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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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have left behind, without realizing. >> security scare at one of the country's busiest airports, unfolded overnight. we'll tell you what los angeles airport police say led to calls of an active shooter. plus, after police release surveillance video of sex assault on a bike, similar incident happened over the weekend. we'll tell you where. well, today is monday august 29, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. justin in for kate think morning with a check on the forecast, and meisha keeping an eye on the roads this morning, welcome back, meisha. >> missed you guys, too, i have to say, even on vacation, i think about you guys. monday morning, guys, they are not easy f if you are headed out to the boulevard, not easy. water main break only getting worse. and huge slow down because of it. >> another hot one today, so if you like heat and humidity, you will like today. it already feels pretty humid
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outside. good place to cool off will be at the shore. looking live right now, in about a half hour away from sunrise, you can see, some mid to high level clouds out there. but there will be a good sunrise no matter where you are at the jersey shore, the problem is for the next couple of days, stronger rip currents, actually because of hurricane gaston, way out over the open waters of the central atlantic, but strong storm. so some of those swells will be reaching our area shore lines. temperatures upper 60s to low 70s, so warmer, compared to this time yesterday. we had some 50's in a lot of the suburbs, the problem is the wind direction shifting more out of the south today. still less than 10 miles per hour. increases little bit. what it does it starts to bring back humidity, we do have tropical depression number eight, you can see, some clouds, few showers off the carolina coast, that system will curve back out to sea, but just enhances chances for rip current. temperature breakdown, rapid warm up. the sunshine by 9:00 already around 80 degrees, early afternoon, topping off into the lower 90s, on our way up
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to 90 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia, mid 80s at the shore with mostly sunny skies, and near 80 at the poconos. looking for some cooler weather, just wait few more days, talk about below average temperatures coming up in few more minutes, meisha, what's happening out there? >> right now justin really kind of keeping our eye on the water main break on the boulevard, i can tell you for early risers, just thinking about headed out on the roadway, just something you want to make note of. backing out of the way, liver chopper three, coming down underneath this bridge. you can see it right here, the water just spilling down two lanes still block, water main break actually happened, the boulevard southbound, before ridge avenue kelly drive exit, two right lanes as i said, are right now blocked, and because of it, all of these vehicles coming up to that area are having to condense down and move over to the far left lane. although you don't know that until kind of right before it. so, right here, this is where all of the congestion is starting to happen. and i can let you know it is extending probably past
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wissahickon avenue at this point. and alternate, i would saint to say hunting park avenue will be your best bet. i have been saying that this morning, we know hunting park avenue now will get quite busy because of that, but yikes. your options are pretty minimal. but if you are going to drive and sit in this, it will be a significant wait. i would say at least give yourself an extra 45 minutes, and that is at least, so i'll keep you updated as soon as it is cleared out of your way. on the boulevard this is what you guys are working with, any updates i get, i'll get to you right away. jim, brooke, back to you. >> thank you, meisha. new this morning, security scare at lax causes major chaos. the report of shooter sent people running from the terminals at los angeles international airport, officials briefly cleared everyone out, and grounded all flights, during the investigation. hour say false alarm caused by loud noises, they didn't find a shooter and no shots were fired. right now, travelers are dealing with very long lines,
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and as you can imagine, flights are delayed. >> also new this morning, philadelphia police are vick g shoot-out that wounded teenagers in officers on the scene say they found street full of shows casings. jan carabeo live at south detective, with the latest on the investigation. jan? >> a lot of gunfire, three teenagers were shot and injured, two of those teenagers, saws 16 years old, the other 17 year old. all three are expected to be okay. in the meantime, this morning, police are trying to sort out a lot of the trying to figure out who the suspect are, who the victims are, and what started the shoot-out. >> a chaotic scene at 27th and tasker streets in grays ferry overnight. police say two groups exchanged gunfire just after midnight, and when the dust settle, three teenagers left bleeding in the street. sixteen and 17 year old shot in the leg, and another 16 year old shot in the back.
