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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 30, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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a century-old church destroyed by fire and tonight a community is saddened by that loss as crews continue to battle hot spots. >> but first a shoot-out on a busy atlantic city expressway ends in the parking lot of a
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wawa convenience store. police say four of the shooting victims went to get help. >> i'm jessica dean. police responded to three scenes this afternoon. the ac expressway, the garden state parkway and a wawa parking lot. trang do is live at the state police barracks in hamilton township with the latest on the investigation. a lot of pieces here. >> reporter: oh, yeah. police are not yesterday ready to release the names of all the people involved but we have learned they are all men under the age of 40. and for a short time tonight police did end up closing the atlantic city expressway, but it is back open. they were collecting evidence in this case but they say at this point there is no reason for the public to be afraid. >>. >> have you ever seen anything like that before? >> not here. not in this town. >> reporter: a shocking sight at the wawa in egg harbor township
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monday afternoon. a ford expedition with blood-covered seats, windows shattered and a tire blown out. >> it's crazy. it's sad. it's sad to even look at, it's sad. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: new jersey state police say the people in the suv were involved in a shotting on the atlantic city expressway just before 3:00 p.m. near mile marker 11. they managed to drive to wawa for help. around the same time police found a second car on the garden state parkway just north of the expressway exit. >> i had a driver who was uninjured, but unfortunately it had a male passenger who was fatally injured. he had been shot also in the head. >> reporter: police have rediscovered several weapons from a third location close to the wawa. >> we believe at this point that the people involved in this shooting knew each other, that this was not a random act.
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>> reporter: and police are looking for more people and a possible third car that might be involved, but they're not ready to release a description of that car. in the meantime the four injured men are being treated at atlantic care medical center in atlantic city. but for now we're live from the state police barracks in hamilton township. i'm trang do, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> knew tonight a shooting in south philadelphia sends a 13-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl to the hospital. it happened in the 2100 block of south edding terrace. the boy was likely playing with a gun when it went off. the boy was shot in his left hand, the same bullet hit the girl in her knee. both are expected to survive. that investigation continues. authorities have increased the reward for information in the shooting death of an eight-year-old girl in camden. that roo ward stands at $76,000 as police continue to look for suspects in the shooting of gabrielle hill carter.
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she died after she was shot at her home wednesday night. a funeral service is planned for saturday. new tonight a car crashed into an auto zone store. authorities say police were in pursuit of the car before it crashed into the building. one person was taken to presbyterian hospital. no word on their condition. >> fire crews are still on the scene tonight of a devastating fire of a church. david spunt is live with more on that story. >> reporter: yukee, krees have been here for 14 hours right now they're dealing with hot spots. the people in this neighborhood lost 104 years of history in a matter of minutes. they say this pain will last for a long time. more than 12 hours after the fire began, monday night crews continue to douse what's left of
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the good presbyterian church. >> it's not only bizarre, it's very painful just to look over and knowing that the beauty that that particular building possessed. >> reporter: reverend anthony jenkins is a pastor one of several congregations that worships here on a weekly basis. >> the carpentry that went into it. the stained glass windows were original that were all busted out. >> reporter: the reverend watched as flames ripped through the building. a landmark in this neighborhood since 1912. >> it's a disaster. it's horrible. >> reporter: charles hickey remembers going to the church in the 1960s. >> we would come up here on monday nights and play sports, basketball was big here. a lot of people played here. >> reporter: fire crews reported no serious injuries but did rescue richard clem. he was upstairs in the shower
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when he smelled smoke. >> i was crawling down the hall way. >> reporter: he made it out without serious injuries. that's just the physical space. reverend jenkins says it's a loss of happiness and a loss of more than a century of memories. >> god is in control. but there is a degree of work that we have to do as individuals. and so we're going to be up to the challenge and we're going to get it done. >> reporter: that water is blasting through what was beautiful stained glass window. so many beautiful things ruined today. as far as the catalyst, the cause of the fire, officials believe that it started in the basement. they say it was likely an electrical problem. david spunt, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> we are hering from the brother of a man who was punched in the face and later died as a result. this is the victim, a 13-year-old man.
