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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning all eyes on tropical storm this holiday weekends retirement now storm scan3 shows hermine lashing the carolinas. down the shore, the calm before the storm. residents, tourists, prepare for the worse. >> organizers of the made in america music festival says the show will go on despite the chance every rain in philadelphia, but other local concerts have been canceled ahead of hermine. >> hey, it is saturday, september 3rd, good morning to you, i'm rahel solomon. the story of the day, story of the week is this weather. let's get you started on a check with weather. justin, quite the storm coming. >> just bad time willing, height of tropical season there is happened a lot of
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times during labor day, always storm around, unfortunately, coming right at the weekends. today will be the best day out of the weekend pretty, pretty much, especially down the shore. >> get it in early? >> exactly. north and west the city does not mean that many affect. poconos probably loving this one. if you have last minute plans, maybe book the trip to resort there, escape the storm, get some sunshine and pleasant temperatures. all eyes mainly south and east we'll focus on throughout the holiday weekend. biggest impact on the jersey shore and delaware beaches. center of the storm south of hatteras, slowly making its way northwards, trying to get into sussex county delaware, dry air in place, sharp cut off right there but heavy rain around tide water virginia, see the rain develop along the jersey shore later today. the latest stat of the five this morning, on hermine, winds at 06 miles per hour, still holding on strong here,
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tropical storm, still booking at 21 miles per hour to the east northeast. still forecast to slow down and almost stall just off the mid-atlantic dogs line over the nef some role days. not much movement starting tomorrow to wednesday. slow i am movement in the forecast, unfortunately, winds are just going to continue along the coast piling up some water. so coastal flooding will be an issue, very high threat starting later tonight through at least monday, strong winds along the coast, moderate threat for some heavy rain here, couple every inches possible along the jersey shore, certainly a lot of beach errosion, strong rip currents, high surf. again later today along the shore points, see the winds increasing, 35 miles per hour, then gust to go 60 at times throughout the weekends, along the coast go get over 3 inches every rain, high surround every maybe 12-foot says coming in battering the coastline, winds not much of an issue right now, if you are at the shore little breezy, winds will pick up this afternoon, and we're on our way up to high temperature of
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78 degrees for philadelphia with some sunshine, the shore again watch out for the rain later during the day, poconos good shape. i'll break down the impact and lets you know when the sun comes out for good. >> thank you, we'll hack back with you soon. >> jersey shore is open for business, vacationers, merchants, get red any case their holiday week sends cut short. david spunt more on preparations for unwelcome visitor. >> it has been said, red sky at night sailor's delight. red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning. friday night, the sunset in a red haze, as locals make their plans for hermine. >> our main concern right now obviously is the flooding. >> brigantine police chief runs the emergency management team on the islands, he tells "eyewitness news", his team is ready. >> i have known my whole life except for stint in the military, the price you pay for living on the barrier islands. these islands are here to protect the mainlands from storms. >> chief bennett says he's
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waiting until saturday before he knows what will become of hermine. >> may have to leave saturday, tomorrow afternoon, so have to see. >> victoria came with her husband and they kids from philadelphia. they are taking any chances with their summer get away home. >> we brought in all of the outdoor furniture, want to baton down the hatches at the house little bit, make sure the cars are parked in a safe place. but we're hoping that it makes a turn and we don't have to deal with it. >> friday night dozens walked down the board walk, things continued to go on as normal, but the storm did make people think. >> my daughter and my son-in-law decided to bring us for the weekends. i said of all weekends. i'm ready to go. >> brigantine isn't alone. "eyewitness news" stopped by sea isle earlier in the day. people were making plants to move their boats ahead of the weather. >> took the boat out of the water, however, and help put furniture away off the porch, and get the heck out of here. >> governor chris christie and other state officials are
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continuing to monitor hermine from trenton. reporting from brigantine, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and hermine's projected frack is forcing atlantic city to cancel this weekend's beach concert. bling 182 on tap for monday, but mayor says because of this forecast cast, the resort had no choice but to cancel the shows. made in america music festival still set to go on. chopper three over the stage as rehearsals got underway on the ben franklin parkway. rihanna is tonight's headliner. cold play is sunday night's final act. >> thousands are expected to descends over the parkway, but as crews made final preparations, some merchants setting up concessions on the parkway say they're worried about potential heavy rain. crews were prepping the festival ground by tying down things. >> securing little extra that we usually do.
