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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i'm rahel solomon. let's get right over to justin drabick. justin, talking earlier, you have a made in america, concert in atlantic city, a lot of big plans, and the rain strictly approaching. >> that time again, the shore. that will see most of the impact from the system, around the city may get off with just a little bit of rain. possibly no rain at all. >> really? >> yes, then poconos actually going to be in real good shape. i would get on the phone and go north. escape the storm. but bad timing this weekend, things quickly go downhill, especially in delaware, south jersey, later this morning into the afternoon. hermine still strong, tropical storm, sitting near hatteras right now. and a lot of heavy rain fall down to the carolinas, tide water virginia where they'll get decent amount of tidal surge there. rain trying to move northward into extreme southern delaware, sharp cut off with the rain, that's tough to forecast, where is that edge to the north and west of that rain shield. and it will be close to the city, but, good shot of effi
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rain across extreme southern new jersey, into delaware, as well. as of 5:00 a.m., hermine still has 60-mile per hour winds, east northeast 21 miles per hour, so it is on the move for the next 24 hours, everything kind of slows down, almost stalls off the mid-atlantic coastline, just slow to the north and east through wednesday. and even though it will lose tropical characteristics, it will still have strong winds, still possibly as high as hurricane force as it gets back out over the water. so this weekend, the center will pass off the east coast, still close enough to bring the highest impact to the jersey shore, delaware beaches. so coastal flooding likely with us is continued winds over 40 miles per hour for several days here. so later today, wind start to increase, 35 to 45 miles per hour, gusting to 60, and the heaviest lane will be again along the coastline possibly three or more inches, rough surf, tidal flooding around times of high tide. winds not so much of an issue right now, ten to 15 miles per hour, temperatures very comfortable this morning, enjoy the morning, pretty nice this afternoon, see the rain
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develop across southern new jersey, philadelphia, we do stay dry, at 78 degrees, poconos good shape, also, at 71. we will talk about when things quiet down for good, and i'll show you a warm up with the forecast in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, justin. "eyewitness news" is following breaking news in atlantic city, we've been tracking this all morning long, there is a large police presence at a crime scene and we know that a multiple police agencies are involved. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live near the scene to bring us to up date. anita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, still very few details at this point, but as you said heavy police presence here on arkansas avenue off atlantic avenue here in atlantic city. this is right by the ceasar's parking garage here, this is very popular shopping strip. but this morning, this has turned into a police scene. still, at this point, police are saying, pretty tight-lipped about what happened here, but we just saw truck with armed officers, drive by, we also saw a k9 unit along with officers and
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bulletproof vests, blocking off several streets here. if you look behind this police tape, you can see, that police have put about a dozen evidence markers on the ground, witness tells me he did see a body covered with a white sheet. again, if you point, the circumstances of this reported shooting are still hazy, we do know that atlantic city police is heading this investigation, and i'm told that the spokesman is heading to the scene now, so we'll bring you more details as they become available. for now live in atlantic city, anita oh. >> anita, thank you. hermine's projected track forcing atlantic city to cancel this weekend's beach concert. florida georgia line was supposed to play today, bling 182 was on tap for the next day. the resort had no choice but to cancel the shows. for now the jersey shore is open for bills. but vacationers and merchants are getting in case their labor day holiday is cut short. david spunt has more on preparations for an unwelcome visitor. >> it has been said, red sky
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at night sailor's delight. red sky in the morning sailor's take morning. friday night the sunset in a red haze, as locals make their plans for hermine. >> our main concern right now obviously is the -- >> running the emergency management team on the island, tells "eyewitness news" his team is ready. >> i've lived leer my whole life except for stint in the military. price you pay for living on a barrier island. these island are here to protect the mainlands from storm. >> but chief ben the said he is waiting until saturday until he knows what will become of hermine. >> may have to leave saturday tomorrow afternoon, so we have to see. >> victoria came with her husband and three kids from philadelphia. they are making any chances with their summer get away home. >> we brought in all of the outdoor furniture, we want to baton down the hatches at the house little bit, make sure the cars are park in a safe place. but we're hoping that it makes a turn, and we don't have to deal with it. >> friday night dozens walked