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this morning, south detective, are trying to sort out what happened. >> we don't know right now if any of these three victims was the intended target, or if they were struck with stray bullet, and there is even possibility, that some of these victims may have been involved in the shooting. they may have been firing shots, we're not ruling that out. that is always a possibility. >> police hope surveillance video will help. investigators have found private cameras at a business nearby the shooting scene, they also found police real time cameras about a block away. at the scene, police found three parked cars, that were hit by stray bullets, along with at least 12 spent shell casings. meanwhile, the three teenagers are now in the hospital in stable condition. and, as police investigate, they're also reminding neighbors that these teenagers should have never been outdoors at the time of the shooting. >> they're under the age of 18. they're juveniles. they're not adult. so, therefore, they have to adhere to the curfew rules, and they should have been in.
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they should have been home. these curfew rules protect people not only from committing crimes but protect individuals from being victims of crimes such as these three juveniles. >> police don't yet have motive for the shooting, don't have description of the suspect or suspect. they do believe that one of the suspect was last seen in a white older model car, possibly, a nissan, anyone with information is asked to call police. we are reporting live outside south detective this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks for that report, jan. police are investigating after the driver after suv hit and killed a toddler, in west philadelphia. this happened just before 7:00 last night on the 4800 block of marion avenue in the city's west park side section. police say a.m. even rory -- ameen rory darted out between two parked cars. >> he was so shorts i don't think the lady actually saw him, until it was too late. we know that he did run out in
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the street. so, you know, it really wasn't her fault. >> paramedics took rory and his mother to children's hospital of philadelphia where he did die a short time later. officers say the driver of the suv did stop and is cooperating with investigators. >> the reward is double to $50,000 in the killing of a eight year old girl in camden, new jersey. right now air brush artists are creating memorial shirt, free of charge, in honor of gab re he will, she was hit by stray bullet last week and died. the owner of the shop will give memorial shirts to anyone in the community who wants one. >> police say, they didn't have to look very far to catch a suspect after someone shot a man in the head, in northeast philly. this all happened yesterday morning just after 2:00 in the 2700 block of commonly road. that's at roosevelt boulevard. police say they were responding to a call for a person with a gun. they say whether they got to the scene, several people were
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holding a man who they said had just shot someone in the headment the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no word on how he's doing this morning. right now, philadelphia police are investigating another sexual assault involving a man on a bicycle. it happened saturday night at around 11:00. police say the woman was walking along the 1600 block of brain bridge street, just few blocks from south broad street. when man road by on a bicycle and groped her. police have not determined if this is related to several other incident, last week, investigators released surveillance video of man on a bike ride willing up to a bike and touching her. the inches depth has happened in the east passyunk section every philadelphia and the washington square west neighborhoods. police have charged a girlfriend of philadelphia district attorney seth williams with vandalism. forty-seven year old stacey cummings accused of slashing tires on two city vehicles, parked outside william's home last november. the case was referred to the delaware county district attorney's office, who issued
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arrest warrant for cummings, she surrendered to police yesterday. williams identified cummings as his girlfriend and in financial records submitted earlier this month. among the gift comings gave the da a rolex watch valued at $6,500. >> watch out for school buses today in montgomery county. summer vacation coming to an end for some student. springford school district start class this is morning. north penn heads back tomorrow. >> a gripe of sigh lick cents have wrapped up 3,000-mile journey, from california to new jersey. >> 3,000. but before they made it to their destination they made stop right here in philadelphia. group of cyclists have wrapped up that 3,000-mile journey from california to new jersey they're part of charity called friend ship circle it, connect young people to families, with special needs, they began the bike for friendship back in july in san diego.