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>> officials say if you are planning to come to made in america, come prepared. umbrellas will be allowed. hermine first hurricane to strike florida in more than a decade has weakened into a tropical storm, it bridges heavy rain, winds, this holiday weekend, kenneth craig with a look at some of the damage. >> hermine is moving north along the coast of the carolinas. dumping rain, knocking down power lines, and trees, with its powerful wind. tropical storm warnings now stretch to new jersey. watches continue on through connecticut. it slows down, then stalls, in fact, it even drifts back to the west, as we head into the day sunday, at the same time, intensifying, may become a hurricane again hermine could bring storm surge as much as 4 feet to parts of the mid-atlantic as millions try to enjoy summer's last hooray this long labor day weekend. >> in new york, much of lower manhattan close to see level and vulnerable to storm surges. hermine also expected to bring
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the worse rip current to hit the region in ten to 15 years. hermine came ashore, early friday morning, in florida's panhandle as a hurricane, heavy rains caused flooding and destroyed roads. the heavy winds brought down trees, which crashed into homes, and knocked out power to thousands. >> it is not safe to stay here. we have to leave. >> as hermine now moves up the east coast, it is leaving behind damage that will take weeks to repair. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to track hermine, we will bring you updates on the storm's path on tv of course, also on line, cbs fill if i. com. >> new this morning, shooting in delaware county sends two people to the hospital. happened near west chester pike and north, marne he will township police are now investigating. >> a crash in newark, delaware, leaves a pedestrian dead. happened before 8:00 last
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night i-95 south, near exit one in new castle county. no word on the victim's identity. but as you can see, traffic was backed up for hours, on i95 south, while police investigate. >> a frightening scene in northeast philadelphia, a car crashes through a fence, over a pool, and right into the support post after backyard deck. it happened around 3:00 p.m., 10,000 block, the deck collapsed on top of the car. authorities say fortunately no one was hurt. police still investigating how this happened. >> take a look at this, authorities are looking for two suspect who pulled off elaborate heist on moving delivery truck. surveillance video that you see there captures white work van following the truck along ogontz avenue and olney on monday. investigators say one suspect cut a lock, then unloaded boxes of brand new sneakers into the waiting van. a second suspect allegedly punched the truck driver in the face, when he tried to stop them. if you recognize the suspect or this white van, contact police.
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>> and, philadelphia police are questioning a person of interest in the hit-and-run death of a cyclist in mayfair. crash happened 5800 block of frankford avenue, shortly before 1:00 friday morning, they say the vick festival of families tim was riding a mountain bike when struck by a car and killed. approached septa police friday afternoon, said he was involved in a accident and led police to this damaged buick century that you see there, just blocks away from the crash. >> a short sentence handed down to collegiate sense offender, released from jail friday, ex stanford university swimmer sparked national outcry you might remember when he was sentenced to only six months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. as did danielle nottingham reports, he served only half the time. >> reporter: twenty-one year old brock turner walked out of the santa clara jail friday, released on good behavior after serving just three months behind bars, only half of six month sentence already under fire as too lenient.
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the ex stanford university swimmer convicted of sexual assault against unconscious woman outside a fraternity party in january of 2015. judge aaron voluntarily removed himself from hearing criminal cases starting next week after the case exploded nationally a mid heavy criticism of the six month sentence for turner. at a press conference friday, activists called for him to resign sore be recalled. >> rape isn't some drunken accident. rape except a crime many. it is time for real justice calling for you to resign. how much clearer does that have to be. >> turner faces two years of probation, must register as sex offender to life. he is being sent to dayton, ohio to live with his parents. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news", justin is back with the
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latest on what to expect here, from tropical storm hermine. >> chances, are there is a bottle of anti-bacterial soup in your home. soon that soap will disappear from store shelves. coming up. reason behind a fda ban. >> fighting deadly disease, find out how a pennsylvania man is putting new twist on the ice bucket challenge to help f every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste.
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strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile with strength. with colgate enamel health mineral repair. he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three.
