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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tropical storm watch as it the is looking likely that we will see impact is here in the delaware valley from what is now hurricane hermine. you can see on our storm scan three the eye well defined right the now as it continues to move off to the north/north east a category one hurricane with wind of 75 miles an hour. it will make land fall on the florida peninsula overnight tonight. this is the first land falling hurricane in florida since 2005. now latest track of hermine takes it up along riding the coast, south east coast and then eventually it will weaken to a tropical storm as it traverses over land and becoming extra tropical with you it will be a very potent system with the sustain wind speeds, storm forecast up to 50 miles an hour as we head into early next week. we have to keep a close eye on the cone of uncertainty with the the track of hermine because that will be depending on what impact we will see here this is delaware valley. at this point time frame of concern looks to be mainly saturday night and sunday
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along the coast where we could see strong wind, rip currents, high surf, coastal flooding and very heavy rainfall. there are indication that is hermine could potentially stall just off shore of the coast as well, this could extend these threats as we head into mid week next week. we will talk about hermine and your labor day weekend forecast in just a couple minutes. >> lauren, thank you. weather is a big deal for all of us as we look towards holiday weekend but down the shore. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria have hoff is live in ocean city where many are hoping for the best, alex. >> relatively calm day down here in ocean city except for this heavy surf you you are seeing behind me. the as lauren mentioned the storm could stay off shore or come inland and that is when we will feel the impact. >> right now tides are coming in we will get ready to move it back. >> life guard in ocean city have been dealing with rough surf and heavy currents as a hazardous storm system pushes up from the south.
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officials in cape may and atlantic county are not ready to advice anyone tocontact he will plans just yet. >> at this point in time with the storm so far out we are not discouraging anybody. be prepared for weather should it happen. >> most of the prep work is on sunday. >> we have two tidal cycles for sunday, early sunday morning and sunday afternoon which are forecast to approach major tidal flooding. >> it can pack a heavy punch to coastal and low lying homes and businesses. with tidal flooding officials say sandbags are not typically very effective september through october is the time when the shore season is the most tropical and hurricane activities. officials advise just prior to this labor day weekend is right time to make an emergency plan in case a family should need it. >> we want to make sure residents and visitors know there is a storm coming, there will be potential impacts and to make raring that is they need. >> reporter: early labor day
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weekend crowds are pretty typical. we have been seeing vacant signs and one hotel managers told us they were full but they have been hit with cancellations. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. weather could cause issues for made in america festival in philadelphia. crews are busy with the finishing touches getting everything ready for the crowds, we're expecting more information from organizers tomorrow, about their plans to deal with the the weather. so stay tuned, and remember you cab always stay ahead of severe weather with the cbs philly weather app available or itune and google play. final priest see opposite is today. regular season is closer. >> won't be long now. eagles with the final tune up with the new york jets at lincoln financial feel. that is where leslie van arsdal is right now. who will be under center tonight. >> we will have chase daniel, we will have a lot of him tonight, ukee. we wanted to see carson wentz that will not happen. if you look out on the field behind me you are not going to
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know a whole lot of these names or numbers out here. the starters will be watching from the sidelines tonight. we did think maybe we would see carson wentz but he is still nurse ago this broken rib. chase daniel will get the start. doug pederson has more on the quarterback rotation tonight. >> he will start and can't exactly say how many number of reps in the perfect world it would be chase in the first half and then that is the perfect world but we will see how the game goes and if there is an opportunity to let mccloud play more i'll let him play more. >> coming up at 6:00 we talk with the voice of the eagles merrill reese and talks about what we should look for tonight. there are some interesting story lines out here. another big football story today, it is official, philadelphia will be hosting 20917 draft. it means a lock for the city and the whole economic situation. let's head over to the parkway
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and check with anita oh, hi there anita. >> reporter: , that is right, leslie after two years in chicago and more than 50 in new york city, nfl draft is making its way to the city of brotherly love in 2017. officials are expecting more than 200,000 people will attend festivities here on the ben franklin parkway but as you can imagine its impact will reach far beyond just football fans. >> i'm very excited to announce today that the nfl draft is returning to the birthplace. >> reporter: more than 80 years after the nfl draft was born, it will return to philadelphia, along ben franklin parkway next april. >> this is in my opinion the most passionate football city in america. >> reporter: ironically the city of brotherly love does november currently have a first round draft pick after trading for quarterback carson wentz earlier this spring. >> i'm not disappointed. this is bigger. this is about the eyes of the nation abe eyes of the world on philadelphia.
