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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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week. the here's latest stats from the national hurricane center at 5:00 o'clock wind at the 45, moving north east at 7 miles an hour. finally getting pick up by that trough that will kick it the out but it is late so i think that is what will change our forecast a little bit. is there official track right now. little bit further inland, somewhat good news because ate allows the storm to weaken a bit but still a strong storm but notice how close it is to our coastline second half of the weekend. even monday it is just off shore. that brings threat of some rain. look at these forecast models they have shifted more now to the left, so it is closer to the delaware valley, so sunday it could be, near us or just off shore and then gets kick outside next week around labor day. looking to the weekend it starts off a okay, sunshine around on saturday. increasing cloud. potential and rain and sunday along the coastline. depend on that track. the labor day itself we will dry out but, no doubt, strong rip currents will continue tomorrow, next several days, all way through the holiday
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weekend. stay safe heading to the shore. we will update you on the changes in the track. back over to you. the high wind and rip currents mean some of the labor day celebration down the shore could be in jeopardy, we will have have much more on that coming up at 6:00 o'clock. how florida is bracing for tropical storm hermine, system which has already flooded portions of the the state's golf cozies threatening to bring strong wind and as much as a foot of rain. cbs reporter done ton champion is watching the storm and has latest from the beach. >> reporter: even before hermine became a named storm, parts of the florida gulf coast, were soaked. >> i'm pretty worried. >> reporter: low lying area quickly flooded including debbie petey neighborhood in the gulf port outside of tampa. she was already fighting ankle deep water as she put sandbags outside her mother's house. >> the water has within really bad we have a pump inside ready to go to flow out the water, and out here. >> reporter: thinks only the
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beginning. tropical storm hermine spent much of the day stationary, in the gulf of mexico, gaining strength. it is expected to start a slow turn to the north east and make land fall early friday morning near the panhandle. up and down the gulf coast, flooding is a big concern, before it is all over some places could see up to 15 inches of rain. strong wind could also pose a problem for residents, governor rick scott says the state is prepared. >> our utilities prepositioned themselves around the state and we have been diligently getting backup. >> reporter: debbie says her mother doesn't want to evacuate. >> but if it continues to flood, if it will and if safety risk for them, that was involved with fall or electrocution i would have to come out here and get them. >> reporter: she's hoping sandbags will be enough to protect their family from long beach. >> reporter: done champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search continues tonight for a driver who struck and killed a man on the mote the
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or cycle will in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood and just kept on going. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at whittaker and loudon with the clue that could lead police to a suspect, greg. >> reporter: that is exactly right, there jessica. this is intersection behind me where that deadly crash took place. you can still see debris, right here at loudon and whittaker avenue. tonight, investigators say they have identified a person of interest and we have obtained surveillance of that person just minutes after he fled, this scene. fifty-eight year-old raul perez leaves his car wash business around 6:30 tuesday night. hours later, minutes before midnight he is killed in the hit and win crash while riding his black motorcycle. >> gmc yukon made a left turn in the path of the motorcycle that was going south and that is where the motorcycle, and this gmc collided. >> reporter: investigators say driver of this silver gmc
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leaves the scene near whittaker and loudon an ditches his suv in a nearby alley. >> he was a terrific guy, lovable, happy, caring, you know, a good guy. >> reporter: mary bell ruiz said he left her home minutes before being killed and angry that the person who hit her boyfriend left him on the the street to die. >> what he did to him, he didn't deserve that. he be a human being, come on. >> reporter: home surveillance video obtained by cbs-3 shows suspects turning in the alley way five blocks away on roarer street. he stops and removes something from the rear of the vehicle. >> we believe the license plate was removed after the fact. >> reporter: then suspect abandoned his suv and about 30 minutes later officers tracked down the vehicle by following this trail of fluid leaking from the damaged caused by the crash. >> we have a person of intercom in and give their side of the story. >> reporter: as you injuries
