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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  September 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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tracking her mine, storm scan three shows the storm off the jersey shore we have a team have of reporters ready to show you impact on labor day vacation as we track its next hoff. eagles make a surprise move trading quarterback sam bradford, where he is going and what led to the move. and, sainthood for mother teresa a crowd packed st. peters square as catholic church honors nun who cares for the poor. how pope francis is following in her footsteps. well, today is sunday september 4th, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. justin drabick man of the hour talking weather and how it will, affect our labor day plans or not affect our labor day plans. >> i'm not letting a storm ruin our party but your party, at your house. >> after that last hour, you owe me a party. >> yeah, yeah, all right, yes. >> thanks for joining us. >> the storm it is not done yet. we are waking up to some sunshine but wind will increase and coastal flooding will be a issue through labor day.
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not the best conditions at the new jersey shore, delaware beaches but at least it is not raining but still potential wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour, later on tonight and certainly for labor day as this storm may intensify a little bit as it does remain off shore. storm scan three shows storm system not impacting us as far as rainfall, steady rain, remains, two or 300 miles off east coast, couple showers across central virginia and that is bit. we will have cloud around mixed with sunshine if you overall not a terrible finish to the labor day weekend. tropical storm warnings remain in effect for new jersey shore and delaware coastline, that continues, because of the wind potentially increasing, over tropical storm force later tonight and labor day. here's the latest on hermine, not tropical but wind at 65. east north east movement at 12. could move westerly over next 12 hours and that is why increase in winds later on tonight, tomorrow and then possibly strengthening to wind of 75 miles an hour off shore. that would be hurricane force
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before slowly drifting back to the north and east and then gets out of here by middle of the week. wind not a problem, sustained from the north atlantic city 1 . nine in wildwood. main factors from the system will be strong wind along the coast, coastal flooding, rain not a problem, beach erosion and rip currents for next several days. the here's the wind forecast along coastal areas north winds ten to 25, gusting to 35 and then gusting to 50 tonight and then on labor day. forecast high today for inland areas not bad 78 degrees, lower 70's in the poconos. like it hot you will like this forecast coming up. rahel, back to you. >> we will see you soon, thank. we have team coverage tracking tropical storm hermine as it heads up the coastline. cherri gregg from kyw the news radio is live from atlantic city with a look at conditions, hi there, cherri. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. i'm standing here on the beach in atlantic city just a few hundred feet away from the boardwalk where if you are over through cannot even tell
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that tropical storm is heading our way but here on the beach as you can see the tide is rolling in. we're just a couple hours from high tide, it is expect to be a little bit higher then normal at four and a half feet. i decided to get my feet wet a bit and these waves are really, really powerful coming in and i'm nerve bus moving around too much. don't want to get knocked down as they roll in but this morning take a look at the video. i mean we have an absolutely beautiful sunrise this morning. folks enjoyed that. they walked along the beach. they walked along the boardwalk. they enjoyed it. when you looked at the beach you could see those waves crashing, those high waves and you can tell rip tides are serious business, this but this type of weather and strong surf is perfect for some people, and i'll let melissa who came down here from jersey city, this morning, explain why. >> very calm.