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-- a 30-year-old man. you can see him getting punched in this video in what investigators are calling a random, unprovoked attack. it happened friday. the victim and his brother who are from gut malla have been in the united states for eight years. >> i never see him, i never see him. >> reporter: >> detectives are looking if it could be part of the knock-out game in which people are unexpectedly punched or hit on the street. police are asking for the public's help tonight identifying these three men. the video shows them forcing their way into a chinese restaurant last wednesday. once inside they demanded monday and assaulted two employees who were in the restaurant at the time. both employees suffered facial injuries. >> charges have been filed
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against the former girlfriend of seth williams over a tire slashing incident. the vehicles that were targeted made up part of the security detail. stacy cummings is facing charges for those incident. sources say the investigation was initially handled by members of williams' own staff and there are questions why philadelphia police weren't involved. prosecutors in delaware county are handling the investigation. it is unclear if cummings is a city employee. >> we'll find out what her status is based on the allegations, admit that she did this, and i'm not sure what the status is. >> earlier this month, williams submitted revised financial documents for four years disclosing $160,000 worth of previously undisclosed gifts. huma is separating from her husband, former congressman
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anthony weiner. he's accused in yet another sexting scandal. the separation was announced after the new york post published lewd photos. this is weiner's third sexting scandal. he has deleted his twitter account. >> in campaign 2016 the general election draws closer. voters will head to the poles in just 70 days to cast their ballots. neither candidates had campaign events scheduled for today. hillary clinton spent the day fund raising in new york and donald trump is preparing a speech which he will deliver wednesday. recently he has softened his language about deporting undocumented immigrants in the united states. tim kaine will be campaigning in pennsylvania tomorrow. in erie, pennsylvania and tomorrow night he'll be spending
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at the boys' and girls' club in lancaster and wednesday he's expected to visit a community center in bethlehem. >> at a public forum government experts talked with residents about the health effects contaminated by chemicals used at the willow grove and johnstown naval air force station. since 201416 public wells and many private wells have been shut off in that area because they were tainted. many say they didn't feel like they got real answers. >> i just don't trust that we're not going to be the next michigan. >> aside from bottled water which we're getting for free, but how else do we resolve this and are they looking at what impact it's having. what are homes are worth and
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things like that and serious health issues my husband and i both have. >> the horsesham town council for tonlt's panel discussion. the congressmen say they are continuing to push for blood testing even though federal health agencies don't think it's necessary. the tributes are pouring in tonight for actor gene wilder. >> ahead we'll take a look at his remarkable career including the film he considered as one of his best performances. >> plus a big step forward in the fight against zika. a pennsylvania company is testing a vaccine. >> another day of sunshine is in store for tomorrow but we'll have some indirect impacts along the cost from tropical systems offshore plus cooler weather for the start of september coming up in your forecast. >> and a surprise near the surf. beach goers in one jersey shore town couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a snake in the
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sand. where it likely came from and why experts say this is such an
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tonight hollywood is remembering gene wilder. the actor and screen writer has died at the age of 83. his family says he was suffering from alzheimer's disease ♪ come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination ♪ >> gene wilder brought people in his world. he was known for his side part comb over and a propensity for the strangest characters on screen. >> give my creation life! >> reporter: he was born jerome silverman and adopted his stage name at 26. >> i used to be called the waco kid. >> wilder landed his first major
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film role in mel brooks's "the producers" earning him an oscar nomination. he went on to collaborate with brooks in "blazing saddles" and "young frankenstein." it's the movie that makes me laugh the most. it's the movie that i think, even though it was outrageous comedy, i think i gave one of my best performances in. >> reporter: mel brooks tweetded he blessed every phlegm we did with magic -- film with magic. the pair turned out to be amazing improve partners. wilder was married four times including to the late actress gilda radner. wilder kept his condition private because he did not want
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to disappoint his fans. >> a pennsylvania drug company is joining the fight against the zika virus. a clinical trial was launched in puerto rico. the company is testing the vaccine on 160 adult volunteers. and if the results are promising, the company would meet with regulators next year to discuss plans to develop the vaccine. puerto rico has reported more than 14,000 cases of zika. that virus can cause birth defects in pregnant women. following intense criticism, the maker of epipen announced today it will put out a cheaper, generic version of the product. it has seen price hikes over many years and has since become unaffordable for a lot of patients. the generic version will retail at $300 for a pack of two and that pack is expected to launch
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in several weeks and will be identical to the branded omtion. >> it was a frightening scene at lax last night in the chaos five terminals were shut down. 280 flights were delayed, two were cancelled and 27 others were diverted to other airports. authorities say loud noises spurred the reports. police are investigating to find the source of the noises. as you walk down the beach you might expect to see shells or even fish, but there is another unusual creature at the jersey shore this summer. >> this is eyewitness video of a garter snake poking his head out the sand in avalon. and he wasn't the only one. before you get too unnerved sterts say it's unusual to see a snake on the beach. >> they're not known to go into salt water.