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heard from investigators they are not calling the driver of the suv a suspect but rather they are calling that person a person of interest, regardless if you happen to know who he is pick up the phone and call police. we are live from feltonville i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ocean county a truck picking up trash, ran over a canadian tourist, it happened in the boro of ship bottom. ocean county prosecutor's office said woman was reading on the beach when the front wheel of the truck struck her. the truck came to a stop on top of her, she was pulled out from under the truck and taken to the hospital. authorities say that she had minor injuries to her arm and leg, the driver's bloodies being tested. in campaign 2016 we're now, 68 days away from election day and voters heading to the polls in the race for president. democratic vice-presidential nominee senator tim kaine, continued his campaign swing through pennsylvania today. he rallied with supporters near bethlehem and our alexandria hoff was there. >> reporter: despite virginia
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senator tim kaine's running mate holding a varying lead over her opponent donald trump hillary clinton's vice-presidential pick shared his mantra for the election. >> you are the under dog until you are the winner. >> reporter: 200 supporters gathered at hanover community building in northampton county. >> i do think that pennsylvania will be decided in this region, from philadelphia and lehigh valley. >> reporter: when subject pushed the republican nominee donald trump kaine questioned his relationship with russia in a comment made to appear hackers to probe clinton e-mails. >> you know what he said, hey, i was just kidding. i mean, that is a weird sense of humor, folks. >> reporter: he criticized trump keeping his tax record private. >> you have a right to know what somebody's financial situation is, donald trump's breaking precedent and breaking his own word. >> he was really charming. i thought he was terrific. >> reporter: bob cohen says as for election as a whole he is feeling. >> excited and scared.
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>> reporter: that is fine by kane who urged voters not to take a lead in the polls for granted. >> i'm one strong guy who is happy to support a strong woman. >> reporter: just under ten weeks until election day and it will be non-stop until then, from here senator kaine head to another battle ground state to hold a event in pensacola, florida, tomorrow. reporting from northampton county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". before senator kaine traveled to bethlehem he was in lancaster. i talked to him about the difference between the public perception of his running mate secretary clinton and private side, you got to know as his running mate. >> i feel like i have come to know her as somebody who has got just basic, the basic values that she's loyal, cares about the people around her. >> i also asked senator kaine about the trust worthiness of clinton. hear his answer on that on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. and taken the wall, he wants to build along u.s.
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mexico border. in a news conference after his meeting with president enrique pena, he said the pair never discussed payment for the wall. republican nominee said the conversation will happen at a later date. >> we had a very substantive, direct, constructive exchange of ideas over quite a period of time. i was straightforward in presenting my views about the impacts of current trade and immigration policies on the united states. >> trump is expected to clarify is expected to clarify in a policy speech tonight, in phoenix. this is one of the worst kept secrets for the last few months. >> nfl is bringing one of the largest events right here to philadelphia the leslie van arsdal joins us now, it is a lock. >> it is a lock. it is a biggie. we have been hearing about it
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forever and sources have confirmed that the nfl is bringing the draft here to philadelphia. a press conference is scheduled for tomorrow at noon, that will now announce details of the 2017 draft. mayor jim kenney, officials from the eagles, nfl and philadelphia convention and visitors bureau will be in attendance. it has been rumored since april that the draft will be here in philadelphia for the next location. they will make that official tomorrow, and the only negative thing about this is the eagles do not have a pick in the first round of that draft, they can trade next years first round pick away to acquire carson wentz. so, it may not be that much fun for the eagles but great for philadelphia. >> national spotlight. >> thanks, leslie. philadelphia team celebrates a national championship. >> that is coming up when leslie comes up in sports. but first caught on camry a fiery rescue we will show what you one mother did to save her children who were still strapped in her car, tori. >> okay, one can you imagine
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waking up at 10:00 o'clock in the morning to a million-dollar? welshing one person is about to find out, prize patrol publisher's clearinghouse here check in the back, locked and loaded, we are ready for the surprise. chris brown arrested, again. coming up hear from the woman at center of the yesterday's surreal standoff as she talks about why she feared for her
