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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  August 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> a deadly crash in the middle of the night and this car is reduced to a pile of twisted metal and neighbors shocked at what they saw when they're out their windows. good evening, natasha is off tonight. one man is killed in this bizarre accident. police are trying to figure out how it happened. reporting now from
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sicklerville, camden county. >> a smashed honda accord, a separated bumper, twisted meta metal, and a man dead found here at the intersection of sicklerville and chew's landing road. >> we heard a loud screeching of the tires sounding like [ screaming ] and boom, boom, boom. >> mike, that did not want his face on camera was visiting his mother who lives near the crash site. he looked out the window and saw fire and then police. >> that doesn't happen around here. >> winslot township police got a call at 4 a.m. at a car going high rate of speed near cross keys road and the vehicle crashed into this wooden pole and then slipped over several times -- flipped over several times break ago part leaving crushed metal. the driver, was ejected from the vehicle and what remained
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was gruesome. i pray for the family. >> police spent hours clearing the aftermath of the scene. now they are investigating what happened, why, and just who the victim was. in sicklerville, cherry greg, kyw radio for eyewitness news. >> a woman is recovering after being hit before a car overnight roosevelt and rising son in north philadelphia after 12:30 a.m. the victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition and the driver did remain on the scene but not clear what may have caused the crash. and well, the reward now 50,000 for information in the shooting death of 8-year-old gabrielle parker shot wednesday night in camden when hit by a stray bullet playing near her home. that shooter is at large. >> a daring rescue by new jersey transit officer all caught on camera near secaucus
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junk and you see victor ortiz trying to stuing toll pull a man off the tracks he was purposely on the rails and fought against the officers. the officers not giving up and he gets the man out of the way with only seconds to spare and new jersey transit praise the officer's heroic actions and it's a stark reminder of what their officers do every day to keep people safe. glad he is okay. well the last weekend of august has been a hot one and will it be for the start of the workweek. hi, lauren. >> hi. conditions today on the hot side. humidity not too bad. temperatures soaring above average once again for our sunday. and we're sitting at 89 still in philadelphia and 88 in allentown and temperatures in the low 80s doing nice right now down the shore. checking in on our life neighborhood network getting a live look at margate now. all is squiet on sunday evening stroll ago long there. not a cloud in the sky and to close out the month of august a big vacation week.
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maybe you're spending it down the shore or in poconos and not in the office. you're lucky. 82 a stray thunderstorm down the shore. tomorrow sunshine and patchy clouds especially in the poconos and nice conditions with high temperature 80. as we've been talking about, we do have the potential for some rip current, moderate risk as we head all throughout the wee week. so keep that in mind. if you are spending this week down the shore you want to be sure to swim in front of lifeguard with potential dangerous rip current and we have two tropical systems offshore at least in close proximity to the delaware valley and again hurricane gaston looking impressive on satellite imagery and this system stays out to sea. that is good news for us. we have two new tropical depressions newly formed today and tropical depression number one was 99 and we were keeping an eye over the last several days and becoming more organized center of circulation was discovered and this will likely strengthen to a tropical storm the next couple days.
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same case with tropical depression 8 to the south and east and i'll have the tracks with both tropical depressions in the full forecast in a couple minutes. >> lauren, thank you. perhaps hard to believe but election day is fast approaching. our campaign countdown clock shows 71 days before america chooses our next president. quickly approaching. to the latest on the race for president donald trump's campaign team appeared on sunday morning talk shows to clarify his positions on illegal immigration. cbs correspondent wendy gilette reports questions about his stance still remains. >> his campaign manager told fashion the nation the republican presidential nominee as not changed stance on undocumented immigrants. >> first there's still no am nesty and he's building that wall. that's been the center piece of his candidacy and immigration from the beginning and not changed one inch. >> what has seemingly changed is trump's position to
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estimated 11 undocumented -- 11 million undocumented imgrant live in the u.s.. his plan laid out in november called for depourtation to send them out of the country and in recent days his campaign team talked about what they call a more hugh main approach those his view have not shiftd what you heard him describe there in his usual plain-spoken american way, was a mechanism not a policy. you will hear more detail in the next two weeks. >> on the democratic side the chair of party defended hillary clinton after trump called her a bigot last week. >> donald trump has not held an event in the black community and he's not going to a glak church as hillary clinton has done sdwlt nominee spent the day fundraising in the hamilto hamiltons and trump held no public events. wendy gilette for cbs news, new york. >> well, here is an unexpected wedding gift for a local couple. a country super star showed up at the party.
