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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  September 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> gary: was there a turnover? was it the spotting of the ball? maybe the clock. that's all i've got. >> verne: that's not sufficient. let's make this point now while we do have a chance and they discuss whatever they're discussing. the lav drive by texas a&m consumed 20 seconds. i missed it. missed it depletely. >> verne: missed it completely. time has been called.
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there's a fight inside all of us a purpose that binds us together with honest hearts, we dare to stand on new thresholds and take on impossible with strong voices we speak not just to be heard to be felt and with respect for all that makes us different we remain one we're all aggies and we are fearless on every front >> verne: welcome back. we wish we could explain what
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just happened but we're uncertain. there was no review. it's 24-16. fourth down and seven. ishmael adams is back to return, he hopes, the punt of shane tripucka. this one is a good one. adams goes over. grabs it and steps out of bounds. good downfield coverage by the aggies. 49-yard punt. nothing on the return. gary, to the point, the last drive, if you call it that by the aggies, 20 seconds. there was a time out called. >> gary: sure. two of them used by ucla. that's going to happen. when you're ready to burn your time outs the penalty change played into jimmy mora's strategy. it worked perfectly. now he's got plenty of time. the clock is no factor for any strategy that ucla wants to use in their roughly four-minute drill right here. >> verne: i must say, there have
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been more than a few folks who have gone home. it's 24-16 with 3:42 to go. rosen. here comes garrett from the back side. the pass is caught at the 30. >> gary: feels like ucla, who is calling the plays or the timing of the plays the receivers are getting open quicker but it does feel like there is a rhythm with josh rosen in the pocket now. >> verne: second down and one. on the ground. around the end. jamabo. first down. >> gary: fights him off with the straight arm. picks up the first down.
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aggies have four down. five on the line. they bring four. roseb. looks deep. fires it deep. way downfield. caught. at the 10. kenneth walker. touchdown ucla. >> gary: a&m got one like that and now ucla gets one almost exactly the same, and here we go for two. >> verne: that one scored in front of ucla faithful who are here. and they occupy a good block. now the try for two. 24-22. check the wide receivers.
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jamabo is the running back. rosen and his gang look back at the bench. kennedy polamalu is the offensive coordinator. a two-point game, and ucla with the try for two. >> gary: it looks like they're going to take a time out. >> verne: jim mora hurries down. >> gary: they did not know what they were doing. >> verne: no. >> gary: there was a lack of communication all the way around. >> verne: mora had to hustle 35 yards down and he is somewhat peeved. >> gary: there is no way -- marcus tuiasosopoo. let's go back to the touchdown play. forced out of the pocket. rolls ask decides what the heck.
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let her go. the defender's back to the target. this time nick harvey. walker makes the catch. a&m had one just like it. kind of toss it up and hope and you get a touchdown out of it. this is not the end of the world for ucla to take a time out. you want to get a good play call. >> verne: after a modest start, josh rosen has thrown after that 62-yard pass for 343 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions. it is the seventh career 300-yard gain for the sophomore. >> gary: look at the total yards in this quarter. a&m could not get a first down when they need it. neither time should they grab one. i thought the strangest call was
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on second down with about eight minutes to go in the game when they threw a pass, gained six yards on first down. strangest call of the game. try for two. two wide to the right. one to the left. rosen will take the direct snap. here we go. rosen. into the end zone. caught. touchdown. a tie. two-pointer. roberts. >> gary: beautiful play by roberts. an option play where roberts can go either direction. he isolates. and josh rosen gets a little, "all right, iieled at you but you're pretty darn good." comes out here, wiggles, goes back into the space. one way, back the other way. a clean beat of justin evans that time.
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wasn't even close. i think the time out, although jim mora was upset, i think it helped settle everyone down and got a good play out of them. verne, we have been together for 11 years. we've seen a lot of this. the last five, six minutes of games, there is a lot that happens. >> verne: as an example. ucla has scored -- i get choked up talking about it -- ucla has scored 15 points in the last 1:40. >> gary: and it was kind of a toss it up and hope. i guess you and i, verne, had a&m intercepted that ball we would have said, "josh, why?" it turned out, "why not?" >> verne: a&m to the 21 yard line. and let's go back to adam zucker
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in new york. >> adam: verne, we go to lambeau. brandon harris with a minute left intercepted by dakota dixon. wisconsin will get the win. look at this cheap shot by l.s.u. clotheslining him. the first time two top five teams lose on opening weekend since 1972 as we send it back to you. >> verne: thank you, adam. >> gary: panic is officially going around the s.e.c. conference right now. >> verne: you've got it. >> verne: first down and 10. knight. has to throw it away. >> gary: right now if i'm tom bradley, the number one thing i'm thinking about is keeping my rushers fresh. i want to have fresh guys on the field. i don't care how good my first-string guys are, if they are gassed they will not be able
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to put pressure on them. give them a couple of plays. roll the defensive line in there. >> verne: trevor knight has missed his last five passes. second down and 10. nothing. third down. mckinley limping to the sideline. >> gary: mora was begging him to get off the field. he did not want him to lie down and force a time out and stop the clock. >> verne: third down, nine. >> verne: play clock at 10. play clock at five.