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infant is safe after the child's mother left her in a hot car, while she shopped. it happened, on monday. at a shopping center in new jersey. two strangers, stumbled upon the four month-old, still in her car seat with doors locked ape window's up. retired police sergeant and schoolteacher broke the window and then took baby inside a department store to cool off. police arrested the child's mother when she came out of the store. fiery rescue is caught on surveillance video at connecticut you the gas station, a driver backed into one of the pumps monday night
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sending it crashing into another driver's car. and that woman was able to get out of the way but her two children were in danger. pump caught fire while they were strapped inside that car, fortunately would hand pulled them out in time and police say fire damage five cars but it is amazing no one was hurt. now lets take a look at this two men found themselves stranded on a jet any queen's new york at high tides rushed in. as jetty began disappearing beneath them they were forced to climb up the structure to escape the rough waters. after being stranded for about an hour the man was rescued by a crew in the nypd helicopter. neither of the men are hurt. we had it here at 5:00 p.m. yesterday chris brown arrested again. >> woman who accused him of putting a gun to her face as she feared for her life. insider's lou agear joins with us more from hollywood with that. louie. >> reporter: ukee and jessica this latest incident in the another long list of troubles with the law, but what will come of it.
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i sat down with the woman in the center of the fire storm. >> what i do care about is y'all defacing my name as a person and my character and integrity. >> he pointed his gun right at my face. >> reporter: her name is bailey curran and she alleged chris brown, pulled a gun on her after a dispute while visiting his los angeles home early tuesday morning. >> i do recall he pulled it from the side, so i don't know if he was strapped already with it. i just remember it was in my face. >> reporter: but former miss california regional's past is far from squean.aky she hand back her crown two months have after receiving it for breach of contract, bailey's also wanted in new york on suspicion of grand larceny. chris's attorney mar geragos calls allegations against his star kline demonstrablely false. >> his past could return to haunt him. courts tend to elevate consequences as people
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continue to misbehave. >> reporter: legal up cider, attorney darren says this may not be such a slam dunk case for prosecutors. >> this is sort of a he said/she said situation so unless prosecutors can come up with independent corroborating evidence like a videotape, brown could walk. >> we will have more on this story tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> all right, louie, thank you. you can watch the insider tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> justin joins us now you, watching our weather and tropics. >> yes. >> no problem. >> these storms have a mind of their own, little change in the upper atmosphere could bring a rain in our forecast possibly this weekend. not a lock.n in our forecast confidence is still low but heads upkeep that in mine, second half of the upcoming weekend. we have a threat for some rain tonight. that will help bring change to our forecast, tired of the heat and humidity, we will have that covered for you the next couple of days. lets go outside, we are looking from the new jersey side at ben franklin bridge in center city, plenty of
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sunshine right now. there are some clouds popping up with some showers and storms, and that is moving on through traffic wise around ben franklin bridge we are looking good. no major backups, delays to be talking about. storm scan three does show a little bit of activity off to the west over lancaster county moving into berks county. there are heavier showers, thunderstorms trying to have develop. fairly slow moving. this will drop heavier rain probably possibly a quick quarter to an half inch in these thunderstorms that do will develop and that extend in the lehigh valley. especially later on around philadelphia and parts of the south jersey. front is still well to the west so we will keep rain chanceness our forecast throughout the overnight even into early tomorrow morning. head up if you are driving since it is nighttime hours we could run into heavier showers firing up. it has been a hot summer in the month of august, this will go down as hottest august on record. we have records back in 1864, and forecast temperatures when
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you average it up, 81.1 degrees. thirty year average 76.6. june, july, august when you average up all of the temperatures likely this would be the second warmest ever in philadelphia on record. we hit 90 degrees once again again, 40th day of 90-degree plus temperatures, so far this season. it is possible we could get another day or two of 90's coming up in september. we will get a break from the heat coming up. eighty-nine at the airport. coming off a high of 90 degrees earlier. eighty-five in reading. feeling nice down at the shore. the breeze off the water 81 ocean city. rehoboth beach checking in at 38 degrees. shore forecast tomorrow, not quite as good as it has been. we will bring you clouds, few scattered showers around, and have your eyes in the sky if you have any threatening weather and head this tomorrow at the shore. temperatures near 80. ocean water close to 80. head up still strong rip currents. all right. let's talk about hermine and