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so excited. i mean you cannot ask for a better day. waves look great. i'm excited about it. >> reporter: why is this so good for surfers. >> because of the waves, the wind, just brings up the swells and it is you just don't get this in the summer. hurricane season is start of the surfing season. >> reporter: just a picturesque scene, those waves, crashing here, along the coastline the atlantic city beach. perfect for surfers. not so much for those who are inexperienced swimmers. beach has been cleared. life guard stands and other projectiles that could be dangerous to those, as the wind continue to pick up, along the day but in the meantime rahel, you know, i'm here with tommy gardener my photographer and we will enjoy this beautiful picturesque scene as we brace for what is to come. live from atlantic city cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tommy g, cherri gregg, thank you. our team coverage to
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continues in avalon where "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live on the beach with the very latest conditions there, hi there alex. >> reporter: we moved it up to the boardwalk to she you so many people out here this morning taking a stroll and business owners are hoping to really squeeze out the last good of the weekend that they can and end this summer strong. that is something they were worried about. a couple of local hotel owners said they have been hit by last minute cancellations. we have learned that casinos were at typical full labor day capacity. interesting. i guess people wanted to hunker down somewhere and might as well be inside a casino. we have bun talking about a beautiful morning it is and has been but something very serious we have high tide around 10:00 a.m. this morning. back bay areas will be particularly vulnerable to that. we spoke with people hoff moved their boats out of the way given the chance to see these tides swell up to where it might damage their both bet or wind doing so. but while people were taking
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preparations some people decided to leave all together yesterday. whole other batch of people decided to come in. we spoke with one woman. >> gorgeous sunrise, isn't it. i'm looking forward to sitting down having a nice vacation. first time down the shore this year. >> reporter: first time down the shore this year better late then never. even if that does mean hunkering down with high wind tonight. once again we are out here in avalon on a beautiful morning, rahel, back to you. well, alex, thank you. seaside heights, tourist strolled boardwalk and watched rumbling ocean enjoying the final moments before the storm potentially end their labor day holiday at the shore. life guard on a different duty keeping people off the beach, eyewitness photo was sent by zek orsick which shows life guard at stone harbor blocking access to the beach at high tied tie. we have to keep people safe. homeowners are surveying damage in florida. storm made land fall before
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barreling up the companies bringing witt flooding and in some spots, enough to wash out roads. in other neighborhoods down trees and branches are keeping clean up crew is very busy. hermine is blame for two deaths in the u.s. and stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to track hermine. we will bring you updates on the storm's patton tv and on line at cbs philadelphia police are investigate ago i fat it a will shooting in kens to go seven. police were called to kensington anoas allegheny avenue. when office's arrived they found a man shot several times. he died at temple university hospital, police now searching for two gunman. police are investigating a shooting in philadelphia's passyunk neighborhood. investigators say a 21 year-old man was shot five times. it happened around 8:00 in the 2300 block of south 25th street, the victim is in critical but stable condition. two men are in custody after a shooting that wounded an atlantic city police officer and left another man
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dead. early saturday two officers noticed a robbery on arkansas avenue near caesars casino parking garage. one officer got out of the cruiser he was shot. other returned fire killing one of the men now identified as 25 year-old jerome damon. five other men ran off, police did eventually locate each of them but determined that three of them were apparently the victims of the robbery. they were released, two others 19 year-old martell chisum and demet try cross were charged with to counts of attempted murder and several other charges. the officer is in critical condition. an accident involving an ambulance is under investigation. this happened in northeast philadelphia. it happened on roosevelt boulevard at whittaker avenue, just after 2:30 this morning. some say vehicle struck ambulance while traveling southbound on the boulevard, and no word on any injuries. well, philadelphia police say they had to clear stage during made in america festival. they say it happened after more than a thousand people rush the stage. there were no arrests but over 29 day concert series, it will
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showcase more than 60 artists. rihanna was last night's head liner and tonight's big act is cold play, it is fifth year philadelphia has hosted made in america. hard to believe, it has been five years. shocker for eagles nation, bird sent quarterback sam bradford to minnesota. after recent knee injury of the vikings quarterback teddy bridgewater. in exchange for bradford eagles get vikings first round pick in 2017, plus a conditional fourth rounder in 2018. bradford, of course, acquired by chip kelly had his best season as a pro last year and as resigned to the 36 million-dollar deal and was reportedly upset with the bird after they drafted carson wentz. "eyewitness news" talk to eagles fans who weighed in on the trade. >> i like sam bradford. i think he is a good quarterback. he will have a really good year. but they made the right move because carson wentz is the future, the franchise. >> bradford is a chicken leg bum, terrible. it looks like the most