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>> verne: knight. heaves it deep. incomplete. >> gary: look at this. remember, molson is effective from 50 yards, basically, right? >> verne: we might find out. >> gary: yeah. basically, no chance. this ucla team got the big break on the pass play. walker catches it. all of a sudden everything has changed. i believe it all changed with that short series by a&m. >> verne: 49 seconds total. three plays from offense, and a punt. ishmael adams. watch out. out of bounds at the ucla bench. at the 42 yard line.
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17-yard return of a 53-yard punt. 1:18 to go. rosen and his team out of time outs. >> gary: adams a real weapon on punt returner, so much so they moved him to offense. >> verne: just outside the 30 is the field goal line. for a potential attempt at a game winner. >> gary: let's remember this. the 48-yarder he missed was plent of leg. he just missed it. i think they don't even have to get to the 30. i think they could get a little farther out than that and still have a try. >> verne: two wide left. one wide right. stunts defensively, rosen will run.
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he gets out to the 46. loose ball. loose ball. >> gary: he was down. they're calling him down. >> verne: yeah. >> verne: yeah, i think so. >> gary: myles garrett and daeshon hall have been quiet lately. can they make a play? ucla substitutes. the umpire will slow it down. >> verne: four-man rush. >> gary: we're going to have a review on the last play. >> referee: previous play, ruling that the runner was down is under review. >> gary: you look at this. you take a look that justin evans might have slapped this ball out. was his knee down, though?
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>> gary: i think his knee was down before the ball comes out. is there movement? it's called down on the field. this is a big call but it is really splitting hairs. >> gary: i think there is really only one look. the replay official will have to look at that one look and decide whether he's going to change the course of the game. back it up a little bit more. did the ball move before the knee went down? that's what's being looked at. i need to see it more to tell you the truth -- i don't have enough yet. can we look at it again, please? >> verne: call on the field,
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down by contact. >> gary: one more time as slow as we can go. he's got it, he's got it, he's got it -- it does start to move, i have to admit. if the official is aggressive -- if the replay official is aggressive, if he's that type of a personality he might overturn this. if he's one of the guys that says it's too close to call, it's inconclusive, this could go either way. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field stands. second down. >> gary: the replay official did not feel comfortable. >> verne: i don't blame him. >> gary: i don't either. it's supposed to be obvious and that was very close. i would say if you put me to a wall and said to decide, i would say ball moved but it was a
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hairline. >> verne: second down, 46 seconds to go, aggies have three down. they rush four. rosen. intercepted. picked off at the 47 yard line. >> gary: same guy. >> verne: justin evans. >> gary: [laughing] >> verne: how about that. >> gary: i think josh rosen fumbled the snap and it threw him argumentative did he drop this snap or not? i had my eyes in the secondary on the play. yes, he did drop it. once he dropped it, he never saw number 14. justin evans was sitting in the middle and he never refocused and found him. justin evans is right there. once he loses him, when he loses control of the ball he does not account for him again. >> verne: aggies have all three
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time outs remaining. evans jumped up. got it. was injured on the play. limped off. first down and 10 at the 47. four-man ucla rush. unct. trayveon williams, the freshman goes across midfield. >> gary: what a play by number 96 that time. ankou, the ucla defensive tackle made a terrific play. >> verne: time out called by the aggies. two left, 28 seconds to go. >> gary: screen pass, ankou fights off, spins back and jayon brown, number 12 and ankou make the play, two guys lay out and
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make the play, i would give more credit on brown second time i've looked at it. >> verne: back to play. second down, five. josh reynolds, bottom of the screen. knight retreats. rolls right. he will run it. >> gary: no sliding now. >> verne: oh, boy. >> gary: absolutely. >> verne: how about that hurdle. >> gary: no sliding now. you've got to win the football game now. >> verne: >> verne: first down, a&m at the 40. >> verne: two time outs left. blitz.
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knight retreats. >> gary: set your feet or get rid of it now. poor footwork by trevor knight. no pressure. he just kept backing up and backed himself right out of the play. >> verne: 14 seconds to go. >> gary: with time outs, i'm surprised we don't get a quarterback draw here to tell you the truth -- 10 yards and they have an opportunity. >> verne: you bet. christian kirk. late onto the field. 14 seconds to go. knight looks over at the near side. >> verne: ucla. again they blitz. they bring six. knight fires it. incomplete. eight seconds to go. josh reynolds. >> gary: it clicked down one
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more on ours to seven seconds, one more click went off the clock, seven seconds -- you've got time for a 10-yard out -- it doesn't matter, you can throw it anywhere, kevin sumlin has to ride right next to the official on the sideline so he can call the time out instantly when the ball is caught -- or if it's caught. >> verne: third down, 10. whistles on the last woplays by the bruins. four wides. two on either side. time out. they've still got one left. >> gary: a&m caught a break there. lanfear, number 70 really puckered on the play. he moved. ucla pointed to him. but the officials did not see him pucker up on that play. could have been called.
