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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police say they've made arrest that is deadly shoot withing crime screens on the atlantic city expressway and the garden state parkway. good afternoon, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. police say the occupants of the two cars were engaged in a shoot-out in broad daylight. our rahel solomon live in atlantic county where investigators worked through the night to sort out the deadly violence, rahel? >> brooke, jim, just about hour ago, state police, the
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names and charges of those involved in the shooting and tell us one person involved was just 16 years old. take a look. at this point, five people in total have been charged and state police say the scene stretched for miles. at this point, we know that 24 year old leonardocara, 19 year old will hesean williams, 38 year old seansukes, 24 year old anthony hicks, and 16 year old male, all charged with weapons offenses, just before 3:00 yesterday state police received calls of shoot-out on the a.c. expressway near exit 12. four shooting victims showed up here at the wawa on dalilia road egg harbor township, another man, 22 year old rosemont octavia of egg harbor township killed and found on the garden state parkway, and the car with hicks, hicks, how much, not hurt. troopers say in the suv that was here at this wawa, they found four weapons including three handguns, and 1ak style assault rifle. at this point, troopers say, that they are still looking
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for a black dodge ram pick-up truck that they believe may have been involved. they also tell us that they are still in the process of searching for evidence, so motorists and drivers you may see state troopers, may see police activity today, and do not be alarmed. rahel solomon, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> one person is in the hospital after a pitbull attack in north philadelphia. chopper three was right over the 4100 block of north broad street this morning. that is near broad and hunting park. police say a pitbull attack one person around 7:00 this morning, and officers shot the dog several times. the dog's condition isn't clear, but we do know the person attacked is still alive right now in stable condition. police in south philadelphia say they're searching for the handgun, a young boy may have been playing with, when he apparently shot himself in a 12 year old girl. it happened just before 9:00 last night on the 2100 block of south eding street. thirteen year old boy and the girl were hit with the same
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bullet. the boy in his hand and the girl in her knee. both are expected to be okay. >> well, chaos in camden. a driver is fighting for his life after violent crash overnight. police say two people were hospitalized in the wreck after a car damaged several parked cars, and smashed into a porch. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch picks up the story. >> about 2:00 tuesday morning, came what sounded like force of nature near the corner of haddon and newton avenues. devon was asleep. >> i thought it was like thunder, i don't think it is raining, and then when we came outside -- >> outside to find a man barely conscious, and appearing ejected from what's being called a single car wreck. he was taken to cooper hospital nearby. accident debris was scattered off homes on newton avenue, 200 feet away south on haddon. camden county police say this mangled red chrysler sedan was apparently traveling north on haddon at a high rate of speed. police report the driver then
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somehow lost control. >> suddenly the guy came from this way, hit a pole, jumped all the way up, on the porches, and when he hit the porch, he hopped over my mother's car. >> her red nissan crushed by the impact, brian dean's brother was frustrated to find his new mercedes was side-swiped. >> called me 2:00 in the morning, told me his car got hit. the other one pole almost hit his other car. >> as the day wore on, municipal workers cleared the wreck site. not all of the clean up here involved brooms and dust pans and shovels, rap the biggest clean up job will be replacing the power pole here and those wires to reopen haddon avenue. >> i'm worried for them. because the roof is collapsed. >> neighbors had a car crash into their building, about a year or so ago. neighbors now begging drivers to slow down. >> and you shouldn't speed around here, you know, you got people walking through here, through the night, all day.
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>> in camden, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thanks, justin. police continue to search for suspects, the reward stands at $76,000, for information in the shooting death of a eight year old girl, in camden. >> gabrielle hill carter died after shot near her home in the 900 block of south eighth street wednesday night. funeral service is planned for saturday. two people are being treated for injuries, after a motorcycle accident this morning in atlantic county. chopper three was over the scene at harding highway, and cedar avenue, in buena vista township around 7:00. new jersey state police closed the road for their investigation, but it is open again now. well, a tropical disturbance off north carolina coast is whipping up the surf in the outer banks. add to that a hurricane, way out in the atlantic ocean, and we're feeling the effect here. here is a live look down the shore in ocean city where the rip countries social security moderate today. let's get more on that with first look at the forecast, katie live on the cbs-3
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skydeck. >> yes, sort of the xfactor when it comes to the upcoming holiday weekends, too, jim. we will talk much more about that holiday weekend forecast, in a preview, later in the show. but, as we continue to turn our focus to the tropics, this is pretty active. getting closer with every passing day, to the height of hurricane season. september 10th is when we technically peak. but here is hurricane gaston, way out over the open waters of the atlantic, but still turning up the surf here. then you have got tropical depression number eight off the carolina coast, tropical depression number nine also out there. thankfully, in short, none of these systems is expected to have any direct impact to our area. but the indirect impact definitely poses a threat, too. you get these larger swells, churning again, churning up the surf here at the immediate coastline, with the potential for strong rip currents. and we'll have more on how you can break away, from a rip current, if you ever catch yourself caught in one, but in short, you definately need to be swimming near the lifeguards in the days ahead. taking a look at the area temperatures, we into the 80s