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joining us from spring garden is trang doe. >> they are huge country mow sick fans and the bride's father had someone show up here. here's a clue he wears a signature black cowboy hat. >> delaware county couple lisa white and paul getz jr. had the wedding of their dreams at v saturday night complete with dream wedding singer♪ >> the groom's father paul getz senior described the grand reveal of beginning of father daughter dance. >> they went through one line of the song and after that lisa turns around and sees that tim mcgraw was singing to her and just everybody was spell bound in the place. >> it was a total surprise to everyone. but the father of the bride,
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david white who set the whole thing up, getz says the can'try music super saw sang 11 songs. >> for the couple, there was -- it just took caps off the entire excitements in a day and made it that much more special for two really special people. >> and the newly weds rather paul and lisa were not able to talk to us about their tim mcgraw wedding surprise because they're on their way to honeymoon in spring garden. cbs3. eyewitness news. >> a wedding they will ring. trang, thank you. >> a cbs broad cater is hanging up his microphone. we'll have that but first a scare in the air. a jet engine fails on a flight to orlando and passengers describe the ordeal, >> and cooler air is just around the corner for the start of september. i'll let you know what to expect high temperatures in the 70s and your full forecast
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coming up. >> and coming up in sports, breaking down the eagles win last night. breaking down the eagles win last night. stay with us
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i'm hillary clinton,
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and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] and as of now, i'd have to say no. >> two people were killed and dozens hurt after a charting bus carrying flood recovery crashed into a fire truck.
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the fire firefighters were responding to earlier crash. the bus driver did not have a commercial license and was not arnlrized to drive a bus. >> a scare in the air after a southwest airline fails mid might. emergency happened new orleans to ar long owe. southwest says the engine failure caused the cab taken to lose pressure and passengers on board had to use oxygen masks to breathe and the plane was diverted where it landed safely and while on the plane they feared the worse passengers say. >> the person across from us crying and saying he's going to die and everybody trying to calm everybody down. >> god was in control and i knew he would take care of us. whatever happened was his will and plan for our lives. >> federal investigators looking into what caused engine troubles. >> some charity loving cyclists are finishing a cross country trip today and philadelphians are joining them for final miles. cyclists took a spin in front of the art museum part of a
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charity called friendship circle that connects familys with special needs and they started flight for friendship july 17 in san diego and here's wuvrnt cyclists. >> we have functioning adults take for granted friendship we have and everyone needs frien friendship no matter what their circumstances and khermings are endee and the team were joined by friendship circumstance and they expect to land in vend nor tonight the last stop from a long trip. >> runners and walkers hit the streets of philadelphia for i fully 10 k it started 8 and south and finished 7 and pine and a part of the proceed goes to development corporations. >> a check on the full forecast and not a bad weekend to get out for a 10 k. >> absolutely, tons of sunshine. warm, high temperatures and humidity not too brutal and conditions as we close out the weekend looking pretty nice right now. >> good for the hair.
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>> good for the hair we like that ladies like that. conditions looking nice right now a live look in ocean city and blue skies conditions and one kum use lus looking cloud. 8. a touch of heat index making it feel like 90 at this hour an high temperatures today they were on the warm side of average 90 in allentown topped to mid to upper 80s down the shore and high temperature 80 mount pocono and temperatures right now, still sitting around that high temperature mark, 89 degrees in philadelphia. and we have a nice seabreeze that kicked in down the shore. and pushing temperatures back down into the 70s. 78 degrees. beautiful conditions right now in ocean city and 79 in cane may. and dew points they tell us about that mugginess and throughout the weekend you know you could feel the humidity in the atmosphere with the dew
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points up to the middle 60s and it was not oppressive and as we head into the die tomorrow, we'll keep these humidity levels kind of at a similar mark before we head to midweek and they'll ramp back up once again. overnight tonight a few passing clouds and warm temperatures back to 70 and light winds ouvts south west and for our monday a mix of sun and clouds and maybe a try average thunderstorm and most pvr us sti dry. if you leave the umbrella behind you'll be indicate. high temperatures 91. still running well above average. >> storm scan 3 showing us trend of the day today that's a bunch of nothing. upwind we have a cluster of thunderstorms across parts of wesh and central pennsylvania. and it's associated with a slo slow-moving cold front. we'll track its way eastbound slowly kind of washout not a lot of energy with the system and as we head into the day tomorrow, could generate clouds and morning especially up towards the lehigh valley and poconos. and could see patchy clouds around midday into the afternoon hours along the i 95 corridor and maybe a very stray
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thunder shower generating in the afternoon hours before that energy washes out as we head into the evening hours. so, again, just a chance of stray thunder shower otherwise quiet conditions tomorrow if just a few more clouds. and certainly not quiet as we check in on the tropics we have two new tropical depressions ongoing right now and number nine this is system we have been keeping an eye on over the last several days finally organizingself and florida peninsula and gulf coast we have to keep a an a eye on this system headed to central gulf of mexico to midweek and taking a turn off east and crossing florida peninsula as a 50 mile an hour tropical storm. the main system will be heavy and flooding reigns and also tropical depression number eight formed today off the southeastern coast and organized quickly. notice this track it will strengthen to a tropical storm and likely tracking it back out to sea and i don't think we'll see any indirect impacts at this point. here in the delaware valley.