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unathletic person i have seen in my life and should not be in the nfl. not to mention we have arson carson coming up baby, wow. >> got to love our fans. >> well, is there more reaction on the sam bradford trade on our cbs-3 facebook paining. connect with us and share our thoughts use the #cbs-3. and you can seas on opener next week right here on cbs-3, when eagles take on the cleveland browns. game day coverage starts at 11:30 a.m. with toyota sunday kick off, nfl today follows at noon and bird and browns at 1:00 here in south philadelphia. stick around after the game for cure auto insurance, cbs-3 post game show. hopefully a good season. mother teresa is now saint teresa of california cut a st. francis declared her a saint before a estimated crowd of hundred thousand people at st. peters square. the pope made her model of his jubilee year of mercy. he said mother teresa put into action his ideal for the
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church to be a merciful field hospital for the poorest of the the poor, both material and spiritual poverty and some 1500 homeless people attended a pizza lunch at the vatican have after her canonization mass. lots of people happy about that. is there much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" shake, rattle and roll in the midwest how an earthquake is raising eyebrows over energy production in the heart land of america. and donald trump continues to make appeals to have african-american voters, how he plans to do it, up next, justin. good morning, everyone waking up to some sunshine over a lot of locations this morning but storm still strong enough bringing strong wind to the shore and tidal flooding. i'll let you know when things calm
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earthquake shakes seven states in the america's heart land, 5.6 tremor struck saturday morning on the edge of oklahoma's key energy producing areas. it was strong enough that people felt tonight kansas, arkansas, missouri, texas, nebraska and even iowa. there are no injuries but quake was strong enough to cause minor damage including cracks in homes. quake renewed concerns about waste water injection from oil and gas field. oklahoma corporation commission is now requiring 37 wells around the epi center to shut down. and we are now just 64 days in campaign 2016, voters choose a new president. quickly approaching. donald trump fresh from his visit to philadelphia has more meetings with african americans this time in michigan. as craig boswell reports, hillary clinton continues to deal with the e-mail scandal. >> reporter: donald trump claps his hand while choir sang gospel music during his
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visit in detroit saturday. he vowed to fix problems facing the black community across america. >> i'm here today to learn so that we can together remedy inn just advertise, in any form. >> reporter: it is first time that trump addressed a large black audience since winning the republican party nomination. >> i pray for this personally. >> reporter: pastor wrapped a special shaw around trump. protesters gathered outside with signs saying no hate in the white house. security set up barricade, and exchanges got heated between trump and hillary clinton supporters. >> hillary clinton is a liar. >> guess what, donald trump should be in jail too. >> reporter: on friday fbi released 58 pages from the investigation of the clinton's use of the private e hail server while secretary of state. the documents show clinton's memory was spotty when agents showed her classified e-mails from her personal account. many she didn't remember. clinton didn't recall receiving any e-mails that she thought should not be on a
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unclassified system and repeatedly said she relied on state officials to use their best judgment when handling classified information. clinton's campaign says the materials only prove why the justice department only decided not to move forward. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin joins us now. i stopped by made in america festival. >> yes. >> actually pretty nice. wasn't too hot. cloudy at times. >> same deal today. so there are lucking out there. forecast stays dry for the concert. anyone heading to the city, it looks good. through much of the area we will keep it dry. the exception will be wind that will increase, again, it looks like overnight tonight and certainly for labor day. look at that ocean city live look, we're enjoying some sunshine. breeze not much of a problem right the now but like i said it increases again tonight as storm strengthens a little bit but stays far enough off shore to keep rain off shore and waves will continue to remain on the high side. so that is for strong rip currents for next several
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days, beach erosion and coastal flooding is main problem within the at least next 36 hours. we will go to storm scan three or no we will take a live look at margate here, same deal, sunshine mixed with some clouds. you can see a few clouds, leading to the coastal areas but further inland we are seeing more sunshine north and west of the city. the mostly sunny skies right now. a beautiful finish up in the poconos, and like i said, south jersey even near the shore we do stay dry, even, for the most part of the labor day maybe a stray shower gets in here but then overall not bad. steady rain off shore. still a concern, it is coastal flooding, with the storm system. so as times of high tide we will have to watch out for next high tide in the next hour or two, ten or 11:00 this morning. the coastal flooding potentially. tides really a concern will be later tonight and tomorrow morning. so 10:00 o'clock tonight, potential for major coastal flooding as wind kick up more and then 10:30 tomorrow morning and then even monday
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night still we have to watch, that high tide as well work that storm lingering off the coast. comfortable temperatures 50's right now north and west, reading, allentown upper 50's, mid 60's, same deal at the shore right now, breeze coming from the north, not that strong, look at wind gusts outer banks north carolina only a 16. yesterday gusting over 40. closer to home. 15 miles an hour or less, rehoboth beach gusting to 20 but that will increase later on tonight. watch this forecast, and the wind. this afternoon yeah, it will be windy, nothing too terrible. as tonight the storm strengthens a little bit and perhaps moves west war. we will see stronger wind energy trying to move justin land so we could be gusting over 40 miles an hour tonight, close to 50. same deal on labor day, windy along the coastline but still dry and then, breezes pick up, either around the city and then finally on tuesday as the storm slowly moves back east we will relax the wind and things will get better.