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why we could potentially see some rain. when we go to the upper levels of the atmosphere to see where this storm will be steered. this is jet stream. that is trough that steers it up. this happens too late. it looks like it is taking its good old time for hermine to get captured by the trough. eventually it does tomorrow. notice the track, further inland on this model, so this is sunday, energy from the storm is close to the delaware valley. that means a chance, that solution does verify and then it starts to move out, on labor day into tuesday. so this is a change, we have seen, we saw trough to be able to capture it earlier and help see further away. and more changes. still early in the game. cold front comes through tonight, scattered showers and storms, mainly through overnight hours, tomorrow, still some clouds in the morning, couple showers could pop up and nothing heavy and then friday looks great, high pressure building in and then you can see hermine on this model trying to bring rain in the carolinas, and this storm could go, in the upcoming weekend and again if it does bring some rain it looks like
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sunday will be the day. temperatures tomorrow noticeably cooler. we are in the low to mid 80's and, high near friday, low humidity, sunshine we will struggle. that is below average for this time of the year. for tonight, head up, scattered showers and storms through the overnight low temperature of 70 degrees for the city and 60's for the suburbs. tomorrow showers gets in the morning hours some sun in the afternoon, cooler with a high of 84 degrees. the here we go with the three day forecast, it does get better on friday, high temperature up around 80 degrees in the sunshine and as we head to the start of the weekend looking good, saturday. sunshine, maybe some clouds to start increase with a high of 80 and we will watch the exact track of her mine. we have the seven day coming up later in the show. >> that is a great day to play some hoops. i was honored to help with the ribbon cutting for long time coming renovations of the gymnasium at joint base maguire dix lakehurst. world b free and sixers organization with military family children age nine
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through 12. this new falcon force new gym has a basketball court inside and out, and scoreboard, fresh flooring and new paint job, big thanks to instant charities, and councilman and many donors who made it happen, for the family. they look like they are having fun. >> good time. >> we will play. >> new baby, very special. wait until you see one making its debut at philadelphia zoo. we will show you in our next half an hour. >> rescue from the ruble watch as a cat is found alive in italy more than five days after this devastating earthquake there. leslie. >> eagles last preseason game is tomorrow and for some of the guys this is their last chance to prove themselves, plus a celebration for your world champion, soul, sports is i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my
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first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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>> declared today is philadelphia soul world championship day. hunt cents of fans showed up at city hall to congratulate the team, their second championship in eight years. >> well, tomorrow the eagles will play their fourth and final pre-season game at the linc against the jetsment many of the younger players, that final chance to prove why they deserve a spot on the roster. rookie receiver paul turner has had a good camp and pre-season, so thursday night game will be big for him. >> i mean, i've always felt like i had the ability to play, dow feel like i can play at this level, but just all about making the best of whatever opportunity that you get, and go out, there play, annex cute. i feel like if i can justin to keep doing what i'm doing, i can control my destin. >> i well, as part of the team's 50 year anniversary, the flyers unveiled 2016 jersey today. the team added golds letters
5:26 pm
and numbers, also will be wearing new commemorative anniversary logo about batch and did get the stamp of approval from the late ed snider before his passing. >> who knew? flyers jake voracek, huge bruce springsteen fan, jake should quit his day job. >> i like his entheusiasm. >> good job. >> great time. and he's like i'm just going to go all in. giving everything he has there. >> that was good to see, thanks, leslie, appreciate it. another historic day in cuba. new at 5:30, watch as the first commercial flight lands on the island nation in more than 50 years. >> and, a rocky ride for passengers on an overseas flight. twelve of them had to be taken to the hospital after the pilot made an emergency landing. what happened, in mid-air, joe?