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they don't drink salt water so they're going to hang where the fresh water is. the only reason they're even on the island is going after the food sources. >> they're not violent, he was probably just down there moseying around. >> on the rare occasion you do see a snake on the beach, don't harm it call police or animal control and let them take care of it. >> i don't like that, something slimy will swim past your leg. >> it's all good. we had a good weather today. >> hot but not humid. it's the humidity that gets everybody. today that was pretty absent. we certainly did have the hot temperatures and as we head into the month of august we will close the month out on a hot note. certainly heat was story of the day today. high temperatures soaring with that relatively dry air in place. all of that sunshine we got up
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to 93 degrees today in philadelphia. 10 degrees above our average temperature. hot along the i-95 corridor in wilmington. and even ac we topped into the low 90s today. another day another 90 degree reading in philadelphia. in the last two months we've had a month's worth of 90 degree heat and so far this season, 39 90-degree days well above our seasonal average of 23. and temperatures are still warm at this late hour. all is quiet, temperatures still up there at 81 degrees but we do have that northeasterly winds and that northerly component to our wind flow is keeping our dry air in place and with the dry air in place temperatures cooling sufficiently down to the 60s in the lehigh valley. and some middle 70s down the shore. temperatures generally in the 70s, cooler in bethlehem.
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dew points, they tell us about that humid factor, how comfortable it feels when you step outside, and when they're in the upper 50s and low 60s, that is not too shabby. tomorrow we'll feel not all too bad but we will have hot temperatures once again. overnight tonight you might be able to get away with leaving the windows open. for the day tomorrow i think it's the ac. mostly sunny conditions, rain chances again nonexistent no precipitation anywhere around the region with high pressure in control. mostly sunny day tomorrow before a cold front drops in on wednesday. a thunderstorm possible late in the day. a thunder shower possible with the passage as we head into thursday morning before we clear out, turn cooler by thursday afternoon with that humidity dropping off. certainly not cool in the tropics. very active right now. still have hurricane gaston
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looking impressive on satellite imagery. not a problem for the u.s. tropical depression number 8 not going to be much of a problem either looking very disorganized off of the north carolina coast line there. the system to watch is tropical depression number 9 in south florida right now. especially if you have interest in the florida peninsula and gulf coast. it's expected to cross the peninsula as we head into thursday as a strong storm before ejecting out to sea. here in the delaware valley neither of those three systems are going to have collect impacts, however indirectly we are going to see some dangerous rip currents and potentially wave heights to 5 feet as we head throughout the week. keep that in mind if you're heading down the shore tomorrow it's going to be a great beach day. thursday is september 1st. can you believe it? we have that chance of a morning thunder shower.
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otherwise clearing and cooling, a high temperature of 84 and at this point it doesn't look better as we head into labor day weekend. low humidity, high temperatures near 80 degrees and tons of sunshine. >> what's next in sports? >> you always want a new pitcher to do well and finally we have a good outing from jake thompson but could he get any run support? we do know one thing we're not going to see this guy thursday night. we're going to hear more
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the phillies back home in south philadelphia tonight taking on the washington nationals with all eyes on phillies pitcher jake thompson whose last few starts did not go so well. it was pride night the teams celebrating the rich lgbt culture. topping the game, jayson werth would put the nationals on the
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board first, 1-0. a strong performance from jake thompson. the first time he's gone 7 innings in the majors but he could not get any run support. nats go on to win this one 4-0 but after the game, pete said he was impressed by thompson's performance. >> obviously not a lot to talk about offensively, but the bright spot was thompson. it was all about him tonight. in that seventh inning he really battled hard to get out of that. he hit all of his strikeouts were in that one inning. that was huge. great to see him. i'm pleased with that and that's just what he needed. >> doug peter son told the media that carson wentz could be ready to play on thursday. but today a totally different story. he was seen working out before the game on saturday that's what gave everyone home that he would be ready soon.
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scans show one of his ribs was not completely healed so he is a no-go for thursday. >> it's frustrating. as all injuries are. i was obviously hoping to get out there one more time in the preseason, but it is what it is, and i'm going to try to learn as much as i can and get ready for cleveland. >> he got two workouts in last week. obviously sore from that he'll continue to get his rehab and continue to work and we'll just keep day by day giving him a little more here and there. >> doug peterson says that jordan matthews is back on track for week one of the regular season. the team's number one receiver joined the team today on the practice field. a bone bruise has kept him out since early august and cost him the entire preseason. his teammates and his coaches have been so supportive. >> the guys have been supportive, the coaches patient
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with me. you can imagine take your time, want you to come back to the same as you were before. that feels good at the same time i look at that as a responsibility. i need to go out and i'm looking forward to it and get back out there. >> and we need him out there. >> good to have him back. >> thanks,
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coming up next it's the late show with stephen colbert. for everyone here i'm yukee washington. >> i'm just contact dean.
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