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we do have plans to hit the beach later this week just keep in mind strong rip currents continue, i would say at least through wednesday. so don't expect to go in the water anytime soon as ocean will be roughed up for a while. let's check out these surf heights and win direction. arrow shows win direction. we have north wind right now. off shore buoys at 8 feet. notice color key here. we are in the light brew here that is six to 10-foot waves, through labor day. so actually the waves increase more thomas that storm moves a little bit closer toward the coast and then on tuesday, waves back off a little bit, still choppy but wednesday, if you surf it will be a decent day wind go off shore, that cleans up the waves, ocean calms down a little bit and by even of the week you can seas sees subside and safer conditions for entering the ocean, probably by end of the week, in the upcoming weekend. storm itself spins off shore bringing in some clouds for labor day, possible shore, coastline, mostly dry. tuesday we are back to more sunshine. here's overall trend though we
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will warm things up in the cool pocket of air over us right now that is keeping the storm from getting kicked out. but look at heat building through south and west. that gets in our region starting wednesday through at least friday and then even into the weekend we will be at the warm side. it will feel more like sum ever over next few days. today comfortable, breezy, partly sunny, 78 degrees. we will drop to 66 for city. mostly cloudy skies. here's that extended forecast, 80 tomorrow. we're dry, sun mixed with cloud 86 for the high on tuesday. wednesday up to 90 degrees. we will keep it in the the lower 90's through end of the week. next best chance for showers will be saturday. rahel, back to you. >> all right justin, thank you. 8:21. let check with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. ann, it doesn't look like much traffic out there. >> not too bad at all, rahel, that is good news. looking at i-95 at walt whitman a lot of toll accounts are awake, waking up late, day weekend. walt whitman in the middle
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have the screen. if you are coming back from the new jersey shore today, again no delays in the garden state parkway or atlantic city expressway, we are doing fine on 42, 55 and the area bridges. walt whitman and ben franklin. no delays, i-95 is looking fine too, volume picking up a bit but volleys there is moving along just fine. we will move traffic cam here to 422 west of trooper, in delays or problems on 422, it is in fine shape as well and on to the ben franklin parkway focusing on the carnival section of the made in america concert. you can see ferris wheel there, pretty site. we have closures for made in america concert as it continues for its second day. ben franklin parkway of course is closed between logan square and art museum circle with kelly drive and parts of the spring garden street and martin luther king drive. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, now rahel, back to you. ann, thank you. "eyewitness news" will be right back with the story of the long time funny man
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getting ready for
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it wasn't that long ago that the jerry lewis tell-a-thon had been much as a part have the labor day holiday weekend as it was for the barbecue. what is jerry lewis up to. he is 90. still on the move. even if he is moving slowly. trace smith has a preview of the interview we will see on cbs this sunday morning. so how are you? >> i'm doing good. i'm getting older. i'm not walking. it is rough. >> reporter: it is rough because you are such a physical comedian. >> it is frustrating as hell, but like my daughter said, dad, would you have liked not to have made 90. i said no, i'm very happy. >> reporter: he is bit less mobile now but for jerry lewis, not walking doesn't mean not working.