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i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. back now on "eyewitness
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news" as hermine has upped the eastern seaboard, take a look, atlantic beach north carolina where heavy rain flooded streets and strong winds, created a rush of surf on the atlantic ocean, created a dangerous storm surge. national hurricane center warning everyone on the east coast up and down to monitor reports on hermine. justin, you say you have been tracking this for quite some time. what's interesting, it was downgrade from the hurricane, but looks like it may turn back into a hurricane? >> right. >> this storm has been sitting out over the water, the last few weeks, waiting for it to form, never it, finally formed in the gulf, turned into the hurricane, weakens to tropical storm. as it moves back out to sea it, will lose its tropical characteristics, but the strength of it still strong. actually may re strengthen little bit. once it moves off the coast, kind of like strong nor'easter, even though not true tropical system probably in the next couple of days. >> dangerous nonetheless. >> yes, a loft flooding going on, coastal flooding, tidal
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flooding, beach errosion, main impacts down the shore. not so much here in the city. we take you outside right now, like i said, today probably the best day anywhere. specially at the shore right now, if you are down there, get it in now. enjoy the morning, things will go downhill quickly later this afternoon into tonight. over center sit, just had some high clouds right now, actually see little sunshine around this morning, temperatures, pretty pleasant, we're in the 60s right now, and they will be stuck in the 70s today. but check out storm scan3, there is hermine, winds 60-mile per hour, clockwise tropical storm, still has tropical characteristics, heavy rain, hampton road tide water area, nor folks virginia, a lot of storm sinker there, and the rain trying to get up toward ocean city maryland right now, casino every cut off. the drier air in place. and that's what's going to help keep the storm little bit south and east of philadelphia. but, still, slowing it down, as it moves off shore. right now, moving at about 21 miles per hour, that's pretty quickly. again, stalling off, and
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that's just going to pounds the coastline with persistent north to northeast winds, that will help pile up the water at least through labor day. and as slow improvement next week. not much going to be happening up toward the poconos, lehigh valley, you will get some clouds out of this, looks like you do stay rain free, that's good news there if you live north and west of the city. not going to feel the effect from the system whole lot at all. sixty-two allentown, 69 in philadelphia. low 70s, wildwood, and atlantic city airport, like i said, should feel little sunshine this morning, here at the jersey shore, and temperatures, little closer to here, 74 barnegat, ocean water at 75 degrees, rehoboth checking in at 74. winds speeds increasing through the afternoon. so these are sustained winds, could get up to around 30 by early mid, laid afternoon, little less toward inland spots, 15 to maybe 20 miles per hour. and then, those wind speeds then continue 20, 30, 40 miles per hour, gust to go maybe 60,
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depending on how strong this storm gets. and how close it is to the coastline. tropical storm warnings, for all of coastal new jersey, even up the delaware bay, southern new jersey including salem county, cumberland county, all of delaware, again, potential for tropical storm force winds, 39 miles per hour or higher. certainly see potential for heavy rain, again, immediate shore line pounded by the win, so coastal flooding. so later today, winds start to increase, gusting 40, eventually height of it, 60 miles per hour, probably during the day sunday into sunday night. so major coastal flooding possible around times of high tide. specially starting later tournament also, coming off new moon phase, higher than normal high tides, rough surf, eight up to 12 feet over the next few days, so obviously dangerous rip current. look at the gusts this afternoon, gusting over 40 miles per hour close to six off through the overnight into monday, then finally tuesday winds start to back off little
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bit. then notice the direction, out of the northwest. that will help push the water back out to sea, as the storm exit. like i said, storms moving right now 21 miles per hour, but kind of slows down. this is sunday morning, then this is wednesday. there is not much movement here off the east coast. so again it kind of lingers. so expect clouds around. this is something interesting. check out this model. notice the rain. it is barely gets into south jersey. and we'll see decent amount of sunshine if this model verifies later today, even into sunday. but that's just one model. i do think we'll get the rain across southern new jersey, delaware, and potential for two, 3 inches every rain across extreme southern delaware, lesser amounts the farther west you go. may not be much rain at all here around is the it i. so today some sunshine, breezy, 78, rain develops tonight, especially south and east of the city, city could stay dry tonight, mostly cloudy. check out the extended forecast. headed into labor day, unsettled, breezy, showers around possible, finally tuesday we start to clear things out, but by the end of
5:19 am
next week, look at that, nine the degrees again. >> long weekends. >> really. >> justin, thank you. philadelphia's one of five urban areas getting new funding, and the fight against zika. the cdc awarded more than $345,000 for the philadelphia department of public health. the mondayly help the city track cases of micro self lee and other health problems associated with psych a other major cities like chicago, houston, new york city and la county also got funding to track potential zika outbreaks. anti-bacterial soap may not be as safe as you think. fda will ban some chemicals used in the soap, haven't been proven safe or effective for daily use. mainly targets two common ingredient, try closeon, and twiclocash inch, could spur resistant bacteria. does not affect hands sanitizers or anti-bacterial wipes. on the health watch, different kind of challenge raising
5:20 am
money for als, lou gehrig's disease, off shoot of the ice bucket challenge, has chester county man traveling the country. health reporter stephanie stahl talks with him about the final leg every his journey. >> some watermellon from the great state of delaware. >> it started a month ago in the first state. larry kaplan who lived in west chester set out across the country to raise money and awareness for als. >> itit has been amazing, tiring, excite being, depressing, it has been pretty much every emotion you can think of. >> he wanted to keep the momentum of the ice bucket challenge going. so he's going to 50 states in 30 days, where he's having locally inspired stuff dumped on his head. >> the gross he is thing was gumbo in new orleans, it was gumbo, it was beer, and it was rice. and there was no water to get cleaned off. and in montana i had moose drool, which i won't lie, that was actually good.