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currently, pretty much everywhere, we're at 72 degrees mount pocono, kind of the oddball out of this set of observations, but generally speaking, it is a nice, warm and sunny, also, thankfully, not too muggy of an afternoon. we wrap up the month of august. something that's going to change in time, but enjoy it, it really is going to be a very nice afternoon around our region as a whole. as we had mentioned, the holiday weekends is fast approaching, and we are going to be checking those tropics one more time to gave you a sense of how they might impact the holiday weekends a bit later in the broadcast, also few thunderstorms to track along the way, too. much more to cover, guys, we send it back into you now. >> the pennsylvania state senate will vote this afternoon on the confirmation every bruce beamer as the state's new attorney general. beamer was nominated for the job about two weeks ago, former attorney general, kathleen kane, resigned after being convicted of leaking secret testimony in lying under oath. kane faces prison time. voters head to the polls to pick a new attorney general this november. well, hard to believe, but
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we're now less than 70 days until election day. voters will head to the polls to cast their ballots, in just over two months. in other news, hillary clinton's runningmate, tim kaine, making two stops in pennsylvania today, he's scheduled to hold rally in erie at 1:00 this afternoon, then will stop at the boys and girls club of lancaster tonight. >> on the republican side, tweet from donald trump supporter adds more problems to the republican nominee's outreach to black voters. correspondent craig boswell with more now from the white house. >> this is not racist to be proud to be an american. >> pastor mark burns is a donald trump supporter and frequents warm up act at trump rallies. now he is backtracking after he sent this tweet tuesday showing hillary clinton in black face accusing her of panned erring to voters. >> i still stand by what represent, but i think i should have used better judgement. >> the incident comes, trump tried to reach out to minority
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voters to feedback hillary's claims, appealing to white national list groups. >> these are racist ideas, race bathing ideas,. >> kkk values, david duke values, donald trump values. >> clinton has been off the campaign trail. focusing on fundraising and preparation for the upcoming debate, but she still faces pressure over her ties to clinton foundation donors. the new york times is calling for the foundation to stop excepting foreign and corporate donations immediately, governor mike pens, donald trump's runningmate, says that should have happened years ago. >> if it be a conflict of interest, if she was president of the united states to take money from foreign donors, how was it not a conflict of interest when she was secretary of state? >> more than half of americans say they believe clinton foundation donors got special treatment from secretary clinton, something the state department, and the clinton campaign denials. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", a popular entertainment spot in philly
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for the last decade closes its doors. finds out what's next, with its theater. >> and new school year for a new school. we'll show you why classes here will be so
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ithere's a race going on right approve tnow.message.
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the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. >> welcome back, terrifying video to show from long island, new york, six balconies collapsed before 8:00 this morning at residential building in the city of long beach. no one was hurt, right now, investigators are trying to figure out how it all came crashing down.
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church officials in overbrook, insist, they will rebuild, despite the huge fire that gutted the 100 year old landmark. the flames tore through the good shepherd presbyterian church for hours yesterday. the church stood on lansdowne avenue since 1912, serving five congregations, and hundreds of worshippers. they say they're heart broken over the loss. >> i mean, it is horrible, you can't really -- i can't put it into words right now. >> but you can imagine some of the craftmanship, the carpentry that went into it. all busted out. >> fortunately no injuries. the fire started in the basement. wiring issues likely played a role. well, in other news, horsham residents say they haven't gotten the information they need to ease their water worries. government experts and state lawmakers attended public forum last night, water in parts of montgomery and bucks counties is contaminated by chemicals, and they were used
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at nearby naval air station cents. public and private wells have been pulled off line, the residents say, their health is at risk. i just don't trust it, we're not going to be the next flint michigan, you know, ten years down the line. i don't think we're getting straight up answer. i don't think i trust what they're doing it remediate the situation. >> i have a houseful of bottled water which is free, but how else do we resolve this? and are they looking at what impact it is having on what our homes are worth, and things like that? and serious health issues which my husband and i both have. >> congressman brendon boyle, mike fitzpatrick, pushing for blood testing even though federal authorities insist it is not necessary. >> apple wants you to save the date. the company sent its vin have i takes saying see you on the seventh. it is expected that's when we'll see the new iphone seven. tech experts speculate the phone will have improved
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camera, but will not have a head phone jack. we also expect to learn the release dates for ios10. >> summer vacation is over for some philadelphia charter high school student. "eyewitness news" at tech free area in north philadelphia as ninth and tenth grade student arrive for the first day of class this morning, the school is one of four new high performing college prep schools opening this year. we'll eventually enroll students in grades nine through 12th. still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> blowing bulbs may be for kids, but this performance goes beyond child's play. show you how one man is turning soapy globes into an art. katy? >> oh, wow, that's amazing. we are looking ahead here folks of course to upcoming holiday weekends. right now in shorty think you'll love what we've got to tell you for this holiday weekends forecast. however, a few hiccups along the way. we'll explain coming up.