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>> we as functioning adult take for granted the friendships that we have. and everyone needs that kind of friendship no matter what their challenges r. >> now, some cyclists from philadelphia's friendship circle chapter joined them for the last few miles. they ends the the ride in vend nor, around 7:00 last night. >> and, this morning, nfl quarterback colin kaepernick not backing down on his refusal to stand after the national anthem. >> we'll tell you what he is telling reporters about the controversy, and how other nfl players are reacting. >> plus, chicago police announce two arrests after the cousin of nba star, dwyane wade, is shot in chicago. who is in jail this morning, and the relationship between the two. stay with us.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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>> two brothers charged with murder in the death of aldridge, cousin of nba star dwyane wade. twenty-two year old and 26 year old, also charged with attempted murder. investigators say the two have criminal histories, and were on parole. aldridge, mother of four, was pushing a baby in a stroller on friday afternoon when she was shot. she was not the intended target. >> police say 20 year old anthony nays ear stabbed to death when fight broke out on cornell university's campus in new york. officials say, nays ear was business major, the college student was also stabbed, but expected to survive. days after sparking national controversy, in his decision to sit for the national anthem, san francisco 49ers, colin kaepernick, not
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changing his mine. he said staying seated during the pre-game performance is his way of calling attention to race relations around the country. he talked to the media yesterday. he said he's glad to start a dialogue, not all nfl players agree with his stance. >> i just can't stand for what this represents right now, it is not right, and the fact that it has blown up like this, i think is a good thing, you know, it bridges awareness. >> you have to respect the flag. and you got to stand up with your teammates, bigger than just you, in my opinion, i think you go up there, you are with a team, and go and, you know, you pledge your allegiance to the flag. >> kaepernick called for more accountability for police officers and other public officials. >> well, the weekend was really nice. and justin is in for katie today. >> yes, you know, it's been hot and looking like it will stay that way. >> it is, hot finish to the month, yes, july was hot, too, and almost dealing with as many 90-degree plus days as we had in the month of july. and we were up to 98 degrees
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earlier this month, with crazy high humidity, but at least the humidity is not as high as it was a few weeks ago, but feeling the different today. yesterday we hit 90, that puts us up to 38 so far for the season this month, 14, 09 agree plus days, more to go before the month finishes. dew point temperatures, this tells us how much moisture is in the air. that is pretty high. six a for dew point, starting to feel steamy. feeling oppressive into the afternoon. temperatures surging into the lower 90s, not much happening, few clouds rolling on by to the north, weak cold front, that will fly on through, but not bringing big change to the forecast, shore forecast today not bad. eighty-four in the sunshine, ocean water fells good at 75, however, strong rip current today, and for the next several days, due to hurricane gaston, way east of bermuda, closer to home tropical depression eight off the coast of the carolinas, could become tropical storm over the next 24-48 hours, but it is forecast to make the turn back off shore. still, increasing the rip
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current. then we got tropical depression nine over cuba right now, that's expected to intensify and impact florida back home today, 91 for the high temperature, tonight, it is warm, 68, extended forecast 90's through the end of the month. labor day weekend though feeling pretty good low 80s for the high with the sunshine, meisha, a how are the roads looking? >> still keeping our eye justin on this water main break on the boulevard. good morning, happen my n day. just waking up with us, what you are looking at watt the err main break just there, i would say 20 minutes ago watching the water gush on to the roadway, really slowing down traffic. now, this is the boulevard southbound before ridge avenue. kelly drive exit. two right lanes were blocked, great news, it is only one lane now. has significantly eased a lot of the backups that we were seeing. just a moment ago, it was slammed busy here. were you bumper to bumper. hardly moving. now back here where you are still little congested, extending before wissahickon avenue. coming up, starting to slow