5:21 am
>> oh,. >> moose drool is actually beer n vermont it was maple syrup. west virginia, barbeque sauce. >> 35-pound of salmon heads in alaska, salmon row and ocean water dumped on me. >> hoping to raise $100,000 for als. the ice bucket challenge raised $115 million, which is funded research that led to an important genetic discovery. >> another example of people's money and work, being able to use that money to get real results. >> forty-four year old west, teaches at arcadia, says it is probably too late for him. but there is finally hope for others with als. >> it is amazing the number every people that are involved, and families affected by it. >> larry finishes his 50 in 30 challenge tuesday in philly. it will be a lot of buckets, and if you're from philadelphia, you'll probably figure out what will be in the bucket. >> we have links to larry's grand finale, click on health, and i'll also
5:22 am
have that for you on my facebook and twitter feeds. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and still ahead, with this weather that's headed our way, it might be a good weekend to head to the movies. here is kevin frazier. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up, star as couple in a drama that brought them together, as real life couple in the lif
5:23 am
5:24 am
movie-goers looking for romance this weekend, look for the life between oceans, kevin frazier tells us how the movie stars fell in love onset. >> this week michael, and lisa share the screen in the movie
5:25 am
that brought them together as real life couple while playing a couple in the heart wrenching drama the life between oceans. >> (movie clip). >> living in a isolated lighthouse common is played, living quiet life, until one day they rescue baby girl from row both lost at sea and raised her as their own. but they soon discover that the baby's mother is still out there, and the secret begins to take its toll on everyone. >> someone knows she is alive. >> the two stars met before, but having the chemistry to play a married couple living a remote and lonely life was key for the deep emotions in the film. >> i think you are stepping into it, you always hope for. you. >> just never know. there from the beginning really. >> i'll protect you, i promise. >> that chemistry ended up leading to real life romance, compliment g each other as
5:26 am
real professionals. >> very serious performer, very brave, you know, definitely got all of those things, it is impressive to see. >> one day it won't feel like a drome. >> now, back to you in the studio. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", donald trump makes a visit to philadelphia. who he met with, as he looks to close the gap with hillary clinton here in the keystone state. >> samsung recalling millions of smart phones over fear they may catch fire. i'm marlie hall in new york with the latest coming up. >> and, it is a race against time, to escape this. local student put their meat skills to the test. finds out how they did when we return.
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who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein. oikos, be unstoppably you. this morning, we are following breaking news, in atlantic city reports of a shooting have left police to seal off area popular with shoppers. anita oh, live near the scene, i know, this is still developing, but what have you learn so far? >> rahel, very developing situation, right now, police still think pretty tight-lipped about what's happening here on atlantic avenue near arkansas avenue. as you can see, police have laid out evidence markers here, we've also seen swat teams, k9 unit along with officers and bulletproof vests, and if you look hine us, caution tape again, you can see that police have put out those evidence markers, there is a very heavy police
5:30 am
presence here, a witness tells me he did see a body covered with a white sheet. but at this point, the circumstances of what we're hearing of the shooting are still hazy, but we will bring you more information as this story develops. but for now, live in atlantic sit, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you for that. also keeping a close eye on tropical storm hermine this morning and what it means for our region. justin drabick out on the skydeck with eyewitness weather. certainly can't tell right now, but you say a mean storm headed our way. >> yep, and specially the shore later tonight, when we will see the worse effect, heavy rainfall, strong winds, certainly potential for some moderate maybe even major coastal flooding because the storm will slow down and continue to pound the coast, with the with us -- gusty winds. very quiet in center city. may not see a lot of effect from the system as far as west as philadelphia, but there is the center of the storm around hatteras, rain trying to get up to southern delaware, near
5:31 am