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>> welcome back, beach-goers in the outer banks are being told to stay out of the water. that's because of rip currents turned up by a tropical depression, off the north carolina coast. the weather system could become a tropical storm, later today, and if that happens, the storm would get the name hermine. forecasters expect it to pass near the barrier islands, as soon as this afternoon. i know my friends down in hatteras are battening down the hatches. >> yes, and you have to. you know, because a lot of times these storms, even though they may not be hurricane, they could have just as much of an impact in the way of flooding, and -- >> errosion. >> exactly, multiple inches every rain. talk about the impact as it
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pertains to our shore line, delaware beaches, jersey shore. we also have to talk about the fact that september, can you believe it, is right around the corner. and along with that flip of the calendar page, see real nice change in the weather pattern t has been very warm, very nice overall, but we will see little steamier conditions build up in advance of a frontal boundary, and then it starts to clear out. and just ends up really, really comfortable by week's ends. do little countdown here, and as we head toward fall, officially, we see at least according to the astronomical calendar, the fall season begins, you know, in the midst of september. but september 1st, is meet logically speaking when the climate trends starts to shift lit bill. that's how we meteorologists count the beginning of the new season, here, couple every other whales, depending who you are, you might go by. the eagles home opener 12 days away, awfully close, 68 days until daylight savings ends. looking forward to that, however, because you fall back at the extra hour, thanksgiving is only 86 short days away. let's take a look though thousand will feel in the days
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ahead, again, nice little pattern change. >> feels good outside, by tomorrow, gets steamier, then by thursday, and specially friday, those humidity levels are dropping right back off. here's why. you see this little system draped back across the midwest, central planes. that's the front that's eventually crossing through, especially, tomorrow night, into very early thursday, but possibly as early as tomorrow afternoon. these showers and thunderstorms begin to fire up. still have gaston, way out here, i'll get to the other side, tropical depression eight and nine, again, there is gaston, very well defined, thankfully, staying out to sea, very strong category two hurricane right now. again that will stay well out to sea, churning up the surf, eight # and nine, bringing with them, some slow development. but very heavy rain to florida with tropical depression number nine. both of these, although, they are expected to just make right-hand turn, and bypass us, will continue to keep the rip countries being going. so while this ocean water off
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rehoboth looks inviting, and franklin, very innocent, it may not be that way. if you're going to go to the shore, really through the next, i would say, week, just to play it safe, you got to be real careful. swim near the lifeguards always, and also, if you ever catch yourself in a rip current, of course the waves go up to the shore, rip current will pull you out. you won't be able to get back. here's what you do. if you start to feel yourself getting drawn out to sea, you can actually spot these rip currents, before you even go in the water, just by looking for channel of choppy water, may be different color to the water, or break in the wave pattern. but if you ever get caught in one, swim parallel to the shore. you will feel yourself getting pulled out of it, and then you can swim right back. of course, stay near the lifeguards, that will definitely be your saving grace. meanwhile, here is a look at the rest of the day, at the area beaches. low 80s, nice high uv index, be very tempted to jump in the waves, 74 degrees for the water temperature, less humid, rip countries being still with you. please be careful out there.
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you will hear me repeat myself an awful lot the next couple of days. i want you to stay safe. take a look at this weekends. once we see the storm pass by, again, wednesday night into thursday, very early, especially, we're in for some gorgeous weather. and the timing couldn't be more perfect. low 80s, very seasonable, friday, saturday, sunday, and labor day, it is just looking fantastic. and i am so thrilled to be able to bring you that news. because so many people have outdoor plans coming up, and looking great. >> i believe those comments were directed at me and i will except them, thank you very much, kate. >> i all right then. after ten years, pearl theater on north broad street has closed its doors. >> not for long. the seven screen theater at broad and oxford went dark sunday. now the transition begins. developer bart plattsteen tells our sister station "kyw news radio" it is being repleted by new amc theater. will feature new wider reclining seats, as well as tables, new amc theater should begin showing films in just about a week. >> fantastic. dinner and a
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>> coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 53:00 is on your side with a warning about a computer scam that's making a come back, often disguised as pop up on your screen. i'll tell you what to watch out for today at 5:00. >> how about this? canadian man has urged international acclaim for what he can do with bubbles. >> that's right, this is fan yank performing his gas ill yan bubble show in turkey. he's an amazing audiences over
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the past 20 years with his artistic displays of bubble theater, even developed his own bubble solution, and equipment, to create these elaborate bubble. the bubble show is also on tour right now in new york through next february, and he even does, get this, birthday parties. >> oh, bet there is a price tag on that. >> good to know. that's "eyewitness news" today at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. thank you so much for watching. >> i'm katie fehlinger. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ >> nick: where's your baby? >> sharon: i gave it up for adoption. i never even saw it. >> case: 11,000 episodes. i can't believe that i was here for maybe close to half of them. that seems impossible. ♪ >> tognoni: i was on the show, believe it or not, for one month before i had one line. i was in a coma, and then we see phyllis making her way back to genoa city. shortly after the coma, phyllis has a mission to come to destroy and crash nick and sharon's wedding. i just remember walking down that aisle and then having to fall. >> summer: mom! mom! >> tognoni: i just walked away the next day with the nastiest bruise, but it was worth it.


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