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down, as you move forward toward the boulevard, towards water main break, starting to ease tensions, just lit dollars to two lanes, that were closed so the good news, two lanes are now driveable. the bad news is as you still have to give yourself some extra time we still have clues out there washing to go get it completely cleaned up. still going to have gaper delay not to mention the fact there is still a lot of water out there. heads up on that. i switch gears, show you another live picture, where some of the backups, again, extends to go wissahickon avenue. hunting park avenue is probably your best bet, that will get busy because everyone trying avoid this is now taking hunting park avenue. you can do either one. i would say still give yourself 30, 40 minute at least. ninety-five south at cottman what you are looking at here, brake lights going off, no longer traveling at 55 miles per hour which is pretty typical for a monday in the 6:00 hour. jim, brooke, back over to you. >> thank you, meisha a donald trump is preparing a big
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speech this week, the major issue he is expected to address. >> ♪ so long, been good to know you ♪ long time since i've been home ♪ and i've got. >> a look back at his deng end deer career in broadcasting. stay with
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>> hillary clinton continues to face questions over her time at the state department. hena danielles with the latest on campaign 2016. >> reporter: donald trump heads to social media to detail plans for quote major speech on immigration, in arizona wednesday, before a big crowd. the development comes a mid speculation the republican candidate is softening some of his hard-line proposals. including plans to create a deportation force. appearing on cnn sunday, runningmate mike pence maintained trump had stayed consistent. >> we will have a mechanism for dealing with people in this country that you heard the words humanely again, it will be fair, it will be tough, but there will be no pass to legalization, or citizens ship, unless people lever the country. >> trying to win over minority voters. the effort, more difficult over the weekends, after republican nominee tweeted
6:22 am
about the murder of nba star dwyane wade's cousin, adding, quote, african-americans will vote trump. >> he's been trying to make the case that the increase in random crime and senseless murder unacceptable to all of us. hillary clinton has been trying to paint trump as hostile toward minorities. while dealing with criticism over a so-called pay to play operation between the clinton foundation and the state department. >> it is not pay to play unless somebody actually gave someone 50 cents, no. >> democratic nominee off the campaign trail today holding more fundraisers with wealthy donors. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". cbs sunday morning's charles osgood, had some big news for sunday morning fans. >> just been a great run, but after nearly 50 years at cbs, including the last 22 years here at sunday morning, the time has come. >> yes, he's announcing he's
6:23 am
retiring. he started in radio news in 1967, and joined cbs in 1971. since then, he served as anchor and reporter for every news program on the network. cbs will celebrate his accomplishment with special edition of cbs sunday morning, it will air sunday september 25th at 9:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3. charles osgood, certainly allege end here at cbs-3. well, this morning, a firefighters is recovering after getting burned on the job. >> we'll show you where that fire broke out, and left several people homeless. justin? >> good morning, everyone, big change in the humidity levels already this morning, on our way up to 90s again, and will be hot finish to the month of august.
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♪ ♪
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♪ headlines from across our reason on, from the news journal fire sunday afternoon damaged five townhomes in middletown, the blaze happened on the 200 block of the circle. everyone inside the homes was able to get out before firefighters arrived. one firefighter burned on the neck, another suffered a medical emergency. in the delaware county daily times, a broomall podiatrist has pleaded guilty to defrauding medicare-medicaid and four insurance companies out of approximately $5 million.
6:27 am
>> fifty-nine year old steven a monaco could get up to ten years in prison. his sentencing is set for november. from the burlington county times, burlington township is finishing its summer school project, last december taxpayers approved $10 million referendums, upgrade numerous buildings, the work will wrap up in time for student to return on september 6. and will pick up again next summer. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> welcoming up: new video shows how close police officers come to danger. >> officer called when man seen lying on train tracks, and a train was coming. we'll show you just how close they came to being hit.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> overnight gunfire leaves