ocean city maryland right now, fenwick islands, but having tough time running into a lot of dry air. that's what we have to watch. how far north and west can the edge of the rain get tonight but it looks like we will start to see rain moving into parts of extreme southern new jersey, especially later on this afternoon. at the 5:00, winds still at 06 miles per hour, so this is strong tropical storm, it has all of its tropical characteristics, still, moving pretty quickly, 21 miles per hour, but then over the next five days, just kind of slows down as it lingers off the mid-atlantic coastline, slowly drift off to the north and east by the middle of next week. so, our tropical threat, starting mainly tonight, through monday, high risk for coastal flooding, high winds, heavy rain, moderate threat for that, could see couple of inches along the shore points, obviously we get beach errosion, strong rip currents with the rough surf. so again, later today, through monday, winds at the shore are going to increase, 35 miles per hour, eventually gusting to 60, probably, during the day sunday. locally heavy rain, three or more inches, potentially along
5:32 am
the immediate coastline, coastal flooding will be around times of high tide starting later tonight. winds not much of an issue, sustained at about 15, 16 miles per hour in wildwood. that's about it. temperatures comfortable, in the 60s and 70s right now, philadelphia, see some sunshine today, 74 at the shore, watch out for the rain this afternoon, high of 74, and not bad day in the poconos, in fact, all weekend looks good up in the mountains with temperatures in the 70s, breakdown more of the impact coming up in the full forecast in a cue up -- couple every minutes. >> justin, see you soon. philadelphia making plans for potentially soggy made in america festival. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos at the ben franklin parkway to check out the finishing touches. >> reporter: this labor day weekend thousands will descend upon the made in america festival. but, headlining along with rihanna and cold play, could be hermine. >> we will have and we do have high content we'll ends up with tidal flooding, errosion, a lot of winds at the shore.
5:33 am
>> i'm real excited. >> concert goers like kylie, though, say they're ready for whatever weather is thrown their way. >> we are we're preparing, little nervous for the storm, but we have our umbrella's and ponchos ready so hopefully won't be too bad. >> you're coming rain or shy shine? >> of course, not going to miss a chance. >> preparing, appear to be little more worried about the forecast. >> we have to shut everything down, especially if it starts raining real hard. otherwise we're ready, if it starts raining, to cover everything up, get everything covered. >> friday crews were prepping the festival grounds. tying down tents. >> securing the little extras that we usually do. >> and performing sounds checks at the five stages throughout the art museum area. all the while, philly's office of emergency management keeping close eye on hermine's path. >> the message to the public is if you're tending made in america, please come. probably see some rain.
5:34 am
so bring a rain jacket, umbrellas are allowed. >> reporter: there are two things, evacuations could take place, one if lightning strikes, the second if wind gusts more than 50 miles per hour, but we're told this storm not expected to produce either of those scenarios. how much, banking raincoat as you heard and an umbrella, very god advice. reporting here along the ben franklin parkway, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and hermine has become the first hurricane to strike florida in over a decade. heavy winds, brought down trees, some at home and thousands left in the dark. >> this storm is blamed for at least one death in florida they say homeless man died when a tree fell on him. hermine then weakened to tropical storm as it spun through georgia and the carolinas, estimated 325,000 people in florida and more than 107,000 in neighboring georgia are still without power. >> and, stay with "eyewitness news", as we keep track of
5:35 am
hermine, and when you are not near a tv, always on line. >> many people in pennsylvania, new jersey, will be paying higher taxes, now that governor chris christie has ended a decade's long tax agreement between the two state. resident working in either state to pay income taxes at the rate of their home state. christie ended the deal, but said he would reconsider as the jersey legislature cuts worker health benefits. pennsylvania governor tom wolf sakes through a spokesman christie's decision punishes workers. meantime campaign 2016, donald trump will advice ate black church in detroit today. yesterday he was in our area to meet with african-american leaders in north philadelphia. gop presidential nominee, met with about dozen members of the african-american community at the view on north broad street. >> we want to step out on november 8th. >> as you hear there, many protesters hit the streets to voice their displeasure with a trump visit. some said frustrated by trump's comments on
5:36 am