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>> reporter: one of the wealthiest school district in our area accusing of fudging the numbers claiming they had less in the bank when they actually had millions more. i'm joe holden, i'll have the pointed words from a
5:28 pm
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". trouble for the lower merion school district. accused of misleading taxpayers, tonight there are calls for resignations and an investigation. district raised taxes when it didn't need to. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden more from lower merion township. >> anger in lower merion township some calling for school board members to resign while others say an investigation is in order. >> i think it is pretty clear, our school board broke the
5:31 pm
you. >> while that's up for debate, the story began earlier this year when taxpayers sued the school district. they allege officials at lower merion each year would warn of dire financial troubles, taxes would be hiked, then the district would close out the year with millions of extra dollars in the bank. montgomery county judge this week ruled that's what happened. and here are the figures. for the past six years, a business manager would project the district was about to run millions in the red, but in reality, the district was pocketing millions in taxes, a total of $42.5 million over six years. >> i think there is mistrust. >> the judge calculate add average lower merion taxpayer would qualify for a 1,400-dollar rebate. he's also ordered a 4.4% tax increase pass in the june be reversed. all of these budgets, with taxes, were authorized by the school board. >> well, then the board should be replaced and new people should shall elected to the board.
5:32 pm
>> lower merion district spokesman says the board was working in the interest of sounds financial planning. and says board members believe they were being good financial stewards. still, some parents are calling for more oversite. >> is it the responsibility on that of the county now to try to uncover what's been going on in our school district? >> spokesman for lower merion declined our request to interview school officials about this. he did say that they'll vigorously fight this. he said that this could cost them $4 million, in pension contributions, and special education. we should note the decision to fight this will be paid for by taxpayers. in lower merion, joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we now noah cause of death for the philadelphia firefighter who died while on shift last month. philadelphia firefighter, gabrielle lee died on july 23rd at the ladder 12 company firehouse. philadelphia health officials say he had heart disease and died of natural causes. lee was 42, and a 17 year
5:33 pm
veteran of the department. >> twelve passengers are injured when united airlines jet hit severe turbulence, flight 880 left houston for london heathrow, the boeing 767 made an emergency landing at shannon airport in ireland after hitting severe turbulence over the atlantic. ten passengers, and two flight attendants, taken to the hospital for minor injuries. us cuban relations reached new heights today, the two former advosaries resumed regularly scheduled flights, for the first time in more than 50 years. the first flight, departed fort lauderdale this morning and landed about an hour later at santa clara, cuba. >> water cannon, jet flight blue, it historic arrival, passengers carried flags, took photos, stepped foot on cuban soil, some for the very first time. regular flights were cut off during the "cold war" and only expensive charters were available until now. >> something to tell your kids about, grandkids about, i was on the first flight to cuba.
