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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> the last week every august will be a hot one, look live at center city justin says there may be a september cool down coming. >> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> and i'm jim donovan, meteorologist, justin drabick in for katie today. how is our monday looking so far? >> jim, we can feel the difference in the humidity already. it will be humid, dealing with temperatures once again in the 90s, kind of like the weekends, and it stays like this, really for the next few days, but something for everybody coming up in this forecast, if you look cooler weather, wait few more days, it will get here. until then, battle high humidity, we'll get through it. seventy in wilmington as well as allentown, some suburbs still hanging out in the mid 60s, quakertown, but yesterday morning it wasn't that bad. if you were up early at this time, we had a lot of 50's out
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in the suburbs, the difference today our wind, pretty much calm right now. we switch lit more owl of the south. over the weekends more northerly, north wind keeps humidity levels lower. now the south wind start to increase the moisture content in the air. few clouds will roll in later this morning, into the afternoon, actually, weak cold front. that will try to pason by. maybe a stray shower but most areas stay dry. breakdown, by noontime, already upper 80s, it will be a warm lunch hour. topping off into the low 90s, in a lot of locations inland, so 91 for philadelphia should be low and mid 80s, still breeze over the water, sunshine over 84 degrees, near eight for the high temperature in the poconos. now when we head to the upcoming holiday weekends, we will be talking about high temperatures returning, actually, below average, haven't seen that in a while, seven day forecast coming up in just a bit. back to meisha with a check on the latest road conditions. >> justin, good morning, everyone, just waking up with us, happy monday to you.
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i pull your attention to water main break actually happened yesterday afternoon. boulevard southbound before ridge avenue and kelly drive exit. two right lanes still compromised, see the water still just rushing down on to the roadways. and this right here, very slow moving, as we do have some gaper delay, also, take a look at the back up behind this water main break. now, this is extends to go about wissahickon avenue. you might want to take an alternate. i would. i would not want to sit in this. hunting park avenue, probably, going to be your best bet, only one lane is getting by. uncle see, all of these vehicles trying to slam over into that far left lane. so, just a heads up. one lane is still driveable. you can get through. if i were you, i would take alternate, again, hull g park avenue probably your best bet. another live look, blue route headlight, past route one, looking good on the blue route although it is monday morning, we know one of the hottest days of the work week it, will start to heat up little bit out there. starting to see that right now, delaware memorial bridge both directions one lane
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closed each direction until around 2:00 p.m. friday. heads up for those of that you take that. also construction 130 team route 322 and route 44, one lane closed through midnight wednesday. jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. in camden new jersey there were awards being killed in the killing of eight year old girl has double. >> gab re he will carter cross in the crossfire last week and later died. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live outside camden county police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. good morning, justin. >> jim, brooke, good morning, thanks to donations camden county police say that reward has risen, to some $50,000. and that police search for tips the camden community now rallying around gabby's family. still out there suspect wanted in the shooting death of little gabby carter, the eight year old died friday at cooper university hospital after being shot in her head wednesday night. camden county police say she was likely struck by stray
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bullet near her home on the 900 block of south eighth street. >> we all kind of felt like it could have easily been any of us. we all have kids, too. we just want to come out, give back to them like they've been giving to us. >> of support. three memorial t-shirts airbrushed for a community now grieving gabby. her father stopped by sunday. >> came out of the blue, a blessing. >> discourage of gun violence known to many now wearing a gabby shirt, and with a $50,000 reward for tips available, they're hoping to track down those responsible for her death. >> i just wish that who ever did this, get justice, and comes for the, either by their own or anybody got any information about it, to let us know so that they can be apprehended and then we can get justice for our daughter. >> , now, camden county police say this shoot something likely gang related. now working with other law enforcement partners including the fbi, and those with tips are asked to call the citizens
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crime commission. that reward now stands at $50,000. we are live outside the camden county police department, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks, justin. >> new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating the shooting of three teenagers, in a apparent shoot-out. >> police say it happened around midnight, near the intersection of 27th and tasker streets, in grays ferry. one victim is 17, the other two are 16. investigators are checking surveillance cameras near the scene to epp them solve the case. police say at least dozen shots came from a semiautomatic weapon. >> based on the group of the balistic evidence, we believe this was a shoot-out between two groups of people, or two people because of where the balistic evidence was found. we know three parked un attended vehicles were struck by gunfire. >> all three victims are in stable condition. it is unclear if they were the intended target police say or if they were hit by stray
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bullets. the time now 5:35. in business news this morning, how about the new meaning of room service? >> and what the fed is planning for next year, or even sooner. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. good morning. brooke, jim, fed chair, janet yellen, raped the grounds work, for possible interest rate hike this year, maybe even next month. that sparked a small sell-off on wall street. dow fell 53-point friday, the nasdaq gained six. so in the speech on friday, yellen said the us economy is strong, and the case for interest rate hike has quote strengthened in recent months. then, her second in command, advice chair stanley fisher, told cnbc raise interest rate possibly twice this year. in time for labor day, drivers will finds the highest gas prices in more than a month. triple a does not expect though that prevent anyone taking road trip over the long weekends, prices still lower than last year at this time.