immigration, and some of the protesters from black lives matter. >> any leader so-called leader that's going to meet with donald trump today, and listen to that biggot, or even be in the same room with that biggot, do cents not speak for us. >> and police did have to break up a brief scuffle between the trump protesters and trump supporter. but most of the protest he is were peaceful. >> the fbi has released report detailing hillary clinton's interview with developers over her private e-mail server. the documents show when questioned, clinton answered i don't recall on 39 separate occasions. also learned she used 13 different mobile device that is had access to the server. clinton told investigators she relied on the judgement of her staff and other, not to illegally send emails containing classified information to her private server. she also told fbi investigators sheik was unclear about classification markings on official government documents. >> and we're now just six a days away from election day, of course, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of
5:37 am
campaign 2016. new this morning, president obama has arrived in china for the g20 summit which begins tomorrow. planning to spotlight cooperation between the us and china on climate change. two leaders are expected to announce their nations are taking part in the paris agreement, to cut emissions of gas that is crib to global warming. this weekend mother teresa will become a saint. on sunday the world famous nun is nobel peace prize winner the newest saint for the fate. hundreds are expected to gather at the vatican sunday to witness pope fran to declare her a saint. pope john the second admired mother teresa, became her friends, after she died he fast tracked her to sainthood for the miracle of healing two very sick people. >> still ahead: samsung is recalling one of its newest phones, danger the device could pose. and ahead in sports, temple owls against army. let's see the highlight. plus the phillies turn
5:38 am
citizens bank park into a classroom for one group of local kids. the important lesson, why it goes beyond just playing ball. >> there is one place in new jersey that is taking that and put that in a escape room, feeling your kids can get out with flying colors and good grades. do you think you have the answer? >> yes. >> let's go try it. >> and justin is tracking the timing of tropical storm hermine, and when we may start to see ute effect in our area. stay with
5:39 am
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>> a warning for owners of the new samsung galaxy note seven. the company is recalling the phones after reports that they can catch on fire. marlie hall has the details. >> what just happened to my note seven. >> youtube video posted by after yo gonzalez claims this new samsung galaxy note seven caught on fire after charging. melting part of the phone. >> bran new phone. >> at a press conference friday, samsung announced it is recalling two and a half million devices. the company has confirmed dozen every cases where the phones caught fire, and blames the problem on a faulty battery made by one of it suppliers. >> samsung says it has to recall all of the phones, because there is no way to figure out which ones may have a defective battery. >> i can't even imagine how expensive, how time consuming, and how much effort is going to have to go into replacing all of these phones. >> cnet dan ackerman says the
5:42 am
galaxy note seven was getting good reviews, with features like iris scanner lets it unlock the phone. water resistant devices already experiencing strong sales. recall comes just days before apple is expected to announce the new iphone seven. >> worse possible time, finally had real hit on their hands, and it looked like they were really going out do apple. look what happened. >> samsung says its replacement phones will be available in about two weeks. marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, let's check in with justin. a lot of people watching the forecast this weekend. everybody has weekend labor day plans, and you say the storm quickly approaching? >> that's right. again, the shore will be the main place where we will see the most impact. minimal rain probably inland as far as western philadelphia, so may not see whole lot of rain here around the city and specially points north and west. up in the poconos, actually pretty nice weekend ahead. you'll get some clouds, 70s, sunshine, hoo err is hermine right now, near hatteras, moving to to the east northeast,
5:43 am
pretty rapidly, seeing the steady rain trying to move into extreme southern delaware, having a tough time, a lot of dry air, just in place, just pressing this rain, little bit southward, so it will take some time. you see clouds building northward into parts every south jersey, eventually should get little rain in here along the shore specially this afternoon, then picks up in intensity later tonight and sunday. the question, can that rain get? because of the dry air. and the farther east it tracks, lesser chance we do see the rain around philadelphia. that's great news if you have outdoor plans around the city and of corpse the made in america concert. sixty-two allentown, 56 nice and cool mount pocono. low 70s across south jersey at the shore points, 70 degrees in the capitol city of delaware, rehoboth beach probably the seeing the rain the next few hours, if we get it to move on in. seventy-three cape may, stone harbor, may take some time to get the rain showers into jersey so probably later this afternoon. now is the time to get outside if you are in south jersey.