5:34 pm
>> this is big contribute for this woman and her family, she is celebrating her birthday getting married thursday and bringing her two young daughters to meet their ailing great grandmother. >> well, for her to say that she would like to meet, you know, olivia, it meant everything to me, like i really want to make this happen. >> jet blue is the first us airline to resume regularly scheduled service. as many as 110 daily flights from ten airlines will depart the us for the island nation. some lawmakers have concerns that cuban security not adequate. but the tsa says it's confident, and the protocols in the eight cuban airports have checked out. us transportation secretary anthony fox was among the 150 passengers on today's flight. >> isis leader accused of instigating the deadly terror attacks in paris and brussels has reportedly been killed in syria. the terror organization said chief strategist abu, was killed in a air strike, russia is taking responsibility for
5:35 pm
the killing, but the pentagon says us-led coalition forces launched the strike. there is no official confirmation that he's dead. the pentagon says the agency is still assessing the results of the air strike. >> well, cat in italy used one of its nine lives during last week's earthquake. the cat's own her beg fire officials to find her cat saying her pet was all she had left. on monday rescue workers were combing through the city with bulldozers, when they spotted the white and gray tabby. the fire crew pulled the thirsty kitty from the rubble, and gave it some much needed water. the animal's owner said her cat's name is joy. new research finds great elephant census shows the wild savannah elephant population is plummeting. it is africa savannah population falling by about 8% a year, down 30% since 2007. experts say elephants are being called for their ivory. >> going to bat for fallen heroes. today's brotherly love, and it
5:36 pm
is coming up on "eyewitness news". >> also, some of hollywood's biggest celebrities accused of breaking the law by posting more than 100 instagram photos. why they're being called deceptive. >> also, chester county couple shocked with a check for $1 million delivered by publisher clearing house. if you have ever wondered if those commercials are real, we'll take you behind the scenes to show you how the surprised presentation has it. justin? >> a strong cold front will bring some changes to the forecast, tracking some showers and storms, and we'll let you know how the tropics could impact the holiday weekends, we'll talk about it coming up in eyewitness weather.
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only tomatoes, can, be thrown. so, that looks like very tight quarters, though. >> very tight. >> like that is a little bit better but i want to be like
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that. >> like that. >> that doesn't look like fun to me. >> they look like they are having a great time. >> yes, absolutely. >> it is a tradition. >> soap commercial in there i'm sure. maybe a pizza commercial you never know. >> coming up, baby pictures little gorilla makes a debut, be right back. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful. he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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team of vets at rome zoo spent three hours performing a roof canal on a tiger. he had been chewing in an unusual way, and favoring one side of his mouth, and they say, tiger is recovering well. that is a big tiger. >> thank goodness for to take. >> for the first time in 20 years a philadelphia zoo celebrates the birth of a baby grill a. >> john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio was there when public got its first look at the new addition. >> proud mom honey, philadelphia zoos 21 year-old western lowland gorilla was cradling her baby born last friday inside her exhibit. an important birth, species is considered critically endanger
5:45 pm
in the wild. >> i was expecting it to be bigger because, and, it is actually pretty small. >> we didn't want to look at anything else we wanted to come right here. >> reporter: primary gorilla keeper christian farrly rambo says gorillas are exhibiting textbook behavior. >> it is totally normal behavior. both from mom and dad. so she's carrying baby exactly how she should be. we call that try fetal walking using two legs and arms holding a baby when she walks and then the dad was just staying away, which is exactly what he is supposed to do. >> and, he is an expecting yet but zoo keepers say, she's taking notes and learning about mother hood about watching honey. >> days that come keepers discover if you are a boy or girl and it will get underway. more information on our web site at cbs beyond mcdevitt for cbs-3
5:46 pm
"eyewitness news". get over there. >> yes. >> right, right. >> look at the that. >> we have action happening over there. >> yes, over here. >> yes. >> tropics, you know that time of the year moving in the the height of the season. a shift in the latest track, for me finally developed in the tropical storm. out in the gulf. latest indication maybe could bring some rain to our forecast for upcoming holiday weekend. until then we have changes as far as temperatures go over next 24 hours but rain in the forecast tonight. lets go down to the shore right now where we are looking like a nice evening, shaping up, shore stays dry until really after midnight the tonight early tomorrow morning, best chance to see your rain chances increasing but a lot of sunshine today, waves backing autopsy a little bit but rip currents are still strong, wave heights are not as high as they were we will deal with these dangerous rip currents, once again tomorrow and throughout the upcoming holiday weekend and men to next week whatever is left of hermine makes at approach of the delaware valley.