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down the boardwalk, and things continued to go on as normal. but the storm toss did make people think. >> my daughter and her -- my son-in-law, decide to bring us for the weekends. i said of all weekends. i'm ready to go. >> brigantine isn't alone. "eyewitness news" stopped by sea isle, earlier in the day, where people were making plans to move their boats ahead of the weather. >> get the boat out of the water, help put furniture away off the porch, and get the heck out of here. >> governor chris christie and other state officials are continuing to monitor hermine, from trenton, reporting from brigantine, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> meanwhile, in philadelphia, made in america's music festival is still set to go on. chopper three was over the stage as rehearsals got underway on the ben franklin parkway. rihanna is tonight's headline earn, cold play is sunday night's final act. thousands are expected to descend on the parkway for the ann all labor day weekend
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events. crews made final preparations some merchants setting up concessions on the parkway say they're worried about potential heavy rain. crews were prepping the ground by tying down things. >> ensuring little extra than we usually go. >> officials say if you are planning to come to made in america, come prepared for the rain, umbrellas will be allowed. hermine, the first hurricane to strike florida in more than a decade has weakened into tropical storm. it is now targeting virginia shore line as it bridges heavy rain, and wind this long holiday weaken. kenneth craig with a look at some of the damage. >> hermine is moving north along the coast of the carolinas. dumping rain, and knocking down power lines, and trees, with its powerful wind. tropical storm warnings now stretch to new jersey. storm watches continue on through connecticut. it slows down, then stalls, in fact, it even drift back to the west, as we get into the day sunday, at the same time re intensifying may become a
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hurricane again. >> hermine could bring storm surge of as much as 4 feet to part of the mid-atlantic as millions try to enjoy summer's last hooray, this long labor day weekends. >> in new york, much of lower manhattan is close to sea level and vulnerable to storm surges. hermine is also expected to bring the worse rip current to hit the region in ten to 15 years. hermine came ashore, early friday morning, and florida's panhandle as a hurricane. it heavy rains caused flooding and destroyed roads. the heavy winds brought down trees, which crashed into homes, and knocked out power to thousands. >> not safe for us to stay here, so we have to leave. >> as hermine now moves up the east coast, it is leaving behind damage that will take weeks to repair. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to track hermine. we'll bring you updates on the storm's path on tv of course but also on line
6:08 am new this morning, shooting in delaware county sends two people to the hospital. it happened near west chester pike, and north new ardmore avenue in broomall. no word on the extent of injuries or what led to the shooting. marm he will township police now investigating. philadelphia police now questioning person of interest in the hit and death run after cyclist in mayfair. happened early friday morning, and investigators say man led police to a damaged car, just blocks away from the crash. >> by most accounts, 42 year old matthew madison should have been safe. he was in the bike lane, and had plash ers onto alert drivers. yet, mitt say, at about 12:45 friday morning, driver still crashed into him, leaving his mangled bike and his body behind. >> i heard a bang. and then a screach. so i jumped up. i thought it was my car getting hit. i looked out the window, i do a double take, and a man laying there, quarter every his bike over here, the rest of the pieces all over, it whooton his bike was still flashing.
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>> later friday at the scene off frankford and cheltenham avenues, signs after deadly wreck remain. >> some, don't care. >> while police could not tell us where the victim was going, neighbor tells me at that hour he would have likely been on his way to his second job. >> he was coming home later on, get his mountain bike, and i would see i have leave out the back with his mountain bike and go to work. >> friday afternoon police had tracked the buick century involved to this deadened street blocks a which from the scene. and investigators say, it was the driver who led them there. >> this person approached two sets every police officers 5300 block of bustleton avenue, said he was in a accident last night. he then showed the officer where the car was located. >> friday's deadly hit-and-run the second this week after tuesday, a man in feltonville was killed after someone hit his motorcycle, and kept going. that driver has not been found. >> very sad, you know, just a sad situation. >> at this point police have not announced any charges for
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that driver. still ahead on "eyewitness news", justin is back with the latest on what to expect here in our area from tropical storm hermine. >> also ahead, chances are there is a bottle of anti-bacterial soup in -- soap in your home, soon the shop will disappear from store shelves. the rone behind a fda ban. plus if you have ever lifted your child's booing bag, you know they can get heavy. coming up see what back packs can lighten the load for your
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>> heavy rain, brought in surf from the atlantic ocean, creating dangerous surge road in the virginia region, and warning everyone on the east coast to monitor reports on hermine. and, how about this? this couple took their wedding pictures in kitty-hawk north carolina yesterday. they posted for note ers just as tropical storm hermine was starting to dump rain on the area, couple from arizona had said their i do's later the day, didn't mind the rain and wind as their backdrop for the wedding pictures. maybe not bad backgrounds for photos, probably don't want to be out in it once it starts to pick up in our region, justin? >> exactly, at the shore, get ready for rough weather. throw a hurricane party. i think rahel will have one later. >> you're not invited. >> what's up with that. >> i'm blaming you for this weather.