8:26 am
in his latest film, max rose he is a retired yas artist coming to terms with his wife passing. >> i never told you, you know, you breathe nicer then anyone i have ever known in my life. >> reporter: why max rose. >> i fell in love with the material. >> charlie rose tonight. >> that man is a bleep, bleep. >> reporter: in in role his facial expressions say it all, but then again, they always have. >> comedy legend jerry lewis look at star track at 50 and ballooning the ultimate summer high all ahead on sunday morning coming up at 9:00. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", our meisha johnson takes us on another
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dream drive, this time a short drive to see these long neck beauties where you you cab see giraffes and what the zoo is trying to teach with these experiences. she gets a special introduction to a few more animals like a hedge hog. i want to see that. waiting for her mine, parts of the new jersey and delaware are under a state of emergency to see which direction this storm will take, coming up on "eyewitness news" this sunday
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. the meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the sky deck with eyewitness weather. at least now it looks beautiful behind you, what else is in store. >> it will stay beautiful
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every where. breezy, of course, down the shore but it looks like mostly staying dry through the rest of the holiday weekend. still dealing with hermine. it is forecasted to strengthen and track closer to the coastline over the next 24 hours. that just means increasing in wind, again, tonight and certainly for labor day. strong wind and coastal flooding still will be a problem with this cyst to tell even though we are seeing sunshine around. very quiet on storm scan three. anywhere from partly to mostly sunny skies, more sunshine north and west of the city and then those clouds toward the shore points. tropical storm warnings stay in effect for coastal new jersey and delaware. good reason with that storm close by. strong wind potentially gusting up to 50 miles an hour, overnight tonight, and for labor day, latest stats, wind that 65 miles an hour. notice track that tries to move to the north and west, before moving back north and east. over the next five days. that northwesterly jog over the next 24 hours justin
8:31 am
creases wind chances here at the shore and locks in that coastal flooding potential to at least hon night if not tuesday. wind not a problem right now. even today through the rest of the day. i think they will be good at the shore but later tonight they will pick up again. so still a big threat for coastal flooding and strong wind, heavy rain in the a problem. the mostly dry. beach erosion rip currents will remain in the forecast really after next several days. unsafe swimming conditions through much of the upcoming week. the coastal wind gusting to 35 later this afternoon but tonight could get near 50. same deal on monday. it will be a windy labor day but mainly dry. seventy-eight for philadelphia. lower 70's at the shore and in the poconos, if you like the heat, you'll like this forecast coming up over next few days we will talk about that in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> thanks, justin. tropical storm hermine may dampen peoples plans. governor christie declared a state of emergency for three coastal counties, ocean,
8:32 am
atlantic, cape may. cherri gregg from kyw news radio is live from atlantic city keeping an eye on conditions there, good morning, cherry. >> good morning, rahel. the temperatures have listen, over the past half an hour, so as i take off my sweat shirt. in theory, perfect day to be on the beach, but, not in the water. take a look at what we're dealing with here. i mean these tides are pretty strong, i was walking in the water, breaking this my new glushes here. when waves come in they are pretty powerful but take a look at video we have here for you. sunrise this morning, absolutely beautiful, it is a painting, early this morning, when we were here and folks were really enjoying the beach, they were walking along the boardwalk, taking it all in but that water, it was very powerful. you could see currents, surf very high, several feet in some cases. while this is perfect, weather for surfing this could be
8:33 am
very, very dangerous for inexperienced, swimmers, but the folks who have been here over past couple of days are really enjoying their labor day weekend. take a look at folks that said yesterday was worse but today was quite nice. >> you can tell there is a tropical storm headed this way. >> not anymore. yesterday was worse. >> yes. >> yes. >> reporter: how could you tell, yesterday were you out here what did it feel like. >> very windy, yeah, and waves were very high. >> reporter: now? >> it is gorgeous. >> reporter: while water is no laughing matter at this point as you can see over there the carnival is still moving, folks are still enjoying here. this is still a labor day weekend to be had. but, again, these rip currents could be very dangerous, and so even if you decide to just take a stroll on the beach, stay away from the water. it is unclear at this point whether or not they will have life guard out the here.