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three teenagers in the hospital. we'll let you know how they're doing right now, and the big question on the minds every investigators as they try to figure out who is responsible. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, 63:00; we'll have that story in a moment. first, let's take a look down the shore at ocean city. the sun is rising, and it is bringing the heat with it. >> justin is in for kate think morning, so, justin, okay, i'm ready. how hot will it get? >> that's right. hot, humid conditions, jim, save yourself a forecast, yes, right. he'll love what's happening by the end of the week, talking substantial cool down. not so bad, little breeze kicking up little bit. there is increase in the humidity. as far as temperatures go compared to yesterday at this time, we're warmer, on warming trend, philadelphia 3 degrees warmer, 10 degrees warmer in mount pocono, so a lot of suburbs yesterday, down into the 50's, this time of day, but not today. six 60s, to low 70s, 73 officially at the airport in philly, 69 wilmington, delaware, quakertown, willow grove, both checking in at 68 degrees. quiet on storm scan3, the
6:32 am
exception, there are some clouds around, they'll pass by later this morning into the afternoon. actually associated with weak cold front, not a lot of moisture with it, could be stray shower, but i think most areas do stay dry today. really no big change in our temperatures over the next 24 hours, rapid warm up by noontime, already talking about upper 80s, for the temperatures, into the low 90s this afternoon, we should be in the low mid 80s this time of year. forget that. ninety-one for the high, temperature today for philadelphia, mid 80s at the shore, heads up to strong rip current at the jersey shore delaware beaches, up in the poconos, temperature right around 80 degrees. below average temperatures do make return to the seven day forecast, talk about when they arrive in a few minutes. meisha, what's the latest out there on the roads? >> justin, looking great outside, on the roadways, outside the weather department into the traffic center i can tell you what we've been talking about all morning long, water main break happened yesterday afternoon on the boulevard, southbound before ridge avenue, kelly drive exit, this is a live look right now. so, little earlier, two right
6:33 am
lanes were block, right now, looks like, only one far right lane is blocked. i will tell you, however, that a little bit before this, right around wissahickon avenue, where just for a moment there we had some roving crews out there getting this cleaned up. picking up some cones, and because of that, they were blocking two lanes. so, the backups are certainly still out there. they are extend to go wissahickon avenue. looks a lot better now than it did 20, 30 minutes ago. when we go to the wide, you can see what it is looking like here, still pretty slow. if i were you, if you can take alternate, hunting park avenue your best bet. i is it would -- i still would. if you are going to chance it give yourself extra 20, 30 minutes or soy, because you can still see everyone trying to move over to the far left lane, not to mention driving past here, there is a lot of water still on the roadways, and having some gaper delays, so still looking pretty slow around there again the boulevard southbound before ridge avenue, kelly drive exit. also, an accident out there, willow grove. still out there, moreland road
6:34 am
easton road. construction still lingering out there this morning, route 130 between route 322 and route 44, one lane closed, and it will be closed through midnight on wednesday. brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating what they call a shoot-out in three teenagers are hurt. it happened around midnight near the intersection of 27th and tasker streets in grays ferry. police say one victim is 17, the other 216. they say it is unclear if they were hit by stray bullets, or were the intended targets. police also say at least dozen shots came from a semiautomatic weapon. >> based on the group of the balistic evidence, we believe it was a shoot-out between two groups of people or two people because of where the balistic evidence was found. we know three park unattended vehicles were struck by gunfire. >> all three are in stable condition. >> in camden, new jersey, the
6:35 am
reward being offered has doubled for information in the shooting death of a eight year old girl. >> gab re he will carter caught in the crossfire and later died. justin finch live outside camden county police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. good morning, justin. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, camden county police and the family of gabby cart remember hoping this new, $50,000 reward, will bring closure and justice, this, as local camden business is paying tribute to the fallen eight year old. >> at the shop on fed, the shoot that has shaken her community. >> we all felt like it could have easily been any of us. we all have kids, too, we want to get out, give back to them. >> air brushing 3t -- free t-shirts for those grieving gabby. her dad stopped by sunday. >> the to came out of the blue. it was a blessing. i just want to say thank god, i appreciate everybody that
6:36 am