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>> that hurt. of corpse i get the blame, who else. but seriously, though, yes, things do go downhill at the shore, that's who is going to see the worse of the storm system, jersey shore far extreme southern new jersey up the delaware bay, potential for tropical storm force wind, 39 miles per hour or higher, could be gusting to 60 miles per hour, closer to the city looks like impact much minimalment maybe little bit every rain here in the city possibly tomorrow. that's about it, then you go further north and west, good shape. hardly any effect, just little clouds, especially up in the poconos. this morning, not bad. even at the shore, enjoy the next few hours. perhaps even see little bit of sunshine once it is up. we go into part of central new jersey, up in lawrenceville, peter, partly mostly cloudy skies at 64 degrees. so, it is comfortable out there. low humidity, little breezy, but really nice. jerry, in blue bell, also coming in the mid 60s, we go little further south, into delaware, right now, where we check in with john, at 66 degrees, with some clouds around, and part of interior
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south jersey, pretty nice. at the moment, john in tabernacle, 62, probably get some gusty winds, starting later tonight. certainly, tomorrow. let's get live look at the shore right now, and getting ready for not a bad sunrise there. old saying, red sky warning, sailor's warning. that's the true to this one. clouds will continue to thicken up throughout the morning, and now should get some rain in here during the afternoon, also the wind will kick up out of the east to northeast, that surf will become real choppy then starting tonight good bet to start seeing tidal flooding around time of high tide. storm scan3, there is hermine spinning over the outer banks, about 60 miles from hatteras, lock at the heavy rain, norfolk virginia now moving into the southern delmarva peninsula, raining raining in ss bury, maryland, extreme southern delaware shut cut off. dry air in place. got to fight the dry air. that's the problem the forecast, how far north and west does that rain shield get.
6:16 am
does it get to philadelphia? i think we see at this point little bit of rain tomorrow. but majority of the heavy rain will be the far eastern new jersey, and then into central and southern delaware. tropical storm warnings for all of delaware along the delaware bay, new jersey, up the coastline, again, potential to see the wind 40 miles per hour or hire. current winds gust as you get closer to the center of the system, hatteras at 39 miles per hour gusting to 45, in virginia beach, already. and back home, winds not that much of an issue, gusts barely over 20 miles per hour, so so far pretty pleasant this morning. but like i said, things go downhill quickly. wave heights, going to be increasing as well, hour by hour, check it out, get down off the outer banks, the off shore buoys, right around 15 feet. that's what you see along the immediate shore line, 3 feet off our shores right now. that will increase, possibly, eight, maybe even 12 feet, by the second half of the weekend. here's one forecast model of the sustained winds, see at the center of the storm, where it passes off our coast.
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later on today, into tonight, but still, you can see the purple showing up, 40-mile per hour wind gusts parts of southern new jersey, right along the immediate shore line, in parts of interior south jersey, gusting maybe 30 miles per hour. and that storm just kind of sits off shore. and continues to spin. you see the northeast winds, well that will help pile up the water. so tidal flooding good bet through couple of days here along the jersey shore even up the delaware bay potentially. come monday and tuesday the storm is close enough still bringing strong wind gusts but the wind direction starts to switch more out of the northwest, will help back the tidal flooding off little bit later on labor day. there this is one other forecast model takes the storm little further off shore. notice the rain, kind of misses the shore line, but i think the shore is going to get some steadier rainout of this, probably couple of inches, and here is forecast rainfall amounts right now. two and a half maybe 3 inches right on the immediate shore down to southern delaware, lesser amounts, get toward the city. this .3 of an inch could be generous, lehigh valley,
6:18 am
poconos, pretty good shape. made in america concert, not going to be that bad. today will be the best day, some sunshine, 78 degrees, can't rule out few showers around tomorrow. little breezy but still not that bad. 75 degrees. then the poconos, head up to the mountains, look at that, entire weekends, sunshine mixed when clouds, comfortable temperatures, into the 70s. looks like no threat of rain there. so, today in the city, some sunshine, little breezy, 78 degrees, tonight, rain, mainly south and east of the city, 64 for the low temperature, here is the extended forecast again watch for chance of showers around the city tomorrow. better chance for the steady rain east, then on labor day still couple of showers possible, and some clouds, still breezy, then sunshine returns, by the middle of next week, back to the upper 80s near 90's, rahel, back to you. >> something to look forward to next weekend, justin, thank you. anti-bacterial soap may not be as safe as you think. the fda will ban more than dozen chemicals long use of the so much because they haven't been proven safe or effective for daily use.
