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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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long standoff outside the home of a grammy award winning performer ends in arrest. why authorities took chris brown into custody. hillary clinton's running mate campaigns in pennsylvania. i spoke exclusively with vice presidential candidate tim kaine. what he said about donald trump as an opponents. why a local high school is cancelling this year's football season. the spartons of springfield township played their first game friday, little did they know it would be their last. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. trang dough is outside the school in glenside montgomery county with the reason behind this move. trang? >> reporter: well, the steam started out with 32 players at the beginning, half the amount that high schools in this area typically have. while injuries brought them down to 18 players. just about enough to sustain a varsity football team. the typically bright lights over springfield township high school's football stadium will
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remain dark this school year. with the small and young varsity squad to begin with and several key players with season ending injuries, jason payne decided it was best to cancel the sparton's season after playing one game >> when you boil it down, you take the emotion out of it and you look at am i potentially putting kids at risk? when the answer became yes, it made the decision a little clearer. didn't make it easier. >> reporter: football player max perry says the news delivered to the team in coaches monday came as a shock >> i was devastated. i couldn't really really put my mind around what just happened, and you know, i was hoping to play a will the this year, get a lot of time. i just felt really bad. >> the seniors are taking it the hardest >> just crazy to think about like you always go to like our homecoming game we have tail gates and everything. this is the first year that we're not going to have it. it's insane. one less thing for our spar tan
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pride. it was a big cornerstone for our sparton pride and it's governor our last year. >> reporter: she says the junior varsity squad will play this season and will merge bigger and stronger >> we get past the front end emotion and what are we going to put in place so this young group grows and brings friday nights back? >> the school is currently in the process of coming up with ways to continues its pep rallies and bringing the community together friday nights. thinking about possibly using other school sports. we're live in springfield township high school in montgomery county, trang do cbs3 eyewitness. authorities say a 12-year-old girl was shot in the side by a stray bullet tonight. it happened just before 7:30 in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. girl is in stable condition at saint christopher's hospital. two other men were wounded in the shooting. one in critical condition at
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temple. he is no stranger to trouble. la police say singer chris brown was arrested following an incidents at his home that led to a woman calling the police. the arrest comes after police spent hours outside of brown's home. the singer refusing to come out. the woman called for help around 3:00 this morning, held up in his home, brown sent a message via instagram to declare his innocence in a series of posts. >> stop playing with me like i'm villain. i'm going crazy, i'm not. what i do care about is you defacing my name and my character and integrity. brown was charged in 2009 with the assault of then girlfriend brianna. we're hearing the chilling accounts from the night of the mass shooting inside the pulse night club in orlando. >> authorities have released some of the 911 calls from that june night and nicole brewer joins us with those desperate calls for help. >> some of those calls were from people inside pulse night club. others were from family members and friends of those trapped
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inside. now, all of them show the frantic moments surrounding the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. histor history. >> newly released 911 calls tell at the frightening story >> we were he leaving the club, as soon as we left, gunshots were going like crazy >> for the first time we're hearing first hasn't from the people inside pulse night club. >> people everywhere. they're shooting. >> it was 2:03 a.m. after last call when a gunman began unloading his semiautomatic weapon. >> there are now four dead in the bathroom and two shot are bleeding out. if somebody doesn't get here they're going to die. >> police body cam video we see officers rush in as loved ones are forced to stand by. >> my son was shot in the club in the pulse in orlando.
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he's still in the bathroom he's bleeding and he's shot. nobody is going in for him. >> the calls to police keep oncoming. some from family members and friends of those stuck inside. >> my friend told me he got shot inside. he was in the bathroom. needed help. i'm not there i can't do nothing. three hours later around 5:00 a.m., 50 people dead, including the gunman, 29-year-old omar marteen who was shot eight times by police. we have yet to hear the a batch of 911 calls including several recordings from the gunman who called to pledge allegiance to isis. we're hearing tonight from the father of a woman sexual assaulted during a home invasion in philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood. the father who asked that we not show his face was sleeping in his home in the 5100 block of nevis street just before 4:00 a.m. he was awakened by a disturbing sound. >> i woke up to hear my daughter
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crying and i said what's going on? she said a man just put a gun to my head. >> he ran downstairs to the basement where he found his brother-in-law and sister tied up. police continue to search for the suspect. new tonight, new jersey state police say they have found the third vehicle suspected in a deadly shoot-out on the atlantic city expressway. detectives located this black truck with delaware plates earlier tonight. they're not releasing any details about who was behind the wheel. meanwhile, five people including a 16-year-old boy face charges in yesterday's shoot-out, police say between along with lynn narrow dough caro, sean stukes were riding in a bullet riddle suv found in egg harbor township. of all four have been shot. a fifth man was uninjured in car on the garden state parkway. his passenger roseman octavius was fatally shot. there are new developments in the johnny dougherty probe.