5:44 am
so, latest on hermine, you can see the clouds trying to move northwards. we have tropical storm warnings, for the areas in blue, and it includes delmarva, peninsula, up the delaware bear, delaware, jersey shore, tropical storm watch for new york, long island, into southern new england. soy -- so again, impact, imagine or through the coast, through labor day, winds will start to increase this afternoon. eventually get up to 40 to 60 miles per hour this afternoon, the afternoon for gusts. potential for major coastal flooding specially sunday starting around tonight's high tide, start to get the flooding going on, coming offer the new moon phase, higher than normal tides, that is not good timing there. very rough surf, wave heights up to possibly 12 feet, on sunday, even into monday, so that's just going to pound the beaches. so beach errosion, obviously dangerous rip currents, you don't want to head out into the ocean, again, those tropical storm warnings remain in effect for the coastline. now, winds gusting only around 30 miles per hour near the outer banks right now, close
5:45 am
to the home gusting to 24, rehoboth beach, ocean city maryland, 18 atlantic city not that bad right now, like i said, throughout the shore, this morning, get out, enjoy the next few hours, could see few peaks of sunshine. things do go downhill later this afternoon no tonight. wind gusts again focused a being lot coast, close to 40, near the shore points, even inland, part of interior south jersey along the delaware bay up to around 40 miles per hour, then tomorrow kind of the same deal. mid 40's to near 50, possibly, even 60 miles per hour, sunday afternoon, into sunday night. you can see those wind gusts well into the 50's, across parts of eastern new jersey, central and southern delaware, even monday, it still will be strong, but the wind direction starts to twist more northerly as the storm gets to the latitude. good news for coastal flooding, helps push the water back out to sea so that will knock that off little bit. so that's good news. this forecast model, still trying to put the storm little further to the east. that would mean less after chance to get the heavy rain.
5:46 am
i still say we'll see rain moving into parts of interior south jersey through today, then that storm, slowly drifts, eastward, during the day sunday, but then tries to come back little bit to the west. call it retrograde g so many still the threat for showers in here specially labor day even as far west as philadelphia, still the key, how far west, in -- can that rain get. they're getting ham wedder heavy rhawn down the carolinas, tide water, virginia, several inches of rain possibly up to 4 inches, even along the coast of delmarva. new jersey, two, 3 inches possible across eastern new jersey, and the southern delaware shore line. seventy-eight for high today for philadelphia, with some sunshine, breeze picks up little bit this afternoon, nothing too crazy, tonight mostly cloudy skies, i think the city dry. get some rain specially south and east the city, delaware, part of southern new jersey, extended forecast tomorrow clouds, maybe couple of showers possible, far west philadelphia, steadier rain, near the shore, 75 degrees. labor day, still got to throw in chance for shower, breezy,
5:47 am
clouds, upper 70s, then we bring back the sun for the middle every next week finally will warm up, hot again, highs near 90 neck thursday and friday. >> bad timing, justin, thank you. well, meat is one of the subject that can be a specially tough challenge for some kids and maybe some cut. vittoria woodill more with a effort to make it easier. >> ♪ >> meat is one of those things that can be intimidating. sort of like escape room. finding your way out after dark room, and solving a meat problem entails a set of steps to take. and sometime you don't always know your way. soap, if to take the fear out of numbers, one new jersey mother, cracking the code on success with numbers. >> numbers is not a one way street. there are so many ways to get to the final stop. you just have to find your way. >> an engineer and the founder of math accelerator in moorestown new jersey where fun is her focus. >> aid chance to talk and
5:48 am
listen to her story how she was building on their foundation, how she was trying to help them logically work through a problem and build their confidence. i just new exactly that this was a place that i needed to bring them. >> her fashion for numbers stemming from the benefits after buck, she learned as a child, in china. >> my mom would say if you can keep within the budget, you can get a reward each day. every day i would come up with better and better strategy how can i continue to save monday. >> i the rewards of working with mother this author and mom developed a way of learning where lodge sick key. >> i teach them the techniques and the logic behind the table. so they can just take that, and learn the table. >> this lesson leading to offering an escape room to student where challenges force you to think outside the box. >> everything looks so much more complicated than it is. but, all i have to do is just arrange the two numbers and it went from very complicated to very simple.