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from tropical depression number eight. again we watch for the stronger rip current offshore. forecast high temperatures tomorrow, they will be on the warm side. again, 91 degrees in philadelphia topping at 90 in trenton and we'll hit 89 in the lehigh valley and before some cooler weather is in store and as we head into the upcoming week we're still at 90 degrees ob wednesday and chance of a thunderstorm late in the day and we could see a morning thunderstorm on thursday with a cold fronts that will move through the delaware valley and bring us cooler temperatures and much lower humidity as we kick offer the month of september. middle 80s as we look ahead towards thursday and then beautiful conditions in the long range friday, sdarks and into next weekend. 79 for the high on friday with low humidity. >> uh-huh you can start the find the chill in the air or maybe it's mental. >> all right. lauren, thanks. lesley it's a good weekend for philly sports fans. >> it was not but until today the phillies not plague their
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best but final game against the met trying to avoid the sweep. top of the fourth mess up 1-0. a double to deep right and scoring on this one and the phillys are able to tie it up at one. top of the 7th we go we have that new catcher a.j. ellis to talk about he was acquired in chooch deal. he hits a double for left for first hit as a philly. tommy joseph and aaron otare and phillies take a lead. we had a scary moment in the 7th bases loaded and that's when peter borgis got to the plate and hit by a pitch. he is okay. phillies able to increase 4-1. phillies bullpen was great and one run given up. phillies go on to win 5-1. eagles making a couple cuts. reuben randle and offensive lineman gardener and you have
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to be happy how they played against the colts. defense was again great. tim brad ford razor shorp and brad huff make a bunch of plays and yes it's only preseason but brad ford is happy with their performance and he says week one against cleveland will be different. >> before week one gets her we have a lot of work to do obviously this is a big week coming up for us to get a jump on cleveland and get extra work in and i think like i said if was nice to execute the way we did tonight we can build on that and we all realize that the regular season in a different animal and we'll have to take it to a different leve level. >> more good news, carson wentz makes progress recovering from a rib fracture last night carson looking good before the game and birds still trying to get them ready for the final preseason game thursday night at the linc against the jets. chip kelly now, of course, 49ers head coach he said it is
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not the team's place to stand in way of colin kaepernick's pregame protest. he has a right to day what he wants. >> team made a statement. we recognize the right of any individual toe choose to participate or not participate in the national anthem and so does the league. the league statement he encourage courage them but it's not required to stand during the playing of national anthem. it's his right as a citizen. >> we're still hearing from chip kelly he's gone. >> a lot of people coming out in support of him but also saying no so much. still talking about that a lot. >> a cbs broadcasting legend is retiring after a 45 year career. still to come. and a community celebration helping local students get geared up to go back to scho
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>> more than 30 organizations brought joy to children in camden today. they hoted first camden community celebration at master
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and jefferson street. they gave away more than 2,000 book bags and got to enjoy water ice and live performances an they share a mission helping at risk youth. more than 5,000 people were expected to attend. a farewell to cbs fan favorite. expected to attend. a farewell to cbs fan favorite. we'll be right back.
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>> charles osgood known for bow tie and shoonling voice is saying good-bye to cbs morning. >> it's been a great run. but after nearly 50 years at cbs, including last 22 years here at sunday morning, the time has come. >> well, osgood started in radio news in 1967 and joined cbs network in 1971 as host of sunday morning he would sometimes introduce storys with his own piano playing or poetry how appropriate that osgood ended today with a song. >> so long it's been good to know you♪ a long time since i've been home♪ and i've got to be drifting along♪ >> and cbs will celebrate o osgood accomplishments with special edition of cbs shund
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morning airing september 25th 9 a.m. on cbs3. >> look ago head to the start of the workweek and some start of back to school. >> absolutely, tomorrow another hot someday. 91. into the too steamy. could see a stray afternoon thunderstorm. as we head to tuesday, 89. our them. chance of thunderstorm at least a better chance on wednesday and see a few spotty storms late in the day and possibly a storm early in the morning thursday and cooler and less humid for the start of september. >> and what labor day next week so unofficial end to summer? >> it's hard to believe. >> has to believe. >> that's eyewitness news for now. i'm rahel solomon. we're online at cbs see you on the cw philly and then eyewitness news at 11. see you on the cw philly and then eyewitness news at 11. have a great night
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: the man in the gray coat with the german accent is an undercover investigator posing as the representative of a fictitious african minister who wants to bring millions in questionable funds into the u.s. >> if it's not in his name... >> yes. >> then he needs what is known as a straw man. >> kroft: it's part of a hidden camera sting operation to see how willing american lawyers might be to offer advice. >> so we have to scrub it at the beginning, if we can, or scrub it at the intermediary location that i mentioned. >> there is a clear pitch consistently presented in every one of these tapes of what amounts to an incredible number of red flags that scream corruption. >> kroft: dirty money? >> dirty money.


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