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how far his influence stretches within the local political scene. sources close to the investigation confirm a federal grand jury is scrutinizing how local nate financed political campaigns, records show the unions steered more than $600,000 to kevin dougherty's run for supreme court. kevin dougherty is johnny dougherty's brother. the unit funneleded just under 50 thousand dollars to kenney campaign for t-shirts signs and ads. last week sources confirmed the kenney campaign received a federal subpoena requesting finance records. campaign 2016, donald trump says he will travel to mexico tomorrow to meet with that country's president. he will then give an address on immigration later in the day from arizona. there are now less than 70 days to go until the polls open on election day, this is video of trump tonight. he rallied with an estimated 10,000 supporters at an arena in washington. earlier today, a trump
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surrogate, apologized for tweeting a photo of hillary clinton in black face. the fbi says it has changed position and will release notes from its interview with hillary clinton about her use of a private e-mail server. the democrat nominee has previously called on the bureau to make notes public and mained she did nothing illegal. fbi director james said clinton was grossly negligent in handling e-mails on a private server while secretary of state but comey did not recommend prosecution. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine rallied with supporters today in lancaster. i spoke exclusively with senator kaine after he got off the stage and covered several topics including donald trump. >> you were out there talking about him today. is he a worthy opponent. >> he's not following the rules that anybody who wants to be president should follow. you promised to give the voters
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your tax returns if you ever ran then you say i'm not going to do it. what does that say about your respect? you come into pennsylvania and you tell pennsylvania the only way we'll lose is if the vote is rigged. of what does that say to pennsylvaniaians? it's insulting to say you don't know how to run a fair election here and if i lose it's because you screwed it up. it's not because i lost. the way he just treats voters with disrespect in terms of not willing to share the information that all candidates share, it's like he thinks we're gullible. >> i also talked with senator kaine about hillary clinton's public persona about how she is in private. i also asked him about trustworthiness. mateen pennsylvania lawmakers have unanimously confirmed mr. beemer to become the new attorney general: kane resigned after being convicted for leaking secret testimony and
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lying under oath. she now faces prison time for that. a formal election for attorney general will take place in november. tonight, a philadelphia church community is hoping to rebuild after century of memories went up in flames in minutes. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt was in overbrook where many came together tonight in prayer. >> reporter: standing feet from the routines of this beautiful 104-year-old church, dozens of members came out to reflect tuesday. >> the church is not the structure. the church is each and every one of us. >> reporter: good shepherd presbyterian church a staple since 1912 saw its demise after a fire began in the basement tore through the building. luckily no one was hurt >> the church does not open itself to the community is not a church that deserves to stay. >> reporter: what makes this unlike others in philadelphia is that good shepherd may be the
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name but five different congregations met here. their members represented in the crowd that gathered. young, old, black, white, gay, straight, all were welcome inside this building. >> whoever you are and if you want the a relationship with god you are welcome. >> reporter: it's open to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members >> we felt comfortable, safe, we were welcome. >> reporter: it was this man, good shepherd reverend two made eight point to open his doors to anyone who was proud to join. >> serving our community and one another and just to be part of fellowshiping with one another is a part of what the church is about. >> reporter: this church meant so much to so many. including naris witherspoon who has to find a new place >> the summer camp and just what
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are they going to do with it. >> reporter: different congregations will meet around philadelphia. while the a stained glass windows bay be governor. >> reporter: church leaders and members tell me they hope to rebuild on the same site. most of the outer shell is still in fact. reporting from overbrook, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." a series of car break ins have police in south jersey on high alert. >> they don't believe these break ins are more than petty crimes, why they think the culprits are tied to a well-known gang that hit our region before >> it's not unusual for people to share things with pets but scientists have uncovered a new type of closeness. why some people are taking their pet's medication. still locked into the warm weather, but tracking a cold
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front which will bring above average temperatures back to the forecast, i'll let you know when that arrives. coming up when we return.