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the ban mainly target two common ingredient used in the soap. researchers fawn those chemicals could interfere with hormone imbalance. does not involve wipes. >> many getting geared up with back packs, but growing number of student are getting injuries from heavy back packs. health reporter stephanie stahl had some advice from doctors, to keep your kids safe. >> nine year old jackson montgomery getting ready to start fifth grade with new back pack. >> there is no doubt, you know, once you put in even just the lunch things, all of the other things, you know, not even talking about heavy books, you know, this err ' caring decent amount of. >> the this one designed to carry more weight and evenly distribute it, the bag has more straps and compartment, about 5400 kids treated each year for back pack injuries. many are them sprains and strains, to the shoulder or lower back. pediatrician, recommends that kids avoid messenger bags, use
6:20 am
a bag with two wide padded straps to distribute the load, and make sure the bag isn't too heavy. >> take the child's weight, and do around 10% or even less if you can, usually hard. >> the american academy of pediatrics also is suggesting adjusting the backpack so that the bottom sits tewels and packing it properly. >> if you do have heavy items, try to center of the back pack, pack it in the lower part of the back pack, to distribute the weight. >> jackson said he loves his new back pack. >> it kind of helps with big books, that you carry back and forth. >> he is using one that he and his dad feel good about. >> and experts say kids who have a lot of books to carry might want to consider a back pack that rolls. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, with the weather forecast it, might and good weekends to take in a movie. if you are looking for romance, and a love story hit theatres, hear from the stars of the life between oceans whether "eyewitness news"
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marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! >> daniel nottingham tells us more about this movie. >> the life between oceans takes place on lonely winds swept island. michael, lives there in solitude, as a lighthouse keeper while he recovers from the brutality of world war i. >> in a lot of respects, he's dead inside.
6:24 am
and she starts to, you know, bring him back to life. >> isabel is alicia, the two fall in love, go off to begin their family, but what a family arrives it isn't the way they had planned. >> she is a woman, makes decision, you know, question if it is the right or the wrong one. but, yes, she might and person who does and speaks before she thinks, but it all comes out with a huge amount of heart. >> the emotions overtake her judgement, and she convinces her husband to pre ten the child is theirs. >> their moral dilemma comes into the open when they meet a grieving widow. >> and the couple sees how their choices have hurt an innocent victim. >> everything is shaded, you know, good people make bad choices, and that's life. >> those choices bring joy to
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their lonely island, before turning to heart break. danielle nottingham, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> oh, philadelphia's own hall and oats were back together again to receive their star on the hollywood walk of fame. muse co-duo met here in philadelphia, and attended temple university together in the 19 60s, and they rose to fame with hit like i can't go for that, and man ether. hall and oats have produced 18 studio albumns together, and have six number one singles. they now hold the 200587 star on the walk every fame. >> much deserved. stack track mission new york one of the biggest fan conventions now underway. original show aired nearly 50 years ago, but fans more excited than ever with the new movie in theatres and cbs television series in the works. jamie yuccas introduces us to the woman who start very first star track convention. >> this is the program book. >> the first star trek convention opened up in a
6:26 am
rented ballroom, in manhattan, in 1972. >> wall-to-wall people. >> yes, well, that wall went all the way back. >> organizer, hoped 500 people would show up. they charged 3.50 a ticket. >> you could not get off the elevator, and i mean that, quite literally. >> they ended up with 3,000 fans. >> interest in star trek has never faded. this exhibit in new york can see up to 1300 people a day. >> the star exhibit on board of the the inch trend mid manhattan, brought in new generation every fans who appreciate not only the positive message of the original show, but also the science behind it. >> done so much for the culture, and everything, and the world in technology has developed because of it, just so cool. >> that's the best part, for rosen steen. who is holding a panel discussion at this year's convention, at new york's center, on what it was like to be at the forefront of the final frontier. there are so many people, the
6:27 am
star trek message went onto become physicist cents, engineers, astronomers. >> and please today see the next generation so excited about boldly going where no one has gone before. jamie yuccas, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead. we are following breaking news, we police just gave update in atlantic city. one police officer has been shot, a suspect is dead. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up. >> donald trump makes visit to philadelphia. who he met with as he looks a to close the gap with hillary clinton here in the keystone state. >> and, on the path to sainthood two decades after her death, mother teresa will be canonized. a look back on her saintly