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and star wood hotels showing off the result of its top secret project, just an experiment, and it includes voice activated hotel rooms. guesses at star woods a loft hotels in boston in santa clara will be able to control room temp and lighting. simply by talking to apple's su. i, each room comes with ipad running custom app. brooke, jim? >> i talk to myself in rooms all the time. >> okay, so that's, you know, jill? >> well, you're halfway there, jim. >> thanks, jill. >> all right, experts will be on hand tonight when the horsham township council and state rep host panel discussion on water quality. in montgomery and bucks counties more than dozen public wells and 140 private drinking water wells have been shutdown due to contamination, believed to be linked to military bases in the area. tonight's meeting is at hatboro who are shoot high schools. doors open at 5:30.
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>> community mourning two beloved nuns found murdered in their home last week, and now police say a suspect has confessed. mourners paid their respects yesterday in mississippi to sisters paula merrill ann margaret hells, police discovered the sisters stabbed to death last week. forty-six year old rodney sanders was arrested over the weekends on capitol murder charges, and investigators say, sanders has confessed to the crime. well, still ahead: keeping kids safe as they go back to school. , the important information doctors areeminding parents about. plus this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and big honors for rihanna at last night's mtv, vma's, we'll is a look at the night's biggest moments when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪
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>> i have to tell you rihanna got the party started, at the vma's, you know, new york madison square garden was the place to be as stars and fans converge for these awards. >> plenty of moon man trophies handed out but who really won the night? david daniel has a look at the
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finalists. >> no stopping rihanna, she opened the mtv movie award four times during the show and wrapped up the vma's by excepting the michael jackson video vanguard award. >> i had so much fun. >> business fame, bro. >> kanye west, best to stop the show with long rambling introduction to the world premiere of his new video. >> ♪ >> the night's biggest buzz was about beyonce, bringing her lifetime trophies to record 25. and she stopped the show, with nearly 15 minute medically from her ground breaking lemonade albumn. as she said she came to play. >> ♪ >> in short, rihanna rocked kanye talked and beyonce ruled the night. in hollywood, i'm david
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daniels. >> i also got to tell you, we got four performances from rihanna at those vma's. >> she is one of my best friends in the world, all of my adult life i have look up to her even though she is younger than me. she a living breathing legend this our industry, the recipient of the michael jackson vanguard award for 2016, rihanna. >> they're so cute. that is dray presenting her with the michael jackson video vanguard award, but would not hand it over until she kissed him. the video vanguard award is mtv highest achievement of the night honoring re re decade long impact on fashion, film, philanthropy ... >> ♪ >> ♪ >> after much anticipation, britney spears returned to the
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vma stage last night, it was her first performance at the show since 2007. she performed her single make me, along with rapper g easy on twitter not many seem to care about this. this is iconic moment. i don't understand what's wrong with people? they were joking that her lip-syncing was out of sing. i think that's a little too far, right? it is brittany, right? all right, one of the biggest laughs of the night came with late night host jimmy fallon, showed up tonight deuce video of the year. >> ♪ >> that is fallon, mocking swimmer ryan lochte. the crowd loved it. including teammate michael phelp. fallon said he directed all five of the video of the year nominees, but the singer, maybe, he just over exaggerated it that, right? maybe he missed --
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>> guess last night, i was watching, you know, watching the vma's this morning, michael phelp when he was make that face, you remember, when he was -- >> interesting. >> it is okay. it is okay. that's okay. there is a ram at is named future. that's who michael phelps was little inning to during the olympic, that mean face, remember? >> i listen to electronic music. i think i need to do that before my weather cast. get pump. i should bring some dj equipment. >> electronics over here? >> yes. right down the line. >> what's going on outside? >> hot, humid, not much happening. if you like the weekend, you will like today. just difference will be more humidity, it will be a good beach day, again, looking live at the jersey shore, boardwalk