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♪ ♪ police in washington township new jersey are on alert after a number of the cars are broken into and burglarized. since april the township received eight calls for smash and grab burglaries at area parks. kathleen had her purse stolen from her car while taking a walk through washington lake park. >> i always hide my pocketbook but this is my park where we come, two, three times a week, this is where i live. i just left it on the front seat >> police believe the burglaries are tied to the felony lane gang linked to crimes from florida to philadelphia. in march they led police on a
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high speed chase on it's schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: today's stop orlando, the governor is using those round table discussions to straight apologize plans to combat the spread of the virus. so far they've pledged more than $26 million. the governor is optimistic those strategies were working >> the area, by the way, we have now gone 30 days without a new case, we've been able to cut the impacted area in half. >> while those conditions are improving in winwood. some of us share our dinner and beds with our pets. did you know some people have been sharing medications? a recent study by doctors at the college of medicine found that people actually use antibodies prescribed for their pets. while it can be tough to get in i want to say to see a doctor
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and medication can be expensive, taking your pet's meds is not the answer. drugs are formulated for animals and research have learned that people who take antibiotic without a prescription have more problems. it was a random act of kindness. 5-year-old william dropped off lunch to his heros at the winslow township police department >> officers from the police department made him an honorary officer giving had ima police batch. they surprised him with a miniature replica of a within slow township police car complete with the bells and pictures. >> that's a great pic right there. >> it is. justin drabick joining us. how are things looking >> pressure is on with the holiday weekend. >> i know. probably going to. good news >> you can handle it. >> i believe we got this covered. it's going to be a nice one. this time of year can be shaky especially with being in height
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of tropical season and we're tracking tropical storms, we'll talk about that. one more hot day to go and we'll bring a cool-down back. outside pretty quiet. across the delaware. looking at the center city skyline, you can see a little bit of haze in the background from the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. we're checking in at 75 with a calm wind. so winds really not an issue tonight. again, they still remain out of the south if we get a breeze, maybe five miles per hour. that helps push the warmth and humidity back into the forecast once again. we hit 90 again today. that's 16 days of 90 degrees or higher for the month of august. that ties july, good shot of reaching season re 17 tomorrow as you finish off the month, that would tie a record for most amount of 90 or higher for the month of august in philadelphia. so far we're up to 39. looks like easily this month is going to go down as the hottest ever on record for philadelphia. we find upper 60s in some of the
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oh outside areas, 69 mid 70's official the rely at the airport in philadelphia. a breeze coming in off the water but ocean at 77. keeping the air temperatures up on the jersey shore. 73 in stone harbor, 70's ocean city. cold front to our west where we find showers thunderstorms take its time to get here, really not till tomorrow into thursday shocked to see rain and we're watching our closest tropical depression heading out to sea. that's going to help keep it out to sea but we're going to be deal with strong rip current and likely throughout the upcoming holiday weekend. it will be steamy tomorrow feeling like the middle of summer. it backs off on thursday, that's our transition day. we set up to see a nice pleasant forecast as far as humidity goes, friday, saturday all the way through labor day. if you have shore plans tomorrow, we're in the sun, it's a great day to hang out. what out for strong rip current,
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make sure the lifeguards are on duty. thursday is not the best beach day, but i wouldn't cancel plans, oh and friday back to sunshine with temperatures in the 70's. the rip current risk continues, moderate risk for strong rips all the way from long island down south into the outer banks of north carolina. we have all the tropical systems to talk about. here's depression 8, still a depression,s this has not strengthened into a tropical storm. as it heads out to sea. it will go farther south into the gulf of mexico. tropical depression 9. move over north florida some time thursday, back off the east coast. it's pretty close as a strong low pressure system will kick up the surf. really sunday apartment into monday. clouds build back into our region tomorrow. we could get a couple of scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm late wednesday night throughout the overnight. of thursday morning still wet weather possible,'s then we
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started to see a little bit of clearing for the afternoon. still can't rule out a shower. tonight dry partly cloudy warm on the muggy side 70 for the city. ask,s in the suburbs, 90 tomorrow like today, a little bit more humid as we finish off the month and check it out. nice break in humidity start on thursday, we cool it back down to the mid 80's. high of 80 on friday, mostly sunny skies if you like friday, you're going to like saturday. sunny and sunday, will labor day, no problems, keep you dry in the sunshine but some heat tries to make a come back by the middle of next week, back to the upper 80's. >> thank you, buddy. >> lesley, what's coming up. >> you know what they say, you got to have soul to play football. the newest eagles and why the team didn't have to go too far to find him. after shut out last night against the nationals, doesn't get much easier. fills macing max scherzer one of the best in the league and some of the phillies have never
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they're back at it. phillies. you knew this one was -- scherzer, yes, phillies back taking on the nationals and one of the best pitchers in the league. make scherzer, to the game. scherzer actually on the track for no hitter. he went five straight innings, no hits until freddy galvis in the bottom of the six with a double to right field. bottom of seventh, phillies down
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3-0. odubel herrara will re score. the nats will hold on to this one 3-2. pete mackanin says you got to give credit where it's due >> we need to improve the plate discipline. we're just not getting hits. that's what we had chances to win a game. but scherzer is tough. you got to give him credit. he's got 60 less hits than any pitched. he's a tough cookie >> the eagles gearing up against the jets thursday at the linc and for many, it's the lack of chance to prove they belong on the roster, the team has to trim it from 75 to 53 by, september 3rd. the eagles did not have to go far. jake mets will likely get playing time thursday night in his second season with the soul,
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mets had eight sacks and was named the league's defensive line man of the year. as a life-long eagles fan, you can imagine what he's feeling right now >> i grew up here in philadelphia to win a ring to be able to play with the team of my dreams the next couple days amazing. >> they begin on friday, it will be matt rhule's fourth season. high expectations and team's first bowl appearance since 2011. of course, awayer always rooting for coach ruhle. >> high expectations >> thanks lesley. the new exhibit
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coming up next is the late show with steven colbert followed you by the late late show. morning team back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're all on for you at >> have a good night family and sleep well. ♪
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