6:28 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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>> "eyewitness news" is following breaking news atlantic city gunfire ends with a police officer shot and one suspect dead. anita oh, live near the scene to bring us to up date. we understand you just got an update from police. what are they saying? >> reporter: that's right, rahel. we just spoke with chief henry white, junior of atlantic city police. he tells us bunch his officers was shot and is undergoing surgery at this time, we also learn one suspect dead, police searching for two others at this time. as you can see, there is still heavy police presence here in atlantic avenue near ceasar's, where this happened around 2:30 this morning,ly say, two
6:31 am
officers were routinely patrolling this area. three men walking opened fire hitting one officer. one of the officers then fired back, killing one of the suspect, again, police are on the search for two of those suspect at this time. we did see truck with armed officers, driving by, and we also saw a k9 unit, along with officers and bullet proof vests, blocking off several street. here's what henry white junior had to say. >> at this point i don't know what the reasons for the initial stop was. but as officers were getting out of the car, male opened fire on our officers. striking one, right now he's in the hospital, undergo surgery. one of the males was shot by our officers, and he's currently deceased. right now, we're looking for at least two other suspect, in the shooting.
6:32 am
>> and back here live, again, you can see, heavy police presence here on the scene on atlantic avenue here in atlantic city, i also spoke with mayor don guardian who said he visit that officer just few moments ago, who is in surgery at this time. authorities are not releasing that officer's name, but say that he is surrounded by family members, atlantic city police, along with prosecutor's office, are heading this investigation. but for now, live in atlantic city this morning, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> anita, thank you very much. we also keeping close eye on tropical storm hermine this morning, what it means for our region. meteorologist, justin drabick, out on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather. justin, we all pay attention to your forecast every weekends, this weekend people have holiday plans, so maybe watching little more closely. >> just bad timing here. but if you are in the sit and areas north and west, you won't see whole lot of impact from the storm system that is does eventually pass off the coast. but it is going to kick up the winds, especially on the coastline, and jersey shore,
6:33 am
delaware beaches, seriously, see some erupt coastal flooding starting later tonight with the persistent winds. and some high surf. so a lot of beach errosion, and potential for some heavy rain. clouds around this morning, so not bad start to the saturday morning. even in south jersey. you can see we're dry. hermine still over the outer banks right now. rain having tough time pushing forward, northward, as it is running into a lot of dry air. but it is raining, and extreme southern delaware this hour. but still few more hours to go, afternoon, start to see some rain moving into the shore points of new jersey. and then eventually slowly moves off to the north. here is the latest saturdays at 5:00 a.m. advisory, 60-mile per hour winds, still strong tropical storm, not much change in the track. same idea, still got its forwards motion for the next 24 hours, then kind of slows down, off the mid-atlantic coastline, lingers through the region through at least tuesday, wednesday, as it drift to the north and east. it will lose it tropical characteristics, but it is still going to have very strong wind, perhaps, even
6:34 am
strengthens little bit into mid latitude storm winds possibly up to hurricane force, 57 miles per hour early neck week. so treat this like a very strong nor'easter as well. so sent letter pass off the coast. that means highest impact will be felt along the jersey shore, southern delaware, coastal flooding, moderate to locally major, starting tonight around times of high tide coming off the new moon phase. that means higher than normal tides, at high tide. so later today, monday, along the coast winds eventually increase, 35 to 45 miles per hour, gagging to near 60. potential to see over 3 inches of rain along the immediate coastline, rough surf, coastal flooding, rip current, beach errosion, wave height near shore increasing possibly up to 12 feet for the second half of the weekend. winds not so much an issue right now, 15-mile per hour sustained in wildwood, they'll increase this afternoon, temperatures mid 60s and 70s. overall philadelphia not bad day. make it up to 78 degrees, few peaks of sun, poconos good shape. watch out for the rain he is
6:35 am
cooing at the shore, talk more about the became when things finally clear out in a few minute. back to you. >> see you soon, thank you. meantime philadelphia is making plans for potentially soggy made in america festival. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos to the ben franklin parkway to check out the finishing touches. >> reporter: this labor day weekends, thousands will descend upon the made in america festival. but headlining along with rihanna and cold play could be hermine. >> we will have and we do have high content end up with tidal flooding, errosion, wind at the shore. >> i'm real excited, my first time. >> concert goers like kylie, though, say they are ready for whatever weather is thrown their way. >> we are preparing, little nervous, but we have our umbrellas, ponchos ready. hopefully won't be too bad. >> coming rain or shine? >> of course, yes, i won't give up the chance to miss cold play. >> concessions are preparing, too, but appear to be little more worried about the forecast.