5:47 pm
weather watcher reporting warm temperatures, we had spots in the 90's, a lot of humidity around. this should put an end to the 90's, last day for today but still can't rule out another 90-degree day in september. the lets go to our west where we have better shot to see showers and storms this evening. the ed in atglenn at 85. more cloud building this. some storms near his area. he says, farther to the north and west we go from the city mid 80's in eagle willville, partly sunny skies, lees house. we will go to south jersey, pretty hot there get more sunshine and more humid. bob in sicklerville has partly sunny skies. 93 degrees. we will check with james who has 84 loving this weather in the sunshine. we will take you up to berks county where you guys will be seeing some showers and storms in the next hour or so, and some rain, heading toward reading but a live look in the neighborhood network kutztown area middle school, playing soccer out there but, you know, we will have to run
5:48 pm
inside for indoors if they start hearing thunder. 83 degrees. storm scan three does show showers and storms coming our way eventually we will show you that in just a minute. the just a hot day to day. ninety-one officially. that makes it 17th 90-degree day in august. that ties the monthly record setback in 1995 for philadelphia is there showers and storms, heavier storms firing out just south of lancaster, lancaster county moving into western chester county. that is tracking off to the east. eventually we will see rain in philadelphia, in the next couple of hours, still showers off to the north and west that needs to move through later tonight. here's what to expect scattered showers and storms, in the overnight hours, as front gets closer to the region. slow moving storm system so watch out for heavier rainfall that could pick up a quick half inch, if you get stuck under a storm and gusty wind, maybe 40 or 50 miles an hour in the stronger storms that do develop. here's your shore forecast tomorrow 80 for the high. we will cool it down more cloud, a few showers around
5:49 pm
especially during morning wraps seeing some sunshine in the afternoon. friday looks good we're in the sunshine 78 degrees. more cloud increase on saturday, dry though at 76 but once again these rip currents will increase as wind pick up, as we see the approach of whatever is left of hermine. we he will get to that in a minute. into next week easily seeing strong rip currents up and down east coast down to the carolinas. stay safe out there, make sure you are at a guarded beach if you you go swimming. future weather models show pockets of heavier showers and storms later on tonight around 11:00 moving into south jersey. tomorrow morning shows a little bit of the drying going on waking up to some cloud. late morning in the afternoon could be a spotty shower or two south of the city, as that front finally moves off shore and we have got full sunshine coming at us for friday. lets check out her mine. latest, 45 miles an hour, finally moving north east at 7:00. taking its time. so that is why we have to track favors westerly because moving slower. this is sunday.
5:50 pm
whatever is left of the storm is near our region. whether it is over us and off shore, close enough to bring cloud, wind conditions and some rain especially on sunday and starts to move out on monday. seventy for low tonight scattered showers and storms around, tomorrow maybe a morning shower with some clearing in the have afternoon. 84 degrees for afternoon temperature. here's that change, we will go to 80 for high on friday below average this time of the year. keep it pleasant on the saturday near 80 and we will watch what is left with hermine on sunday. next week we will warm back up with sunshine mid to upper 80's. back to you. some celebrities social media accounts are getting a close look from federal authorities. photos of the celebrities praising products like soda and clothes or times gifts, but often times they don't reveal that post is paid. >> so if they are getting things for free or if they are being paid to post what they are photographing, then there are rules and regulations. report ftc issued a policy
5:51 pm
enforcement statement in december and it said that celebrities have to disclose clearly and conspicuously if their posts are paid for. west chester woman has won publisher's clearinghouse sweepstakes. >> vittoria woodill was there as prize patrol moved in with the good news. >> you have seen it on tv. >> wow. >> you have seen the cheers and the tears. so just waking up to millions really happen. just another day giving away a million-dollar. this morning cbs-3 followed along dave sayer and publisher's clearinghouse prize patrol to surprise one lucky winner. >> dianne with one million-dollar. >> don't think the publisher's clearinghouse is real or those reactions? just watch this. >> how do you know they are home. >> we don't that is the sus pens. >> okay. >> caravan in order let's hit it. >> the moment of truth one
5:52 pm
more time. >> let's check the garage. >> maybe dianne's husband greg knows where she is. >> dianne won one million-dollar. >> this is real, right. wait a minute it is not my birthday. why would it be anniversary and guy from clearinghouse is here. yeah. >> yes. >> lets go get your wife. >> back on the road to find dianne and this time we knew just where she was: at >> you won million-dollar, congratulations. >> el, my god. >> she always told me, sending them in. >> i have been sending them for 40 years. >> my anniversary gift for my husband. >> it only took you 40 years to prove them wrong.