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quiet right now, for the people out there for the morning jog or bike ride, little hazy there, but no fog being reported anywhere. getting ready for nice sunrise once again today. and just heads up. strong rip current again, jersey shore, delaware beaches, next several days. we got three tropical systems to watch. that will will keep things little active out in the atlantic waters. great news for surf, just horrible all summer long, prime tropical season, good news there. six 60s to 70s, from the weather watchers. we head north of the city, of a john jenkins house, you got clear conditions, up in perkasie, and you get closer to the sit, starting to see lower 70s, show up, dave bradley here, in essington, 71 degrees also clear skies, into delaware, little cooler, as you head down to john's house in glasco, delaware, 66 degrees. and into parts of interior south jersey, few cool spots. yesterday we had some fog. chatsworth, new jersey, 63 degrees, at mark's house. here's what's happening.
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dew points on the rise. six a casino of the threshold where it feels humid. we're there or even above that close to 70 around philadelphia. so very humid conditions. quiet on storm scan3, little clouds to the north. that's weak cold front. not going to bring much change to the forecast. i mention a lot of tropical storms to deal with, hurricane gaston way out to sea, strong category three, strong rip current though back here at home at the beaches, two depressions, one off the north carolina coast, one south of florida, there go, moderate risk for stronger rip current, through the jersey shore, delaware beaches, throughout this week, most likely, even into the upcoming weekend. here's whapping hang, front maybe bring stray string he will or two this afternoon, what it does, it helps push the depression over the carolinas out to sea, good news for us, again, not going to escape the rip current. by the end of the week, drop in the jet stream. cooler air returns. that's something to look forward tonight talking about high temperatures, returning, below average. struggling to get to near seven -- 80s, that's not happening. ninety-one afternoon high with
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sun and cloud. let's check in with meisha. >> looking outside right now, still talking about the water main break. going to probably be doing so all night long. good morning, happy monday. so this is the water main break area happened, boulevard southbound before ridge avenue, kelly drive exit. two right lanes blocked. you can see the water just pouring down on to the roadway. so, what is this doing? causing some pretty significant backups out there. you guys, i would say, extending wissahickon avenue, alternate that you might want to consider taking for those of how don't want to sit in this, and who would, there is only one driveable lane. hunting park avenue probably going to be your best bet. every time i say that, however, we know hunting park avenue is also going to get busy. so just going to get busy out there i would say give yourself at least a extra 20, 30 minutes, at minimum, if you have to go out here again, that is the water main break, boulevard southbound before ridge avenue, kelly drive exits, one driveable lane all of these vehicles having to move all the way over to the far left lane, and try to drive by. also, we have an accident, willow grove, moreland road at
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easton road. make note of that. then construction out here this morning, delaware memorial bridge, one lane closed both directions until 2:00 p.m. friday. jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha a on the cbs-3 health watch this morning, more parent are requesting to delay their children's vaccines or refuse to go vaccinate them altogether. the american academy of pediatrics says the number of doctors encountering parent refusing vaccines jumped between 12% between 2006 and 2013. report some parent consider vaccines unnecessary. doctors add few err parent expressing concerns about a connection to autism. >> more news on the impact of concussions on student athletes. doctors at the university of arkansas tracked teen athletes recovering from concussions. they found that adoloscents who continue to play after concussion, took twice as long to recover than those who sat on the side lines. >> and there is a lot more to back packs than you may think. >> as kids head into the