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>> reporter: still we have had to ask eagles president don smolenski will the team trade players to get that first round pick back. either way, experts say the city will win big with the estimated 86 million-dollar economic impact. >> there will be shopping, eating,. >> if you are spending three or four or five or six million-dollar and the return is 80 or 90 million-dollar economic impact it is a positive return. but i do understand the concern about using public dollars for these types of events. >> reporter: mess of the 25 million-dollar cost, falls on the nfl officials say so the city will be responsible for fund raising five million-dollar. >> and while many details such as security still need to be hammered out many including mayor jim kenney are simply enjoying the excitement. >> as a life long eagles fan, green blood in my veins from the time i was a kid, i can't tell you how wonderful this
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event is. >> reporter: officials say part of the draw in winning the bid is philadelphia's history and it is within driving distance of of nine other nfl teams. the draft is scheduled for april 27th to 29th next year. live from the ben franklin parkway, neat a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all of the top players in the country will be here doing photo opportunities, taking in the sights. you can see eagles first regular season game sunday september 11th right here on cbs-3, coverage starts at 11:30 a.m. with toyota sunday kick off and then the nfl today follows at noon and then bird take on rg3 and browns at 1:00 in south philadelphia. stick around after the game for cure auto insurance cbs-3 post game show. turning to campaign 2016 donald trump will make an appearance in philadelphia tomorrow. he is meeting with leaders in the african-american community. sources tell eye witt the necessary news that gathering will take place sometime tomorrow afternoon, on north broad street. trump is scheduled for a rally with supporters in greenville
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north carolina tomorrow night. new franklin and marshall poll find trump gaining ground in pennsylvania but still trails hillary clinton. among likely voters clinton leads trump 47-40 percent, the support for the republican increased by 2 percent since a similar poll was taken after the national convention. we are 67 days away from election day, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. slowly but surely septa's defective silver liner cars are getting new parts and it could not happen soon enough. greg argos went to bensalem bucks county to show you how parts are build and how long it could take to get all of the cars back on track. >> reporter: this is the first silver liner five train car which has been able to transport septa commuters since july 1st. when transit authority pulled all 120 models from work, due to hairline crack in the equalizer beam. >> for the most part things are moving very well.
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>> reporter: septa president, says that is because of the work being done here at penn fab in bucks county. newly designed equalizer beams which distribute weight along chas is are being manufactured before being installed in the side line train. >> our employees on this project are working 15, 16 hours a day, working saturdays and sunday. they are here at 9:00, 10:00 o'clock at night. >> reporter: michael maven says these workers have been taken these 4,000-pound super strength steel, slice them with the plasma beam cutter and inspect, paint and install final component in period of weeks instead of months. >> our friend, family are riding those trains. it vice important. >> reporter: from the time the steel is cut with that beam to the time the foot right here is installed on the beam itself, this entire process takes just 12 days. >> hopefully with this being the first step in the right
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direction. >> reporter: commuters say they are grad septa found a fix which should repair all 120 cars by mid-november. >> that is really good. i'm happen that i they are doing that. >> reporter: septa commuters are known to be skeptical. are you happy with this time line. >> i will believe it when i see it. >> we will see what happens. i'm not optimistic about it. >> reporter: in bucks county greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is the to come on "eyewitness news", looking for treasure down the shore, tori is in margate, tori. >> that is right, you guys, all about buried treasure in margate and i'm hanging out with the best of the best when it comes to metal detecting, lauren, will this rain hold off so we can find some gold. >> we have much needed rainfall today but as we head in the upcoming weekend we could have flooding rains due to her kaine hermine and i'll have the latest forecast coming up next.