6:36 am
>> we have to shut everything down, if it start raining real hard, otherwise we're ready, it starts raining, cover everything up, get everything cord. >> friday crews were prepping the festival grounds. tying down tent. >> securing little extra than we usually do. >> and performing sounds checks at the five stages throughout the art museum area. all the while, phillies office of emergency management keeping a close eye on hermine's path. >> the message, attending made in america, please come. probably see some rain. so bring a rain jacket, umbrellas are allowed. >> now, there are two situations for the offers of emergency management says, evacuations could take place, one, if there are lightning strikes, the second, if wind with us cents -- gusts more than 50 miles per hour, but we're told this storm not expected to produce either of those scenarios. however, bringing raincoat, umbrellas, very good advice.
6:37 am
greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and campaign 2016, donald trump will visit a black church in detroit today. yesterday he was in our area to meet with african-american leaders in north philadelphia. gop presidential nominee, about dozen members of the african-american community at the view on north broad street. >> many protesters as you can hear there hit the streets, to voice their displeasure with the trump visit. some say they were frustrated by trump's comment, and some of the professors from black lives matter. >> any leader so-called leader that's going meet with donald trump today, listen to that biggot or be in the same room as that biggot does not speak for us. >> police did have to break up a brief scuffle between trump protester, trump supporter but protests were peaceful. >> the fbi has released 58 pages of document on it now criminal vehicles of hillary clinton's use of private
6:38 am
e-mail servers while secretary of state. tells us what those documents reveal. >> during her three and a half hour interview on july 2nd,fbi investigator showed hillary clinton classified emails from her personal account while secretary of state. many she didn't remember. clinton didn't recall any emails being on unclassified system and re pet educationally said she relied on state officials to use their best judgement when handling classified information. that's what c reached to on one e-mail, clinton stated she did not know, could only speculate it was referencing paragraph mark in alga fit call order. questioned the classification level and said she saw the e-mail as condone ands call. >> days later the fbi announced there was no evidence clinton or her aids intentionally misshandled classified information. but director james comey was still critical. >> they were extremely careless. >> the clinton campaign said the materials may clear why the justice department
6:39 am
believed there was no basis to move forward. but donald trump on the rare lee least of fbi document saying i really don't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. while investigators said cyber attackers tried to gain access to clinic at any's server the fbi found no evidence there was successful, but doesn't conclude the information wasn't compromise in the part because they didn't have access to the 13 smart phones the report found clinton may have used. clinton's lawyer said they couldn't hope kate them. one aid recalled two times where he destroyed all mobile devices by breaking them half or had the g them with a hammer. cbs news washington. >> this morning we continue to track the path of hermine. justin will break down the timing when we come back. plus this. >> the love i have for the family, no, the joy, the love i never had, never in my life. er. >> a local high school football player celebrating a big win off the field.
6:40 am
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>> canonization holds special meaning for people from our area. as jonathan viglioti records, about 50 people from in rome now for the special mass. >> reporter: mother teresa touched the world with her mission to help the poor, sick and dying in india. >> the poor need the love and compassion. they give us much more than we give to them. >> she became a nun at 16, and two years later left her home in yugoslavia to work in a convent in india. she eventually opened the first school in the slums of calcutta. mother teresa became one of the most recognizeable faces of the 20th century, for her care of both the young and old. she was award the the nobel peace prize for her work in 1979. >> i'm very happy, to receive it, and in the name of the hungry, the homeless. >> six years later president reagan honored her with a
6:44 am
presidential metal of freedoms calling her a hero of our time. >> mother teresa was busy as usual saving the world. >> sometimes called the saint of the gutters, mother teresa did have her critics, some that very missionary of charity did not do enough to provide relief to the dying and fiersely against abortion. >> abortion has become the greatest destroy err of peace. >> she questioned her fate toward the end of her life, finding even deep down there is nothing but emptiness and darkness. pope john paul ii admired mother treats a and became her friends after she died he fast track her to sainthood for the miracle of healing two sick people. now, 19 years after her death, pope francis, who has also taken up the cause of helping the needy, will help make mother teresa a saint.