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school year, doctors want families to think about the kind of bags they buy, how much weight they loath load on their children. kenneth craig picks up the story. >> nine year old jackson montgomery is getting ready to start fifth grade with a new back pack. his father was concerned about picking the right one. >> there is no doubt, you know, once you put in even just a lunch things and all of the other things, not even talking about heavy books, you know, they are caring decent amount of weight. >> this one is designed to carry more weight and evenly distribute t the bag has more straps and compartment. about 5400 kids are treated each year for back pack injuries. many of them sprains and strains to the shoulder or lower back. pediatrician, wrecking kids avoid messenger bags, use a bag with two wide padded straps, distribute the load, and make sure the bag is not too heavy. >> take the child's weight, do it on 10 percent or even less if you can, usually hard, as a
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good approximation. >> the american academy of pediatrics also is suggesting adjusting the back packs so that the bottom sits at the waist and packing it properly. >> in you do have heavy items, try to center the backpack, pack it, in the lower part of the back pack, to distribute the weight. >> jackson said he loves his new back pack. >> it kind of helps me in school with the big books that you carry back and forth. >> and he's using one that he and his dad feel good about. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> still ahead, we ' hearing from the father of the bride after a country superstar tim mcgraw surprises the local pair of newlyweds at their ceremony. we'll be right
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in zero. >> a local couple got the surprise of their lifetime, a county superstar showed up at their wedding reception. >> our trang do has the video and the excited reaction. >> lisa white and paul gets, jr., the welding of their dreams, complete with their dream wedding singer.
5:55 am
>> ♪ >> the groom's father paul gets, senior, describe the grand reveal at the beginning of the father-daughter dance. >> they went through about one line of the song, and right after that, lisa turns around, and sees that tim mcgraw was singing to her. and everybody was spell bound. >> it was a total surprise to everyone, but the father of the bride, david white, who set the whole thing up, says the country music superstar stayed for an hour singing 11 songs alongside wedding band. >> for the couple, just took the cap off, the ex entire excitement of the day, made it that much more special for two very special people. >> newlyweds paul and lisa not able to talk to us about their tim mcgraw wedding surprise, they're on their way to st. lucia for their honeymoon.
5:56 am
in spring garden, trang do. >> thanks, frank. brides in russia get to go wear their wedding gowns one more time. >> these brides doing a lot more than just toss ago bouquet. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the battle of the brides in the small town in russia pitted 11 new brides against each other in skill competition. they painted, sang, did get around to that bouquet toss. the brides gained points based on originality of their performances, and one and won hundreds of dollars worth of get cards. something different. >> well, group of cyclist haves wrapped up a long ride. >> 3,000-mile ride. they started in california, and end in the new jersey, but passed through philadelphia before finishing. we'll show you the special cause they're working so hard for. >> plus unbelievable video captures the moment a new jersey transit officer sees a man lying on the train tracks, and tries to pull him off.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. three teenagers shot overnight. the type of car police are looking for this morning, and the clues the shooters may
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have left behind, without realizing. >> security scare at one of the country's busiest airports, unfolded overnight. we'll tell you what los angeles airport police say led to calls of an active shooter. plus, after police release surveillance video of sex assault on a bike, similar incident happened over the weekend. we'll tell you where. well, today is monday august 29, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. justin in for kate think morning with a check on the forecast, and meisha keeping an eye on the roads this morning, welcome back, meisha. >> missed you guys, too, i have to say, even on vacation, i think about you guys. monday morning, guys, they are not easy f if you are headed out to the boulevard, not easy. water main break only getting worse. and huge slow down because of it. >> another hot one today, so if you like heat and humidity, you will like today. it already feels


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