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mayor jim kenney held an event where announced a major investment in programs, designed to help small businesses. >> with the new investment kenney says programs will now be able to provide key
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financing to under served businesses across the city and he is optimistic more business could meaningless crime. >> we know when you have thriving businesses in the neighborhood the neighborhood is safer, the neighborhood has a lot less problems and more people are employed. >> new investments are expected to create new jobs and revitalize city neighborhood. we have been talking about the weather but beach lovers are gearing up for a long weekend down the shore as we come to the unofficial end of the summer. >> vittoria woodill is in margate treasuring the final days of the beach season, tori. >> what better way to end tori down the shore then being a pirate, looking for buried treasure. the that is right, tori down the shore, it is thursday, we are hanging out in margate. can i tell you i had best time hanging out with the best metal detector, in the business. the both of them, yeah. the we have joe, we have frank and let me tell you something they find everything. all those things you lose or will lose this weekend, they
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will find it, take a look at what you can find on the beach. they fear no surf or sand, they leave no shell uncovered and at highest pitch, they pound. the these men, detect america and today i'll join them on the hunt for buried treasure. >> all i need is a metal detector. >> reporter: joe and mark have been metal detecting for years. they built a community. what they do is not a hobby. >> don't knock it until you try it. you have to come out, give it a shot, you will love it or not love it the you'll find something. >> we're researching history. many of us are history bufs as well as detectives. curiosity is what actually brings a lot of people into it themselves. >> reporter: what they find, it is not always their to keep. >> fit is identifiable at all we will go through different outlets that we have to try to find the owner. >> reporter: playing as you go sometimes you come up with things. >> other times.
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>> is what metal 925. >> 925 is sterling silver 92.5 . >> what did you find. >> i'm new. i just cleaned the beach. >> silver plated copper. >> we all came up with something, right. >> yes. >> very nice. >> should we get back out there. >> one thing for sure you always find comradery. >> can i get a dollar. >> for coffee. >> am i doing much better then you. >> yes, because everybody is looking at you. >> you better keep up. >> you know what, one of the things i found out, that metal detecting it is a hard core community. i talk about comradery and piece we put together but it is a community. there is a passion behind this. >> absolutely, when we started our pages we had no idea how many people were going to come to it. we're 9,000 people in now. it just grows every day. >> there you go. as it keeps growing we would advise everybody to close their pocketbooks, labor day
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but you say keep them opened. >> i say wear your best jewelry. >> happy summer. what a great summer. now back to you. >> wear your best jewelry. >> thanks, gang. >> appreciate it. lauren has our forecast, lot of folks will be on the beach looking at the skies this weekend. >> big changes in our labor day forecast. it was looking so beautiful and then came hermine. all eyes focused on this system a category one hurricane set to impact florida peninsula overnight tonight. here in the delaware valley we will see impacts as we head in the upcoming weekend. over last 24 hours we did get much needed rainfall. skies started to clear out right now, taking a live look over center city philadelphia sunshine trying to break through. temperature right now at 81 degrees. wind shifted out of the north on the back side of the cold front. it it did generate that rainfall activity across parts of the region and in pottstown recent rainfall nearly an inch. burlington picking up .8 of an inch. fort washington picking up
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point three-quarters of a rainfall. temperatures, hanging out right around 07 and 80's degrees. we are cooler at mount pocono at 71. dryer more comfortable air is building in on the back side of the frontal boundary. tonight maybe open up windows. 65 degrees. clearing skies, cooler conditions. beautiful day tomorrow. mostly sun i, less humid with a high at 82 degrees, before things get interesting as we head in the upcoming weekend. storm scan three showing us that clearing trend, clearing skies, now across the i-95 corridor. a few lingering showers along the coast, those will trend over the next couple of hours and eyes focused to the upcoming weekend with potential impact from his hermine a tropical storm watch is in effect until 5:00 o'clock in the evening on sunday for new jersey shore and delaware beaches as we will likely deal with impacts from this system as we head in the upcoming weekend and things could get damp for our made in america festival in front of the art museum, center city philadelphia,
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showers develop in too saturday. watching for heavier rain and strong wind on sunday with high temperatures in the mid to upper 07's. what we know so far, hermine category one. wind at 75 miles an hour. land fall on the florida peninsula overnight tonight and then we will track along the east coast as we head into the next couple of days and in the upcoming weekend. uncertainty does remain how close to our coast hermine will track and therefore the extent of our local impact but some models are coming into uni son now. you can see hermine track ago long the coast tomorrow and arriving as we head in the upcoming weekend. now there is potential that hermine could stall out off shore and what that would mean is keep that flow along the coast for period of several days, so that could be a problem. the sustain wind speeds as we head into friday and especially upcoming weekend we could see wind gusts of 30, 40, 50 miles per hour. certainly along the coast maybe up to 60 miles an hour as we head to saturday night and into sunday.