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>> gary: let's see if we see it. a lot of action going on -- oh, yes, he moved big time. >> verne: yes, he did. >> gary: should have been called. they're in conceivable field goal range. this is either the 57-yard field goal try or the 109-yard return position. one of the two. can't make up my mind. >> verne: we saw it happened in the houston-oklahoma game today. >> gary: right. >> verne: 109-yard missed field goal return. >> gary: that should have been a five-yard penalty. i'm shocked that that wasn't called. >> verne: third and 10. three-man rush. they go deep. ricky seals-jones. >> gary: time out. >> verne: call time. no.
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it's incomplete. >> gary: it came out. >> gary: great call by a&m, kevin sumlin, noel mazzone on that play. >> verne: ardarius pickett defended. >> verne: now hail mary time. >> gary: absolutely. might as well take the time out and set it upper too. >> verne: -- and set it up too. >> verne: which they do. >> gary: pickett is 5'10"-ish. ricky seals-jones is 6'5"-ish. great match-up to throw the lob ball. puts it up there. thinks he has it but it's ripped out. great play by pickett. you think he has it but pickett
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doesn't give up on it. keeps fighting and forces the ball out at the end. because i believe seals-jones caught that ball. he forced it out as it was coming down. great play. >> verne: the aggies have squandered a 24-9 lead in the fourth quarter. josh rosen led them to 15 points -- ucla, that is -- in a total of 1:49. >> gary: remember, a&m has the big receivers. probably a scramble type play to buy time. sets up. scramble a little bit. let her go. >> verne: into the end zone. christian kirk. it's knocked down. and we will go to overtime.
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>> gary: who would have thunk it? >> verne: no. not with almost midway through the fourth quarter. >> gary: yes. >> gary: ball came out but not enough for anybody to really react to it. one try for reynolds, maybe, if he was a half step closer but he couldn't get there. >> verne: it was tahaan goodman, number 21. overtime. kyle field. college station, texas. honey, what are you doing? watching a cow... what's it doing? impressions! power up your morning with a new 300 calorie egg white grill. only at chick-fil-a.
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okay. >> verne: we're back at kyle field in college station. 24-24 this overtime made possible by chick-fil-a. 7 minutes and change remaining in regulation. 24-9. the coin toss for overtime. >> gary: you know ucla wants to go to the right if they get in. they want to go toward their fans. >> verne: you bet. >> gary: a&m would like to go obvious lie to the left where all the corps men are and the big bowl is. >> referee: get a chance to score first and 10 at the 25 yard line. each team gets one time out. you may both challenge.
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we'll flip this coin. heads, tails. heads, tails. the winner will get the choice of offense or defense or which end of the field we'll play. captain, what is your call? >> tails. >> referee: the call is tails. and it is tails. you have won the toss. >> we want defense. >> referee: which end of the field? >> gary: of course, they're going to go to the closed end -- they're both close now. >> referee: ucla won the toss. texas a&m won the toss. first and 10. >> verne: ucla will go on defense. >> gary: a&m wanted to go that way, ucla the other way, the ucla fans issue on tower right, tv's right, they're going to go away from them in the first over time period. >> i would say this, just an observation, those men and women siting there pay a lot more to
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the ucla athletic department, to the guys sitting in the upper left-hand -- >> gary: there are some blue seats up there. yeah, some blue shirts up there. >> verne: the ball starts at the opponent's 25 yard line. teams must have an equal number of possessions and they must attempt a two-point conversion after the touchdown starting in the third overtime. >> verne: man-to-man >> gary: trayveon williams. knight. josh reynolds. a first down on the first play of overtime. >> gary: in punch time in this game -- >> gary: in clutch time in this game a&m has gone to josh reynolds. dependable player, frames out the defender. >> verne: knight. a fake and he's to the 11 yard line.
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matt dickerson made the tackle. second down. 24-24. four wide receivers. kirk in the slot to the left. knight fires it. that's going to be caught. out of bounds at the six yard line by ricky seals-jones. >> gary: jayon brown, number 12, linebacker on him. a good match-up for a&m. linebacker on a wide receiver. >> verne: gaerngs the running back is trayveon williams, the freshman. >> gary: hard to imagine the ball not being in trevor knight's hands after this play, right? >> verne: first and goal. >> gary: he read it. it was a read play. he could have kept it but he gave it, and good blocking up front.
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>> verne: trayveon williams getting a lot of action now. the freshman. keith ford injured and on the bench. they'll give it to him up the middle and he surges toward the goal line. he's just short. eddie vanderdoes made the stop. >> verne: second down, goal. aggies' first possession of o.t. they give it off. didn't make it. trayveon williams. >> gary: here is the play now because on fourth down it's hard to imagine kevin sumlin not kicking the field goal even if it's fourth and inches, you've got to put points on the board. is this where trevor knight finally keeps the ball? is he going to go quarterback sneak here? >> verne:


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