6:45 am
>> and there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturdayment anthony mason and van vanita join us liver. good morning to you both. >> good morning, happy labor day weekend, today's headlines, plus living long and prospering. over the's 50 years, star wack to culture phenomenon. looking back at the franchise pays and tell you where it is boldly going next. >> plus, football kicks off this weekend, we'll pro view teams and players expected to soar this season. >> and for bacon and lobster to burbon and beer, breakdown this year's fall best american food festival. >> all that far plus spec telling author james, and music in our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> all right, i am hungry already, thank you, can't wait to watch. >> high school football players begin their season, one team looking to break
6:46 am
their losing streak. for senior, the team that led him home. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer on more on his journey down the field. >> big night, common. >> as the sunset, the bensalem owls prepare for friday night into the ball. -- football. senior captain saline martin, ready to tackle the challenge. >> about to head to -- not about the win, it is about a team that makes you proud. >> a team that hadn't won in three years. but proved victorious for number 51, especially when track tis started long. >> started because he was missing dinners at group home. >> bob and melissa adams met them through their son bobby former teammate last summer, one ride home led to another and invites the family dinners turned into long weekends at the shore. you. >> know how kids, area board, even though they have 5,000 toys, and for the little once like their new friend.
6:47 am
>> was in foster care most every his life said it was a love he had never known, and it was mutual n january, shortly before his 18th birthday, with permission from the family, melissa asked to adopt him. >> said won't be a part of the family, and part of the family. you don't got to hold back on trust, you don't got to hold back on us. >> to this day, people stair, people, you know, just they don't understand, like i tell him, they don't have to understand. this is our family. we do what we want. >> win or lose, he said he has learned what maps ers most is who is cheering you on. >> i'm so glad i could just turn around, and wife to like ten people, you know, thaws all family right there. so that's a good part about it, if i am having a bad game, i'm not going to have a bad night when i leave the stadium. >> and i'm happy to report the bensalem owls broke their 29 game losing streak, beating william tenant 23 to 17 on friday night. now, in addition to the win,
6:48 am
he went home with the military honorable leadership april ward. >> in the satellite center,ing in old brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". judge what a story. congratulations to the team. turning now to weather, justin, what a forecast, awful timing, just in time for the whom day weekends. >> hurricane season, a while since it happened, a tropical system around labor day, we were little bit due. feels almost like football season out now, temperatures mild, quiet start to the say day. knott that bad. south jersey along the shore, nice and dry, but things will quickly go downhill, so the main impact from the storm along the coast, and coastal flooding, that's going to be the biggest problem from the storm system. even some heavy rain, especially later today, but looks like latest the rainfall the case may be heaviest rain starts to ship further off shore. great news. that means less after chance of rain for areas philadelphia north and west, to the knock
6:49 am
knows, mike weakenment temperature wise from the weather watchers, comfortable recalling low 60s, steve johnson out in west chester, cloudy skies at 62 degrees, may see few peaks of sunshine around this morning, before the clouds thicken up limb bit more. we'll head into cherry hill, jenny, also in the mid 60s. with mostly cloudy skies and similar numbers across most locations interior sections of the region, but to the coast where greg wood has 74 degrees, in palermo, new jersey right now. good sunrise picks earlier this morning, right before sunrise, had some good color, that red sky. you know the old saying red sky morning sailor's warning. that will be true, for the cape this weekend. this is out of at cherry hill. see the sun mix with clouds right there, giving good color. greg wood out of south jersey near the shore, few peaks of that sunshine trying to break through, but now, clouds thickening up pretty quickly. going to ocean city right now, shot of the ocean right now. getting churned up little bit. this is nothing compared to what it will be another 24, 36
6:50 am
hours, surf height increasing possibly eight to 12 feet. so this will pounds the beach. a lot of beach errosion, and again, tidal flooding beginning tonight. around times of high tide. coming off that new moon phase. so that times of high tide, means hire than normal tide. bad timing with that. as well. rain, still well to the south. having tough time pushing through southern delaware, dry air, still in place, so it will take some time for the rain to reach the ground. center of the storm still near hatteras, heavy rain tide water virginia into the southern delmarva peninsula, this afternoon south jersey guys we'll see some marine developing. so tropical threats from the system, starting tonight, through at least monday, high risk for coastal flooding, high risk for strong winds, we will see moderate potential from heavy rain, then obviously beach errosion, rip current no doubt through the next several days, certainly unsafe swimming conditions throughout the entire holiday weekends unfortunately.