5:49 am
>> it is easy to count up. >> daughter amanda, eight year old, not afraid of big bad numbers or the escape room, hemmed me learn some tricks for escaping with ease. >> i got one! >> we did it! we're free. >> i went in feeling nervous, but left feeling like math wasn't anything to run from. in the einstein health car science center, victoria wood he will
5:50 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
>> well, last night there was
5:52 am
football game down at the linc, not the birds, matt rhule and the temple owls kicking off their season against army. to the first quarter, past from quarterback tj walker pick off by army. now, the owls will regain momentum with a six-yard rushing touchdown by amistad, with the extra point, the owls will take the lead, seven to nothing. unfortunately, it doesn't take long for army to answer back. second quarter, bradshaw, will martin yards into the ends zone for a touchdown, which will tie the game up at seven. then in the fourth quarter, army leading by one, tyler campbell, punch it in for army with 12-yard run, army goes up 21 to 13 and goes onto win it 28-13. >> saw play that poorly, a lot of credit to army, they physically are with us, and we look, we look disheveled, looked good, little good early at times but when the moment got hard, we did not react. >> meanwhile, right across the
5:53 am
street, the phillies back in action, at citizens bank park, game one of three against the braves. jeremy hellickson on the mound for the phils and pediatric cancer taking center stage before the game. eleven year old andrew mcvay throwing out the first pitch. to the game we go. in the bottom of the second, phillies up by one, aj ellis, hits a homer to right field. darin ruff, yes, called up in back. freddie galvis will common home, phillies up four to nothing. fast forward to the top of the fifth. mat kemp returns the favor with homer to centerfield. garcia and freddie freeman will score. were the braves able to tie it up. for sure. braves go on and win this 18 to four. eagles front office staff has to trim the roster down to 353 by 4:00 today. on thursday the eagles won their final pre-season game against the jets, and for many of the younger guys, this was their final chance to show why they de is her after spot on the nfl. head coach doug pederson said i'll take a good look at the film so he can make the right choices. >> it is authorities discount
5:54 am
it and say hey this guy separated himself. because sometimes you just look at one or two plays, and you think that maybe that was the mark that he needed. but you got to evaluate the whole body of work. now tomorrow's a valuable day to get in, just study the film, and see where some of these young guys shake out. >> now, this actually happened. troy bo, a coach at liberty high school in south carolina shying this picture went viral. jr football team arrived to find the side line, well, little bit off. >> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> this past week citizens bank park was turned into a special class for student, as stephanie stahl tells us the program help to educate kids about the importance of taking care of their bodies. >> just like the major leagues, before a real game, these philadelphia student got to go through some basic baseball drills on a field of dreams. >> amazing, just get to learn new things. >> tell all my friends that i
5:55 am
was playing on citizens bank field. >> this day of activity part of campaign called play, promoting the lifetime of activity for youth. sponsored by athletic trainers. >> important to be healthy. it will keep your body fit. >> sean, assistant athletic treanor for the phillies, putting the student through agility drills. >> makes it more fun for them, when they know their favorite players are doing it, too, extremely important to get kids up and moving at an early age, hopefully carries through throughout the rest of their life. >> along with fast, speed, coordination, students also had a session on nutrition. >> what else are you drinking? >> apple juice, what else? >> what message did you get out here today? >> that you should always like treat your body right. >> i lost my younger brother. >> don also met with the kids to warn them about drugs and steroids, which he says, caused his brother, aspiring player, to commit suicide. >> this is huge problem. we have over one and a half million kids that admit to using and a bowl i shall steroids in high school, that's girls and boys, athlete, and non-athletes.
5:56 am
>> and star pitcher aaron nola underscored the dangers of drugs and highlighted the importance of exercise and good diet. >> body is healthy, casino whatever this is all about. >> the program takes place in 30 major baseball ballparks around the country. philadelphia having one of the biggest programs, with hundreds of students, getting what will hopefully be lessons that last a lifetime. stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". we're following breaking news in atlantic city this morning, coming up next, a live report from the crime scene. >> and, also ahead, a shooting in marple township. what police are saying about the people who were hurt. >> and, justin is back with the latest track on hermine. stay with us.
5:57 am
ithere's a race going on right approve tnow.message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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5:59 am
>> breaking news in atlantic city, large scale police presence at a crime scene this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, with the latest developments in just a few minutes. >> our other big story this morning, all eyes on tropical storm hermine this holiday weekends, right now storm scan3 shows it lashing the carolinas and southern virginia. meantime down the shore it is the calm before the storm. residents, business owners, tourists all preparing for the worse as the storm moves up the coast. today is saturday september 3rd, good morning,
6:00 am
i'm rahel solomon. let's get right over to justin drabick. justin, talking earlier, you have a made in america, concert in atlantic city, a lot of big plans, and the rain strictly approaching. >> that time again, the shore. that will see most of the impact from the system, around the city may get off with just a little bit of rain. possibly no rain at all. >> really? >> yes, then poconos actually going to be in real good shape. i would get on the phone and go north. escape the storm. but bad timing this weekend, things quickly go downhill, especially in delaware, south jersey, later this morning into the afternoon. hermine still strong, tropical storm, sitting near hatteras right now. and a lot of heavy rain fall down to the carolinas, tide water virginia where they'll get decent amount of tidal surge there. rain trying to move northward into extreme southern delaware, sharp cut off with the rain, that's tough to forecast, where is that edge to the north and west of that rain shield. and it will be close to the city,


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