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midday sunday and sunday afternoon is best chance we will see stronger win speeds up to i-95 corridor and then as we head into monday a lot of this activity will start to wayne as hermine moves off shore but we have to prepare ourselves for possibility of very heavy rainfall. future projections of rainfall in the upcoming weekend especially along the coast we could see four or 5 inches of rain. things will start to i am roof in the labor day holiday itself but keeping a close eye on sunday and if you are along the jersey shore, delaware beaches, do prepare for the fact that you could be dealing with some very strong winds, wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour, on shore flooding and localized flooding due to heavy rainfall as well. we will have the latest for you at ten and 11:00. >> see you then. >> thanks, lauren. leslie is down at the link where bird play their final preseason game. >> well, guys, you'll look out on the field and you may not
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recognize the names out here, most of the starters watching from the sidelines and i talk to merrill reese, he knows these guys, and he has some interesting story lines, for us
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eagles play in the final preseason tune up before the start of the regular season. >> "eyewitness sports" reporter leslie van arsdal is
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in down in south philadelphia with the preview, leslie. >> hi there, guys. i had pleasure of talking to the voice of the eagles merrill reese. he has been calling games now for over 40 years here. so he knows it all. when it comes to the four preseason game a lot of the players that we're not familiar with he has insight into what we're watching for tonight. >> zeroing in on the wide receivers tonight because we have cole turner who has had a good preseason but does he make the roster spot. then there was a guy number nine, david wa dfood and he open up some lines. we have guys trying to change the composition of the team. make eagles feel maybe they should keep a fourth tightened or keep a sixth wide receiver. and that is going to happen. they are not going to play guys they need, except, in the one circumstance tonight, that they are going to throw in michael kendricks. that is because he has had so
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little time during the preseason, he has to get into football shape. >> what is the one player that has impressed you the most, so far this season rookie wise. >> rookie wise, it is, tough to say, right now because the most impressive, rookie is carson wentz. you watched him at practice. he is supposed to be when you take him as number one player in the draft, and you look at him, he is 6-foot five, 237 and throw the ball from here to giants stadium, he is an amazing physical presence. he is well like by his teammates. he is impressive. >> now, i also have to congratulate merrill reese who will be induct in the eagles hall of fame here in november. he is the best, 73 and still going strong. ukee and jessica back to you. >> merrill is the absolute best, always turn down the sound and turn merrill and mike on for sure. >> we will
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looking for good dishes this weekend. tonight at is 11:00 tait with tori features a menu straight out of the nana's kitchen. she chows down on a meal that comes with soul on the side, that is tonight on "eyewitness news". yeah, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly. we are back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: her comes hermine. it's now a hurricane threatening to become the first to make landfall in florida in more than a decade. also tonight, donald trump's softer stand on illegal immigration hardens again. >> anyone who has entered the united states illegally is subject to deportation. >> dubois: what goes up goes down in flames. an embarrassing setback for the private space flight industry. and a pro football player's refusal the stand for the national anthem angers military veterans. >> if he's not for our country and the united states flag, get out of my country. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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