8:34 am
you are not supposed to swim without them but they removed all of the items along the beach like life guard stands, and they have put sandbags along the shed, to keep umbrellas, to keep those secured as tide rolls in at 10:00 this morning. the it is expect to be higher then normal but still a beautiful day. live from atlantic city, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good advice there, be careful. our team coverage continues in avalon where "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live there with the latest on conditions, hi there, alex. >> reporter: hey there rahel. governor chris christie did put a state of emergency into effect for our shore towns but i want to talk about what that means. it sound odd considering the beautiful scene behind me but all that means is it gives local officials greater authority to headache some changes to ordinances based off of safety. so for example that could mean if the beach just got too crazy with the tide coming in
8:35 am
that they could close them off. i don't see that happening today those. these waters have been rough all week with rip currents, and just lots of rocky waves, very strong, powerful waves. so what could happies that life guard could determine hey, maybe we are not going to have anybody swimming in the water today. it is warm, tempting but pretty dangerous. we're watching tides coming in. we have an hour an a half to go. the it is headaching its way up significantly. this is where these dunes come into play those dunes blocking that off, that water is almost reaching there at the this point and it has an hour and a half to go but it is not ocean water that i think that has many people concern it is back bay area, that tidal flooding, around 10:00 o'clock we will have that and then we will see another round later this evening. that is when the storm will reach its peak tonight and tomorrow morning. but for now a beautiful morning if you are down here, wanting to out for a stroll, take advantage while you can. reporting live from avalon
8:36 am
alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and delaware governor jack markell also declared a state of emergency for coastal and delaware bay communities in sussex county. warning residents and vacationers with powerful storm will bring significant rainfall and possibly some flooding. rehoboth beach, city officials closed the beach to foot traffic and swimming is also prohibited. and stay with "eyewitness news" as we keep track of hermine and when you are not near a tv we are always on line at cbs authorities in minnesota said they have found the body of a missing boy who caught national headlines 27 years ago. eleven year-old jacob wetterringly was abduct in st. joes, minnesota in 1989. his remains were found yesterday. no one has been arrested or charge in the abduction but police did name five three-year old danny himlick as a person of interest. he was charged with multiple counts of child pornography but was never charged in jacob's abduction. mourners gathered for funeral of the camden girl
8:37 am
shot and killed outside of her own home. eight year-old gabriel carter was laid to rest at faithful temple church of god and choice on river road in camden. carter was, of course, caught in the cross fire of a gunfight on august 24th on the 900 block of south eighth street. she died a few days later. gabriel's killer is still on the loose and reward for information in this case has new climbed to $76,000. well, there is still much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up next we will check in with face the nation's john he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars.
8:38 am
narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
8:39 am
face the nation is coming your way later this morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. joining with us a preview live in washington is moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson. john, good morning to you. >> good morning. we will start with the latest on hurricane hermine. we will talk to governor chris
8:40 am
christie of new jersey, that hurricane is right off the new jersey coast, and we will talk to him about that but we also have a number of questions for him about the trump campaign. he is a big supporter of donald trump's where do things stand after this last week have of immigration discussion, trip to mexico, fiery speech in arizona. also chris christie is heading up trump transition effort talking to white house officials what a trump presidency would look like. we will talk to senator jeff blake of air zone a trump skeptic a republican who spent time on the immigration issue. what does he think now of donald trump after this last week. alberto gonzales will be here for a conversation about his new book. he was attorney general for george w. bush. we will talk about those years and war on terror. also his thoughts on 2016. he has spoke ebb out several different times about donald trump and his relationship with hispanic voters. in our round table we will talk about new poll numbers we have about the battle ground states, those 13 or so states,
8:41 am
we will all be paying so much attention to here in the last stage of the presidential race. the ones we will all be watching on election night where does the race stand and what else should we be paying attention to. >> john, as you know, trump was just in our area a couple days ago. lots to watch out the for. thank you. and on cbs-3 healthwatch new support for people who have metastatic breast cancer, most aggressive kind that is often deadly. health reporter stephanie stahl has story of patients who survived who faced unique challenges. >> wow, good job. >> reporter: blowing bubbles with her daughters is one of the simple joys debbie is grateful to have. three years ago when she was pregnant she found a lump. after the baby was delivered scans revealed it was worst kind of breast cancer, metastatic, stage four. >> they just kept thinking i'm going to die. my daughter is going to be living only knowing her mother through pictures and stories. >> reporter: story got the better for deb any south jersey. she had a type of metastatic breast cans their responds
8:42 am
well to medication. >> this will be forever. >> reporter: once a day for ever. >> yes. >> reporter: to keep cans's way. >> yes. >> reporter: now debbie is part of the special program to come together for metastatic breast cancer symposium sponsored by komen philadelphia. >> i'm really excited. metastatic community is growing, rapidly, which is bitter sweet but i think everyone coming together, we get to collaborate ape bring together ideas and just gives us all strength. >> reporter: some ideas will come from frank, the deputy director of wistar institute. >> we would like to go directly to the source of a circulating tumor cell. >> reporter: researching metastatic breast cancer. >> this is one of the pro tense we have discovered here report report looking at row teens they are hoping to first identify markers that allow certain cancer cells to spread to be metastatic. >> second, are any of those markers amenable to drugging. are they druggable target that we can say, let's stop migration process, let's stop it's a built to invade other
8:43 am
organs. >> reporter: sometimes it is deadly quickly but not always. that is what makes metastatic community so unique. >> great start, you know, to recognize that we are a separate group and different, i'm a stage four survivor, and that incredible. not everyone gets to say that. >> reporter: debbie is a volunteer for komen helping with the symposium taking place at lowes philadelphia on saturday september 17th. with more information at cbs i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still to come this morning tracking hermine, meteorologist justin drabick tells us how close of an encounter we will have with the storm. keep a sharp eye out for meisha johnson's dream drive we will tell you where she met these
8:44 am
ithere's a race going on right approve tnow.message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us.