showed up. >> now rewards, donors have raised rewards for tips in gabby's shooting to $50,000. it is news her father hopes will bring swift just continues to those responsible. >> i just wish that who ever did this, it is justice, and comes for the, either by their own or anybody got any information about it, to let us know, so that they can be apprehended and then we can get justice for our caughter. >> gabby died friday at cooper university hospital. she had been shot in her head close to 8:30 last wednesday night. camden county police say she was likely hit by a stray bullet on the 900 block of south eighth street near her home, struck as she was outside playing. very sad story. camden county police believe this shooting may be gang related. they are now looking at surveillance video and following other leads. also working with other law enforcement agencies which include the fbi. gabby was due to start the third grade in just a matter of weeks. we are live in camden, justin
6:37 am
finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". brooke, jim, back into you. >> thanks, justin. an investigation is underway after off duty trenton police officer shot and killed a man, happened just before 10:00 saturday night in the 500 block of roosevelt street. a man had been shot in the hand while trying to disarm his brother. that is when the officer showed up, and with his gun drawn, and one of the men tried to grab one of the weapons. the officer shot him, the man died at the hospital, the officer was not hurt. camden county police continue their investigation into a deadly crash in sicklerville. eyewitness video captured the aftermath sunday morning, near the corner of sicklerville road and chews landing road. police say the car went out of control and hit a pole. no word on the victim's identity. the us coast guard rescued two people in their boat renee grounds near little egg inlet in galloway, new jersey, take a look at this video shot by the coast guard, authorities got the call around 9:00 p.m. saturday to help two people stuck aboard a 36-foot
6:38 am
catamaran. coast guard chopper lifted the pair from the boat and took them to the atlantic city station. the coast guard praised the boaters for reaching out before the situation got worse. >> and incredible video this morning, shows new jersey transit officer falling man off the train tracks seconds before a train zooms by. take a look. this happened on friday, near second us a you can -- secaucus junction. the man was trying to kill himself, even fought against the officer, victor ortiz, officer ortiz said he persisted, was able to pull the man off the tracks, you see that, a moment later the train passed by. new jersey transit praised the officer and says it is a reminder of what police do every day to keep people safe. >> well, in other news, the who are ham montgomery county council will host water experts tonight, for a public meeting on the area's ongoing water contamination problem. more than dozen public wells and 140 private drinking wells
6:39 am
have been shutdown, due to possible contamination, linked to military bases in montgomery and bucks county. doors open at 5:30 tonight at hatboro horsham high school. well, some children in camden are all set and ready for the school year. thirty organizations got together for the camden community celebration, at master and jefferson streets yesterday. they gave away more than 2,000 book bags. children were able to enjoy water ice and live performances, participating organizations all work to help at-risk youth. >> well, on the health watch this morning, back to school means buying new back packs for the kids. >> as kenneth craig reports, doctors reminds you about how much weight the little ones can handle. >> nine year old jackson montgomery is getting ready to start fifth grade with a new back pack. his father was concern about picking the right up. >> no doubt, you know, once you put in even just a lunch things, all of the other things, not even talking about heavy books, you know, they're
6:40 am
caring decent amount of weight. >> this one is designed to carry more weight and evenly distribute it, the bag has more straps, about 5400 kids are treated each year for back pack injuries. many of them sprains and strains to the shoulder or lower back. pediatrician is wrecking kids avoid messenger bags, use a bag with two wide padded straps, distribute the load, and make sure the bag is not too heavy. >> take the child's weight, do 10 percent or less if you can but usually hard as a good approximation. >> the american academy of pediatrics also is suggesting adjusting the back packs so that the bottom sits at the waist. and packing it properly. >> if you do have heavy items, try to center in the center of the back pack, pack it in the lower part of the back pack, to distribute the weight. >> jackson says he loves his new back pack. >> kind of helps with the big books that you carry back and forth. >> and he is using one that he
6:41 am
and his dad feel good about. kenneth craig, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". good advice. well, a country star makes a sprites appearance at a wedding right here in philadelphia. >> take a look. tim mcgraw took to the stage saturday night, everyone was shock, except one person who was able to pull all of this together. and no, it wasn't the bride or the groom. >> plus rihanna takes to the stage at the mtv music awards, top honor she took home at the ceremony. stay with us. great price on this yeahno bones about [ laughter ]
