 80's. there is relief for upcoming holiday weekend but still weekend now, enjoy outside, we had a good start, temperatures down in the upper 50's, in some locations, now warming up with us and sunshine. upper 60's to lower 70's,
8:47 am
cooler spot outside city. steve johnson in west chester. full sunshine, he checks in at 68 degrees, we are close by just to the north, eagleville lewis at 69, again mostly sunny skies, starting to see 70's showing up, we will go into new jersey and see what is happening in cherry hill. lynn, she has got 72, once again, sunshine. that is the trend. it depend where you were, you may have saw fog interior central new jersey and this is ed connor in chesterfield, new jersey. he had fog. visibility dropped a half mile around trenton. that is dissipating. visibility looks good because of that heat, already from the sun. this is philadelphia, sunrise, phil chapline beautiful shot there with the blue skies and no issues in south jersey, peter plantameant shows crystal clear morning in williamstown, new jersey. great beach day. the jersey shore, delaware beaches, check it out. boardwalk picks up in rehoboth beach we are looking live here
8:48 am
people outside on the beach, got umbrellas up. sun. make sure you have sun block. notice wave activity will increase over next few days due to hurricane gaston way out over the central atlantic waters. not a big wave but they have more energy with them. it is a higher direct for stronger rip currents for the next several days. the just make sure you are at guarded beach if you are doing swimming. we are racking up 90-degree days. we did hit 93. that makes it 37 for the season so far. thirty-seven days. now we are making run at 2012 at the 39. we could tie. that we have a couple days in the 90's in the forecast coming up. remember, september we could have hot spells as well. high pressure over us right now locks us in a dry pattern again. this is similar to yesterday. storm scan three not showing a whole lot of activity for next few days. shore forecast is great a lot of sunshine. a few more cloud on monday, lower 80's today. we are up to 84 for the high on monday. cooler on tuesday in the lower
8:49 am
80's but a a nice stretch of weather pretty much every where across the delaware valley. like i mentioned we have tropics heating up, one storm over central atlantic so moderate risk for some stronger rip currents, pretty much this week for jersey shore, delaware beaches and ocean city maryland. keep that in mine. there is gaston 600 miles east of bermuda way out over the waters but waves starting to reach the east coast now wind at 90 miles an hour. staying over opened waters, eventually track ban off to the north and east. still watching this storm up vest 99l, we have talk about this for days having a tough time developing, still has 60 percent chance of developing in the tropical systems, and this will track off to the west, and eventually with more northerly. this will impact south florida, in the gulf coast states, probably next few days with heavier showers. gaston stays out to sea, watch out for strong rip currents, up vest 99l still disorganize. we have to watch for some threat for florida ape gulf coast. right now just a couple inches
8:50 am
of rain. travel lance for south just keep that in behind. back home though no threat of rain, we could use showers but not going to get. that little cloud cover moving in tomorrow due to a cold front but limited moisture. maybe get a stray shower once that front passes. it doesn't cool us down but there is a pattern shift on our way for september just in time. heat stays out over central u.s. but drop in the jet stream develops. that allows cooler air to filter in thursday, september 1st and this will continue throughout labor day weekend. don't get used to that. there are signs of warmer air moving back in for middle of the september. today up 2089, very warm. tonight still warm, clear. seventy for city. sixty's in the suburbs. back to the lower 90's on monday. upper 80's on tuesday. lower 90's wednesday. late day shower or storm, just nice temperatures on the way for weekend and that is good news, lower 80's, a few degrees below average. >> thanks, justin. it is 8:50 this sunday morning. time to head out and check on
8:51 am
the road. lets go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> we are looking at ben franklin parkway today just a pretty shot my producer amy was just telling me how nice shot was. it is, nothing going on here which is good, it is opened for business. ben franklin parkway and art museum circle are both opened. since we are in the general area martin luther king drive is shut down to the left of the screen. that shut down between parkway and falls bridge for recreational activities. also shut down, a lot have of roadways due to the philly 10k, fifth street southbound shut down between lombard and passyunk avenue, north seventh street northbound shut down between chestnut street and south street pine street shut down for 10k between broad street and fourth street. passyunk avenue shut down between 611 and fifth street. snider avenue is closed between third and fourth street all for philly 10k. those closures in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. we will move the traffic cam here and thinks to i-95 at walt whitman. i-95 looks all right through
8:52 am
philadelphia and suburbs. top of the screen it is walt whitman no delays or problems there. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans now joe back to you. >> very good ann, have a great day, thank you. story of brotherly love is spread agos contract the country as jan carabao tells us it has to do with one woman's response to someone spray painting hate symbol on her trash can. >> reporter: esther colin-eskin never expected to encounter hate so deep in havertown. >> i didn't think people were had hateful. >> reporter: last friday esther woke up to this, someone spray painted a swastika on her trash can, her family and community were horrified. >> i was completely shocked. i could not believe it. >> reporter: esther reported hateful vandalism to police, they tell "eyewitness news" that her property was only one tagged. one might assume she would lead charge to find culprit, esther had a different idea. >> i called my dear friend, my neighbor, and he reminded me
8:53 am
that love always triumphs hate. my neighbor drove by and said i'll put a smiling face on it. >> reporter: artist by trade she did one better. esther turned a symbol in tie piece of art and encourage her havertown neighbors to do the same. she walk door to door with letters and her daughters pose todd request on social media. paint something on your trash can esther wrote on facebook, we can in our little will way turn this symbol of hate into something beautiful. >> within minutes people were outside painting their trash can. >> reporter: post has been liked close to 1500 times and shared across the country. >> in san francisco a synagogue actually used this story as their service. >> reporter: she has also received dozens of photos like these from friend who have answered the call and support from neighbors like kyle's mom. >> the flowers i painted. >> there is no place for hate anywhere but there is in place for hate here. >> reporter: they hope this serves as a reminder to all.
8:54 am
>> it just takes a small act of goodness to make you feel better. >> reporter: now esther has got messages from canada and ireland too. she cannot open up her phone without seeing more photos of beautiful painted trash cans spreading message of love. jan carabao for cbs-3
8:55 am
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how about a final check of weather, your is. >> arm but quiet. we will have sunshine. heading in the holiday weekend people have plans, hit the shore, pool, next weekend, it will be good. good news. hopefully it stays that way. watching tropical systems but in threat to us, exception some stronger rip currents this week at jersey shore, delaware beaches but overall forecast stays warm, for late august, upper 80's to lower 90's throughout the rest of the month. our best chance for a shower, storm it is not a big chance will be on wednesday late in the day, it is cold front that finally does bring change to our forecast. look at temperatures. lower 90's on wednesday back
8:57 am
to average on thursday 84 degrees to kick off september and little cooler for friday and saturday a few you degrees below average but key thing there is sunshine great news for start of the labor day weekend. we will make it through with no problems. but more heat returning by middle of the month have have of september. >> thanks very much. that is "eyewitness news" for this sunday. we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs sunday morning is next, until then have a great day. [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it!
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