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from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. we have pleasant temperatures all across the region. fifty's and 60's and seeing
8:46 am
good deal of sunshine. the not a bad today. tomorrow pretty good looking labor day. exception at the shore where wind picks up on hon but most areas do stay dry for rest of the holiday weekend. outdoor plans a definite go throughout the rest of the labor day here. 65 degrees up to central new jersey. peter in lawrenceville has partly sunny skies, that is comfortable there. still seeing lower 60's north and west of the city. michael riley 62 degrees at this hour and sunshine. low dew points in the 50's. low humidity. just a pleasant weekend. overall taking you farther here to the west from the city, fran out the in nottingham in chester county 61 degrees under partly sunny skies and we will go into south jersey here, where john carroll and mullica also at 62 with some sunshine mixed with some clouds. we have a beautiful morning. had a great sunrise at the shore for inland spots. this is barbara lane here showing sunny, cool, mostly clear, beautiful morning. the she's liking that with the mid to high level cloud.
8:47 am
decent sunshine today. lets go to the shore where we are seeing sun. thinking hey what storm? it is there about 300 miles to the south east of the new jersey shore right now and it is pumping in the surf. good news wind has calmed down a little bit but storm is expected to strengthen up over next 24 hours and perhaps track a little bit closer to the coast back north and west so that will increase surf more as well as the wind. the coastal flooding will be a concern for the next 36 hours. lets go up to north and west, kutztown, beautiful shot here, sunshine mixed with some clouds. 61 degrees. south east breeze less than 5 miles an hour berks county no problems today and through rest of the weekend. like i said we will be dry pretty much throughout the who will take weekend with most of the rain staying off shore, perhaps maybe a shower comes into the shore some point during the day tomorrow, other than that chances are really small. sunshine mixed with clouds, that storm system, staying a couple hundred miles off shore. the coastal flooding, that is main concern for the storm,
8:48 am
and cannot pound this enough. you have to machine for high tides. we are coming in the next hour or so ten or 11:00 this morning. then tonight and then monday morning's high tide, little ones will be watching potential for major coastal flooding. tides running 3-foot aboveground there so that is just something to machine for there. even into monday night it will be a concern for tidal flooding. storm is having a tough time moving out of here. look to the jet stream for this main jet stream well to the north across northern u.s. into southern canada. we have a buckle hot jet stream. this is actual storm itself, energy cuts off from the main flow. now tomorrow it the just sits there and it is detach from the jet stream so it just moves around, perhaps tracking west war, closer to the shoreline and it is not toward middle of the week northern jet stream does come down, capture the storm, and then finally moves out of here by thursday and friday. we have a few days, for some rough surf and threat for coastal flooding as well as
8:49 am
strong wind. not so wind toy day, most the of the wind energy stays off cher but if the storm does track west ward tonight into tomorrow we will get stronger wind. they will be gusting to 40 or 50 miles an hour at times though with the next 24 hours, before the storm moves back off north and east and wind relax, into tuesday. so our surf heights are running high, good news for surfers, choppy right now, notice win direction out of the north. seas off shore buoys around 8 feet. waves actually pick up tomorrow, surf heights eight, possibly even 10 feet near a shore. then finally tuesday waves subside, wind go off shore that is what you like, northwest to westerly win, so, better conditions as far as surfing go by middle of the week. not until end of the week to possibly to some swimming. rip currents will be strong next several days. high pressure just blocking storm system moving off to the north and east and it moves around a bit produce ago i few clouds for labor day, maybe a
8:50 am