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me eat my greens?eow. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> earthquake in italy has now reached 290 beam. officials say that number could grow, as the window for survivors is closing. they continue the grueling that being of pulling bodies, it happened just before dawn
6:45 am
last wednesday, flattening the town. >> today marks 11 years since hurricane katrina left a path of destruction. landfall in louisianna on august 29, 2005. it killed more than 1800 people, and caused over $100 billion in damages. south florida is getting ready for another storm. the forecasters are watching tropical depression, that's expected to dump up to 4 inches of rain. meantime, health officials want to make sure watt from possible flooding doesn't turn into a widespread breeding ground for mosquitos, caring zika virus. >> well, the time now 6:45. what's on tap justin in the weather department? >> hot, humid conditions here in the delaware vale, watching three tropical stems tells. remember september 10th is the peak, warm start this morning, warmer than yesterday, a lot of 60s and 70s showing up, still few cool spots depending where you are, up in
6:46 am
gilbertsville, one of the cooler spots of the morning, eileen sunshine at 63 degrees, and closer toward philadelphia, some of the surrounding suburb, into new jersey, jen any cherry hill at 68 degrees, and under mostly sunny skies, further south, head to the capitol sit of delaware, and any dover checks in at 65 degrees. he's got full sunshine. and we had good sunrise this morning, sunshine mixed, gilbertsville, you can see, nice blue sky mixed when mid to high level clouds. it will be myra 73 degrees, humid it back up from yesterday, fluctuate for the neck few days, up today, drops little bit tomorrow, back up on wednesday, wednesday will be the worse of it, and then finally by the end of the week, get rid of the humidity, storm scan3 quiet, clouds move on in, stray sprinkle some spots
6:47 am
later this afternoon, about it. three storms talking about tropical storm, gaston, looking good over the central atlantic water strong category three storm, weaver tropical depression nine over coon a -- cuba possibly forming into tropical storm. closer to home off the coast of north carolina, another tropical depression, where the storms are right now, white x's here just kinds of hanging out, the jet stream, staying to the north, nothing to really stare at. watch what happens, come thursday, jet stream starts to drop in the south. picks up these storms, and sends them right back out to sea, so that, too, keep them away from the delaware valley, some strong rip currents, already gaining the larger swells from gaston, so, jersey shore delaware beaches, throughout this week, just watch out for some strong rip currents, make sure the lifeguards are on duty hot finish to august, look at that upper 80s low 90s, here we go, looks great, low 80s for friday, through upcoming holiday, all right, meisha, what's happening? >> justin, well, i've got great news on the boulevard, we've been watching this water main break, happened yesterday, all morning long,
6:48 am
talking about it because of two lanes blocked, significant back up, now just been cleared, so this is where the water main break, before ridge avenue, kelly drive exit, see all of the water staying on the roadway, still very, very wet out there, but overall far cry from what we were looking at. then a take a look, extends to go wissahickon avenuement still little bit but certainly this will be sipping on by now loosening congestion. but as soon as we hit the 7:00 hour start to get into our morning rush hour anyway. so heat back up. anyway what you are looking at here, extending to wissahickon avenue, again water main break all clear, one area where you are, slow schuylkill, we can expect that, you can see all of the brake lights, i was hoping to keep you at about 55 miles per hour, until the start of the 6:00 hour, it did so, and now, it is just starting to she down as we break closer and closer to the 7:00. hour. >> just heads up for those of you headed in the direction, also construction, route 130
6:49 am
between route 322, one lane closed through midnight. this will go on until wednesday. jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a it is now 6:49. on this monday morning, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us from new york with a preview. good morning, nora. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, brooke, jim. at los angeles international airport where late night security scare sends passengers running on to the tarmac. plus 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick explains why he refuses to stand for the national anthem. other football players are weighing in on his protest. big announcement, robert deniro is also here, the news, back in the morning, so we'll see in you just about ten minutes. >> sounds like great show, nor a we will be tuning in. >> absolutely. >> good morning, fans are mourning the passing of a latin american music icon. juan gabriel died in saint monica, california, he was 66.