5:53 pm
>> exactly. >> so grateful, i truly a.m. >> it always pay toss listen to your wife. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good day for them. >> you know what elsie learned? send them things in. >> that is right. >> got to do it. >> congratulations. >> still ahead, going going to t for hero's big walk. >> this weeks brotherly love softball tournament where there are in winners only family and we're talking familiar when we come
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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in this weeks story of brotherly love first responders, often say that they are a family so when they lose a member of that family it hits hard. >> several departments got together to remember their fallen heroes. >> ♪ >> in the golden sunlight ovulate summer, national anthem, a prayer.
5:57 pm
>> bless evesham township. >> and first pitch. >> then it was game on, in eve sham. eight teams competed in the fallen hero's first sonars softball tournament at arrow head park. >> for some good fun and acknowledge through great people that passed away too early. >> reporter: fire fighters were remembering one of their own the late math homepill of the evesham fire rescue department. >> tonight the we wear number ten on the back we are playing for them. >> reporter: lieutenant homepill took his own life in february and his wife hopes being open can help others. >> it is great that they are doing this, to think anything that brings awareness to it is good. >> reporter: his daughter savanna pena was glad to see hundreds of the people who came out to support the cause. >> for this, i love all of this stuff. it just makes you feel good that people care. >> reporter: teams were also remembering the detective sergeant edward zoobriski who died in may 2015.
5:58 pm
evesham police chief christopher chew said his department knew the sergeant very well. >> nice that the community is behind us and is pulling for one of our own, one of our families in need. it feels good. great night. >> reporter: proceed from the tournament will go to the families of the fallen heroes in their communities. the organizers hope the event can ease the pain just a little, for those left behind. if you would like to share a story of brotherly love go to our web site at cbs that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in philadelphia is still on the loose tonight. what we are learning month about the victim and search foreman behind the wheels of the deadly hit and run. with labor day weekend now just days away concerns of the tropical system are putting a damper on the celebration. we have latest track on the system that could impact our area. >> we feel like we can go to
5:59 pm
any part of the country red blue and in between. >> my exclusive interview with tim kaine as vice-presidential candidate looks to rally supporters in pennsylvania this week. news at 6:00 starts right now. rip currents down the shore along with a threat of high wind, and heavy rain, could put a damper on the holiday weekend. right now on "eyewitness news" what you need to know about the tropical threat that is heading our way. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the as we monitor that tropical system "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in the shore where some waves could reach 12 feet high. >> that is what they are talking about on sunday these waves could go up 12 feet high, right now two or 3 feet. there are strong rip currents and this will build throughout the weekend and we need to be prepared right now.
6:00 pm
it is sound you should expect to hear a lot over the next four or five days, life guard blowing whistles and giving hand gestures as they protect from dangerous current. >> it can take you out, starting to pull the kid out and life guard stops us. like many shore towns atlantic city has been forced to close beaches and spread resources thin because about half of their life guard are now back to school. the timing is tough, waves are expected to build up to 12 feet by sunday, while crowds swell at jersey shore for labor day weekend. >> it will be a challenge because we are, a diminishing staff and three beach concerts. we have a lot of college home kid to help out. >> reporter: city officials say live nation is paying to have extra life guard on hand for zach brown bandon thursday, florida georgia line on saturday and blink 182 on


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