6:51 am
satellite shows indicate week edges, as the storm moves out to the ocean will lose tropical characteristics, but actually may strengthen, into a typical mid latitude storm. and so you can treat this as very strong nor'easter. tropical storm warnings, remain in effect for the areas in blue, all of the new jersey delaware coastline, tropical storm watches up into long island, current wind gust near virginia beach, get closer to the storm, mid 40's at this hour. not gusting too hard yet here in south jersey, mid 20's, wildwood and rehoboth beach delaware. that will increase this afternoon. >> wind gusts cloe to 40 late this afternoon into tonight, then tomorrow start to get that wind energy with us north wind 40, 50, maybe even close to 06-mile per hour winds. >> sunday afternoon into sunday night. better news, helping push the water back out to sea but still strong winds even into labor day. check out the sports cast model. through sunday looks good, hey the storm is moving. watch what happens. look at the models just want
6:52 am
to spin the storm around, stall it move back to the coast, back out, eventually get out of here by the end of the week you will call it spaghetti plot. here is y looks like someone through bunch of spaghetti on the screen here and it sticks. so this model takes the storm little bit further off shore, indicating less rain chances but i think we're still going to get the steady rain along the immediate coastline maybe couple of showers to parts of eastern new jersey, i mean, part in the city. potentially one, two, maybe 3 inches every rain for eastern new jersey, but here in the city not much happening today. some sunshine breezy high of 78. clearing out on tuesday, rahel, back to you. >> west chester woman has won the publisher clearing house, good week for her. vittoria wood he will was there as the prize patrol moved in with the good news. >> you have seen it on tv. >> wow. >> you have seen the cheers, and the tears. so this waking up to millions really happen?
6:53 am
just another day giving away a million dollars. cbs-3 followed along and the publisher clearing house prize patrol to surprise one lucky winner. >> $1 million. >> don't think the publisher clearing house is real? or those reactions? just watch this. >> how do you know they're home? >> we don't. that's the suspense. >> okay, caravan in order, let's hit it. >> the moment of truth. >> one more time. >> plan b. diane is playing hard to get. >> maybe diane's husband greg knows where she is. >> diane won, $1 million. >> this is real, right? >> wait a minute. not my birthday. anniversary why would it be anniversary and the guy from clearing house is here? yes. >> showing a little muscle there, too. >> little, little. >> let's go get your wife. >> back on the road to find diane and this time we new just where she was.
6:54 am
at work. >> yeah! >> you won a million dollars. >> oh, my gosh. >> she always told me, send them things? >> for 40 years. my anniversary gift it to my husband. >> and it only took you 40 years to prove him wrong. >> exactly. so grateful. truly a.m. >> looks like it always pays to listen to your wife. vittoria woodill, cbs-3, "eyewitnes
6:55 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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brmilk and fresh creama. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. breyers has fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! we invited women to a spa to dish soap. body wash. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. >> justin, tracking a busy weekend?
6:57 am
>> the coast, will see the mossee expect from this, coastal flooding, a problem through labor day possibly into tuesday, slow moving storm, not so much happening today, around the city i think may get through the storm with minimal rain. 70s today, tomorrow, maybe couple of showers by the middle of next week,. >> for now keep the umbrellas, justin, thank you. cbs news this morning saturday is next. stay with cbs-3 for the latest on police officers snot atlantic city. next news date is 7:27. see you then.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning, it's september 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." tropical storm hermine charges up the atlantic coastline, leaving thousands without power and more in the path of danger. plus, hillary clinton under fire again after the fbi releases transcripts of their criminal investigation. preparations for a saint. over a hundred thousand people make a pilgrimage to honor mother teresa. kicking off college football. we will break down the teams and the story lines for this year's season.


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