6:50 am
the loss ankle will he county coroner said began re he will passed away from natural causes. the mexican born singer sold more than 100 million records during his career. his balance odds of love and heart break made him popular world-wide. >> northeast philadelphia wedding got touch of country this weekend. the assembled guests like, loved it, wanted more of it. our trang do has the video of an unforgettable wedding party. >> delaware county couple lisa white and paul gets, jr., had the wetting of their dreams at v saturday night complete with their dream wedding singer. >> ♪ >> describing the grand reveal at the beginning of the father daughter dance. >> went through one line of the song, right after that, lisa turns around and sees that tim mcgraw was singing to her. and just everybody was spell
6:51 am
bound in the place. >> the father of the bride, david white, who set the whole thing up, gets says the country music superstar stayed for an hour, singing 11 songs alongside wedding band. >> for the couple, just tapped off the entire excitement of the day. made it special for two very special people. >> newlyweds paul and lisa were not able to talk to us about their tim mcgraw wedding surprise, they're on their way to st. lucia for their honeymoon. spring garden, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> there is a good reason rihanna is trending this morning. >> she opened up the vma. >> show stopping performance in new york's madison square garden. >> ♪
6:52 am
>> rihanna performed four times during the show, and wrapped up the vma's by excepting the michael jackson video vanguard award. >> cool show. i was catching up on a little of it this morning. i woke up to the tweets, okay, i know this is good, kanye got four minute to just speak. >> yes. >> and, i mean, i wasn't mad at it, casino every funny. >> i like rihanna's artier, very athletic looking, reminded me of baseball. >> i like that. yes, wasn't so out there fashionista style. more like athletes. >> functional. >> gentlemen. >> we will be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> it is three to go next.
6:54 am
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>> before you hit the road it is three to go. >> philadelphia police investigating the shooting of three teenagers in grays ferry as apparent shoot-out. all of them are in stable condition. >> in camden the rewards has double to $50,000, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the murder of eight year old gab re he will carter. >> democratic running made tim kaine plans campaign stop near bethlehem wednesday, while donald trump is starting a media campaign blitz in pennsylvania, and several other swing states.
6:57 am
and that's three to go. >> six scientists celebrating their return from mars. sort of. not real. >> they spent the pass year in simulated martian environment. kind of like this. the simulation dome was on the island of hawaii, which isn't a lot like mars as far as we know, but the scientist lived as if they were on the red planet, even had to wear space suits whenever they went outside. russian simulation lasted 520 days back in 2011. >> i think jim called called them aliens. nasa getting closer than any spacecraft ever to the surface of jupiter. juno spacecraft flew past jupiter this weekend 2600 miles from the planet surface. >> this image shows half of the planet with the famous red spot near the bottom. it is a rare view of our solar system largest planet. juno mission lasts until february. >> here on earth, new jersey governor and former republican presidential can date chris christie attended 32nd annual gop clam bake yesterday, in
6:58 am
northeast philly. besides some terrific food, clam bake featured fun, games, marketplace, and a dunk tank. a lot of fun and refreshments for a warm sunday afternoon. >> and, runners and walkers hit the street of philadelphia, yesterday, for the phillies 10k. the race started at eighth and south and finish at sixth and pine. passed through queen village, washington square, portions proceeds are going to community development corporations about 4500 people took part last check on weather and traffic. >> it was hot yesterday, we'll keep the heat around today, and through the end of the month, check it out, upper 078's, low 90s, how many at this -- humidity slowly lower, wednesday best chance for shower or storm. it bridges change. cool it down for the start of september. labor day weaken right now looking good, sunshine, highs in the low 80s, good stuff. >> perfect. for those kids to go back to school, all right, roadways, westbound you can see the vine moving in the westbound direction toward the
6:59 am
schuylkill. actually looking pretty good, and take a look at the eastbound side of the vine, left hand side, looking real nice. do have sun glare out there in delaware county 95 north at 452, take it up to the airport what you are looking at past those sunglasses you'll need it, ten on the schuylkill, 24, 95, pushing in the southbound direction, but take a look at that, 46 on the vine we'll take it. >> thank you very much, meisha acbs this morning is neck, donald trump faces more challenges, on his immigration policy, while hillary clinton receives her first national security break. >> and remember to join us early each weekday morning starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, august 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." terrified passengers run on the tarmac at los angeles international airport after false reports of an active shooter. >> donald trump says he will deliver a major speech on immigration this week, amid new confusion about his policy while his showdown with hillary clinton over race relations heats up. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he will continue to sit down through the national anthem. his stand has a fierce debate online and in the nfl. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. emergency at the


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