stray shower on coastline. made in america concert looks great. yesterday no problem, today temperatures mid to upper 70's. tonight partly cloudy, dry. today we are close to 80 degrees. evening temperatures great for barbecue, tomorrow, possibly even lower 80's with some sunshine. enjoy your sunday. partly sunny skies. 78 degrees. mid mid 60's for the low. extended forecast each day warmer. look at the that. return to summer. lower 90's. >> i like it. >> still officially summer. >> it will feel like it. >> it will be humid too. >> justin, thank you. right now 8:50. time to check on the roads with ann evans at cbs-3 traffic center. >> hello rahel. we are looking at ben franklin bridge, ben franklin bridge in fine shape but further up on the atlantic city expressway eastbound we have reports of the vehicle fire at exit 28, hammington vineland area that area jam right lane block, also burlington bristol bridge is scheduled for lift bridge open at rately eight will 55
8:51 am
this morning. so five more minutes. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now rahel, back to you. it is an experience hard to pass up, hand feeding a giraffe but traffic reporter meisha johnson got eye to eye with these grateful animals and as she shows new this dream drive segment you can do it too. >> we're heading to norristown to make new four leg friends. doesn't love the zoo. by the way doesn't love to watch giraffe feeding. here you faux. at elmwood park zoo in norristown these two giraffes are always willing to stick their necks out, for food that is. >> when i think it is cool about the zoo is that you can and you do have the opportunity to do this.
8:52 am
>> he has a big tongue. >> reporter: little one is whalein, one year and taller one is girl rightba, just two of the 100 different animals. ryan firestein helps take care of them. what do you think is so great about this zoo compared to the other ones. >> we're a small zoo. you get an awesome unique experience here. not much have giraffe feeding. >> reporter: that heightens the experience. >> he was so excited, so wound up to come. >> reporter: there bison feedings too. sometimes the bison aren't in the mood for a snack. curator david wood explains it the is a new age for zoos. >> who not want to feed these animals, right. >> my gosh. that is something zoos discourage about feeding the animals but it is a controlled environment. it gives them that connection. they are educated. sub limally when talking about the animals we have rescues. >> they have been caught the
8:53 am
in the wild and deemed unable to return. >> reporter: sometimes kids can meet them. wendy the red tail hog was hit by a car and cannot fly but here, she's a star. >> it looks like wendy has angry eyebrows so those eyebrows are looking like a hat. >> reporter: education manager sam, introduced me to some favorite education animals. >> so this here is one of my favorites, her that i am is ozzie, and ozzie is a black rat snake. she's not even tool blown yet. they can grow to be 8 feet long good beautiful. >> i raised iguanas so i feel like this is a slice of heaven. >> as far as our hedge hog, look at that. >> that at that face. >> hi, sweety. >> so can i touch its back. >> well, really spikey, so, he has them all over. i don't think you want to feel that. >> i want my fingers, i need
8:54 am
them to type. >> um-hmm. >> what do you think overall these years is the coolest thing for to you work around these animals. >> it is the connection. nobody gets into this field, for the money, believe me. >> labor of love. >> it is, it is. >> meisha johnson, cbs today, guns can be bought or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac
8:55 am
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justin joining us again possibly not the as much rain. >> to. >> but still some win. >> we have wind at the shore especially later tonight and tomorrow but not a bad finish to labor day week. things shaping up nice away from the coastline. we are seeing sunshine. but don't let your guard down that storm is still there, so even though we have sunshine along the coast, coastal flooding strong wind still will be an issue. rain no, i don't think we will see much rain at all maybe a stray shower gets in tomorrow but that is it a long the coast. beach erosion, rip currents will continue for next several days. even as storm passes, surf will be rough but unsafe swimming conditions probably until the second half or end of the week into next week
8:57 am
even. extended forecast it does warm up, comfortable today 78 degrees. still looking good tomorrow. breezy. high of 80. back to the mid 80's tuesday and we are bringing in heat starting wednesday through end of the week. if you like it hot you will like that forecast. lower 90's bifully it will be humid as well. so summer-like conditions sticking around. >> we have to take advantage of the 90-degree days good i know. >> we will be complaining soon. >> another month on too. >> pretty much. justin thanks. that is "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line. cbs sunday morning is next. have a great day. did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it!
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